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Stories with Sapphire

Stories with Sapphire

By Sapphire Sandalo
Join host Sapphire Sandalo (Ghost Town Terror, Something Scary, Paranormal Caught On Camera), a pansexual Filipino American on a mission to add more empathy and diversity to the paranormal, supernatural, and horror communities through stories and interviews from the Philippines and around the world. Each episode includes true stories that share a theme, with Sapphire's thoughtful commentary weaving them together.
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Batok (Traditional Filipino Tattoos), with Lane Wilcken

Stories with Sapphire

Talking Possession with an Exorcist Trainer (Adam Blai)
Welcome to the Season 6 finale! I will be going out of town for work - the next season of Stories With Sapphire will return in October. Do you have burning questions about demonic possession? In today’s episode, Adam Blai shares his fascinating journey from mental health specialist to exorcist trainer, discusses how demonic possession happens, what exorcisms are like, what demons are and what they do, and how one becomes an exorcist.  Adam's books: Thanks Magic Spoon for sponsoring this episode!
August 31, 2022
The Mystery Woman on the Highway & The After-life Hotel, with Aura
The following episode contains a story about suicide. In March of this year, I received an email from a woman named Aura, a fellow Filipino American. She claimed to have had countless paranormal experiences so she wrote out the titles and asked which ones I was interested in hearing. All the titles were accompanied by a brief description, some even had picture proof! There was something about Aura’s email that immediately made me feel like she wasn’t pulling my leg, but really did have genuine stories that she eagerly wanted to share. When we finally met on Zoom, we honestly could have talked for hours. And since we’ve recorded, she has sent me even more baffling videos and stories. This will definitely not be the only time you hear of Aura on this show. She is a beautiful storyteller, and I’m excited to share 2 of her many stories that I absolutely cannot stop thinking about. Thanks Magic Spoon for sponsoring this episode!
August 17, 2022
The Unseen All Around Us
I feel like we put a lot of emphasis on SEEING the paranormal: You need to see it to believe it... If you can't capture it on camera, it's not real. But that severely limits our understanding to one sense. Spirit shows itself to us in so many different ways, and that's what today's episode is about. First, I read a story about a ghost who harassed a family for years. Then, I speak with Jeff Natividad, whose apartment had an angry energy. And finally, I tell the tale of a girl who could see someone that no one else could. Ch 1: Adam, submitted by Anonymous Ch 2: My Heavy Apartment, with Jeff Natividad Ch 3: Dave, submitted by Ray Follow Jeff and Filipino Fridays YouTube - Filipino Fridays Podcast IG - @Filipinofridayspodcast IG - @Kawatrooper
August 11, 2022
The Laman Lupa and The Entity Who Must Not Be Named, with Ian Sta. Maria
Ian Sta. Maria (author and Sr Concept Artist at LEGO) shares an absolutely wild story about his decades long run-in with creatures from Filipino folklore: the Laman Lupa, and an entity whose name we cannot repeat -- because it will begin following Ian again.  Purchase Ian's gorgeous illustrated books Salamangka and Salamangka 2 Thank you Magic Spoon for sponsoring this episode!
July 20, 2022
Knowing the Unknowable
Knowing what happens before it happens is impossible. But then why does it happen so frequently? I receive so many emails from people who have their own wild moments of knowing something they couldn't have known. I want to share them with you today so that you can see just how common this phenomenon is and the various ways it can happen, so maybe you won't write off that next coincidence right away. First, I tell the tale of a girl who had a disturbing dream. Then, I narrate the peculiar experience of a woman who sensed something happened to her husband. Next, I share the story of a girl who predicted something completely by accident. Then, I read the unsettling experience of a boy and his sister who narrowly escaped death thanks to his sister’s intuition. And finally, I tell the tale of a woman who saw her deceased friend multiple times before her funeral. Ch 1: I predicted a murder, submitted by Angelica Ch 2: My grandma knew something was wrong, submitted by Anonymous Ch 3: I accidentally prepared for my dad's death, submitted by Sheyn Ch 4: My sister saved us, submitted by Ralph Ch 5: The dreams I had before her funeral, submitted by Rainee Thank you Magic Spoon for sponsoring this episode! Use my code SAPPHIRE for $5 off your first order!
