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StoryBoard Memphis is a nonprofit multimedia resource for news and feature-length stories on local arts, culture, history, and community.
This podcast is a longer cut of the half-hour radio show that airs on Memphis's FM 89.3 WYPL each Sunday evening at 5:30 PM. Taken right out of the pages of StoryBoard Memphis, this show asks Memphians to talk about their passions, their initiatives, or to just talk about what makes Memphis, Memphis.
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SB 30 Episode 14: Talking Memphis Film Prize with David Merrill

StoryBoard 30

SB 30 Episode 76: Music, Talk, Sobriety, with Memphis podcaster and music man J.D. Reagar
"The album is very much about my recovery process. I started writing the songs before, and continued writings afterwards, and I think there's ... it wasn't intentional, but do I think there's a bit of a story arch there." That's musician, record producer and Memphian J.D. Reager - and creator of the podcast and record label Back to the Light - talking about his how journey through sobriety has driven his work in the local music and podcast scenes, and how his work has grown and deepened in his recovery from traumas and alcohol. Listen in as host Mark Fleischer and J.D. discuss their own shared experiences dealing with sobriety and recovery here in Memphis, and how their journeys and discoveries have informed and inspired their work.   Recorded Thursday, September 22, 2022 in the main SoundRoom of the Memphis Listening Lab at Crosstown Concourse, Memphis, Tennessee.
September 24, 2022
SB 30 Episode 75: Dorothy Day House Executive Director Sister Maureen Griner
“Our approach to housing homeless families is very different from other shelters in the city. Dorothy Day herself really believed in personalism in reaching people where they were. And she always saw the poor with great dignity, and took care of them with great care, and sacrificed herself in order to take care of people who didn’t have much. So when we began talking about opening the Dorothy Day House, we said it’s going to be just a regular house where we invite homeless families to come live while they get back on their feet.” That’s Sister Maureen Griner, Executive Director of Dorothy Day House, a group comprised of the three local homes providing temporary housing and support services for homeless families in Memphis. Join host Mark Fleischer as he sits with Sister Maureen at the dining room table of Loretta’s House, on the three houses of Dorothy Day House, as the two discuss the challenges faced by Memphis homeless families, how the House provides temporary relief, and their upcoming fundraiser that inspires local families to gather around their own dining room tables in support of the group’s efforts.
August 22, 2022
SB 30 Episode 74: Playhouse on the Square Executive Producer Michael
"All the possibilities are right there in front of you and you have no idea what's going to happen next. And it's live." That's Playhouse's executive producer Michael Detroit, talking with host Mark Fleischer about the power and the magic that is live theater. "That's the unknown. You plan, you practice, you rehearse, but life happens in live theater." Join host Mark Fleischer and Playhouse's Michael Detroit for their August 2022 conversation, recorded on the Playhouse on the Square stage in Midtown, Memphis, as they talk about the importance of live theater and the 2022-23 fall and winter lineup of Playhouse's 54th season. Presented as part of StoryBoard's media partnership with Playhouse on the Square.
August 15, 2022
SB 30 Episode 73: David Mason on Ernest Withers, and the Emmett Till trial
“After the trial though, that photo makes a difference… And that photo circulates. Just the act of standing up and testifying as a witness is a big deal - you’ve got a Black man standing up to white power and saying, ‘These men did this thing.’ And yet Friday afternoon the 12 white jurors come in and find the defendants not guilty. From that perspective, what Mose Wright does affects nothing. But it’s a big deal anyway because the photo circulates and embeds that moment in the public consciousness forever after.” That's writer David Mason, speaking about THE photo, of THE moment of the 1955 Emmett Till murder trial, of Uncle Mose Wright standing up from the witness box and identifying his great nephew's killers. But exactly how 'That Memphis Photographer,' Ernest C. Withers, made that historic photo has been an overlooked topic for generations. Until now. David Mason's article for Issue III of StoryBoard Memphis Quarterly adds yet another new chapter to the Emmett Till saga, and here host Mark Fleischer talks with Mr. Mason, discusses how the writer arrived at a new perspective of how Withers must have made the photo in a crowded, hostile courtroom, in the face of life-threatening circumstances, and how it speaks to the skill and courage Withers needed to make the photo.  Recorded on location in March of 2022 in Sumner, Mississippi, at the site of the trial itself, in the historic Tallahatchie County Courthouse. 
July 13, 2022
SB 30 Episode 72: Dr. Earnestine Jenkins and the Legacy of Black Metalworking
“Like the endurance of the metal itself, contemporary Black artists sustain the historic and symbolic significance of working with iron that began with ancient practices of blacksmithing in Africa,” Dr. Earnestine Jenkins. Dr. Earnestine Jenkins, visual culture historian and professor at the University of Memphis, and host Mark Fleischer discuss From Artisans to Artists: African American Metal Workers in Memphis, a new exhibit curated by Dr. Jenkins at the Metal Museum.  Through its celebration of artisans and artists from West and Central African through to modern-day Memphis, this exhibit examines the role of the blacksmith in diverse African contexts and how that artisan identity and associated blacksmithing practices changed in America due to slavery. Among those metal workers featured are the enslaved blacksmiths of two local plantation sites, the Hunt Phelan House and the Hilderbrand Plantation; blacksmiths and entrepreneurs Blair Hunt and David Carnes; and contemporary artists Richard Hunt, Lorenzo Scruggs, Hawkins Bolden, and Desmond Lewis. From Artisans to Artists draws on the knowledge and research of guest curator Dr. Earnestine Jenkins, who utilizes surviving artifacts and primary source documents from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean to bring to the forefront a crucial part of Memphis’s artistic history. From Artisans to Artists: African American Metal Workers in Memphis is open now through September 11, 2022, at the Metal Museum.
June 28, 2022
SB 30 Episode 71: Local Author Shelley Moore
Shelley Moore and Mark Fleischer sat down in the Memphis Room at the Memphis Public Library to talk about Shelley's first book Through a Blue-Eyed Lens: Reflections - Snapshots - Pinholes. When Shelley arrives from the outer reaches of Wyoming, her new stage is Memphis, a segregated city increasingly steeped in conflict and turmoil. By recounting the ways in which she navigated both social and historical constructs, Shelley unearths a storehouse of deeply personal memories. Through these selective reflections, she reveals the wildly unpopular decisions and consequential choices that found her estranged from one community and embraced by another. To order a copy, visit Shelley's website.
