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Stream of Random

Stream of Random

By Redacted
Experimental Noise Generator
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STREs3e345 The River of Random
thinking model Robotic behaviour silence consciousness nothing clinging sense bodies thousand minds grandpa stroke baby takes months cold outside Jack Ciattarelli dedicated family volume cubes minecraft fourth dimension vase roses compare voice models introspect machine learning cardno inspect performance understanding neural network tcnj blockchains arduino power switch feeling alive thoughts robots walking street relate things little free library self pity bandwidth mind river random large trees
October 24, 2021
October 11, 2021
STREs3e345 The Breakthrough
Oops I did it again Eckhart Tolle haskell  gcc compiler and more!
October 10, 2021
we are alive
October 1, 2021
STREs3e344 Telegram? 2021-09-02
Links:  lex friedman newton ron paul vax passports Keywords: telegram redaction stream value fence editing one day moon recording thinking loud bats token brave browser behavior tracking privacy process growth work parameterization documentation decidable programs kombucha fermentation bottling topics broken tvs tcl roku piece together whats point podcast animals plants notes mind empty tornado panic waxing left Babylonian discovery lex friedman newton ron paul vax passports back school NJ mask mandate v homeschool self directed learning retrospective hogstory ZABIHULLAH MUJAHID backlogged goofing giving best mandates tricking algo enough listeners sp0t1fy google thought police break could new internet service requests chat tor limits \usage abusing peoples servers micro payments missed two slaking collecting bamboo like cell wall deer eating vegetables people stealing branching structure pork reduction
September 24, 2021
STREs3e433 The Jesus fungus 8/30/21
Keywords in order of appearance :  fungus episode voice car noise stream bread ergot short stacking popping deep fo rest playing plants less exploitation disturbed areas experimental data keyword lists nltk weighting keywords Ruben helping youtube clips matrix structure show estimation complexity custom model automatically remove house believe 17 views setup live random beautiful mind chickens illegal sign tall-grass unleavened Jesus Passover communion yeast yesterdays 420 rye LSD wheat field dangerous bye
September 17, 2021
STREs3e432 The trillion dollar page-rank machine - August 28 2021 A walk to Pennsylvania
Keywords in order of appearance : production ads machine program easy chicken-man language communication people think listener google complex per click model learning august 28 show 2 weeks behind slow recording notes chat burden politics hide math limits thoughts read adversarial co-evolution prepared next steps hard prepare unknown ideal someone wants know usage data collection restate ideas updated version ms windows put desktop play irrelevant willing entertain certain topics user behavior users lie trust issues pay 1 trillion dollar page-rank small circle go via Trenton behavior path through parameters internal state knackpunkte crosses crux selection key points monitor undecidable reduce strength decision structure models world expressive understand conversion payment advertising scary bloated deer topic Lex Fridman Jed Buchwald podcast science bikers canal full \pa side talked hours bye
September 16, 2021
STREs3e431 Micro-Information
Recorded Aug 24 2021 Keywords : clip require thought input Gino Acaro things matrix map function power I walk brother maps information august 24 2021 publishing plan chaotic statement false logistical Mandelbrot set recursive languages edit crazy moon car noises know generating new ideas listening old podcasts truth using recording specifying software red pill infinite sets slept alcohol import chaos self referential enormous complex large volatile size domain creating state Goedel number contains code Haskell mandates remote schools NJ job board companies redacted asking Facebook 5 gallon Kombucha wood chip wire fence authentic models world cat opossum learn words create micro embedding micro-information algorithm collecting data strong fit prelude mental strength end Clip : Blunt Talk: 1236. Don't try this workout. Gino Arcaro (
September 11, 2021
STREs3e430 The harvest moon
KEYWORDS: words customer 23rd August Blue Moon Jupiter Saturn first Kombucha another alcohol importer pull head meaning plants symbiosis logistical regression selector create rice theorem diagonalization method making mistake cantor talking iterating binary numbers self referential entity remove bad sections Terence Mckenna When Media Becomes Reality unbiased becomes reality everything bias brain biased towards speaking redacted sacrifice gods virgins volcano 13 year old girl died [REDACTED] failed crops Humans sacrificed special donations pleading reciprocating certain benefits good harvest sacrifice to the gods virgins in the volcano 13 year old girl died of [REDACTED] Failed crops. Humans were sacrificed as special donations pleading or reciprocating for certain benefits, such as a good harvest.
