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Stu's EV Universe

Stu's EV Universe

By Stuart Ungar
Welcome to Stu's EV Universe.
Stuart Ungar is the co-founder of EvolveKY, Kentucky's electric vehicle group. He is an environmental enthusiast and an EV evangelist. Join him on his eclectic electric journey as he speaks to experts, drivers, and more.
Enter into Stu's EV Universe!
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SEVU 6: EVangelist Daniel Monroe

Stu's EV Universe

SEVU 35: The Wheels on the Electric School Bus!
Stu speaks with John Hipchen, Executive Director of the Electric School Bus Coalition.  For years, bright yellow school buses were followed by a trail of dirty diesel fumes.  Now that is starting  change.  The health benefits to our children and our environment depend on school buses getting cleaner and electrification promises a much healthier ride for our kids.  But the transition will have its challenges and hurdles.  What needs to change?  Will it be a smooth ride?  Will the federal money available be enough, or is it just the start?  Tune in to find out!    Support us on Patreon at:  Learn more about Evolve KY at:  Topics: Electric School Buses, Electric School Bus Coalition, Federal Funding, EV Charging Infrastructure, Electric School Bus Conversions, Lion School Bus, Thomas Built School Bus, Zero Emission, EV Total Cost of Ownership, EV, Electric Vehicle, Infrastructure Bill 
June 28, 2022
SEVU 34: Oldest Automotive Program Embraces Electric
Stu chats with Justin Morgan, chairperson of automotive technology at Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio. Sinclair has the distinction of being the oldest automotive program in the nation (starting in 1906). Morgan looks to the future by providing innovative programs like the intensive training program Tesla Start. And most recently the college has acquired a GM EV1 to bring a bit of history to the program. Ambitious offerings designed to train the next generation of technicians — looking ahead to an electric future!   Support us on Patreon at:   Learn more about Evolve KY at:    Topics: EV Repair, EV1, GM EV1, Dayton Ohio, Community and Technical Colleges, Tesla Start, Automotive Technicians, Chevy, Bolt, EV Education, EV Service, Electric Vehicle 
June 13, 2022
SEVU 33: Recreating America's First Road Trip -- Electrified!
Stu talks with Jack Smith, who traces Horatio Nelson Jackson's 1903 journey -- the first cross-country automobile trip in the United States.  Smith drives a 60's-era VW bus, converted to electric, dubbed the Rust Bus.  Each journey had its own unique set of challenges.  Drive on this adventurous path with us and find out more!    Support us on Patreon at:  Learn more about Evolve KY at:  Topics: VW, Volkswagon Bus, Horatio's Drive, Ken Burns, Tom Hanks, Cross-country trip, Adventure, Road Trip, EV West, Skateboard, Electric Skateboard, Documentary
May 29, 2022
SEVU 32: Electric Cross Country Racing
Stu talks to Ed Fessler who has raced cross country since he was a teen. Now, after catching the EV bug with his Tesla, he has taken the leap to electric on two wheels. Tune in to find out more!   Check out Ed's youtube channel:   Support us on Patreon at:    Learn more about Evolve KY at:    Topics: Electric Dirt Bike, Off Road Motorcycles, Hare Scramble Racing, Cross Country Racing, Motocross, KTM Freeride E-VC, Stark VARG, Tesla, Tesla Model 3, Kentucky, Indiana
May 10, 2022
SEVU 31: EVs and Equity
Stu speaks with Rap Hankins about his community of Trotwood, Ohio and his journey to make this great community better.  For underserved communities, there can be a lot of challenges, and Rap is working hard to make sure that his neighbors aren't left behind as we move towards a cleaner, more equitable future with electric vehicles.  EVs are fun, but we also explore the deeper side of what it means to be part of a greater EV family and what it means for future generations.  This is easily one of my favorite discussions to date.  Have a listen!    Support us on Patreon at:  Learn more about Evolve KY at:  Topics: Volkswagon, Equity, VW, VW ID4, VW e-golf, Tesla, EV Evangelism, Ohio, Trotwood Ohio, Community, Kentucky, Appalachia
April 19, 2022
SEVU 30: DeLorean Reimagined Electric!
