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By TOMtech | The Old Market
How do artists incorporate emerging technologies into their tool kits? As xR mediums (such as virtual, augmented and mixed reality) offer new ways to imbibe our stories, StoryHackXR is a platform for sharing how those at the leading edge are forming the cultural offer of tomorrow.

StoryHackXR is brought to you by LoFi Arts and TOMtech, the arts and tech strand from The Old Market, Brighton. Got an interesting story to share or an idea to spread? Get in touch and join us on the podcast.

Episodes drop fortnightly on Thursdays. Ish.

#StoryhackXR | @TOMtech_ | @lofiArts |
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#1.5: Helen Jewell (The Old Market, Brighton) on taking a risk by programming immersive tech


#2.1: Digital media artist and storyteller Thomas Buckley
After a three year interruption, #TOMtech's acclaimed StoryHackXR podcast returns for a second season, to explore the common ground where theatre and storytelling meet immersive technology such as virtual and augmented realities. The first episode of series two features a conversation with artist and storyteller Thomas Buckley, who uses innovative experiential storytelling to develop and enhance human connection. Hosts: Helen Jewell & CJ Thorpe-Tracey Produced by: CJ Thorpe-Tracey / Lo Fi Arts Original music by: mærcstapa Find out more at
August 03, 2022
#1.7: FanSHEN on manipulating justice and the eternal search for love
Recovering theatre company fanSHEN let us into their rehearsal room to talk about two projects - The Justice Syndicate (interactive jury based game) and Looking for Love (an AI powered story played out on a dating app).   FanSHEN are Dan Barnard, Rachel Briscoe (@fanshenxtheatre) and computational artist, Joe McAllister (@portablestorm).  
February 15, 2019
#1.6: Myra Appannah (Somnai) & Sarah Ticho (Hatsumi VR)
Welcome to #6. James interviews Myra Appannah, writer of large-scale London immersive piece Somnai, to discuss writing narrative and developing characters for immersive theatre. Away from art-making, Chris talks to Hatsumi VR's Sarah Ticho about innovative XR applications in the field of mental health diagnosis.
November 30, 2018
#1.5: Helen Jewell (The Old Market, Brighton) on taking a risk by programming immersive tech
Welcome to #5. Chris interviews Helen Jewell, curator of the programme at our very own The Old Market to unpick why arts venues should be exploring immersive tech as a new strand of programming. Find out more about the venue at Join the discussion on socials - #storyhackxr @Tomtech_
November 01, 2018
#1.4: Aoi & Esteban (AΦE) talk the language of dance & technology
This week Chris spent sometime in a dressing room at Sadler's Wells with Esteban and Aoi. We hosted the impressive WHIST back in 2017 and got a sneak peek of 0AR during our 2018 #vrLAB. Find out more about thier work at
October 19, 2018
#1.3 Sam Watts (Make Real) with a view from other side
Sam Watts was named the 12th most influential voice in #VR last year - and for good reason. His extensive career and open attitude to collaboration has positioned him as a leading voice in the sector. Sam is a critical friend to TOMtech, working in partnership to deliver events, training and developing new products together. Sam Watts is Director of Immersive Technologies at Make Real. Make Real are an award-winning Brighton-based studio recognised as UK leaders of immersive content creation. Operating for over a decade across the main strands of training, learning/development and entertainment, Make Real brings simulation and AAA gaming industry veterans together, forming a highly experienced team simplifying complex technologies for everyday users. Follow Sam @VR_Sam @MakeRealUK or find out more about Make Real's work at
October 05, 2018
#1.2: Lucy Hammond (Pilot Theatre) on TRAITOR
How do you transpose live theatre into a digital product? York-based Pilot Theatre share their process and discovery of translating Traitor from site specific show to virtual reality experience. Find out more about the project and track its progress to launch here: You can follow Lucy on Twitter @lucy_Hammo @Pilot_Theatre
September 21, 2018
#1.1: Annette Mees (from the Royal Opera House) on the beach
Brighton is at its best during the summer - join us with the wonderful Annette Mees, head of Audience Labs at the Royal Opera House where we talked about why arts organisations are waking up to the power of immersive tech and how she is approaching that from one of the world's best known Opera Houses. Follow Annette on Twitter: @annettemees
September 04, 2018