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Sports Tech Research Podcast

Sports Tech Research Podcast

By Sports Tech Research Network
The Sports Tech Research Podcast provides you with the latest insights coming from academic and non-academic experts working at universities, innovation centers, business schools, companies, startups, federations, etc. We mainly talk about research related expertise and centers, multi-disciplinary collaborations, licensing and spin-offs, validation research or implementation of technologies within sports & society. Tune in to learn from the most innovative academic and industry professionals and make sure to visit the Sports Tech Research Network website to discover more:
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Aline Fobe - Leadership, analytics, and personal wellbeing through sports technology
Aline Fobe is a Corporate Wellbeing Consultant at Energy Lab. Before this role, Aline was an HR consultant at PwC and an athlete in the national field hockey team of Belgium. Throughout her career, she has collaborated in different teams and has developed a specific interest in high-performing teams. In this episode, Aline talks about a specific sports technology analytics project that was set up by PwC and the Belgian field hockey team. Furthermore, she talks about the importance of leadership, personal wellbeing, and good communication in & outside of sports. We hope you enjoy this episode!  
May 7, 2021
Peter Düking - The value of sports & health wearables for the industry & end-user
Peter Düking is a wearables researcher at the Julius-Maximilians-Universität of Würzburg and a business development consultant at Wearable Technologies. Peter’s interests intersect in the domains of athletes, science, and technology. Peter & Kristof spoke about how wearables can contribute to the improvement of athletes' health and performance, but also talked about regulations & standards within the sports technology industry. As always: we hope you enjoy this one!
April 27, 2021
Carlos Balsalobre - Implementing sports science into practice with the help of smartphone apps
Carlos Balsalobre is a Sports Scientist & Researcher at the Autonomous University of Madrid and a developer & entrepreneur in the area of physical performance apps. His main interests are strength training and testing new technologies to measure and improve performance. Carlos & Kristof talk about the path towards becoming a science-driven entrepreneur, the reasons behind it, and the key challenges to tackle along the way. Of course, Carlos also talks about the apps he has developed and the value they provide. Enjoy this inspiring story!
March 26, 2021
Martin Carlsson-Wall - How to bring research to the industry & the importance of culture
Martin Carlsson-Wall is a Professor at the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) and the director of the Center for Sports and Business at SSE. Next to leading the team of researchers in Sports & Business, his own research interests focus on accounting in sports organizations. In this episode, Martin talks about the collaborations with leagues, the different ways and stages of bringing research to the industry, and the importance of culture within sports organizations. Enjoy this one!
March 8, 2021
Marco Altini - Combining data science & entrepreneurship as a sports scientist
Marco Altini is a data scientist & entrepreneur with a broad set of skills. After a Ph.D. in applied machine learning and an additional Master's degree in Human Movement Sciences, Marco is currently an advisor for Oura and the founder of HRV4Training. This episode digs deeper into his unique perspective from the research, business, and entrepreneurship sides. Of course, Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is also discussed, as well as how to build tools & apps in general that can be validated. We hope you enjoy this very inspiring conversation!
February 22, 2021
Kristof De Mey - Translating scientific output into practical applications used in the field
Kristof De Mey is the founder of STRN and is actually not your host in this episode! Instead, Cheri Bradish (Canada) interviews Kristof to find out why he founded STRN. After 6 years as a physiotherapist and a Ph.D. in the same area, Kristof got a role at Ghent University to transfer research knowledge into the field. In this episode, he talks about the different gaps he experiences and the opportunities for businesses, sports organizations and universities to collaborate. We hope you enjoy getting to know our founder a little bit better!
February 4, 2021
Sam Robertson - Analytics to improve skill acquisition and how to evaluate usable technologies
Sam Robertson is a professor of Sports Analytics at Victoria University and its consulting, learning & implementation arm Track. His research interests focus on the application of machine learning to sports problems and improving decision-making through analytics. This episode focuses on sports performance and skill acquisition in particular. How can technology and machine learning be applied to improve athletes? And perhaps even more important, how can this technology be evaluated from an end-user perspective? And how can we make products usable and implement them correctly? Enjoy listening!
January 18, 2021
Tom Jelliffe - Entrepreneurship, academia, and bringing the most durable earphones to the market
Tom Jelliffe is the founder of Tzuka, a start-up that will launch its durable earphones very soon. In this episode, we spoke about the story behind his company and product innovation. We also talked about his connection with Loughborough University and how start-up-university interactions can help in founding a business. We hope you find this episode interesting and don’t forget to follow Tzuka for the release of their product!