May 31, 2022
SB 30 Episode 70: A Shell for all Memphians with Overton Park Shell Executive Director Natalie Wilson
“It’s a gift from Memphians to Memphis, in the belief that free concerts bring people together and build community. There’s nothing like it. Food and music. 19 months of being in the pandemic, and being dark, people realize truly how important this place is. It is the heartbeat of our city, and it is something that we need. We all need it. We need the joy that comes from the Shell.“ That’s Natalie Wilson, Executive Director of the Overton Park Shell, who recently announced a brand new chapter in the Shell’s 86-year history with a rebranding that returns the historic park band shell to its roots with a restored name: The Overton Park Shell. Recorded in the Shell’s historic Green Room, join SB 30 host Mark Fleischer as he sits down with Natalie Wilson to talk about the Shell’s history in Memphis, its upcoming programs and sustainability, and the gift to Memphis that is the Overton Park Shell. klLyNRilwBw9ngTqKQUK
March 10, 2022
SB 30 Episode 69: Jeffrey Robinson and the filmmakers behind Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America
“We’re fifty years later now (since the tipping point of the Civil Rights era and the King assassination), and once again, young activists in America are making Americans take a look in the mirror in terms of our true history of race and racial prejudice. Once again the young activists are calling us to account. Once again America is having to look at issues of race dead in the eye. And once again, we are at a tipping point. And the question for all of us is, What are we going to do about it?” That’s civil rights lawyer Jeffrey Robinson, speaking to a packed audience in 2018 in New York City’s Town Hall Theatre and for the cameras in the award-winning documentary Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America. The film interweaves moments from Mr. Robinson’s lecture series with personal anecdotes, location interviews, and shocking revelations. Here criminal defense and civil rights lawyer Jeffery Robinson draws a stark timeline of anti-Black racism in the United States, from slavery to the modern myth of a post-racial America. Benefitting The Who We Are Project, the film was completed in 2021, is being distributed by Sony Pictures Classics, and arrives here in Memphis for a special screening and Q&A on Thursday February 24, 2022, at the Crosstown Theatre. It began a local run February 25, 2022, at Malco’s Studio on the Square. Listen as Jeffrey Robinson and the film’s co-director Emily Kunstler sit down in conversation with StoryBoard 30 host Mark Fleischer to discuss the film and the issues of racism in America.
February 24, 2022
SB 30 Ep 67: “History is closer than you think.” An interview with historian Bill Carey
Join host Mark Fleischer as he talks with historian and Tennessee History For Kids executive director Bill Carey, as the two discuss the importance of learning history, about the controversies around ‘critical race theory,’ and about the 2021 in-person TN History for Kids Summer Road Shows in West Tennessee.
July 01, 2021
SB 30 Episode 66: Writing historical fiction with Memphis author Susan Cushman
“My characters meet at Ole Miss, when there were very few Black students on the campus, in 1966. In February of 1970, on campus, a group called Up With People gave a concert. And there was this huge protest where 60 Black kids were arrested. Eight of the those students came to be known as the Ole Miss Eight. (The character) John is a composite of two of the men who were part of the Ole Miss Eight.” That’s author Susan Cushman, talking about writing her book John and Mary Margaret, and how she weaved her fictional characters into the very real and historical civil rights events in Mississippi and Memphis during a fifty-year span. Join host Mark Fleischer as he talks to Ms. Cushman about her new novel and the practice and teaching of writing.
May 26, 2021
SB 30 Episode 65: An unimaginable childhood, and path to recovery, with author Angie Howard
“I grew up in a one-traffic-light Mississippi town, a place of innocence and nostalgia that never reached my door. A cotton-top little girl, I was entered into beauty contest at the age of eight, but even the strength and poise I learned to present during competitions couldn’t protect me from my neglectful, angry mother and absent father. My abusive stepfather—the third of eleven—used the threat of his pet boa constrictor to ensure I kept his terrifying secrets, while other adults overlooked the trauma happening right under their noses.” That’s author Angela Howard, from her introduction to her book Sin Child, which recalls a troubling and disturbing childhood in rural Mississippi. But that’s not the end of Angela’s story. Her life presents a hopeful guide for others in their recovery from life’s most difficult traumas. Join SB 30 host Mark Fleischer in his conversation with Ms. Howard, who shares moments in her childhood and discusses her new foundation, PTSD-ACED ( and her mission to help adults and children navigate their own recoveries.
March 26, 2021
SB 30 Episode 64: Discussing Memphis’ vital live music scene, Part II
“Memphis is a city based on contradictions. And great things have happened because of cultural collisions and contradictions. And what makes it great is the fact that you can go to a small venue that’s doesn’t even have a stage and see some of the most amazing people making some of the most amazing music. I’ve been around a lot of places, seen a lot of people play. It’s not just Memphis pride. There’s something special here.” ~Steve Selvidge, Memphis musician “Memphis isn’t just one of many music cities in America – Memphis is the fertile crescent of 20th century American culture. This is Memphis. This is where Rock ‘n’ Roll began. This is gritty, urgent Soul music. It’s where Stax happened, that’s still echoing and reverberating through the music that’s being produced today. And we are still producing urgent, amazing music of all stripes in Memphis.” ~Marvin Stockwell, founder of Pezz “This is home of the Blues and the birthplace of Rock ‘n’ Roll, and then everything that comes with that. It’s extremely important. Our industry is real. There are people that make this happen. There’s no other feeling than seeing a band that you’ve never seen before and they just blow the headliner away. You know that feeling right there – that’s something that you’ll never forget as long as you live.” ~Brian ‘Skinny’ McCabe, owner of Hi Tone Cafe Join host Mark Fleischer for Part II of the special edition of StoryBoard 30 as he discusses with Mr. Selvidge, Mr. Stockwell and Mr. McCabe the vital importance our live music venues, and hears a few stories about their first live gigs and memories of the Antenna Club.
March 05, 2021
SB 30 Episode 63: Discussing Memphis’s vital, and struggling, live music scene. Part I
“These venues provide a laboratory for growth. I’ve played some big gigs and a small gigs, but honestly some of the most substantial exponential growth I’ve ever had was here in town, like with regular gigs. It wouldn’t have happened were it not for those venues.” ~Steve Selvidge, Memphis musician “If there hadn’t been independent venues, we wouldn’t have had a place to play — at the outset, and almost at any point along our arc of being a band, to the current day.” ~Marvin Stockwell, Memphis musician “It’s so stressful not knowing if you have your livelihood — something that I’ve worked for my entire adult life. It’s a terrible time, but there was no way of knowing, so I’m just trying to weather the storm really.” ~Brian ‘Skinny’ McCabe, Hi Tone owner Join Host Mark Fleischer for Part I of this discussion of Memphis’ vital, and now struggling, live music scene. Recorded* in late December 2020 and earlier this year, this podcast takes us from Midtown, Memphis and into the new Hi Tone with Selvidge, Stockwell and McCabe to address the legacy and the challenges of our live music scene during the pandemic. *Produced in partnership with Cole Early and Pale Moon Media.
