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Strategy + Action

Strategy + Action

By Jason Croft
Success in business and life is a constant back-and-forth of charting your course and taking the consistent steps everyday to move you forward. Both ... are critical.

My guests on this show range from entrepreneurs starting from scratch to leaders of companies looking to scale.

For me, a show like this is all about joining forces with my guests to dig deep and create something new for you - whether that's a small insight that gets you unstuck ... or a path of massive growth through customized marketing and creative sales initiatives.

Welcome ... to Strategy + Action.
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Ep32 Barbara Tunstall - Educating First for Better Sales
Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Educating First for Better Sales The amazing Barbara Tunstall is on the show today! A dear friend and incredible Connector in the Dallas, TX tech scene, Barbara is the first person to take on the dual roles of Executive Account Manager for both the Richardson Chamber of Commerce and Tech Titans - the technology association of North Texas. In addition to her extensive sales experience, Barbara is a lifelong learner especially when it comes to the latest technology and all of the good it's doing in the world.  And she has a passion for sharing that knowledge with as many people as possible. As she explains it, in every sales role she's ever had, her first job is to educate whomever she's working with to see if the solutions she offers could be a fit for that prospect.   That's such a great approach for all of us to take. We cover strategies like that, the power of technology, and so much more in this episode. Make sure you reach out to Barbara on LinkedIn, especially if you're a business owner in the Dallas area.
January 13, 2022
Ep31 Chintan Sutaria - Ingredients for a Successful Acquisition
Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Ingredients for a Successful Acquisition I am excited to bring this episode to you.  I know I say that a lot, but I truly am.  We've got Chintan Sutaria on the show today and his company, CalcuQuote is this incredible software company specialized in the space for contract manufacturers.   I've been fortunate to know Chintan for several years now back from my Dallas startup days, and I've been so impressed with him.  Not only starting this company in this great little niche area that he had very specialized knowledge in ... but also in the way that he has incrementally grown over the years.   Expanding carefully, making sure that he has a solid, amazing product.  Then a solid, amazing company.  When we caught up a few weeks ago, he talked about the acquisition of his company that's happened in the last couple of years.  And there were so many insights that I thought would be useful for you and wanted to have him on the show for that reason among many others, including growing his business.  But a lot of these insights apply even if you're not going to sell your company.  There's a valuable way to approach that process and even contemplating whether or not you want to could benefit your company by thinking about it in ways that maybe you never have before.   And of course, we get into where he's taking the company next. 
December 21, 2021
Ep30 Danny Galvez - Transformation, Gratitude, and the Strength of Service
Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Transformation, Gratitude, and the Strength of Service. It's one thing to believe in the idea of gratitude, helping people out, and living with energy.  It's a whole different thing to be a shining example of it for everyone you come in contact with. Danny Galvez is one of those people (and I know hundreds of folks who would agree!). I fully believe that Danny's "giving" spirit and driving work ethic are what have attracted many of the seemingly impossible opportunities to come into his life. From an incredible scholarship coming out of high school to finding his passion in radio and getting on air faster than he was "supposed to", to building sales skills and meeting people who would change his business life forever, Danny's drive and positive energy have not only attracted those opportunities but allowed him to work full out to take advantage of them as well. Danny dives into some great stories about these moments and will be the first to tell you that finding your path and staying positive and grateful isn't easy. But it's worth it. Danny's new endeavor, Voice Your Life is taking his master of audio in all of its powerful forms and helping people utilize it in building their legacy. I encourage you to check out this episode with Danny and find a way into Danny's world.  It's a beautiful place.
