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SubUrban SubText

SubUrban SubText

By Austen Mathieson
A show for singer/songwriters, bands, and poets to get their voice heard and music out there. Interviews and new music.
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SubUrban SubText Ep 19 - Shard
UK band Shard chat about their new release, Saint Nick’s Shadow.
December 22, 2020
SubUrban SubText - Ep 18
Interviews and music from Mikey Day, Femur, English Teacher, My Fiasco, and Rituals.
November 17, 2020
SubUrban SubText - Ep 17: Katherine Ellis
Interview and 10 tracks Katherine sang on and some she wrote, finishing with her haunting vocal on the movie soundtrack of Gravity. Track list: Roger Sanchez feat. Katherine Ellis & Lisa Pure - Lost Ruff Driverz feat. Katherine Ellis - Deeper Love 7th Heaven feat. Katherine Ellis - Ain’t Nothing Going On But The Rent Utah Saints feat Katherine Ellis - What Can You Do For Me Booker T feat. Katherine Ellis - Give Me Joy Ruff Driverz Present Arrola feat. Katherine Ellis - Dreaming Freemasons feat. Katherine Ellis - When you Touch Me Steve Forest & Katherine Ellis - The Real Thing Bimbo Jones feat. Katherine Ellis - And I Try Freemasons feat. Katherine Ellis - Tears Steven Price feat. Katherine Ellis - Gravity (from the original motion picture soundtrack)
November 10, 2020
SubUrban SubText - Ep 16
Interviews and music from Haze, Kieran Duffy, Frank Fogden, Beth DeBacci, Satlan.
November 3, 2020
SubUrban SubText - Ep 15 Halloween
Interviews and music from Mutant Vinyl - Faux Rodeo Mairena - Before The Sun Shattered Chains - Humanitarian Hello Operator - The Choreographer Spacehotel - Ride Long Legged Creatures - Anti Star Super Christ Plus tracks from Heartache and Ilona Mahieu
October 26, 2020
SubUrban SubText - Ep 14
Interviews and music from Dense - Dread SVP - You And Me The Fragile States - Good Feelings Dan Cross - Turn On Hymns - Lets Take A Ride Elia F Compton - Negotiate Novacain - Keep It Casual And the new release from NOVA Halo - Star Jewel Baby
October 25, 2020
SubUrban SubText - Ep 13
Interviews and music from Che - Mystery Team Glenn Hodge - As It Is Nico Ev - Hunter LOA State - Same As You Mitchell Kersley - Howlin’ At The Moon Ashley Stacey - The Sun Still Shines On You Ilona Mahieu - In My Bones Red Flower Lake - Heart Is Breaking Julian Bach - The World
October 25, 2020
SubUrban SubText - Ep 12
Interviews and music from Hawxx, Battle Within, Tides, 2 Metres Apart, Bethy, Luca Zuccotti, Marsela, Jabz,
Pleasure Dome, Tullamarine, and Regrets
October 25, 2020
SubUrban SubText - Ep 11
Interviews and music from Bored At Grandma’s House Krosst Out Baby Face Don’t Worry Bonze Test Card Girl Smiley And The Underclass Drew Thomas Hugo Hartley Sugarmoon
October 25, 2020
SubUrban SubText - Ep 10
Interviews and music from The Heavy Heavy The Blesslys Hustle 501 Deep Six Project Jon Veale Human Electrical Resource Piers Nolan Butcher In The Fog Modern Guilt Apolusso
October 23, 2020
SubUrban SubText - Ep 09
Interviews and music from Bite The Boxer Lydia Plain Honey Joy First Frontier Dorian Ash Paraffin Undamaged Destiny Artio Hope Street Jade Thornton Simple Safari
October 23, 2020
SubUrban SubText - Ep 08
Interviews and music from Emma Cannon And Lazerfox Human Hell Megan Lara May Tom Smaldon Mollie Coddled Calboa Winnie Ama Flat 24/7 Chloe Castro Eikarumba Hydie Humbles
October 23, 2020
SubUrban SubText - Ep 07
Interviews and music from Abbie And The Roses Aaron Fillis R Fazer followed by a medley of every track from day 1
October 23, 2020
SubUrban SubText - Ep 06
Interviews and music from Kate May Dare Summer Martin KIN Reckless Jacks Joshua Lybird Kaviani
October 23, 2020
SubUrban SubText - Ep 05: A Tribute To Matthew Seligman
A rare and informative interview with Jan Linton, formally known as Dr Jan Guru, about his long and distinguished musical career and the life and death of Matthew Seligman, if you don’t know who that is... google him, among others, he was David Bowie’s bassist at Live Aid.
October 23, 2020
SubUrban SubText - Ep 04
Interviews and music from Nameless Musician Empathy Test Einnar Bragison JD Samual Winn Bamily Heartache Titus Guitar
October 23, 2020
SubUrban SubText - Ep 03
New music and interviews from Rats On Acid, Tiger Mimic, Hourglvss, Foundlings, Santarna Scott, Husband, Raven Paradox, and Clare Portman (live), plus more tracks from previous guests as requested by you.
July 25, 2020
SubUrban SubText - Ep 02
New music and interviews from Jasper’s Daughter, NOVA Halo, Slow Cooked Bears, Liam Leon, plus more tracks from previous guests as requested by you.
July 25, 2020
SubUrban SubText - Ep 01
New music and interviews from fantastic artists: Jules, Jae Juelz, and Pwoseidon.
July 25, 2020