February 05, 2021
SB 30 Episode 62: Puppies bringing happiness & light to dark times, in a new children’s book from Candace Echols
“Sometimes they see things I don’t see, like in this book. . . where the children know something the adults don’t. In this story that does happen, and I think it does sometimes happen in real life, and that children can clue us into things. There came a point in this story where mom realizes Josephine was already on to the truth in a way that mom had not yet come to.” That’s author Candace Echols, talking about parenting during the pandemic and how it informed her writing her debut children’s book Josephine and the Quarantine, a heartfelt and spiritual story of a little girl trying to convince her mom to adopt a puppy. For this last SB 30 episode of 2020, join Candace as she talks with host Mark Fleischer about her writing life and her journey bringing this wonderful children’s tale from idea to a published work. To purchase a copy of her book, visit the book’s page at
December 31, 2020
SB 30 Episode 61: Mental health help with Laurie Powell of Alliance Healthcare Services
“We’ve never seen anything like this in our lifetime. It’s traumatizing. And some people have better coping skills than others and have a support system. If you don’t have a well-developed support system and then you’re isolated . . . some of the things that are happening with mental health and substance abuse . . . it’s really tragic. We’ve seen people that have been sober for a decade that relapsed and went back to using because they just didn’t know any other way to deal with the stress.” That’s Laurie Powell, CEO of Alliance Healthcare Services (AHS), talking about the added challenges today in the mental healthcare field. Join Laurie and SB 30 host Mark Fleischer for a conversation about how AHS and other mental healthcare providers are dealing with historic increases in support needs due to the pandemic, and about AHS’ CARE Program, which provides emergency support for individuals suffering from life-threatening issues related to mental health. And if you need or know of anyone in need of such support, the CARE team can be reached at 901-577-9400. Learn more about the CARE Program at the Alliance Healthcare Services website,
December 18, 2020
B 30 Episode 60: The magic and majesty of the Orpheum’s Mighty Wurlitzer with historian and organist Vincent Astor
“I became very verklempt. It was such a wonder to play it and hear it again. It’s hard to describe. When I was down here and the organ was being demonstrated, he (Tony Thomas) was playing ‘There Will Never Be Another You.’ And I had a flashback. All those hundreds of people who courted in this theatre, during the war . . . they were all around me. Funny how that happens. It’s amazing, really, when you think through all of this, all the things that have happened in this room . . .” That’s historian and organist Vincent Astor, and the longest-tenured ‘driver’ of the Orpheum’s Mighty Wurlitzer, talking about returning to the seat in front of the majestic keyboards – the manuals – of the organ. For an extra special edition of StoryBoard 30, join host Mark Fleischer and filmmaker Willy Bearden as they visit Mr. Astor on the Orpheum stage and at the organ’s controls for a little reminiscing, a little education, a little music, and a lot of magic from the Mighty Wurlitzer. Recorded November 5th, 2020, by Willy Bearden and Bearden Company for StoryBoard 30 and FM 89.3 WYPL.
November 07, 2020
SB 30 Episode 59: From the outside looking in – America from an Aussie’s point of view with Christina Day
“I think I’ve asked every person that I’ve met here. Where do you find your truth? What do you read? What do you watch? Most people look at me blankly and can’t really answer me because, well, does it exist? I end up having to look for raw data because that can’t lie. So I guess you try and make your arguments out of the raw data, whether it’s FBI statistics or economic statistics, because everything is skewed. A favorite game of ours is to flick between CNN and Fox News and look at the disparity between the two – and then you just got to try and work it out yourself. What your own truth is and everyone’s truth is different depending on how they’ve been brought up I guess, and where they live and what surrounds them.” That’s Christina Day, talking to StoryBoard 30 host Mark Fleischer about her many impressions of life in the United States from her perspective as a foreigner and native Australian living in Memphis. Christina is a photographer, writer, blogger, wife and mother, and during this engaging conversation, through Christina’s eyes we get a taste of how Australia and the rest of the world views Memphis, this place called America, and our current President. Feature image from Christina’s photography and blog, which can be found at The posts mentioned in the interview include “Why Vote Trump 2020,” and her very first post, “The Trailing Spouse.”
October 16, 2020
SB 30 Episode 57: Home Tour ‘Detour’ with Central Garden’s Nancy Knight
“The Central Gardens Home & Garden Tour is an anticipated event every fall, we’ve been doing it annually for (40+) years, and it’s something that people in Memphis and the greater Mid-South really look forward to. We were on target to have an amazing tour, and then (after the pandemic shutdown in March) the committee got together and said Hey guys, we’re going to have to make a decision. Some of our homeowners were a little reluctant to make that commitment because we didn’t really know what was happening. The committee got together and got really creative – we took the research we had compiled over the past 20 years, and we created an interactive map, we populated the map with all of this history (in a) self-guided tour – and we decided to do a Home Tour ‘Detour.’ That’s Central Garden’s Project Manager Nancy Knight, talking to host Mark Fleischer about how the 2020 version of the Home Tour became the Home Tour ‘Detour.’ As project manager, Nancy helps coordinate many of the neighborhood’s board activities and events, and during this informative discussion the two also talk about a neighborhood project called Light up the Alley, and about the neighborhood’s upcoming efforts to update its listing on the National Register of Historic Places. Further Reading: Hidden gems in Central Gardens: “Selfie” homes help highlight the neighborhood’s diverse architectural styles, hidden gems and landmarks alike
September 15, 2020
SB 30 Episode 57: Behind the treasures of DIGital Memphis with Jamie Corson of the Memphis Public Libraries
“History’s not stuffy. And it’s not as far away as you think it is. And either looking at the images and wondering ‘where is this?’ and ‘why is it different?’ and ‘what does that mean?’ . . . makes you feel more connected to the city and with the past. You realize that ‘Oh, these are people like me, and they have the same concerns and the same fears and same challenges.’ I find it inspiring to see how people overcame these challenges in the past and how it informs the future.” That’s Jamie Corson, Digital Projects Manager for the Memphis Public Libraries, talking to SB 30 host Mark Fleischer about why the vast digital collection of manuscripts, clippings, images and photographs is so important to understand our not-so-distant past. Jamie curates DIG Memphis, the digital archives and collections of the Memphis and Shelby County Room of the library, and during this entertaining discussion, guest and host talk about the archival process, the archives’ recent Memphis Mysteries, the 100th anniversary of the Women’s Suffrage Movement and 19th Amendment, and a particularly thrilling Elvis discovery in their Indiana-Jones-like archeological work curating the Mid-South Coliseum Collection.
September 11, 2020
SB 30 Episode 56: The fate of the Highland Heights United Methodist Church
“Private wealth and public poverty . . . the notion is that while in America we’ve accumulated vast wealth in the private and corporate sector, that when we look at the public sector, in terms of public facilities it’s a status of real impoverishment. And that certainly would be the case with the loss of a facility like this . . . The church was everything. Like so many of us growing up in the South, the church is your second home. I lived on Summer Avenue growing up, and that was home. I grew up there, I was in scouts there, I got married there, my first child baptized there. That was home to me.” That’s long-time neighborhood resident Fred Morton, talking to Dane Forlines of The Heights CDC and StoryBoard 30 host Mark Fleischer about the beauty and importance of the Highland Heights United Methodist Church.
August 21, 2020
SB 30 Episode 55: Storytelling as healing with Elaine Blanchard
“Somehow my performing created this safe place where they could talk and share their stories. . . and the conversations that came from that. . . it was really something. People were moved, not just by what I shared, but they were moved deeply by what each other shared, Black and White, about what it was like to grow up in Memphis, Black and White, and to know about racism and deal with that.” That’s Elaine Blanchard, writer, actor, and storyteller, talking to host Mark Fleischer about an evening at Theatre Memphis years ago, when she realized the power of storytelling to bring about real healing, prompting her to begin her work helping those in the prison system through their shared stories.  Related: Elaine Blanchard on developing Prison Stories. And Prison Stories’ monologues for healing. To contact Elaine Blanchard visit her website. Books mentioned during this episode: Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication; Margaret Wheatley’s Turning to One Another; Maya Angelou’s I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings; The Diary of Anne Frank; Robin Karr-Morse Ghosts from the Nursery.