December 07, 2021
Ep29 Jackie Bese - The Power of Innovative Marketing
Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Power of Innovative Marketing Today, we're talking to Jackie Bese.  I'm so excited to have him on the show.  I've known Jackie for several years now from Dallas and he is such a great guy.  He's somebody who really knows marketing and has been running his agency, Atomic Design & Consulting, for almost 20 years now.  I wanted him on the show to talk all things marketing.  kind of narrowed it into inbound a little bit but we spent a big part of the episode just digging into the state of digital marketing right now - what's working well and also some really good overall business tactics that so many people miss when they're trying to grow their company, like how to cultivate the assets you already have in your existing clients before trying to get new customers in the doors.  We all want the new, right?  The new client.  The new marketing tactic.  And those things are great and important.  But there are some tried and true elements to business that really help you grow, so be on the lookout for those as well as some incredible stories that Jackie has of some really unique marketing initiatives he's done recently for his clients.  Make sure you check out Jackie's agency at
November 17, 2021
Ep28 Garrin Bulani - Showing Up Like a Pro On Camera
Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Showing Up Like a Pro on Camera I had to add a little layer of style here today because I knew my guest was going to bring it, and he did!  Garrin Bulani is on the show today, and with his company, Deskrig, he's helping all of us look better on camera.  In this world of constant Zoom meetings, video content marketing, having to network remotely:  appearance matters. How you show up matters. I think we all grasp that concept when we go to work or we go to a networking event and (maybe) we show up to our Zooms decently in that regard.  But now, how our camera image looks, how the lighting looks, how the audio sounds ... there's a level of professionalism that just matters, whether we want it to or not. If you embrace it and you level up your game in that area, it can be an incredible competitive advantage.  Garrin walks us through some of the ways he helps people with all of this, not just the technical setup but actually walking them through how to show up better on camera, create content, all of that.  But we also dig into several areas that you probably haven't thought of in terms of using that competitive advantage. 
October 12, 2021
Ep27 Michelle Hecht - Purposeful Reinvention
Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Purposeful Reinvention I'm so excited to bring you this interview with Michelle Hecht. She is an incredible salesperson who has gone all-in on answering that "pull" from inside to finally own her superpower of teaching and guiding people on the "human" aspect of selling and doing business. I am so grateful to Michelle for allowing this conversation of reinvention to go to the deep level it deserves. Starting over (better said:  "moving to your next level") is hard.  There's no way around it so why not approach it with that mindset and take it step by step in order to avoid the overwhelm that can come so easily as a result. Michelle gives us insights on how to take that first step of reinvention, embracing your true self, and the importance of listening to that inner calling.
October 05, 2021
Ep26 JP Clement - Using the Power of Data for Marketing Innovation
Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Innovating Your Marketing with Data. I'm excited to bring you this interview with JP Clement.  He is the CEO of Boomtime, a digital marketing agency with a hyperfocus on data.  They are data centric in everything they do from the time a client comes on board, all the way through a campaign through, to six months down the road to the wrap-up of a client engagement and really digging into it. So many of the insights around their approach  just blew me away.  One of the biggest, though, was how they tell a story around the data, both internally and with their clients.  Data is great, but without  the context of how it applies to your business and what to do with it, it's not much of an asset. And another really impressive aspect of their agency is their internal proprietary software - Fuse.  It's a marketing differentiator, which we get into, but also, it's used to run their entire agency and is why they can do so as efficiently as they do. And we just have a blast talking marketing like we did offline after connecting a couple of weeks ago on LinkedIn.  So enjoy two marketing nerds kind of geeking out and diving deep on the power of using data to exponentially grow your marketing results.
September 30, 2021
Ep25 Chris M Walker - Fast-Action as a Competitive Advantage
Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Using Fast-Action as a Competitive Advantage The great Chris M. Walker is on the show today! Chris is a powerhouse in the world of search engine optimization with his Superstar SEO brand and Superstar Academy.  But in the last couple of years he has expanded his entrepreneurial empire rapidly. In fact that's what I want to talk to him about today - the speed of that expansion and how he's done it.  From starting a massive freelancer marketplace, Legiit, to expanding that recently with Legiit Leads, Audiit, ContentPress, and a recent acquisition of Snapt. I'm so impressed with who Chris is - from his strong work ethic to how much he cares for other people.  I had the good fortune to have Chris on The Jason Croft Show a few years ago and I've been ecstatic to see his rapid growth as he applies that drive to every business he starts. We dig into: Building a two-sided marketplace. Starting a new company/offering to grow an existing one. The pros and cons of adding a SaaS solution to your business. The critical skills needed to scale from freelancer to business owner. Make sure you check out this episode and then reach out and connect with Chris to see how one of his many brands can help your company.
