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sorry to podcast this

sorry to podcast this

Join Weekly For Cultural Conversations + Social Critique Through An Uplifting Social Justice Lens.

Engineered by Sean De Tore
Produced by Danielle Holland and Robyn Thompson.
Show Art + Original Music by Anna Conner.
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Our Future Depends on Feminist Men (w/ Sonora Jha)

sorry to podcast this

Our Future Depends on Feminist Men (w/ Sonora Jha)

sorry to podcast this

Create Your Own Table (w/ Brione Scott)
This week on STPT, Danielle Holland and Damithia Nieves check in with some grounding rituals, a good deal of head shaking, and ask how far things need to devolve before they evolve. Then, founder of Bri Living: Women on the Rise, Brione Scott (she/her) joins the pod. Bri is the Director of Clean Greens Farm and Market, and hosts the Clean Greens Living show on Rainier Avenue Radio. They hold space to reflect on the violence of last week and the language we use to understand it. From white supremacist structures, to finding your voice and taking a leap of faith, these three have you covered. And as always, stay for #sorrynotsorry.
January 14, 2021
They Will Not Keep Us Divided (w/ Puja Datta)
This week on STPT, Danielle Holland and Maryam Arshad welcome in the new year reflecting on boundaries, the socialization of people pleasing, and the fallacy of grind culture. Then labor organizer and danger to the ruling class, Puja Datta (she/her) returns to the pod. Puja has done extensive political and labor work throughout the country, has organized hundreds of workers as they have won union rights, and is honored to continue the fight for workers in South Dakota. They dive into this invigorating time in the labor movement, examining both the history of the movement, the parallels between work and abusive relationships, and how we build towards liberation at a mass scale. Come because you are a worker, but settle in and stay, because you are so much more than that. And as always, stay for #sorrynotsorry. 
January 7, 2021
We Need To Tell Our Stories (w/ Lynn Johnson)
This week on STPT, Danielle Holland and Maryam Arshad kick off the show discussing the dynamics of reading in the bathtub, World War Zero's Hawkish environmentalism, and the Biden future of mindful fracking. Then, award-winning speaker, entrepreneur, producer, and organizational development consultant, Lynn Johnson (she/hers) joins the conversation. A lifelong theater artist and transformational facilitator, her work lies at the intersection of arts, media, culture, and social change. They dive into the power of telling our stories (over and over and over again), the wisdom found on the margins of dominant culture, and why the shit should come tumbling down. Prep yourself for this magical episode, in the bath or otherwise. And As Always, Stay For #sorrynotsorry.
December 9, 2020
I'm Rooting For The People (w/ Myisha Cherry)
This week on STPT, Danielle Holland and Netsie Tjirongo kick off the show discussing grief, complex relationships with dads, and the centering of white people in climate change related media. Then, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of California, Riverside, and the host of the UnMute Podcast, Myisha Cherry (she/her) joins the conversation. Her research is primarily concerned with the role of emotions and attitudes in public life. Cherry’s latest book, The Case for Rage: On the Role of Anger in Anti-racist Struggle, will be released Fall 2021 by Oxford University Press. Her work on emotions and race has appeared in The Atlantic, Boston Review, Los Angeles Times, Salon, Huffington Post, WomanKind, and New Philosopher.  They dive into anger as a form of resistance, the American art of mythmaking, and how redemption is still possible. Fill up your mug, get settled in, and as always, stay for #sorrynotsorry. - 
December 3, 2020
The Ancestors Are Fucking With You Anyways (w/ Tada Hozumi)
This week on STPT, Danielle Holland and Damithia Nieves kick off the show discussing ethics and accountability in the public life, grey space, and taking time towards the healing of our ancestors. Then Japanese diaspora settler, somatic coach, and dancer based on Unceded Coast Salish Territories, Tada Hozumi (he/they) joins the conversation. At the core of Tada's practice is the understanding that all oppressions, including white supremacy, are energetic ailments of both the individual and cultural body. They believe that individual healing cannot be whole without tending to the cultural, and vice versa, that cultural change cannot be in good faith without tending to all of the bodies that make up the collective. They dive into cult dynamics, the toxicity of secrets, and what the premise of our future is if our ancestors are real. Get cuddled up and join us for a grimey and juicy talk and, as always, stay for #sorrynotsorry. - - -