July 06, 2022
Stories For Change: The Horrors of the Marcos Regime
On May 25, 2022, BongBong Marcos was elected President of the Philippines. He is the son of Ferdinand Marcos Sr, who ran a brutal 20 year dictatorship. So in this bonus episode, Motzie Dapul (Hi Nay Podcast) briefly goes over the terrors of martial law and the notorious legacy of the Marcoses, and fellow podcaster Philippine Campfire Stories shares the tragic true story behind the Manila Film Center. Stories For Change is an offshoot of Stories With Sapphire where I share stories that pertain to important current events that may not give you the fun spooky chills you’re used to, but are nonetheless still horrifying. Listen to the Hi Nay Podcast Listen to Philippine Campfire Stories
June 22, 2022
Something Is Mimicking Us
It’s hard to tell what’s real or not when it's the middle of the night and you’re half asleep. But in the stories you’ll hear today, these people did not have the luxury of blaming it on a dream. Today's episode is all about dopplegangers and people who should not be there. First, I narrate the encounter of a young woman seeing double at her college dorm. Then, I read the experience of a student working on a group project with some extra help. Next, I speak with Nathalie about the figure she saw in her dining room. And finally, I tell the tale of a group of kids who couldn't figure out why their friend was acting so aloof. Ch 1: Not My Roommates, submitted by Mina Ch 2: Not My Friend, submitted by Francis Ch 3: Not My Dad, with Nathalie De Los Santos (IG: @natadecocophotography, @PilipinxPages, Ch 4: Not Ellie, submitted by J
June 08, 2022
Your Spirit Animal is a Jackass (with Simon Moya-Smith)
This episode contains stories about domestic violence, sexual assault, and genocide.  In this week's episode, I speak with Simon Moya-Smith, Oglala Lakota and Chicano writer and journalist. He reached out to me with an interest in sharing an Indigenous perspective on the spirit world. It was a really important, enlightening, and heartbreaking conversation where Simon shares several supernatural experiences, discusses cultural appropriation, clears up common misconceptions, and brings to light the real world horror that Indigenous people still face today. Thank you Magic Spoon for sponsoring this episode!
May 25, 2022
The Little Children Have A Message
There is no shortage of ghost stories and horror movies with little kids, living or dead. And that's what I wanted to explore in today’s episode. Why are little kids so creepy? First, I share a life-changing encounter I had while filming Ghost Town Terror. Then, I narrate a story of a young girl who made a friend beyond the grave. Next, I share the story of how a spectral girl helped a person discover their true identity. And finally, I tell the tale of a Romanian creature that takes the form of a young girl. Ch 1: That Boy's Mommy, submitted by Lunr Fox Ch 2: Is She With Me Or In Me? submitted by Joslyn Ch 3: The Iele, submitted by Gloria Thank you Magic Spoon for sponsoring this episode!
May 11, 2022
Introducing: Jim Harold's Campfire
While Stories With Sapphire is still on hiatus, I'd like to share with you a compilation of the best stories from Jim Harold's Campfire this past year, one of the OG paranormal podcasts! The stories are sometimes creepy, sometimes heartwarming, but they are always true. Give yourself the chills and make sure you follow Jim Harold's Campfire on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to your favorite shows. Jim Harold's Campfire Apple Podcasts:
April 27, 2022
Stories Revisited: The Dreams That Changed My Life
Stories with Sapphire is still on a brief hiatus until the next season, and as I’m writing this script, so much has happened in the last few weeks. I’ve been on a very intense spiritual awakening of my own, and making this podcast has provided me with a network of support so that this journey is easier to navigate. Today, I wanted to revisit some stories from past episodes and follow them up with new stories and insight I've received from recent life changing experiences. Thank you Magic Spoon for sponsoring this episode!
April 13, 2022
Answering Your Listener Mail!
At the end of every season, I like to answer your emails! Thank you to everyone who sent in a question. Thank you to this week's sponsors! Current Sign up in less than 2 minutes and start earning 4.00% APY on savings today!
March 30, 2022
Miracles, with Rannie AuGoGo
Welcome to the final episode of Season 5. There will still be bonus episodes while the show is on a brief break. In this episode, medium and priestess Rannie AuGoGo recounts how she was initiated into this work through possession, and the many miracles she’s been blessed with. And I share what it was like to witness Rannie’s power firsthand. Thank you to Magic Spoon for sponsoring this episode! Book a session with Rannie Watch Magick AuGoGo Watch Black Tea & Bourbon
March 16, 2022
Why Are You Still Here? with Megan Goetz (Real Chills Podcast)
What causes some spirits to stay behind while others peacefully move on?  In this episode, we will hear stories of entities that are stuck on earth, by choice or not, and learn how to manage them. First, I narrate a story from someone who was haunted by a curly haired woman in black in her apartment. Then, I speak with Megan Goetz about her childhood home, whose previous owner never left. And finally, I tell the tale of a woman who helped a suffering spirit gain some peace. Ch 1: The Woman With Hair Like Mine, submitted by Dana Ch 2: Manuel In The Poconos, with Megan Goetz Ch 3: The Ghost in The Bathroom, submitted by Maya Thank you Magic Spoon for sponsoring this episode! Check out Real Chills Podcast