September 14, 2021
Ep24 David Shaw - Innovating with the Department of Defense
Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Innovating with the Department of Defense You probably aren't having daily conversations around spiral-based signal modulation.  But I promise you, once you grasp the size of the impact it can have on our world, you're going to sit up and take notice. David Shaw is on the show today.  He is a co-founder and the Chief Commercialization Officer at Astrapi, a National Science Foundation-funded company that is the leader in this revolutionary method of communication, spiral-based signal modulation. Astrapi's tech isn't some incremental improvement on the speed and security of our communication technologies.  This is a complete shift at the core of all of it. Besides being a great guy I've had the good fortune to know for several years now, I wanted to bring David on the show to share this incredible tech Astrapi is building, plus dig into what it's like as a "dual-use" company:  servicing both the private sector and the US Government. David walks us through the pain points and the benefits to working with the government and when a company should consider doing so.
September 09, 2021
Ep23 Robin Alex - Scaling the Unscalable in Business
Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Scaling the Unscalable     As entrepreneurs running a single business, we're already pulled in multiple directions in our business and it's an ongoing struggle to carve out time for ourselves, our families, and our friends. So what happens when you have that next big idea or you're presented with that next opportunity and it's something you just can't let go of? We've brought one of our favorite people, Robin Alex on to talk about just that.  While running his agency, Innovate Fast, over the last few years, he's also co-founded and rapidly grown one of the hottest software solutions to hit the marketing space - HighLevel. In our second "HighLevel" episode, Robin helps us dig into what marketing agencies should really be offering the marketplace and how offering a SaaS solution can be a powerful aspect of that which can help generate "clients for life".
August 31, 2021
Ep22 Shaun Clark - Dominating in SaaS with Focused Intention
Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Dominating an Industry with Focused Intention Shaun is a Co-founder of HighLevel, a full suite of white-label software solutions specifically for agencies. Johnathan and I recorded this episode with Shaun Clark a few months ago.  The good thing about the delay in getting this episode out is that so many of the features we discuss with Shaun that are such game-changers to the industry are now out and being adopted at a massive rate. Shaun and his partners will tell you:  Community is everything.  Yes, Shaun and the HighLevel team work tirelessly and have incredible focus.  But they made a purposeful decision early on to aim much of that focus on their community of agency owners.  They made sure that they did everything they could to help their clients win. And their clients have felt it every step of the way.  That's a big part of why they've had the phenomenal growth they have in such a short amount of time.
August 18, 2021
Ep21 Will Crozier - The Life-Changing Power of Capital
Today on the show, Strategy + Action = The Life-Changing Power of Capital Will Crozier first created great wealth with real estate in Dallas, TX - building a lifestyle many would dream of. Then, in 2018, he shoved that life into a shipping container and moved with it to Manila. With his project Angel Capitalist, he's providing life-changing surgeries to children all over the Philippines, he's bought and is expanding an orphanage, finds and funds small businesses, and is leveraging his massive network back in Texas to give even more. We have been so impressed with what Will has done and the impact he's had over there, but he stressed to us how much he sees himself as just an easy-going, selfish guy that is doing all of it because he has fun doing it.  We think that's probably the best kind of "selfish" there is. He was also very purposeful in stressing the point that you don't have to wait until some "magic day" that you have millions of dollars in the bank to go somewhere and have the impact he's had.  You can live with the freedom you want and change the lives you want to change with such a small amount of money. We urge you all to reach out to Will today and help him expand his reach with Angel Capitalist.  
March 10, 2021
Ep20 Craig Severinsen - Being a Great Leader to Be Great at Sales
Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Being Great at Sales Means Being a Great Leader Craig Severinsen is an incredible business coach who guides his clients on how to sell higher-ticket packages and do it from a place of confidence. He shows them how to go from being a service provider to being a business resource to their clients. Johnathan and I dig deep with Craig on the importance of showing up as a leader in your industry in order to truly serve your clients. We cover that and a flood of other juicy topics: - Providing a result vs. providing a service. - Operating as a leader now, not "someday". - Stepping into the role of being an expert. - Signing up for being an entrepreneur is signing up for a lifetime of self-development. - Asking the tough questions during a sales call.
