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#LivingSugarFree, is not a diet it's a lifestyle.
Start your day with host Andréa Raquel @SugarFreeCoach, and special guests. This weekly morning show is focused on community, business and lifestyle including tips and information for living your best life.

Andréa is a speaker and author of the book '#LivingSugarFree Revealed: Aspie Secrets'. She's also the 1st female Voice of The Old Guard (3d US Inf.), and founder of Better Me, Inc.
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#LivingSugarFree, is not a diet it's a lifestyle.
Start your day with host Andréa Raquel @SugarFreeCoach, and special guests. This weekly morning show is focused on community, business and lifestyle including tips and information for living your best life.

Andréa is a speaker and author of the book '#LivingSugarFree Revealed: Aspie Secrets'. She's also the 1st female Voice of The Old Guard (3d US Inf.), and founder of Better Me, Inc.

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Lifestyle Wellness Holiday Edition w/ Di Dallio
As we get closer to Christmas we've got some holiday glitter in the form of amazing co-hosts sharing all of their inside secrets. 🎄  My special guest today is the author of one of my favorite fiction books, #Don'tDrinkTheWater 📚 (available on Amazon) and she's a military spouse, mom of 4 and all around awesome soul.  Decking the halls, crafting with kids, painting the town, and baking the treats, all while staying healthy, sane, and out of debt. 👗  Di Dallio is a real shero and you will definitely want to try a few of her holiday tips for making spirits bright 🔆  Follow her online, get her book, share a review and check back later and we'll post that easy toffee recipe 🍬 and the holiday jingles playlist! 🎶
December 6, 2019
Business Wellness with Leigh Grissom
We're continuing the holiday Wellness Series with more great wisdom and fun with my co-host #LeighGrissom, author of KLS9, SABRE-6, and the soon to be released EDEN-1. We dug into wellness trends from aspartame to alcohol. We almost had to end the show when I told Leigh about folk eating and bathing in bleach 😮 Leigh also gave us some insider information on the release date of EDEN-1. You'll have to tune in to catch it because it's for our ears only 😉
December 4, 2019
Wellness Series Recap
Let's recap all the episodes and guest hosts we've had up to now. We appreciate them all for sharing their stories, recipes, life hacks, home remedies, and tips for living a purposeful and passionate life while maintaining optimal health. All of this for you and others you influence to help you stay happy, productive, and well even through these rough cold weather months. .  **** Throughout November we talked about wellness from various community, business and lifestyle perspectives. Follow up with my co-hosts and try out their recipes, home remedies, wellness tips, books, music, and etc. Follow them wherever you can and be sure to let them know how much you loved their episode. Leigh Grissom: @iamthecritic (on IG), @iamthecritic (on Twitter),   Di Dallio: @DiDallioAuthor (on IG) author of Don't Drink the Water, available on Amazon. Maura Knowles: @MacNMoes (on IG), @macnmomorsels (on Twitter), Actress, nutrionist, foodie, recipe and creator of Morselicious Treats   Sonia Montalvo: @MontalvoKid (on IG) What If I Fly? and Ad-lib .  Daniel Chapman: @1202duecelee (on IG), @dannyduece (on Twitter)  / MehjiLeaks - 1202 Duece Lee - Cell Perfect Denise Giarratano: @SimplyDeniseStyle (on IG), @SimplyDenise (on Twitter)  CEO of SD Management & Consulting and Membership Director of #TXNL. Happy Holidays! Be safe, enjoy and we look forward to seeing you in December ready to share what you tried and your related wellness stories. If you'd like to be a guest in the  new year, inbox us on any platform. 💌 Don't forget to snag your Black Friday SALE for #LivingSugarFreeRevealed: Aspie Secrets eBook.  You can get it today through the end of the month for up 90% off. Don't wait the best discount is today. 😉
November 25, 2019
Lifestyle Wellness With Simply Denise
This is a very special episode in our Wellness Series because I'm sharing my big sister with y'all. 💖 Denise Giarratano, or as we call her, Simply Denise is on the show and she's giving away all of our family secrets. 🤦 We're talking financial, mental, emotional, business, and physical wellness for entrepreneurs, parents, and everyone else trying to navigate through the busy holidays. Denise shares her tips on cooking healthy, planning for a safe holiday and how she keeps her household germ free and chemical free. 🥗 Be sure to follow her everywhere online, get involved with #TXNL, go back and listen to her previous episodes on compassion and acceptance, and stay tuned for more episodes with Denise as my cohost. 🎞🎟👓
November 22, 2019
Business Wellness with Daniel Chapman
The Community Wellness episode with Daniel Chapman got so interesting we had to split it into two. Daniel opens up about being a Renaissance Man in the hip hop community. 🎶 We go deep into Business Wellness from the unique intersection of a neurodivergent, multiracial and intercultural polymath's perspective. 🤓 My Co-host Daniel Chapman is with me again and we aren't holding anything back. We talked about balancing business passions and what you're good at as well as the value of vision and quality 💖 relationships.  Daniel also shares his perspective on being a black Autistic man and a microbiologist in response to the recent film I saw called #UnarmedMan. It's a must see btw. 👀 Don't forget to follow Daniel on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and check out his mix-tape on Spinrilla. 💖
November 20, 2019
Community Wellness w/ Daniel Chapman
WARNING: This episode may trigger strong emotion for those with Autism or caring for an Autistic person.  This episode is a powerful one because it's being brought to you by not one, but two black people with ASD. We're like unicorns! Or so the psychological community would have you think. 🤣  My co-host Daniel Chapman is a 🌱microbiologist, 🎨 artist, 🎶 musician, ✒️ poet, and the 📚 author of Teach A Girl To Fish and Can You Catch a Four Leaf Clover.  Daniel and I discuss everything from food and healthy recipes to relationships and mental health. We turn a few corners into the Autism debates and police shootings as well. This one is a must listen if you are one who finds yourself wanting to be the change rather than follow the crowd.
