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The Suburban Misfit

The Suburban Misfit

By Shan Hale
The Suburban Misfit offers alternative points of view to the consumer-driven lifestyle. Merging spirituality, authenticity and a few F Bombs, this podcast hopes to help you change the vibration and energy you put out into the world. Welcome and thanks for joining me in my Little corner of the Internet. What is The Suburban Misfit all about? We’ll talk Ayurvedic medicine, self-care from a truly foundational standpoint, finding and using your voice in the world, nutrition and movement, recycling, upcycling, & living a fulfilled life to your ideals.
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4. Persephone and COVID: An Alternative View of Quarantine 2020 with Jennifer Rose

The Suburban Misfit

4. Persephone and COVID: An Alternative View of Quarantine 2020 with Jennifer Rose

The Suburban Misfit

25. Philosophy of Yoga with Andy Betancourt
Today I had the privilege of talking with one of my instructors from Yoga Veda Institute, Andy Betancourt. Andy is the co-founder of Yoga Veda Institute, a heart-centered educational experience that offers bite-sized introductory classes on Yoga, Ayurvedic Foundations, and Women's Health from an Eastern perspective, all the way up to a complete Ayurvedic Practitioner program.  In this episode, we discussed the reasons why one might take up a Yoga Practice, and the steps to take to grow and evolve spiritually.   I loved the quote to which he referred by Jiddu Krishnamurti in regards to cultural appreciation vs cultural appropriation of Yoga: “When you call yourself an Indian or a Muslim or a Christian or a  European, or anything else, you are being violent. Do you see why it is  violent? Because you are separating yourself from the rest of mankind.  When you separate yourself by belief, by nationality, by tradition, it  breeds violence. So a man who is seeking to understand violence does not  belong to any country, to any religion, to any political party or  partial system; he is concerned with the total understanding of  mankind.” If you're interested in learning more about Yoga Veda Institute, check out the school here. Don't forget to restock your ghee with Ahara Ghee!  Use the code MISFIT for $5 off and free shipping.  The Suburban Misfit is honored to be named one of the Top 10 Ayurvedic Podcasts! 
August 17, 2020
24B. **Updated Audio** Coaching Client 1: You've Done Nothing Wrong
I corrected the audio background noise in this episode.  In this series, I'll be talking about ways I work with my coaching clients.  With this client, we worked with the book The Universe Has a Plan by Matt Kahn.  We focused specifically on the first chapter, to help her gain a new perspective on her marriage issues, showing her that indeed, she had done nothing wrong initially to cause her husband's insecurities.   We were so honored to be named one of the Top 10 Ayurvedic Podcasts by Feedspot! Want to book a coaching session with me? Email me at or schedule here:
August 13, 2020
24. Coaching Client 1: You’ve Done Nothing Wrong
In this series, I talk about the varying ways I work with my coaching clients. With this one, we used the book by Matt Kahn called The Universe Has a Plan, specifically the first chapter. I helped her get a new perspective on her marriage issues, showing her that indeed, she had done nothing wrong initially to cause her husband’s insecurities.
August 11, 2020
23. Leaky Boundaries
In this episode I discuss the parallel between leaky gut (or intestinal permeability) and leaky boundaries and how they affect your life. The Suburban Misfit was named one of the Top 10 Ayurvedic Podcasts on Feedspot!
July 24, 2020
22. Plugging Into Source
In this episode, I talk about the importance of & ways of plugging into Source, also known as recharging your batteries. Whether you feel called to the ocean, the mountains, or the forest, it is imperative for our soul to plug into Source and recharge. For coaching info, email me at or DM me at The Suburban Misfit is proud to be named one of the Top 10 Ayurvedic Podcasts on Feedspot! Alyssa Marie’s Happy Mural Project can be found at:
June 25, 2020
21. Listening to Our Bodies & Intuition with Dr. Jen Esquer
This week we’re chatting with Dr. Jen Esquer, known as Doc Jen Fit on Instagram and elsewhere on the web. She is a physical therapist, creator of the Mobility Method, Instagram influencer, and host of the Optimal Body Podcast. In this episode, we discuss: Approaching physical therapy in a way that empowers clients to help themselves and maintain their progress The importance of slowing down and listening to our bodies and intuition Techniques we can use to align with our authentic selves For more information about Dr. Jen Esquer, her programs, and her new podcast, visit her online at: The Suburban Misfit was listed as one of the Top 10 Ayurvedic Podcasts!  
June 22, 2020
20. My Thoughts on Patriarchy, Feminism & Being Yourself
I finally shared with my Facebook friends that I had created this podcast and community almost 4 months ago. What was I so afraid of?
June 20, 2020
19. Conversations with Chyna, Part 1
This episode’s guest is my niece, Chyna Fox. Chyna is a social commentator, musician, and author of upcoming book “Bitter Black Bitch.” We had a genuine, layered conversation about racism, worldview, being part of a mixed-race family, and ideas about how our culture can move forward from here. Chyna is the one of the founders of OAC, The Omni African Collective, whose mission focuses on the preservation of black collectivism. The OAC promotes communication, literacy, and other vital skills to strengthen the black community. You can find Chyna online at her website,
June 17, 2020
18. Baby Steps Towards Conversations About Racism with Audresha Pemberton
Today I spoke with the beautiful, inside and out, Audresha Pemberton, author, blogger and dancer.  She so very graciously took time to answer some basic questions about racism, specific to the most recent murder of George Floyd.  We briefly cover looting & rioting, and how white women can better learn how to recognize the ways that even self-proclaimed "non racists" are perpetuating injustice.   She offers ideas moving forward such as: *Placing yard signs calling for ending racism/Black Lives Matter (declare it to the world!) *Seeking out 1:1 conversations and asking tough questions with an open mind and heart *Diversifying your friend group and social media pages *Hosting a prayer/accountability group to do better Where Audresha can be found: Facebook Instagram About Audresha Audresha's Blog Some of her work: "The Woman of Your Dreams..."
June 8, 2020
17. Protecting Your Vibe with Jimmy IV of the Sexy Cool Lounge (Part 3 of 3)
Jimmy IV is the creator and host of the Sexy Cool Lounge podcast. In this episode (the third of three parts), we discuss: ● How being in tune and in love with yourself gives you the confidence to make tough decisions about protecting your vibe ● How to discover your authentic self ● The importance of giving good vibes back to the Universe You can connect with Jimmy IV online at: ● ● ● ●
June 6, 2020
Bonus Episode: In Memorium: Unarmed Victims
Eric Garner had just broken up a fight, according to witness testimony. Ezell Ford was walking in his neighborhood. Michelle Cusseaux was changing the lock on her home's door when police arrived to take her to a mental health facility. Tanisha Anderson was having a bad mental health episode, and her brother called 911. Tamir Rice was playing in a park. Natasha McKenna was having a schizophrenic episode when she was tazed in Fairfax, Va. Walter Scott was going to an auto-parts store. Bettie Jones answered  the door to let Chicago police officers in to help her upstairs  neighbor, who had called 911 to resolve a domestic dispute. Philando Castile was driving home from dinner with his girlfriend. Botham Jean was eating ice cream in his living room in Dallas. Atatiana Jefferson was babysitting her nephew at home in Fort Worth, Texas. Eric Reason was pulling into a parking spot at a local chicken and fish shop. Dominique Clayton was sleeping in her bed. Breonna Taylor was also asleep in her bed. And George Floyd was at the grocery store.
June 1, 2020
16. Not Even Scratching the Surface of Racism with Troy Thompson
I talk with my nephew, Troy Thompson, about the issues of racism that have come to a head nation- and world-wide over the murder of George Floyd.  Why is there looting?  What can white identifying people do to help elicit change? Resources:  Resources for White Parents to Raise Anti-Racist Children: Books Podcast 1, Podcast 2 Articles: My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant The 1619 Project * Omni-African Collective promotes communication, literacy, & other vital skills needed to strengthen the black community. * The Autobiography of Malcolm X on Amazon * White Fragility, by Robin DiAngelo * The Conscious Kid on Instagram  * Be a Bridge Builder on Instagram * Austin Channing on Instagram  * Zen Change Angel on Instagram  Full List of Resources: Thank you for choosing The Suburban Misfit to be one of the Top 10 Ayurvedic Podcasts on Feedspot!   
June 1, 2020
15. Owning Your Vibe with Jimmy IV of the Sexy Cool Lounge (Part 2 of 3)
Jimmy IV is the creator and host of the Sexy Cool Lounge podcast. In this episode (the second of three parts), we discuss: Interaction between high- and low-frequency people or environments How important it is to own your vibe and take responsibility for protecting it The beauty of genuinely vibing with someone and inspiring other people You can connect with Jimmy IV online at: The Suburban Misfit was listed as one of the Top 10 Ayurvedic Podcasts!  
May 29, 2020
14. What is Sexy Cool? With Jimmy IV of the Sexy Cool Lounge (Part 1 of 3)
Jimmy IV is the creator and host of the Sexy Cool Lounge podcast. In this episode (the first of three parts), we discuss: What it means to be sexy cool The importance of protecting your vibe Jimmy IV’s vision for the Sexy Cool Lounge’s role in shifting people’s frequencies for the better You can connect with Jimmy IV online at:
May 26, 2020
13. Living Your Purpose/Let Your Light Shine with Lightworker Academy Creater Amber Valdez
This week I’m chatting with Amber Valdez, the life purpose cheerleader. In addition to her life purpose coaching, Amber is a business mentor, a spiritual guide, and a speaker. During this episode, we discuss: Amber’s challenging personal journey to spiritual awakening, and the power of owning everything in your past. The impact of spiritual growth on relationships with friends and family: how to choose your immediate tribe, relate to people on their level, and realize it’s okay to outgrow a relationship. Generational differences in perspectives on life purpose, scarcity vs. abundance, and cultural conditioning. For more information about Amber and her upcoming Let Your Light Shine Live course, visit her online at: To learn about her monthly membership program, Lightworker Academy, visit: The Suburban Misfit was just name one of the Top 10 Ayurvedic Podcasts by Feedspot!  This is such an honor!
May 22, 2020
Bonus Episode 2: Mother’s Day Edition: Love Letter to My Daughter
I gift my daughter with the freedom to be whoever she wants to be. No. Matter. What. So honored to be named one of the Top 10 Ayurvedic Podcasts by Feedspot!
May 20, 2020
Bonus Episode 1: Mother’s Day Edition: Love Letter to My Mother
I finally tell my mom how I feel and what I’ve learned from her. I love you, Mom.
May 20, 2020
12. Oracle & Tarot Reader Kat Darkley
Kat Darkley is an author, blogger, and artist, in addition to being a tarot and oracle card reader. In this episode, we discuss: ● Kat’s personal journey as a card reader ● The difference between card readers, psychics, and mediums ● Using card readings constructively to empower yourself or others ● How to explain tarot and oracle cards to skeptics You can find Kat on Facebook, Instagram, and her upcoming website. Follow and subscribe to receive updates about promotional offers around the launch of her website. ● ● ● The Suburban Misfit was just named one of the TOP TEN Ayurvedic Podcasts of 2020!
May 15, 2020
11. Whores, Bitches & Loudmouths
I delve into the etymology behind the insulting words that are often thrown at us as women and make a call to action to start changing the tide of societal norms for ourselves, our daughters and granddaughters. Also! The Suburban Misfit has just been named one of the Top Ten Ayurvedic Podcasts of 2020! Check out the other amazing podcasts that we are honored to be mentioned with!
May 2, 2020
10. Holistic Medicine, Creating Your Tribe & Natural Parenting with Jessie of Edenfield’s Apothecary
Jessie and I sat down and talked about the importance of building your own tribe, as well as natural parenting and creating a natural medicine cabinet. Jessie creates handcrafted, small batch salves, lip balms and fire cider and can be found at, and on Instagram at @edenfields.apothecary. She is offering our listening audience a 10% discount on her store using the code MISFIT.
April 25, 2020
9. Imposter Syndrome/Feeling Like a Fraud
When I created The Suburban Misfit, I had a goal in mind: to create a home for those of us who feel like we don't quite fit in with the "societal norms".  Do you question parts of the Bible? Me too.  Do you long for a time where there's no competition between women? Me too.  Do you long for "something more"? Me too.  Do you ever look at the New Age section of books and feel wistful that life could be as they describe in those pages? Me too.  Do you wonder why we are holding our breath, waiting to be saved? Me too. There IS something more to the rat race of life.  Life can be filled with purpose beyond going to work and coming home in front of the boob tube.  We CAN facilitate change in the world around us! My hope is to create a space where you can feel yourself, and not an outsider or weirdo.  I don't have it all together, either, and life is messy with kids and spouses and parents who are constantly pulling on our guilt strings.  We can't all move away to Utopia and live the life we dream of...but we can stop feeling like our ideals are wrong.  I'm here to post a trail of breadcrumbs for you to navigate your way through the consumer-driven lifestyle we simultaneously resist and conform to.  I'm the water station in your marathon to cheer you on your way. I'll teach you everything I know, and be brutally honest when I hit a wall, too.   Welcome.  To The Suburban Misfit.  
April 15, 2020
8. Small Businesses & Entrepreneurship with Maxwell Bentley
Maxwell Bentley of the Bentley Media Group LLC sat down to discuss small businesses and entrepreneurship and how his company is making new opportunities in this time of COVID19 and Quarantining.  If you're a small business owner affected by the Coronavirus, this is a great episode to listen to to help overcome any feelings of stagnation. Maxwell can be found at:
April 13, 2020
7. 2020 and the Global Wake Up Call
Remember when 2012 was supposed to be the end of the world because the Mayan Calendar ended then? Good times.  2012 ain't got nothin' on the massive, global shift occurring now in 2020.  No shame if you are taking this time to sit back and enjoy the rollercoaster, but if you were looking for a sign that it's time to make some changes, this is it! Let's just do our best to come out of this better, more love-filled humans.   Find me on Instagram at
April 8, 2020
6. Dr. Emily Kiberd on Functional Medicine, Movement & Energy Leaks
Dr. Emily Kiberd is the founder of Urban Wellness Clinic in NYC.  In this episode, we discuss functional medicine and how she ties it into chiropractic and movement therapies.  Did you know that surgeries can create energy leaks throughout the body? Or that a gallbladder surgery can be linked to shoulder pain?  This is a fascinating look into the body and how even the most random issues can be connected.   Dr. Kiberd can be found at: and You'll also hear about: ~Richard Ulm & Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization  ~Hormones: Beyond the Pill by Jolene Brighten Carrie Jones ND- The Dutch Test Dr. Gabrielle Lyon- Muscle-Centric Medicine Help us spread the Misfit Love!  1. Subscribe to the show by clicking "subscribe" in iTunes 2. Write us a review in iTunes 3. Share this episode! 4. Support my little lifelong dream project with a small monthly donation of $0.99!
April 7, 2020
5. Are You Allowing Your Wings to be Clipped?
The Suburban Misfit talks about our responsibility as strong women to speak our truth and be the leaders we were called to be.
March 26, 2020
4. Persephone and COVID: An Alternative View of Quarantine 2020 with Jennifer Rose
I talk with Jennifer Rose of Jennifer Rose Works & The Juicy Crone about a different perspective on the COVID quarantine, tying in the story of Persephone. Jennifer can be found at
March 18, 2020
3. Spiritual Maturity with Jennifer Rose
The Suburban Misfit talks about Spiritual Maturity with Jennifer Rose of Juicy Crone Nation & Jennifer Rose Works. You can find JCN on Facebook at
March 18, 2020
2. Natural Ways to Alleviate Stress
The COVID19 News has got us all worked up into a tizzy. Here’s some natural ways to chill out.
March 17, 2020
The Suburban Misfit Premiere Episode: Coronavirus
On this pilot episode, The Suburban Misfit talks about the Coronavirus and an alternative outlook on how to view it.
March 14, 2020
March 13, 2020
March 13, 2020