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Stories from the Future ~ Audio Drama

Stories from the Future ~ Audio Drama

By Positive Futurism
This Audio Drama podcast brings a positive future to life! The stories you will hear read and performed read here revolve around inspirational themes, and we enact empowered characters. "Positive Futurism" is a genre of fiction that envisions a sustainable future. It's also known as Solarpunk, or optimistic speculative fiction.

Our episodes are "Content Positive." We do not depict violence or toxic behaviors of any kind.

We also invite our listeners to submit their own stories to be performed here!
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The Eden Syndrome

Stories from the Future ~ Audio Drama

Part 3: Code of the Blue Warrior
In Part 3, the code is finally revealed... Visit a remote tropical paradise and see the modern world from an outsider's perspective. No smartphones. No electricity. The Code of the Blue Warrior is about to be revealed.... Episode Note: Nia Hu (pronounced nee-ah-hu) is a fictional island in the Hawaiian archipelago. It is inspired by Niʻihau, Hawaii (pronounced Nee-ee-how). The intention is to convey the image of a paradise untouched by the modern world, not specifically the cultural nuances of Niʻihau.
July 06, 2021
Part 2: Code of the Blue Warrior
In part 2 of our ongoing miniseries, we learn the backstory of how Quinn and Quinci first meet, before they take a journey together to the fictional island paradise of Nia Hu. Code of the Blue Warrior will appeal to fans of Ishmael by Daniel Quinn, The Celestine Prophecy, and those who enjoy Alan Watts chillstep videos on YouTube. "Code of the Blue Warrior" is an excerpt from the novel, "The Eden Syndrome" by Tom Tortorich
June 26, 2021
Part 1: Code of the Blue Warrior
In Part One of our miniseries, we meet Alan Ishmael for the first time, bathing in the hot springs at the Esalen Institute. Esalen, a retreat center in Big Sur, California is the birthplace of the "Human Potential Movement," setting the scene for Alan Ishmael to converse with Quinn Delterra, a refugee from the modern world, who left behind a 6-figure career as an A.I. programmer. This begins a series of episodes inspired by Daniel Quinn's classic novel Ishmael as well as Alan Watts, the 20th-century philosopher who brought Eastern Philosophy to the West. A Grand Master chess savant and world-class sailboat racing champion, Alan Ishmael has escaped the modern world and lives on the fictional island paradise of Nia Hu (based on Niʻihau). Code of the Blue Warrior will also appeal to fans of The Celestine Prophecy and Dan Millman's Way of the Peaceful Warrior. Code of the Blue Warrior is an excerpt from the novel, "The Eden Syndrome" by Tom Tortorich
June 25, 2021
Miniseries Now Streaming: "Code of the Blue Warrior"
The Code of the Blue Warrior mini-series could almost be considered fan fiction of the novel "Ishmael" by Daniel Quinn. Ongoing chapters will be released one at a time over the next several weeks. In this short promo for the mini-series, hear the backstory about how the novel "Ishmael" won a writing contest for $500,000, the single biggest cash prize for a piece of literature ever awarded. Without that contest, the beloved novel Ishmael never would have seen the light of day. So .... submit your stories to Stories from the Future! We are accepting submissions for short stories to be read on the podcast! Complete info here: ------- Sources: Chicago Tribune: Turner Tomorrow Fellowship Award:
June 23, 2021
Global Change Agent from the Future
For me, the Global Change Movement has already happened. But it won't unless Secret Agents like me can encourage the change. It's one of those temporal paradoxes I'm not supposed to tell you about. This Secret Agent from the future has decided to violate the Temporal Directive. Tagline: Imagine a future we can look forward to, not one we fear. Submit your stories from the future to be performed here! Support us: Today's Writing prompt: If you could imagine a world that doesn't use money, how would that world work? Or would you imagine a world where everyone receives a Universal Basic Income?
June 05, 2021
The Eden Syndrome
This podcast exists to give you a voice and a place to have your "Stories from the Future" be heard & find an audience!  We invite you to submit your stories to our "Positive Futurism" writing contest! MORE INFO: TODAY'S FEATURED STORY The Eden Syndrome by Thomas Tortorich The Eden Syndrome imagines the "Global Change Movement" taking root in our lifetimes. Can you imagine seeing the Green Earth from a space elevator 20,000 miles above the Earth? The "Armstrong Orbiter" has opened the final frontier to the public, and the view is breathtaking. Flocks of migrating birds and shoals of marine life are so sweeping in scope they shadow Earth’s oceans like clouds. The Cambrian Effect, as it had come to be known, was the heavy re-population of Earth’s species during the environmental cleanup of the 21st century.  The novel is available from Amazon: POSITIVE FUTURISM WRITING CONTEST CRITERIA: We are looking for stories that are inspiring and uplifting. Hope for a better world is a recurring theme. Winning entries will inspire listeners to imagine a positive future and make a difference now.  LENGTH: 600 - 5,000 words SUBMIT: Submit your stories to MORE INFO: CONTEST WINNERS Winning entries will be read on this podcast, and published in upcoming anthologies. Authors retain full copyrights to their work. CASH PRIZES: Visit us on Patreon because your support will make cash prizes possible. DEADLINES: Deadlines are the 15th of every month to be considered for the next episode. INFO & WRITING PROMPTS: PATREON If you enjoyed this episode and would like to hear many more just like it, please remember that work like this is crowd-funded.   If we are really to build a cooperative economy, it starts with us: you, me. Many of the highest-paying jobs do considerable harm to the planet. Much of the work that needs to be done isn't profitable by today's definition. With that in mind, we'd like to ask you to visit us on Patreon because your support will make cash prizes for the writing contest possible. Until next time, May the Future be with You!
May 05, 2021
May the Future be with You
This is the inaugural episode of the "Stories from the Future" series, airdate April 22, 2021, Earth Day. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS! This podcast is your engraved invitation to write & submit your solarpunk stories to be read on the podcast and have your ideas reach others! Who's the audience? ~The growing Solarpunk community ~Artists & writers of all ages to imagine a positive future Future episodes will highlight the stories we receive by reading excerpts on the podcast. Follow us on where you can find details about the writing contest  and more. HAPPY EARTHDAY FROM THE PEOPLE OF THE FUTURE!
April 22, 2021
Positive Futurism: Stories from the Future
Welcome to the Positive Futurism Podcast. In Science Fiction, Positive Futurism is known by another name, Solarpunk. The Future of our living planet is not the vision from mainstream fiction, nor is it the facts climate activists present. That's not the future, that's what we fear. The facts are not the problem ~ the facts are the parameters for the solutions. The Positive Futurism podcast is the place to listen to stories from the actual future, the ones the solutions brought about, and the major mindset shift that got us there. Here, you'll hear short stories and excepts from audiobooks from the future. We'll also keep you up to date about Solarpunk writing contests, art contests, deadlines and awards. We'll be discussing actual eco-friendly technologies already in place. You've probably heard the term self-fulfilling prophecy. The future is just that. It might be hard to think about the future, so let's start remembering how we got there .... right here on the Positive Futurism podcast: stories from the future.
April 07, 2021