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Suggestive Podcast

Suggestive Podcast

By Jon Pass & Jim McIntyre
We have all had that risky moment where you introduce a friend to something you enjoy. Sometimes it goes well, and sometimes it really does not. The Suggestive Podcast is all about that moment. Jim McIntyre and Jon Pass each bring something they want to suggest for the other person, and then they try those things. It's like a book club for everything!
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012: Weddiquette with the Wedding Boys
Jim and Jon, professional groomsmen, launch their new business Get Wed with the Boys before Jim brings a book he loves, and Jon decides to get back to the Jon brand with an obscure internet thing. Featuring A Lot of Opinions, The Boys Not Remembering Which Show They Are On, and Uncontrollable Laughter Senlin Ascends Unusual Videos Jon's Bonus Video:
July 23, 2020
011: A Fistful of Hummus
After talking about Jon's baby's opinions on food, Jon brings a reality tv series and Jim brings another video-game to the table. Featuring Never-To-Be Repeated Segments, Embarrassing Admissions, and Bad French Accents. Slay the Spire Cutthroat Kitchen
July 9, 2020
010: The Hot Drinks Special
Jim and Jon accidentally create a themed episode. Jon brings his favourite way of making coffee and Jim brings a hot drink that is pretty much the closest equivalent of a magic potion. Lunar Latte Jon's Pourover Instructions Pre-wet filter and discard water Add ground coffee and create a well Bloom with water equal to 2 x coffee weight Stir Bloom 45 seconds (0:45) Up to 300g in next 30 seconds (1:15) Up to 500g in next 30 seconds (1:45) Stir when safe Drawdown should finish around 3:30 Note: 60g coffee per 1000mL water
June 21, 2020
009: I Hope You Like Tabletop Games
Unintentionally a very nerdy episode with Jon bringing a video game that is a lot like a tabletop RPG and Jim bringing a podcast where they play a tabletop RPG. Spout Lore For The King
June 4, 2020
008: Doing True Crimes
Jim brings a hit animated movie, and reveals his disturbing music listening habits when Jon brings more rap to the podcast. Frozen 2 Injury Reserve
May 24, 2020
007: The Recapisode
Don't call it a comeback! Jon and Jim are back and they're reviewing previous episodes and suggestions they've made to each other in the years since recording.
May 11, 2020
006: A Four Year Hiatus
In 2016 two men began a journey. Four years later in 2020 they finally complete this journey. Jon brings a YouTube channel, while Jim brings a popular Netflix series. Listen to the episode it took them four years to complete. Featuring Cat Cafes, Suggestive Humour, and Hopefully Dating References. Every Frame A Painting (Jon's Playlist) Stranger Things
April 24, 2020
005: The Blackfish of Cooking
Jon brings his unique brand of comedy to the podcast, as well as another documentary. Jim brings something tasty to try.  Featuring Noodle Jokes, Starting Beef, Missed Granny Parks.  Cooked
April 24, 2020
004: Stranger Sense
Join self-proclaimed very good friends, Jim and Jon, as they get suggestive. Jon suggests a documentary and Jim suggests one of his favourite books.  Featuring Constant Existential Crisis, Hijacking an Open Mic Night, and Swindling a Sponsorship.  The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss The Smash Brothers
April 23, 2020
003: The Gilmore Warlocks
Going into this episode Jim is winning the podcast, but will things turn around when Jon brings a strange suggestion, and Jim brings his favourite show? Spoilers, no. Featuring Snapping Spines, Sneaky Suggestions, and an invitation for Melissa McCarthy Gilmore Girls Too Many Cooks
April 23, 2020
002: The Neato Burrito
Jim brings a video game, and Jon brings a musical artist. Featuring Awkward Airbnbs, Guff, and Guffaws. Jon's Drake Playlist Firewatch
April 23, 2020
001: The Prevalence and Relevance of Elephants
Join Jim and Jon on their maiden Suggestive Podcasting voyage. Jim suggests a cheese, while Jon suggests something to watch.  Featuring biology lessons, our Kanye watch, and the ground-rules of this podcast. Jon's Speedrunning Playlist Norwegian Brown Cheese
April 23, 2020
Suggestive Podcast Trailer
The Suggestive Podcast is like a bookclub for everything. Two real-life and long-time friends, Jim McIntyre and Jon Pass, have spent the entirety of their friendship suggesting things for each other to try. This podcast is a flimsy pretence so that they can force each other to embrace the aforementioned suggestions.
April 22, 2020