March 05, 2021
Ep19 Joel Lalgee - Building a Meaningful Presence on LinkedIn
Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Building a Meaningful Presence on LinkedIn Through purposeful, consistent action on LinkedIn, Joel Lalgee has built a huge network and massive engagement on just about every post he puts out. But he'll be the first to tell you that none of that matters nearly as much as the meaningful conversations he has every day with the people in that network. In fact, the reason he was able to grow so much on the platform is by putting himself out there fully and making those meaningful connections his priority. That comes through in his posts and in our interview in this episode. And now Joel is helping recruiters and business owners implement the same approach to grow on there as well. Joel shared with Johnathan and me the real power behind standing out on LinkedIn or any platform, how to turn that into quality inbound leads, and make some incredible connections with people along the way. And a big thank you to Joe Mangano for introducing us!
March 04, 2021
Ep18 John Hill - Avoiding Entrepreneurial Blind Spots
Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Avoiding Entrepreneurial Blind Spots With twenty years in sales and a passion for developing systems, John Hill is a big fan of asking the right questions. He's now worked with enough entrepreneurs and sales professionals to realize that so many of them are the exact opposite - they avoid systems whenever possible and struggle to even discover what they don't know. This is where John has been able to bring his superpowers to the game of business and help so many of those folks find their blind spots and then put together simple and powerful frameworks to move through them. John admits that he's not "wired to be a salesperson" in the traditional sense.  But, as Matthew Pollard teaches, introverts and those who aren't the stereotypical "outgoing salesperson", have tremendous advantages when they build and operate from systems. I can't express how much fun we had in this episode.  We could talk with John every day. We dive into a whirlwind of other topics: - The power of journaling. - How the words you say are important, but the way you say them is much more important. - His daily accountability show with the great Jake Jordan. - How a coach can make all the difference - but only if the dynamic is right. - The best gameshow we'd all like to watch. - And why it's the best time to be in business right now.
March 03, 2021
Ep17 Cheri Garcia - Being Open for Second Chances
Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Being Open for Second Chances These days, the words "vulnerability" and "authentic" get thrown around as buzz words that we can lose sight of how important the actual meaning is behind each one. Our guest on the show today was the motivation behind doing an episode around this topic. Cheri Garcia is the epitome of how someone not only allows herself to be vulnerable by sharing her journey, but she weaves this idea throughout her personal life, her business, and for the benefit of others. She's an inventor, a PR specialist, a strong entrepreneur, and a successful consultant. We learn all about how she's changed her life by sharing her unfiltered truth, and how she's changing the lives of so many others going through recovery and with criminal backgrounds with Cornbread Hustle, a staffing agency for second chances.
March 02, 2021
Ep16 William Kopera - Purpose-Driven Profits
Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Purpose-Driven Profits William Kopera's origin story is like something from a movie. From growing up in South Africa and DJ'ing as a teenager to being a top club promoter in Dallas before he was legally allowed in those clubs - William has built a career around truly connecting with people and taking bold action. After a successful stretch at Drai's in Las Vegas, William is now taking those skills and applying them to his own marketing agency. He shares with Johnathan and me who he is looking to work with and how identifying that can make all the difference.
March 02, 2021
Ep15 Tyler Bossetti - Leveraging Credit for Financial Freedom
Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Leveraging Credit For Freedom The word credit can summon feelings of anxiety, nervousness, and embarrassment. But, used correctly it can be the key to the expansion of our businesses and ultimately the financial freedom so many of us seek.  Tyler Bossetti is the Co-founder of 0 Percent, which helps businesses get strategic financing, helping thousands of people leverage credit to change their lives.  We dig into how critical it is to invest in income-generating assets, the power of discipline in everything you do, and why forced adversity can be your greatest ally.  Make sure you connect with Tyler to leverage the immense power of credit in your life and business.
February 03, 2021
Ep14 Ryan Morgan - The Power of Automated E-Commerce
Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Automating eCommerce We all know the explosive growth e-commerce has been experiencing and that we "probably should be doing something" to take advantage of it. But where do you start?  The idea of building a store and marketing it and what the heck do you sell? Our guest on the show today, Ryan Morgan, walks Johnathan and me through exactly how you can get started in this industry and how what he's offering to his clients at All Done Consulting - a hands-off approach that you can invest in see a return over time. This episode is a good primer for anyone interested in getting rolling in e-comm with the insight that you can started faster than you probably thought possible.