March 02, 2022
Orbs Caught On Camera, with Joycie Dungca Weatherby
When I was on a show called Paranormal Caught On Camera, we reacted to a lot of internet videos claiming to have captured paranormal activity, and a lot of those videos were of orbs (small balls of light believed to be spirits). But orb photography is an often debated topic in the paranormal community because of how easily other things can be confused for orbs, so I’ve become pretty jaded when it comes to these types of videos. Then I spoke with Joycie Dungca Weatherby. She has had so many different kinds of orb encounters that it got me excited about the topic again. She’s even caught many of them on camera. I’ve posted them on my social media accounts and so you can analyze the videos yourselves. In this week’s episode, I speak with Joycie about orbs, spirit portals in her home, communicating with angels, and the meaning of life. Follow Joycie:
February 16, 2022
Close To Death, with Ebony Soy
Everyone has a very different relationship with this one thing that unifies all of us. Examining that relationship can teach us a lot about ourselves. This week’s episode is about the different ways that death appears to us and challenges us. First, I share the story of someone who was followed home from a hospital. Then, I narrate an encounter from someone who traveled to another realm in a near death experience. And finally, I speak with Ebony Soy, about how coming from a line of healers has opened her up to otherworldly experiences. Follow Ebony Ch 1: The Woman In Black, submitted by Sydney Ch 2: I Could Have Died, submitted by Khanh Ch 3: Healing On A Soul Level, with Ebony Soy
February 02, 2022
Glitch in the Matrix, with Jessica Stanton (3 Spooked Girls Podcast)
Welcome to the first episode of 2022! Have you ever experienced a glitch in the matrix? First, I narrate a story about a college student who saw something unexpected in their dorm. Then, I speak with Jessica Stanton about the unsettling people she’s met on different trips. And finally, I tell the tale of a skeptic who found something inexplicable that appeared in their bathroom. Thanks to Magic Spoon for sponsoring this episode! Listen to 3 Spooked Girls Ch 1: That's Not My Suitemate, submitted by jonalee Ch 2: The Black Eyed Child, with Jessica Stanton Ch 3: I Wouldn't Have Believed Me, submitted by Jordan
January 19, 2022
The Yanggaws
Welcome to a bonus holiday episode of Stories With Sapphire, and the last of the year! My schedule has been all over the place, so I apologize for it being a short one. The show will be going on a break for the winter season. If you’re needing a spooky fix sooner than that, be sure to check out the new true paranormal podcast Odd Trails. It’s hosted by my friend Andrew Tate of Let’s Not Meet, and his longtime friend Brandon Lanier. First person stories of the strange and supernatural every Sunday night wherever you get your podcasts. Listen to Odd Trails:
December 24, 2021
Past Lives, with Chelsey Weber-Smith (American Hysteria Podcast)
This week's episode is all about past lives. Do you believe in them? First, I tell the story of a young woman who believes that she knew her best friend in a previous life. Then, I speak with Chelsey Weber-Smith (Host of American Hysteria), a skeptic who had a baffling past life regression meditation. Ch 1: Soulmates, submitted by Amanda Ch 2: Solomon J Solomon, with Chelsey Weber-Smith Listen to American Hysteria Thank you to our sponsor Apostrophe!
December 08, 2021
Creature Companions, with Imee Dalton
This episode contains stories involving the death of beloved animals. In this week’s episode, I’ll be sharing true stories about our relationship with nonhuman species -- physical animals or otherwise. First, I share the experiences of a teenager who has the ability to see animal auras attached to people. Then, I speak with Imee Dalton, who had a mysterious fuzzy visitor as a child. And finally, I narrate the story of a young adult who formed an everlasting bond with a lion. Ch 1: Animal Auras, submitted by Aurora Ch 2: The Elmo Hand, with Imee Dalton Ch 3: Kisumbu, submitted by Chrysanthi Visit Imee's shop: Mayari Moon Apothecary
November 24, 2021
Nabarang Pt 2
Are all curses evil? Or are some justifiable? Listen to this week's episode and let me know what you think.  Ch 1: The Pontianak, submitted by Nurul and Feyla  Ch 2: Barang, with Elizabeth Corpus  Ch 3: The Tree Witch, submitted by Pearl  On The Ethics of Cursing Listen to Spirits Podcast!
November 10, 2021
Shapes In The Darkness, with Raeha Keller
Happy Halloween! Here are some true creepy stories about shapes in the darkness... Ch 1: The Nun, submitted by Ami Ch 2: The Desert Shadow Man, with Raeha Keller Check out Raeha's Shop Thank you to our sponsors! Apostrophe Get $15 off your first visit at and use my code STORIES!
October 27, 2021
This Place Is Haunted, with Becky Kilimnik (Homespun Haints Podcast)
In this episode, I’ll be sharing true tales about buildings that have retained ghastly memories, that might make you question your own surroundings as well. First, I read a story about a man who worked night security at a military facility. Then, I speak with Becky Kilimnik, who shares multiple experiences she and her family have had in various locations. Ch 1: The Man in Bay 17, submitted by Tony Ch 2: Other Mommy with the Rope, with Becky Kilimnik Listen to Homespun Haints Thank you to our sponsors! Apostrophe Get $15 off your first visit at and use my code STORIES! Magic Spoon Get $5 off at and use my code SAPPHIRE!
