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The Strength and Health Podcast with Scott Shetler.

The Strength and Health Podcast with Scott Shetler.

By Scott Shetler
Scott Shetler brings his 20+ years of being an entrepreneur in the health, fitness and strength & conditioning industry to this show. As a plant-based strength enthusiast and student of the martial arts, Scott covers a wide variety of topics relating to strength and health, through his personal experience and from the experiences of his guests.
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Episode 21: Ranting with the Angry Vegan Powerlifter Doug Tice.
In this episode I talk with my good friend Doug Tice. Doug is a veteran of the US Navy, unapologetic vegan, and competitive powerlifter. Doug competes in the 198lb division and in competition his best lifts are 672lbs in the squat, 451lbs in the bench press, and 535lbs in the deadlift. Being vegan has not affected Doug's strength as prior to a recent neck surgery he was working with 600lbs in the bench press in training. Please note - Doug's language is as strong as his lifts so if you are easily offended this episode is not for you! Show notes: The ultimate job security - working as an HVAC technician in Arizona. How Doug got into the sport of powerlifting. Views on powerlifting gear. How Doug structures his training. Why he went vegan. Thoughts on vegan activism and people spending too much time on social media. Vegan strength athlete myths. His excellent fashion sense. If you would like to learn more about Doug, follow him on Instagram @doug.the.angry.vegan If you have any suggestions for future show topics or guests please email me at
February 22, 2020
Episode 20: Mike Mahler on Myths and Misunderstandings of the Vegan Diet.
Mike Mahler is a vegan strength enthusiast and hormone optimization researcher. A renowned kettlebell training instructor, author, and co-host of the Live Life Aggressively Podcast,  Mike currently works full time on his Aggressive Strength supplement line in addition to providing health and fitness related content through his website, newsletter, and social media.  To learn more about Mike's supplement line, sign up for his newsletter, check out his products and articles, and link to his social media visit his website at Show Notes: Mike's background, introduction to his supplement line, and why he went vegan. Misconceptions of the vegan diet. Thoughts on the Game Changers documentary. Protein recommendations Mike got from former Mr. Olympia Dr. Franco Columbu. Why food combining to form complete proteins is unnecessary.  Tips for those looking to adopt a plant-based diet. Exciting news for fans of the Live Life Aggressively Podcast Mike co-hosts with Sincere Hogan. I hope you enjoyed this episode and if you have any suggestions for future topics and show guests please email me at Stay Strong AND Healthy! -Scott
February 13, 2020
Episode 19: My Thoughts on The Game Changers Documentary
In this episode I share some of my thoughts on documentary that recently broke the internet,  The Game Changers. The Game Changers is a documentary that for the most part highlights the accomplishments of elite athletes who are following a plant-based diet. It does talk about some of the environmental and health issues associated with plant-based diets, but the primary focus of the movie is on the athletes and their performance. Many people have been "debunking" this film via podcasts, articles, and YouTube videos and this has resulted in a lot of back and forth with responses being directed toward these "debunking" efforts. Personally it amazes me how worked up people get over plants, but it has definitely made for some great reading and watching online. If you haven't seen the documentary yet, you can stream it on Netflix and get more information about the documentary and the science they used to back of their claims here: Here is an article I wrote that corresponds to the film and some critiques of it as well as my thoughts on vegan athletes: Show Notes: My thoughts on the documentary. Critics and "debunkers" of the film. Why London Real's Brian Rose claims the athletes featured in the film are not at top of their respective sports when their titles and records say otherwise. The rest of Patrik Baboumian's diet that Chris Kresser failed to mention on his latest episode of the JRE. Why I feel the sensationalism around plant-based diets needs to stop. Why didn't Joe Rogan talk about The Game Changers, a film he has been very critical of, with the film's director Louie Psihoyos when he was on the JRE the day before Chris Kresser came on to "debunk" it? It is not any harder to fuel athletic performance with a plant-based diet than an omnivorous diet despite what the "experts" claim.
November 28, 2019
Episode 18 - Vegan Professional Race Car Driver Andy Lally.