Gas?  Where we are going we don’t need gas!  In this episode we go back to the future as we talk to Joost de Vries, CEO of DeLorean Motor Company, to discuss the reimagining and rebirth of the iconic Delorean. And who better than Joost, with a lifetime in the automotive industry working for the likes of Tesla in its infancy and Karma Automotive. Can lightning strike again?   Support us on Patreon at:   Learn more about Evolve KY at:   Topics: DeLorean, Tesla Roadster, Tesla Model S, Fisker Karma, Back to the Future, Joost de Vries, DeLorean Motor Company, DMC, Karma Automotive
April 05, 2022
SEVU 29: Police Teslas Results After a Year
In this episode, Stu speaks to Berea, Kentucky's Police Chief Eric Scott. Berea is currently the only city in Kentucky to purchase EVs as cruisers. It’s now been a year since they were deployed in the community. Find out how they have been received by the community, how the officers adapted, how the costs compare to their “traditional” gas vehicles, and how these vehicles have effected their police work. All this rolls into their overarching wholistic approach to community policing. You’ll even meet Buddy their police puppy!   Support us on Patreon at:    Learn more about Evolve KY at:   Topics: Tesla, Ford, Mustang Mach E, Cybertruck, Ford F-150 Lightning, Police, EV, Electric Vehicle, Kia EV6, City Fleets, Adopt a Charger, Level 2 Chargers, DC Fast Chargers
March 15, 2022
SEVU 28: Who Killed the Electric Car? with Filmmaker Chris Paine!
This episode, Stu speaks to Chris Paine, the filmmaker who brought us THE EV films that marked a movement -- Who Killed the Electric Car and Revenge of the Electric Car! Chris offers up insider insight on favorite moments in these films along with a lively discussion of his craft. The argument can be made that without these films, and the awareness they brought, the EV movement may only be a shadow of what it is today.  Are those two films enough?  Will it be a trilogy?  Tune in to find out!    Support us on Patreon at:  Learn more about Evolve KY at:   Watch the EVOLVE film:  Topics: Tesla, Elon Musk, Electric Vehicles, EVs, Tesla Roadster, Filmmaking, GM, Bob Lutz, EV1, EVOLVE: Driving a Clean Future in Coal Country, Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Chelsea Sexton, Papercut Films, Documentaries 
February 25, 2022
SEVU 27: Zan Dubin-Scott -- EV Marketing
Join us for our one-year anniversary episode!  Stu's extra special guest is Zan Dubin-Scott, an EV pioneer and the co-founder of Plug-in America.  Zan and Stu share a common passion -- marketing.  Within these few delightful minutes we explore the past, present and future of marketing as it relates to electric vehicles and hear about the early days of our EV revolution!    Support us on Patreon at:  Learn more about Evolve KY at:  Topics: Tesla, Elon Musk, Electric Vehicles, EVs, Electrify America, Normal Now, Nissan LEAF, Plug-in-America, Super Bowl, Super Bowl Ads, Advertising, GM, BMW, EV Vans, Commercials, EV1, Tom Brady, Hertz, National Drive Electric Week, NDEW, Tesla Superchargers, DC Fast Chargers
February 07, 2022
SEVU 26: Tesla Full Self Driving
On this episode, Stu talks to Sunny Gulati, one of Evolve KY's most active members. Sunny was kind enough to take me for a spin in his Tesla Model Y with Full Self Driving (FSD) so that I can experience it first hand.  What are FSD's strengths?  What are its weaknesses?  Will it ever be ready for prime time?  Will Sunny's wife stop punching him in the arm for having FSD on?  Answers to all of those questions and more on this special "drive along" episode!     Support us on Patreon at:  Learn more about Evolve KY at:  Topics: Tesla, Tesla Model Y, Electric Vehicles, EVs, Nissan LEAF, Full Self Driving, Automation, Auto Pilot
January 30, 2022
SEVU 25: EVs in India
