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Suck It! Podcast

Suck It! Podcast

By Derek Hanjora
HEY! I am the Great and powerful, King of Kings, Prince of all that is Awesome, Derek. I interview celebrities, and ask tough questions, I have a no holds barred approach to life and entertainment. I'll touch on all topics from Mental Health, Music and more. My goal is help you get through the day by making you laugh a little and by letting you know you're not alone in your daily struggles.
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#175: Don't Be Dumb, The Earth Isn't Flat
No no no no no, I can't believe we are still talking about this. The Earth Isnt Flat!!! My friend and fellow Podcast host Red from Reds Ramblings talked to David Weiss on Monday. Guess what happened? Exactly the same thing that happened to me, hate and insults. So funny though. So lets sit down and have a chat shall we?   This episode is proudly brought to you by:   #Betterhelp : for 10% off   #LootCrate : Code "Suckitpodcast" for 15% off   #CBD #Wildflowerhemp   BUY MERCH!!!!!   #Merch Store:   Follow me:
February 25, 2021
#174: Depression and Self Love, with Guest Seth Pearson
In this episode I talk to Seth Pearson, a man who persevered through his mother's suicide and his own battles with depression. Loving yourself can be the first step towards recovery on your battles with mental health. Do you honestly love yourself? Taking the time to reflect on your own happiness level is the first step in answering that question. So come on this journey with us.   This episode is proudly brought to you by:   #Betterhelp : for 10% off   #LootCrate : Code "Suckitpodcast" for 15% off   #CBD #Wildflowerhemp  BUY MERCH!!!!!   #Merch Store:  Follow me:
February 23, 2021
#173: A Conversation: Cyber Bullying and the Effects on Society
After I was a victim of an attempted cyber bullying attack this past week, I figured we needed to address this. This episode is proudly brought to you by: #Betterhelp : for 10% off #LootCrate : Code "Suckitpodcast" for 15% off #CBD #Wildflowerhemp BUY MERCH!!!!! #Merch Store: Follow me:
February 20, 2021
#172: The Bible Is Just A Story? With Guest, Linwood Jackson Jr.
Linwood Jackson Jr. is an author and free thinker. He uses the Bible to rethink life but makes his own judgements based off what he reads and how he interprets it, not relying on others to dictate it to him. Check out some of his thoughts below from his website "What I promote will never be of my own creation, a montage of internet conspiracies, or false prophecies. I have dedicated my life to uncovering the true nature of the Bible’s philosophy and disproving the fallacies that exist. With what is uncovered, I will help develop a culture of personal investigation along with a practical application of spirituality according to the teachings of the Living God.   Living a life devoted to the living God’s spiritual understanding brings an abundance of health, clarity, and joy. No matter the subject at hand, whether it be math, science, humility, law, self-care or physiology, every morsel of instruction present in the Bible is relevant and applicable to creating a more productive person and personal devotion. I believe it is my calling to conduct a persistent and thorough examination of the Bible’s instruction and to pass on the findings to others so that we may all benefit from experiencing, independent of any man’s thoughts, a revelation of the living God’s will and wisdom to our hearts.   This opportunity to share His wisdom in writing, as it is an opportunity for those who have never had a glimpse of His goodness to discover a perspective otherwise unknown, is a true blessing. There will be difficulties and trials when learning how to practically apply His words, but God is prepared. He calls us to question and to challenge His promises so that He may provide the chance to make His own name worthy in our eyes; He wants to show up for you. As our Creator, He has not and will never leave our thoughts and feelings alone. “Ask me of things to come concerning my sons, and concerning the work of my hands command ye Me," Isaiah 45:11, He says, which lets us know that when we truly feel weak, He is ready to be put to the test.   My belief, as a writer and counsellor of the Living God’s doctrine, is that everyone have the opportunity to intimately and intelligently believe on what He is actually saying. As I am a mouthpiece for His benevolence, I encourage every mind to say, “That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled," 1 John 1:1, and, "I applied mine heart to know, and to search, and to seek out wisdom, and the reason of things," Ecclesiastes 7:25. But in order to open our hearts to His love, we must first better our mind."     This episode is proudly brought to you by:   #Betterhelp : for 10% off   #LootCrate : Code "Suckitpodcast" for 15% off   #CBD #Wildflowerhemp BUY MERCH!!!!!   #Merch Store:  Follow me:
February 19, 2021
#171: New York Punk Band, Card Reader
Card Reader is a pop-punk band from Long Island, NY. A quartet consisting of guitarist/vocalist Tom Petito, drummer Rob Cigliano, guitarist Marc Lambert and bassist/vocalist Matt Sullivan. The group is getting ready to launch their first EP release “Mental Scars” on Tuesday, November 10th. This release follows up their debut single "Familiar Voices” as well as their two other independent releases "True Enemy" and "Sore Eyes" made earlier in 2020. Card Reader has forged ahead to provide fans with more music in 2020. This time with the added experience and vocal presence from their new bassist Matt Sullivan. They attacked writing their new EP with the goal of reinforcing positivity and pushing the boundaries of their sound. Veteran music industry producers Nik Bruzzese (Man Overboard) and Ace Enders (The Early November) provide a strong boost of confidence behind the release. The self-titled lead off track “Mental Scars” also features a guest vocal appearance by Ryan Beebe of the Philadelphia based band Goalkeeper. An exciting first-time collaboration for both bands. Card Reader founder Tom Petito elaborated on the process of creating the new EP. “We didn’t hesitate. We got right back in the studio and challenged ourselves to push the envelope on what we started. This EP is called Mental Scars because everybody has them. We all live with our past mistakes and failures. The difference is how we use them. We wanted to convey a message that inspires using your past as your greatest weapon. It’s not about anyone else but yourself. Create new motivation and hold yourself accountable for your dreams. Most importantly never give up on who you are.”   Spotify:  Apple Music:   Bandcamp:  Instagram:  Twitter:  Facebook:   This episode is proudly brought to you by:   #Betterhelp : for 10% off   #LootCrate : Code "Suckitpodcast" for 15% off   #CBD #Wildflowerhemp   BUY MERCH!!!!!   #Merch Store:   Follow me:
February 17, 2021
#170: Mental Health Survivor and Author, Sheree Martines
Sheree Martines is a wonderful person who suffers from Bipolar Type 1 Disorder but has managed to make a great life for herself despite her past. She is an outspoken Mental Health Advocate and Author. Her book that was published in 2019 called "Rude Awakening" is a crime mystery (available here and she is currently working on her biography currently to be released at a later date. Below is her a little bit about her self from her Blog   "My disorder was incorrectly diagnosed for more than three decades, and even after my disorder was diagnosed, it took another seven years to find the right combination of drugs that allowed me to finally manage my disorder. During that time I did extensive research on bipolar trying to better understand what was happening to me. A vocal advocate of mental health issues, I have spoken about my disorder on several other podcasts. I have also written several commentaries about this for NPR. My hope is that my experiences might help others. I'm not afraid to discuss the ugly aspects of this disorder, as well as some of the black comedy that accompanied it."   This episode is proudly brought to you by:   #Betterhelp : for 10% off   #LootCrate : Code "Suckitpodcast" for 15% off   #CBD #Wildflowerhemp  BUY MERCH!!!!!   #Merch Store:  Follow me:
February 15, 2021
#169: New Music Friday, with the artist known as Fences
Seattle-based FENCES, the alter-ego of musician/songwriter Christopher Mansfield will be releasing the Deluxe version of his 3rd album 'Failure Sculptures' on March 5th 2021 via ENCI Records, featuring two bonus tracks. Watch for a BRAND NEW EP to be released this spring. Of the Deluxe album's two newly reworked acoustic tracks ("A Mission" and "God Music") Mansfield says, "Almost the instant you track something in permanence you start to play it differently. You know how stories get embellished, religious texts have a bit of wiggle room or the size of fish your stepdad caught keeps growing? It’s like that. A song is really just a short story. Romance aside, I just wanted y’all to hear me play 'em as is and in that room in that moment. One take with some light overdubs." Perhaps most well-known for his collaborations with Tegan and Sara (who produced his 2010 self-titled debut album) and Macklemore (who he's teamed up with on various tracks), ‘Failure Sculptures’ is his first new LP since 2015's 'Lesser Oceans'   This episode is proudly brought to you by:   #Betterhelp : for 10% off   #LootCrate : Code "Suckitpodcast" for 15% off   #CBD #Wildflowerhemp   BUY MERCH!!!!!   #Merch Store:   Follow me:
February 13, 2021
#168: Behind the Scenes of the Music Industry with Loren Israel