In this episode I talk with Andy Lally. Andy is a professional race car driver, unapologetic vegan, skateboarding and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu enthusiast, and recently received his brown belt from his BJJ professor Paul Creighton. Andy and I talk about his background, how he got started in racing, how long he's been driving professionally, why he gave up eating animals and switched to a plant-based vegan diet, and where skateboarding and jiu jitsu came into the mix. Andy is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet and I hope you enjoy our interview. It was certainly a great way to wrap up an hour or so of mat time with him at Nucleus Brazilian Jiu Jitsu! If you would like to learn more about Andy follow him on Instagram at @andylallyracing and if you are interested in going plant-based check out his other Instagram page @veganshoppingtips to learn how to veganize your trip to any grocery store! If you have questions, comments, or suggestions for future show topics please email me at
November 14, 2019
Episode 17: Training Frequency Considerations
In this episode I follow up on a recent social media post I made concerning the topic of training frequency. Here is the post for reference: On the topic of training frequency, most people tend to believe more is better, but that is not the case. You can only improve when you are able to fully recover from the training session. All forms of stress affect our ability to recover and all must be taken into consideration when developing the training plan. If you are working a hectic, high stress job, travelling regularly, not getting high quality sleep (7-8 hours with consistent sleep/wake times), skimping on calories and not eating a nutrient dense diet, then on top of this pulverizing your body in the gym, the only thing you will progress toward is overtraining and most likely injury. Lately when reviewing some top athlete's training plans I've noticed that many of the best train less frequently than most would imagine. In his book Power to the People Professional, Pavel Tsatsouline states that the great deadlifter, Konstantīns Konstantinovs only deadlifted twice every 9-12 days. In a podcast with Dave Tate, the great bencher J.M. Blakely commented that at the end of his career he was benching once every 10 days. Marty Gallagher provides many examples of minimalist plans in his book The Purposeful Primitive. One that stands out was the great Mark Challait whose training week consisted of squatting and benching to a single on Monday and deadlifting to a single on Thursday with no assistance work. Recovery is incredibly important and often overlooked. This becomes even more important for the sports athlete. For a strength athlete lifting often is their sport, whereas athletes competing in other sports utilize strength training as a means of physical preparation. The sport practice must be calculated into the athlete's training volume. This is why recovery/restoration methods must be utilized. Do not overlook the value of stretching/mobility, good nutrition, massage, hot/cold therapy, meditation/breathing exercises, and most importantly-sleep. Often this, not more training, is the key to greater progress. ### Show Notes: -My thoughts on Mike Mentzer's "high intensity" program -Training Frequency -Factors that affect training frequency -Creating an environment that promotes recovery and restoration -How I structure my weekly training to promote recovery If you have any questions or suggestions for future show topics please email me at and follow me online at You can also follow me on Facebook at, twitter @sshetler, and Instagram @eptsatl. Stay Strong AND Healthy! -Scott
September 17, 2019
Episode 16: Interview with Strength Coach Michael Croghan of Periodized Performance.
In this episode I talk with my colleague and good friend Michael Croghan, owner of Periodized Performance.  Show Notes: -Michael's background -Getting started in the fitness / strength and conditioning industry -The pros and cons of social media -The science of strength training -Is higher education important? -Training and conditioning for BJJ and combative sports -Principles of training vs. training programs -What Michael's reading now -Advice for those wanting to get started in this industry If you would like to learn more about Michael and his business Periodized Performance you can visit his website at  If you would have any questions or suggestions for future show topics please email me at Stay Strong AND Healthy! -Scott
June 20, 2019
Episode 15: Balancing Strength Training Volume and Intensity for the Martial Artist.
In this episode I discuss how to manage the volume and intensity of a martial artist's strength and conditioning program.  Show notes: The martial arts training is the primary training Strength and conditioning should enhance your martial arts training, not take away from it Determining an athlete's "web" of physical qualities Assessing the athlete The importance of building a large physical base Increasing the volume and intensity of strength training for the more qualified athlete Calculating training volume In order to get stronger you must do more work The body adapts to the demands placed upon it Staying at 90% or better at all times If you have any questions or comments about this episode, or have suggestions for future show topics, please email me at Stay Strong and Healthy! -Scott
March 30, 2019
Episode 14: 2019 Arnold Sports Festival Recap
In this episode I recap my visit this past weekend to Columbus, Ohio for the 30th Arnold Sports Festival. Show Notes: -My first visits to the Arnold since 1998 -Participating in the first-ever Arnold Kettlebell Sport Competition in 2009 -Visiting Westside Barbell -Seeing the strongman Hussafel Stone event -How the fitness expo has evolved over the years -The growth of kettlebell sport at the Arnold -Catching up with old friends and my old coach If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for future show topics email me at and be sure to follow me online at Follow me on my social media to check out pics from the event - Instagram and Facebook. Stay Strong AND Healthy! -Scott
March 7, 2019
Episode 13: What is the best time of the day for strength training?
This episode is in response to a question I received recently on one of my YouTube videos. The question asked when the best time of the day was to do strength training. This was in regard to a video I posted on a strength training exercise for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu players, but I made this podcast a little more general going over a few different scenarios. Show notes: Consistency is more important than frequency Pros of training immediately before or after martial arts practice (or other skill-based sports) Managing the intensity of training sessions when training on alternating days of your martial art or sport Using strength and conditioning to create a pre-fatigued state prior to skill-based practice What the optimal time of the day to train is and why this usually doesn't work for "normal people" If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for future episode topics please email me at and be sure to follow me online at Stay Strong AND Healthy! -Scott
February 21, 2019
Episode 12: Sets and Reps
In this episode I talk about the importance of sets, reps and monitoring the total volume of your training sessions based on your strength goals. Show Notes: The three methods of developing muscular tension according to Zatsiorsky Using Prilipen's chart to monitor training volume A general overview of repetition ranges and their training response The relationship of sets and reps Determining the total volume of the training session How we utilize the maximal effort, submaximal effort and repeated effort methods for building strength and muscle mass The inverse relationship between volume and intensity If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for future episode topics email me at and follow me online at Stay Strong AND Healthy! -Scott
February 7, 2019
Episode 11: To Bench Or Not To Bench!