January 4, 2021
Cheri Bradish - Women in Sports & Tech and the value of partnerships
Dr. Cheri Bradish is the Loretta Rogers Research Chair in Sport Marketing at Ryerson University. As a sport marketing expert, she is interested in sport business strategy and trends including innovation and entrepreneurship. In this episode, we discussed the topic of women in sports and tech, related to research but also to entrepreneurship & field practice. We also talked about the importance of (academic) partnerships and how they can best be established. We hope you enjoy this episode of the podcast!
December 23, 2020
Michael Naraine - What's missing in the Sports Tech Management Research field?
Michael Naraine, Assistant Professor in Sport Management at Brock University  (Canada) already performed research in a high variety of sports technology-related topics, such as marketing analytics, WiFi in stadiums, blockchain, and eSports. What are the key findings of these studies? How relevant were/are they for the industry? And what are the key factors in university-industry collaborations within this field? Here's another episode that we hope is interesting & inspiring! 
November 11, 2020
Liz Wanless - Natural Language Processing: research and business opportunities
Liz Wanless is an Assistant Professor of Sports Administration and Assistant Director for Analytics at Ohio University, where she’s involved in various sports business analytics projects - of which some with sports organizations as e.g. in football or basketball. In this episode of the podcast, we discussed her recent work in the area of Natural Language Processing (NLP) as it is used e.g. in chatbots. But what's NLP and what do we know about it from an academic point of view? Which factors determine the adoption and implementation of the technology by teams and leagues? What's the potential impact of the use of it now and in the (near) future? And what can we learn from this type of research when it comes to the university-industry relationships in sports? Happy listening!
October 13, 2020
Stina Lundgren Högbom & Mikael Mattsson - Connecting the dots in the Swedish Sports Tech ecosystem (& beyond)
In this episode of the podcast, I talked with Stina Lundgren Högbom (Global Relationship Manager at the Health & Sports Technology Initiative in Blekinge, Sweden) and Mikael Mattsson (Adjunct Professor at the same Blekinge Institute of Technology and Senior researcher at Stanford University and Karolinska Institute). Key questions we talked about were: what is the initiative about? Should researchers try to create a product out of their findings themselves (or let others with complementary skills step in or take over)? What could or should be done to optimize the R&D, product creation and implementation process in sports technology? We also talked about their startup called SVEXA (Silicon Valley Exercise Analytics), which is a physical training intelligence software company, delivering decision support for top tier sports teams and elite athletes. As always, enjoy listening and looking forward to your feedback!  
October 1, 2020
Koen Huybrechts - Creating spin-offs from imec's high-tech R&D
Imec is an R&D hub for nano- and digital technologies in Flanders (Belgium). The institute is linked to the 5 universities in the region and is well known on an international level when it comes to high-tech R&D and commercializations. In the framework of sports technology innovation, we were wondering how the organization is facilitating entrepreneurship and spin-off creation, and what can be learned from it in the context of sports related tech transfer activities. Koen Huybrechts is leading the venture development team at imec. In this episode, we talked about which type of activities they organize to facilitate venture creation, the success factors and pitfalls in those projects and the role of entrepreneurship in bringing high-tech R&D to the market. Happy listening! 
September 17, 2020
Chad Goebert - AR / VR / MR in Sports - Where's research in relation to industry?
Chad Goebert is one of the few PhD students who's working on Immersive Sport Technologies research. He’s doing this at the Virginia Commonwealth University in the US, from where he's also feeding the popular Twitter handle ARVRInSport. After talking about some of his own research, we also touched upon the broader topic of how to bridge the gap between academia & industry in this area. Happy listening!
September 8, 2020
Kim Blair - Finding the best way to create new sports tech products & services
Kim Blair is one of the most experienced people in the sports engineering & technology area worldwide. He has worked for many organizations including NASA, MIT and various consultancy companies, such as Cooper Perkins, where he is working again now. He's also a Board member of ISEA (International Sports Engineering Association). Given his extensive experience and reputation in both academia & industry, it was an honor to speak with him about the past and future of sports tech and how R&D in our sector can, could or should be organized nowadays. Happy listening! 
August 31, 2020
Martin O'Reilly - Creating a successful sports wearable tech spinout
Martin O’Reilly calls himself 'a passionate sports-wearables and analytics entrepreneur and researcher'. And he is! As a CEO & Co-Founder at Output Sports, which is a spinout of the University College Dublin in Ireland, Martin and his team went through an exciting journey from academic research to a sports wearable company in the market, focusing on physical therapists, strength & conditioning coaches and sports scientists. We talked about the PhD research behind, the financial and mentoring support to realize the spinout, the process they went through,  and of course the continued interaction between company, academia, sports, government, user, etc. in the framework of holistic problem solving. Enjoy listening! 
