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Suitcase Coder: The Podcast

Suitcase Coder: The Podcast

By Suitcase Coder
If you're learning to code, because you want to switch or start a new career as a web developer or software developer, then this podcast is for you! I'll be sharing my personal journey from joining a coding bootcamp to becoming a remote developer. One day I'll travel the world as a digital nomad making a living as a developer, but until then I will continue to share all the advice I can, to make your transition into tech a better experience. Enjoy!
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16. 5 Reasons You Should Apply to That Software Development Job Today
In this episode, I go over 5 reasons why I believe it's time you apply for that job, even if you don't think you're ready yet.  Suitcase Coder Social Media:
May 11, 2021
15. From Pizza Delivery to 6-Figures as a Self-Taught Software Development
I'm so excited for you to listen to Dylan Israel's story! Dylan is a self-taught developer who went from living on a friend's couch to facing THREE six-figure job offers as a software developer. Dylan has since started a podcast, a youtube channel, and offers excellent coding courses on Scrimba. Suitcase Coder Social Media: Follow Dylan:
May 4, 2021
14: 6 Simple Study Tips for Learning to Code
In this podcast episode, I talk about tips that will help you learn effectively and efficiently when learning to become a software developer. During my time as a programming student and an instructor at a coding bootcamp, I have collected learning tips and tricks that I have seen lead to becoming a successful junior developer.   GET IN TOUCH
April 6, 2021
13: Javascript Arrays and For Loops
In this episode, I go over JavaScript Arrays and looping through arrays using For Loops! It's short, simple, and to the point! GET IN TOUCH
March 30, 2021
12: Life Lessons From Learning To Code
On Today's podcast episode, I talk about all the things that I wasn't expecting to learn when I decided to make a career switch into #softwaredevelopment GET IN TOUCH
March 23, 2021
11. Wireframing for Web and Software Developers
Wireframing is a crucial part of the programming process, whether you're a web developer working in mainly HTML and CSS, or you're a web/mobile app developer, you want to make sure that you have a solid foundation and idea of what you plan on accomplishing with your app.  GET IN TOUCH
March 9, 2021
10: Interview with Eric B. - The Importance of Accessibility in Software Development
In this episode, I get the chance to talk with Eric, who is well versed in web accessibility and spends his time making sure websites are created with accessibility features in mind. Follow Eric: RESOURCES:  The A11y Project: Web AIM: Web Accessibility in Mind: GET IN TOUCH
March 2, 2021
09: My Current Struggles as a Software Developer (REAL TALK)
I wanted to take a step back this week and discuss some real-life struggles that I am facing as a software developer. Specifically, I share my indecisiveness on what to focus my free time on. There is so much to learn as a software developer, even after having attended a coding bootcamp or teaching yourself a language. I also wanted to make sure I am sharing the whole part of my journey into tech including the struggles and not just the successes.  GET IN TOUCH
February 23, 2021
08: How To Tackle Any New Subject When Learning To Code
As a coding student and now instructor - I know that learning new things all the time especially when it has to do with coding, can be challenging. So, I've gathered some tools and advice to help you tackle ANY new coding subject. P.S. Sorry if the sound quality on this episode is not the best.  GET IN TOUCH
February 23, 2021
07: Don’t Expect To Learn This at a Coding Bootcamp
A list of things that you might be expecting to learn if you sign up for a coding bootcamp, but it's probably not something you should count on! GET IN TOUCH
February 2, 2021
06: Intro to In-Browser Text Editors (, JSFiddle, CodePen, etc.)
A quick intro to in-browser text editors and some of the reasons why I find them both helpful and hurtful.  RESOURCES; GET IN TOUCH
January 26, 2021
05: Interview with Microsoft Developer: Bryan Leighton (LeWagon to Microsoft!)
