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Stories in the Cemetery

Stories in the Cemetery

By Stories in the Cemetery
Ghost stories, urban legends, and tales about the afterlife. On "Stories in the Cemetery" you'll hear investigations of haunted locations and the research I go through as I write my fiction books about the afterlife.

Plenty of topics including: playing cards for fortune telling, pets that can see ghosts, Atlantis, Camera tricks played by spirits, and the list goes on and on.

Have a seat and hear Stories in the Cemetery. You can follow my blog for fuller details on each story.

Cover design and photograph for "Stories in the Cemetery" provided by April McGirr.
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E42: The Stone Tape Theory and Lodge Alley
This episode discusses The Stone Tape Theory and uses Lodge Alley in Charleston, South Carolina as a study for the theory. You can always become a sponsor the Stories in the Cemetery Podcast by going to and searching the name of the podcast. Sponsorships buttons are available. See the blog post for this episode on along with our other Ghost Hunting 101 posts and Paranormal Investigations. Or if you'd like to see/hear more about the Interactive Ghost Hunting Experiences, visit the same website and click the "Let's Go Ghost Hunting" tab.  Resources used to create this episode and blog post:  References for The Stone Tape Theory Bos, P. B. (n.d.). The Stone Tape Theory. Retrieved June 6, 2022, from Haunted Walk: Danielson, L. (n.d.). Using GIS to Analyze Relationships to Explore Paranormal Occurrences in the. Retrieved from Lucia. (2020, March 9). How Does It Work?: The Stone Tape Theory, Residual Hauntings and the Deep Influence of Memory and Emotion. Retrieved from Ghost in the Machine: ParaPedia. (n.d.). Theory behind Limestone Quartz and Magnetite. Retrieved June 6, 2022, from ParaPedia: Potter, C. (2004, October 14). Were Pittsburgh's original finished roads and streets paved with cobblestone, Belgian block or some other type of brick? Retrieved from Pittsburgh City Paper: References for Lodge Alley SC Picture Project. (2022). Lodge Alley. Retrieved from SC Picture Project: Zierden, M., Calhoun, J., & Paysinger, E. (1983). Archaeological Investigation at Lodge Alley. Charleston, South Carolina. Retrieved from References for Cesium Foist, L. (n.d.). What is Cesium Used for in Everyday Life? Retrieved June 22, 2022, from Nelson, R. (n.d.). Cesium FAQ. Retrieved June 22, 2022, from Rochester: U.S. Geological Survey. (2018, June 14). Mineral Resource of the Month: Cesium. Retrieved from Earth Magazine:
July 13, 2022
A Few Announcements
Just a quick check in...
June 03, 2022
E41: Types of Hauntings with BONUS Audio
This month, Amy and I discuss six different types of hauntings: Orbs, Intelligent, Residual, Malevolent, Poltergeists, and Apparitions.  This month's sponsors are the GetUpside App that saves you money on our high gas prices. Use Code CCV8RB to save an additional 15¢ per gallon of gas from your first fill-up. Ghost Stop, the one-stop-shop for all paranormal equipment. Use the SITC affiliate link to help out the Stories in the Cemetery podcast.  References used to make this episode and accompanying blog post: Bos, B. A. (n.d.). The Stone Tape Theory. Retrieved November 21, 2021, from Haunted Walk: Cheung, T. (2006). The Element Encyclopedia of  Ghosts & Hauntings. Hammersmith: Harper Element. Grant, J. (2015). Spooky Science: Debunking the  Pseudoscience of the Afterlife. New York: Sterling. Graves, Z. (2011). Ghosts: The Complete Guide to  the Supernatural. New York: Chartwell Books. Haunted Orange County. (2019, November 15). Types  of Hauntings. Retrieved from Haunted Orange County: SC PIcture Project. (n.d.). Lodge Alley. Retrieved from SC Picture Project: Stern, R. (Director). (2021). Surviving Death [Motion Picture]. The Conversation. (n.d.). Eight Things You Need to  know about Poltergeists: Just in time for Halloween. Retrieved November  21, 2021, from The Conversation: The Enfield Poltergeist RARE BBC FOOTAGE. (2012,  February 4). YouTube Video. Retrieved from Wagner, S. (2019, January 11). 3 Famous Poltergeist  Cases that Will Creep You Out. Retrieved from Live About: Wagner, S. (2019, August 20). Best Real Ghost  Pictures Ever Taken. Retrieved from Live About: Wan, J. (Director). (2016). The Conjuring 2 [Motion Picture]. Wiseman, R. (2011). Paranormality: Why we see what  isn't there. London: Pan Macmillan. Wordnik. (n.d.). Apparition. Retrieved from  Wordnik:
November 22, 2021
E40: St. Augustine Lighthouse; St. Augustine, Florida
 Check out Ghost Stop's website for all your Paranormal investigating needs! References Used to build this episode along with the accompanying blog post which displays all the videos and audio recorded while on this investigation. Just visit to view all the media recorded. Astonishing Legends. "ESTES Method." 28  February 2019. Astonishing Legends.  28 October 2021. Ghost Doctor TV Show Full Episode 1: LONGEST SPIRIT  INTERACTION! St. Augustine Lighthouse – hunters. Perf. Chris Bores. 2020. Ghost Hunters (TV Series). Perf. Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson. 2008. Hackney, Diane. "East Coast Lighthouses."  2017-21. United States Lighthouses.  28 October 2021. McCarthy, Kevin. The Book Lover's Guide to Florida.  Pineapple Press, 1992. St. Augustine Lighthouse and Maritime Museum. Explore  Our History. n.d.  28 October 2021. Visit St. Augustine. "A Haunting Tour of the  Lighthouse." n.d. Visit St. Augustine. 28 October  2021.
October 29, 2021
E39: New CoHost Amy Smart and Interview from Hillbilly Horror Stories Podcast
You can hear the full episodes of Hillbilly Horror Stories on your favorite podcatcher (segmented interview posted here taken from Episode 246: The Unexplained with permission from the Hillbilly Horror Stories podcast).  You can check out all the ghost hunting gear we use for the Interactive Ghost Hunting Experiences at  To schedule an Interactive Ghost Hunting Experience with the host of the podcast, visit
September 29, 2021
E38: The Jennie Wade House, Gettysburg, PA
Head over to to view the blog post with bonus sections. References used for this podcast episode: Find A Grave. (n.d.). Jennie Wade. Retrieved  from Find a Grave: Joe's Ghost. (2011). Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  Retrieved from Serfass, D. R. (2014, June 27). Remembering  Gettysburg. Retrieved from Time News Online: Small, C. L. (2018). Jennie Wade of Gettysburg. Gettysburg: Gettysburg Publishing. Svehla, J. (2010, September 17). Ghost Adventures.  (Z. Bagan, Interviewer) Retrieved from The Jennie Wade House Museum. (n.d.). The Jennie Wade  House Self-Guided Tour Pamphlet. The Jennie Wade House. Women Behind These Walls. (n.d.). Women Behind  These Walls Pamphlet. Retrieved from YWCA Gettysburg:
September 18, 2020
E37: The Flight 93 National Memorial
Read the full blog post here: Flight 93 National Memorial References 3 Passengers from Flight 93 Call Loved Ones. (n.d.).   Retrieved September 8, 2020, from Avinations. (n.d.). 9/11 | UA Flight 93 - Crash   Animation [X-Plane 11]. Retrieved September 9, 2020, from 9/11 | UA Flight 93   - Crash Animation [X-Plane 11] CBS News. (n.d.). Earliest video of Flight 93   crash on 9/11. Retrieved from C-Span. (n.d.). Flight 93 National Memorial:   American Artifacts PREVIEW. Retrieved September 8, 2020, from Flight 93 National Memorial Facebook Page. (2018,   July 20). Honoring the life of Lorraine Bay. Retrieved from Greengrass, P. (Director). (2006). United 93  [Motion Picture]. History Channel. (2018, August 25). September 11   Attacks. Retrieved from History Channel: Jefferson, L. (2011, 30th August). The Final Call   from Flight 93. (C. Bowers, Interviewer) Retrieved from JeremyMcCracken. (2001, September 1). United Air   Flight 93 air traffic recording. Retrieved from McMillan, T. (2014). Flight 93: The Story, The   Aftermath and the Legacy of American Courage on 9/11. Guilford: First   Lyons Paperback . National Park Service: Flight 93 Memorial. (n.d.). Brief   Biographies: Passengers and Crew of Flight 93. Retrieved from Stone, O. (Director). (2006). World Trade Center  [Motion Picture].
