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Sufficiently Chai

Sufficiently Chai

By Sufficiently Chai
Welcome to Sufficiently Chai. Lindsey and Rachel are two Jewish blondes who have proclaimed themselves professional weed smokers and very amateur Torah scholars. For most millennials, religion has taken a backseat and kinda feels lame and outdated. Lindsey & Rachel are here to make the Torah and Judaism relatable, interesting, and tbh, really funny, for the everyday Jew or Jew-curious person. They’ll also be high the whole time - hence the name, duh.
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Chai Holidaze (ROUND 2!)
Dear, dear listeners. 5780 has been a wild ride. We’ve taken one more trip around the sun since our last chai Holidaze episode, and we know what you’re thinking: the high holidays are over. And we know, because we have Instagram and saw all of our camp friends’ socially distant bagels and lox, but it’s still our fave holiday and we couldn’t resist sharing our thoughts with y’all (Rachel is writing this, can she pull off y’all?). Since this is such a juicy episode we don’t want to give TOO much away, but at a CHAI level (couldn’t resist), we talk Salem, memes, a meaningful Yom Kippur, orgasms, cool hot girlTM, is this kosher?, and MORE. Think of this kind of like a blast from the past and also a prediction of the future. Crazy, right? Just you wait. So. Happy. To. Be. HERE!
October 1, 2020
Sufficiently Quarantined
What do deer skulls, googly eyes, and dating apps have in common? They are ALL talked about in this brand new ~virtual~ episode of Sufficiently Chai. Rachel’s in Boston, Lindsey’s on the moon (she’s actually in Terlingua, Texas and she’s really leaning into it), and we haven’t heard ourselves talk in a while, so we figured the best thing to do during quarantine was give you all a lil splash of semitism to spice up social distancing. We dive into how we each choose to infuse our Jewish values and spirituality to help make sense of the new normal we’re living in and discuss things like Tikkun Olam, Tikkun Atzmi, and the story of how we met - which is the real highlight tbh. To keep you on your toes we switch things up a little bit and answer some listener questions (!!) but, of course, close out with a rousing round of “Is this kosher?” We say it every time but only cause we mean it - we’ve never been funnier and this is our best episode yet. Some other cute news: it’s almost the one year anniversary of Sufficiently Chai! Not yet, but soon. Just letting you all know in advance. **UPDATE: Rachel came across a resume with someone’s picture on it who she is obsessed with before speaking to, so sometimes it can work in your favor. Exception. NOT rule.**
April 16, 2020
A Merry Marijuanukkah
A super special episode is coming at you hot from Rachel’s childhood bedroom to close out sweet, sweet, 2019. Lindsey & Rachel are, surprise surprise, really feeling themselves this evening and are more excited than ever to talk about life, love, and Torah (what else is there, really). After catching up on the various antics your favorite blond Jewish stoners have found themselves in over the past couple months (think: threesomes, Miami, marriage, - not all at once!), they take a little stroll through Hanukkah Lane and talk about all sorts of fun shit. Rachel goes through the story of Hanukkah and is positively shocked at all of the things she didn’t know, specifically that Lindsey considers Bill Nye the Science Guy a 1 on the Binary scale. Lindsey takes us downtown to the Book of the Maccabees and discusses the importance of reflecting on our history and the people who made us. We then get really cute and give each other 3 Hanukkah wishes!! We KNOW. We can’t stand it either. Obviously we have to close out by playing a scintillating round of “Is this kosher?” You’ll laugh, you’ll “smh”, you’ll laugh again. SO HAPPY TO BE HERE.
January 10, 2020
Chai Holidaze (BONUS Episode!)
We’re baaaack! Kinda. We’re not “officially” back but we missed you so much we couldn’t resist doing an extra special episode just in time for the High Holidays (otherwise known as the CHAI holidays, haha!). After a little bit of catching up, bantering, and general silliness, Lindsey and Rachel splish splash their way back into the glorious waters of Torah. Lindsey takes us through the meaning of Rosh Hashanah and talks about patience, protecting your energy, and wiggling into your thoughts and feelings, and Rachel talks about what she’s NOT sorry for on Yom Kippur. Also if you have any ideas on what to do with 596 googley eyes please let her know. We end our bonus episode with JAOTW (Jewish Advice Of The Week) and our favorite, “is this kosher?” This may or may not be our best episode yet. Just kidding it totally is.