September 11, 2021
STREs3e429 Cap of invisibility
Recorded : Aug 22 KeyWords : system data see fungus words existing blocks new fungi don't tree mushrooms deer creating symbols fence mushroom choice plan compile tea machine model hive small code 2 week backlog fungus dense forest trade fats water biosecurity country kill much sun expect cousin helped free speech advocate writers diet tied emotions deconstruction reconstruction plants offered automatic slide show choosing systems broken antler branding chose branded knocked coming along canal wonderful puffball dark forest old networks need bodies juniper rust fencing working ordering slow process would editing multiple videos one best based show-notes stream positions njm jingles mascot NJM ad poets local fresh kombucha FKBH berm lake Tangier Island Virginia desolate part Delaware create word hairs roots city girl trust news abstraction catching carp female cardinal Washington crossing park difficulty communication shift peoples perspective kombucha scary fermented improved ice satisfying Arnold Palmer crave turning standardize aws Athena apache Java Hadoop micro big running k8s transform I want life slunk make better shell product idea processing partition monitor outgoing cloud traffic rotate keys ansible compatible usable undertales story Plato Toby fox understanding merge models mathematics martin fowler tulip learning diagrams Sources :  AM fungus  Biosecurity for country, fungus that can kill Juniper rust fungus Tangier Island, Virginia Story of pluto
September 5, 2021
STREs3e428 Displaced Persons
August 21! keywords : information mental process overwhelming point return thoughts overwhelmed NPR editing streaming consciousness tape grey mushrooms think pauses brain able connect capacity review lose ability reflect number theory uses cpu integer types everything encoded integers numbers matrix decomposition function Analysis Synthesis Thought middle recursive developing intuition match gut feeling unlock vault complex processing requirements sleeping things audio data underestimate complexity topic beautiful park Afgan replace Syrians drug dealers need search new sources income
September 4, 2021
STREs3e427 The double rainbow
Recorded August 19. Matrix warning! Keywords :  hot walking Greenpeace cold iceage matrix red pill trace complexity home pictures animals NPR sponsored Pfizer catching afraid ruth interlude crown tooth cateracts going ice age far away intro configuration management system needed create new accounts review record keeping CMDB org mode yaml introspector idea parsed memory reading data rices theory trailsense yellow snow fencing material told tool config map structures swig rosetta code common language spooky night last chance multiple turning machines key input inputs typecasts offering truth police officer follow parser generators redacted editing power jocko SOURCES:   Rosettacode : Trailsense: Greenpease: red pill jocko: zappa:
September 3, 2021
STREs3e426 Icebreaker
shout out to : Larry McEnerney, Director of the University of Chicago's Writing Program, Craft of Writing Effectively Umberto Eco Interview: Advice to the Young  Peter schiff show foodstamps are money Grumpy old Bens, Sir Bemrose Nick the rat Realistified icebreaker Keywords: fence work mushrooms cause introspection less intro privacy 5 foot metal teepost bamboo thatch Craft Writing Effectively spoonfeeding reader genesis theory garden long situps leg lifts crunch middle core consistent workout high sugar kombucha crow peter schiff show foodstamps money informed speaking dont write book eco clip1 clipt2 grumpy old bens sir bemrose nick rat gather inoculation woods Realistified gimp new sponsor DHS ad reads chinse communist party fund drive fb instagram view via bitchute abuse listener focus content life evolves cicada coocoon mushroom popping rotting wood icebreaker
September 3, 2021
STREs3e425 Pancake Breakfast
Join me as I awaken my brain and consciousness live on the show! Keywords: mind brain fungus time 10 process mushrooms information much people self flowers plants look dirt talking something algebra string entails another vs right Terrance McKenna mental faster episode across development sponsors dropped days behind minutes cut hour huge task hiccups podcast cemeteries CSB naval warfare homeless shelter animals news wordpress question comes direct knowledge censorship put your self out of a job fight light black walnut branches like root system air long keep grave flower regulations tombstones part disconnected concrete tomb large leaves plant coffin parking interesting dug graves good groundhog yesterdays walk papers Russian olives event bridge blue vine different color pumpkin know math rules game play walking tree binaries top equalities airport operation dead bird machine apartment complex Christmas decorations must removed chain benches ground owners renters determine one thing Lex Fridman offline logical side hand left ALU needs data breaking things feeding analysis synthesis waking dream DMT archons energy connected ego think planet earth global ticks slower yet unending sampling obsessed chat transportation ideas related symbols transported semiotics creating spores Am virus replicating idea Ruth Underwood rabbit holes thousand theory genius work hard model remember store new copy let run review podcasting 2 better art finite infinite Links: CSB Naval Air Warfare Brian Muraresku: The Secret History of Psychedelics Jeff Hawkins: The Thousand Brains Theory of Intelligence Frank Zappa — St. Alfonzo’s Pancake Breakfast / Father O’Blivion
September 2, 2021
STREs3e424 The flow of value