Bryan shares his journey from joining Le Wagon's first coding bootcamp in Tel Aviv to becoming a TA in Berlin to making his way as a developer at Microsoft through an apprenticeship program! GET IN TOUCH
January 19, 2021
04: Don't Waste Coding Bootcamp Time
From my own experience of graduating a coding bootcamp a few months too late, here's how to graduate on time and not fall behind schedule Suitcase Coder Social Media:
January 12, 2021
03. Coding Bootcamp Pause Days
Learn how to properly take scheduled breaks from your coding bootcamp to get ahead! GET IN TOUCH
January 5, 2021
02: Web Dev Portfolio and Why You Need One Now
Are you a junior developer trying to "make it"? Well, the best way to get started is with an online presence via a portfolio to showcase your work and your growth as a developer! In this episode, I'll cover the why, who, what, how, and when of creating an online portfolio for software developers. GET IN TOUCH
December 29, 2020
01: Interview with Ollie and the Captain
I'm so excited to start off season two with an extended interview with @OllieandtheCaptain all the way from South Africa! Ollie shares with us his journey into software development, how he convinced his job to allow him to work remotely, and he shares his budget as a digital nomad! Oh, and so much more! Subscribe to  Ollie and the Captain to follow along their journey! NOMAD TRAVEL TOOLS SUITCASE CODER
December 22, 2020
20: Just Do it & End of Season Review
Super excited to finish season one strong, but more pumped about what season two will bring!! Catch this episode to get a sneak peek into what's to come in season two and review my podcast as a whole.  GET IN TOUCH
July 1, 2020
19: Where Most Students Get Stuck in a Coding Bootcamp
In this episode, I cover some big picture struggle points where many students often get stuck during the learning to code process.  GET IN TOUCH
June 24, 2020
18: Why You Need a Coding Mentor
In this episode, I discuss some of the reasons how a coding mentor can benefit your coding journey and how I would have done things differently. RESOURCES GET IN TOUCH
June 16, 2020
17: Top CSS Questions… Debunked!
Just a few of the most common CSS questions answered and explained! There's definitely a lot to learn when it comes to CSS, but in this episode I hope to debunk as many of these questions as I can in a way that's understandable. GET IN TOUCH RESOURCES Color Palette: Readability: Further: Getting Started with CSS: ID vs Class:
June 9, 2020
16: Current Update (after bootcamp hiring, freelancing, remote work, travel goals, etc)
Hi everyone! I wanted to interrupt my episodes and take a step back to just share what my current job-situation is like and what my goals are in the future, just because I want to share more in-depth episodes about the job application process and post-bootcamp life, but also wanted to share what I'm up to these days career-wise... especially since I'm giving away much unsolicited advice surrounding this whole coding topic :) hope you enjoy!
May 27, 2020
15: Note-Taking for Coding Students (How to take notes when learning to code)
In this episode, I breaking down different note-taking methods, tips, and tricks for when you're learning to code. Whether you're just getting started with HTML/CSS/Javascript or getting onto more advanced topics like Node or other frameworks such as React/Angular/Vue, you'll want to listen in for some good tips on taking notes when learning new programming skills.  GET IN TOUCH RESOURCES (none sponsored) A Mind for Numbers: A book about changing the way you think about learning. Thomas Frank's List of Resources (a go-to youtuber with awesome videos and resources) Learning Styles: How to use comments as notes: (great find!)
May 19, 2020
14: My Biggest Mistake as a Coding Bootcamp Student
In this episode, I share with you some of the biggest mistakes I made and how to avoid it as a bootcamp student. GET IN TOUCH
May 13, 2020
13: 5 Reasons You Need a Community When Learning to Code
If you're learning to code or new to programming the importance of finding a community and having a support system can help you advance greatly in your coding journey when you're just getting started. GET IN TOUCH RESOURCES:
May 5, 2020
12: The 7 Tools Necessary for Learning to Code
If you're new to coding, developing, software engineering, programming, then here are the seven tools I think are necessary and highly helpful when learning to code. Get in touch: Resources to get started: IDE/text editors
April 28, 2020
11: Ask Better (Coding) Questions. Get Unstuck Quicker.
Learn how to get better results when you're stuck on your code in just 3 easy steps. From personal experience, I know the difficulty in getting stuck on something silly and feeling frustrated at not understanding a new coding/programming concept, so in this episode, I break down how to better formulate your questions even when you're feeling totally lost to get better answers quicker, so you can move on to your next coding challenge.  Action Item: test these steps out next time you're lost Weekly Coding Challenge: Create a function that takes in a string of numbers and returns the sum of those numbers. Extra Resources:
April 21, 2020
10: The Power of Knowing your WHY
The power of knowing your WHY will unlock the potential of getting to that next level. For me, it led me here to making this podcast and growing as a web developer.  Knowing my “why” has kept me going in the midst of the madness, and encourages and inspires me to aspire for more.  Join me as I chat about everything “why. ” What a why is, why is your why is important to define, how to define it and how to apply your why in your techie world. Find your why, with me! Get in touch:
April 14, 2020
09: Am I too old to make a career switch?