Music industry veteran Loren Israel is well-known in industry circles as a record producer, A&R executive/consultant, and songwriting teacher. Over the years his instincts for finding and developing new talent has helped introduce bands like Jimmy Eat World, Plain White T’s, Neon Trees, and most recently, The Unlikely Candidates to the world. For over fifteen years, Loren worked in the Artist and Repertoire department of Capitol Records where he worked with Coldplay, Less Than Jake and Jimmy Eat World, whose multi-platinum Dreamworks album, Bleed American he helped spearhead. In 2001, Loren began working with unsigned artists in an effort to foster emerging talent and help them navigate and access the enigmatic music industry. In this capacity, he discovered, developed, and managed the Plain White T’s and executive produced “Hey There Delilah”, which topped music charts in fourteen countries. With his expert guidance, Loren also developed Neon Trees, whose debut singles “Animal” and “Everybody Talks” were triple-platinum number one hits. Loren believes that making great music is both a craft and a war. A very fun war! He believes that hit songwriting is about making choices. Through his technique, Loren directs his clients to make the necessary choices to fully develop their artistry. Many of Loren’s clients who have adopted Loren’s unique approach to music have gone on to achieve success.  For additional information or to inquire about Loren's services visit:    This episode is proudly brought to you by:   #Betterhelp : for 10% off   #LootCrate : Code "Suckitpodcast" for 15% off   #CBD #Wildflowerhemp   BUY MERCH!!!!!   #Merch Store:   Follow me:
February 12, 2021
#167: Social Issues and New Music with Band, EGxBH
EGXBH's powerful new single "EIGHT46" is out now. The Chicago band's latest track pulls you through a storm of emotion and the overwhelming disgust of how we as humans treat each other. The lyrics speak to all, no matter the color of your skin, sexual orientation-- who you choose to love or be-- and helps give voice to the belief that we should all just be kind and love one another. The band has released the song as a double single, short version for radio play with a 5:29 runtime, and an extended version with a music video that takes you on a rollercoaster of emotion and tension for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, which was the exact time George Floyd was held down for before his life was abruptly taken.  Stream the video here:  Stream the track here: Spotify-  iTunes-  Apple Music-  Soundcloud-  Forming back in 2017, EGxBH, more formally known as Eugeine Grey and The Bad Habits, has taken charge of their own unique dark, rolling melodies and blood pumping rock sound to new levels of evolution. Blossoming into a raw and wonderfully unpolished sound that skins tones to that of All Them Witches, Highly Suspect, Local H, Clutch, Queens of the Stone Age, Tool, and Rage Against The Machine. A talented four-piece collaboration of Patrick Goray (Guitar/Vox), Mike Arturi (Percussion), Brad Haptas (Bass), and Shaun Meek (Lead Guitar). This episode is proudly brought to you by: #Betterhelp : for 10% off #LootCrate : Code "Suckitpodcast" for 15% off #CBD #Wildflowerhemp BUY MERCH!!!!! #Merch Store: Follow me:
February 11, 2021
#166 Fear, God and You with Abuse Survivor, Larry Doochin
In this episode I talk to Larry Doochin, an abuse survivor, author and father. Larry has a wonderful view on life despite his past and now uses his experiences to help others. Below is and excerpt from his website  "I had a difficult time coming up with what I wanted to say in this section as I don't like promoting myself, especially after I spent many years with a strong ego. But I recognize that people want to see the humanity behind the words I write, so I hope some of my experiences can serve as a helpful example for others who may have similar traumas, experiences, doubts, or fears.  First, I try to serve God and a higher good in all that I do. Sometimes I am more successful than others, but I don’t fall into any guilt around it. This service is not done out of some obligation but out of immense joy. I don't know exactly why this is the case, but I am very grateful it is. So I love God and life truly with all of my heart, mind, body, and soul.   I also deeply love my wife Janice and our children. I am grateful for the love and compassion they have showed me through some difficult healing times where I went through long periods of fear, anger, and depression. My family has grounded me in this life, which is what I needed to bridge the worldly and the spiritual. They have been my mirrors and my teachers, as I have done the same for them, and we are lucky that we are all individually committed to growing and being the best version of ourselves.  My life has consisted of a lot of growth and awakening to a greater reality of who I truly am in God. I went through a long journey of emotional and spiritual healing that had its start in sexual abuse by my mother. This abuse had severe ramifications as to how I saw myself, as I came out of it with a large amount of shame, guilt, fear, and self-judgment. I also had highly distorted views of love, especially since the abuse happened during puberty."    This episode is proudly brought to you by:   #Betterhelp : for 10% off   #LootCrate : Code "Suckitpodcast" for 15% off   #CBD #Wildflowerhemp  BUY MERCH!!!!!   #Merch Store:  Follow me:
February 9, 2021
#165: Common Sense VS Flat Earth with Guest David Weiss
In this Episode I talk to David Weiss from The Flat Earth Podcast discuss Round Earth vs Flat Earth. The opinions heard from the guest DO NOT reflect the opinions of the host.   Below are some of Dave's other recent interviews:   - 2021 Jan 20 - Hit NSW's Gawndy & Maz (Australian radio)  - 2021 Jan 18 - The Joyride with Nico, Mienke and Aaron (Bloemfontein,  S. Africa)  - 2021 Jan 14 - WHPT 102.5's The Mike Calta Show, Tampa Bay, Florida  - 2021 Jan 12 - The Humble and Fred Show in Toronto, Canada  - 2020 Dec 17 - KMOX 1120AM's Overnight Drive with Ryan Wrecker in St.  Louis  -  David has also guested four times (4x) on Sam Tripoli's Tin Foil Hat, 4x  on Talk is Jericho, Anthony Cumia's In Hot Water, Alchemy Radio,  Revolution Radio, Alex Jones INFOwars, Owen Benjamin, Chrissie Mayr  along with numerous other shows.   This episode is proudly brought to you by:   #Betterhelp : for 10% off   #LootCrate : Code "Suckitpodcast" for 15% off   #CBD #Wildflowerhemp  BUY MERCH!!!!!   #Merch Store:  Follow me:
February 8, 2021
Episode 164: Fitness, Weight Loss and More with Whitney Gee
In this episode I sit down with Whitney Gee a fitness and wellness coach in Hawaii. She holds retreats for women to empower them to make changes in their life for the better. Her bio is below.   "Inheriting a love for yoga from my Mother, who created and managed wellness centers around the United States. I saw from a very young age the numerous benefits of yoga and it's ability to balance and realign the mind, body and soul. Leaving my career in Renewable Energy, I wanted to dedicate my time to connecting with different cultures and collaborate on international initiatives that integrated my core passions.  On my travels, I have been able to take from inspiring yoga teachers from around the world. Training in numerous yoga styles including Hatha, Vinyassa, Ashtanga, Yin and Ariel in countries throughout SE Asia, Latin America and Europe. Receiving my 500 hour yoga certification in India, I have a strong foundation of yoga that is true to its original form. Focusing not only on the external benefits of yoga but the spiritual and metal attributes of this physically expressed art form. A trained dancer, Reiki practitioner, and healthy lifestyle advocate, my diverse background helps me approach wellness holistically, not as a final destination, but rather a lifelong journey. I am excited to share my love of travel, yoga, and mindfulness with you, as we work on your lifelong journey to wellness together."  This episode is proudly brought to you by:   #Betterhelp : for 10% off   #LootCrate : Code "Suckitpodcast" for 15% off   #CBD #Wildflowerhemp  BUY MERCH!!!!!   #Merch Store:  Follow me:
February 5, 2021
Episode 163: Life Coach, Holistic Healer and Author, Kayla Brissi
Kayla Brissi is a Certified Life Coach and Holistic Healing Practitioner, Marketing Strategist, Speaker, and International Bestselling Author.  She is the Owner and Founder of Kayla Brissi LLC and its subsidiaries, the Intuitive Spiritual Warrior Holistic Consulting & Healing™, Domination Digital Marketing™, and the Independent Author Society™.  Kayla is passionate about transforming lives around the world by sharing her unique message and gifts through multidimensional life coaching, holistic healing, marketing strategies, self-publishing consulting, inspirational speaking, and authorship.  She is the author of the bestselling books, Healing from Grief and Transforming Inner Pain, as well as a co-author of several others that include #1 international bestseller, Out of My Comfort Zone, The Beauty In My Mess (Vol I), Driven, and Dust to Salvation. Kayla has also contributed to numerous industry publications and online platforms such as Thrive Global,, and Skillshare.  Kayla has a Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in finance and a Bachelor of Arts degree in both Accounting and Business Administration from Lakeland University (formerly Lakeland College), as well as a Financial Services Technical Diploma from Mid-State Technical College.  In her spare time, she is writing her next best-selling book, reading, watching movies, and spending time with her family  This episode is proudly brought to you by:   #Betterhelp : for 10% off   #LootCrate : Code "Suckitpodcast" for 15% off   #CBD #Wildflowerhemp  BUY MERCH!!!!!   #Merch Store:  Follow me:
February 4, 2021
Episode 162: Harvard Educated Author, Bracha Goetz
