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Stuff about Sales

Stuff about Sales

By James Troiano
Talking sales. Having some fun. Sales is hard, just trying to learn something around here without having to read a 400 page book. We try to make sure our guests are as smart as possible.
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Do's and Dont's of AE Hiring with Dan Reinbold
Sales Executive Dan Reinbold comes on with Hannah and James to chat about sales hiring.  We discussed how to avoid a bad AE hire, which step in the interview process is most important for the hiring manger and how to have an effective Q&A interview.  Great tips for Account Executives and hiring managers on how to approach the sales interview process and what is most important both to have prepared for as an AE and as a hiring manager what to get out of the interview.
September 15, 2021
Is Your CRM Helping? with Jeroen Corthout - Co-Founder/CEO of Salesflare
Back to Back CEOs!  James & Hannah sit down with Co-Founder/CEO fo Salesflare.  We talked about the idea behind Salesflare, how they are improving on the status quo CRM brands, whether or not CRM data management is always tied to sales success, where AEs should be spending their time in the CRM, are there particular CRM fields that can indicate deal health best indicate sales health, and finally the future of CRM technology.
August 31, 2021
Embedding Team Selling into your Sales Org with Kris Rudeegraap - Founder/CEO of Sendoso
In this episode we have on Kris Rudeegraap who is the Founder & CEO of Sendoso.  Kris is an AE at heart, who founded Sendoso to create deeper connections with prospects and customers through personalized gift giving. Kris talks us through the idea behind Sendoso. Sendoso's unique team selling approach and how that starts with the Founder himself. What Kris looks for in an AE (Being an avatar-like AE who has ascended into the C-Suite) We discuss technology that Kris and team use for success. We end with 5 rapid fire questions for Kris including his views on profanity in the workplace.
August 24, 2021
End of Month Sales Strategy
The re-brand is here!  Hannah Pencek comes back on the podcast to answer 5 BIG sales questions around setting yourself up for a successful end of month. 1. From an AE perspective what is your best advice for setting up your month when you are on a monthly quota cycle? 2. What are some cues that you look for when taking an inbound lead that you might have an in month close on your hands? 3. What is the best advice for pulling an opportunity back into the month that might be slipping out? 4. Do you have any favorite language or wording, whether it's through email or whatever that you use as EOM approaches to make sure the deal is still a priority? 5. As a sales manager, what is your #1 priority when it comes to support your team for end of month? Also a bonus question at the end!  
June 29, 2021
Two Jimmys
First time in awhile....Stuff About Sales with Two Jimmys.  Fun convo with Gibbs.  Two Jimmys chat about sales life after the pandemic.  Gibbs takes us down the sales conference rabbit hole, his 2020 sales performance, medium(?) sales reps, then we chat about the role of video, stereotypical sales people, post pandemic work attire, and what's most really most important.
June 17, 2021
Personal Branding and Content Creation Tips with Rosie Purr
This is a short addendum conversation to the full podcast we did with Rosie on selling in the modern world we live in today. Rosie is an expert content creator with a huge following.  She was named to LinkedIn's list of Top 100 Sales Stars in 2020.  We talked in depth about personal branding and how Rosie approaches content creation.  How does she come up with content to share, how does she post, what types of posts does she think work best.  We also get into the organic reach available on social media platforms and why LinkedIn is the platform of "right now" and you should be on there creating content if you have something to say.  If you are interested in  content creation this is a must listen.
January 20, 2021
Are You a "Modern" Salesperson?
What does it take to succeed in sales today?  That's the question that we asked Rosie Purr.  Rosie was named in LinkedIn Top 100 Sales Stars of 2020, is a P-club winner and successful content creator.  We talked about what you can do to stand out during to your prospects.  How to differentiate yourself in a world where buyers are doing 80% of the buying work before they even speak with you (Gartner).  We'll talk through what is required of the "modern" seller and how what is required today might've changed from the days of old.
January 20, 2021
An Inside Sales leader's view on what makes a top performer and how to repeat success
Have you ever wondered what your sales leader really thinks about your professional behaviors?  Whether or not you are executing principles that are going to lead to success?  We have on Joey Goodson to talk about these things.  From his observations as a senior sales leader - what behaviors has he observed in top performers and what are some expectations that he sets with his team to help them maximize their potential.  Also we talk through some things he would do from a day to day perspective as an AE around pipeline management.  Finally we talk a little bit about the current state of Inside Sales, then end it all with burning questions for Joey.
January 4, 2021
Social Selling Primer and Cold Email Creativity
Ollie Whitfield joins the pod to talk about social selling, he tells a great story about getting creative with cold email outreach and finally Ollie shares some statistics on best times to email prospect.  As we look ahead to 2021 it's time to get out of our box and find ways to connect with buyers in an ever changing (hint: disconnected) world.  We have to find new ways to connect virtually.  If you haven't been thinking about your social media strategy, you need to start and if you have been sending cookie cutter prospecting emails some content writer at your organization is giving you, think again.
December 29, 2020
How to Appeal to the Emotional Side of your Buyer's Brain
Matt and James are joined by Rob Chatters, Sales Training Manager at NCC Group and someone who has years and years of experience training sellers.  We talk through appealing to the emotional part of the buyer's brain using stories, what the coaching role should be between managers and sales enablement/training, how to deliver coaching, then we talk about whether or not role plays are effective.  Finally we end with rapid fire questions for Rob.  
December 17, 2020
Improving your sales story, do customers have expectations of you? and more - 2nd Reddit Q&A
2nd Reddit Q&A!  Matt Biddy is back and we cover questions submitted from Reddit users.  Sales books we recommend, how to improve your sales story, what do customers expect of you as a seller, to cold call or not and finally what should anyone give a s**t about what we have to say.  Tons of good stuff in this one.
December 7, 2020
Podcast Look Ahead!
Hey everyone!  Quick updates on what to expect from the podcast content moving forward into 2021.
November 24, 2020
Selling to Price Motivated Buyers
James has on Matt Biddy and Kyle Kolumbus of Vonage to talk about selling to price motivated buyers and how to increase win rates on these opportunities. Get in touch with James -
November 10, 2020
Practical Tips to Stand Out as a Job Candidate
Practical tips to help yourself stand out as a job candidate for any level sales role given to you by one of the best, Tony Boyle.  Tony has years of experience both working as an external recruiter and internal talent acquisition leader.  We will walk through the pre-interview, interview and post interview processes and Tony will give advice as to what you should do, shouldn't do and some guidance on what will make you stand out as a candidate above all others.
November 3, 2020
Actionable Steps to Improve Sales Performance
It's the podcast's motto...sales is hard!  What do you do if you are struggling? What do you do if you feel like you've plateaued?  Is your organization helping?  Your leadership?  There isn't a sales school that we can sign up for to magically improve our skills and often time sales coaching isn't available.  Hannah wrote an amazing LinkedIn post about her journey from struggler to top performer.  I wanted to have Hannah on to share what this journey was like and what actionable steps she did from a practical perspective (day to day sales work) and mindset perspective to move from someone who wasn't sure sales was going to be a long-term profession to slaying quotas month after month.   Link to Hannah's Post -
October 6, 2020
Keys to Sales Success and Being Yourself
There is lots of misinformation out there that a salesperson has to be and act a certain way.  Outgoing? Check.  Center of Attention?  Check.  Loud?  Talkative?  Machisimo?  Check.  This is wrong!  I talk through this with Rob Lathan.  Rob is a comedian...
September 29, 2020
Sales & Customer Success Synergy
60-70% - Likelihood to convert a sale to an existing account.*5-20% - Average probability to convert a net new logo.*How are you managing this pipeline? Don't make it hard on yourself! We spend tons of time, energy and effort in converting net new logos...
September 23, 2020
Team Development and Servant Leadership
Originally wanted to have Gary on to talk about how co-sales teams, such as solutions architects, pre-sales engineers, solutions consultants, etc can hold the key to success.  Our talk veered off into team building, leadership and team development and...
September 8, 2020
Short Q&A from Reddit Sales
Short pod this week.  No guest, just answering some questions from r/sales.  Shout out to the users who allowed me to read and respond to their questions.  Hope you enjoy!
September 1, 2020
Cold Calling & Prospecting with James Gibbs
What is your cold calling strategy?  On this episode I have on James Gibbs, Business Development Manager at NCC Group North America, Escrow Services and we talk about some strategies that James uses to maximize effectiveness on a cold call.  NCC Group...
August 25, 2020
Discovery & Demo Tips
Having trouble with your champion?  Stumbling on a demo with new stakeholders?  I've got the podcast for you!  Who better to talk through these challenges than Roey Eldan, my first sales mentor!  Roey taught me so much when I was transitioning into...
August 18, 2020
Introduction to the Stuff about Sales Podcast
In this episode James introduces you to himself and the podcast while trying to avoid a stuffy monologue! Find us on Twitter: @stuffaboutsalesEmail: stuffaboutsales@gmail.comFollow us on LinkedIn by searching Stuff about Sales podcast!
August 11, 2020