September 11, 2020
E36: The SBox Ghost Scanner by Ghost Stop
Thanks for listening to this week's episode of Stories in the Cemetery. You can check out the full blog post for this episode at Looking to get the SBox by Ghost Stop? Check out their online store here.  Stories in the Cemetery is more than just a podcast and blog. It's also an Interactive Ghost Hunting Experience on the streets of downtown Charleston, SC. To use the SBox along with many other paranormal tools, head over to to reserve your tickets.
September 04, 2020
E35: Homage to Vincent Price
This week's episode is all in the title. I pay tribute to the great Vincent Price, someone whom I've always looked up to for his work, and now his life. Remember you can follow up with the research I've done on Byron Preiss's The Secret on Buy Me a Coffee, simply by dropping a buck in the coffee pot.  Merch is available! Super cool souvenir shirts, hats, and coffee mugs. Yes, I wear my shirts as a uniform for my tours, they're that rad! Check out the Tour Audio for my Stories in the Cemetery Interactive Ghost Hunting Experience on the night of the riot (May 30, 2020) in downtown Charleston.  Want to book your own tour? Head over to and use code "Cemetery" for $2 off each ticket. Episode picture is a still from Castle, W. (Director). (1959). House on Haunted Hill [Motion Picture]. "The Raven" audio from Corman, R. (Director). (1963). The Raven [Motion Picture]. "Laughter" of Vincent Price from Temperton, R. (1984). Thriller [Recorded by M. Jackson].
June 05, 2020
E34: Three books to study Cartomancy
This week, I give you three of my favorite books to study Cartomancy. This has been a hot topic on my website and I wanted to give you more to look into as you begin to understand the meaning of playing cards when used as oracle cards. Show Notes/Links: Here are the three books mentioned in the episode. Three books to study Cartomancy Tourism is open in Charleston!  Book tickets to my Interactive Ghost Hunting Experience. Check out the Thermal Imaging Camera footage we take on my tours by subscribing to my YouTube channel Here is what you will take away as a souvenir from my SITC Interactive Ghost Hunting Experience. You can support the show by heading over to Buy Me A Coffee and you'll have access to the BONUS Byron Preiss's The Secret episodes. Merch is available!! Share your favorite episode by tagging someone you know in a different state. SITC is almost nationwide, help the show become national!!
May 29, 2020
E33: Revisiting Alice Flagg with Dream Team Urbex
Check out Dream Team Urbex's investigation video of Alice Flagg on my blog post.  Thanks to all the supporters of the show on Buy Me A Coffee! Drop a buck in the coffee pot and keep SITC going! Stories in the Cemetery merch is now available! Visit my SITC store for details. Tours are coming soon! Waiting for the city of Charleston to open back up and we'll be out ghost hunting again. Get cheap tickets on Groupon. Need masks? Check out this cool site I found for custom made masks!
May 22, 2020
E32: Using Laser Grid Pens on your Paranormal Investigation
You'll need to check out the blog post for this episode with bonus video.  Support the show and stop annoying multiple played commercials by heading over to Buy Me A Coffee! It's just a buck! Stories in the Cemetery Merch is here! Hats, Shirts, Coffee Mugs. Don't go ghost hunting without it!
May 15, 2020
E31: Thermodynamics and Cold Spots
Check out the full blog post that accompanies this episode. MERCH is here! Stories in the Cemetery Want to support the show and get all the BONUS episodes? Head over to Buy Me A Coffee! Check out the 3 Laws of Thermodynamics for yourself. 
May 01, 2020
E30: Spirit Boxes with BONUS Audio
Uber Code for joining Uber Eats: NICKM43555UE Best deal to get Stories in the Cemetery Interactive Ghost Hunting Experience Tickets: Groupon You can support the show to keep it going by heading over to Buy Me A Coffee and dropping a buck in the coffee pot. Did you love The Life Tree? Check out the rest of my fiction works on Amazon.  Check out the Tour Audio from all my #SITC tours on my website,
April 17, 2020
Ch8: The Life Tree, a novelette
The final chapter of The Life Tree. I am not a professional narrator. Please excuse all stutters and outside noise. You can check out all my published works on or on Amazon. 
April 16, 2020
Ch7: The Life Tree, a novelette
Chapter 7 of The Life Tree. I am not a professional narrator. Please excuse all stutters and outside noise.
April 15, 2020
Ch6: The Life Tree, a novelette
Chapter 6 of The Life Tree. I am not a professional narrator. Please excuse all stutters and outside noise.
