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Successful Musicians

Successful Musicians

By Jason Tonioli
How do musicians define success?

Achieving success and finding fulfillment with music is different for everyone. This podcast features stories of musicians who have found their own personal version of success and fulfillment in both music and life. This podcast is meant to inspire musicians and help them believe in their abilities and motivate them to share their talents with others.
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Episode 3: How to Hit A Billion Mark on Spotify, Apple Music, and other Music Streaming Apps with David Nevue
Our special guest today is David Nevue who is considered “the pioneer in the new age piano recording world”. He is an internationally recognized pianist, composer, and recording artist. David began promoting his music online in 1995 - an "internet age" before iTunes (or even Google) existed. David's music has surpassed 1.6 Billion spins on Pandora Radio, and hundreds of millions, maybe a billion mark on Spotify and Apple. He founded Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio in 2003, the very first internet radio station that was solo piano only. After almost twenty years "on the air," Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio is home to over 360 talented piano artists and broadcasts to tens of thousands of piano music fans from all over the world every single day. What You’ll Learn In this episode, David narrates how he ended up doing piano as his full-time career. He also features how he came about Whisperings Radio and how he was able to be right at the front edge of the technology as early as the 2000s. He gives his secret on success and how to find joy and fulfillment in this industry. He also shares valuable tips on what to write to get on Whisperings Radio and explains how music taps into the spiritual world, how music influences all of our emotions and feelings, and how it influences people in the positive and the negative. Things We Discussed How to Promote your Music on the Internet (Book) Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio David’s Albums Adoration Solo Piano Hymns The Revelation Solo Piano for Prayer and Worship Connect with David Nevue Website Twitter Youtube Facebook Instagram Spotify Pandora Apple Music Amazon Music Deezer Connect with Jason Website Facebook YouTube Instagram Spotify Pandora Amazon Music Apple Music
August 10, 2022
Episode 2 - Joe Bongiorno On How to Prepare for Your First Studio Session, His Take on Signature Songs and How to Earn From Your Music
Joining us today is Joe Bongiorno. He is a piano player with a very incredible story. He shares with us his path to success in the music world, from having a restaurant business to being a renowned concert performer. In this episode, Joe will tell us how he got on top of his career earning 6-digits, getting out of debt, investing, and living the dream. In this episode you will learn: - how to earn from your music - how to get an artist to give their best performance - choosing a digital distributor and publisher - his recommendations on where to learn the business side of music Connect with Joe Bongiorno Website Facebook Youtube Youtube Music Spotify Apple Music Deezer Connect with Jason Website Facebook YouTube Instagram
August 02, 2022
Episode 1 - Audio Engineer and Author Bobby Owsinski's Definition of Success, Musician's Mistakes and Similarities and Advice to Teenagers
I am excited to introduce our very first guest, Bobby Owsinski. He is an audio engineer, producer, musician, and author. He produces and mixes records, has written dozens of books, many of which are used in hundreds of universities, has hundreds of blog posts, and creates podcasts and online courses. He's made an enormous impact on the music industry and become a mentor and coach to countless musicians. In this episode, Bobby will give us a glimpse of how he started in the music industry and his experiences on how he started writing books. We also talked about his definition of success and his advice to everyone especially teenagers who might not think they can make it in the music industry. Connect with Bobby Website Facebook Twitter Instagram Connect with Jason Website Facebook YouTube Instagram
July 28, 2022