August 25, 2020
Patrick Burge - Sports Innovation from theory to practice
Working for Progressive Sports Technologies and many other organizations, Patrick Burge has a broad experience in topics as Innovation. Strategy. Startup and Scale-up Financing, etc. Supported by his dog Suzy (the first dog on the podcast 😀), Patrick is skilled in connecting the dots, asking the right questions, composing the best possible teams, etc. in order to make innovations happen. We talked about his vision on the role of academia in a commercial setting, the type of technologies most relevant in the next couple of years, and his favorite sports technology products to keep in shape himself. As always, hope you enjoy it (& don't forget to leave a comment). 
August 17, 2020
Adam Karg - Research & Innovation in the Sports Management and Technology area
Working in the Sport Innovation Research group at the Swinburne University of Technology (Australia), Adam Karg is closely involved in various research projects in collaboration with industry, As a result, Adam is innovating in various areas of sports organization management, fan engagement, team & league marketing, etc. with the help of (his) research. Besides that, he is also the President of SMAANZ (The Sport Management Association of Australia and New Zealand) where he shares relevant insights within the research community. And so, we talked about strategies to increase the quality and impact of sports management and technology research relevant in various domains of the sports sector. Enjoy listening!
August 11, 2020
Jeroen Stragier - Wearables & analytics in digital health, sport and physical activity
Being a Senior researcher at Ghent University in the research group for Media, Innovation and Communication Technologies, Jeroen Stragier has worked on various aspects as motivational affordances of Online Fitness Community features, the use of Wearables, Mobile apps and Exergames in promoting physical activity, and the potential of new Media and Persuasive technologies to induce Behavioral change towards healthier and more sustainable lifestyles. In this episode, we discussed pro's and con's of academic research in this field in relation to technological advancements and commercializations in the industry, and the potential for innovation in this area. As always: happy listening and looking forward to your feedback!
July 14, 2020
Benjamin Kinsky - Studying the Sports Innovation Ecosystem
What's the status quo of sports innovation ecosystems, from both a theoretical and practical perspective? Benjamin Kinsky (Bundeswehr University Munich) is making his PhD on this interesting topic. We talked about the daily business in sports and why teams or leagues would/should focus on creating innovative products, services and processes, despite their limited time and financial resources. What are the gaps, where are the opportunities lying and how could more of the theory be implemented in the real world? Happy listening and if you like to contact Benjamin, you can find him here. 
July 7, 2020
Giorgi Khubua - Starting, growing & selling a university (student) FitTech startup
In order to have student sport entrepreneurship to flourish, it helps to have some good practices and examples. Giorgi Khubua and his team created one with their smart mirror solution called Solos. The story started at the Technical University of Munich in 2016 and after winning prizes and attracting investments, the team recently sold the startup to a larger fitness company. In this episode, we talked about the technical & go-to-market challenges, the role of university startup programs and the mindset needed to be successful within the fitness sector. His favorite product (besides his own mirror): Peloton.
June 28, 2020
Jack Goodloe-Haßmann - The ins & outs of Research & Innovation at Puma
Jack Goodloe-Haßmann, Senior Manager Consumer Insights at Puma (at the time we spoke), explains his approach and vision within the Puma R&D process. We discussed the interaction between physical (material) versus sensor and digital innovations and the role of academic research for a company as Puma. Also: what will the future for Puma bring? Contact Jack Goodloe-Haßmann here.
June 8, 2020
Lode Goossens - The role of research in youth sports talent identification
During this episode of the podcast, Lode Goossens talks about the transition from the Ghent University spin-off SpartaNova to the re-start of the company under the name 'Hylyght'. We talked about the state-of-the-art in the sports talent identification research area, and the opportunities for automation using smart testing devices and machine learning models, creating purpose build algorithms & insights to be used by federations, clubs, etc. Contact Lode Goossens here.
June 8, 2020
Ted Hayduk - Bridging the gap between research & the sports world through data
During this podcast episode, Ted Hayduk, Assistant Professor at the Preston Robert Tisch Institute for Global Sport (New York University) discusses his research in the areas of sports entrepreneurship & innovation and the role of data analytics within it. Prof. Hayduk elaborates on how to bridge the gap between (his) research and the sports world. We also discussed some parts of his recently published book titled 'Statistical Modelling and Sports Business Analytics’. Contact Prof. Ted Hayduk here.
June 8, 2020
Welcome to the Sports Tech Research Podcast!
In this intro episode, we shortly explain the purpose of our podcast and the topics we'll cover. Happy listening!
June 5, 2020