September 29, 2019
14. Are we reviewing tea? (Season 1 finale)
Our last episode for the summer! Try to hold back your tears (don’t worry, we will be back soon). The girls discuss their sizzling summer weekend at the Jersey Shore, where Lindsey learned that guidos were real and Rachel discovered she likes green tea - if it’s mixed with vodka. Lindsey dives into this week’s Torah portion to discuss how we can be a little brave in everyday life, and Rachel delivers a JewISH about Judaism and that sweet, sweet stigma of addiction. Finally, they finish off Season 1 of Sufficiently Chai with rounds of “is this Kosher?” and “Cool Hot Girl™.” Miss you already, see you in the fall!
July 19, 2019
13. Weak ties, baby
Surprise! Rachel becomes a woman this week. It’s the 12 year anniversary of her bat mitzvah Torah portion, so she decides to infuse her 12 year old thoughts with her 24 year old thoughts, and TBH they are not that different. Lindsey responds to a listener’s request to talk about abortion and Judaism, and we were actually pleasantly surprised. We play a round of Jewish or Goyish, and we end lucky #13 with a NEW segment called, “Is this Kosher?” Think red flag/dealbreaker but different and funkier.
July 11, 2019
12. Sports!
There’s a lot going on. We talk about sports, music, repeating stories, and how high we are and what we’re smoking. Rachel takes us through this week’s Torah portion and talks about how to approach impostor syndrome as a way to stay motivated rather than let it hold you back. Lindsey talks about Judaism and sexting during the JewISH, then we read a listener’s email during the Jewish Advice segment. Finally, we play a round of red flag or dealbreaker.
June 27, 2019
11. I don't watch movies but I do get curious
This episode starts off with a lot of laughs and a lot of weed. We’re introducing a new segment called Kush Korner, where we tell you all about the weed we’re smoking and where we got it. We’re right around the corner from a very exciting dairy-filled holiday, SHAVUOS! Lindsey reframes the main theme of letting go surrounding this holiday and teaches us the importance of releasing the fear of being seen as a quitter and being okay with being in a gray area when you’re getting over something or someone. Rachel shocks the world and talks about Judaism and MASTURBATION. We know. Almost couldn’t believe it ourselves. We bring back our good old cootie catcher and read each other’s fortunes in the form of haikus and close out by playing none other than red flag or dealbreaker! PS. Everywhere we get our weed is Initiative 71 compliant. So don’t @ us THX.
June 20, 2019
10. PSA: The National Zoo needs more security
Rachel discovers on one of her walks that the National Zoo has essentially nonexistent security, so consider this your warning. We jump into the Torah portion and talk about the census (stay with us), individuality, community, and being introverted vs. extroverted. After Lindsey takes us through Judaism’s thoughts on ghosting, she disappears and Rachel never hears from her again. After Rachel tracks her down we close out the episode by playing Jewish or Jappy and red flag or dealbreaker!
June 14, 2019
9. Bowling ain’t so bad
After discovering we both had weird childhood tendencies (shocking, right), we waste NO time jumping into the Torah portion of the week. Lindsey talks about the importance of showing love in the right ways and how knowing your friend’s, family’s, and especially significant other’s love languages is imperative. Rachel debunks the Jewish tattoo taboo (sort of) and no, she is not going to join your bowling league. Like always, we have to close out by playing some games and bring to you some fuck, marry, kill and red flag or dealbreaker! Dayyyuuum.
June 9, 2019
8. Deep in the throat of bro-hood
A change of recording location has us feeling FRISKY! Instead of sitting on top of Rachel’s bed, we’re bringing you this episode from Lindsey’s lovely abode. After discussing hot Asians and whether we see ourselves marrying a “bro” (Rachel does), we stick our heads into a deep pot of Torah and discuss leaps of faith. Lindsey then does a rendition of “Matchmaker” from Fiddler on the Roof before discussing Judaism and matchmaking in the JewISH. We keep the party going by playing Jewish or Jappy and red flag or dealbreaker!