Bracha Goetz graduated from Harvard University, attended the Medical College of Virginia, and went on to study at Ohr Someyach Women's Division in Jerusalem. She is blessed with a bunch of beautiful children and grandchildren, is the author of several children's books, an editor of books for women, a frequently published poet, and the Mentoring Coordinator of the Jewish Big Brother and Big Sister League in Baltimore.  Bracha has authored such books as;   Searching For God in the Garbage  It Only Takes Minutes  Let's Stay Safe  I Lost Someone Special  and Many More!  This episode is proudly brought to you by:   #Betterhelp : for 10% off   #LootCrate : Code "Suckitpodcast" for 15% off   #CBD #Wildflowerhemp  BUY MERCH!!!!!   #Merch Store:  Follow me:
February 3, 2021
Episode 161: New Up and Coming Rapper, IKE
IKE  is a highly talented and motivated artist from Ohio. He is very excited to release new music via his just inked deal with Hood And Associates . 2019 Looks to be a very promising year for IKE as he moves to expand his fan base via this new deal.   This episode is proudly brought to you by:   #Betterhelp : for 10% off   #LootCrate : Code "Suckitpodcast" for 15% off   #CBD #Wildflowerhemp  BUY MERCH!!!!!   #Merch Store:  Follow me:
February 2, 2021
Episode 160: Author and Entrepreneur, Ben Winter
Ben certainly hasn’t been idle in life. A couple of years out of college and he started doing things and going places he never would have expected. From traveling to personal growth to marriage and child to divorce and parenthood to entrepreneurialism and inspiring others. Ben has flown an airplane on his own and has been scuba diving in the Galapagos. He has seen the animals of Tanzania and has traveled all over Europe with a 6-month-old child in tow. He has performed improv for over a decade, acted in several plays, and even a movie.  He has owned several businesses.  His biggest passion is exploring the mind. In all of his personal growth work, the one constant was that it all stems from the mind. Between personal growth and improv, he found this weird realm called expectations. And while most people would shy away from such a thing, he decided to tackle it head-on.  Along his journey, he decided that “the only reason anyone gets upset is because an expectation hasn’t been met.” And begin teaching that in his Success Improv business.  From there it was a simple step of taking everything that he has explored on the subject and put it in a book called, “What to Expect when Having Expectations.”  Ben has also authored several other books which can be found on the books page.  This episode is proudly brought to you by:   #Betterhelp : for 10% off   #LootCrate : Code "Suckitpodcast" for 15% off   #CBD #Wildflowerhemp  BUY MERCH!!!!!   #Merch Store:  Follow me:
January 30, 2021
Episode 159: Bestselling Author Dr. Rita Louise
Bestselling author Dr. Rita Louise is the founder of the Institute of Applied Energetics and the former host of Just Energy Radio. She is a Naturopathic Physician and a 20-year veteran in the Human Potential Field. Her unique gift as a medical intuitive and clairvoyant illuminates and enlivens her work. She is the author of the books The Dysfunctional Dance Of The Empath And Narcissist, Stepping Out Of Eden, ET Chronicles: What Myth And Legend Have To Say About Human Origin, Avoiding The Cosmic 2X4, Dark Angels: An Insider’s Guide To Ghosts, Spirits & Attached Entities and The Power Within.    She has produced a number of video feature length videos as well as video shorts.  Their titles include: iKon: Deconstructing The Archetypes Of The Ancients, Holy Deception,  Ancient Aliens, Genetic Engineering & The Rise Of Civilization, The Truth About The Nephilim Giants, Deceit, Lies & Deception:  The Reptilian Agenda, Paranormal Phenomena:  Attached Entities – The Bad Kids Of The Spirit World, Ghosts, Gods & Myth, The Secret To The Law Of Attraction and Reincarnation:  Have We Been Here Before?  This episode is proudly brought to you by:   #Betterhelp : for 10% off   #LootCrate : Code "Suckitpodcast" for 15% off   #CBD #Wildflowerhemp  BUY MERCH!!!!!   #Merch Store:  Follow me:
January 28, 2021
Episode 158: Mental Health Survivor and Author, Carrie Thompson
Carrie Thompson is currently a CPA working in regulatory reporting with a passion for numbers but an even greater passion for helping people. In 2016, she was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). Since then, she has spent time exploring the world of mental health and educating herself on the causes and the cures. Because of the isolation, she felt initially, the more she learned, the more she shared and spoke up about the importance of monitoring our mental health. During a self-discovery period, she decided to combine her love of reading and people with her newfound knowledge and experience. Writing a book to bring more awareness to the importance of mental health and the commonality of having a mental health disorder just seemed like the perfect fit. Anxiety Diary of an Ordinary Girl releases February 10th and is already an international bestselling book. Carrie aspires to work within the mental health industry and has enrolled in a life coaching certification program that she believes is the next step to achieving that goal and helping more people struggling with their mental health. This episode is proudly brought to you by: #Betterhelp : for 10% off #LootCrate : Code "Suckitpodcast" for 15% off #CBD #Wildflowerhemp BUY MERCH!!!!! #Merch Store: Follow me:
January 28, 2021
Episode 157: Shirlee Yantz, C.Ht. /Hypno-Fairy Godmother
Today I talk to Hypno-Therapist and LGTBQ advocate, Shirlee Yantz, C.Ht. /Hypno-Fairy Godmother Below is here bio from "Welcome!! Whether you are new to hypnosis or are just discovering it, this is a wonderful way of Creating Positive Change in you. So Why Shirlee? I have been in the field of Naturopathic Healing for over 20 years, and I truly believe that it is better to resolve an issue than mask it. Every person I meet is unique and so are their journeys, I will assist you to come up with a plan that best works for your situation. I believe in the power of Hypnotherapy, which is assisting the unconscious mind to accomplish amazing things, we do not claim to ‘cure’ anything, but help the client to help themselves. I work with Solution-Focused techniques to show people how to overcome issues positively and not negatively; there’s already enough negativity that our community faces daily. ** I Have been working with the LGBT community for over 10 years, through volunteer work and personal interaction, moving on to more professional scope for almost three years. Many of the issues dealt with range from Coming out, homelessness, gaining confidence and gender issues. Through hypnosis we are able to work as a team to move forward and attain desired goals. Through my work I hope to make sure that everyone who needs assistance with any of these issues or any other that may come up will never feel alone or unimportant. Your Hypno-Fairy Godmother" This episode is proudly brought to you by: #Betterhelp : for 10% off #LootCrate : Code "Suckitpodcast" for 15% off #CBD #Wildflowerhemp BUY MERCH!!!!! #Merch Store: Follow me:
January 27, 2021
Episode 156: Life Coach, Tess Vergara
Tess Vergara, Executive and Life Coach comes from a dark background but has used it to grow, learn and help others.  "Strategic Intervention + Awakening Coaching = SOUL INTEGRATION Open Heart Mind Coaching is a powerful blend of Strategic Intervention, NLP, Awakening Coaching, plus over 25 years experience in Finance and Accounting, and my own overcoming of spiritual depression and awakening journey through the dark night of the Soul.  As a former Accountant, reconciliation and balancing is my expertise.   When applied to coaching, what that means is, we are reconciling and balancing your ledgers of life. Together we will audit, sort and reconcile what is out of balance and bring to light deep patterns that are throwing you out of alignment and integrity with your Soul.   Open Heart Mind Coaching is designed to help you create inner harmony, balance and freedom through inner reconciliation and soul integration."   This episode is proudly brought to you by:   #Betterhelp : for 10% off   #LootCrate : Code "Suckitpodcast" for 15% off   #CBD #Wildflowerhemp   BUY MERCH!!!!!   #Merch Store:   Follow me:
January 26, 2021
Episode 155: Ska Band, Five Iron Frenzy
Denver, CO ska/rock stalwarts Five Iron Frenzy have surprised fans by dropping a brand new album, titled 'Until This Shakes Apart.' The 13-track, crowd-funded LP is now streaming on all digital platforms. Lead vocalist Reese Roper says, "Friends. We all believe this is the best thing we’ve ever made as Five Iron Frenzy. Thank you for being part of this, and for sticking by us all these years. Here’s to 25 more years of us loving you guys!" Stream here: Formed in 1995, Five Iron Frenzy is a family. They laugh, they fight, they love, they may disagree sometimes, but they always come back home. It's been just over seven years since the band released their last full-length record, "Engine of a Million Plots," and the wait for a new record was not from a lack of demand. In fact, it took a global pandemic for Five Iron Frenzy to get their act together and do the thing. And they did it well. Available today, FIF has self-released "Until This Shakes Apart," after a successful Kickstarter campaign where just a few months ago $287,764 was raised to make this record a reality. "Until This Shakes Apart" directly confronts society and religion today in a way that only Five Iron Frenzy can do. It's been years in the making and they're ready to share what they've been working on.   This episode is proudly brought to you by:   #Betterhelp : for 10% off   #LootCrate : Code "Suckitpodcast" for 15% off   #CBD #Wildflowerhemp   BUY MERCH!!!!!   #Merch Store:   Follow me:
January 23, 2021
Episode 154: Big Changes, New Shows, Big Guests. Huge NEWS!