April 14, 2020
Ch5: The Life Tree, a novelette
Chapter 5 of The Life Tree. I am not a professional narrator. Please excuse all stutters and outside noise.
April 13, 2020
Ch4: The Life Tree, a novelette
Chapter 4 of The Life Tree. I am not a professional narrator. Please excuse all stutters and outside noise.
April 12, 2020
Ch3: The Life Tree, a novelette
Chapter 3 of The Life Tree. I am not a professional narrator. Please excuse all stutters and outside noise.
April 11, 2020
Ch2: The Life Tree, a novelette
Chapter 2 of The Life Tree. I am not a professional narrator. Please excuse all stutters and outside noise.
April 10, 2020
Ch1: The Life Tree novelette
During quarantining, I will post my novelette, The Life Tree chapter by chapter, day by day to help with your boredom. I an by no means a professional narrator, please excuse any hiccups, coughs or outside noises. Enjoy.
April 09, 2020
E29: EMF Detectors
To sign up for Uber Eats, go to and use code "NICKM43555UE" to earn some extra cash. Head over to Groupon or Peek to get Stories in the Cemetery tickets.  Check out the blog post on this week's topic and many other ghostly adventures and paranormalities. Support the Show! And Buy Me a Coffee!
April 06, 2020
E28: Oddity of Orbs
To watch the bonus video and see the pictures of orbs referenced in this week's episode, head over to To help sponsor the show and hear BONUS episodes about Byron Preiss's The Secret, drop a buck in the coffee pot at For now, stay safe, stay healthy, and I'll talk to you guys next week. Thanks for listening!
March 27, 2020
E27: Hollowed at Halfway Creek Church
Visit my blog post for this episode at Sponsor the show for just $1 in the coffee pot at Buy Me A Coffee! Send me more locations to investigate!! Use my website to stay in touch!
March 13, 2020
E26: BONUS Sneak Peak of Byron Preiss's The Secret in Charleston w/Brian McFarland
To hear the full sponsored BONUS episode, head over to Buy Me A Coffee.
March 06, 2020
E25: Called out at the Old Exchange and Provost Building
Look for Episode 26 with my co-host for "The Secret" episodes on Buy Me a Coffee! Not only will you support the show, but you'll have full access to our sponsored episodes by listeners like you! Check out the blog with pictures for this episode on my website, Looking forward to the next episode? Be sure to subscribe and leave a review on your favorite podcatcher.  Apple Podcasts Stitcher Castbox Anchor, leave me a ghost story and I'll read it in the next episode!
February 21, 2020
E24: The Secret in Charleston with Brian McFarland. BONUS Episode! SNEAK Preview!
To hear the full episode, head over to Buy Me A Coffee, drop a buck in the coffee pot and you'll have access to all BONUS episodes. To book tickets to my Interactive Ghost Hunting Experience, check out Charleston Cavalier Tours and get tickets for only $20 until February 20th.  I'll be signing my fiction books at Main Street Reads in Summerville, SC on February 20th, so be sure to check out Main Street Reads for more details. I'm taking a "dark week" to investigate more locations for future episodes, so I'll be back on February 21 with another Story in the Cemetery.
February 07, 2020
E23: A Piratey Powder Magazine?
Head over to right now and drop a buck in the coffee pot so you don't miss next week's sponsored episode. Our third hour-long special about Byron Preiss's The Secret, right here in Charleston. Be sure to leave me reviews on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Castbox or Anchor. Your reviews help other paranormally interested people find the show! February dates are filling up fast to book your Interactive Ghost Hunting Experience with me. Head over to Groupon for the best deals.
January 31, 2020
E22: Magnolia Cemetery
Many references were used to make this week's episode and blog post. Scroll down to find all sources cited. Stop by Buy Me a Coffee to support the show and hear bonus episodes in regards to Byron Preiss's The Secret. You can see all the amazing pictures I took while visiting Magnolia Cemetery by visiting my website: Of course, you can come ghost hunting with me! Check out the deals on Groupon or type in "Stories in the Cemetery" in the Groupon browser. References Bulldog Tours. Spirits of Magnolia Cemetery Tour.   n.d.   23 January 2020. Charleston Currents. HISTORY: Josephine Lyons   Scott Pinckney. 23 November 2015.   23 January 2020. City Walking Guide. Charleston. n.d. 23 January   2020. Find A Grave. Famous Memorials in Magnolia   Cemetery. n.d.   23 January 2020. Harwood, Patrick. In the Arms of Angels.   Birds Eye Productions, 2014. Print Book. Hunley crew to "rest in peace,   at last". 6 May 2003.   23 January 2020. Magnolia Cemetery. Magnolia Cemetery Blog. 16   August 2019. 23 January 2020. SC Picture Project. Magnolia Cemetery. n.d. 23   January 2020. Wikipedia. William Gilmore Simms. n.d. 23 January 2020.