November 26, 2020
Healing Our People (w/ Carolyn Presnell)
This week on STPT, Danielle Holland, Bianca Blanco-Jimenez and Maryam Arshad kick off the show discussing the pandemic, gender roles and the pyramid of collective pain. Then, Community Navigator for Weld Seattle (serving the formerly incarcerated community before and after release) and Future Director of the 1426 Project, Carolyn Presnell joins Bianca and Danielle in conversation. Carolyn shares her personal story and how it led her to the work she does in communities today. It's "the heart from which the task is done!" Listen in for a beautiful conversation on change, meaning, and being of service. And, as always, stay for #sorrynotsorry. -
November 18, 2020
Struggling is Part of the Journey (w/ Delbert Richardson) 
This week on STPT, Danielle Holland, Netsie Tjirongo, and Angela Rae Amos kick off the show discussing the Biden/Harris win, Mitch McConnell in a cage, and a list of incredible Election Firsts!  Then, Community Scholar, Ethnomuseumologist, and Second Generation Storyteller, of the National Award Winning American History Traveling Museum: The "Unspoken" Truths, Delbert Richardson joins the conversation. Delbert and hosts dive into American History through the Afrocentric lens. And, as always, stay for #sorrynotsorry. - -
November 11, 2020
Talkin' Bout an Election
Talkin' bout an election with STPT Hosts Roundtable!  This week on STPT,  Danielle Holland, Netsie Tjirongo, Mo Nuñez, and Angela Rae Amos share their exhaustion and emotions from the national gaslighting and abuse. They get into the time honored American tradition of voter suppression, the medicine we've all been spooned of white supremacy, and, not to leave y'all down, some of the election highlights towards greater justice within our political systems. Show notes at
November 6, 2020
Race Is Our Achilles Heel (w/ Dr. Fon Gordon)
This week on STPT, Damithia Nieves returns to co-host with Danielle Holland. They get into candy tunnels, the layer cake of 2020, and why every male Karen is a Chad. Then, Professor and Coordinator of Africana Studies,  Dr. Fon Gordon, joins the pod. They dive into the intersection of race, mobility and modernity.  Show notes at
October 29, 2020
Now Is The Time To Create (w/ Anastacia-Renee)
This week on STPT, Daemond Arrindell returns to #STPT to co-host with Danielle Holland. They get into where they are currently finding joy, from coffee rituals to pumpkin patches and we learn that Daemond hates clowns! Then, writer, educator, interdisciplinary artist, TEDx speaker and podcaster, Anastacia-Renee joins the pod. They dive into heartbreak and creation, reaching for the ancestors, and speaking to the Lorde (Audre). Anastacia-Renee shares two new poems with our listeners. -
October 21, 2020
We Can Reclaim (w/ adrienne maree brown)
This week on STPT, Danielle Holland, Netsie Tjirongo, and Maryam Arshad get into grief, anti-fascism and American lies. Then, adrienne maree brown, author of Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good, Emergent Strategy: Shaping Change, Changing Worlds and the co-editor of Octavia’s Brood: Science Fiction from Social Justice Movements, joins the conversation. They dive into ancestral resilience, lineage and (more) grief, and time traveling orgasms to Harriet Tubman. And, as always, stay for #sorrynotsorry. - - 
October 14, 2020
Solidarity Is My Favorite Word
This week on STPT, Danielle Holland is joined in conversation by labor organizer Puja Datta and poet Jenny Molberg. Using Molberg's most recent book of poetry, Refusal, as a guide, they dive into trauma, resilience, and imagining the futures we want . Come for workers rights and guess who is the Marxist, and stay for Justice, Liberation and, of course, Solidarity. Visit for show notes. 
October 7, 2020
The Friendship Rom-Com You Need
This week on STPT, Danielle Holland is joined by Bianca Blanco-Jimenez, Maryam Arshad, and Chloe Doores for some zoom roundtable conversation. They get into active listening, friendship loves and breakups, disenfranchised grief, and who the fuck is Mitch McConnell's mother. And, as always, stay for #sorrynotsorry - Visit for reference/book links. 
September 30, 2020
Blood and Money (w/ David McNally)
Danielle Holland and Matt Wittman get into Florida Governor DeSantis, legal crackdowns on BLM protestors, and ICE's forced hysterectomies. Then, the Cullen Distinguished Professor of History and Business at the University of Houston, an editor of Spectre journal, and author of seven books, including Blood and Money: War, Slavery, Finance and Empire, David McNally joins #STPT in conversation. They explore the history of capitalism and money as rooted in domination and oppression and discover that Isaac Newton was a cop. And, as always, stay for #sorrynotsorry.