On this episode, Stu talks to Sujoy Dhar, an Indian journalist who has written and edited many environmental and business stories, about EVs in his country. While there’s growing interest, a lack of charging infrastructure hinders wide adoption. What are government leaders saying about the future? What sorts of EVs are people there most interested in? What does the prospect of green transportation mean for the nation’s air pollution problems? Tune in and find out more about the global promise of electric vehicles!   Support us on Patreon at:     Learn more about Evolve KY at:     Check out India Blooms:   Topics: Tesla, India, EVs, Tata Motors, Kolkata, New Delhi, EV Chargers, Charging Infrastructure, Environment, Pollution, India Blooms, Just Earth News
January 14, 2022
SEVU 24: Route 66 EV Museum - Showcasing the Past and Looking to the Future
On this episode, Stu talks to Josh Noble, tourism services manager at the Kingman Arizona office of tourism, about the Route 66 EV Museum. While there are many automotive museums and collections with one or two EVs, this is the only museum dedicated only to electric vehicles. What’s their oldest EV? What’s the oddest EV in their collection? What’s the most popular? You’ll find out about the museum’s history, collection and exciting future plans, so tune in!   Support us on Patreon at:   Learn more about Evolve KY at:   Topics: Electric Cars, EVs, Classic Cars, Museum, Route 66, Kingman Arizona, Tourism, Route 66 EV Museum
December 30, 2021
SEVU 23: Emily Miller on the Art of the Rebelle Rally
On this episode, Stu talks with Emily Miller, founder of the Rebelle Rally.  EVs are more and more being welcomed into the multi-day off-road rally and they are proving to be winners.  Miller talks about how the all-woman rally is as much a testing ground for vehicles as their drivers and navigators.  No cellphones.  No GPS.  Extreme temperatures.  11-14 hour days.  What does this life-changing activity in the desert offer their select bunch of adventurers?    Learn more about the rally at:  Support us on Patreon at:  Learn more about Evolve KY at:  Topics: Rivian, Jeep Rubicon, BEV, PHEV, Adventure, Off Road, Rally, EV, VW ID4, Audi e-tron, Mitsubishi, Kia, Hummer EV, Ford F150 Lightning, Volvo, BMW, Elon Musk, Cybertruck, Jimmy Lewis, Rod Hall, Tutus Canyon
December 18, 2021
SEVU 22: Michael Bream Talks Classic Car Conversions
On this episode, Stu talks with Michael Bream, founder of EV West. Michael is passionate about keeping classic cars rolling through electrification.  Vehicle owners trust Bream to not only electrify their rides, but to make their cars quicker, better and more fun. They discuss the wide variety of vehicles he works with and ask the questions: What does a well-loved vehicle look like? Could a car running today still work 100 years from now? And can a car be an art piece?   Support us on Patreon at:    Learn more about Evolve KY at:       Topics: EV Conversions, EV West, Electrification, Tesla, DIY, VW, Volkswagon, VW Bug, VW Beetle, VW Thing, VW Bus, Porsche, Porsche 911, Porsche 912, Porsche 914, Classing Cars, Daily Drivers, Car Restorations, BMW
December 01, 2021
SEVU 21: Battery Swapping for EVs -- Ample Sees a Swappable Future
Stu speaks with Levi Tillemann, vice president for policy and international outreach at Ample, a battery swapping company.  Battery swapping is a very different model of putting power in an EV than what most of us are used to.  It’s a system that basically swaps out the main battery pack with a fresh one fully charged when range gets low (instead of visiting an area charging station and plugging in). While battery swapping is successful and plentiful in places like China, it is almost unheard of in the U.S.  Ample is a company that is taking a different approach to EV recharging. Will this underdog be successful?  In these early EV times, some car companies and charging solutions will succeed and some will fail. Welcome to the EV Wild West, my friends!  Exciting times.  Support us on Patreon at:   Learn more about Evolve KY at:      Topics: Tesla, EV, Nissan LEAF, Battery swapping, Nio, China
November 21, 2021
SEVU 20: Paul Scott - EVs and Activism