October 13, 2021
Introducing: Euphomet
The new season will return in 2 weeks! In the meantime, I've been sharing episodes from like-minded podcasts that I know you'll love and enjoy. Today's episode is from Euphomet!  Listen to Euphomet
September 29, 2021
Introducing: Tabi Tabi Podcast
While I'm on hiatus, I'll be sharing episodes from like-minded podcasts that I know you'll love and enjoy! Listen to Tabi Tabi Podcast
September 15, 2021
Introducing: Ghostlore of Hawaii
While I'm on hiatus, I'll be sharing episodes from like-minded podcasts that I know you'll love and enjoy too! Listen to Ghostlore of Hawaii
September 01, 2021
Answering Your Listener Mail!
The end of Season 4 has come, and I'll be reading and responding to your emails and voice messages!  If you'd like to leave me a message, email me at or record a voice message at
August 18, 2021
Spirit Keeping Part 2, with Alduin & Elle Royeaux
In episode 2 of this season, I spoke with Charlie about his experiences as a first time Spirit Keeper. After that episode aired I was contacted by Alduin and Elle Royeaux, who have a business helping those who practice spirit keeping and wanted to share their insights and advice. For this week's episode, you’ll hear about all the different types of spirits and creatures that exist all around us, the benefits they can bring into your life, and what to look for when choosing a spirit for yourself.  Contact Alduin & Elle
August 04, 2021
Premonitions, with Barbe West
The concepts of time and destiny are ones that I constantly think about. Are the past, present, and future predetermined and all happening at once and we’re just experiencing it in a linear way? Or is everything created impromptu, leaving room for change? In this episode, I’ll be sharing real stories from people who have the ability to know about future events, so that maybe we can better understand how time functions. First, I share a story from someone whose dreams keep becoming reality. And then I speak with Barbe, who always seems to know what’s about to happen to her family. Chapter 1: Dreams Come True, submitted by Sandy Chapter 2: Dripping From The Top Of Your Soul, with Barbe
July 21, 2021
The Witch's Curse, with Cassidy Liston (Drinking the KoolAid Podcast) and Mortis Media
What are your thoughts on witches and witchcraft? In today’s episode, I’ll be sharing stories about the dark side of witchcraft, so you can detect the signs yourself and differentiate this taboo practice from positive witchcraft. First, I speak with Cassidy Liston, who believes her family has been cursed by a witch from the Salem Witch Trials. And then, Mortis Media narrates a true tale from a victim of brujeria.  Chapter 1: My Cursed Bloodline, with Cassidy Liston Chapter 2: My experience with a woman who practiced Brujeria, narrated by Mortis Media Vote for Stories With Sapphire: // The TikTok Video Where We Captured A Ghost?? Listen to Drinking The Koolaid Listen to Scary Stories With Mort
July 05, 2021
Signs From The Other Side, with Maryanne O'Hara and Kyle Perez
Have you ever experienced something so coincidental, that it felt like more than just a coincidence? This week's episode is all about synchronicities and receiving signs from the other side. First, I share a story about a family’s moth sighting. Then I speak with Maryanne O'Hara, who continues to feel her daughter’s presence after her passing. And finally, I speak with Kyle Perez, a medium with advice on how to receive signs. Parts of this episode were recorded live at the first annual Asian Podcast Festival, hosted by the Asian American Podcasters Association. Chapter 1: The Luna Moth, submitted by Amanda Chapter 2: Living Memories, with Maryanne O'Hara Chapter 3: Asking For Signs, with Kyle Perez Read Little Matches by Maryanne O'Hara Contact Kyle The Crystalline Mage
June 23, 2021
The Devil Made Me Do It: How Much Should You Fear Demonic Possession?
Thanks Warner Bros. for sponsoring this episode. Be sure to check out The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It in theaters and on HBO Max on June 4 #TheConjuring @theconjuring Are you one of over half of Americans who fears demonic possession? In this episode, I tell the notorious Devil Made Me Do It case, and share my thoughts on the devil and possession.