KEYWORDS: information fungus language grass minute bridge canal world podcasting show network usage block-chain like plants data public private chain 2 flow new Kombucha actions two walk speed need process becoming tooth old food much power collect want deer 0 trust sell go tree water plan create control loop code bitmap turning machine languages easy vegetarian big population server crazy person steps NPR McDonald ad reads week backlog tunnel editing Scudder map high car noise American graveyards toxic dump status symbols afterlife movie The Dig pipeline aware build neural monitoring tuning managing main nt41 contains phosphorus forests fake nutrients missing symbiosis synthetic growing root systems metaphorically speaking spoofed goo vat ground decomposed matter life prepared grounded connected composting feeding precrime Friday 13 free talk live tall discriminating against type under-tale song train rumbling beautiful feeling alive afraid redacted implementation indicate premeditation truth sacrificed sessions creating string personally identifiable name doe fauns users bartering collectors detailed spotify demographics google know block sending money podcaster scratching head hind leg shared share sharing praise boostagram exposing peoples listening habits conflict stored encrypted provider parts economy storage market identity brave bats research needed Merlin free Pokemon giving producer producers could value tracking time space trade off mind empty segment 735 bottom part muddy walking friction vs gravel backpack 9 tons rocks bamboo easier transport dead thinking math representation opengl 3js point cloud object points definition parameters loops Lilly homestead variable fetch constant variable club layers compile mapping finished reverse engineering complicated deterministic decidable walkway almost finish doggies light boxes route toll plate 3 pass 1 25 breakfast sandwich dried algae blooms cats stop eating define intelligence sustainable wood turtles saving plant increase prices cause starvation fish turtle alligator snapper carbon credits equitable topic reduce consumption better technologies serving people slime feed episode 50 raspberry pi instead basic kubernetes os start indexing computer drives make inventory benign cryptojacking pII rack mounted smart switch wake LAN discovery exploitation run machines SD cards blister foot legs rubbing swimming pool dirty layer reversing compilation factors affecting translation expressiveness interstate vaccination travel restriction bridges interconnected nature screaming action ot things strings create got away extroverted intuition crows clips smell lawnmower reminds production fancy first shops coca cola contracts sellers personal notebook 27k economic decide global growth 30k Bye
September 1, 2021
STREs3e423 "Loadin" Area
Recorded Saturday August 14th SHOWNOTES: Keywords: Japanese tough We people I My wife clip sans undertales hot language rock green data fungus new program NPR sponsored DNC ad read living handouts political agencies This capitalism free big tech says freedom feel dirty listened episode 400 views f2c know words gender identity Schmitty Winkleson Transethic Carolyn Blaney hogstory ca insert dog walking kennel alternative universe sketches comic book meglovania Persephone Demeter Jesus handing mushroom communion brutal usage tracking walk avoid sun survival liked podcast Billy Bon3s Bitchute rss technical someone want make facebook fan page Follow different streams computing unrestricted noise pollution trains airport highway afraid pauses best indexed shownotes first cut tag audio put links audacity label non conforming vehicles towed obey lagging publishing higher quality nova bio therapeutics tcg chem collection funding matchmaking system gardening 2 deer plants growing trees powerline cuts huge groundhog whole neighborhood developers build houses anymore reconstructing machines section town every stupid acres nj Rice theory tree structures graphs create undecideable languages compilers compile misused overfitting model mind decomposes ideas landscape lawn regulation racist generic enumerable time space tradeoff
August 29, 2021
STREs3e422 Closed world strength
Thank you for the teeshirt dear anonymous listener fungus usage data audacity something machine usage tax credits smart contract new machine usage information
August 27, 2021
STREs3e1421 Compile the compiler
Short clip from august 12, we are catching up in the editing, this one is not very special.  Table of Contents 1. Listening to my podcast 2. I might be a victim of a meme 3. Compile the compiler 4. OS and virtual machine 5. Everything you need 6. Different compilers can compile it self 7. Dont have definition of the language 8. Compile the other compiler 9. LLVM vs GCC 10. Is the entire language covered 11. Grammar 12. Conflict 13. If you have one known input 1 Listening to my podcast ts 0:00:47 "Most podcasters never listen to their own podcast. This is crazy! DO IT!" 2 I might be a victim of a meme ts 0:01:12 3 Compile the compiler ts 0:01:34 4 OS and virtual machine ts 0:02:22 GCC in docker LLVM in docker 5 Everything you need ts 0:02:32 6 Different compilers can compile it self ts 0:02:46 7 Dont have definition of the language ts 0:03:04 8 Compile the other compiler ts 0:03:28 9 LLVM vs GCC ts 0:03:42 10 Is the entire language covered ts 0:03:47 11 Grammar ts 0:03:54 12 Conflict ts 0:04:02 13 If you have one known input ts 0:04:21
August 26, 2021
STREs3e420 Adversarial co-evolution Paul Stamets: Mycology and Mushrooms as Medicines  Arroe stream thinking now Arroe Unplugged Page One Thousand Eighteen  If the input is a turing machine we know it is undecidable  Fungus plant interface AM FUNGI represents a decision making system  chemicals are the messages of the plants  The input to a program can be a hidden control system Hen of the woods, Grifola frondosa Saving the bees Paul Stamets: Mycology and Mushrooms as Medicines Kombucha update Innoculating rice in the woods Forest with lots of trees not so many mushrooms Glysophate affecting bees digestion Power of Stream Thinking Arroe stream thinking now Arroe Unplugged Page One Thousand Eighteen Adverserial turing machines If the input is a turing machine we know it is undecidable Fungus plant interface AM FUNGI represents a descision making system fungal plant networks are turing complete The input to a program can be a hidden control system fungus, plants, animals, life, god 
August 26, 2021
STREs3e419 The work of communication
