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The Stresshacker

The Stresshacker

By Sue Smith
Leading Life Coach Sue Smith from talks you through techniques and advice for a happier, less anxious you.
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One of my favourite meditations

The Stresshacker

Stress Free Healing - A Guided Meditation
I created and designed this guided meditation for my regular online meditation class and an aid to ‘letting go’ of negative feelings, thoughts, memories and experiences that can taint the here and now and get in the way of a brighter future. It is designed to be listened to in a relaxed position and, for best experience, close your eyes, turn off any interruptions and make yourself comfortable. It’s fine to listen as you go off to sleep or as a short power nap.   You can find more here:  There are also more products to help improve your mental wellbeing:
September 18, 2021
Time To Heal Now - A Guided Meditation
I created this meditation for my weekly online meditation class. It is for general healing from aches and pains and negative feelings and thoughts. It is designed to be listened to in a relaxed position and for best experience, close your eyes, turn off any interruptions and make yourself comfortable. It’s fine to listen as you go off to sleep or as a short power nap.    You can find more here:  There are also more products to help improve your mental wellbeing:
August 21, 2021
COPD The Stresshacker And Salt Therapy Secrets
With a special interest in COPD The Stresshacker Sue Smith interviews  an independent Salt Therapy Spa owner Clare Atkinson and discovers the amazing healing benefits of this little known treatment.  In these Covid times this approach could be just the thing you're looking for to improve a number of health issues and complaints, from respiratory issues to sinus problems.
March 15, 2021
Mindful Weight Loss Special pt 3/3 Develop The Right Mindset
In this third and final episode of the Mindful Weight Loss trilogy, Susan talks about the necessity to develop new neural pathways and explores  different ways to upgrade the psychological software of the mind. She believes the the best way to approach weight loss is from a positive perspective. Showing us ways to phase out old-fashioned thinking around food and dieting, Susan alerts us to the type of thinking that creates failure in our endeavours to lose weight. She offers insights to making lasting changes and create better thoughts, feelings and behaviours around food.  These changes are part of the Mindful Weight Loss Course and you can get yours now by nipping over to the shop at along with the other helpful programmes mentioned in this podcast. 
September 08, 2020
Mindful Weight Loss Special pt 2/3: How to get great results.
This is the second of three episodes about losing weight using a mindful approach. Here Susan talks about the classic and scientific approach of Positive Reinforcement and how this logical, controlled method is a great way of getting results. She discusses ways to challenge the inner critic and replace the role of the bully with a more peaceful loving approach. You can find even more resources over on including Susan's popular Mindful Weight Loss course that could be as life changing for you as it has been for others.
August 21, 2020
Mindful Weight Loss special pt. 1/3: My Journey Into weight loss
In this, the first of a three-part series about Mindful Weight Loss, I talk about some of the underlying thoughts that drive poor eating habits and why emotional traumas play such a big part in these habits and addictions. I also look at some of the triggers that generate feelings of unworthiness and more importantly, how the repetition of small goals can reinforce good habits. In this podcast you’ll learn why positive reinforcement is key to moving forward to a happier healthier lifestyle. All without measuring, weighing and obsessing over calories. Head over to for all my courses and hypnosis programmes - and to read more articles by me.
July 23, 2020
Mindfulness Special 3/3: Mindfulness revealed
Being mindful means being present in the moment here and now. Interestingly sometimes the smallest change in your routine – your thinking or habits – can have a massive positive impact on your health and  wellbeing. Listen to this episode to find out how you can transform your mind with just a few moments of mindfulness a day.  For more on Mindfulness (including a free mindfulness download) head to
July 16, 2020
Mindfulness special. Part 2/3: Mindfulness in Action
In this episode I share the story of Tammy and explain my Russian Doll metaphor to explain how our feelings can stop us from making the transformational changes we want (and what to do about it.) There's also an exercise for you to try that I talk you through.  Episode Three of this series will be out in 2 weeks! Head to for free downloads and articles, including my latest book: "The Stresshacker Guide to Kicking Anxiety's Butt"
July 02, 2020
Mindfulness special. Part 1/3: What is Mindfulness?