January 24, 2020
E21: Silence at White Point Garden
Bonus episodes on Byron Preiss's The Secret can be found on Full details of Stede Bonnet, the Gentleman PIrate can be found here : And if you have evidence at White Point Garden proving the paranormal activity claims, please visit and leave me your thoughts and/or evidence.
January 17, 2020
E20: Inside the Julia Legare Tomb
Be sure to check out the following links that were mentioned in the show: The Comic Section podcast for all you nerds out there! The blog post to accompany this podcast episode with pictures and video. J'aime Rubio's article "Stories of the Forgotten: The true legend of Julia Legare - Fact vs. Fiction" Stories in the Cemetery: An Interactive Ghost Hunting Experience through downtown Charleston.  Don't forget to support the show by dropping a buck in the coffee pot and get bonus episodes!
January 10, 2020
E19: Sneak Peek at BONUS Interview discussing Byron Preiss's Charleston Secret
To catch the full interview head over to and drop a buck in the coffee pot. You don't need a signup to do so.  Leave me comments on your favorite podcatcher or you can drop me a line at where you can also check out my other research on haunted locations. 
January 02, 2020
E18: Shadows of a Swinging Corpse, The Wagener Building
Happy Holidays everyone and thanks for listening! Don't miss out on E19: Quest for Byron Preiss's Charleston Treasure! Make sure you head over to Buy Me A Coffee and become a patron for only $1 to get those bonus episodes! Check out the show notes for today's show at And last, follow up with Richard Fowler's theory here on his website: Nothing New Under the Sun
December 20, 2019
E17: Stories at the Sorrel-Weed House in Savannah, Georgia
Be sure to keep this podcast going by heading over to Buy Me A Coffee and supporting the show. You'll have access to the EXCLUSIVE discussion episodes about Byron Preiss's "The Secret: A Treasure Hunt" and the research I'm doing right here in Charleston. Check out Episode 16 for a sneak peek. The blog post with bonus videos can be found on my blog at Want to check out more about investigating the Sorrel-Weed House for yourself? Check out their website: Don't forget to help other listeners find the show by leaving: Comments on Castbox Reviews on Stitcher A 5-star rating and review on Apple Podcasts Or  Tell ME a ghost story on!
December 13, 2019
E16: Quest for Byron's Charleston Secret Treasure, An interview with Brian McFarland SPECIAL 1 HOUR EPISODE!!
Of course, you can contribute to the show! Go to and buy me a cheap coffee for only $1. Visit to get in touch with Brian about becoming a local Charleston Tour Guide. References for this week's show: The Secret: A Treasure Hunt by Byron Preiss
December 06, 2019
E15: Swamp Fox Ghost Town
Check out the blog for the podcast episode here! Stories in the Cemetery Sponsor the show through Buy Me a Coffee and keep me fueled to write more about haunted locations! New Merch is coming, be on the lookout by signing up for my newsletter here! Tell me a ghost story Charlestonians, or those about to visit Charleston, book your Stories in the Cemetery Interactive Ghost Hunting Experience!
November 29, 2019
E14: Pinckney Mansion Site
Check out the blog for the podcast episode here! Stories in the Cemetery Sponsor the show through Buy Me a Coffee and keep me fueled to write more about haunted locations! New Merch is coming, be on the lookout by signing up for my newsletter here! Tell me a ghost story Charlestonians, or those about to visit Charleston, book your Stories in the Cemetery Interactive Ghost Hunting Experience!
November 22, 2019
E13: Dock Street Theatre
Be sure to check out this week's sponsor: Graveyard Tales Podcast! Also, if you're looking for the Stories in the Cemetery Interactive Ghost Hunting Tour, you can visit Charleston Cavalier Tours to book your tickets.