In this episode I talk about the king of all exercises, the bench press! I mainly focus on some of the criticisms of this exercise and discuss whether or not those criticisms are warranted.  Show Notes:  There are no bad exercises, only bad applications  You cannot say an exercise is contraindicated UNTIL you've qualified the athlete or client  Common critiques of the bench press  Training around injuries "general fitness clients vs. athletes"  Importance of proper technique in the bench press  Importance of upper back/lat development for the bench press  Different ways to create muscular tension according to Dr. Zatsiorsky  Why I use primarily the submaximal effort and repeated effort methods for pressing exercises with my grapplers and fighters  Why and how I use partial range of motion exercises  If you have any questions, comments, or topic suggestions for future episodes please email me at and follow my online at  Stay Strong AND Healthy!  -Scott    Follow me online:  Personal Page  Gym Page   Facebook   Twitter   Instagram  YouTube
January 31, 2019
Episode 10: The Business Side of the Fitness Industry
In this episode I share some of my thoughts on the business side of the fitness industry. I have been in this industry for over 20 years now and still feel like I'm a newbie just getting started. Show notes: -Determining your "why" -#1 greatest lesson I've learned is "No one cares about YOU!" -Various opportunities for work in the industry -What to look for when hiring a personal trainer -What to look for when taking on a client -The basics of business: it's not what you make, it's what you keep -Why some of the most valuable lessons you learn will come during your internship or through volunteering -Education and experience -Marketing -The impact of technology on the fitness industry -Plug for my recent appearance on the RBG Fit Club podcast with Stic of Dead Prez and his wife Afya I hope you enjoyed this episode, and I sincerely hope if you are at the beginning stages of your career you have found some value in this. Please feel free to email me any questions, or suggestions for future episode topics, at and be sure to follow my at for links to my blog, books, social media, etc. Stay Strong AND Healthy!
December 13, 2018
Episode 9: The Nutrition One I've Been Trying To Avoid!
In this episode I discuss my thoughts on nutrition, something I hate talking about but am finally giving in to all the questions I've received about it and my vegan diet. Show Notes: -Why I adopted a vegan diet -The health benefits I've experienced since going plant-based -The vegan protein myth -Why if you eat enough calories from whole food sources to sustain your daily activity you will not be protein deficient -Supplements you should consider when eating a vegan diet -My normal day of eating -The myth of "complete proteins" -Why you don't need to combine foods to ensure you are eating complete protein at every meal If you have any questions or suggestions for future episodes please email me at and follow my at If you would like to read my article "Vegan Protein Myths" that I discussed in the podcast, click here: Thank you for suffering through this topic with me, I promise we will be back to talking training in the next episode! Stay Strong AND Healthy! -Scott
November 15, 2018
Episode 8: Should Grapplers Train Differently Than Strikers?
In this episode I respond to a question I received from David Denk. David asked if I could cover some of the differences in the training of my strikers and grapplers. Show notes: -The athlete's "wheel" of conditioning -GPP and SPP for athletes -Importance of assessing the athlete regularly -Differences in training approaches are due more to the individual's strengths and weakness and less about their discipline -Why the deadlift is the cornerstone of my athlete's training programs -Considering an athlete's weight class and avoiding unnecessary hypertrophy Thanks for checking out this episode and if you have any comments, feedback or suggestions for future show topics please email me at and follow me on the web at Stay Strong AND Healthy! -Scott
November 8, 2018
Episode 7: Interview With Vegan Athlete Zackery Bickford.
In this episode my good friend Zack (aka The Vegan Legend) joins the show to talk about his wrestling career and being a vegan athlete. Show notes: -Zack's introduction to the sport of wrestling -The mental toughness required to train and compete at a high level -How training in judo enhanced his wrestling performance -The role strength and conditioning has played in both physical and mental preparation -How Zack adopted a vegan diet -The athletic improvements he's experienced since going vegan -Zack's secret to cutting weight -Zack's best lifts and current goal to deadlift 600 lbs for reps -Zack's wrestling goals Follow Zack on Instagram @the_vegan_legend I hope you enjoyed this episode with Zack and if you have any questions, feedback or suggestions for future episodes email me at and visit to follow me online. Stay Strong AND Healthy! -Scott
October 30, 2018
Episode 6: Training Considerations for Combat Athletes.