Lately I have got away from the original idea of this show and haven't done what I set out to do. So I need to make a change, I need to shake things up.  The Podcast by itself is doing great, but my Youtube channel, not so much. So what can I do? What will I do? I guess listen to find out!   This episode is proudly brought to you by:   #Betterhelp : for 10% off   #LootCrate : Code "Suckitpodcast" for 15% off   #CBD #Wildflowerhemp   BUY MERCH!!!!!  #Merch Store:   Follow me:
January 22, 2021
Episode 153: Author and Mental Health Professional, Faust Ruggiero
Faust A. Ruggiero’s professional career spans almost 40 years, and is diversified and compelling, as it has consistently established new and exciting cutting-edge counseling programs in its pursuit of professional excellence and personal life enhancement. He is a published research author, clinical trainer, and a therapist who has worked in settings that have included clinics for deaf children, prisons, nursing homes, substance abuse centers, inpatient facilities, and as the President of the Community Psychological Center in Bangor, Pennsylvania. In that capacity, he developed the Process Way of Life counseling program, and has developed it into a formal text presented in the Fix Yourself Handbook. Buy the book here: This episode is proudly brought to you by: #Betterhelp : for 10% off #CBD #Wildflowerhemp BUY MERCH!!!!! #Merch Store: Follow me:
January 21, 2021
Episode 152: Musician, Photographer and More, Bryon Tapp
Bryon Tapp Maker of ambient music, a leaf in the wind, guitar collector, artist, painter, photographer, Cafe Racer builder.  We talk music, fun and more with this awesome guy!  This episode is proudly brought to you by:   #Betterhelp : for 10% off   #CBD #Wildflowerhemp   BUY MERCH!!!!!   #Merch Store:   Follow me:
January 20, 2021
Episode 151: Painful Sex, Kat's Mom has Covid AGAIN, and Vaginal Rejuvenation? This gets weird!
Kat and I get together every Friday to look at life, our families and more. We call it Suck It! Coffee Break. So today we breakdown how things are going with us, the holidays and more! We discuss Kat's painful sexual encounter, how her mom has covid again, plastic surgery and even more weirdness. This conversation takes a bunch of odd turns. Please help me! AHHHH    This episode is proudly brought to you by:   #Betterhelp : for 10% off   #CBD #Wildflowerhemp  BUY MERCH!!!!!   #Merch Store:  Follow me:
January 16, 2021
Episode 150: Politics and Punk Music with Total Massacre
Southern California punks Total Massacre, a self-described band of "anti-fascist, anti-racist, anti-capitalists," have just dropped a raging and politically charged new track titled, "Get Rich or Try Dying." Of the track, singer Cap’n No-Fun says, “Get Rich or Try Dying started like most of our songs do, with a suggestion for a funny song title (this time from our drummer Tommy) combined with the unshakeable sense that literally everything has been fundamentally stacked against us. So not exactly new territory for us as far as songwriting goes but I feel like this one does a good job honing in on one of the really important points that I think is pretty important, and all too easily overlooked: That our lives are the commodity that is being bought and sold.” For the music video, the band enlisted the creative mind of Dylan Howard, the drummer from LA punk band The Lungs, who directed the clip. “Get Rich Or Try Dying” music video: the track on digital platforms here:  The punk ethos is present in everything Total Massacre does, and has earned them an international following in an extremely short amount of time. Committed to bashing authority and calling out the dog whistle of fascism whatever the source, Total Massacre plays every song with a sense of urgency and dread as if at any second some lunatic in the White House might unleash nuclear annihilation upon us all. The LA-based 4-piece channels the breakneck pace and buzzsaw guitars of 80’s hardcore with lyrics drenched in the sweat, tears, and disaffected rage of life today. Explicitly political and anti-fascist vocals bark an outraged retort to both the ineffectual, self-defeating cynicism of neoliberal centrists and the greedy, craven nihilism of modern-day conservatives. The self-titled Total Massacre (2018) and the blistering follow-up The System Works... (2019) laid the foundation for what this band stands for. Their live show came a long way, garnering a performance at 2019’s Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival, and gigs opening for acts like Pennywise, The Bronx, MDC, Total Chaos, Naked Aggression, CJ Ramone, Flipper, Mondo Generator, Verbal Abuse, Angry Samoans, Mean Jeans, Pulley, DFL and more. The band was primed and ready to share the stage with Pears when Covid 19 shut everything down. Total Massacre spent the downtime writing songs remotely, rehearsing only once or twice before convening to record “the songs of 2020”, all to be released as a series of singles through the first half of 2021. The bands’ home base studio Beer City nearly burned down in 2020, but should be up and running in time for the band to record another flurry of singles. As glad as they are that Trump will be out of office, they aren’t holding their breath for the democratic establishment to fix our dumpster of a country, so you can count on plenty more pissed off hardcore from Total Massacre soon.   This episode is proudly brought to you by:   #Betterhelp : for 10% off   #CBD #Wildflowerhemp  BUY MERCH!!!!!   #Merch Store:  Follow me:
January 15, 2021
Episode 149: Rock Band, SORAIA
Philadelphia rock quartet Soraia is giving fans new music for the start of the New Year. The band will release a 7" single titled "Tight-Lipped" (with a b-side cover of Aerosmith's "Angel," ft. a guest appearance by their Wicked Cool Records labelmate Jessie Wagner) on January 8th. Stream/buy "Tight-Lipped" here: Of the new track, frontwoman ZouZou Mansour says, ""Tight-Lipped" is about a woman who politely refuses to challenge the status quo and direction of her life.  It's a final recognition of the part she has played in her own oppressive censoring - a soulful rebuke of her former beliefs on how to live. But by the end of the song, it becomes a triumphant declaration of who she now is: "'Meet Ophelia--no more promises. I refuse to be so tight-lipped.'" The single follows on the heels of Soraia's most recent studio LP 'Dig Your Roots' which is streaming here: That album was produced and engineered by Geoff Sanoff (Bruce Springsteen, Fountains Of Wayne, Dashboard Confessional) and spawned a number of singles, including "Evergreen", "Wild Woman" and "Superman is Gone." To celebrate the release of "Tight-Lipped", Soraia will play a special event to be live-streamed from The Bowery Electric on January 15th at 8pm ET. Tickets are available at and are also good for “on-demand” viewing through 1/22. A percentage of ticket sales will support #SaveOurStages to bring relief to independent venues impacted by the pandemic. • • Instagram/Twitter: @soraiarocks   This episode is proudly brought to you by:   #Betterhelp : for 10% off   #CBD #Wildflowerhemp  BUY MERCH!!!!!   #Merch Store:  Follow me:
January 13, 2021
Episode 148: Rock Band, Soviet Machines
The Soviet Machines are a three-piece rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota by high school friends singer/guitarist Jack Swagger and drummer Marcus Jones that initially began in 2006. After two independent releases, the group split up in 2009. In early 2020, the band regrouped with the addition of vocalist/bassist Rich Salsbury and began working on new material. In September, the band traveled to Seattle to work with legendary producer Jack Endino (Nirvana, Soundgarden, Afghan Whigs). The self-titled album that resulted is filled with everything that makes the band great; big guitars, loud roomy drums and infectious melodies. These elements coupled with Endino’s live, raw production, and use of first takes gives the record a classic charm and vibrancy missing in most modern albums. The strength of the album was enough to garner the attention of Midwest punk label DC-Jam Records who signed the group less than two weeks after the completion of the album. The LP is out digitally today, and on 12” vinyl on February 12th. Stream The Soviet Machines' debut album here: Watch the music video for "Get Your Kicks" here: Watch the music video for "2 Shots (To The Back Of The Head)" here: Read a new interview with the band on Glide Magazine.  Socials:   This episode is proudly brought to you by:   #Betterhelp : for 10% off   #CBD #Wildflowerhemp   BUY MERCH!!!!!   #Merch Store:   Follow me:
January 13, 2021
Episode 147: Comedian, Teri S
Comedian Teri S. is based in California and is absolutely hilarious. Teri is also a an avid animal lover and has a ridiculous amount of animals. She is an amazing woman and an even funnier woman.  This episode is proudly brought to you by:   #Betterhelp : for 10% off   #CBD #Wildflowerhemp   BUY MERCH!!!!!   #Merch Store:   Follow me:
January 9, 2021
Episode 146: A Mental Health Update
As most of you know I have been going through a lot between a divorce and just life in general. I wont lie it's been tough but i reveal everything in this episode and address some concerns that some people have expressed to me.   This episode is proudly brought to you by:   #Betterhelp : for 10% off   #CBD #Wildflowerhemp  BUY MERCH!!!!!   #Merch Store:   Follow me:
January 8, 2021
Episode 145: Orange County Punk Band, CHASER
Comprised of Mike LeDonne (singer), Jesse Stopnitzky (bassist/vocals), Bill Hockmuth (guitarist) and Davey Guy (drums), CHASER shares the same love for punk rock as the rest of us, hoping to make a difference.  Jesse shares, “Growing up in the 90’s, no sound has struck a chord for us like the Fat and Epitaph era punk bands. Although the scene continues to evolve, we stick to what we love most about this genre…catchy melodies, anthemic choruses, passionate lyrical content and as always, a beat that has you rushing for the pit.”   New Single 2020 Video   This episode is proudly brought to you by:   #Betterhelp : for 10% off   #CBD #Wildflowerhemp   BUY MERCH!!!!!   #Merch Store:   Follow me:
January 7, 2021
Episode 144: Actress and Model, Crystal Loverro
Crystal Loverro is a film and voice actor, a published model, and a photographer. She also has producing and directing experience, but she prefers being in front of the camera!  Crystal was born and raised in Binghamton, NY; she began her acting and modeling career in 2017, after graduating from Binghamton University with a Bachelor of Science in neuroscience and pre-health.  Crystal has extensive set and voice-over experience. She takes pride in her ambition, professionalism, and empathetic nature.  Crystal has a wide variety of interests including: Krav Maga, Photography, Gothic Culture, Hiking, Backpacking, and Psychology.  Crystal is currently acting and modeling in Portland, Oregon, where she takes on-going acting classes at Scott Rogers Studios. She has trained in scene study, improv, character analysis, voice-over, on camera acting, and acting techniques including: Meisner, Stella Adler, Strasberg, and Stanislavski.   Contact for bookings This episode is proudly brought to you by:   #Betterhelp : for 10% off   #CBD #Wildflowerhemp   BUY MERCH!!!!!   #Merch Store:   Follow me:
January 6, 2021
Episode 143: Comedian, Actress and Stunt Woman, Jessica Winther
Jessica Winther is known for her work on Ant-Man (2015), Iron Man 3 (2013) and The Avengers (2012). Jessica is also a renowned comedian known for her dark and brash sense of humor. Join Derek as he talks to this amazing person with the first show of the new year!!!!!! This episode is proudly brought to you by: #Betterhelp : for 10% off #CBD #Wildflowerhemp BUY MERCH!!!!! #Merch Store: Follow me: #comedian #femalecomedian #funnycomedian
January 5, 2021
Episode 142: 2020 Was The Worst Year of My Life
This year I lost my daughter, my wife, my job and now my sanity. I'm not doing too well and I'm struggling to wake up everyday. However I'm still here fighting to find myself again. I don't know what it will take or how long but I can't give up nor will I. So now I Say Bye Bye to 2020, and the horrible year it's been. Now we say hello to 2021 in style. Tattness and I break down the year, the good and the bad, and predict what 2021 will bring us. This episode is proudly brought to you by: #Betterhelp : for 10% off #CBD #Wildflowerhemp BUY MERCH!!!!! #Merch Store: Follow me:
January 1, 2021
Episode 141: Special Guest Kevin Young Tattoo
Kevin Young has been an artist since he was a child. He has been tattooing 15 plus years and has worked with many well renowned shops and artists. He also has worked at many tattoo festivals around the world, making him one of Orange County, California's most sought after and booked artist. This episode is proudly brought to you by: #Betterhelp : for 10% off #H2one #Handsanitizer : BUY MERCH!!!!! #Merch Store: Follow me:
December 29, 2020
Episode 140: Canadian Punk Band, Rest Easy
In this episode I talk to Dylan from the Canadian Punk Band, Rest Easy. We talk everything from Politics, The Mandalorian, Marvel VS DC and so much more! Check it out!  Rest Easy is a newly formed punk rock band from Vancouver, consisting of members of Daggermouth and Shook Ones. Their upcoming Mutant League Records debut 7" "Sick Day EP" was recorded in the Fall of 2020 by Tim Creviston (Misery Signals) and was mixed/mastered by Paul Miner at Buzzbomb Studios, Orange CA (Death By Stereo, Thrice). Watch for the band's debut single to hit streaming platforms in late-January with the EP following in mid-February. Check out the teaser video here: on the inception of the band, guitarist Kenny Lush had this to say: "Some old friends, some laptops, GarageBand, some spicy riffs, plus a global pandemic and the end result is Rest Easy."   This episode is proudly brought to you by:   #Betterhelp : for 10% off   #H2one #Handsanitizer :  BUY MERCH!!!!!   #Merch Store:  Follow me:
December 25, 2020
Episode 139: Skate Punk Band, COUNTERPUNCH!