In this 3-part series I'm talking about Mindfulness - what is is, how can we get more of it into our lives, and how it can make transformative changes.  To find out more about mindfulness, check out for free guided meditations and articles. 
June 18, 2020
A quick stressbusting session to get rid of anxiety, stress and anger
Feeling tense? Try this quick, stressbusting audio with me, Sue Smith, from - Life Coach, Psychotherapist and Yoga Teacher
May 28, 2020
In a grieving world, how do we begin to heal?
Grief takes many forms. We don’t need to have lost a someone to be feeling grief stricken- many of us are mourning the loss of human connection and time with loved ones - and with so much loss in the world, we may find ourselves returning to past grief. In this episode I talk about ways we can begin to heal. For more advice head to
April 18, 2020
Stresshacking your Anxiety - with Psychologies Magazine
How do we take back control of our anxieties? I'm here to tell you that you don't have to "cope" with anxiety - you can kick it to the curb. ⁣ This episode contains edited extracts from my conversation with Suzy Walker from Psychologies Magazine on a recent Facebook Live event. They have conversations with experts every day at 1pm so tune in! ⁣ I  also offered readers an exclusive discount code for my Stresshacker  anxiety products: “Stress-free Relaxation With Confidence “ and  “Wellbeing In A Week” so head over to watch the full interview and get the offer code! ⁣
April 02, 2020
Don't panic! How to stay in control of your anxiety
You are in control! If you're finding life stressful, let me help you regain your sense of control. Listen for some guided meditations and stress management techniques that I developed over my 30+ years of experience as a qualified stress and anxiety management coach.  Head to my website for offer codes on my Sleep downloads if you are having trouble sleeping.
March 19, 2020
Working with parts of yourself
If you want to change a behaviour, chances are you'll need to talk to whoever it is inside of you holding you back from change. In this episode, coach and therapist, Sue Smith explores how we can change our behaviours by working with different parts of ourselves.  Intrigued? Listen in to find out more! For more advice head to or follow me on Twitter, Facebook  or LinkedIn.
March 05, 2020
Are You Anxious About A Career Change?
Over the years I’ve seen many clients whose anxiety has been generated by the need to make a career change and yet deep down they feel afraid to leave the security of what they know. Why don’t people feel able to leave a dull, monotonous job where they’re anxious and unhappy? In this latest episode I address anxieties around career changes and offer some simple exercises to gently guide you toward a new career – and  to even find your vocation. For more advice head to Follow me on Twitter, Facebook  or LinkedIn.
February 20, 2020
Beat Anxiety, Depression And Burnout With Balance
So many people I see in my practice are lacking energy; they feel tired, anxious and lethargic especially during wintertime. Never before have so many people and dare I say particularly women, been so exhausted and frazzled! That's the subject for my latest podcast. Episode 4 of The Stresshacker Podcast offers some valuable ways to re-connect with yourself and others. I talk about how you can bring much needed balance back into your life and, in the process, counter some of the struggles that we face – such as depression, anxiety and exhaustion. *** There's a special code at the end offering half price access to my Wellbeing in A Week ecourse. *** For more tips and advice, please like and subscribe! Follow me on Twitter, Facebook  or LinkedIn.
February 06, 2020
Eight moments of mindfulness - guided meditation
Many of you are telling me how stressed you are at the moment. Whether that’s down to your heavy work load, the demands of family and friends, illness, life-changing events or those January blues, so I wanted to give you this gift. Use this guided meditation to gently pull you back into the present. For more tips and advice, please like and subscribe!  Follow me on Twitter, Facebook  or LinkedIn. Do not use this whilst driving! 
January 23, 2020
Teaching your body to relax - guided relaxation
Sue Smith - Life Coach and hypnotherapist at  -   wasn't always this calm.  This is one of the first techniques she discovered and used frequently to help her combat the stress. It's so simple and effective. If you'd like to record your own personalised version of this, the script is available to download here. For more tips and advice, please like and subscribe! Or follow Sue on Twitter, Facebook  or LinkedIn.
January 16, 2020
One of my favourite meditations
Sue Smith, Life Coach and hypnotherapist,  talks you through one of her favourite exercises. Great if you need to work through a problem, take a five minute moment to yourself, or drop off for a quick nap, just sit back (or even better, lie back!) and listen.  For more tips and advice, please like and subscribe! Or follow me on Twitter, Facebook  or LinkedIn. Show notes. 
January 02, 2020