November 18, 2019
Lifestyle Wellness with Sonia Montalvo
My cohost today is Sonia Montalvo, an author, educator, mentor and non-profit founder. Her debut book, What If I Fly? was released in 2016. Her biggest inspirations being mental health, hip hop culture, and community activism; Sonia's first book is a collection of poetry that spans over 10 years.  Sonia is the founder of The Girls Are Alwrite; a community based creative writing program for African American and Latina girls. 
November 15, 2019
Business Wellness with Maura Knowles
Maura is an actor, singer, producer, writer and entrepreneur. In addition to her film, TV, theatre and commercial credits, she has written a hilarious musical tv show based on her very tragic life experiences, called Insult to Injury. As everyone knows, tragedy + time = comedy. See more of Maura's filmography on her IMDB page. 🎭 Maura a.k.a, Mo, the Morselist, is also an Integrative Certified Health Coach and professional recipe developer. 📖 As a Key-note guest speaker and writer, Mo has taught workshops and classes focusing on topics such as, Immune Boosting, Eating a Rainbow for both kids and adults, Detoxing with Real-Whole foods, Eating Clean and Green, A Morselicious Lifestyle and Morselifying or modifying recipes, encouraging her Mo’s 85/15 Rule; 85 % of the time, eat clean-real, low-sugar, low-sodium foods, get plenty of exercise and allow yourself 15% wiggle room. Mo does not believe in deprivation or fad diets. Maintaining a sustainable, clean, green and MORSELICIOUS Lifestyle-diet is her mission. She is an Expert in low-sugar, low-sodium, gluten and grain-free (unprocessed), REAL FOOD, plant-rich, non-GMO foods. 🥦 You can find more about Maura on her websites: and Get her cookbook, '12 days MORSELICIOUSness', free with a $42 service. 🍽
November 13, 2019
Lifestyle Wellness w/ Di Dallio
This series is already heating up and we've been having a great time with my co-hosts, interviews, tips, recipes and empowering stories to help combat the cold weather blahs, sniffles, and ailments. ❄️☔🤧.   My guest host today is Di Dallio, author of #DontDrinkTheWater, (on my Amazon shop). She's a mom, military wife, brilliant author and she has some awesome life management tips to share. We also talk about how to get over it when it doesn't all go as planned.🍋   Go follow her on Instagram @DiDallioAuthor, give her a shout out check out her book, and don't forget to write a review. 📚
November 8, 2019
Business Wellness w/ Leigh Grissom
We have an awesome line up of awesome co-hosts, interviews, tips, recipes and empowering stories to help combat the cold weather blahs, sniffles, and ailments. My guest host today is Leigh Grissom and she's a firecracker y'all! We're supposed to be talking about #martialarts #specalneeds #ASD #mentalhealth but we'll probably get side tracked. 😁 Hey I'm just being honest #ActuallyAutistic [squirrel]. I hope we don't cut up too bad. 😜 Check out her previous show from last season and read #KLS9 and SABRE-6 👀 if you love an action packed #dystopian #thriller series. Also give her a shout out and let her know #IAmEmelieMacron sent you. 😉 Trust me you'll be an instant fan. 📚 Sorry, but you'll have to wait for #EDEN1. 😁
November 6, 2019
Community Wellness @SugarFreeCoach
Are you ready to get a head start on your New Year's Resolutions? Welcome to an all new season where it's all about wellness, quality of life, mental health, stories of healing, tips, life hacks, healthy recipes, home remedies, and more. We have an awesome line up of special guest co-hosts that will be sharing with us throughout the holidays and into the new year. Some of them you know and some of them you'll get to know very soon. Today you get a peak into my personal wellness journey. Grab your coffee or tea ☕ sit back, relax, and let's talk about how you can stay energized, keep your family healthy, and not murder any in laws this holiday season. On Wednesday my Co-host is a black belt in karate and creator of a kick butt, take no names heroine in KLS-9 & SABRE-6. Then on Friday my guest host is a military wife and mother of four who's the creator of a female combat veteran in Don't Drink The Water. We're in for a fun and insightful week 😉
November 4, 2019
Writing Lifestyle with Dr Tara Sanderson
Dr Tara is with us on the eave of the launch of her new book, 'Too Much Not Enough'. We get a sneak peak and why this book is so profound. The book is out Sept 10th get your free eBook the day of launch and if you have questions for Dr. Tara let us know. She says she loves a good Q & A!