January 28, 2021
Ep13 Brad Benton - Custom Solutions to Win Over Your Clients
Strategy + Action = Custom Solutions to Win Over Your Clients Brad Benton is extraordinary at walking into a company and saving them massive amounts of money with his Managed Print & IT solutions at Xcel Office Solutions. Now more than ever, those dollars that Brad can help a company "find" are allowing companies to avoid layoffs and in some cases even keep their doors open. Adding to that, so many of businesses today have been forced into remote working situations but still have to comply with all of the same regulations. That's a massive undertaking that Brad and his team are helping those businesses implement in order to make that transition without skipping a beat. He walks Johnathan and me through great examples of companies he's helped and how his team's incredibly thorough assessments reveal intricate levels of data that can make a company's technology system an efficient machine.
January 14, 2021
Ep12 Brian Jenkins - Business Growth Through Personal Expansion
Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Business growth through personal expansion - we’re talking about how your business may be destroying your life. Brian  Jenkins is on a mission to empower high-achieving people with big goals and who strive to be the stellar version of themselves.  As a resident of the Canary Islands, he has a deep passion for promoting the growth in human potential. He finds over and over again that even when someone has achieved some success in business, a lot of times other areas are being neglected and fall apart - which ultimately will circle back and bring down the business as well. One of the core secrets that make him such an effective coach to help those folks is that he's coaching himself ... from years ago. You see, Brian can guide his clients through the brutal, messy parts of themselves to get to the other side because he's been exactly where they are.  And he got himself to the other side first. Being vocal with those experiences not only helps him attract those folks needing help, but it earns him an immense amount of trust with them as well.
December 17, 2020
Ep11 Jaime Filer - Building Your Self-Worth to Grow Your Business
Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Building Your Self-Worth to Grow Your Business Our guest on the show today has trained over 1,500 clients over the course of 14 years. Every type of body, fitness goal, and/or competition type. Her specialty is creating high intensity, fat burning and/or muscle building workouts for you.  Whatever your goal, she creates a custom program to get you there. But what Jaime Filer does for her clients goes so far beyond the physical.  She understands how to get to the core of what has been holding you back and unlocking the change you’ve been searching for. Her company is Jaime Filer Fitness and she is on the show to help us discover that link between your health, your self-worth, and unlocking your power to build your business. Johnathan and I had a blast getting to know Jaime and understand how she has taken her incredible skill set and turned it into a thriving, multi-tiered powerhouse of a business.
December 14, 2020
Ep9 Bobby Stocks - Going All-In for Explosive Growth
In this episode, Strategy + Action = Going All-in for Explosive Growth. Strap in and start taking notes. Johnathan and I are bringing you a Masterclass in entrepreneurship with Bobby Stocks. From “falling in to marketing” to generating millions of dollars per month in multiple endeavors, Bobby takes us through the evolution of his entrepreneurial journey. He walks us through the painful lessons of trying to do it all yourself and running too many companies at the same time, as well as the help he received to grow from those lessons:  his wife jumping in to build out processes and systems and critical coaching that allowed him to start focusing on his zone of genius and let go of the rest. I love where we took this episode and it’s a common theme to a lot of the conversations we’re having - the human side of this wonderful world of business. The messy, hard, “should be easier” interactions we all find ourselves in when building our businesses and navigating our relationships. Whether at the beginning of our entrepreneurial journey or somewhere in the middle when we hit a roadblock - we all need to embrace the “human” side of business and realize that learning how to focus on what we’re good at and how to communicate better, as well as being able to intuitively understand another person - are all critical in life. And it’s important not to get caught up in “I should be better at this”.  There’s no shame in needing to level up your interpersonal skills whether in business or your personal relationships.  We all need to constantly evolve and build that emotional intelligence. We dig into the importance of embracing problems in business, the core pillars to growing, and learning how to do less in order to increase net profit.
December 10, 2020
Ep10 John Logar - Performance Mindset and Killing Ducks
Strategy + Action = A performance mindset and a plan for killing your ducks Just launching your business?  Wanting to grow and expand your existing company? Here's the recipe: Watch this full interview with John Logar.  Take action on what we cover with him. Then, tomorrow ... Wake up.  Watch this full interview.  Take action. You get the idea. John Logar is a legendary consultant, coach, and agency owner responsible for the success of many of the top consultants and marketers working today.  John has built a massive network of some of the most accomplished business owners and thought leaders around.  He’s done it by showing up and bringing, useful, tactical value wherever he goes. You see, besides the multi-million dollar agency he’s built along with his thriving coaching and consulting business, I know the heart that John has.  I’ve seen first hand the deep caring and commitment he has to members of his Consulting Rocket program, his in-person trainings, and his one-on-one sessions. It’s one thing to have all the answers for the people you work with … but it’s much more impactful when you care enough to make sure they succeed. John is a master at that and it's just one of many reasons he has created so much success over the years.
