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Strange Darklings

Strange Darklings

By Kozzy Alexial
Welcome to the world of strange where we take you on an adventure about the alternative side of life. From the scenes to the fashion and music a journey through all things dark. Keep listening as we are have segments posted with guest stars and co-hosts joining every while. We offer a wide range of clothing and products for Alternative, Punk, Rock & Roll, Goth, New Romantic, Psychedelic, Disco, Rave and Taboo cultures.
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Conventions The Rundown
This segment is about the different styles of conventions and trades. From fantasy to comic, art, and all between. The love of the art with fan girls, cosplay artists, famous actors and all the different people to meet. A small run down of what to do and what not to do when you see a large costume, vehicles and other interests . Come check it out after the small intermission you waited for due to travelling with our clothing company Strange Things Emporium. 
September 10, 2019
Performance or Show Stopper.
This is the dos and don'ts of the preforming life. From behind the scenes, advise and experiences about equipment and gear.  This is also advise on the participants side and how not to act in the crowd. There are some things that can stop a show and some that can make it all worth while. Give it a listen and let us know how you feel about it all. 
July 18, 2019
Living The Model Dream Interview with Hazel Roots
This is an interview with the model Hazel Roots. She is versed in the work of Modeling, FX / Syfi Makeup, Cosplay, Gamer, Influencer.  We talk about the ups and downs of the world. How to proceed further and just general information about the model life. With tons of knowledge and working with popular names she has some mighty amazing information to share with us. To reach out after this segment if you want to know more everything is as follows: Personal: Next Workshop: 
July 10, 2019
Style Side
 This is a small cast about the the different types of styles that are placed inside the blanketed terms. From Goth to rave and everything in between. Check out the different terms inside the "blanket" terms that society uses.  We are not all the same and there is different types of sub genre that are more defined to a type of person.  
July 9, 2019
The Festival Life!
 This is a small piece of the temporary world  of music festivals. This episode reaches out about the life and the feels of the industry. The amazing works and experiences about music festivals in the prairie life and the lengths we have to adventure for the love.  
July 9, 2019
Googly Beards Interview
 This is the pod cast from The Google Beards being in studio with us. We talk about the different life of convention and writing games in RPG formats. We had an amazing time with The Doc in studio and it was a great interview about, games, music, and werewolves.  This man has so many different talents including: Game Designer Singer / songwriter Freelance RPG writer Pod caster Project Manager Creator of a crappy game comic Hockey Player Single Dad of 3 Werewolf  Tune in for more adventures and if you want to keep up with us check us out at: Or reach the Doc at: also  check out their podcast at:  
July 9, 2019
The Stigma
 Episode 2: The Stigma is about what different effects social and mass public have on the Dark alternative side of life. What the mainstream media sees before they learn what we really are about. This is what they think VS what we think.   
July 9, 2019
1. Ice Breaker
   To everyone alternative can be a  different topic and style of life. From Victorian goth to Lolita fashion  welcome to the world of weird. Where the dark meets light from the  darkest of souls to the Neo fashions. Most people will pass someone who  is alternative on the street in everyday life and not understand the  stigma and culture. Multiple styles that we represent are from the goth,  punk, rave, hippy, and circus scenes yet they are all over main stream  media with new shows and music on the radio. Representing the rebellion  of society and how things are never as they appear. Goth can mean multiple styles from  Victorian with bustle skirts and corsets to the Cyber with bouncy hair  and spiked goggles. There are times that the Gothic style can be  confused with metal fashion or emo but there are subtle differences  between styles including clothing and hair.  Punk is a rough side of fashion with  big hair and ripped clothing, patches and studs. There are different  kinds of punk fashion including Glamrock, Rivet heads, or krusties  depending on your choice of music and hygiene Rave: Loud bass music from Electro to  dubstep with everything in between. Small outfits and bright colours  with a different type of music for all your listening needs. Festivals  and events hitting mainstream media but we still like to focus on the  unsung heroes who started it all.  Hippie: From folk music to handmade  soaps this style is about love, passion and the organic side of  humanity. From flowing skirts to hemp made pants and wizard staffs we  offer a wide range of items to break away from the chemicals in everyday  products. Circus: Hula Hoops and stilt walking  to knife juggling and performances. The world of the fun side of life to  the endless hours of practice to get that show completed. Light up toys  for the adventures or practice for the beginners.  Within each style comes sub genres  and it webs down further to what you may be or what you want to  discover. Keep searching till you find your perfect self because just  remember Strange is Normal. 
July 9, 2019