June 02, 2021
Who Are You? with Pete Benavides and Stories After Dark
In this week’s episode, I share stories about mistaken identity. First, I read a true account of a young woman who was visited in the middle of the night by a spirit that looked like her sister. Then, I speak with Pete Benavides, who recalls seeing something that took the appearance of his father. Next, I share a story about a girl who kept getting blamed for things a spirit was doing in their home. And finally, Derek from the Stories After Dark podcast tells us the tale of Teresita Basa, the woman who helped solve her own murder. Follow Pete Benavides Listen to Halloween Never Dies Podcast Listen to Stories After Dark Podcast
May 12, 2021
Ben The Creep, with Ashley Casseday (Keep It Weird Podcast)
What if there was a persistent spirit who constantly played tricks on you...? In this week’s episode, you will meet Ashley Casseday, and hear her epic saga with an otherworldly gentleman she called Ben. Listen to Keep It Weird Listen to American Hysteria Vote for Stories With Sapphire
April 28, 2021
Protection, with Omehra Sigahne
I've always been fascinated by the belief in guardian angels and divine intervention. When do they decide to step in? Who do they decide to protect? In today’s episode, I’ll be sharing stories that explore the concept of protection: how we can better protect ourselves, and how we can be better protectors. Vote every month for Stories With Sapphire on the Top 25 Paranormal Podcasts charts! Follow and support Omehra's work:
April 14, 2021
Seeing Is Not Believing, with Rachael Marr (Femlore), Kristen Anderson & Will Rogers (Guide To The Unknown), and Jim Perry (Euphomet)
Where do you fall on the skeptic to believer scale? In today's episode, I speak with 4 skeptics - all friends of the podcast - who have had experiences that challenged their beliefs.  Femlore Podcast Guide To The Unknown Euphomet
March 24, 2021
Sounds From Beyond, with Lanser Howard and Choz Belen
Clairaudience: the ability to hear what other's cannot. Sometimes it can be voices, footsteps, or music. Sound plays a big role in many paranormal occurrences, but is it just our ears playing tricks on us? Or perhaps malfunctioning radios? ...Or is it something much more? In this week's episode, I speak with 2 people who have both had very significant experiences involving unexplainable sounds.   Check out Lanser Howard's book "The Screaming Silence" Check out Choz Belen's graphic novel "Mumu: Monsters of the Motherland"
March 10, 2021
Spirit Keeping
Have you heard of the practice of Spirit Keeping? Hear all about one Christian man's experience dabbling in this form of witchcraft on this week's episode. Check out these other great paranormal podcasts: Monsters Among Us: Homespun Haints:
February 24, 2021
New 2021 Trailer
Stories With Sapphire will now be releasing episodes every other Wednesday. In between those weeks, I'll be posting a new spooky animated video on
February 20, 2021
Healing, with Krisell Valenzuela
For the 4th season of Stories With Sapphire, I will be releasing episodes every other week. But in the weeks in between, I’ll be releasing an animated video story on my Youtube channel at, so make sure you subscribe there as well. In this week's episode, I’ll be sharing 3 stories that explore the connection between spiritual and physical sickness, along with Krisell Valenzuela's (a multidimensional medium) take on each. Chapter 1: I Don't Want To Go With Grandpa, submitted by Anonymous Chapter 2: My Mother, The Healer, submitted by Anonymous Chapter 3: What's Become Of My Stepmother, submitted by Shadow Dexter Contact Krisell:
February 10, 2021
Answering Your Listener Mail!
For the last episode of the year, I read and respond to your listener mail! Thank you to everyone who has listened to and supported the show in 2020, I truly appreciate it. If you'd like to submit a story or ask a question, send an email to
December 30, 2020
Mysteries of Hawaii, with Lopaka Kapanui
Lopaka Kapanui runs the ghost tour Mysteries of Hawaii. He is an endless well of supernatural stories and Hawaiian paranormal history. In this week's episode, you'll hear about what led to his spiritual awakening and learn more about the Night Marchers. Mysteries of Hawaii For Friday evening ghost stories from Hawaii at 7 pm HST Follow on social media:
December 23, 2020
The Owls' Message, with Mike Clelland
Mike Clelland has dedicated his life to studying the connection between owls, UFOs, and death. This was an incredibly eye-opening conversation, one that changed the way I think about these birds, and even led to my own owl synchronicities. To learn more about Mike's work, visit and
December 16, 2020
Humans, by nature, are territorial creatures. Whether it’s a seat at a coffee shop or our lane on the freeway, we make it known with our bags or car horns when we have claimed a space. But there are non human entities that are territorial as well. So what happens when humans and spirits claim the same space? Who does it truly belong to? On this week’s episode, I’ll be sharing stories that discuss the concept of territory. First, I read a true story about a fishpond business in the Philippines that houses a spirit that refuses to leave. Then, we’ll hear from Greg Mania, who worked at a consignment shop with an easily disturbed resident. And finally, I share a true story about a boy whose life was changed when he witnessed the Smoke Man. Chapter 1: The Kamatayan, by Maenquin Chapter 2: Put The Doll Back, with Greg Mania Chapter 3: The Smoke Man, by Jake Check out Maenquin's graphic design and artwork Check out Greg's book Born To Be Public
December 09, 2020
Spooky Originals