August 13, 2020
SB 30 Episode 54: The future, and presence, of cities with urbanist Carol Coletta
“Livability has never been more important . . . at the very moment when city revenues are in decline and city leaders are challenged by managing through a pandemic and big shifts in the economy, I think you’re still going to have to look ahead and be bold and not be afraid of asserting changes amidst this chaos. There’s the tendency when you’re fearful, you hunker down, you cover up, you go to your comfort food . . . but the challenge and the opportunity, and I think very much the imperative, is that we think boldly about how to shift life for what is coming.” That’s Carol Coletta, urban expert and President and CEO of the Memphis River Parks Partnership, talking to host Mark Fleischer about the near and distant futures of cities in a post-pandemic world. Join host and Ms. Coletta for this deep dive into city life and the life of places.
August 07, 2020
SB 30 Episode 53: An On-Coming Tidal Wave and Tools to Stop It
“Today we are going to be talking about housing, and what is really a set of crises as a result of the pandemic and economic shutdowns. As many of us in Memphis and around the country are in isolation, workers are working from home, parents are teaching from home. But there’s another part of our community, the traditionally disinvested part of our community, the thousands who are dealing with ongoing issues of neighborhood blight and poor living conditions, and an oncoming crisis in a way of mass evictions.” That’s host Mark Fleischer, in his introduction to this special episode of StoryBoard 30, discussing the oncoming tidal wave of evictions that may sweep the country and many neighborhoods in Memphis. Mark is joined on this episode by co-host Emily Trenholm of High Ground News, and they welcome NPI program manager Imani Jasper and neighborhood and housing consultant Austin Harrison.
July 31, 2020
SB 30 Episode 52: Developments & new construction during the pandemic with ArchInc’s Chooch Pickard
“The first obvious one that will be affected for quite some time is office space. Employers and employees are realizing a lot of work can be done from home – that was a bit of an eye-opener for me. When I realized how easy it was to work from home it was a bit scary – I think it’ll interesting to see how many businesses come back. I don’t think they’ll come back at a 100% working from the office.” That’s architect Chooch Pickard of ArchInc., talking to host Mark Fleischer about the possible construction design and development changes that will likely happen as a result of the pandemic shutdown and the percentages of workers and their employers realizing the possible benefits of working from home. From StoryBoard and WYPL, join us for this discussion about how the pandemic is affecting construction citywide.
July 10, 2020
SB 30 Episode 51: Memphis love, and secrets, with Holly Whitfield
“Oh, yes. This is everybody’s favorite question. And also, my favorite question to ask people as well. . . Mainly it is because the inspiration that I get from talking to other Memphians propels me every single day. Everybody has a moment where they feel bogged down in their work or their day-to-day or they’re feeling rightfully overwhelmed by everything that’s going on – if I can connect with another Memphian about something in Memphis that they’re passionate about or if I can connect with a story about Memphis, there’s something special about this city. And it just gives me an energy and an appreciation or, at times, it’s humbling. It makes me a better person.” That’s Holly Whitfield, editor of the I Love Memphis blog and author of the new book Secret Memphis, a Guide to the Weird, Wonderful and Obscure, talking to host Mark Fleischer about why she loves Memphis. Join us for this refreshing episode of StoryBoard 30 to hear about Holly’s inspiration for writing Secret Memphis and some of those Memphis gems hidden in plain sight.
June 18, 2020
SB 30 Episode 50: A park for all Memphians with Overton Park Conservancy’s Tina Sullivan
“It becomes an equity issue. We can’t forget that for a very long time there was a large segment of the population that was excluded from enjoying Overton Park. Whatever we do with the master plan… we have to be sure we’re including everyone. We need to make sure that we are welcoming, that we are undoing those years when people felt excluded. And some of that feeling of exclusion lingers in our culture today, where people don’t necessarily feel like this is their park… We absolutely must hold in front of us this belief that all of it points towards being welcoming and inclusive and providing free and open access to every Memphian. That is as important an any of the physical spaces or physical changes that we make to the park.” That’s Tina Sullivan, Executive Director of the Overton Park Conservancy, talking with host Mark Fleischer about some of the upgrades being considered as part of the park’s new master plan, which has had its share of delays due to past parking issues and the events of 2020. Recorded May 27, 2020, just before the Black Lives Matter marches, it’s an interview Overton Park lovers won’t want to miss.
June 05, 2020
SB 30 Episode 49: The gift of Memphis music with Music Hub’s Jayne Ellen White
“. . . to the people who make a living playing music, it was shocking in a way that was different than for you and me. They were trying to figure out how to pay rent. If you wake up every day and you say, ‘I’m a musician and I play live music every day,’ and then someone says, ‘that actually doesn’t exist anymore, that’s not even a thing’ . . . that does something not only to your paycheck, but also to your sense of identity.” That’s Jayne Ellen White, Music Specialist for Memphis Tourism’s Music Hub, talking to host Mark Fleischer about how the pandemic shutdown had an immediate effect on the livelihoods and psyches of local musicians. Jayne also talks about her career promoting Memphis music and her experiences at Tourism, Stax Records, and Sun Studios. This is a listen that will appeal to both musicians and fans of Memphis music. Join us.
May 28, 2020
SB 30 Episode 47: Public relations in a new nonprofit landscape, with Marvin Stockwell
“That’s what some nonprofits are facing . . . if your mission and work doesn’t line up with direct service it’s a more challenging fundraising environment. How do we do publicity in this context? We’re in the middle of a paradigm shift. Nonprofits have to think, ‘How is our message relevant in this new context?'” That’s Marvin Stockwell, director of media relations for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, talking to host Mark Fleischer about how nonprofits have had to adjust their messaging – and perhaps their missions – to a constantly-shifting landscape due to the COVID pandemic. It’s a fascinating and important discussion, and different perspective on the current and future environment in the nonprofit world.
May 12, 2020
SB 30 Episode 48: Final Commencement, Lasting Legacy and Loss of Memphis College of Art
“The presence of the Memphis College of Art just permeates the Memphis community now. And if you think of the concept of impermanence, that nothing can last forever, I’ve thought a lot about that. But it feels disingenuous to say that anything other than. . . this is a very tragic loss for the community.” That’s MCA President Laura Hine, speaking to StoryBoard 30 host Mark Fleischer and her colleagues Marilyn Koester and Olivia Wall, about the importance of acknowledging the loss due to the closing of Memphis College of Art. “We always try to end on this positive note,” she said, “but I think it’s a loss that will not only be felt now, but will be felt forever, really. It’s a permanent loss, and I do think the visual arts and arts community is going to be much less rich after we’re gone.” Join host Mark Fleischer for this very special 40-minute edition of StoryBoard 30, recording May 7th, just 48 hours before the final MCA Commencement ceremony, which was held virtually for the first, and only time Saturday May 9, 2020. This is a Must-Listen. Please join us.