This week, Stu chats with Paul Scott, EV trailblazer and staunch clean fuels advocate. They discuss the politics of EVs, the real cost of petroleum as a fuel for vehicles, and EV activism. His passion comes through loud and clear in this no holds barred journey.  Come along for this wild ride! (Content Warning: some profanity and brief mention of suicide)  Support us on Patreon at:  Learn more about Evolve KY at:     Topics: Tesla, GM, EV1, Toyota, Prius, Ford, Bolt, Honda, VW, Activism, Solar, PHEV, Protests, Boycott, Obama, Lobbying, Congress, Political, Batteries, Internal Combustion Engine, ICE, Greta Thunberg, California, Kentucky, Merchants of Doubt
November 02, 2021
SEVU 19: Elinor Chalmers - Scottish EV Journey
This week, Stu has his first international guest!  Elinor Chalmers is the director of EVA Scotland, an EV influencer with a big presence on social media who has recently been on Fully Charged Live! We talk about how EVs played a leading role in her life (even at her wedding!), the different vehicles and charging infrastructure available in Scotland. We discuss the modern-day issue of FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) and Chalmers' love of animals. Join us for this lovely and lively chat.   Support us on Patreon at:    Learn more about Evolve KY at:    Topics: EVA Scotland, Nissan LEAF, Tesla Model 3, Tesla Cybertruck, EV, Electric Taxis, EV Charging, Cats, Horses, Vegan
October 10, 2021
SEVU 18: Chelsea Sexton - From the EV1 to Today
In this episode, Stu chats with electric car advocate Chelsea Sexton, who appeared in the film, "Who Killed the Electric Car," about the early days of the EV1, how the protests in the film happened organically, and the road ahead 25 years later.  What is she driving these days? All I can say is: Join us; it’s electric!   Support us on Patreon at:   Learn more about Evolve KY at:   Topics: GM, EV1, Saturn, Bolt, Tesla, Volt, Who Killed the Electric Car, EV, Chevrolet, Impact
September 25, 2021
SEVU 17: Electric Cabs - Retro and Revolutionary
Take a ride with us and learn about Columbus Yellow Cab, a nearly 100-year-old family business that CEO and owner Morgan Kauffman reinvented to become a "green" transportation company.  In this age of large global companies like Uber and Lyft, his company is going the extra mile to make electric cars work for their drivers and passengers all the while becoming a great asset to their Ohio community.   Support us on Patreon at: Learn more about Evolve KY at: Topics: Tesla Model 3, Chevy Bolt, Taxi, Cab, Cincinnati, Ohio, EV, Electric Vehicle, Fleets, Autopilot
September 12, 2021
SEVU 16: Tesla YouTuber Andy Slye: Driving EV Excitement
This week, Stu talks to Andy Slye, a Telsa YouTuber, and world record holder on Tesla car referrals (approximately 1,500) on his history with making videos, his interest in technology and what goes into making successful YouTube videos.    Support us on Patreon at:  Learn more about Evolve KY at:   Topics: Tesla, Andy Slye, YouTube, Tesla Model 3, Technology, Tesla Roadster
August 31, 2021
SEVU 15: Jason France, ClipperCreek Founder, on the Past, Present, and Future of EV Chargers
This week, Stu talks to ClipperCreek founder Jason France about the joy and journey of building EV infrastructure. Leader of one of the premier electric car charger manufacturers, he discusses his history with electric cars, and how he's been an integral part of the industry's growth from even before the EV1 all the way to today.   Support us on Patreon at:  Learn more about Evolve KY at:   Topics: EV chargers, Tesla, ClipperCreek, Jason France, EV1, electric vehicles, fast chargers, superchargers, the future of electric vehicles
August 14, 2021
SEVU 14: Kitty Adams: Adopt a Charger and Societal Change