October 29, 2019
E12: Philadelphia Alley
Stories in the Cemetery is going on Tour!! Check out for dates and times! Check out the full show notes  and pictures for Philadelphia Alley at And of course, I need your help! Share this episode on your favorite social media and/or become a patron on patreon for as little as $1 per month at! 
September 28, 2019
Thank You to all #SITC Listeners! BIG Shout Outs!
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August 07, 2019
E11: Old Charleston Jail
Be sure to check out the show notes and pictures on Here's the YouTube video mentioned that talks about the wheelchair and the legends around the Old Charleston Jail. And if you like SITC, make sure you check out Graveyard Tales podcast. Here's the episode that mentions my books to get you started: Hellhounds.
August 03, 2019
E10: USS Yorktown Tour
Be sure to check out my Amazon Author page for sales and free books! Free Books! The Life Tree, The Umbrella Tree and The Rhythm Tree will be free starting June 8, 2019 through June 11th, 2019 June 8-11 @ 99cents! Growing Dim, Book of Joel and Byron June 12-15 @ $1.99 Growing Dim, Book of Joel and Byron. Check out the show notes with bonus pictures on my website: USS Yorktown Tour blog show notes Also, be sure to sign up for my newsletter for updates on this show, the show notes and promotions for my books. Tell me a Ghost Story Works mentioned in this episode for your reference:    Ghost Hunters, SE 8 EP 10. (2012, May 2). Haunted  by Heroes. Orr, B. (2012 ). Ghosts of the USS Yorktown: The  Phantoms of Patriots Point. Charleston: Haunted America.
June 06, 2019
E9: Hauntings at Fort Fremont Preserve
Investigation of Fort Fremont Preserve in Beaufort, South Carolina.  Please visit to get your FREE audiobook of The Life Tree, a novelette. For the full show notes in blog form to read the full story and view pictures of Fort Fremont Preserve, please visit
May 22, 2019
E8: Spirit Shoes at Old Sheldon Church
An investigation of Old Sheldon Church in Beaufort, SC using a Spirit Box app. This week's book sponsor is The Umbrella Tree by Nicholas McGirr. Be sure to visit my website,, for the entire blog post/show notes for this week's show. I'm a writer, and now you have another story that is my inspiration to keep writing stories about the afterlife. Thanks for listening, Nicholas.
May 06, 2019
E7: Who is Haunting Litchfield Plantation?
Be sure to check out the Show Notes for the bonus audio and pictures for this episode. Who is Haunting Litchfield Plantation? You can also visit the Lost Souls Paranormal Facebook page to see their investigations here: Lost Souls Paranormal.  Other references and pictures for the Show Notes were provided by and the Independent Order of Odd Fellows website.  I can't thank you enough for listening and your support. Be sure to leave me your comments on either the Facebook page and/or at the bottom of the  Show Notes page on my website. I want your ghost stories! Nick.
April 26, 2019
E6: Foley House Inn; Romantically Haunted?
This episode talks about my stay at the haunted Foley House Inn located in downtown Savannah, Georgia. Although we took an entire haunted weekend vacation, I wanted to start off with telling you about my experience with the Foley House Inn. After listening to this episode, stop by the show notes here for all the details along with the pictures of this stunning Bed & Breakfast. This week's book sponsor is The Rhythm Tree by Nicholas McGirr. During the time of this episode, the download of this novelette is 99 cents. If you love tales from the afterlife, then be sure to check out this entire series. The Rhythm Tree is the third and latest installment from this collection and can be read as a stand-alone story. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did in researching the Foley House. Be sure to share with your social media and rate this podcast on your favorite podcatcher. Thanks for listening, Nick
April 18, 2019
E5: Can Dogs See Spirits?
Welcome back to another Stories in the Cemetery episode! This week, I want to explore how dogs see things differently and if that vision is connected to the spiritual plane.  Be sure to check out the new "Stories in the Cemetery" facebook page! Click here: #SITC Facebook Group coming soon! Be sure to invite your friends that are also intrigued by the afterlife. This week's sponsor is "Byron" by Nick Knight (obviously!) You can check that out on Amazon here: Just 99 cents! Or if you'd like a "pawtographed" copy, simply visit my website: Pawtograph. For the full details and research of this episode, be sure to check out my blog post and feel free to leave me comments. I'd love to hear what your furry friends are doing to make you wonder if Dogs Can See Spirits.  See you next week, Nick
March 28, 2019
E4: The Brentwood Restaurant
Case study of quite possibly the most haunted location along The Grand Strand; The Brentwood Restaurant. I have had the pleasure of investigating this location with a psychic and have found his abilities to be true. Listen to Episode 4 to hear the numbers, initials and other relevant findings from Psychic. Of course, any reviews you leave for Stories in the Cemetery are all greatly appreciated. You can find all the show notes and the full story with pictures on The Brentwood Restaurant: An Initial Haunting blog post. This week until March 22, 2019, two of my novelettes will be free on Amazon. You can find them here Free books! These are short, but you'll love 'em anyway. Thanks for listening guys! See you on the next episode. Nick
March 19, 2019
E3: Cartomancy: What does your future hold?