I usually share true tales on this show, but this week I wanted to share the original stories I wrote for the Grand Rapids Library Halloween special for October 2020. Enjoy! Chapter 1: Beware of Kuchisake-Onna, by Sapphire Sandalo Chapter 2: The Heartless Man, by Sapphire Sandalo and Adam Sinker Chapter 3: Where Heaven and Hell Intersect, by Sapphire Sandalo and Adam Sinker
November 04, 2020
What comes to mind when I say the word “ghost”? For most people, a ghost is the spirit of a person who has passed. But ghosts are not limited to that one definition. They can be an energy stealing force, the personification of unresolved trauma, or the representation of our mental state. In this episode, I’ll be sharing real stories from real people who have encountered these types of inhuman ghosts. First, I read the story of a witch who was in a budding relationship that was more than toxic. Then, we’ll hear of a mysterious entity that’s been following someone around for years. And finally, I speak with a man who seems to attract spirits of all kinds. Chapter 1: His Little Devil, by Hiro Chapter 2: Followed, by Jackknife Chapter 3: What I Saw In The Darkness, with Ziek Martinez Check out Ziek's band Frantic Romantic
October 28, 2020
Strangers In My Home
There is nothing more classically horror than a haunted house. The thought of your safe space being invaded by an otherworldly force is enough to make anyone lose sleep. This week’s episode is dedicated to those who have had to deal with uninvited house guests. First, I speak with a woman who kept finding things in her apartment rearranged every time she would return home. Then, we’ll learn about a man named Mr. Smith. And finally, we’ll visit a home in Michigan with a restless presence. If you have a story you’d like to submit, visit Chapter 1: Someone's Been In Here, with Becky Garcia Chapter 2: Mr. Smith, with Cheri Passell Chapter 3: Strangers In My Home Chapter 4: The Lonely Girl
October 21, 2020
Doula For Death
Welcome back to Stories With Sapphire! I’d like to begin this short and sweet season by sharing the enlightening experiences of Nida: a yoga therapist, psychiatrist, and psychic. As a practical woman of science and a highly intuitive medium, she has an incredibly unique worldview and perspective on death, which I find comfort in and hope you will too. Submit your stories at
October 14, 2020
Stories On Hiatus - An Update From Sapphire
The show is on hiatus until further notice :(  Links mentioned:
September 02, 2020
What Happens At Night
When the sun goes down and the moon controls the sky, it’s almost as if the rules of our physical world change. In this week’s episode, I share stories of the unexplainable things that can happen at night. First, a young man tries to astral project for the first time. Then, I speak with a man who had one of the most bizarre childhood experiences I’ve heard. And finally, I share a heartwarming story of a woman who receives a message from her friend in a dream. Chapter 1: Out of body, out of mind, by Mike Nevada Chapter 2: How did we get here? (with Cory Choy) Chapter 3: My Gothic soul mate, by Marie Conway Check out Cory's work:
July 15, 2020
Stories For Change: The Black Experience in the Horror Genre
American history is a horror story - for Black people, indigenous people, and people of color. And yet mainstream horror cinema has vastly left these groups out of the picture, both on and behind the screen. In this week’s episode, I speak with horror writer Johnny Compton about why that might be, and how we can change that. Follow Johnny's Work
July 10, 2020
Visitors (with Brian J. Cano and Shelby Scott)
We are visitors, passing through locations and through people’s lives. This week’s episode is about the visits that have a life changing impact on us. First, I speak with Brian J. Cano, paranormal investigator, about the most terrifying place he’s ever visited. After that, I speak with a friend who was visited by mysterious lights in the desert. And finally, Shelby Scott, host of "Scare You To Sleep", tells her experience of passing through the Vicksburg battlefield. Chapter 1: The Grand Midway Hotel, with Brian J. Cano Chapter 2: Brought To Life Chapter 3: Joshua Tree Chapter 4: Vicksburg, with Shelby Scott Follow Brian Listen to Scare You To Sleep
July 08, 2020
The War: Dedicated to Col. Marciano Calderon & Dorotea Calderon
I’d always known that my great grandfather, Marciano Calderon (Mars for short) died in World War 2, but I didn’t know much else. Then, when I was texting my mom about my podcast, she asked if she ever told me the story of how they found Lolo Mars’ body. She hadn't, and so my mom reached out to her aunt (my Lola Terrie) to make sure she had all the details right. Then, she emailed me my great grandmother’s memoir page by page, so I could also get her perspective of the story. And so, with my grandmother and Lola Terrie’s permission, I’d like to tell you a story of the brutality of war, and of my great grandfather’s last moments, as told by my great grandmother, with some edits for clarity. To see photos of my great grandparents, visit
July 01, 2020
Batok (Traditional Filipino Tattoos), with Lane Wilcken
There’s something about tattoos that provokes a strong reaction. Sometimes that reaction is admiration, for the pain tolerance of its wearer. Other times its aberration, disgust that anyone would taint their bodies in such a way. But for indigenous Filipinos, receiving batok (a traditional tattoo) was a spiritual event; a ceremony. In this episode, I want to undo any negative stereotypes surrounding tattoos by sharing its history beyond Western sensibilities, and speaking with Lane Wilcken, one of the very few recognized mambabatok (tattoo ritualists) in the world. He shares the cultural significance of batok, as well as the intense and sometimes disturbing paranormal encounters he’s had during ceremonies. Chapter 1: You Wanna Look Like A Gangbanger? Chapter 2: Stories With Lane Chapter 3: Intuition Learn more about Lane and his work.