Note : Timestamps are off by the intro time Full shownotes here 1. GINO 2. science is real 3. joint probabilities, making sense of it , information about what is likely 4. is the number irrational 5. How many decimal points 6. size in bits of number 7. Precision 8. What is the probability of usage of a type of number 9. How is the program used 10. Over allocation of space in program but not use them 11. Stats of what is provisioned vs used 12. Usage based tuning 13. Writing is hard 14. Lots of work to communicate 15. Podcasting is hard 16. First draft is starting point 17. This Podcast is first draft 18. Sit and listen to old podcasts 19. Need an Editor while walking 20. To markup 21. Put in the work to refine the ideas 22. Auto sizing and provisioning based on usage 23. Multi precision decimals 24. Mathematical model .... Helen sword Writers Diet | An automated writing feedback tool, app and book by Helen Sword More
August 25, 2021
STREs3e418 The fear of [Redacted]
The fear response arises from the perception of danger leading to confrontation with or escape from/avoiding the threat (also known as the fight-or-flight response), which in extreme cases of fear (horror and terror) can be a freeze response or paralysis 0:00:00 NPR 0:00:05 new video platforms 0:01:14 abused listeners not respecting time 0:01:37 swiss chard went to seed 0:02:08 running water off the water tower To ensure tanks do not become over-full, water tanks have an overflow pipe that will drain water from a storage tank and deposit it on the ground or in the surrounding area if a tank is too full 0:02:12 afraid of redacted  0:04:16 smell of drilling 0:04:30 in my face 0:04:36 tooth hurting 0:04:42 shoes getting wet 0:04:46 reddit is woke, self censorship, mind control 0:05:26 Rumble of noise 0:05:34 journal exposing thoughts 0:05:39 External intution 0:05:43 i want to be buried under a tree 0:06:16 graveyard is full of bodies 0:06:27 three point buck 0:06:30 does fungus grow in the graveyard?  0:06:44 is there a fugus network 0:06:57 symbols  on chinese grave 0:07:08 microdosing reconstruction 0:07:37 dirt looks dead 0:07:50 green coffin 0:07:59 dirt looks dead, squash growing 0:08:19 7:30 0:08:23 the writers diet 0:08:32 The work of the communication is hard 0:08:56 transcribing is good training for me 0:09:01 Topics 0:09:08 joint probability of the mind 0:09:36 noise difference 0:09:41 measuring the volume of breathing 0:10:02 vertical mic doing the job
August 16, 2021
STREs3e417 The infinite stack of turing machines
This was one of the hardest soul wrenching episodes to produce, and it is still not perfect, but I will let it go.  Shownotes and links are here 1. Sleep after surgery 2. Showing up for work, Gino 3. No Till 4. Common ancestor: opisthokonts 4.1. "Assembling the Tree of Life" 6. Complexity 7. Local news 7.1. 855 Berkeley Ave, Trenton, NJ 08618 7.2. Killings in Trenton 7.3. Amanita galactica 8. Words are like the spores a fungus. 8.1. Memes are mushrooms? 9. Complex physical systems 10. God creates all possiblities 11. Does life send it self back after it evolves 11.1. Chestnut blight 11.2. Coevolution 11.3. Cannabaceae 12. OSI 13. Math is language which use god 14. Probabilty of two events happening at the same time. 14.1. Binomial Distribution 14.2. displaced foxes 15. beauty of math and science 16. monster group 17. integer types 18. encoding other types as integers 19. Recursive data types 20. operating system 21. how will program be used 22. reproducible builds 23. Profile driven compilation 24. Model of attackers building stacks of machines 25. pokemon go 26. editing the show out of parts 27. what are all the podcasts of the listeners of noagenda show Image Amanita galactica Pictures by @nothofagus_dombeyi... (
August 13, 2021
happy birthday
August 7, 2021
still alive
we are still going.
August 6, 2021
STREs3e416 Complex Systems
Show notes here STREs3e416 Complex Systems – Stream Of Random Podcast ( 1. Personal Life 1.0.1. 2021 Mercer County 4‑H Fair 1.0.2. Amish ˈɑːmɪʃ 2. Process of Podcasting 2.0.1. Zotero 2.0.2. Emacs Org Mode 2.0.3. Gardening 3. Topics 3.0.1. GMP Quality 3.1. Math 3.1.1. Theory of random numbers 3.1.2. Inforamation theory 3.1.3. What is a complex system? 3.1.4. Goverment is a complex system 3.1.5. Game of Life Conway 3.1.6. Plant Intelligence: What the Plants are Telling Us Dennis McKenna 3.2. Fungus 3.2.1. Jim Hoorman - Enhancing Mycorrhizae And Metarhizium Fungus 3.2.2. Mycorrhizal Networks
August 2, 2021
STREs3e415 The game of life 1. Personal Life 2. Process of Podcasting 3. Random events 3.1. 1999 Zenith TV 4. Topics 4.1. Kombucha 4.1.1. Commissary Kitchens 4.1.2. Second Fermentation 4.1.3. Biology of Kombucha 4.1.4. Acetobacter (acetic acid bacteria) 4.1.5. Yeast 4.1.6. Other bacteria 4.2. Math 4.3. Computing 4.3.1. 3d visualization 4.3.2. Travelling salesman Problem 4.4. Mind 4.4.1. Ego getting in the way of progress 4.5. Life 4.5.1. Games are addictive 4.5.2. Playing the game of life 4.5.3. Life is relative 4.6. Science 4.7. Fungus 4.8. Podcasting 4.8.1. HogStory 4.9. Pokemon 4.9.1. Talking Sopranos Podcast
August 1, 2021
STREs3e414 The Dud 1. NPR's Stream of Random brought to you by Pfizer 2. Random Thoughts 2.1. Science center 2.2. Tornado 2.3. Names : 3. Production Notes 3.1. Editing notes 3.2. Types of content 3.2.1. Incidental or random 3.2.2. Production Thoughts 3.2.3. Topical thoughts 3.3. Lamenting not being famous 3.4. Reordering of the clips 3.5. QR codes 3.6. Editing notes 4. Topical Notes 4.1. Alerts on phones are like mind control 4.1.1. Wireless Emergency Alerts 4.2. Screaming youtubers 4.2.1. Dont let the kids use computers 4.3. Absnasixpack 4.3.1. David Icke 4.4. Yeast living in the body 4.5. Leaky Gut and Fungus 4.6. SCOBY 4.7. Mushroom Revival Channel 4.7.1. Marine Fungi 4.8. Enjoy the slience 5. Obese children police in AU.
July 30, 2021
STREs3e413 Usability of Math
SHOWNOTES HERE 1. podcast episode 413 Usability of Mathmatics! 2. Listened to my own podcast. 3. Listening to lex friedman #204 4. What if I had to think about things before I said it. 5. Rock bottom 6. Idea for QR code 7. Cottage Bakery NJ 8. What do we need to produce Kombucha 9. Alcohol importing business 10. Short episode 11. Galileo experiement 12. Tree fell on neighbors house. 13. Catching catfish with a limb line 14. Viral video with threed stuff 15. Miss our talk. 16. Viral video 16.1. Have enought random recordings 16.2. If I was famous 17. Question of rotation 18. cost of post production 19. Pendulum 20. Internal vs External thoughts 21. Transcription 22. Furniture 23. Wrap up. 24. Cambodian developer wants 6k USD per month. 25. Describe what you want to do 26. Math is not usable
July 30, 2021
STREs3e412 Not a podcast, it is a noise generator.
