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Stories of Growth

Stories of Growth

By Protein
Welcome to Stories of Growth. A series of conversations with modern day business leaders who share their stories of growth and the lessons they’ve learned along the way. Hosted by William Rowe, Founder of Protein, a business that helps businesses grow. He has always been fascinated with the people behind these businesses, where they’ve come from, and what drives them forward.
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#38 - Molly Dickson
For this episode, we had the absolute pleasure of speaking with Molly Dickson (@savemolly), Founder of COWGIRLDAO (@computercowgirls), who have bought a whole new light to DAO activism in their incredible fight to support and raise funds for abortion access in the US ❤️ The female-led DAO delivers a f**k you to the system covered in cowgirl get-up and glitter ✨
September 02, 2022
#37 - Jessi Baker
For Episode 37, we're spotlighting Jessie Baker, MBE, Founder of Provenance, a global leader in sustainable marketing technology, where citizens drive progress through purchase. This was recorded live on the Protein Twitter, so make sure you follow our socials or visit for all our other upcoming events.
July 01, 2022
#36 - Joy Howard
In this episode, I chat with Joy Howard, ex-CMO of Patagonia, Sonos, and Converse, and now Founder of Early Majority - a maker of technical outerwear for all eventualities and genders that are doing really interesting things with the web3 space. This was recorded live in the Protein Discord, so make sure you follow our socials or visit for all our other upcoming events.
June 03, 2022
#35 - Dame
In this episode, I catch up with Dame, who we think is an absolute icon of education, accessibility, and inclusivity in the Web3 space 🌈 and who describes themselves as a web3 educator and community cultivator ❤️ We discuss the opportunities web3 provides to create a better internet, digital activism and the importance of believing in something. This was recorded live in the Protein Discord, so make sure you follow our socials or visit for all our other upcoming events.
May 06, 2022
#34 - Nadia Piet
In this episode, I catch up with Nadia Piet, founder of AI x Design, an educational platform exploring the intersection of AI and machine learning in design 🧬 We discuss the good and evil of AI, the concept of 'protopia' futures and how we should feel encouraged to collaborate and experiment with AI as a creative tool. This was recorded live in the Protein Discord, so make sure you follow our socials or visit for all our other upcoming events.
May 06, 2022
#33 - Cyn Bahati
In this episode, I catch up with Cyn Bahati - artist, poet and game designer as well as co-founder of moon gate guild. We discuss her journey into Web3 and her insane crypto family. This was recorded live in the Protein Discord, so make sure you follow our socials or visit for all our other upcoming events.
May 06, 2022
In this episode, I catchup with LATASHÁ, music artist, Head of Community Programming at Zora, and an overall web3 ICON. While she strolled around LA, we discussed the power and potential of Web3 for music artists and the importance of language in creating accessibility. This was recored live in the Protein Discord, so make sure you follow our socials or visit for all our other upcoming events.
March 03, 2022
#31 - Nathan Schneider
In this episode, I catch up with Nathan Schneider, professor of media studies at the University of Colorado in Boulder. Nathan has authored books about cooperative enterprise and the open internet as well as the widely circulated “Exit to Community" which is a playbook for how you can put ownership back in the hands of your community. This was recorded live in the Protein Discord and to find out more about what our community is up to, make sure you follow our socials or visit 
January 06, 2022
#30 - Leanne Elliot Young
As we move into the world of Web3, I'm speaking to people who are putting communities first in order to manifest a more equitable and decentralised future. In this episode, I’m talking with Leanne Elliot Young, CEO and Co-founder of the Institute of Digital Fashion, a leading voice on fashion futures, inclusivity in tech, and the metaverse. Be warned, she's pretty badass. This was recorded live in the Protein Discord.
December 02, 2021
#29 - Cooper Turley
In light of our recent $PRTN Token launch, we're moving into the world of Web3 and speaking to people who are putting communities first in order to manifest a more equitable and decentralised future. Opening our Season 5, we have Cooper Turley who's been actively shaping the Creator Economy since 2019 through DAOs like Friends with Benefits and our very own Protein Community. He's an investor at Variant Fund, advisor at Audius and will probably involved in that supercool project no-one has heard of yet. This was recorded live in the Protein Discord, so excuse the audio quality and make sure you follow our Twitter or Insta so you can be part of the next show.
October 26, 2021
#28 - Charles Broskoski
Charles is founder of, a platform designed to help you create your own visual space on the internet. Launched over 10 years ago, it certainly follows our good growth methodology of quality over speed or scale. Other than some nostalgic dot com tangents, we discuss all things visual, crypto and community. This was recorded over Zoom, so apologies for the audio quality.