May 08, 2020
SB 30 Episode 46: Discussing the upcoming NPI Summit with Imani Jasper
“…Those places of strength, of meaning to a community – it’s how we approach picking a venue for the summit. It’s a space related to the work we do in fighting property blight and a space that’s meaningful for the community.” That’s Imani Jasper, program manager for Neighborhood Preservation, Inc., and the coordinator of this year’s NPI Summit, talking about how the NPI team selects venues that reflect the hard work of NPI in addressing blight. This year’s venue is Northside High School (read our February story), though the public tour of the school and venue has been postponed due the pandemic shutdown. But the workshops, next Friday May 2020, are still being held as scheduled, virtually through Zoom conferencing. Join host Mark Fleischer as he sits down with Imani Jasper for a preview of this year’s summit workshops.
April 22, 2020
SB 30, Episode 45: Community News in Crisis, a discussion with four leaders in community, non-profit, and independent news
“If feels like a crisis,” said the Flyer’s Anna Traverse Fogle. “We can’t do the kinds of community engagement we normally do,” said High Ground‘s Emily Trenholm. “It’s difficult building relationships with people when you can’t see them in person,” said MLK50‘s Wendi C. Thomas. “We’ve been looking to our Chalkbeat family for strategies on how to reach people who are at home,” said Chalkbeat Tennessee‘s Caroline Bauman. These were just some of the thoughts expressed during StoryBoard’s first-ever panel discussion on Community News, an industry that was already struggling before the pandemic shutdown. Today, like so many other businesses and industries, it is in crisis. Join host Mark Fleischer as he and these four local industry leaders discuss the perils of today’s community, non-profit and independent news, as well as explore solutions to engaging with and reaching those disinvested communities in need of important news and information. Part 1 of 3.
April 21, 2020
SB 30 Episode 44: Discussing the economic impact of COVID-19 on the arts with Playhouse’s Michael Detroit
“It had an immediate impact on us – we had three shows up and running. We’re a resident professional theater company, so everybody gets paid, and these were folks who were suddenly going to be out of work. Now, we promised everybody that we were going to fulfill payment on all of their contracts, and we’ve done so. So, there aren’t going to be any layoffs. But we’re a not-for-profit entity, and with all these expenses – we averaged out what our earned income would have been with an eight-week shutdown – we came to almost $180,000 of income loss over these eight weeks. It’s a pretty hefty hit for us. But we know there are other not-for-profit organizations out there getting hit a lot worse than us. We want to make sure folks know the hardship that we are all going through, across all our sectors, in the arts.” That’s Playhouse’s Executive Producer Michael Detroit, talking to host Mark Fleischer this past Tuesday, March 24, 2022, about the severe economic impact of the coronavirus stoppage on Playhouse on the Square and all other arts organizations in Memphis. Listen in to this special edition of StoryBoard 30, recorded in Zoom.
March 27, 2020
SB30 Episode 43: Memphis’s future in arts & education with MCA President Laura Hine
“The grief really never leaves. You tend to put it in its proper place and carry on with the work you have to do to close the school and honor the commitment to the students. But the undercurrent of grief is always there. Certain events really stoke it up some more, like our recent art sale, going through our collection of art, and seeing the vast history of pieces from the ’30s and ’40s and ’50s, every decade, reminded us of our history but also the vacuum that’s going to exist when we close our doors.” That’s Laura Hine, President of Memphis College of Art, talking about the raw emotions that echo around Rust Hall in the final months of this important Memphis institution. Join StoryBoard 30 host Mark Fleischer for this candid conversation with Laura Hine as she talks about the legacy of MCA, the heartbreaking decisions that led to its closing, and the struggles that many institutions of higher education face nationwide.
March 12, 2020
SB 30 Episode 42: Building a better Zoo with new Memphis Zoo CEO Jim Dean
“Before I ever got here, I thought a parking garage would be a great solution. And I know a lot of people in town have thought the same thing. We want to be very careful about what we do in Overton Park and with the Zoo, but there’s new technology, things become more affordable in terms of what can constructed – a lot of people are working on these solutions, Mayor Strickland’s team is working hard – and we’re hoping to get that garage built… without paving any of the Greensward.” That’s Jim Dean, almost a year into his job as CEO of the Memphis Zoo, talking to host Mark Fleischer about new solutions at work to resolve zoo parking issues that have been a source of friction for almost five years. The Memphis Zoo and its leadership team is one of the recipients of this year’s Mojo of Midtown Awards, for taking the zoo in a new direction that is “bringing back the roar back to a Midtown landmark.” It is the largest and oldest institution in Overton Park, and with their new direction – which includes “hitting the pause button” on parking plans that would have paved 2 1/2 acres of the Greensward – supports the overall health and welfare of Overton Park as a whole. Join host Mark Fleischer for this candid conversation with Jim Dean as he talks about Midtown and his return to Memphis after a 40-year absence, and about the future of the Memphis Zoo under his leadership.
March 01, 2020
SB 30 Episode 41: Empowering Communities with Mojo of Midtown 2020 Recipient Emily Trenholm
“I was 40 years old. I wasn’t the world’s oldest intern, I was the intern that never left.” That’s Emily Trenholm, one of 2020's Mojo of Midtown Award recipients, talking about her start with the Community Development Council back in 2000, when the organization was just forming. “Community development corporations (CDCs) are nonprofits that are engines of neighborhood revitalization,” said Emily. “They work on affordable housing development, job programs and workforce development and commercial revitalization, all focused on the physical and economic improvement of a particular geography, or neighborhood. Here in Memphis you’ll seen them in Orange Mound, Klondike-Smokey City, Frayser, Whitehaven. In the ’90s a lot of them got together informally to talk about shared concerns, and then in 1999 they decided to form a local association to more formally and more intentionally advocate on behalf of their shared interests organizationally and from a policy perspective.” Join host Mark Fleischer as he talks to Emily Trenholm about receiving her Mojo award, about the evolution of Memphis CDCs over the last 20 years, and about her role in bringing neighborhood and community news to readers through High Ground News.
February 19, 2020
SB 30 Episode 40: The Future of the Mid-South Coliseum with Marvin Stockwell and Chooch Pickard of the Coliseum Coalition
Is 2020 the year when we will see an indoor event in the Mid-South Coliseum? The Coliseum has been empty since 2006, when “Memphis was at low civic ebb in enthusiasm,” as Marvin Stockwell said. The FedEx Forum and the Pyramid were open and in use, and the Mid-South Coliseum was seen as obsolete. However, since 2015, various groups of passionate individuals, including StoryBoard 30 guests Marvin Stockwell and Chooch Pickard of the Coliseum Coalition, have been hard at work connecting community members, city officials, and other nonprofits, joining forces to bring the Coliseum back to life. Join host Mark Fleischer as he sits down with Marvin and Chooch to discuss where the efforts to revitalize this historic structure are now, and what to expect in 2020.