This week, Stu interviews Kitty Adams. Not only has Adams facilitated the installation of hundreds of EV chargers spanning several states, but she has done so with seemingly boundless energy.  We talk about the deeper reasons of why this work is so essential, what we can learn from how other countries approach EV infrastructure and how EV drivers' enthusiasm is a big reason we are on the cusp of exponential growth. A lively and lovely discussion with one of our industries' angels.    Support us on Patreon at:  Learn more about Evolve KY at:  Topics: Tesla, Adopt a Charger, Chevy Spark, ClipperCreek, Tesla Superchargers, DC Fast Charging, Electrify America
July 31, 2021
SEVU 13: Innovative EV Ideas: Packsize and Leaders for Clean Air
From a company that aims to revolutionize packaging and shipping to a non-profit that promotes EV adoption, this episode covers some really interesting ground.  Stu talks with Britton Bettridge, Director of Business Operations at the non-profit Leaders for Clean Air to showcase some very innovative programs going on in Utah and beyond.    Support us on Patreon at:     Learn more about Evolve KY at:    Topics: Electric vehicles, Tesla, electric vehicle chargers, right-size packaging, Packsize, Leaders for Clean Air, Utah, EV fleets 
July 17, 2021
SEVU 12: Dad and Daughter EV Charger Tour (part 2)
In this episode, Stu and his daughter Eden drive around Louisville, KY to visit some of the fee-free community chargers installed by Evolve KY.  Each location has its unique story and purpose.  It's a story of determination and friendship and working with future generations on solutions.  Let's celebrate the positive things going on in our communities and work towards an even cleaner and brighter future.   Support us on Patreon at:    Learn more about Evolve KY at:   Topics: Electric vehicle chargers, future generations and EVs, Chevy Volt, local businesses 
July 04, 2021
SEVU 11: The Electric Future of Car Dealerships with Bob Hook III
This week, Stu talks to Bob Hook III, the owner of Louisville's Bob Hook Chevrolet. Bob talks about the origins of this dealership in his family, how he dealt with owning his dealership during the Covid-19 pandemic, his thoughts and feelings about the future of electric vehicles and how that will affect his business, and much more!   ** Episode clarification -- Please note that the Chevy Bolt EV is not currently eligible for the Federal Tax Credit for new all-electric vehicles. ** Support us on Patreon at:    Learn more about Evolve KY at:   Topics: Tesla, Chevy Bolt, Bolt EUV, Bob Hook, Chevrolet, car dealerships during coronavirus, the future of electric cars, electric vehicles
June 20, 2021
SEVU 10: CleanTechnica CEO Talks Tech
This week Stu chats with Zach Shahan, director of CleanTechnica, about how he got started in the clean tech industry and how he discovered his love of writing. Zach will also discuss how best to market EVs, what he thinks the next few years will be like, and much more.   Support us on Patreon at:  Learn more about Evolve KY at: Topics: CleanTechnica, Tesla, Elon Musk, environmental journalism, Ford F150 Lightning, Mustang Mach-E, electric vehicles
June 01, 2021
SEVU 9: Electric Vehicles: Young Arkansas Archer Aims for a Cleaner Future
This week, Stu talks to nineteen-year-old Spencer Rhoden about his love of electric vehicles and his experiences starting an electric vehicle centered clothing brand and Arkansas's new electric vehicle group.   Check out Spencer's EV clothing brand:  Support us on Patreon at:  Learn more about Evolve KY at: Topics: Tesla Model 3, EV chargers, electric vehicle groups, electric vehicles 
May 16, 2021
SEVU 8: The Future of EV Instruction and Repairs
This episode Stu speaks with Grant Inge, Automotive Industry Coordinator/instructor at Jefferson Community and Technical College in Louisville, Kentucky. He also read comments sent in from listeners about their experiences with EV repairs (or if they’ve had any).  Learn more about Evolve KY at:  Support us on Patreon at: Topics: electric vehicles, electric vehicle repair, Jefferson Community Technical College, Nissan Leaf
May 05, 2021
SEVU 7: Ed Begley Jr: his electric vehicle history!