August 30, 2019
Writing Business Book Reviews #SummerReadingList
Today I'm covering a wonderful book Curse of the Amaranth and author Violet Schofield. I'm also sharing some titles and reviews from previous authors in the #CreatorsSeries. On our next episode we'll speak with Dr Tara Sanderson author of Too Much, Not Enough, before her big launch.
August 28, 2019
Writing Community with Liz The Writing Wiz
In this episode of the Creators Series we caught up with Liz The Writing Wiz. She's a young writer and has a lot to share help others avoid the pitfalls of witting. Liz is a wonderful resource and very supportive in the Writing Community. Be sure to follow and connect with her if you need information as well as support on your writing journey.
August 26, 2019
Writing Lifestyle with Di Dallio
Today we're speaking with Di Dallio, author of 'Don't Drink The Water'. Her book is based on a bit of real life experience and a lot of compassion for others. She's sharing her story as a mother and military wife as well as great tips for authors with us. Find out how she keeps it all together and finds time to write in this very special interview.
August 23, 2019
Writing Business with Dr Jon M. Ketcham
To day we get the opportunity to hear from Dr Jon Ketcham author of The Zeros Journey and it's companion guide The Golden Role. Dr Jon share tips on writing, accomplishing purpose, and living well in general.
August 21, 2019
Writing Community with Kyle Hester
Today we get to hear from Kyle Hester, the producer of Preacher Six. Kyle graduated from the Houston School of Performing Arts and has been behind the scenes and on the big screen in several movies.
August 19, 2019
Writing Lifestyle with Janiece Malone
Today we get to hear from award winning poet and author of Burning Out Embers an epic tale of adventure, acceptance and unlikely companionship. There's even a giveaway for one listener who's ready to participate.
August 16, 2019
Writing Business with Leigh Grissom
The Creative Series continues with the epic #LeighGrissom author of #KLS-9 and #SABRE-6 and soon to be released #EDEN-1. If you haven't listened to the 1st 4 shows in the series you'll want to do that and don't miss our next interview with the dynamic #JaneiceMalone author of #BurningOutEmbers.
August 14, 2019
Writing Community - #LivingSugarFreeRevealed #AspieSecrets
This seaaon is all about creators, from various walks of life, mediums and genres. Today we're talking about my book, #LivingSugarFreeRevealed #AspieSecrets and why I chose to do this series. I'm also sharing tips, tools, and resources for creators many who you'll hear from through out this season. Our next guest is Leigh Grissom, author of KLS9 - 9 and SABRE - 6 on the Writing Business episode.
August 12, 2019
Writing Lifestyle w/ Daniel Chapman
Today we're talking with author, musician and microbiologist Daniel Chapman.  You might know him as @DannyDuece on Twitter or @1202DueceLee on IG.  He wrote two children's books, "Can You Find A Four Leaf Clover" 🍀 and "Teach A Girl To Fish" 🐠 .  I read them both and they are auuuuesome. We also get to hear more from Brian Cutter as Daniel and I dig into balance and being a Polymath.
August 9, 2019
Writing Business w/ Brian Cutter
This is the 2nd part to my interview with Brian Cutter, an actor, filmmaker, family man and Navy veteran. Some of his films include Loving, Medusa, and A Modern Day Satire. He also co-wrote A Modern Day Satire with Rudy Walker. You can find out more about Brian's work on IMDB and by following him on Twitter @RealBrianCutter. Brian shares his passions and reasons behind being a creator and some of his philosophies on Corporate Responsibility. Also catch Friday's episode on Lifestyle where we'll air his answer to questions from our audience on work / life balance and being on the Spectrum.  WARNING ⚠ Strong language.
August 7, 2019
Writing Community with Brian Cutter
This is the debut episode of Season 3, a series all about, for and by creators, authors, writers, producers, illustrators and publishers. I have an amazing line up of people with various levels of experience, published and produced books, movies, and more. This series is for fans, aspiring authors, entrepreneurs and anyone who might be inspired by their stories. My 1st guest Brian Cutter is a veteran, actor, film maker, and family man who's passionate about being the change. WARNING : Strong language!!!!!
