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Simplified Parenting with Emotionally Healthy Children

Simplified Parenting with Emotionally Healthy Children

By Suhasini
This show is all about the Mental Health of Kids and how to raise Emotionally & Mentally Healthy Children. The Parenting journey need not be complex and full of struggles. It can be simpler and joyful if we use the Mindfulness mindset. Suhasini from Mommyshravmusings is a parenting and Kids Life Coach, and Author. She blogs at
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Tips to reduce Gadget time during Summer Holidays for Kids
Summer holidays mean lots of free time for kids and need lots of attention from parents. In the current busy world, gadgets are becoming nannies for children during summer holidays or school breaks. We all know about the bad effects of using gadgets continuously on the physical as well as the emotional health of the children. But at the same time, we can't completely cut them off when the world is moving towards AI and automation. So the only way is to befriend those gadgets and use them in such a way that it would be beneficial for the kids and also solve our problems of engaging them.  Tune in to the show to get interesting tips to make the gadgets friendlier and also reduce the impact of continuous mindless watching of the gadgets. If you want more such tips, do join my newsletter: https://mommyshravmusings/newsletter
April 28, 2022
Tips to beat the Board Exams Stress for Parents and Kids
As the board exams for kids are starting, in this episode, I discuss a few tips to ease the stress of the board exams on both parents and children. Tune in to listen further.  In case you want to hear more in-depth content with tips and stories from my end, do subscribe to my newsletter:
April 20, 2022
Summer Self-Care Tips for Parents
Summer Heat, coupled with children's summer break is going to add stress and tension to parent's life. Managing children, controlling their gadget time, providing them fun experiences during the holiday, attending to our professional and personal works, the list is just unending.  Amidst all this chaos taking time for self-care is the least priority for parents. That's the reason, why I had come up with this episode of summer self-care tips for parents. Do tune in to listen more. In case, if you want more such tips, subscribe to my newsletter to receive regular updates and tips.
April 14, 2022
International Women's Day: It's OK to be NOT OK.
On this IWD, I want to give a different message about breaking the barriers and empowering women. I am not talking about the tips to become a superwoman or achieve success in life.  It's OK not to be a perfect woman, it's OK not to be SAHM, but to pursue our career even after having children, it's OK to be single or married or divorced. What matters most is TO BE OURSELVES FIRST, recognizing our true worth and creating our own identity first.  Tune in to the show to hear further. In case you want to read further, join my mailing list.
March 08, 2022
How to become a Fun Parent, who stays in their Child's heart forever
As the child starts attending school, most of our interactions with the child would center around different transactions of completing various chores like assignments, tests, attending extra classes. We all tend to lose that connection or bonding with the child, as we also get occupied with other things in life.  But the child really needs us and our time to grow up into an Emotionally and Mentally Strong Adult. But we only have 24 hours, so spending time with the kids has become a mandatory task which has stopped giving us any results. Hence, this episode talks about re-establishing that bond with the child in a given limited time. Once that connection is established then the boundaries could be set without any power struggles with the child.  This episode gives the simple yet practical tips that have worked for a lot of parents like me and are easier to adopt.  #mommyshravmusings #parentingcoach #funparent #parentingtips
January 05, 2022
Request to Parents on this Childrens day!!!
What does a child really want now, in the new post-pandemic world? What are his needs and wants? How to address them? Tune into the podcast to hear more.  #childrensday #kidsmentalhealth #emotionalhealthofkids #parentingtips #SDGsforchildrensday #unicefsdg
November 16, 2021
How to convert every day into a Festival day??
How to extend your festive mood even after the festival/holidays are over? How to convert every day into another festival or holiday? Tune in to listen more.  The blog about "Attitude of Gratitude" is given below. #mommyshravmusings #parentingcoach #gratitude #festivalsandholidays 
November 08, 2021
Book Review of My Life in Full: Work, Family and our future by Indra Nooyi
Book Review of the Memoir written by Ms. Indra Nooyi. In her book - My Life in Full: Work, Family, and Our Future, Ms. Nooyi shares her journey as a child to the CEO of Pepsi Co. The beauty of this book is that it doesn't just stop there, it even captures her life past that role.  The detailed book review and also the parenting lessons which Ms. Nooyi has shared are written in the blog post. #IndraNooyi, #BookReview, #Parentingtips, #MyLifeinFull, #IndraNooyibook  
October 20, 2021
Mommy Burnout - How to Handle it?
Is Mommy burnout real? What are the causes for this Mommy burnout? How do you handle it? Why it is necessary to identify the symptoms of mommy burnout at the earliest and get a handle on that? #mommyshravmusings #mommyburnout #parentalburnout #workingwomanburnout #stayathomemomtiredness #sacrificingsita
October 02, 2021
Why we should give Choices to our Children?
Have you ever thought about how good leaders are developed and from where their decision-making powers stem from? It all starts at their kitchen, as their mom's started offering them guided choices when they are young. Listen to the benefits of offering choices, that too guided ones to our children and some live examples as to how these choices can be offered to the kids. 
September 23, 2021
What do Children need from Parents?
What does a child want from his parents? Especially now in the post-pandemic world, when things have started opening up, did the child's requirements change? How can we understand and help our child navigate through the post-pandemic world that's full of uncertainties? Tune in to listen more. 
September 16, 2021
How do you stay Motivated?
How do you stay motivated? What are the tips and tricks that you use in your daily life to complete the expected tasks or go beyond what is expected from you?
August 09, 2021
Affirmations and Kids
How to use Affirmations with Kids? Do the kids really enjoy using these affirmations daily? How can we get them interested in repeating these affirmative talks to themselves? Listen to simple yet effective tips as to how to use Affirmations with your kids.
August 03, 2021
Celebrate Uniqueness
Every Child is Unique so is every Parent. Celebrate your uniqueness and enjoy the moment rather than getting stressed out in unnecessary comparisons. 
August 02, 2021
This is about the New Show and about myself.
August 02, 2021