May 23, 2019
7. Scratch ‘n sniff
Lindsey and Rachel are really feelin’ it this week and are coming in hot with a whole mess of tantalizing Torah study. Lindsey starts them off with the d’var Torah and advises on the necessity of raising your standards to match your actual worth and worrying less about being labeled CHAI maintenance. Rachel discovers her true passion is learning and talking about marijuana and brings us full circle by educating us Judaism’s (and the country’s) take on weed during the JewISH. We answer a listener’s question in our Jewish Advice segment (we’re working on a new name - don’t worry) and finish by each naming our Cool Hot Girl™ of the week. Let’s get this party started!
May 16, 2019
6. Don't be a dick
Holy cow! What an episode. After it’s determined that Rachel does NOT play the oboe but does do laughing yoga, we belly flop right into a spicy slice of Torah. Rachel discusses what holiness looks like as a 24-year old regular person and the important distinction between being nice and being kind. Lindsey takes us through Judaism’s thoughts on monogamous relationships (her dad is very thankful to have a week off from sex talk). They close out the episode with a round of Jewish or Goyish and red flag or dealbreaker.
May 2, 2019
5. Sorry, Dad
Lindsey and Rachel are both very high and a little bit drunk in this episode. Not to worry though, they are just as entertaining and intelligent as always. After Rachel regales us with tales of her almost run-in with a drug bust (almost as in, didn’t happen) and her 7-mile walk to the monuments, Lindsey talks about feeling fragile yet resilient and shifting your mindset to view fragility as a growth opportunity. In the JewISH of the week, Rachel talks little white lies and if you’re going to Jewish hell if you tell them (spoiler: you’re not). They can’t get enough of making up different segments so this week we’re introducing our newest: Cool Hot Girl™ of the week. They close by once again, playing good ol’ red flag or deal breaker.
April 24, 2019
2. You have the best hair
Episode 2 starts off with the mutual adoration Lindsey and Rachel feel for each other. Then, Rachel gives the d’var Torah and learns that the only leper colony in existence is in India (wow!), and then talks about isolation and leaning on each other when you’re down. Lindsey’s JewISH dives into the juicy details around Judaism and consent. Finally, they write/read haikus to each other and, of course, play red flag or dealbreaker.
April 24, 2019
3. Living up to our name
Rachel and Lindsey are back for another week of sweet, sweet Torah. Lindsey blesses us with her wise words on purification and how we can see this manifest in the fresh starts going on in our lives (new job, new city, new roommates, new whatever) and during the JewISH Rachel makes herself laugh and talks about Jewish humor. Then they introduce a NEW game - Jewish or Jappy (please don’t get offended - we’re all just having fun here okay?). They bring it back to the more “conventional” side of things with a round of Fuck, Marry, Kill.
April 24, 2019
4. All eyes on me, people
It’s 4/20 week baby! You know what that means...Passover!! Rachel and Lindsey discuss their Passover plans and their love of attention before getting into the real Jewish stuff. Rachel spills basically all her inner secrets (JK) and burns her spiritual chametz, and Lindsey talks about something similar and shares some thoughts on Judaism and BDSM during the JewISH. They read a listener’s letter during our newest segment, Jewish Advice, and end with a VERY difficult game of red flag or dealbreaker.
April 24, 2019
1. So happy to be here
In the inaugural episode of Sufficiently Chai, Rachel and Lindsey get high and talk about boundaries and the contentment you can get from just feeling “whelmed.” Lindsey’s d’var Torah discusses finding ritual in boundary setting and the importance of listening to yourself and your body. Then, in the JewISH of the week Rachel reminisces about her wonderful high school Tanakh teacher and takes us through some thoughts on Judaism and the afterlife. They close out by reading our 10 plague-themed fortunes using our handy dandy cootie catcher and play a round of red flag or dealbreaker.
April 24, 2019