Here are a few reasons why I don't think it's too late to make a career switch and what are some steps you can take to actually make the move.  Action Item: Find your roadblocks Coding Challenge: Write a function that returns a random number between 18 and 24.  Get in touch:  Website, YouTube Channel, Twitter, Instagram
April 7, 2020
08: HTML Basics Explained
Understand the very basics of HTML and how it relates to everything else coding. This is for all beginner coders, who are teaching themselves, getting a head start in their Bootcamp or are on the beginning stages of their coding bootcamp.  The first of many [technical] episodes, that will be sprinkled in this podcast's lineup to cover some of the basics of the top topics covered in many coding bootcamps. Reach out to me! Website YouTube Twitter Instagram
March 31, 2020
07: Remote Video Conferencing Etiquette
When you're having to work from home, many meetings go online, whether it's on Zoom, Google Hangouts, GoToMeetings, or any other video conferencing software, you might want follow some of these guidelines to help the online meetings go a bit smoother.  Check out my website for weekly coding challenges, and subscribe to Suitcase Coder's YouTube Channel for weekly podcast recordings. 
March 24, 2020
06: Three Things I Wish I Did Before Starting My Coding Bootcamp
The top three things I wish I did before starting my coding bootcamp, and how they can give you a head start! Are you thinking of becoming a web developer? Are you interested in learning to code? Did you make the leap and sign up for a coding bootcamp, but are anxious to get started? This episode provides three actions you can take before beginning your learning to code journey that may help you get a head start on your coding bootcamp! Weekly Coding Challenge: Create a function that returns whether a string is a palindrome or not.  Visit the website for coding challenge preview and solutions to previous coding challenges!  Youtube recordings:
March 17, 2020
05: Top Five Questions to Ask Before Joining a Coding Bootcamp
Are you looking to join a coding bootcamp but not sure which one to choose? This video covers the five kinds of questions you should be asking all bootcamps before committing to a single one. Website: Youtube:
March 13, 2020
04: Bootcamp, CS Degree, or Self-taught
Are you ready to make the leap into coding, but you're still wondering which route to take to do so? This episodes covers the differences between coding bootcamps, computer science degrees, or becoming self-taught developers. Resources The Financial Diet - website & podcast & youtube   Tech Talent Talk - podcast Free learning resources - freeCodeCamp, codeCademy, generalAssembly Learn to learn - Thomas Frank, Vark, Medium Article Suitcase Coder Website Youtube Twitter Instagram Podcast Weekly Challenge Answer:  Github
March 4, 2020
03: So You Want to be a Developer, Huh?
Are you getting extremely bored at work and is coding something that interests you? Then this episode is for you! I discuss the three steps I took to become a career changer! Weekly Challenge: Create 5 divs and line them up in a row for desktop view but stacked in a column for phone and tablet views.  Watch on Youtube The Financial Diet - great resource when getting started with budgeting and everything finances
February 25, 2020
02: Prove Yourself as a Developer
Applying to jobs is always difficult, and being an entry-level developer seems twice as hard. Listen up for suggestions on how to prove yourself as a programmer when it comes time to job applications. Weekly Challenge: Create an array of at least ten names, then create a function that returns (or logs) only names that are four letters long or less. Ex: Laura would not get logged, but Sara would. Solution out on Monday Watch on Youtube: All episodes are recorded and posted on my youtube channel, where you will also find solutions to my weekly challenges, tutorials, and more! Follow me on Twitter: This is where I share updates on my stuff, as well as great articles and resources I find along the way! Other Mentions: Loom - the software application I use to record most of my youtube videos
February 18, 2020
01: Distractions and How to Avoid Them
How to keep your distractions away and get one step closer to reaching your goals as a web developer! Watch on Youtube Weekly Challenge: create a collapsible menu!  Website Youtube Twitter Instagram
February 11, 2020