September 23, 2020
Reproductive and Social Justice (w/ Rokea Jones)
Danielle Holland and Damithia Nieves get into wildfire smoke, resiliency, and finding equilibrium when the world is burning down. Then, doula, birth educator, and social justice advocate, Rokea Jones, joins STPT in conversation. They get into systemic racism in the medical industry, the history of the granny midwives, and the powerful joy of being present. And, as always, stay for #sorrynotsorry. -
September 16, 2020
Silence Is Complicity (w/ Elizabeth Rosner)
Danielle Holland and Bianca Blanco-Jimenez kick off Season 3 of STPT! They get into the ongoing housing crisis, heatwaves, and finding our little pieces of power in these times. Then, novelist, nonfiction author, essayist and poet, Elizabeth Rosner joins STPT in conversation. They dive into trauma, epigenetics, healing and reparations. And, as always, stay for #sorrynotsorry. - - 
September 9, 2020
You Just Need Courage (w/ Mo Nuñez)
Danielle Holland and Anna Conner welcome Educator, Designer and Leader,  Mo Nuñez, to the final episode of Season 2 #STPT.  Join us as we dive into addressing, talking about, and dismantling toxic masculinity.  From language, to equity, to cancel culture and beyond, we get into it. And, as always, stay for #sorrynotsorry.
July 11, 2020
The Human is A Fallible Creature (w/ Kristen Millares Young)
Danielle Holland and Anna Conner kick off this week discussing covid and the racism and xenophobia in American mask politics.  Then, joining #STPT, is author, journalist and essayist, Kristen Millares Young. From diving into the reckoning with our own complicity and responsibility within the long history of contact in this country, to how fiction can be a lens to understand what it is that we have been through and how we might comport ourselves differently in the future, Kristen engages an inspiring conversation rooted in creativity, collaboration and community. Find Kristen and her writings at 
July 2, 2020
Imagining A Future (w/ Kirsten Harris-Talley)
Joining Danielle Holland and Anna Conner this week on #STPT,  is activist and community educator, Kirsten Harris-Talley. They get into being present in this emerging moment, Octavia Butler, meditation, and the long fight towards a truly free and liberated future for us all. Learn more about Kirsten and her community campaign at and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok at @ElectKHT.
June 24, 2020
A Call To Mamas (w/ Sonora Jha)
This week on #STPT, Jeffrey Trachtman returns to discuss the the Bostock Title VII decision, the coming fight over religious exemptions, and the need for hugs in the time of COVID. Then, author and professor Sonora Jha makes her return to STPT.  They dive into George Floyd's call to mothers, the violence of whiteness, and South Asian anti-Black racism. And as always - #sorrynotsorry 
June 17, 2020
Living a Life Worth Living (w/ Baron Vaughn)
This week on #STPT,  Danielle Holland and Anna Conner attempt to process the developments as protests and social unrest increase in the face of ever escalating police violence.  Then, comedian and actor Baron Vaughn (Creator and Host of The New Negroes, Host of the upcoming Syfy Wire's The Great Debate, Grace and Frankie, Mystery Science Theater 3K) joins the pod. Baron breaks down rioting, weathering, mental health, and on speaking with the authority of your experience.  No #sorrynotsorry this week and we are #sorrynotsorry about that. -
June 3, 2020
Stumbling Towards Grace
This week on #STPT,  Danielle Holland and Anna Conner get into Central Park Karen, the weaponization of white supremacy, and the police murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. STPT makes a call to white listeners to take action towards racial justice. Then, Danielle and Anna get into friendships. The roles, the love, the work, and the breakups over the years. As always, stay for for this week's #sorrynotsorry.  Fuck you Central Park Karen.
May 28, 2020
Straight Outta Quarantine (w/ Katie Capano)
This week on #STPT,  Danielle Holland and Anna Conner make fun of Musk's temper tantrums on twitter and talk about Doctors Without Borders heading into Navajo Nation. Then, frontline healthcare worker Katie Capano joins the pod. Katie shares her experience working an emergency relief Covid unit in Queens, NY, and discusses structural violence, bureaucratic roadblocks, and the thin lines healthcare providers are currently walking.  Katie speaks truth to power - get into it!  As always, stay for for this week's #sorrynotsorry.