February 12, 2020
SB 30 Episode 39: Helping Homeless Children Get Through School, Gracefully, with Sheleah Harris
“We see homeless adults all the time. They are very visible. But when you think about children, they’re in the classroom all day. The numbers of homeless kids are staggering, up to 1300-1400 in Shelby County. It’s traumatic for these kids. As a teacher, you have to ‘teach’ to that level of trauma – forget math, forget reading, you have to teach to the trauma first.” That’s Sheleah Harris, founder of Living Grace, the organization dedicated to assisting homeless children and families through the difficulties faced with being displaced while also trying to get through school. (If you know of any children or families that need help, please visit the Living Grace website here at LivingGraceMemphis.Org) Join host Mark Fleischer as he talks to Ms. Harris about the challenges and various programs available in helping kids and families through these difficult circumstances.
February 06, 2020
SB 30 Episode 38: Discussing Experiences of War & Combat with Veteran George Larrimore
“There are about 27,000 veterans in the Mid-South. And we’re reaching people finally, but truthfully, the hardest part is finding veterans who want to talk. Even after World War I, soldiers came home and didn’t talk about what they saw. Soldiers, marines, sailors… it’s something that happened to them and something that no one else can understand. But if someone can reach out to me, then I’ll call them on the phone.” That’s Vietnam War veteran George Larrimore, talking to host Mark Fleischer about inviting veterans in to talk on his WYPL Channel 18 show “Vietnam360.” Listen in to this special episode of StoryBoard 30 show from WYPL and be sure that the veterans in your family listens in as well.
January 06, 2020
SB 30 Episode 37: Talking Healthy, Walkable Places with Dane Forlines of The Heights CDC
“The Heights has about ten percent of Memphis’s vacant and blighted structures. Addressing this was identified as a priority, but what was realized was that addressing one housing project at a time probably was not going to affect the kind of community development that the neighborhood wanted to see." “‘We rise by lifting others‘ is our motto… So we took our cues from cities that had been successful in revitalizing challenging areas like this one. And what their finding was that investment in walkable places and neighborhood centers, with a wide variety of uses – that these places are achieving the types of return that cities really need to see, that create a better quality of life for people living there. There’s high economic return on investment because of social return, dollars following where people want to be, in places created for people. When we talk about ‘return’ we’re also talking about people returning and businesses returning to these places.” That’s Dane Forlines, director of special projects for The Heights CDC, talking to host Mark Fleischer about the real social and economic impact of reinvesting in walkable urban neighborhoods to bring struggling Memphis neighborhoods like The Heights back to life. Listen in this episode of StoryBoard 30, from FM 89.3 WYPL, as the two discuss the efforts of The Heights and other neighborhoods like it that are focused on bringing a higher quality of life back to long disinvested communities.
January 04, 2020
SB 30 Episode 36: Comprehensive City Planning & Memphis 3.0 with John Zeanah
“What we found was that market forces tended to favor growth within the geographic center of the city, from downtown to the eastern edge of the city along the Poplar corridor… and it left out a lot of areas of the city that otherwise would not see much activity. This was dissatisfying for everyone, and though we’re excited about growth, we want it to extend to all areas of the city, including Frayser and Raleigh and Hickory Hill. Memphis 3.0 helps us to provide answers as to how to make this happen.” That’s John Zeanah, Director of Memphis and Shelby County Division of Planning & Development, talking about why all Memphians should care about the comprehensive city plan called Memphis 3.0. Listen as host Mark Fleischer talks with Mr. Zeanah about long-term city planning and how the Division of Planning & Development uses 3.0 guidelines to encourage more equitable developments in this time of unprecedented Memphis growth.
December 16, 2019
SB 30 Episode 35: Talking Memphis Music, and Water with Bruce Newman
'“Over the years, we’ve taken artists who may know each other, may have played with each other 20-30 years ago, and it’s sort of a reunion. I remember being backstage last year when Dave Bromberg and Tom Chapin – at one point they were both in the New York music scene – and they were saying ‘ya remember when we played the Village Gate?’ Or to see Richie Havens hugging Odetta … just so many stories. We try to do it in the form of a song-swap; put them all up on stage together and they go round robin and do two songs each, and at the end of the show they usually do one big ‘Goodnight Irene’ thing or ‘This Land Is Your Land.’ It’s just great.” That’s Bruce Newman, Memphis tax and entertainment lawyer extraordinaire, talking about 25 years of the annual benefit concerts known as Acoustic Sunday Live. For the second year in a row, 2019's concert will benefit Protect Our Aquifer, the nonprofit group started by Ward Archer dedicated to public oversight of our precious Memphis water.
November 26, 2019
SB 30 Episode 34: 50 Years of Persistence & Passion at Playhouse on the Square with Executive Producer Michael Detroit
“We all want this place to be a better place. And we have something we can bring some instruction to, guidance to, some exposure to … And how we participate in our community is very important to us. As Playhouse does well the ballet does well, as the ballet does well the opera does well. It pervades throughout. We’re very proud of the fact that we have such a wonderful core group of artists in our city.” That’s Playhouse on the Square Executive Producer Michael Detroit, talking to host Mark Fleischer about how Playhouse’s 50 years of place in the city helps lift up all of the arts groups with a culture of community and artistry that’s inherently “in the water” in Memphis. 
November 16, 2019
SB 30 Episode 33: Telling Your Story On Stage. Talking Spillit Memphis with Josh Campbell
“We (originally) called it Memphis Spillit Center Stage, and we curated the stories. We had people invited to come up and tell their stories, and they had ten minutes to tell their story. Sometimes you have to have an audience to understand what ‘your’ story is – it’s not a monologue, it’s a dialog where only one person is speaking, and one has to relate. Everyone has a shared moment, but it’s really about connecting.” That’s Josh Campbell, Executive Director of Spillit Memphis, the program where an individual gets on stage and tells their story to an audience of dozens. Host Mark Fleischer sat down with Josh and talked about the process of bringing these moving and sometimes emotional, or cathartic, or funny, shared experiences to the stage, and about the final Spillit Grand Slam of 2019, at Crosstown Arts.
November 13, 2019
SB 30 Episode 32: The Art of Storytelling, with Author, Historian & Filmmaker Willy Bearden
“They say a person dies twice. The first when you leave this mortal plain, but the second time when the very last person who knew your story dies. What we try to do (as historians and storytellers) is to keep peoples’ stories alive. It’s up to us to pass them along. You know, not everybody is going to sit down and read a 400-page book, but give them a good story, pass it on, and then the story becomes theirs. And then they pass it along.” That’s Willy Bearden, talking to host Mark Fleischer about the power of storytelling and our duty to keep the stories alive that remind us that we are human. “It’s our sacred trust,” he said. Join host and guest for this special conversation.
November 04, 2019
SB 30 Episode 31: Exploring Indie Memphis with Executive Director Ryan Watt
“On a whim I helped some friends produce a movie, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, that led to me co-founding a production company. We produced six feature films – and that’s what led to me seeking out Indie Memphis, volunteering, eventually joining the board, and I got hooked. This was my favorite event. . . I feel so lucky to be director, because this was literally my most favorite thing in Memphis.” That’s Indie Memphis Executive Director Ryan Watt, talking his time about ten years ago when he first started getting involved with the festival that the Memphis Business Journal described as an annual blockbuster. Join host Mark Fleischer as he talks with Ryan Watt about his history with this spectacular festival and previews 2019's Indie Memphis Film Festival. 