This week, Stu chats with one of his eco-heros, award-winning actor and environmentalist Ed Begley Jr. about Ed's long history with electric cars, from the first Earth Day in 1970 to the present day, and presents his unique perspective on the future of electric transportation.   Learn more about EvolveKY at:  Support us on Patreon at: Topics: electric vehicles, Tesla Model S, Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, electric vehicle pioneer, green living, solar, LEED certified
April 15, 2021
SEVU 6: EVangelist Daniel Monroe
In this episode, Stu talks to Daniel Monroe, current president of Evolve KY. Daniel talks about what led him to be an EV evangelist. He has a guestbook of over 200 people that he's let drive his Tesla Model 3, and he's got some stories to tell!  Note: This episode includes a brief discussion about suicide. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is at 1-800-273-8255.  Learn more about EvolveKY at: Support us on Patreon at Topics: electric vehicles, Tesla Model 3 
April 03, 2021
SEVU 5: Teslas in the Berea Police Force -- A Kentucky First
On this episode, Stu speaks with Police Chief Eric Scott on their recent purchase of Teslas for their police force.  Chief Scott is a young, ambitious and forward thinking man who believes that through thoughtful smart technology the police force (and indeed the entire town of Berea) will benefit big.  Learn more about EvolveKY at:  Support us on Patreon at: Topics: electric vehicles, Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model Y, Zero Motorcycle, electric vehicles in policing, EV chargers 
March 22, 2021
SEVU 4: Dad and Daughter EV Charger Tour (Part 1)
Join Stu and his daughter Eden as they drive around Kentucky to a few of the EV chargers that Evolve KY has put in. They reminisce about the journey from one charger location to thirty charger locations installed around Kentucky and Indiana.  Learn more about Evolve KY at: Support us on Patreon at: Topics: electric vehicles, EV chargers, Louisville, Adopt a Charger, local businesses 
March 14, 2021
SEVU 3: To be or not to be... The EV road fee
Stu is joined by Lane Boldman, the Executive Director of the Kentucky Conservation Committee, and they discuss Kentucky's legislative issues including the proposed annual EV road fee.  These recently proposed bills could get in the way of wider EV Adoption and and penalize folks for driving green.   Learn more about EvolveKY at: Support us on Patreon at: Topics: EV road tax, electric vehicles 
March 01, 2021
This week, Stuart talks to Louisville film-maker Ben Evans about the award-winning film that they made together, EVOLVE: Driving a Clean Future in Coal Country. Join them as they reminisce about what it was like to create this documentary and talk about the significance of creating a film like this in the middle of coal country.  Learn more about EvolveKY at: Support us on Patreon at: Rent or buy the EVOLVE film: watch the EVOLVE film teasers: (Parade) (Eastern KY Drivers)  listen to the EVOLVE film soundtrack: Check out the Louisville Vegan Jerky Co.: Topics: electric vehicles, solar, EV chargers, EvolveKY, electric vehicle batteries, Eastern Kentucky, local filmmaker 
February 21, 2021
SEVU 1: Our EV Journey Begins
Join Stu and his wife Laura this Valentine's Day to learn about their journey to get an Electric Vehicle and how it has fit into their eco-lifestyle. Stu shares his enthusiasm about EVs, and Laura talks about the practical side of owning an electric car.  Learn more about EvolveKY at: Join my Patreon at: Topics: electric vehicles, valentine's day, EVs, Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, EV charging, EV basics, Greasecar, solar, saving money  
February 07, 2021