May 20, 2020
More Than A Campfire (w/ Bernard Addison + Marc Devine)
This week on #STPT, the team gets into businesses reopening and who has the right to "opt-out", the rising "Fuck the Governor" mentality, and the Ohio government inviting employers to report work refusal to cut people's unemployment benefits. Fun fucking times in America!  Then Los Angeles based actor, educator and voice artist, Bernard Addison, and Theater Professor Marc Devine, join Danielle to discuss the changing face of theater and theater education across the spectrum and what they imagine the theater across the country to look like post-covid. Compassion, empathy, and collaboration - all you need is right here.  As always, stay for for this week's #sorrynotsorry.
May 13, 2020
There is No Back to Normal (w/ Diane Klein)
This week on #STPT, the team recaps the happenings of the past 6 weeks. Anna was a desert vampire, Danielle gave the middle finger to capitalist productivity, and Sean was 10% hornier. But he's essential! The team shares coping mechanisms - you be the judge as to whether they are healthy or not! Then Los Angeles based law professor, Diane Klein joins the pod! Diane and Danielle get into emergency remote education versus online learning, pre-existing trends in higher ed, predictions and hopes for the coming years, and the financial +/ legal issues surrounding Covid era learning. Stay tuned to hear Diane's action item you can do from your place of social isolation! And as always, stay for for this week's #sorrynotsorry. 
May 6, 2020
My My My My Corona
This week on #STPT, Danielle Holland and Sean De Torre are coming at ya straight from an apartment recording on a phone.  What's happening?!  They discuss social distancing and how Danielle "just doesn't want to touch the handle!" Then they get Anna Conner on the horn who has all the appreciation now for parents who are true homeschooler's.  STPT makes an announcement about a "corona pause" in Season 2, so listen in to hear the details on how we are moving forward through this time. Please stay safe, reach out to one another, connect online, get creative, and for god's sake - don't stockpile! We close off with a little #sorrynotsorry. See you soon. 
March 18, 2020
Disrupting the Pipeline (w/ Jessica Hanna)
This week on #STPT, Danielle Holland and Anna Conner get into the news of the week from Warren and her newfound TikTok fame,  the joys of elbow bumps, and code words for anti-semitism. Yay! Who will Danielle call an imperialist hawk this week? Find out!  Then guest, Los Angeles based Director and Producer, Jessica Hanna joins the pod! They get into the Killroys and gender parity in the arts,  marginalized voices of female, trans and non-binary writers and artists, and the importance of lifelong mentorships. They dive into how art creates empathy and Anna reminds us we are never too old!  Then Jessica Hanna stays to join the team for this week's #sorrynotsorry. 
March 11, 2020
The Rich are Filthy; and Other Truths (w/ Sameer Arshad)
Anna Conner is back from va-cay and catches Danielle Holland up on turtle traps, rum punches, and who Magnum PI was.  Then returning guest Sameer Arshad, professional linguist and playwright, is back on STPT! They get into civility politics, intersections of privilege in online and real life discourse, and American political memory. Sameer shares "Every time I hear someone say please be civil, I consider it an admission of guilt" and Danielle is thrilled to learn the phrase "dirty deleting."  And as always this week's #sorrynotsorry.
March 4, 2020
America's Forgotten Communities (w. Quan Huynh)
Daemond Arrindell (Poet, Playwright, Educator, and returning guest) joins Danielle Holland to discuss the current state of Florida's 2018 Amendment 4 to restore voting rights to ex-felons, as well to get into the sub-human living conditions in Mississippi's Parchman Prison.  From modern poll taxes to punitive laws to contemplating restorative justice, it's here.  Then Quan Huynh (Post Release Program Manager for Defy Ventures, a non-profit that helps men and women with criminal histories to create their own companies through entrepreneurship) joins STPT. Quan shares his incredible backstory, his life's awakening and his resultant work w/ the incarcerated, formerly incarcerated and system-impacted people.  Get inspired and get active!  And as always this week's #sorrynotsorry.
February 26, 2020
The Only Antidote is Community Engagement (w/ Shankar Narayan)
This week's show packs a double! Sarah O'Connell, Director, Professor and Founder of Eat More Art Vegas, joins Danielle Holland from Las Vegas to talk about the Nevada Democratic Elections. They get into what this week is looking like, the candidate's ground game in NV, and of course, some predictions! Then (32:88) activist, attorney, immigrant and poet, Shankar Narayan, joins STPT to get into data privacy, AI tech, accountability and people power. Get into it and learn why the law isn't going to save us. And as always this week's #sorrynotsorry.
February 19, 2020
Reproductive Justice and Abortion Care (w/ Dr. Glenna Martin)
This week on the pod Danielle Holland and Anna Conner catch up on the past week! Iowa! Acquittal! Debate! Pelosi! What a week! Then on STPT, family physician and abortion care provider, Dr. Glenna Martin,  joins the conversation as we dive into stigmas, using education and advocacy to humanize abortion care, and what holistic and inclusive reproductive justice looks like. And as always, this week's #sorrynotsorry.
February 12, 2020
Ethnicity is not a Genre (w/ Alisa Valdez-Rodriguez)
This week on the pod Danielle Holland and Anna Conner talk about about volunteerism campaigns outside of America and Danielle predicts the DNC will fuck shit up in Iowa. Then on STPT, best selling author, screenwriter and producer, Alisa Valdez-Rodriguez, joins the conversation to get into anti-cultural misappropriation, dangerous stereotypes and colonial language, and the Mexicanizing of the entire Latinx experience in Jeanine Cummings novel, American Dirt.  And as always, this week's #sorrynotsorry.
February 5, 2020
Unlearning Sex Ed (w/ Tai Fenix Kulystin + Katie Spataro)
This week on the pod Danielle and Anna talk about zombies, Kavanaugh's rage face, and vulnerable leaders.  Then on STPT, sexological body workers and somatic sex educators, Tai Fenix Kulystin and  Katie Spataro join the conversation to discuss sex, eroticism, healing trauma, and unlearning your high school sex ed class.  And as always, this week's #sorrynotsorry.
January 29, 2020
SCOTUS + Title VII (w/ Jeffrey Trachtman)
This week on STPT, Danielle and Anna get into Lev Parnas joining the Resistance, updates on Puerto Rico, and Warren/Sanders dropping the besties routine.  Then they are joined by guest lawyer, Jeffrey Trachtman, to talk about SCOTUS, Title VII, and the state of LGBTQ legal rights in 2020 America. And, as always, a close off with this week's #sorrynotsorry.  
January 22, 2020
You Have The Right To Exist (w/ Dani Tirrell)
Season 2, Ep 2 is here! Danielle and Anna get into Puerto Rico and Australia w/a side of Bolton (not Micheal - we swear!) Black queer choreographer, Guest Dani Tirrell, joins the pod to discuss the dark history of new years day, duality, desire and dance.  Then Dani joins the team for your weekly #sorrynotsorry.
January 15, 2020
Suing Women Into Silence (w/ Amber Moore-Barcus)
Danielle and Anna kick off Season 2 getting into a little "World War Me" time then invite everyone to step up this year and grab an oar - We've got work to do! Guest Amber Moore-Barcus joins the pod to discuss defamation, libel and slander lawsuits being used to silence those who speak out in the #metoo era. And as always, the team shares their #sorrynotsorry for the week.
January 8, 2020
Fake Laugh Till You Laugh So Hard
The STPT team closes out Season 1 getting into robocalls, RoboCop, and the ultimate question, "Who is your daddy and what does he do?!"  Just kidding, it's "what animals will even be alive 40 years from now?" Then, Roberto Avilés returns to STPT for an update on what's happening in Puerto Rico and where this new year looks to be headed. And as always, some #sorrynotsorry to last you through the holidays. 
November 27, 2019
Trust + Communication (w/ Lux Sternstein)
Teacher, content writer and leader in the global Acro community, Lux Sternstein, joins STPT this week.  We get into it about physical safety, emotional safety, trust and communication within teaching environments.  
November 13, 2019
Language, Action and the Arts (w/ Arlene Martínez-Vázquez )
Anna eats too much Halloween candy and Danielle disses your favorite baby boomer! Then, Arlene Martínez-Vázquez (director and educator)  joins STPT as this week's guest, to talk about power dynamics in diversity and equity work in the arts. Arlene also shares what a good bullshitter she is in therapy! All the women declare what we need is a Revolution. Still. So get into it. Photo credit: Naomi Ishisaka
November 6, 2019
Two Years Later: Reflection on Surviving the Route 91 Harvest Festival
As MGM Resorts International agreed this month to pay up to $800 million to settle lawsuits from victims of the Las Vegas shooting, Brittany Marzocchetti joins STPT to talk about what surviving, healing, and moving forward has been like for her. CW/ Content Warning - This show contains audio of gunshots from this mass shooting. There is a verbal notice prior so those who wish to fast forward can.
October 30, 2019
"Shove it up your ass!" (w/ Brett Hamil + Matt Spek Watson)
Brett Hamil and SPEK (Matt Watson)  join STPT to get into no-limit PACs, the agenda against the homeless, and the exact dollar amount it takes for Amazon to own us. Bonus reminders that Tim Burgess is still a piece of shit, Safe Seattle is still a hate group, and Seattle is still not a socialist utopian wet dream. 
October 23, 2019
"A scoop of Peach-Mint Please!" (w/ Maythinee Washington)
Maythinee Washington, Theater artist and writer, joins Sorry To Podcast This in a conversation about Politics, abortion laws, gun violence, racism and the performance of civility.
October 16, 2019
Decolonizing Healing Spaces (w/ Agi Brown and Damithia Nieves)
Damithia Nieves & Agi Brown, holistic healers and educators, join Sorry To Podcast This for a conversation about decolonizing yoga, healing and self care.
October 9, 2019
We're on the Road to Friendship: Special Kids Edition
Frank (Nathan) and Noodlehead (Lennon) get real with their mamas and talk about friendships, bullying, and what it means to be brave. 
October 2, 2019
Do you even language, Bro? (w/ Sameer Arshad)
Sameer Arshad,  professional linguist and playwright, joins STPT for a conversation about hate speech, legal language, sociolinguistics and the beauty of words. You can follow Sameer at @sameerican_dream on Twitter and Insta or find him on FB under Sameer Arshud.  Visit us at 
September 25, 2019
Dismantling Racism in the Arts (w/ Randy Ford + David Rue)
This week STPT talks with Randy Ford and David Rue about subverting narratives, lancing the boils, and dismantling racism in the arts. They share personal stories and get to the heart of what it takes to be an accomplice to the Black & POC community.  Learn more at
September 18, 2019
Our Future Depends on Feminist Men (w/ Sonora Jha)
This week Sonora Jha joins STPT to talk about raising feminist son's, #metoo, and toxic (and positive!) masculinity.  We hear stories about parenting, (content warning) sexual assault, masculinity, and the changing language and attitudes about sexuality and power through generations. STPT Engineer Sean De Tore shares his thoughts for the first time as this controversial and critical conversation unfolds. You can follow Sonora at or visit her at  
September 11, 2019
Dismantling the Band-Aids (w/ Daemond Arrindell)
Danielle and Anna are joined by guest Daemond Arrindell to discuss mass incarceration, equity bandaids, and prison reform. Plus, Daemond reads his poetry! Find Daemond on Twitter @d_arrindell on Insta @daemondarrindell or visit 
September 4, 2019
Puerto Rico in Political Crisis: Part 2
In the second piece of our series on Puerto Rico,  Danielle and Anna speak with La Isla Foundation about Hurricane Maria and their rebuilding and solarizing efforts in the midsts of exploitive multinational contracts and a struggling economy.  Learn more at
August 26, 2019
Puerto Rico in Political Crisis: Part I
Reflecting and Rebuilding: A Conversation about Political, Social, and Environmental struggles in a Contemporary Colony, Part 1. T his week Danielle and Anna sit down with Roberto Aviles,  Cristina Rodriguez,  Vicente Bravo from La Isla Foundation and Solerize Puerto Rico to talk about the current political climate, notions of independence and accession, and hope for rebuilding after the hurricane in Puerto Rico. Learn more about our guests work at and 
August 19, 2019
It's Not All Up to Joan of Arc (w/ Rachel Jendrezjewski + Zoe Aja Moore)
Danielle and Anna get on the phone with Rachel Jendrzejewski and Zoe Aja Moore to discuss The Passion of Joan of Arc, feminism, emotion, art, and our current political environment. Learn more about their collaboration THE PASSION at
August 12, 2019
Sorry Not Sorry: Meet Your Hosts
In this first episode Anna and Danielle get to know each other while you get to know them. Danielle dives into the name, sorrytopodcastthis, Anna talks about her first time getting drunk, and we all find out how much hair high school students in Vegas have.
August 5, 2019