October 20, 2019
SB 30 Episode 30: Talking Midtown, Mary Burns’s Legacy, & One Year of StoryBoard with Eva Guggenheim
“She made me feel like I was the most special person in world. She was golden, with an ephemeral, unassuming charm. She was also direct and uncompromising. I recall complaining at the coffee stand about something trivial having to do with my appearance… and Mary immediately shot back with ‘Now you must say something nice about yourself.’ She insisted absolutely that I say at least one positive thing about myself. It’s as though she didn’t want anyone speaking ill of her new friend. She wanted the air of negativity immediately dispelled in her ‘space’ there at Java Cabana.” That’s Scrumbles creator Eva Guggenheim, talking about Midtown’s Mary Burns, who passed away October 4, 2019. Host Mark Fleischer sat down with Eva and talked about the legacy of Mary Burns, who owned Cooper-Young’s Java Cabana. During the show, host and guest also discuss the uniqueness of Midtown, the P&H and Wanda Wilson, and about the origins of Eva’s Scrumbles word puzzles.
October 14, 2019
SB 30 Episode 29: Local Journalism with Daily Memphian Publisher & CEO Eric Barnes
Host Mark Fleischer sat down with Eric Barnes, Publisher & CEO of The Daily Memphian, on the occasion of the digital newspaper’s first anniversary, to talk about the genesis of what is already one of the largest locally focused digital papers in the country. “We found this mix of veterans and twenty-somethings out of journalism school,” said Eric, “who can (quickly turn around a story) and also have a different perspective, and everyone brings their own perspective to a story.”
October 08, 2019
SB 30 Episode 27: Talking Memphis Magazine & The Flyer with Anna Traverse, CEO of Contemporary Media
Host Mark Fleischer sat down with Anna Traverse, new CEO of Contemporary Media, Inc. to discuss the ever-shifting landscape of today’s print media and local journalism. Already in her short tenure she has had to deal with shifts in media advertising and reading habits, to the scheduled end of free publication distribution by Kroger Inc. in our local Kroger stores, and to a controversial Memphis Magazine cover. During the interview, Anna spoke candidly about the aftermath of September’s controversial cover and how it points to the need for all of us in local media to strive to best reflect the faces and culture that is Memphis.
September 24, 2019
SB 30 Episode 26: Memphis radio legend Henry Nelson and his work at Carpenter Art Garden
Host Mark Fleischer sat down with Memphis radio legend Henry Nelson, to talk about his early days in radio and to hear about his passions for his work as director for the little miracle in Binghampton, the Carpenter Art Garden.
September 13, 2019
SB 30 Episode 25: Talking Memphis College of Art with Cathy Wilson & Olivia Wall
This week show host Mark Fleischer sat down with Cathy Wilson and Olivia Wall of Memphis College of Art to preview its final year as a Memphis institution, to talk about its history and its current and upcoming programs. Cathy is VP of Academic Affairs and Olivia is Coordinator of External Engagement. As Memphis College of Art enters its final year, there is still plenty to look forward to, including the final Holiday Bazaar this fall.
September 05, 2019
SB 30 Episode 24: Sneak Peek of the Central Gardens Home Tour with Jana Larson & Kathy Ferguson
Host Mark Fleischer sat down with Jana Larson, current chairperson for this year’s Home & Garden Tour, and Kathy Ferguson, a Central Gardens past-president and former tour chairperson, to chat about this year’s tour, which takes place on Sunday, September 8, 2019, from 1 to 6PM. It’s a wonderful event, presented annually by the Central Gardens Neighborhood Association. Listen in for this special sneak peek.
August 28, 2019
SB 30 Episode 23: Talking the new school year, and busing, with Chalkbeat’s Caroline Bauman & Kathryn Palmer
Host Mark Fleischer sat down with Chalkbeat TN journalists Caroline Bauman and Kathryn Palmer to discuss expectations for the new school year and Chalkbeat’s mission as a school news resource. And, a look back at some of the long term effects – both positive and not-so-positive – of the controversial legacy of forced school busing. Caroline Bauman is a Reporter and Community Editor, Chalkbeat Tennessee; Kathryn Palmer is a Chalkbeat intern who has published stories since June and has written about forced school busing in Memphis.
August 13, 2019
SB 30 Episode 22: Inside the Revival of the Universal Life Building with Juan Self & Jimmie Tucker
Host Mark Fleischer sat down with Juan Self and Jimmie Tucker, partners at Self + Tucker Architects, to talk about the historic restoration and revival of the landmark Universal Life Building, at the important crossroads of Danny Thomas Blvd and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave.
August 07, 2019
SB 30 Episode 21: Talking Historic Restoration with ArchInc’s Valentina Cochran & Chooch Pickard
We sat down with Valentina Cochran and Chooch Pickard of ArchInc.* for a lively discussion on historic preservation, restoration and reuse, and about new construction that restores and honors a healthy, vibrant streetscape. *ArchInc. has been a StoryBoard sponsor since our inception.
July 31, 2019
SB 30 Episode 20: The Memphis Entrepreneurial Movement with Epicenter’s Leslie Smith
Ee sat down with Leslie Smith, the President and CEO of Epicenter Memphis, the entrepreneurial hub of Memphis. We talked about the recent evolution of the city’s entrepreneurial movement, having “patience for possibilities,” and how her experiences in Detroit helped her bring a new spirit of innovation and entrepreneurial support during this exciting time in Memphis.
July 23, 2019
SB 30 Episode 19: Discussing Eating Disorders & Trauma with Dr. Teri McCann & Donya Ahmadian
In this week’s episode, we sat down with Dr. Teri McCann, founder of the Fairhaven Treatment Center, and one of her all-around dynamic associates, Donya Ahmadian, to discuss the sensitive issues of eating disorders and trauma. For additional information on the subject, please find the Fairhaven Treatment Center at their website,
July 08, 2019
SB 30 Episode 18: Talking the Memphis 3.0 Plan with Roshun Austin & John Zeanah
We sat down with John Zeanah, Director of the Memphis & Shelby County Division of Planning and Development, and Roshun Austin, President & CEO of The Works, Inc., and discussed the ground-up intentions of the Memphis 3.0 Comprehensive Plan, the first city plan Memphis has initiated in almost 40 years. To read more about the plan and the current schedule, visit the Memphis 3.0 website at
July 08, 2019
SB30 Episode 17: The 2019-2020 Season at the Halloran with Ron Jewell and Mark Edgar Stuart
Host Mark Fleischer sat down with Ron Jewell, Halloran Centre VP of Operations, and Mark Edgar Stuart, Memphis musician and singer-songwriter, to discuss the exciting upcoming season at The Orpheum’s Halloran Centre for Performing Arts and Education. Oh, and you won’t want to miss this: during the show, Mr. Jewell brought out a special guest, known in these parts by the moniker Mark Twain.