I actually edited this, and transcribed the first 8 minutes. Was not able to complete it on time. Talking about Kombucha, Coding, Philosophy Transcript and show notes here  STREs1e411 The noise generator – Stream Of Random Podcast (
July 29, 2021
STREs1e411 Do not make me infer
Math. 3d . podcasting. programming. life
July 27, 2021
STREs1e410 Goedel Fungus Bach
So I actually added a long pause out of this episode and I'm presenting a new idea that's worth listening to so I'm being respectful of your time mr. Bones
July 26, 2021
STREs1e409 Short
Fungus spores...
July 25, 2021
STREs1e408 big picture
Today we talked about the big picture
July 23, 2021
STREs1r407 Chicken Ruben and Mike
Chicken Ruben and Mike
July 23, 2021
STREs1e406 short
short walk
July 22, 2021
STREs7e2 Podcasting 2.0 chapter math idea
Be able to encode the parameters into a picture and then use that in the chapters podcasting 2
July 21, 2021
STREs1e405 Humans are fungus?
paul stamets was right?
July 20, 2021
STREs1e404 isolation chamber
isolation chamber of meditation
July 19, 2021
STREs1e403 Moving pictures
Going over ideas of moving pictures
July 18, 2021
STREs1e402 Kwality
Kwality is job one
July 17, 2021
STREs1e401 The 400 party (Chicken, Joe, leke and mike)
Big 400 episode party(yawn)
July 17, 2021
STREs1e400 Recap
recap of some math topics
July 16, 2021
STREs1e399.999 Collective thought
solo walk
July 15, 2021
STREs1e399 heavy breathing
long pauses
July 14, 2021
STREs1e398 Walk
another solo walk. you know what.
July 12, 2021
STREs1e396 Proof of Zombie
I discuss the zombie. also podcasting 2 idea at end.
July 11, 2021
STREs1e395 the experimental random noise generator
A really wild Walk
July 10, 2021
STREs7e1 math journal episode 1
going to put math stuff in season 7
July 8, 2021
STREs1e393 Number walks
The first long walk in a week
July 7, 2021
July 7, 2021
STREs6e1 life update july 5
July 5, 2021
STREs1e392 art and numbers
Math notebook. content warning.
July 3, 2021
STREs1e391 Epic
Today we talked about an epic story and I'm going to publish this timestamp and then add in segments
June 30, 2021
STTEs1e390 ocr of digits
Math Notebook on optical character recognition in numbers like pi and E
June 29, 2021
STREs1e389 Fishing Casino with Ana, Chicken, Mike and ruben
Is fishing just gambling or is gambling just fishing
June 29, 2021
STREs1e388 The cheese accompaniments (Chickenman, Ruben and M1ke)
We are joined by ruben and chickenman on a cheese exploration
June 28, 2021
STREs1e387 The fungus
more numbers and fungus
June 27, 2021
STREs1e386 The four agreements (Chickenjar and Mike)
Chickenman and mike hatch new conspiracies. IMAGE :
June 26, 2021
STREs1e385 Recording fail
Another failure.
June 25, 2021
STREs1e384 Hi n lo
More high and low
June 24, 2021
STREs1e383 The vixen
mike is chased by foxes
June 23, 2021
STREs1e382 Rage therapy
Chickjar and Hackermike talk trash
June 22, 2021
STREs1e381 Sqrt2
June 21, 2021
STREs1e380 Bagels and coffee
walk to get bagel
June 19, 2021
STREs1e379 feed the fungus and life is suffering
Today we tie in all the different threads into one combined conspiracy theory
June 19, 2021
STREs1e378 Yar
Speak like a Pirate!
June 18, 2021
STREs1e377 Good
If you can say the word good, you still have some fight left in you
June 17, 2021
STRES1e376 The meh
More meh
June 15, 2021
STREs1e375 The long prime more math! Oh no
June 14, 2021
STREs1e374 Subjective and Objective
How can we see ourselves?
June 13, 2021
STREs1e373 The divison
More stuff about math it's okay
June 13, 2021
STREs1e372 The lost episode
We lost this episode after 30 minutes when the computer went to sleep. Votescotty Dotcom at ... Write-in candidate 2022 and Write-in candidate 2024 running for the White House. Thank you.
June 12, 2021
STREs1e371 apocalypse
Today we talked about mathematics and then we talked about the apocalypse and its relationship to earthquakes and God's judgment.
June 11, 2021
STREs1e370 The math journal
Join hacker Mike for another walk in the park and another entry in the mathematics Journal
June 10, 2021
STREs1e369 more math
We talked horribly about math and then we visit Dunkin Donuts first time analog time
June 9, 2021
STREs1e368 The mempool
today we talked about some Bitcoin topics
June 8, 2021
STREs1e368 Midy's Theorem
Midy's theorem, named after French mathematician E. Midy, is a statement about the decimal expansion of fractions a/p where p is a prime and a/p has a repeating decimal expansion with an even period (sequence A028416 in the OEIS). If the period of the decimal representation of a/p is 2n, so that a p = 0. a 1 a 2 a 3 … a n a n + 1 … a 2 n then the digits in the second half of the repeating decimal period are the 9s complement of the corresponding digits in its first half.