June 24, 2020
Stories For Change: Unlearning Whitewashed Movements
When we think of historical movements in American history, people of color are typically excluded from the narrative. And as non-black allies, we need be aware of how to make our allyship more inclusive. In this episode, me and my guest Mindy Scott (Femlore Podcast) will be going over these movements. We are not experts on the topic and simply want to share what we’ve learned, and so we welcome any feedback or corrections. Follow Mindy Follow Monique Melton The Racist Roots of Fighting Obesity Jane Elliott | A Class Divided Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie | We should all be feminists TED Talk
June 19, 2020
Creepy Creatures (with Emzotic)
Whether domestic, wild, or spiritual, animals of all kinds play a huge role in our lives. In this week’s episode, I share my parents’ encounter with a spiritual bird, and I chat with Em Lock, better known as Emzotic, who not only has a terrifying paranormal experience but a vast well of animal knowledge that can teach us how to be more empathetic and open minded humans. Chapter 1: The Sparrow Spirit Chapter 2: Our Companions, with Emzotic Chapter 3: Creepy Creatures, with Emzotic -- Justice For Breonna Taylor: Justice For Rayshard Brooks: -- Follow Emzotic
June 17, 2020
Stories For Change: Talking To Your Filipino Parents About Race
On Stories With Sapphire, I love sharing stories about Filipino culture, but it no longer feels appropriate to continue doing so without addressing our community’s issues with colorism and anti-blackness. This is my way of learning how to handle these conversations better with certain family members who disagree with me, and I hope hearing other people's stories helps you start these difficult conversations as well. Articles mentioned in this episode: Inheritance Magazine "Finding Our Place" - "Black Pain and Korean Empathy" - Sojourners "Comfortable in My Own Skin" - Ways to commemorate Breonna Taylor's life for her birthday: Sign The Petition - Donate to her family's GoFundMe - Donate to the Louisville Community Bail Fund - More links:
June 05, 2020
Between Life And Death (with June Ahern)
It's the endlessly debated topic: what actually happens when we die? We may never know for sure, but until then, all we have are stories - the experiences of those who have caught a glimpse of the other side. In this week’s episode, I’ll be sharing stories from my Tita (a nurse with an incredible gift) and psychic medium June Ahern, whose near death experience sent her on her spiritual path. Chapter 1: The Messenger Chapter 2: I Want To Go Back Chapter 3: The Other Side, with June Ahern Learn more about June's work and order her books Listen to Somewhere In The Skies Podcast
May 27, 2020
The Masque of the Red Death, by Edgar Allan Poe
While the show is on a break until Season 2, I'd like to read for you Edgar Allan Poe's classic tale, "The Masque of the Red Death," a story that was written in 1842 and yet has found relevance in our world today. Don't be like Prince Prospero - here are some simple ways you can help others during this pandemic: - Donate money, supplies, or food to local charities providing relief for those affected by the pandemic (make sure to find out what's most needed first) - Order lunch for frontline workers at your local hospital (make sure to call ahead) - If you are young and healthy, volunteer to run errands or deliver supplies to the elderly or immunocompromised - Foster an animal from your local animal shelter - Donate blood More helpful links: Here's How To Help During Coronavirus A Guide to Helping and Getting Help During The Coronavirus Crisis How To Help Your Community During the Coronavirus Crisis 9 Ways to Help Others During the Coronavirus Pandemic How to Help Restaurants, Hospitals, People During the Coronavirus Outbreak
April 29, 2020
Quarantine Podcast Recommendations!
While Stories With Sapphire is on a hiatus until May 20th, I wanted to share the work of some of my friends and fellow independent podcasters that I know you'll love listening to during lockdown! Check out their shows and show them some love! In order of appearance: Euphomet - with Jim Perry Scare You To Sleep - with Shelby Scott American Hysteria - with Chelsey Weber-Smith Deliver Us From Disney - with Whitney Moore and Ani Baker Confessions of the Creative Kind - with Jess Kovic The Q Files - with Shane McClelland and Lori Gum Monsters Among Us - with Derek Hayes Somewhere in the Skies - with Ryan Sprague
April 22, 2020
Stories With Sapphire - Trailer
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April 20, 2020
Invisible Attack
The first season finale of Stories With Sapphire is about the threats that are invisible to some, and painfully real to others. I know I may not be able to make you all believers of the supernatural, but I hope, at the least, to make you believers of people. Chapter 1: Bloody George Mackenzie, by Charlie, Chapter 2: Get Down, with Linda Lower Chapter 3: It Might Still Be Here, with Robyn Alezanders, Listen to Scare You To Sleep Listen to The Adaptables
April 15, 2020
The Women in White
We’re all familiar with the image - a woman in all white, with long hair covering her face. It’s common in movies and ghost stories - but why? In this week’s episode, I’ll be sharing stories from those who have encountered a woman in white... and lived to tell the tale. Chapter 1: She Wants My Baby, written by Aimy Chapter 2: It Was You All Along, with Cheri Passell Chapter 3: The Horror at The Great Star Theater, with Ying  Listen to Guide To The Unknown Watch The Haunted Bay
April 08, 2020
Familial, with Jim Perry (Euphomet)
Supernatural occurrences often happen among those with whom we have close relationships, whether it’s our friends, significant others, or, most commonly, our family. What I love about these stories is that they reveal this unseen, unexplainable force that connects us. In this episode, you’ll meet sisters Brittany and Melissa, whose family communicates through symbols from the other side, as well as Jim Perry, host of the Euphomet podcast, whose relationship with the paranormal runs deep in his blood. Chapter 1: Red Sheets, Eggs, and Light, with Brittany and Melissa Rochford Chapter 2: My Inheritance Chapter 3: Passing Of The Torch, with Jim Perry (Euphomet ( ) Listener Mail from Katie EUPHOMET with Jim Perry is a podcast documentary series about the unknown and our relationship to it, featuring real people sharing astonishing paranormal experiences. Listen to Euphomet (  wherever you listen to podcasts!