December 10, 2020
Ep8 Black Ginger - The Show is Working - Connecting is Our Oxygen
In this episode, Johnathan and Jason walk through some of the amazing stories they've heard so far from their guests, the powerful folks they have coming up, and how this show is thriving as the extension of both of their superpowers - intentional connecting and solving problems.
November 11, 2020
Ep7 Roberto Inetti - The Power of Speed in Business
In this episode of Strategy + Action = The Power of Speed in Business Two years ago at a One Million Cups event at Nadim Ahmed’s Venture X space in Dallas, TX, I saw our guest stand up and present the concept of his new company, ROBOAMP, and the solution it provided - a massively improved mobile web experience. Roberto Inetti has gone on to build that company up to ten employees, a solid client base, a recent round of funding, and an astounding first place prize at a pitch competition sponsored by mega-accelerator techstars.  Johnathan King and I dig into how Roberto and his team have delivered on that promise of a faster mobile experience, the millions of dollars it can make for their clients, and the incredible human benefit that has the ability to affect billions of people around the world. With a single line of code, ROBOAMP can make a mobile site load 400-600x faster, and deliver a beautiful experience at the same time. Even though like Roberto mentions, in “startup time” a month can feel like an eternity, what he has built with ROBOAMP in two short years is amazing.
November 05, 2020
Ep6 Laura Garza - Winning 2020 with Multiple Streams of Income
Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Winning 2020 with Multiple Streams of Income Johnathan and I had an absolute blast with Laura Garza in this episode. A master networker and serial entrepreneur, Laura walks us through the incredible work ethic and the strategic growth plan she used to build up a huge insurance agency, start an e-commerce business, and even launch an Air BNB property that was booked months in advance after a couple of weeks on the market. Laura is the epitome of focused drive, savvy business owner, and generous mentor to other successful female entrepreneurs. Check out this clip and dive into the full episode to see how she has leveraged consistent social media content and in-person networking to put top-of-mind when anyone thinks “insurance in Texas”.
November 04, 2020
Ep5 Nadim Ahmed - The Future of Coworking
In this episode, Strategy + Action = The future of coworking. Today, we are diving into what the next evolution of coworking could look like with Nadim Ahmed. Two years ago, Nadim became the first franchise owner of Venture X, with a stunning location in the Galleria area of North Dallas. We talk about what drew him to coworking, the specialty that Venture X offers, and how he’s been navigating the business during Covid. Nadim has already done an amazing job of building a real sense of community in his space.  I can’t wait to see what’s next.
October 27, 2020
Ep4 Roshan P. Vani - Niching Down to Make a Global Impact
Strategy + Action = Niching down for a global impact It takes a sharp mind to start out as an Electrical Engineer, become an accomplished Project and Risk Management professional for a Fortune 500 company and then start your own consulting and management firm focused on guiding lenders and owner teams on global projects. But it takes a powerful vision to only work on projects that reduces carbon intensity in the world. That’s exactly what our guest on the show today has done.  With his co-founders at Nexus PMG, he’s truly making the world better immediately for generations to come. Roshan Vani, welcome to the show.
October 06, 2020
Ep3 Stephen Olmon - Building a Thriving Business Ecosystem
Today on the show, Strategy + Action = A thriving business ecosystem Stephen Olmon is on the show today! Stephen is a former Management Consultant with KPMG and the former Director of Business Development for the healthcare SaaS company, SimpleLTC. I got to know Stephen very well over the last few years at the Tuesday morning coffee meetup, where Stephen co-hosted with me for a while. I am always impressed with the insights he brings to every business discussion we’ve ever had. I’ve watched him guide startups and seasoned business owners alike time and again in those Tuesday meetings, bringing clarity, brilliant tactics, and introductions to the right people to each of them. Now, in addition to being a husband and proud papa of two, he is the owner of Olmon Ventures. I am very intrigued by his LinkedIn headline that simply states, “50 companies by 2050”.  I have a feeling that it’s a metric that is strongly tied to the personal business ecosystem that he’s creating, which, in his words is made up of multiple partners, some overlapping, and creating service companies that serve the other companies within the ecosystem. Let’s dive into exactly what that means, the scope of it all, and the strategies you can take to apply to your own endeavors. To link up with Stephen, make sure you head over to .