June 7, 2021
STREs1e367 this was a hot day
join me for another walk in the park
June 6, 2021
STREs1e366 Not the year!
The siderial year is the time it takes the earth to revolve once around the sun, relative to other stars, or 365.256366 days.
June 5, 2021
STREs1e365 The year
Today marks the days in a year of podcasts
June 4, 2021
STREs1e364 the Mind frequency
be warned this is a horrible episode next one's going to be good
June 3, 2021
STREs1e364 Some times the bear eats you
Keeping my commitment
June 3, 2021
STREs1e363 is math Universal
today we ask ourselves the question if math is truly Universal or human-centric
June 1, 2021
STREs1e362 Memorial Day
Long walk
May 31, 2021
STREs1e361 Good Days with Gwen
Today we have another podcaster on from our daily podcaster series
May 30, 2021
STREs1e360 Podcasting p2p blockchain?
some rattling ideas
May 30, 2021
STREs1e359 The tree of math
Mediocre episode
May 29, 2021
STTEs1e358 chickens
we talked about chickens
May 28, 2021
STREs1e357 The thought envelope
Good show in my opinion
May 26, 2021
STREs1e356 The math bubble
why does it seem that math is a bubble that protects us from the world
May 26, 2021
STREs1e355 Promo
Gurillia marketing
May 25, 2021
STREs1e354 Modulo and primes
Math warning.
May 24, 2021
Today we are joined by Danielle from !
May 24, 2021
STREs1e352 Defensive Driving
Sorry for the short episode
May 23, 2021
STREs1e351 Walk in the park
Random Podcasts. Laplace. Primes.
May 21, 2021
STREs1e350 The utility
Parler. Ai. Crypto. Bitcoin
May 20, 2021
STREs1e349 Observe and Hypothesize
Bad episode. Listen with caution.
May 20, 2021
STREs1e348 Diamonds in the rough
Horrible audio quality, some good ideas
May 18, 2021
STREs1e347 Proof?
What is provable?
May 18, 2021
STREs1e346 Interrupt
Interrupted. More to come.
May 17, 2021
STREs1e346 The crows head
Chickenman and Hackermike bring podcasting to a new low level. Edited out the first 5 minutes of noise. 
May 16, 2021
STREs1e345 the theory about Tesla autopilot being remote control by third world countries
In this episode we float a conspiracy theory that the Tesla cars are not actually Auto Pilots but they're actually remote controlled by people in third world countries
May 16, 2021
STREs1e344 Sin infinity
infinite sums and the sine wave
May 16, 2021
STREs1e343 The canal
Walk on the canal
May 14, 2021
STREs1e342 the trash podcast
It turns out that this podcast is just trash and we like it that way
May 13, 2021
STREs1e341 dx/dt
this episode is worth listening to
May 12, 2021
STREs1e340 ayab: to be hostile to אָיַב
Mediocre show
May 12, 2021
STREs1e339 Bumper Thumper
Dont listen to this freak show
May 11, 2021
STREs4e5 Prime wheels are modulo
Just a short clip about the prime gears and the nature of math
May 10, 2021
STREs1e338 The third death
Based on Lex Friedman's latest episode . Lex Fridman Podcast: #182 – John Danaher: The Path to Mastery in Jiu Jitsu, Grappling, Judo, and MMA
May 10, 2021
STREs4e4 podcasting 2.0 smart contracts
In this short clip I talked about the idea of making a smart contract that would distribute the money coming from a listeners donation an transparant and auditable method.
May 8, 2021
STREs1e336 Quantum Entanglement
New Books Network: John B. Thompson, "Book Wars: The Digital Revolution in Publishing" (Polity, 2021) and
May 8, 2021
STREs1e335 nature of thought
Short episode. More to come today
May 7, 2021
STREs1e334 skip
Skip this one if you want
May 6, 2021
STREs1e333 Woke
I have woken up from my sleep.
May 5, 2021
STREs1e332 short
Short episode
May 4, 2021
STREs1e331 sum of inverses
Walk and math
May 4, 2021
STREs1e330 The viewpoint equasion
Starting with blender animation And discussing the Euler constant
May 3, 2021
STREs1e329 The prime addition
May 2, 2021
STREs1e328 Prime Gears
April 30, 2021
STREs1e327 The bridge between math and computers
More talk and more walk. Less math
April 29, 2021
STREs1e326 3d pascal
Moar numbers
April 29, 2021
STREs1e325 Empty
turns out last night was the super moon
April 27, 2021
STREs1e324 mediocre episode
Today's episode is really mediocre and I'm giving it to you because of our promise otherwise I would just delete it
April 26, 2021
STREs1e323 23
More life and numbers
April 25, 2021
STREs1e322 More goedel and pi
April 24, 2021
STREs4e3 clockwork
Is the brain A Clockwork or not
April 24, 2021
STREs4e2 The brain modulo
the brain is a limiting modulo
April 23, 2021
STREs1e321 The goedel theory
Not so much math today!
