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The Student-Centered World Podcast

The Student-Centered World Podcast

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My name is Jenn Breisacher and I am CEO of Student-Centered World. I help teachers create a fully engaged classroom through student-centered learning, reducing teacher stress, and increasing student success. Are you overwhelmed as a teacher? Do you find that your passion just isn't where it used to be? Do you love what you do, but the daily stress is just becoming too much? If so, you've found the right place. Our podcast focuses on teachers and how to avoid burnout while creating a memorable and (relatively) stress-free environment in your classroom and school.
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Episode 301: Student Engagement Strategies

The Student-Centered World Podcast

Episode 303: Defining Classroom Routine
Episode summary: Today I wanted to take a couple of minutes to talk about routine in the classroom. So, if you listened for the last two weeks, you know that the first episode that we had talked all about engagement. It was clipped out of the engagement webinar that I was giving over the summertime and then last week, we talked to Bridget Burlage, who talked all about how she engages her students through routines in the classroom. But there are some questions because my engagement piece was all about switching things up in the classroom and keeping the kids on the toes. Then Bridget went in and talked about how you have to have very distinct routines and it seems like they're conflicting thoughts, but they are not. And I wanted to take a couple of minutes today to explain how they both work together in perfect harmony in the classroom. Episode transcript: For the full transcript of this episode, please visit Programs Discussed: Google Classroom: EdPuzzle: Want to learn more? - Subscribe to podcast updates: - Join the Student-Centered World Mastermind Facebook group: Follow Student-Centered World on: Pinterest: Facebook: Instagram:
November 21, 2020
Episode 302: Structure in the Classroom with Bridget Burlage
Episode summary: In our very first interview of season three of the podcast, I was able to catch up with one of my former coworkers, Bridget Burlage, who is a high school English teacher and also teaches AP students. She has absolutely found her stride and a hybrid classroom and has some fantastic tips and tricks that she uses that are not only successful for the day-to-day, but it's also fully preparing her students through consistent engagement and relationship building. It all comes down to the structure in the classroom that she has created, and her students have adapted. Bonus: her tips are not for high school only; you can use them in any grade level, you just obviously have to change it a little bit for your content area and age appropriateness, but then you will be set to go.  Episode transcript: For the full transcript of this episode, please visit  Programs Discussed:  Google Classroom:  Teacher Made:  SeeSaw: NoRedInk: Nearpod:  Jamboard: Google Meet: Quizizz: Haiku Learning:  Mentimeter:  Want to learn more?  - Contact Bridget Burlage: or  - Subscribe to podcast updates:  - Join the Student-Centered World Mastermind Facebook group:  Follow Student-Centered World on:  Pinterest:  Facebook:  Instagram:
November 14, 2020
Episode 301: Student Engagement Strategies
Episode summary:  To say this year (2020) has been a roller coaster is an absolute understatement. Every moment, it seems like something has changed, something has been altered, something has been thrown at us some type of curveball that we had no idea was even coming in the first place.  And it's been hard.  It's been really hard to be a human right now, let alone to be a teacher. I feel like we've gone through such a roller coaster of respect and disrespect in the field. We've been trying so hard to find ways to strike balance to do our jobs and to teach our kids all the things that we normally do. But now we're wearing masks, or maybe now we're doing it through a screen. In March when the school shutdowns first started, we created our mastermind Facebook group, and we were trying to help one another in there and just figure out how to manage this. While we've found a lot of ways to manage it, we're still trying to figure things out at the same time. One of the issues that have come to the surface and it happened in the spring, it's happening in the fall, even as some schools are going back to school full time, it's still an issue is the idea of classroom engagement.  When you're all digital, the concern is are the kids even there? Are they logging in? Are they doing the assignments? What's going on with them at home? When they're in school? Maybe it's hybrid, so they're only there for a short period of time you want to get the best bang for your buck...but maybe they're not interested or when they are home and they're doing online work? Are they really doing it the way that you envision it? If they're in the classroom? Are they distracted because they have to wear masks or they have some type of shield between them and their friend and they can't be within three or six feet of one another and they can't walk down the hall or use the water fountains?  There's just so much going on right now.  I really felt that in this first episode, I should hone in on the stuff that I have been saying about classroom engagement. There are ways to certainly focus on this. If you know me at this point, you know that I say everything to be successful just takes a mindset shift, and then putting it into practice. This first podcast is the audio from our Hacking Student Engagement webinar. The teachers who have listened to this advice are finding themselves much less stressed and their students much more engaged. I hope you find the same. Episode transcript: For the full transcript of this episode, please visit Want to learn more? - Subscribe to podcast updates: - Join the Student-Centered World Facebook group: Follow Student-Centered World on: Pinterest: Facebook: Instagram:
November 7, 2020
Blended Learning for Fall 2020?
Everything is up in the air for fall 2020 in the classroom, but most districts are seriously considering blended learning. This podcast episode discusses what blended learning is and how you can be successful with it (and...spoiler alert...if you plan for blended learning, you can still do it effectively in the classroom...but it's very hard to be successful at traditional teaching online!) #blendedlearning #teachertips #distance learning To sign up for the discussed free training series, visit:
May 22, 2020
Lesson Planning for a Pandemic
As teachers, we so often rely on our own experience each year that passes in the classroom when it comes to developing lesson plan ideas. Currently, we are in a unique situation in education. Teachers have been thrust into an atypical version of distance learning. While distance learning can be very effective in some scenarios, it turns into quite the bit debilitating attempt to keep continuity and consistency in our classrooms that have now turned virtual.
May 16, 2020
Teacher Observation Tips
Teacher evaluations and classroom observations are nervewracking for any teacher. Make it easy for an administrator to know how to write a classroom observation for you with these ideas and teacher observation examples that will work in all classrooms.  By following these instructional strategies, you will demonstrate not only effective teaching but will rock your teacher evaluation comments through whatever teacher evaluation system your district uses with this teacher observation checklist. You can read more about this topic here:
May 9, 2020
What Do You Do With a Toxic School?
Hopefully, you haven't been there and you've only heard the horror stories, but when you work in a toxic school environment, everyone you love about education gets washed under a sea of anxiety. There are three options to come through on top of the situation. Don't let a bad school ruin your love of the game.
May 2, 2020
Teacher Self-Care and Preventing Burnout
Remember back to what probably seems like a lifetime ago. You became a teacher to: *Make a difference in the lives of students *Be the person a child can look up to for guidance *Follow your passion for education But the changes we are facing every day in policy, procedure, and expectations are making it seem like a pipe dream. The truth is, even if you’re not getting the support you need from your administration, parents, and even students, you can still recapture that “new teacher” energy. You just need to take care of yourself first. To check out the video series mentioned in this episode, visit the page found here: Beating Teacher Burnout Free Video Series
April 25, 2020
Why the School Shutdowns Can be Seen as a "Silver Lining" in Education
Teachers have been thrust into distance learning, but did you know that it will, unequivocally HELP teaching once everyone returns to the classroom? What seems like a complete uprooting is actually one of the greatest silver linings we have ever received in the educational world. eLearning and distance teaching is going to make all teachers better at their craft for a very specific reason. #distancelearning #elearning
April 17, 2020
Reaching Your Students while Distance Learning
Much like within the classroom, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to reaching students outside of the walls in our buildings. When it comes to a lack of communication, it's important to determine why before coming up with a plan to combat it (to whatever degree you can). Nothing in education is perfect, but as people in the frontline, we certainly should keep trying. Even if we help one student, we've made a difference. Teachers have been thrust into distance learning, but did you know that it will, unequivocally HELP teaching once everyone returns to the classroom? What seems like a complete uprooting is actually one of the greatest silver linings we have ever received in the educational world. eLearning and distance teaching is going to make all teachers better at their craft for a very specific reason. 
April 11, 2020
Tackling Distance Learning
Conquering distance learning can be very intimidating for a teacher who is unfamiliar with the process. Here are three action steps to help it go smoothly and be en effective means of teaching your students online. #distancelearning #blendedlearning #teachingonline
April 4, 2020
Handling School Closings While Teaching
The extensive school shutdowns are stressful on everyone...and trying to manage it all as a teacher is exhausting. We are in an unprecedented time in history right now. Teachers are scrambling and trying to make sense of what their role is currently, which looks different for every teacher in every school district around the world. Here is some advice as we try to navigate the (hopefully very temporary) new normal
March 28, 2020
Stressing Less in the Classroom
Teaching is becoming an increasingly difficult career path each year that passes.  There are some tweaks you can make to your teaching methodology that will help alleviate a significant amount of stress and allow you to consistently enjoy the time with your students.
May 18, 2019
Keeping Perspective
As educators, we so often get ourselves all wrapped up with the little things that we lose perspective of the big picture.  In this week's episode, we look at the slippery slope of life when this happens and brainstorm ways to stop it.
May 11, 2019
Overcoming Empathetic Distress
As teachers, we want to help all of our students do big things.  But what happens when we immerse ourselves in their own personal traumas every day?  How do we make sure that we are still in a good place to help them?  In this weeks podcast, we talk about how to do just that.
May 4, 2019
Taking a Teacher Brain Break
We know how important student brain breaks are to their mental health and productivity in the classroom, but what about teachers?  Should they also take brain breaks?  The answer is YES, and in today's episode, we explain how.
April 27, 2019
Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?
What if it isn't an external voice that is getting you down.  What if it is your own negative self talk....and upon examination, it's unnecessary and incorrect?  On this week's podcast, we take a look at your internal voice and whether it's building you up or knocking you down.
April 20, 2019
Stop Listening to the External Voices
External voices are all around's wonderful when they're positive and uplifting, but what happens when they're negative?  What happens when they end up making your internal voice doubt itself?  Today we're going to tackle the negativity and what you need to do to keep yourself above the chaos.
April 13, 2019
The Stress of Teaching
In this first episode of the Student-Centered World podcast, we look at teacher stress and discuss a quick way to start to organize your thoughts.
April 6, 2019