March 25, 2020
Nabarang, with Lyn Pacificar
Nabarang: the Cebuano word for "cursed." That's what this week's episode is about - people who have experienced or delivered a curse.  Chapter 1: Bewitched in Siquijor, by Sam, IG @mindfulwanderlens Chapter 2: Don't Mess With Me, with Lyn Pacificar, Chapter 3: In The Shadows Chapter 4: The Hat Man, with Michelle Davis Subscribe to American Hysteria on Apple Podcasts ( , Spotify ( , Stitcher ( , or wherever you get your podcasts!
March 18, 2020
The Spirits Of Our Ancestors, with Lyn Pacificar
The spirits of our ancestors are all around us, guiding and teaching us. In this episode, I'll be sharing stories that will help you hear their voices, and hopefully inspire you to dig a bit deeper into your pasts. Chapter 1: Full Moon Ritual Chapter 2: Allow the Remembering, with Lyn Pacificar, Chapter 3: The Pacific, by Jame Legaspi, | Chapter 4: If You're Still Watching Over Me, by Crazyturtlemama (
March 11, 2020
Not Of This World, with Derek Hayes, Susan Slaughter, Mark Alan Miller
Just when I think I’ve heard it all,  I am always pleasantly thrilled when a story comes along that surprises me. That’s what today’s episode is about - people who have witnessed something that is difficult to categorize. Unexplainable things, that you may or may not heard of, that are possibly not of our world.  First, I welcome back Derek Hayes, host and creator of the Monsters Among Us podcast, as he describes a cryptid he witnessed as a child that set him on his paranormal journey. Then I chat with Susan Slaughter, paranormal investigator, as she describes her nocturnal visit from a hag. And finally, I speak with Mark Alan Miller, former Vice President of Seraphim, Clive Barker’s production company. I’ve been collecting ghost stories for years, and Mark’s is truly one of my favorites. You definitely don’t want to miss it.  Chapter 1: Alien Big Cat, with Derek Hayes, Monsters Among Us ( Chapter 2: The Hag, with Susan Slaughter Chapter 3: The Man Whose Features Were Crawling On His Face, with Mark Alan Miller, Encyclopacalypse Publications (
March 04, 2020
I'm Not Myself, with Andrew Tate (Let's Not Meet Podcast)
Do we have ownership of our souls? This week's episode dives into the topic of demon possession, along with other ways in which we can become possessed.  Chapter 1: We Are All Possessed  Chapter 2: My Demon, Anxiety Chapter 3: The Case of Clarita Villanueva Chapter 4: Don't Be Scared, It's Just Your Lola, with Gerlie Collado Chapter 5: The Visitation, written and narrated by Andrew Tate, Let's Not Meet Podcast (
February 26, 2020
Before I Wake
Dreams are all just in our head...right?  Chapter 1: Bangungot Chapter 2: My Sleep Paralysis Demon Turned Itself Into My Boyfriend ( , written by reddit user anxiousnddreamy Chapter 3: The Shared Dream, with Genesis and Grace Chapter 4: Dreams Within Dreams Chapter 5: He Was Watching Me Sleep ( , written by reddit user Crazyturtlemama
February 19, 2020
Coincidence, with Derek Hayes (Monsters Among Us)
Have you ever experienced something so coincidental, that it made you believe that maybe some things are predetermined?  Chapter 1: How I Met My Husband Chapter 2: The Soul of Teri Ilasco, by Maika Illaneza Chapter 3: Just A Coincidence Chapter 4: The Reluctant Psychic, with Derek Hayes Listener mail submitted by Brandy Check out Derek Hayes' podcast Monsters Among Us ( .
February 12, 2020
Tales From My Lolo
When I was younger, I recorded my grandpa telling his unbelievable encounters in the Philippines. These stories sparked my obsession with the paranormal, mythology, and folklore.  Chapter 1: Why I Love Supernatural Stories Chapter 2: The Little People Chapter 3: Aswangs and Maria Labo Chapter 4: How to Kill an Aswang Chapter 5: Zack Ford, written by Gaven Godbolt Listener Mail submitted by Alphy
February 05, 2020