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Student Radio History Podcast

Student Radio History Podcast

By Rafal Alumairy
This is part of a history book project which will be self published and fully independent. Radical baby! Find out more This is the first time student radio history has EVER been put down on paper or podcast in Australia.
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Pirate Radio 3DR 1971 - Make Radio Not War
As a sort of accident, this illegal station became Australia's biggest pirate radio project in history. There have been small pirate radio projects before and after 3DR, but none as organised, as ambitious or as notorious as 3DR. This is the FIRST TIME this infamous story has been put together comprehensively and accurately.In 1971, students and activists created 3DR Draft Resistance Radio created as part of a protest against the Vietnam War. This is the story of a group of young people inadvertently building the first community radio station in Australia.  EPISODE BREAKDOWNThis episode will start by explaining the political context of the station, which cannot be separated from the radio itself. The Vietnam War was fiercely opposed, and protesting the draft became the way of protesting the war. Then I will explain the organisation of a fateful political action at Melbourne University, and the reasoning behind building a pirate radio station as part of the protest. This protest action ended in a great deal of shattered glass and embarrassment for the police, along with triumph for the protesters. 3DR went on to live for about another year in various physical forms and different names. In 1974 moves were made to obtain a legal broadcasting licence for radical radio, at the beginnings of 3CR the Community Radio Federation, removing the need for illegal radio in Australia. I will argue there is a clear connection between 3DR Pirate Radio and current radical radio stations 3CR in Melbourne and 4ZZZ in Brisbane. Finally a call to arms for young people protesting climate change - protests WORK, let's draw inspiration from the battlers who were active against the Vietnam War and know that mass mobilisation is possible.This is the first podcast in a series that documents the History of Student Radio in Australia. Hope you enjoy - Stay radical Australia!
February 12, 2020