August 5, 2019
Life Influences & Influencers
Do you want to be popular or influential? Who are your influencers? What is one thing you hope the people you influence remember?
July 26, 2019
Business Influence and Influencing Business
Have you ever developed a new product for your employer? Ever helped M change policy? Have you trained a workforce? If yes than you've influenced your business industry and maybe others.
July 24, 2019
Community Influence
What is influence? Who's your community? Why does it matter? Let's discuss it. Next time we'll build on this discussion from a business perspective.
July 23, 2019
Human Rights In Your Life
What does it mean to be a global citizen? How do you protect your human rights and the rights of others? Who do you ask for help?
July 5, 2019
Human Rights In Business
Tomorrow is Independence Day so it's fitting that today we're continuing our discussion about Human Rights, specifically in business, the workplace, corporate space, and organization in general.
July 3, 2019
Human Rights In Community
This is the 1st episode in a series about Human Rights. What are they? Who enforces them? How do we protect those who can't protect themselves? Today the focus on community, our responsibility, and our protections under the law. Also good news about about #JoeG. Cover photo by Denise G.
July 2, 2019
The Impact of Social Media on A Life
What affect has social media had on our lives as individuals, as a society and a s a species? What is choice architecture and how can we build it into our technology driven lives? This episode will include uncut, open opinion about a current untold true story so don't miss it.
June 21, 2019
The Impact of Social Media on Business
This episode is a continuation of our Social Media discussion. Today we're talking about the impact on business, globally and locally.
June 19, 2019
The Impact of Social Media on Community
Welcome to an all new season, starting with this in depth look at the impact of Social Media on your community. Not just the positives and negatives, but how you can use it to improve your community and help others.
June 17, 2019
The Power of Acceptance
Today we talk about how to find acceptance in your personal life with special guests Simply Denise and Joe G. It's part 3 to this series and the final wrap of my tragic love saga that I continue to laugh about. This ends Season 1.
June 7, 2019
The Power of Acceptance In Business
Today is part 2 of my recent wnxperien experience with disappointment. I'm sharing how it affected my business, what I'm doing to walk in acceptance and why it's important.
June 5, 2019
The Power of Acceptance In Your Community
This week I'm sharing from my personal testimony why it's important to avoid bitterness at all costs. How you can walk in acceptance and in your true power.
June 3, 2019
Finding Gratitude In Your Life
Today we wrap up our discussion on gratitude. How to find gratitude in your life no matter what phase of life you're in.
May 24, 2019
Finding Gratitude In Business
Today's episode is all about gratitude in business. Find out how you can experience more gratitude in your workplace.
May 22, 2019
Finding Gratitude In A Community
This week our focus is on gratitude... Today we're talking about how to recognize areas in your community where you can show gratitude and encourage more positive results.
May 20, 2019
Overcoming Fear In Your Life
Today we're talking about how we overcome fear in our lives. Also if you're listening the day the episode airs you can get a free #LivingSugarFree Revealed eBook.
May 10, 2019
Overcoming Fear In Your Business
How can you overcome fear in your business and increase success? Let's discuss it on today's show.
May 8, 2019
Overcoming Fear In Your Community
Today we're discussing how to be free from fear in your community and why it's important for leaders and individuals.
May 6, 2019
Wellness & Integrity For Life
Today we're talking about Lifestyle Wellness. Integrity is at the core of wellness. You can't achieve wellness goals or even set realistic ones without operating in integrity.
April 27, 2019
Business Wellness Through Integrity
Today we're talking about Business Wellness. Integrity is at the core of business wellness. It starts with vision and is fueled by training.
April 24, 2019
Community Wellness Through Integrity
This week we're talking about integrity and wellness. How the two go hand in hand. How can you encourage community wellness through integrity?
April 22, 2019
Compassion & Inclusion For All
Today's Lifestyle episode is about how you can help foster a culture of compassion and inclusion in your every day life and why you want to.
April 12, 2019
Inclusion For Better Leadership
Welcome to the #LivingSugarFree Lifestyle #HumpdayShift. Today we're talking about Inclusion and how leaders can #BeTheChange to help create a culture of acceptance. Why it's important for successful business and why it's the responsibility of every individual no matter who you are or what you look like.
April 10, 2019
Kindness and Compassion
Welcome to the #LivingSugarFree Lifestyle morning show with Andrea Raquel.  In this episode we're talking about kindness and compassion vs. being nice or PC.  Please share your comments, questions and thoughts on your preferred platform. I will respond directly to as many as possible and we'll focus future episodes with you in mind.
April 8, 2019
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