What is Cartomancy? This episode touches the topic of reading playing cards as fortune telling cards. A great alternative to the Tarot Deck. For more show notes please visit the Cartomancy Blog Post. You can also see the chart I created for each card's generalized meaning. Today's book sponsor is Book Two: Book of Joel. No worries, if you love books about Greek Mythology, you can read Book Two: Book of Joel as a stand alone novel. Of course, there IS a Book One! I hope you enjoyed this episode and would love to hear your feedback on the subject. Feel free to email me at with all your comments and suggested topics for the show. Or you can visit my facebook page to comment on this episode's post. Can't wait to hear from you! Nicholas McGirr, Author of the Afterlife Books referenced in today's episode for your enjoyment:   Camp, Robert Lee. Cards of Your Destiny: What your birthday reveals about you and your past, present and future. Naperville: SourceBooks, 2004. Print book. Jeffers, Sharon. Cards of Destiny: A Birthday Book and Daily Divination Guide. Berkeley: Crossing Press, 2006. Print Book.
March 09, 2019
E2: Hatcher Cemetery w/Bonus Audio
Hello Listeners!! After posting the first episode show notes, I realized I can't post the ENTIRE story to each podcast episode. So......for the WHOLE story, please visit my blog for this Story in the Cemetery: Hatcher Cemetery This episode talks about my investigation with Psychic of the Hatcher Cemetery near Conway, South Carolina. I wanted to bring this investigation to light simply because of the bonus audio that you will hear. It's 3 minutes of Psychic walking on his own and you won't believe the change in his accent and tone towards the end of the audio. This change in his voice not only furthered my research later, but it shows that he was channeling. When I asked Psychic about this audio later, he didn't recall the last 10 seconds of the commentary. I was blown away and I"m sure you will be as well.  Enjoy this week's Story in the Cemetery. This week's sponsor is the novelette collection I wrote about the reincarnation into trees. I chose this series simply because of the content in this week's episode. If you're curious about what people talk about or think about from the afterlife, please visit The Tree Collection on amazon and download for free with Kindle Unlimited or just 99 cents each. If you'd like signed copies, please visit Signed Trees and order for just $5 each.  Your book purchases and downloads help to fund this podcast for better equipment, time spent researching and of course creating these awesome Stories from the Cemetery.  Thanks for listening, Nick.
February 18, 2019
E1: Alice Flagg
 Alice Flagg Stories in the Cemetery, Uncategorized The story of Alice Flagg can be found in countless books about ghosts or hauntings in Horry County. If you’re unfamiliar with where this is, just know that on your next vacation to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, you’re right dab in the middle of Horry County. And by the way, don’t pronounce it “Whorey” county either, the “H” is silent. The locals will correct you for sure. For the story of Alice Flagg, you can find in many books about urban legends, but the gist of the story goes like this: Alice, daughter of prominent family fell in love with a turpentine salesman. Her family disapproving of the relationship, sent Alice away to college further inland of South Carolina. Before she left, her love gave her an engagement ring which she wore around her neck as a necklace. While away at college, Alice fell ill and was brought back home. As she fell further ill, her father found the necklace with the ring and flung it into the ocean. Alice died before she could marry her beloved turpentine salesman. It is said that Alice haunts the Grand Strand looking for her necklace. This is my short synopsis of the story. For those of you looking for the pics I promised in the show notes, my apologies, there simply wasn't enough characters to put them all in along with these notes. To see the pics and read the full blog post, please visit: https://www.nicholasmcgirr/blog/ For those of you interested in my works to see where all these ghost story inspirations go, you can find my works on amazon here: Amazon!  Please feel free to comment on this show, leave a review or share with your social media, I won't mind a bit! See you on the next episode.
February 09, 2019