August 06, 2021
#27 - Kim Boutin
Kim Boutin is one half of DVTK, an independent digital design studio... founded by herself and David Broner. They create beautifully immersive digital experiences as well as their own fun side-projects, such as loadmore - a curation platform for post-desktop interfaces. This was recorded over Zoom, so apologies for the audio quality.
July 02, 2021
#26 - Richard & Alex (Comuzi Lab)
Richard & Alex are co-founders of Comuzi Lab, a design and technology studio based in London. We cover everything from the meaning of community, coded bias, the under-representation of Black creatives in the UK and the challenges of launching a business in a recession. Be sure to check out their latest project Decentralise, an interactive experience about Black British Art created in collaboration with Somerset House. This was recorded over Zoom, so apologies for the audio quality.
June 04, 2021
#25 - Claire Yuri Davis
Claire Yuri is a long-term friend of Protein - having hosted events in our Studios for her sustainable fashion brand Hanger, which she has recently left to start up CogDis - a creative ethics consultancy focusing on Manifesting Utopia. Also known as The High Priestxss, you can find her giving tarot readings which she did for me after this interview and it was truly enlightening. This was recorded over lockdown, so apologies for the audio quality.
May 07, 2021
#24 - Phoebe Lovatt
Phoebe Lovatt is a longterm friend of Protein's. Originally from North London, she's been around the world (literally) for the last 10 years and now finds herself back in her old stomping ground. We originally interviewed Phoebe 2 years ago during her "transformative year", so we're happy to now finally share an updated version of her Story of Growth recorded a few weeks ago in our Studio in Shoreditch.
November 27, 2020
#23 - Wayne Hemingway MBE
Wayne Hemingway MBE is a bit of legend. Founder of the infamous Red or Dead fashion label in the 90's, he now heads up Hemingway Design with his wife Gerardine, who are both on a mission to improve the things that matter in life. The recently launched Good Business Festival is a true testament to that commitment. Thanks to being in lockdown with my kids, I actually recorded this one in my car to get out the house. See if you can tell the difference!
November 20, 2020
#22 - Karinna Nobbs
Karinna Nobbs is a hard one to pin down. Designer, lecturer, author, moderator and more recently entrepreneur, with the launch of HOT:SECOND, the worlds' first circular economy concept store. Launched in November 2019 at Protein Studios, it traded physical products for digital experiences. I caught up with Karinna over Google Hangout from her new home in Ibiza.
November 13, 2020
#21 - Jodie Cariss
The pandemic has not only exacerbated the problem for those already experiencing difficulties with their psychological wellbeing, but has also triggered a dramatic rise in new cases. In light of the urgency of the situation, Self Space Founder Jodie Cariss is trying to make the conversation more acceptable and accessible. Please excuse the poor audio quality on this one!
November 06, 2020
#20 - Kesang Ball
Kesang Ball is co-founder of Trippin, the content platform redefining the travel industry. Trippin's global community of contributors help to provide a truly local viewpoint alongside stunning visual content. We discuss the relationships between privilege, sustainability and identity when travelling in a pre-corona world. This was recorded in our Studios in Shoreditch.
March 27, 2020
#19 - Louise Gray
Louise Gray is a multi-disciplinary designer, educator and soon-to-be author. Having showed her collections at London Fashion Week 7 years running, Louise now creates work on her own terms, while also teaching on the MA Fashion course at Central Saint Martins — which is the course she originally moved to London for. We discuss the issues of sustainability in fashion, what authenticity means to brands and the realities and opportunities of the education system.
March 20, 2020
#18 - Pip Black & Joan Murphy
Pip Black and Joan Murphy are co-founders of Frame, a new breed of fitness studio that are rapidly growing across London. They're two friends who saw a need for a gym experience that was accessible, affordable and fun ... as you'll hear, they very much practice what they preach! This was recorded in our Studios in Shoreditch, which is right next door to their first site.
March 12, 2020
#17 - Siobhan Lyons
Siobhan Lyons is the Fashion Director of The September Issues, a biannual printed magazine celebrating the diversity and power of global feminism. Ever the polymath, Siobhan also freelances as a creative director, stylist, researcher, artist and teacher. In the face of the turbulent times we live in, we discuss the importance of creativity as a source of education, inspiration and its power to generate positive impact to women's lives across the globe.
March 08, 2020
#16 - Seetal Solanki
Seetal Solanki is the Founder of Ma-tt-er, a materials research studio, consultancy and school who are on a mission to expand our understanding and impact of the everyday materials that surround us. This was recorded in our Studios in Shoreditch.
December 06, 2019
#15 - Valentina Milanova
Valentina Milanova is the Founder and CEO of UK based DAYE. A CDB tampon company who are on a mission a normalise the conversation around female reproductive health. Her story is both fascinating and well as impressive, as she's taking on the challenges of setting up physical manufacturing in the UK, the legal ambiguity of a fast changing cannabis market, as well as being a sole female founder.
December 06, 2019
#14 - Sara Arnold
Sara Arnold is Founder of Higher Studio, a couture fashion rental and subscription service based in East London. She is also an active member of Extinction Rebellion who are promoting a fashion boycott, urging people not to buy any new clothes for a year. For some context, 100Bn new clothing items are produced each year, which in turn contributes 10% of the total global carbon emissions as well as releasing of a huge amount of microfibres and plastics into the ocean. We hope you enjoy her story ...
December 06, 2019
#13 - Kaave Pour
Kaave Pour, managing director of Space10, has worked on innovative projects including a study into communal living and the future for meatballs ... backed by IKEA. Intertwining the fields of art, technology and design, Space 10 works to evolve the human habitat, so that it can adjust to new urban realities. This was recorded in the basement of their workshop in the Meat Packing district in Copenhagen.
December 06, 2019
#12 - Henrietta Thompson
Henrietta Thompson, co-Founder of Harth, a high-end furniture and artwork rental platform that's looking to change the way we think about the objects own. This was recorded in our Studios in Shoreditch.
November 01, 2019
#11 - Tobias Peggs
Tobias Peggs is CEO of Square Roots, an urban farming company based in Brooklyn. By pioneering new vertical agriculture technologies, refining the seed-to-sale model and training the next generation of farmers, Tobias is challenging what the future of farming might actual look like. This was recorded in the somewhat noisey Square Roots HQ in Brooklyn.
November 01, 2019
#10 - Lucy Hardcastle
Lucy Hardcastle is an artist who creates sensual storytelling for a digital age. A self-confessed art geek, she's trying to bring more tactile and tangile experiences into our increasingly digital worlds. This was recorded in our Studios in Shoreditch.
November 01, 2019
#9 - Hayley Louisa Brown
Hayley Louisa Brown is Founder of Brick Magazine, an independent magazine celebrating the new age of hip-hop culture. As a professional photographer, she fell out of love with the world of commercial fashion and piled all her money and love film photography into doing her own thing. This was recorded in the Lyric Studios in Hammersmith.
November 01, 2019
#8 - Gabby Edlin
Gabby Edlin is Founder and CEO of Bloody Good Period, a London based charity seeking to provide menstrual supplies to people who can't afford them. Her story started by facing the stigma head on and will hopefully conclude with her organisation not being needed ... when I'm sure she'll go back to being stand-up comedian. It was a fascinating discussion and I was surprised and delighted to be the first man to interview her about it. This was recorded in our Studios in Shoreditch.
October 04, 2019
#7 - Jules Ehrhardt
Jules Ehrhardt is Founder at the FKTRY, a creative capital studio who believe the traditional agency models are broken and his State of the Digital Nation is a must read for anyone who works in creative, media or technology. This was recorded in our Studios in Brooklyn.
October 04, 2019
#6 - Danielle Pender
Danielle Pender is Founder and Editor in Chief of Riposte, a smart magazine for women. Her story from a sleepy Newcastle suburb to one of the leading light in the independent publishing scene is a fascinating one. This was recorded in our Studios in Shoreditch.
October 04, 2019
#5 - Sam Conniff Allende
Sam Conniff Allende is author of Be More Pirate and Co-Founder of Livity and Don't Panic. He's on a mission for all businesses to find their true purpose and to get everyone else talking like a pirate in the meantime. This was recorded in our Studios in Shoreditch.
October 04, 2019
#4 - Liv Little
Liv Little is model, editor and Founder of Gal-Dem, a magazine written by women of colour and non-binary people of colour. She recently won LGBTQ+ broadcaster and journalist of the year and is a leading light within the creative community. This was recorded in our Studios in Shoreditch.
September 06, 2019
#3 -James Browning
James Browning from Balamii Radio's story is fascinating. From club promoter, to city trader, to 300 hours of community service to then starting his own radio station. This was recorded in our Studios in Shoreditch. This is one not to miss.
September 05, 2019
#2- Pip Jamieson
Pip Jamieson is founder and CEO of The Dots, a digital platform which been described as 'the Linkedin for creatives'. Her mission is connect people via projects they've worked on rather than who they know. She and her team are based in Protein Studios Shoreditch, which is where this was recorded.
September 05, 2019
#1 - Mark de Lange
Mark de Lange is Founder and CEO of Ace & Tate, an eyewear company based in Amsterdam and rapidly growing around the world. We’ve worked with Mark and his team over the last few years and I’ve always loved their beautiful products and non-traditional approach. This was recorded in our Studios in London.
September 04, 2019