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Becoming a better salesperson

Becoming a better salesperson Mark Frentz

Becoming a better salesperson

Becoming a better salesperson
Mark Frentz inteviewed by Jarek Bucholc You are a salesperson! Today we will be getting into how being great at connecting with other people will set you up for being great in real estate investing, but you'll need some other skills along the way.e More
April 16, 2018
Real estate investing from A to Z.
Russell Wescott interviewed by Jarek Bucholc and Jason Meier Russell is the Chief Communications Officer @ TriUrban Inc. Real Estate since 2016. He was the vice president of Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) from January 2004 - August 2016. He graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a degree of B. Commerce, Finance, Marketing & General Business.
April 14, 2018
Sharing the wealth and the knowledge.
Michael Ponte interviewed by Jarek Bucholc and Jason Meier Michael Ponte is the President & Founder of Prosperity Real Estate Investments which; was has been established since 2002. His company has had significant success in investing in both commercial and residential real estate where they currently hold and manage a portfolio of over 175 units worth over $30 Million Dollars. Michael Ponte and Prosperity Real Estate Investments expertise and success has been recognized by several associations like the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN), Canada Real Estate Investment Club and the Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine by winning several awards over the years and has been featured in books and magazines where he shares his wealth of knowledge.
April 10, 2018
Money and real estate investing.
Claire Drage interviewed by Shelley Hagen Claire was recognized as Reader's Choice Mortgage Broker of the Year 2014. She is the CEO & President of The Lion’s Share Group. A company created to share her methodology and experience with other mortgage brokers in her industry. Her primary goal & focus is to Provide the right options, advice and education and tell investors what they need to hear not what they want to hear to make smart and profitable property acquisitions
April 7, 2018
Legalities of real estate investing - Why lawyers are an essential part of a real estate investing team?
Thomas Thurmeier interviewed by Jarek Bucholc and Jason Meier Thomas is a corporate commercial and real estate lawyer practicing in Calgary, Alberta, as a partner with the Small Business Legal Centre (SBLC). Prior to co-founding SBLC Thomas was in private practice and in-house counsel for the City of Calgary acting in Litigation, Land and Development, Real Estate, and Commercial Leasing.Thomas’ practice over the last 10 years has focused primarily on real estate, corporate and commercial matters including the typical concerns of real estate investors in starting, building, and protecting their portfolio of assets. In particular, Thomas has acted for numerous individuals and entities who wish to invest in real estate in one form or another with an emphasis on the structure of the portfolio and any specific transaction.
April 21, 2018
Property management in and out - horror stories?!
Jason Bugra interviewed by Jarek Bucholc and Jason Meier. Jason an University of Fraser Valley graduate with a business bachelor degree majoring in finance and minor in economics. After finishing university, Jason obtained his BC property management license and began his property management business immediately. Almost two years later, Jason is now managing over 70 million dollars’ worth of property across the Fraser Valley. Besides that, Jason truly believes in the power of giving, therefore has been involved in few community groups over the last five years, including the indo business association, investors network group, and little hearts gala group.
April 4, 2018
How i have done it?
Darren Jacklin interviewed by Jarek Bucholc and Jason Meier. For over 22 years, Darren Jacklin has traveled four continents and personally trained over one million people in over 46 countries mentoring entrepreneurs and business owners on specific and measurable strategies that they can consistently use to increase their income, transform their obstacles into cash flow and turn their passion into profits. Darren Jacklin currently sits on paid international boards of directors of public companies and advisory boards. Darren has personally trained over 157 Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, AT&T, Black & Decker, Barclays Bank, as well as high school, college, university students and professional athletes and has connected with people in more than 130 countries. More
March 31, 2018
Automating your real estate business.
Interview with Jason Meier by Jarek Bucholc Jason Meier is a real estate investor with more than 11 years of professional experience doing home renovations and house flips. Five of those years were also spent building automated business systems. In fact, his strong passion for the systems and processes he puts together to automate the real estate business has branded him as “The Investment Automator.” He operates under the slogan, “Sit back in your armchair, and I’ll make you a millionaire.” More
March 28, 2018
What real estate investing and psychology have in common?
Interview with Mark Frentz by Jarek Bucholc and Jason Meier. Mark Frentz has a master's degree in psychology and has helped hundreds of people do things they never thought possible from getting rid of addictions and overcoming phobias to reaching their full potential and becoming financially free or owning multiple income properties. He is a results coach and often tells others: "Tell me what you want and I'll help you get it". Mark's favorite area of study is neuroscience and how the brain works to create and/or change habits that affect your motivation and behavior. More
March 28, 2018
My real estate investing journey
Interview with Shelley Hagen by Jarek Bucholc and Jason Meier 31 years of experience in all aspects of Real Estate Development, Investment & Management; including Stratification & Condo Conversion, Land Development & Syndication, Property Management & much more. Internationally recognized speaker, trainer, and author, who has presented to more than 35,000 Real Estate investors. Instrumental in the acquisition, due diligence, financing, marketing, sales & syndication of nearly 1,400 units across Canada, the US and Central America.
March 28, 2018
What does it take to become a successful RE Investor?
Interview with Jarek Bucholc by Jason Meier. Do you really need to pay tens of thousands of dollars for a real estate investing education? Jarek is the founder of Canada Real Estate Investors Club. His goal is to build the biggest real estate club in Canada. Jarek envisioned a community of investors that was run by investors for investors, regardless of their level of expertise or success. A place where people could ask questions and get the hands-on support needed to get started and succeed in real estate. Members could share their success and failure stories as well as provide up to date information as to what was happening in the industry. He opened the doors of Canada Real Estate Investors Club in November of 2007. The club was designed from day one to be about investors helping investors. Its mission was to provide a fun and interesting way to help real estate investors grow in their professional and personal development.
March 28, 2018
Creative Techniques to Buying and Selling Real Estate the differences between Lease Options and Agreement For Sale
Creative Techniques to Buying and Selling Real Estate the differences between Lease Options and Agreement For Sale by Street Smart Real Estate Investing mentor Madeleine Ficaccio.
March 28, 2018
Finding The Perfect Investment Property Due Diligence 101
Finding The Perfect Investment Property Due Diligence 101 with Michael Ponte, Partner - Canada Real Estate Investors Club.
March 28, 2018

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