June 28, 2019
SB 30 Episode 16: Craft Jewelry to Global Success – Talking Kendra Scott with Garner Keppen and Kaitlyn White
“Kendra started in 2002, with $500 in the spare bedroom of her house, and was able to grow it into a billion-dollar fashion brand.” We sat down with Kaitlyn White and Garner Keppen of Kendra Scott, the craft jewelry and fashion brand that is now adored globally. Known for its generous philanthropy almost as much as its fashion, the company started small. It’s an inspiration to anyone hoping to achieve success through their creative passions.
June 22, 2019
SB 30 Episode 15: Talking Pink Palace Restoration with Curators Caroline Carrico & Steve Masler
We gave listeners a behind-the-scenes Pink Palace tour with museum curators Caroline Carrico and Steve Masler, as they reminisced over their efforts in the 4-year+ mansion renovations and talked about the current slate of Pink Palace exhibits.
June 13, 2019
SB 30 Episode 14: Talking Memphis Film Prize with David Merrill
“Why isn’t there a Film Prize in Memphis?” David Merrill was asked four years ago after a visit to local film competition in, of all places, Shreveport, Louisiana. What was born out of the experience was Memphis Film Prize. This year’s is the 4th, and we talked about the festival/competition and other things Memphis film for this week’s episode. 
June 05, 2019
SB 30 Episode 13: Journalism & CA Memories with David Waters
“What’s going to fill the (daily print newspaper) gap? I think what we’re seeing happening in Memphis is actually very encouraging, seeing entrepreneurial, startup local journalism efforts going on. . .” We sat down with revered columnist and former Commercial Appeal Viewpoint Editor David Waters for a little bit of reminiscing about 495 Union Ave., for a discussion about journalism’s survival in today’s world and about his important new efforts with the University of Memphis – The Institute for Public Service Reporting.
May 29, 2019
SB 30 Episode 12: Discussing “Newman to Now” with Emily Cohen & Gary Walpole
We’ve all seen them. In the back dining room of the Arcade Restaurant, behind a bookshelf at Burkes Books, and in coffee shops, lobbies and offices all over town. They are the Don Newman’s now-iconic photos of 1940s, ’50s and ’60s Memphis. For this week’s show, we sat down with the two leaders of the Newman to Now project, project director Emily Cohen and photographer Gary Walpole. Their project presents the photos in their historical context as well as against the same exact locations today. For links to images mentioned in this podcast, enjoy the Memphis Heritage Don Newman gallery at
May 21, 2019
SB 30 Episode 11: Documenting Blight with Benjamin Rednour and Jordan Danelz
SB 30 Episode 11: Documenting Blight – Benjamin Rednour and Jordan Danelz of Pigeon Roost productions We sat down with the men behind the 9-part documentary series “In The Absence.” We talked about their perspectives on getting this important series produced and their personal takes on city blight and the lives it effects. Their important series looks at the long-term effects of disinvestment in many of our core neighborhoods and what Memphis is doing about it.
May 15, 2019
SB 30 Episode 10: From Hate to Compassion - TM Garret of the Simon Wiesenthal Center
TM Garret - promoter, speaker, activist - speaks about compassion wherever he goes. He should know, because as a former Neo-Nazi it was a compassionate encounter with a man of a different faith and color than he who years ago helped Mr. Garret out of a life of fear and hate. Join us for our first full-length podcast, thanks to the folks at WYPL, for an intimate conversation and this remarkable, inspiring turnaround.
May 09, 2019
SB 30 Episode 9: Print Journalism Today with Chris Davis of the Memphis Flyer
We sat down with journalist Chris Davis of the Memphis Flyer and took an in-depth look at the current landscape of the print newspaper and how we got here, based in part on Chris’ great reporting for his Flyer series Justice in Journalism, and his March 14, 2019 story “Going to Pieces.”
April 29, 2019
SB 30 Episode 8: Inspiring Designs, and Community, with Robbie Johnson Weinberg of Eclectic Eye
We sat down with the co-owner of the eclectic Midtown fixture of eyewear, artwork, and community at 242 S. Cooper St. that sits at the end of Peabody, in between Overton Square and Cooper-Young.
April 23, 2019
SB 30 Episode 7: Legal Tools in Addressing Blight with Steve Barlow & Danny Schaffzin
We sat down with NPI President Steve Barlow and University of Memphis School of Law associate law professor Danny Schaffzin and discuss the various legal barriers – and new, effective legal tools – in dealing with issues of city blight. For more information please visit
April 15, 2019
SB 30 Episode 6: Pat Halloran, former Orpheum CEO and creator of Positively Memphis
For this how, Mark Fleischer sat down with Pat Halloran, the esteemed former President and CEO of the Orpheum Theatre, and discussed his early days in Memphis and at the Orpheum, his new venture Positively Memphis, and on being “one of the luckiest men on earth.”
April 10, 2019
SB 30 Episode 5: Finding Success as a Black Male with Lakethen Mason
“…these kids are in the worst of circumstances in their neighborhoods … and owning your personal brand is about making sure that you own your life mirror and the love that you feel and not be distracted by the self-hate or the doubts of others, because that is the only way that you make it through this turbulent environment.” When Lakethen Mason and Mark Fleischer sat down for our talk on WYPL FM 89.3, he had recently wrapped up his Maximizing Manhood Symposium at the Halloran Center, in which 37 panelists shared their journeys to success as Black men in Memphis. He shared his thoughts on the Symposium, and more, in our talk this week.
April 03, 2019
SB 30 Episode 4: An Inspiring Restoration, with Clayborn Temple Executive Director Anasa Troutman
When Anasa Troutman walked into the historic Clayborn Temple, “I could literally hear the building talking to me,” she said. “I knew I was meant to do something in that space.” Listen to this episode of StoryBoard 30 and our interview with Ms. Troutman, Executive Director of the Clayborn, and hear how she came to Memphis to help continue the building’s historic resurgence. You will be inspired.
March 26, 2019
SB 30 Episode 3: Addressing Blight with Steve Barlow and Janet Boscarino
Neighborhood Preservation Inc. president Steve Barlow and Clean Memphis co-founder Janet Boscarino discuss neighborhood blight and what we can do about it, and a new city-wide initiative called “Memphis Transformed.” NPI and Clean Memphis are the leading groups addressing our city’s issues of blight, in its many forms: empty houses; houses in disrepair; properties overrun with weeds; rental properties that are virtually unlivable. The work of this group and its partners is not only one of the most important issues we face as a city, but it’s also perhaps the dirtiest. And this group handles the dirty work – from getting into literal weeds, to getting into the legal weeds of turning blighted properties into something the city can be proud of. Anyone who has ever said ‘They’ ought to do something about that house, or ‘They’ ought to do something with that empty store front, or “someone” should clean up that empty lot, can relate to the work these two organizations perform.
March 17, 2019
SB 30 Episode 2: Jimmy Ogle, Part II
In the second part of our inaugural show , living Memphis legend Jimmy Ogle talks about baseball, his days around the old fair grounds, and the good karma he carries around his wallet. Brought to you by FM 89.3 WYPL and the Memphis Public Libraries.
March 12, 2019
SB 30 Episode 1: Jimmy Ogle, Part I
For our inaugural show, we were blessed to have none other than living Memphis legend Jimmy Ogle – Memphian, former Shelby County Historian and on-call…
March 07, 2019