In this episode we talk the bands new release, music and touring in the current state of affairs, football and why Chicago is better than New York?  Chicago punks Counterpunch have released their new single “Handbook For The Recently Debriefed,” the title track off the upcoming 7-inch out Jan 29th via Thousand Islands Records (North America) and SBÄM Records (EU).  Stream the single on all streaming platforms here:  An accompanying lyric video is also streaming here:  Pre-orders for the 7” have launched (three variants, each limited to 100 units). Pre-order here:  With their new songs, Counterpunch write a commentary on the society around them. The new tracks "We, The Role" and "Handbook For The Recently Debriefed" make up the band's new 7" and are the first new Counterpunch songs since the band's 2014 album "Bruises." Formed in 2004, Counterpunch's metal drenched Skate Punk, inspired by the Fat Wreck era of modern punk rock, has seen them tour around the world alongside some of the biggest names of the scene.   This episode is proudly brought to you by:   #Betterhelp : for 10% off   #H2one #Handsanitizer :  BUY MERCH!!!!!   #Merch Store:  Follow me:
December 23, 2020
Episode 138: Rock Band, Chainflower
If you ask Chainflower what kind of music they create, their response may surprise you. “Savagely unique,” they’ll say, which turns out to be the perfect description for the rising band’s personal brand of insightful modern rock. Their aggressive sound has been hailed as a modern rock and roll cocktail sparkling with influences of Led Zeppelin, Evanescence, Paramore, Stone Temple Pilots, The Dead Weather, The Pretty Reckless, Black Sabbath and The Runaways.  Coming from Los Angeles, the prodigious band was destined for rock stardom long before they signed a distribution deal with Universal Music Group Distribution/Hood Associates Records and racked up positive reviews in the press with only a handful of songs out at the time.  After Chainflower released two critically acclaimed EPs, they became “a modern touchstone for a new crop of rock artists,” as College Music Journal noted, adding that “the blast radius of Chainflower is expansive.” NeuFutur went on to say, “Chainflower is gritty and hard-hitting with a complexity that few in this style have. There are nods to the Detroit rock scene, the 80s goth of Sisters of Mercy, and just enough punk rock to keep things going at breakneck speed. While they could easily succeed in the grunge 90s, the time for Chainflower is now.” I Am Entertainment continued, “Chainflower is able to create rough and tumble rock that has enough catchiness to merit serious radio play. The guitars sizzle while the intense vocals and splashy drums shine, effectively tattooing their music deep in the hearts of those listening.”  Inspired by rock icons Led Zeppelin, Blondie, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Killing Joke, Soundgarden, Queens of the Stone Age, Iggy Pop and more, Chainflower guitarist, songwriter, producer and founder Kelly Wheeler, created a vision of music and art that has driven the new band to major recognition in the music industry. Kelly has also gained success with recording and live appearances alongside other legendary artists from iconic bands including Jane’s Addiction, Berlin, Tool and Guns ’N Roses. Kelly is also the artist and director of Chainflower visuals from album art to concert posters to music videos.  Kelly’s recent search for a new singer led him to acclaimed vocalist, songwriter and recording artist, Syd Duran. While signed to Hollywood Records, Syd landed her first tour opening for the Jonas Brothers. She has opened for the epic rock band Korn and performed at major music festivals with Avenged Sevenfold, Godsmack, Disturbed, Sevendust and Lita Ford. Syd’s powerful vocals received national headlines as the featured artist on Breaking Benjamin’s popular single “Blow Me Away”, hitting number 5 on the Billboard Rock Charts and heard in the Halo 2 original soundtrack. Syd’s solo work and recent single “Dust and Bone” continues to be featured on major TV networks and national commercials, including FIFA Women’s World Cup, 20/20, The Walking Dead, 68 Whiskey, American Gods, Total Bellas, ABC, E!, FOX and MTV.  After writing and recording new songs scheduled for release this year, Kelly and Syd were introduced to drummer Raanen Bozzio by good friend and world-renowned drummer, Ryan Brown, who suggested that Raanen join them on Chainflower’s journey.  Raanen Bozzio is the powerful drummer and son of drumming legend Terry Bozzio. Surrounded by music growing up, Raanen started playing professionally at age 11. He has recorded and shared the stage with many prominent artists including Cypress Hill, Wednesday 13, Periphery, Weed Eater, The Memorials, Orgy, Fact Pattern, and Lords of the Damned. Raanen is endorsed by Sabian Cymbals, DW Drums, Promark Drumsticks and Evans Drumheads. This episode is proudly brought to you by: #Betterhelp : for 10% off BUY MERCH!!!!! #Merch Store:
December 19, 2020
Episode 137: Comedian Steve Hofstetter
Author, columnist, and comedian Steve Hofstetter is often called the hardest working man in show-business. With all due respect to the late James Brown. Hofstetter's national TV debut came on ESPN's Quite Frankly, where Stephen A. Smith yelled at him for three minutes. Hofstetter has also appeared on CBS' "Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson", Showtime's "White Boyz in the Hood", VH1's "Countdown", Sundance's "On the Road in America", and ABC's "Barbara Walter's Special", where he thankfully did not cry. He is the host and executive producer of "Laughs" on Fox networks, where he only cries occasionally. One of the top booked acts on the college circuit, the original writer for has also released six albums. Hofstetter has written humor columns for the New York Times,, and, where he publicly admitted to being a Ranger fan. After hosting Four Quotas on Sirius Satellite Radio for two seasons, Hofstetter moved to broadcast radio, and his Sports Minute (Or So) was syndicated on over 170 stations and in over 30 newspapers. Hofstetter's second live comedy album ("Cure For the Cable Guy") reached #20 on Billboard's comedy charts. His third album ("Dark Side of the Room") was the first ever pay-what-you-want" comedy album, since people were going to steal it anyway. His fourth album consisted of an hour of 100% ad-libbed material, which is, frankly, nuts. And his fifth album hit #1 on iTunes' comedy charts, which is also a bit nuts. Hofstetter's brutal tour schedule consists of over 100 colleges and dozens of clubs every year, and is fueled by an immense online popularity, tons of press, and a Prius with great gas mileage. He reached 200,000 friends on Facebook (still the world record), 400,000 more on MySpace, and high shelves in grocery stores. While Hofstetter's live shows are routinely sold out, he is best known for his writing, first published at age 15, mainly to impress girls. At 18, he co-founded "Sports Jerk of the Week", an irreverent website featured by press like USA Today's Baseball Weekly, Sports Illustrated and CNN. And at 20, Hofstetter took a year off of school to head up web content for the New York Yankees. The Yankees won the World Series that year, which would have been wonderful if they hadn't beaten Hofstetter's Mets. Yes, he's also a Mets fan. Poor kid. While an undergraduate at Columbia University, Hofstetter was a well-read columnist for the Columbia Daily Spectator and a voice of the Lions. After a summer writing for Maxim, ESPN, and Sports Illustrated for Kids, Hofstetter syndicated his column in several newspapers. Without his glasses, Hofstetter also looks a great deal like Michael Rappaport. This episode is proudly brought to you by: #Betterhelp : for 10% off #H2one #Handsanitizer : BUY MERCH!!!!! #Merch Store: Follow me:
December 17, 2020
Episode 136: Atlanta Band: Heathersett
Stream "Wick To Handle" Here:  “I started a band, played some shows, started recording, and then the world went to hell.” says Heathersett vocalist/bassist, Craigan Hogeland. The fall of 2019 was met with much optimism for the members of Heathersett (Craigan Hogeland – Vocals/Bass, Juergie Landstrom – Vocals/Guitar, Andy Torrey – Guitar, and Zack Mulazzi – Drums). Little did anyone in the world know what 2020 had in store. Fast forward a year later, and Heathersett is ready to debut their first single, “Wick to Handle” off their self-titled LP due out in 2021 on 59 X Records. Not all news is bad news these days. Hogeland found himself in a new relationship that influenced much of his songwriting on Heathersett’s debut LP. “Wick to Handle is just a love song about waiting for your future significant other to become available.” - Craigan Hogeland (Vocals/Bass) “Wick” clocks in right around 3:44 with an upbeat rhythm and contagious lyrics that will transport the listener back to simpler times. Landstrom and Hogeland’s back and forth, melodic yet angsty vocals pay respect to bands like Taking Back Sunday and Four Year Strong while seeking guidance from legends like The Beach Boys and The Beatles. “We wrote Wick while essentially still introducing ourselves to each other. The first half is an olive branch; an attempt at conciseness so that we could all start this project on common ground. The second half is a swan dive into what I think makes our band great: If we don’t feel like coming back to the chorus because we found something more fun, then sayonara!” – Juergie Landstrom (Vocals/Guitar)   This episode is proudly brought to you by:   #Betterhelp : for 10% off   #H2one #Handsanitizer :   BUY MERCH!!!!!   #Merch Store:   Follow me:
December 16, 2020
Episode 135: Actual Villains