In this episode I discuss the general physical preparation (GPP) of combative athletes. GPP is the development that occurs through the non-specific training methods of sport preparation. Things like cardiovascular conditioning, lifting weights, stretching and mobility exercise are all examples of an athlete's GPP. I also provide information for the Kettlebell Conditioning for Combat Athletes workshop I am hosting at my training center in Atlanta on Saturday, 11/3. Show notes: -Misconceptions about training for martial artists -Is strength really a factor for combat athletes? -The physical qualities required for combative athletes -Types of range of motion -Conditioning (i.e. "cardio") -Strength and the different velocities that must be trained -The importance of static strength and muscular endurance -Why properly assessing the athlete is crucial to the success of their training plan -Why we utilize the Conjugate Method in our training at the EPTS Gym -The importance of proper exercise selection -Training optimally to enhance the athlete's sport performance If you have any questions about this show or suggestions for future topics email me at and if you are interested in learning about my kettlebell training workshop click here: Stay Strong AND Healthy!
October 19, 2018
Episode 5: Increase Strength for Improved Endurance.
In this episode I discuss the importance of strength and power training for endurance athletes and enthusiasts. Most of the literature I've seen regarding performance enhancement for runners, cyclists, swimmers and triathletes has focused on the improvement in VO2 max with little, if any, focus on strength and power training. Show notes: -Why strength training for endurance improvement is ignored -Ultra-runner Scott Jurek's use of heavy partial squats -Strength training for a stronger more resilient athlete -Peter Weyand, PhD's Harvard study on strength training for improved running speed in sprinters -Leena Paavolainen's study on faster running times in 5k runners who reduced running training by 32% and added strength training -Barry Ross' book, "Underground Secrets to Faster Running" -Barry Ross' concept of Mass Specific Force (MSF) -Recommendations on exercises and training variables for an endurance athlete If you have any questions about this episode, or suggestions for future show topics, please email me at and be sure to follow me online at and Stay Strong AND Healthy!
October 9, 2018
Episode 4: All About Conditioning.
In this episode I discuss conditioning, what it is, exercises, training recommendations, ways to track and monitor, and my own personal experience with adopting a conditioning program. Show notes: -Energy systems descriptions -Why the aerobic energy system is often overlooked -Heart Rate Variability (HRV) -Concerns in conditioning programs for athletes and health & fitness enthusiasts -Conditioning exercise options -Ways to track and monitor your progress -My results from implementing a conditioning plan as part of my training program If you have any questions about this episode, suggestions for future topics, or just general feedback, please contact me at Follow me online at or Stay Strong AND Healthy!
October 3, 2018
Episode 3: The Basics.
This episode was inspired by a conversation with my client Matt and a conversation we had recently about the content in most of the fitness and strength training related podcasts that are out there. I wanted to do an episode that talks about what I would recommend to a client who simply wants to be stronger, leaner, healthier and more fit in general. Show notes: -Recommendations for range of motion exercise -Active range of motion (i.e. mobility) -Link to my joint mobility video: -Passive range of motion (i.e. flexibility) -Strength training recommendations -Conditioning recommendations -Developing cardiovascular efficiency and aerobic capacity -Difference between exercise and activity -Nutrition recommendations If you have any suggestions for future topics, questions or comments contact me at: Follow me online at or Stay Strong AND Healthy! -Scott
September 25, 2018
Episode 2: All About Strength.
Over the next couple of episodes I want to discuss the tenants of a strength and health practice. This episode is all about strength. Show notes: -Strength defined (Vladimir Zatsiorsky) -Determining your goal -Three ways to develop muscular tension (V. Zatsiorsky) -My thoughts on programs -Selecting exercises -The relationship of sets & reps -The inverse relationship of volume and intensity -How lifestyle factors effect our training plan -Training frequency and training splits -The importance of recovery and restoration -Restoration methods I hope you enjoyed this episode and if you have any questions or suggestions for future episode topics, please email me at: Follow me online at and for links to my business services, blog, social media pages and more. Stay Strong AND Healthy! -Scott
September 20, 2018
Episode 1: Why Strength and Health?
Welcome to the first episode of The Strength & Health Podcast! In this episode Scott discusses: -Why he started this podcast -Topics he plans to cover in future episodes -What the idea of strength and health means to him -Inspiration from the Shaolin Temple -His personal story of adopting a healthier lifestyle and fitness practice -Correction -- in the show I referred to Hackenschmidt's book at "The Way to Live in Health and Physical Education" -- the correct title is "The Way to Live in Health and Physical Fitness" If you have suggestions for future show topics or general feedback, please email me at: and be sure to visit my websites at and to check out my blog, services, and links to connect with me on social media. Stay Strong AND Healthy!
September 14, 2018