September 18, 2020
Ep2 John Selzer - Launching a Viable Startup
On today’s show, Strategy + Action = The Keys to Launching a Viable Startup I’m excited to bring you John Selzer to the show today. John is truly the embodiment of his LinkedIn headline - Helping Companies and Founders Realize Their Vision.  While broad in scope, that description matches what’s at the heart of everything John does.  He’s built a consulting firm, Septariate, around this mission.  He’s an executive volunteer for the Prison Entrepreneurship Program to extend the mission to those who wouldn’t otherwise have access.  And I’ve watched him live that mission at least a hundred times on Tuesday mornings, helping both new and seasoned entrepreneurs get past a hurdle in their business. So often it’s the “unsexy” things that make the difference in a startup and allow the company to scale - or heck, even just stay alive from year one to year two.  When a company gets funded or goes through an acquisition, we don’t usually hear about the CRM their sales team had in place or that the founder “kept his cap table clean”.  And because of that, company founders miss so many of the fundamental elements of business that investors look for and that keep a company in business. John not only has the knowledge to guide startups through these fundamentals, he does everything he can to help as many of them as possible, conveying that knowledge in a way they can understand. And last but not least, when you need sarcastic comments thrown into any public gathering, this is the guy to call.  Welcome to the show, John Selzer.
September 17, 2020
Ep1 Raj Daniels - Building a World-class Network
On Ep1 with Raj Daniels, Strategy + Action = A massive network and becoming a world-class Connector. We’re honored to have Raj Daniels on the first episode of Strategy + Action. He is the perfect person to speak to our topic today of building a meaningful, strong network of people and how that turns into a bigger life, a better business, and a rich legacy. Raj is currently the Director of Strategic Partnerships and Sustainability Initiatives at Nexus PMG, a management and consulting firm focused on guiding lenders, developers, and owner teams through every phase of capital infrastructure projects. As part of his role there, Raj has started the Bigger Than Us podcast.  Nearing 100 episodes, he is talking to leaders at companies like Lyft and Kickstarter, as well as founders of global organizations changing the face of energy. Raj brings a perspective born from creating success in so many areas, from growing up running stores with his family in London, to being a strategy consultant for numerous companies; investing in real estate, being the founder and CEO of a SaaS company built entirely around bringing people together offline, running a weekly blog, and now a published author of the book, For You, From Me.  Above all of those things is his role as a husband and a purposeful and intentional father of three girls. Raj is the epitome of Strategy + Action - deciding on a direction for his life and going toward it steadfastly.  One day at a time, evaluating along the way and calmly pushing through any obstacle until he gets there.
September 08, 2020
Ep0 - Introducing Strategy + Action
It’s time to think bigger and make bold moves to create the life and business you were meant for. We’re here to give you the latest in marketing strategies and the confidence to put them into action. We bring you hard-working entrepreneurs starting from scratch and visionary leaders of cutting-edge companies looking to scale. You have a front-row seat as we guide these business owners to a path of massive growth through customized marketing approaches and creative sales initiatives. Welcome to Strategy and Action. Johnathan King and Jason Croft are teaming up to bring you some insights on growing your business by sharing what’s working for successful practitioners across a vast array of industries. We both consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have a “forever expanding” network of accomplished, driven people who are growing businesses of their own, taking companies to new levels, and living lives of constant improvement. We want to share those folks with you, whether they’re entrepreneurs we’ve known for years or some of the industry leaders we’re meeting every day. With this show, we are taking the medium beyond simply bringing people on to tell their stories. We want you to experience what we’ve been able to: getting their insights and expertise around what makes them great.  So, each episode will focus on a valuable topic, industry practice, or unique look at what’s going on in the world. We’ll dig into the “meat" of the topic with our guest each week to get insider knowledge that allows you to look at it a brand new way. Upcoming episodes with Raj Daniels, John Selzer, Stephen Olmon, and Nadim Ahmed will all leave you better than you were. Thanks in advance for supporting the show. 
September 04, 2020