Since its inception in late 2015 Actual Villains has been an evolving project. Formed from the dissolve of the singer’s prior band, Close to Home (Artery Recordings/Razor & Tie Records) Andrew DeNeef and his former guitarist set out to continue their signature blend of pop-punk and metalcore with their first single “Cave In”. These two parted ways in 2016 shortly after releasing the self-titled Actual Villains EP. The project sat in hiatus for a few months until Andrew moved back to Phoenix, Arizona where he met producer and guitarist Hiram Hernandez, a former label-mate from the band The New Low and former guitarist for Glass Cloud. The duo released their first single “VOID” in 2019 and have been busy in the studio writing new tunes for 2021. Their newest venture, just in time for the original song’s 30th anniversary, is a dynamic cover of one of our favorite songs of all time, R.E.M.’s Losing My Religion.  A music video for the track is now streaming here:  Producer: Hiram Hernandez  Director: Lance Gergar  Digital art: Cameron Burns  Spotify- Music- Amazon Music- DeNeef says, “To me, R.E.M.’s "Losing My Religion" has always been a quintessential Alternative Rock song. Since it’s release thirty years ago, It’s been one of the only songs from my childhood that I never grew tired of as my musical tastes went through multiple stages of evolution. I’ve always felt the lyrics are about the frustrations of feeling like you’re losing control, at the end of a rope, trying to find yourself through the noise and confusion of the world. A feeling I know all too well lately.   This episode is proudly brought to you by:   #Betterhelp : for 10% off   #H2one #Handsanitizer :  BUY MERCH!!!!!  #Merch Store:  Follow me:
December 15, 2020
Episode 134: Punk Band, Rough Dreams
Rough Dreams are: Jake Jones Vox/Guitar  Chris Suggs Vox/Guitar  Matt Isbell Bass  Paul Lowe Drums  Spacey pop punk band from Knoxville, TN. Formed in August of 2018.   This episode is proudly brought to you by:   #Betterhelp : for 10% off   #H2one #Handsanitizer :   BUY MERCH!!!!!   #Merch Store:   Follow me:
December 11, 2020
Episode 133: Special Guest, Comedian Sally Mullins
Sally Mullins a Stand Up Comic, Actress and Adult Entertainer. Sally has performed at the Comedy Store and many other comedy clubs and has a Stand Up Special On Amazon Prime Video out now called "Sleazy Does It". In this episode we talk everything from comedy,, mental health, kink and the adult entertainment industry (yes porn). This is a crazy fun conversation that you do not want to miss!   This episode is proudly brought to you by:   #Betterhelp : for 10% off   #H2one #Handsanitizer :  BUY MERCH!!!!!   #Merch Store:  Follow me:
December 10, 2020
Episode 132: Model, Actress and TV Host, Terri Marie
Terri Marie is a native to southern California loves travel, fitness and fashion and being on the Red carpet and meeting new people she has a strong desire to help others be their best. She is an entertainment Host, Actress, Model, Business Women and Fitness Competitor  She currently a co-hosts for Movie Reviews & More, Women’s Broadcast TV Network, Binge Network and ITube247. She also does interviews for Celebrity Connection and Sportamix, and she has interviewed legendary agent Leigh Steinberg. She has appeared on the reality show Botched on the E channel and is in the film Heavens Warriors.  She also is a personal trainer and loves helping women achieve their goals. She believes age is a number and fitness is a lifestyle. She has won 1st place in here class at Muscle Beach and Fitness Universe. She has also placed Second in NPC Bikini Master Class.   This episode is proudly brought to you by:   #Betterhelp : for 10% off   #H2one #Handsanitizer :   BUY MERCH!!!!!   #Merch Store:   Follow me:
December 8, 2020
Episode 131: Iglu and Hartly REUNITE AFTER 10 YEARS!
Southern California alternative pop-rockers Iglu & Hartly are back after more than a decade, with a super catchy new single titled "Cooler." ++++ The track premiered earlier this week during the band's Spin Magazine Twitch live stream and is now streaming on all digital platforms: Watch the new music video for "Cooler" here: ++++ Originally formed in the foothills of Colorado by college friends Jarvis Anderson (lead vocals, production), Sam Martin (vocals, keyboards), and Simon Katz (guitar), the band moved to Los Angeles after dropping out of school. Luis Rosiles flew from Jarvis' hometown of Chicago to join the band as their drummer, and LA local Michael Bucher joined as bassist. The band paid its dues in the glitter and grime of seedy Hollywood nightclubs before being adopted by Hermosa Beach, a Los Angeles sea-side community with a strong punk rock heritage, which identified with their synth-heavy, sweaty and wildly packed shows. The love the band felt from the small beach town served as inspiration for the song "In This City" which became a worldwide hit in 2008. NME called it "an anthem in the making" while naming them one of "Twenty Bands Making America Cool Again." In their review of the band’s debut album “& Then Boom’, The Guardian called it “crisp electro-rock with a big hook in every tune...” while Q Magazine wrote, “This kitchen-sink hybrid works remarkably well.” As the “In This City” single grew massively, the synth-pop group rose up the UK pop charts (#5) and US alternative charts (#35). The band toured the UK, Europe, and North America at a non-stop pace (SPIN included them in their "Best of Bumbershoot Festival 2009" and called their performance "absurdly successful") which resulted in a strain on the group’s interpersonal relationships and by 2010 the band was dropped by the label, and the members went their separate ways. Iglu & Hartly lay dormant in an extended hiatus for 10 years, until last summer when the band reunited for California’s Hermosa Beach Summer Series festival in August of 2019. The audience response from that show prompted the guys to go back in the studio to record new music and this is the first single from those sessions. This episode is proudly brought to you by: #Betterhelp : for 10% off #H2one #Handsanitizer : BUY MERCH!!!!! #Merch Store: Follow me:
December 6, 2020
Episode 130: Designer Disguise
Seattle pop-infused metalcore band DESIGNER DISGUISE has joined the Substream Records roster. With the release of their latest single “Outta My Face” featuring Dropout Kings on November 13th, they quickly built on their exponentially increasing momentum. Mixed by Drew Fulk and infusing elements of metal, electronic, and rap, the genre-blending track is sure to please the masses. About “Outta My Face”, vocalist Jackson Bengtsson stated: “This song is about getting all the toxicity out of your life. We haven’t expressed our anger in our music in some time and with everything going on today we thought it was time to let these feelings off our chests.” Earlier in 2020, the band independently released their EP ‘Nowhere’ and came back with their critically acclaimed single “No One’s Alright” in August, which showcases their depth of range and creativity in songwriting. The track was accompanied by a futuristic and creative music video that is not only engaging but visually intriguing and impressive. About the signing to Substream Records, label co-owner Nick Moore stated: "We've been looking to expand the sound of Substream and Designer Disguise fit exactly what we were looking for. As being primarily pop/hip hop we wanted something that could bring these worlds together for our current following and DD nailed it." Designer Disguise values vulnerability and believes that by sharing stories, we can become strong together. Their songs are the manifestation of that value as well as the hope to inspire others to do the same. With their momentum only gaining more speed, be on the lookout for what’s to come.  SOCIALS:  Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:  This episode is proudly brought to you by:   #Betterhelp : for 10% off   #H2one #Handsanitizer :  BUY MERCH!!!!!   #Merch Store:  Follow me:
December 4, 2020
Episode 129: Rock Band, RLND
RLND (pronounced Roland) is a four-piece rock band from San Francisco, CA. They have at turns been referred to as “Kinda like Tool” “Too loud” and “The most ferocious underground metal band around,” although the latter came when the bassist had a broken foot-- take that as you will. RLND is debuting a new single and wild new video for "Public Chefs" off their upcoming album 'ZEALAND,' a concept album that the band explains is "built around our collective narrative as a capitalist society." "'Public Chefs' is kind of the odd track out on the record musically and (director) Tsunami said he had an idea for a video for the song," RLND guitarist Joe McClune tells No Echo. "He ran with the thematic idea behind the song, which is basically the wholesale distraction of the population at large with smoke and mirrors. Stream the "Public Chefs" video here: Directed by Tsunami Films. Stream the video for the previous single "Keith Sells But Who's Buying" here:   This episode is proudly brought to you by:   #Manscaped: use code "SUCKITPODCAST" for 20% off and free shipping   #Betterhelp : for 10% off   #H2one #Handsanitizer :  BUY MERCH!!!!!   #Merch Store:  Follow me:
December 3, 2020
Episode 128: Rock Band, Good Things
Good Things is a punk rock band from NYC, consisting of some friends who love making music and telling stories together. Coming from different musical backgrounds, GT blends elements of punk, hardcore, indie, and alternative, creating a complex listening experience. The band's debut release "Heaven Is Yours" is a concept EP detailing a short story of love and death, wrapping the listener's ears in its grip and holding on tight with hard-hitting instrumentation and crushing vocals. The story is just beginning. Guitarist/vocalist Cameron Sacchet says, "Heaven Is Yours is a concept EP about love and death. It was actually written backwards, with the title track at the end of the record written first, and then writing the rest building up to it. We mixed a bunch of different styles by just writing what we wanted to write and had fun with it." Now Streaming on All Digital Streaming Platforms Spotify- Apple Music- Amazon Music- Bandcamp (Name Your Price)- Instagram: Facebook: Youtube: Spotify: This episode is proudly brought to you by: #Manscaped: use code "SUCKITPODCAST" for 20% off and free shipping #Betterhelp : for 10% off BUY MERCH!!!!! #Merch Store: Follow me:
December 2, 2020
Episode of 127: Is Nickelback the best ever?