April 23, 2021
STREs1e320 The prime sphere
Moire effect, prime numbers etc
April 22, 2021
STREs4e1 The prime number sphere
In this short clip I present the basic idea of my prime number sphere
April 21, 2021
STREs1e319 The drive
Driving. Photovis airbus 319
April 21, 2021
STREs1e318 Bonus
Bonus track
April 21, 2021
STREs1e317 The rat trap
A short episode about life and a little bit of math and a little bit of complaints. Here the talk I am listening to
April 20, 2021
STRs1e318 The pascal triangle of primes
Buddhist thoughts, evolution and more math
April 19, 2021
STREs1e317 The lottery
first half is human content second half is math
April 18, 2021
STREs1e316 fundamental Theory of arithmetic
More math stuff. You have been warned
April 17, 2021
STREs1e315 Chicken Burger
Chickenjar Returns for a special episode
April 16, 2021
STREs1e314 Viewport
More math
April 16, 2021
STREs1e313 The complex number
April 15, 2021
STREs1e312 Graveyard
Walk in the graveyard
April 14, 2021
STREs1e311 The catch up
another random episode
April 14, 2021
STREs1e310 Travels in hyperspace
Today, we take another step in our journey through hyperspace
April 12, 2021
STREs1e309 The prime spiral
More math and shamans
April 11, 2021
STREs1e308 Intermission
On the road
April 10, 2021
STREs1e307 Feed the fungus prime numbers
today we descend deeper and deeper into the hyperspace of numbers
April 10, 2021
STREs1e306 The goedel fractal ^2
another stab at the goedel fractal
April 8, 2021
STREs1e305 The game of life
Back on track
April 7, 2021
STREs1e303 The black squirrel
We are back in business. Listen to this random stream as well
April 6, 2021
STREs1e302 proof
horrorible episode
April 5, 2021
STREs1e301 sick day
Day off
April 4, 2021
STREs1e300 The 300
More random!
April 3, 2021
STREs1e299 The hand v2
Math of the hand
April 2, 2021
STREs1e298 Almost 300
waking up in the dream
April 1, 2021
STREs1e298 combos
short update
March 31, 2021
STREs1e297 The 10 fingers
More random
March 30, 2021
STREs1e296 Euclid take out the garbage
We just continue to discuss nonsense
March 29, 2021
STREs1e295 The prime parabola
mind blown
March 28, 2021
STREs1e294 airport
walk around the airport
March 28, 2021
STREs1e293 spook
Afghanistan, Agent, Agriculture, Agro, Aid, Air borne, Air Marshal, Airplane, Airport, Al Qaeda, Al-Shabaab, Ammonium nitrate, AMTRAK, Anthrax, Antiviral, Artistic Assassins, Assassination, Attack, Authorities, Avalanche, Avian, Bacteria, BART, Biological, Biological event, Biological weapon, Black out, Blister agent, Blizzard, Body scanner, Bomb squad, Bomb threat, Border, Border Patrol, Border Protection, Botnet, Breach, Bridge, Brown out, Brush fire, Brute forcing, Burn, Burst, Cain and abel, Cancelled, Car bomb, Cartel, Center for Disease Control, Chemical, Chemical agent, Chemical burn, Chemical fire, Chemical spill, Chemical weapon, China, Ciudad Juarez, Closure, Cloud, Coast Guard, Cocaine, Collapse, Colombia, Computer infrastructure, Conficker, Consular, Contamination, Conventional weapon, Cops, Crash, Crest, Critical infrastructure, Customs, Cyber attack, Cyber Command, Cyber security, Cyber terror, DDOS, Deaths, Decapitated, Delays, Denial of service, Dirty bomb, Disaster, Disaster assistance, Disaster management, Dock, Domestic security, Drill, Drug, Drug Administration, Drug cartel, Drug trade, Drug war, E. Coli, Earthquake, Ebola, Eco terrorism, El Paso, Electric, Emergency, Emergency management, Emergency response, Enriched, Epidemic, Erosion, Evacuation, Evacuation, Execution, Exercise, Explosion, Exposure, Extreme weather,
March 27, 2021
STREs1e292 100100100b is the new black
another random episode
March 26, 2021
STREs1e291 Locality of math in the brain! Torkel Klingberg Professor Cognitive Neuroscience, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden See authors Hannagan T, Andreas Nieder,. Viswanathan P, Stanislas Dehaene
March 25, 2021
STREs1e290 What would Gauss say
new shorter format
March 24, 2021
STREs1e289 The wurst podcast
Whatever you do do not listen to this episode it will permanently damage your brain
March 23, 2021
STREs1e288 The Chicken in the Matrix
Chicken Jar does the dishes in the Matrix! anime
March 23, 2021
STREs1e287 Daemon
clip from andy edwards anxiety deamon
March 22, 2021
STRs1e286 Walk to lambertville
Walking to the city of Lambertville for 10 miles
March 21, 2021
STREs1e285 Maintenence
long day
March 21, 2021
STREs1e284 the frens
Today we talked about the friends numbers the Amici and count deer
March 19, 2021
STREs1e283 the year of the fire chicken
today we cover Chinese zodiac number mysticism and other random topics
March 18, 2021
STREs1e282 Happy St. Patricks Day
IN 282 the emperor was murdered again! 282 is a palidrome base 10, but also 2112 base 5  A circle and a sphere with that radius has the Circumference of 1771
March 17, 2021
STREs1e281 the NAND gate
If you want to teach a kid how to do something show them how to do it in Minecraft
March 17, 2021
STREs1e280 Pray to the gods of podcasting
Chicken jar and hacker Mike are at again! A successful prayers to the gods of podcast that has preserved our recording
March 16, 2021
STREs1e279 The detour
another substandard episode
March 15, 2021
STREs1e278 The mountain
Mountain trail and tree roots
March 15, 2021
STREs1e277 the stream of random chaos that you ordered
in this episode we talked about the database of number series we talked about memes and jeans narcissism and egotistic Orbitz
March 13, 2021
STREs1e276 The Cult of Random
today I talked about what is an audience what is mainstream media and why should we try and reach Mass Appeal then we talked about some random topics
March 12, 2021
STREs1e275 Septimia Zenobia queen of Palmyra
Astronomy. Prime numbers. Egoism. Land Navigation. ShopRite. AWS cloud watch insights. Next batch of podcasts for the podcast index 2.0. Letters f2l
March 11, 2021
STREs1e274 happy Mozart like birthday
Today we have a great clip from my wife who created the Happy Birthday song in the style of Mozart along with me talking garbage. But I have a new Theory to share with you on how we are in a cocoon right now
March 10, 2021
STREs1e273 Stream of Garbage
mostly horrible
March 9, 2021
STREs1e273 The thirteenth chicken
Another truncated episode. Such sad. 
March 9, 2021
STREs1e272 Stream of torture
Philosophy of math
March 8, 2021
STREs1e271 Stream of Egocentric Bias
More horror
March 7, 2021
STREs1e270 Stream of rank hypocrisy
Walk in the woods
March 6, 2021
STREs1e269 Dunno
Dunno what this is but cold
March 5, 2021
STREs1e268 the stream of random bias
Today we open up more fake listener letters, we judge our bias levels, and the server rack build is continuing, and we discuss prime numbers
March 4, 2021
STREs1e267 Feed the fungus
Today we have a new musical clip from a. R. T. K. music. We talked about prime numbers modulus tables resonance Theory we open up fake listener letters and talk about you
March 3, 2021
STREs1e266 Iced coffee
0 degrees Celsius is freezing. Mathematics cannot be solved in our lifetime using addition. Theater of the Mind. Freezing cold. Random stuff. You know the deal
March 2, 2021
STREs1e265 This idea is being projected onto the screen if the mind
today we do a thought experiment and you can try it as well
March 1, 2021
STREs1e264 Zero Point Energy
what can I say don't listen to this
February 28, 2021
STREs1e263 Part of a chicken
Only part of the chicken survived
February 28, 2021
STREs1e262 Cultural Enrichment
February 27, 2021
STREs1e261 roasted chicken
February 26, 2021
STREs1e260 an episode a day keeps the shrink away
Another installment of the daily therapy session
February 25, 2021
STREs1e259 collapse
the collapsing of the field
February 25, 2021
STREs1e258 Theater of the Mind
February 24, 2021
STREs1e257 a definition of the podcast
okay finally we have come up with the definition of what this podcast is about where is it going what is its purpose and its boundaries
February 23, 2021
STREs1e256 8bits
Interrupted episode
February 22, 2021
STREs1e255 bonus
Today's bonus episode contains some random stuff Have Fun
February 21, 2021
STREs1e255 Intermission
I don't know what to say
February 20, 2021
STREs1e254 ice day
Another short ice filled episode
February 19, 2021
STREs1e253 The gretatist podcast
India: activist arrested over protest 'toolkit' shared by Greta Thunberg | India | The Guardian Greta Thunberg effigies Burned over her Support for Farmers | DESIblitz'_protest
February 19, 2021
STREs1e253 snow day
short snow episode
February 18, 2021
STREs1e252 Math the oppressor, with Chickenjar
Dishescast with chicken man taking extreme ownership of cleaning
February 18, 2021
STREs1e251 feed the fungus follow the convention
Today we talked about mathematics as a convention and a system of control
February 17, 2021
STREs1e250 Factorial and Factorization
Today we consider the prime factors factorizations of factorials
February 16, 2021
STREs1e249 The lottery
We start getting into combinations and permutations
February 15, 2021
STREs1e248 V for Vetvendosia
Will Mr Bean make the grade?
February 15, 2021
Another random episode
February 14, 2021
STREs1e246 the golden ratio
Today we start thinking about the mathematics of the body and the golden ratio
February 12, 2021
STREs1e245 the fundamental problem
Today we discuss the fundamental problem of mathematics which is humans
February 11, 2021
STREs1e244 expand and reduce
Today we philosophize more on mathematics you have been warned
February 11, 2021
STREs1e243 the other side of the brain that is not being used right now please come in
Can we see orientation as the attachment to one part of the brain and can we see mathematical structures as neural structures
February 10, 2021
STREs1e242 242
episode about math and life
February 9, 2021
STREs1e241 The difference between a crocodile and a horse
The horse has pointy ears
February 8, 2021
STREs1e241 The train wheel
First 30 minutes solo, after that chickenjar
February 7, 2021
STREs1e240 The pecking order
What can we learn about equality and justice from our chickens
February 5, 2021
STREs1r239 The dawg starr
Today on this pretty Random episode we are walking the snow talk about math politics life and death and also some Stars
February 4, 2021
STREs1e238 Christian Containment Camps
Will christians be put into camps in new america?
February 4, 2021
STREs1e237 Combat boot imprints on the Mind
Today we talked about the Communists being used as useful idiots of the Silicon Valley AI overlords
February 2, 2021
STREs1e236 Mind Vs Math
Thinking about the mind vs mathematics, is math a meme? 
February 2, 2021
STREs1e236 Reset
whats happening
January 31, 2021
STREs1e236 chicken dishes
chicken jar does dishes
January 31, 2021
StREs1e235 Old Trenton
A walk through the capitol of the failed post communist state of New Jerseystan
January 30, 2021
STREs1e234 Fireside story
I told you not to listen to yesterday's episode but you still did
January 29, 2021
STRES1E233 33 is the magic number
Please do not listen to this episode I beg you
January 28, 2021
STREs1e232 how big does your model have to be?
Today we talked about my recent journey back into the world of mathematics learning
January 27, 2021
STREs1e231 put down the crack pipe
We are taking a strategic New Direction on this podcast listen in for more details
January 26, 2021