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Str8 Talk With J. Wray

Str8 Talk With J. Wray

By Julien Wray
Str8 Talk w/ J. Wray delivers captivating topics; it allows listeners to venture into different topics of interest with our guests.
Mental Health Awarness
This Podcast Segment dives into Mental Health Awareness - - some personal tips along with how it "hit home!" 
July 11, 2022
J. & Lori Wray - St. Marteen (FAMILY AFFAIR)
It is that time...Str8 Talk With J. Wray LIVE in the Beautiful Islands of St. Marteen.  This episode is called "Family Affair;" talking brieflly about family ties.  It is a short piece, so take a brief moment and tune in! 
July 05, 2022