Tattness returns to discuss the greatest band of all time. Slipknot? Rolling Stones? Metallica? The Beatles? U2? AC/DC? Who? Who is the best? Can that even be determined? Can anyone say anyone band is the best? That plus we talk our Toys for Tots charity event and more!!!!! This episode is proudly brought to you by: #Manscaped: use code "SUCKITPODCAST" for 20% off and free shipping #Betterhelp : for 10% off #H2one #Handsanitizer : BUY MERCH!!!!! #Merch Store: Follow me:
December 1, 2020
Episode 126: Ska Band, Half Past Two
Half Past Two is a 9-piece blend of ska, rock, reggae, and pop punk from Orange County, California. Their most recent EP “Something Blue” was released to acclaim this past summer and was produced by David Irish (Reel Big Fish, Suburban Legends) at Pot O’ Gold Recording in Orange, California. The band is now back with a new single "Shine" set for release on November 13, 2020. The song is the first single from the band's upcoming full-length due out in Summer 2021. Previously featured on the 'Ska Against Racism' compilation (Asian Man Records/Bad Time Records/Ska Punk Daily), the track has special meaning to the band, and frontwoman Tara Hahn in particular, who says, "Shine” is very personal and writing and releasing it has been cathartic. I penned it at the time my family found out that our daughter has Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), a neuromuscular disease. I didn’t write the words to share, but my bandmates really encouraged me to evolve the song, and we raised some awareness for SMA when we released it acoustic. But we thought it was pretty powerful and wanted it to be an energetic and exciting Half Past Two song like we're known for. Then the opportunity came; “Shine” belonged on Ska Against Racism because it’s about our responsibility to the future. Releasing it in this way, with a passionate feeling and full band for SAR is still very uplifting, and I’d just like people to rally for that if they can."  Website:  Facebook:  Instagram:  Youtube: Spotify: spotify:artist:68OATyajBIyM3EDtVObBSB  Twitter: Bandcamp:    This episode is proudly brought to you by:   #Manscaped: use code "SUCKITPODCAST" for 20% off and free shipping   #Betterhelp : for 10% off   #H2one #Handsanitizer :  BUY MERCH!!!!!   #Merch Store:  Follow me:
November 26, 2020
Episode 125: Hallmark Vs. One Million Moms
Guess who's at it again....... I'll Give you one guess. Yup it's those crazy hypocritical bible thumping bigots' over at One Million Moms. This time they are going after the wholesome Christmas movies of Hallmark Channel because they will be featuring LGTBQ Couples in this years movies. This group uses the Bible as a buffet to pick and choose what to follow in order to push their agenda. I have made it my personal mission to destroy this hateful group, and I will. This episode is proudly brought to you by: #Manscaped: use code "SUCKITPODCAST" for 20% off and free shipping #Betterhelp : for 10% off #H2one #Handsanitizer : BUY MERCH!!!!! #Merch Store: Follow me:
November 25, 2020
Episode 124: Positivity and Creativity with CJ the Visionary
FIYA, a luxury footwear brand, has launched luxury shoes for kids. The FIYA kids classic low top is a luxury, casual shoe that is ideal for everyday wear. This streamlined and durable sneaker has its inspiration from the tennis court and is perfect for kids who are rough with their shoes. These shoes are handcrafted in Italy and are made of Italian leather. The heel counter, ankle collar, and tongue are quilted to wrap up kids feet while providing support. With its modern and classic design, it will compliment any shoe collection.    FIYA also launched luxury mens dress shoes that can also be worn as casual wear. The FIYA classic dockside mens shoes are quality wear that is fashion-forward. The design is timeless, versatile, and brings style to any classic combination. The shoes provide comfort throughout the day while maintaining its pristine quality. The shoes are made of genuine Italian leather with classic stitching and metal reinforced eyelets. These shoes are perfect for dressing up or for casual purposes.   ABOUT FIYA  FIYA is a luxury shoe line that is handcrafted in Italy with an impeccable attention to detail on each pair of shoes. The designer, CJ the Visionary, has always had an eye for fashion. He’s a host on the podcast Reality Intercepted where he gives his unfiltered views on real issues that happen all over the world.     Links:    This episode is proudly brought to you by:   #Manscaped: use code "SUCKITPODCAST" for 20% off and free shipping   #Betterhelp : for 10% off   #H2one #Handsanitizer :   BUY MERCH!!!!!   #Merch Store:   Follow me:
November 24, 2020
Episode 123: New Hip Hop Artist, Roxanne Luciano
Roxanne Luciano’s new single “RichRich” is out now. Rising to Fame, Luciano comes from a family of entertainers. Growing up in the music business, Luciano has met and worked with reputable artists across all genres. Staying true to herself, this dynamic artist has crossed over barriers and is killing the scene. So much so, the legendary Tony Mercedes, who has sold over 27 million records, is behind Luciano. This episode is proudly brought to you by: #Manscaped: use code "SUCKITPODCAST" for 20% off and free shipping #Betterhelp : for 10% off #H2one #Handsanitizer : BUY MERCH!!!!! #Merch Store: Follow me:
November 21, 2020
Episode 122: Bay Area band, The Happy's
Bay Area indie rockers The Happys are premiering a new video for their song "Bipolar" off their most recent EP of the same name.  Stream the "Bipolar" video here:  Stream The Happys' 'Bipolar' EP here:  Frontman Nick Petty says, "Bipolar is a song written about a girl who I once liked who had bipolar disorder. In hindsight, this song is based on the give-and-take nature of love. The song dives into personal struggles from my childhood with bipolar emotions and tendencies. I always want to empower people through my lyrics to never feel less than anyone else for struggling with their mental health and differences. I also want to emphasize that all people who struggle with mental disorders — whether it’s depression, mania, bipolar disorder or anything else—deserve a fulfilling and happy life and should not be scrutinized by society for their differences and struggles. I believe that if we want to grow as a society, we need to be more empathic and understanding of how others feel. During these times, I want to help people to understand that it’s normal to feel weird and lost during this quarantine. While it will eventually pass, I truly believe that we can use this time to create something beautiful." He adds, “I get what it’s like to not be getting the necessary help while suffering from depression and anxiety. I am very lucky to have this musical outlet to help with my own issues and I want to spread the love and hope to anyone who will listen. I strive to entertain people and let people know it’s OK to be weird, it’s OK to be different.” The "Bipolar" video was shot at Ron Collins Art Gallery in Northern California by Will Rushton, who the band met through Ambassadors of Hope and Opportunity , a nonprofit that helps homeless kids (and helped Petty through his own struggles). About The Happys: Upon release from a 14 month stint in the Marin County Jail, Nick Petty, lead singer and songwriter for Bay Area rock band, The Happys was instructed NOT to enter a bar or be around alcohol or drugs as part of his probation. Of course, Nick went ahead and booked a gig for his band at a local bar. As the band came on stage, the first person he noticed in the audience was his probation officer staring him down. The band tore through the set and after the show, the officer approached Nick with sweat rolling down her forehead from dancing and made an offer - she would let this go if he keeps playing his music. “you guys are really good!” She said. “You’ve got to keep it going!” “It was a wake-up call,” Nick explains. “I realized that jail was not where I saw myself going in my life. I wanted something to stop me from what I was doing, and jail did that. And when I got off drugs, I was able to nurture my creative side.” After the bar “incident,” Nick decided it was time to step things up with his band. He recruited local musician friend, Brett Brazil on bass, Alex Sanchez on guitar and Ryan Donahue on drums. They went to work building their fanbase by playing as many live shows as they could, never turning down a gig. They traveled to the Northwest and Southern California on shoestring tours, toured in support of the Mad Caddies, opened for Agent Orange, Del The Funky Homosapien, and played the main stage at San Francisco’s Haight Street Fair.   This episode is proudly brought to you by:   #Manscaped: use code "SUCKITPODCAST" for 20% off and free shipping   #Betterhelp : for 10% off   #H2one #Handsanitizer :   BUY MERCH!!!!!   #Merch Store:   Follow me: