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Stories Starring Kids

Stories Starring Kids

By Janet Milstein
Although there are so many kids around us every day, we rarely get to hear their thoughts, embarrassments, fears, and dreams in media. To remedy this, host Janet Milstein shares interviews of specific questions she poses to kids, then crafts a story inspired by their answers, and presents the story performed by the very same kids! If you want to hear what’s on the minds of tweens, as well as new kid-inspired stories performed by young actors, join us each episode for a great time!
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Episode 2: Get Your Cheer in Gear!
This episode features Kid Stars Annalise Huang, Aiden Han, and Mischa Noorzad, as well as actors Anisha Joshi, Christian Allan King, April Lowery, and Graciela Cuevas. The story performed in this episode is Get Your Cheer in Gear! by Janet Milstein.  ​ The Cast: Lacey - Annalise Huang Chase - Aiden Han Angel - Anisha Joshi ​Jayden - Christian Allan King Ms. Flair - April Lowery Principal Jackson - Graciela Cuevas ​Thanks to David Renata and Steven Oxen at and Jason Shaw at for the use of their wonderful music in this episode and in Lacey and Angel's "videos."  Special thanks to Anabolic Beatz for the rap music in Chase's "video." You can hear more music and subscribe to Anabolic Beatz here: Aiden Han's YouTube Channel can be found here: Yeets Fun Island. Guess what? Annalise's parents bought her a Maltipoo puppy! Her name is Millie and you can see her here milliethemaltipoo.
June 20, 2021
Episode 1: Falling
This episode features Kid Stars Harper Holloway, Mackenzie Tomlinson, and Nora Price. The story performed in this episode is Falling by Janet Milstein. THE CAST Krysta - Harper Holloway Meg - Mackenzie Tomlinson Jenna - Nora Price ​Becky - Nora Price ​Shelly (Mom) - Janet Milstein Thanks to David Renata and Steven Oxen at and Jason Shaw at for the use of their music in this episode. You can visit our website at to see photos of the actors and read their bios. To answer Janet's Burning Question, call (872) 240-2242.
January 2, 2021