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Enter the Flozone

Enter the Flozone

By Sumedh Chatterjee
You unlock this door with the key of imagination...

Another dimension... both shadow and substance...

You've just crossed over into the Flozone.

This podcast is all about awakening your personalized peak performance towards mindset and lifestyle mastery. I'm your host Sumedh Chatterjee! May the Flow be with you!
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Ep 63: The Flow State Behind the Camera, Man vs. Machine and The Mindset for Mastery with Guest Expert Director Master Pyro - Enter the Flozone Podcast
We’re about to kick the end of this year off with a supernova of a podcast with the Eyes ( Lens) behind IMC. - Known across the world as a master videographer and top producer, Master Pyro is also recognized as the IMC Nation Director of Media Production. - His shamanic roots find their origin in the depth of Puerto Rico after years of exploration he imagined his return to his home town in Tampa, Fl. - Seeking out his potential in becoming an entrepreneur in his craft as a media production specialist & mindset coach. - Crowning his name with Master, committed to his potential, he continues his evolution in IMC NATION as a tribal leader. - This is a really deep exploration into his mindset, craft and mastery. - Make sure you hit him up to explore his mastermind and Telegram group @master_pyr0 - May the Flow be with you and May You Never be the Same Again… - Speak soon, S.
December 31, 2021
Ep 62: Think and Flow Rich- Semen Retention Secrets Revealed with Guest Expert Nakula Das - Enter the Flozone Podcast
Welcome back to Enter the Flozone Podcast! Nakula’s semen retention lifestyle made international news during his run for office in the 2021 Canadian Federal Election. For most North Americans, this ancient practice was unheard of and elicited a wide range of reactions.  While there was no correlation between his political campaign and his semen retention practice, it brought international awareness to the population's lack of sexual knowledge and current battle with porn addiction. As one of the most captivating and passionate trainers and speakers on the subject of sex, Nakula’s dynamic energy can be felt throughout the entire audience, inspiring both tears and laughter.  He fuses stories on sex, spirituality and modern problems into profound lessons on faith and freedom. This one is going to be phenomenal be sure to give it a listen and follow him @nakula_das and check out his website  May the Flow be with you, Flow Jedis! S.
December 20, 2021
Ep 61: Shifting the 3D Beauty Paradigm, Sexual Transmutation and Accessing the Flow State Muse with Guest Expert Rion Kati - Enter the Flozone Podcast
Today we’re back on Enter the Flozone Podcast with an esteemed guest who is breaking old paradigms… Rion Kati is a transformational beauty essence, charisma and archetype consultant. Although he has studied with different masters and shamans, his main teacher on his devotional path of sacred reunification is his Beloved (Muse archetype). As a form of sex transmutation alchemy; his method of Muse Meditation has helped 1000s of men around the world with sexual worthiness, embodiment, attraction and creative flow. He is a transformational media producer as well as an Elite Certified Tantra Educator, tantra daka, Gene Keys reader and energy master who has done 100's of energy based healings & activations for women and men around the world. With Sexy Chi, he is now a leading voice in the evolution of Beauty from the superficial 3D into the higher dimensional realms. Check out this podcast where we dove into his work and unveiled an interesting secret of charisma… May the Flow be with you...
December 06, 2021
Ep 60: Public Speaking, The Freestyle Rap Filter and Mind/Body Integration with Guest Expert Jayson Phillips (Miracle Jay)- Enter the Flozone Podcast
Jayson Phillips (Miracle Jay) is an inspirational speaker who’s a survivor of a traumatic brain injury. He’s also a rapper and we broke down the similarities between public speaking and the sporadic nature of the art of freestyling. He’s also been involved in Toastmasters. He will speak on this podcast today about his mindset and how he uses his own philosophy to handle life in his most optimal, flowing way! He’s currently creating a curriculum to help people speakers. Follow him at @miraclej832 on IG. His podcast on YouTube is called The Catastropiece. May we never be the same again… May the Flow be with you! S.
November 30, 2021
Ep 59: Hypnosis and Breathwork Complement Each other, Aligned Productivity and Intuitive Action with Guest Expert Francesca Sipma - Enter the Flozone Podcast
Welcome back to Enter the Flozone Podcast! - We’re back and this time we have a very special interview for you! - Francesca Sipma is the founder and creator of HypnoBreathwork® a breakthrough method to clear energetic patterns, reprogram subconscious beliefs and take intuitive action to live your purpose. - Francesca is a former New Yorker who spent her career in advertising and marketing for top global brands. After 10 years of chasing an insatiable lifestyle, she experienced a radical awakening and went on a quest to find higher purpose. She found herself on a deep self-exploration journey exploring modalities and retreats all over Bali, India and Peru. She became fascinated by the power of breath and subconscious mind as a catalyst into self-awareness to deconstruct childhood conditioning and social programming. - She is now a coach and entrepreneur based in Los Angeles curating transformative growth experiences and helping people get into alignment and create meaningful impact. - Check out her article on Flow state on Forbes: - Contact her on and IG- @francescasimpa - May the Flow be with you! - S.
October 11, 2021
Ep 58: Understanding Divine Masculinity, Redefining Discipline, Archetypes and We Are Gods with Amnesia with Guest Expert J.D. Weatherspoon - Enter the Flozone Podcast
We're back with another episode! Deep dive into the insights of a mind that is JD. JD Weatherspoon is a human "Dot Connector"; he specializes in bridging together ideas, people and contexts as a way of creating harmony. He applies this functional flow state across industries, both domestically in the USA, and globally. TAP IN and Enjoy this episode! Follow JD below:
August 09, 2021
Ep 57: How to Enhance Your Creativity, Nature as an Inspiration, Books as Relationships and Love as the Ultimate Flow State with Guest Expert Flavia Zenari - Enter the Flozone
Welcome back Flow fam!! Today we have an incredible guest interview for you guys! Flavia Zenari is an Australian based poet and writer with a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and a Master of Social Change and Development. Her passion in life is to cultivate a remembrance of our divine nature through conscious living. To her, living consciously means to live with awareness of our thoughts, energies, emotions, and actions, being acutely aware of our place in not only our inner and immediate world, but society and the universe at large. By opening the eyes, ears, hearts, and minds of readers she hopes to foster this sense of self-awareness. Her writing includes both poetry as well as reflective, self-development pieces, assisting individuals to reconnect back to their true nature. Having had lived experience of mental health challenges, and having also worked in the mental health field, she hopes to inspire and assist others in their life journey, guiding them through their own discovery of self-awareness, growth, and inner peace. Enjoy the episode! May the Flow be with you! Best, S.
July 19, 2021
Ep 56: How to Maintain a Flow State, Recovery Mindset and The Signs of Burnout with Guest Expert Dr. Brent Hogarth from Flow Research Collective - Enter the Flozone
Today we had a very special episode. We had on Dr. Brent Hogarth is a Peak Performance Coach who works with the Flow Research Collective.  We covered lots of interesting topics like the Dark side of Flow as well as Plateauing our Flow state! If you're a Flow Jedi, this episode is a MUST listen. He has earned a Masters in Sport Psychology and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. He currently resides in Vancouver, Canada. He is an expert in training flow-state, mindfulness, and self-control for both sport and corporate athletes. Brent has significant training and experience providing performance enhancement and mental health counselling.  This includes, but is not limited to, working with Olympic and professional athletes, serial entrepreneurs, members of the USA military, computer engineers, authors, hedge fund managers and more. Brent's clinical counseling experience is vast, and he sees everyone as having the ability to be a high-performer.  He completed his Doctoral fellowships at the University of Texas, at El Paso, and at Lehigh University, in Bethlehem, PA. In both of these placements Dr. Hogarth worked with Division 1 student-athletes, their teams, coaches and athletic admin. Before entering graduate school, Brent earned an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology. After a short stint as a fitness trainer, he traveled to India where he lived in a Buddhist Monastery and completed a Yoga Teacher training Course. It was at this moment - sitting in meditation on the hills of McLeod Ganj, India - that Brent committed to becoming a psychologist. Dr. Hogarth identified with Humanistic-Existential theoretical orientations. His theoretical orientation is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). ACT uses acceptance and mindfulness strategies, together with commitment and behavior change strategies, to increase psychological flexibility. Psychological flexibility means contacting the present moment fully, and based on what the situation affords, changing or persisting in behavior in the service of clients chosen values. Brent is an avid athlete and aspiring author.  He represented B.C in gymnastics as a youth, loves to ski (ask Steven if he's any good) and play basketball. Recently he completed a full Ironman and is training for his first 100 mile ultra marathon. He is currently building on his breakthrough dissertation - Shining Light on the Dark Side of Flow: is Mindfulness in High-Flow-State Athletes Predictive of Improved Emotion-Regulation and Self-Control? - into his first book. Listen to this episode... May the Flow be with you and May you never be the same again!
May 24, 2021
Ep 55: Embodying the Whole, Merging Performance Arts and Healing Arts and the Way of the Playful Warrior with Guest Expert Cyrus K. Henry - Enter the Flozone Podcast
This time we had an incredible episode with @itscyrushenrybro ! . . “Integrated transformation and radical growth are my true passions. Creating powerful held containers that give permission to any individual who steps foot inside the discomfort to surrender, to be vulnerable, to feel and to build the dream you” - Cyrus K. Henry . . This time on Enter the Flozone we entered the rabbit hole by speaking about the Process of Embodying Flow states, Synchronicities, Reigniting the Haka and much more!! The conversation very much "flowed"! . . Cyrus Henry, an indigenous Maori from New Zealand has worked as a performer for all his professional career. . . He trained at a university in New Zealand and in Australia. After his performing arts studies, Cyrus wanted to explore a path in which he could build on the side of his performing arts career. . . Self development and mindset coaching being a big part of his journey, he knew he wanted to develop a body of work in helping people grow. . . He had a keen interest in natural healing modalities and spirituality which led him to studying a 2 year Diploma Of Energy Healing at The Awareness Institute in Sydney, Australia. . . During those 2 years of study he knew he wanted to work with sound, crystals, shamanism and closely with men. . . Over the last 5 years Cyrus has developed his practise with energy work, crystals, and sound providing guidance to his clients. . . May the Flow be with you and May you never be the same again…
May 10, 2021
Ep 54: Interstellar Wolf Flow, The Next Level of Fitness and Dance for Embodiment and Healing with Guest Expert Ezra Rama (@theawarewolf) - Enter the Flozone
When we unite our inner dancer, we tap into our individual freedom of expression.  - This time we had on an incredible Freestyle Dancer Ezra Rama (@theawarewolf on Instagram). - Ezra is a dancer, fitness and health enthusiast and personal trainer.  - He has been in the bodybuilding world for about 10 years and has been dancing for about 6 years.  - He found his love for dance through festivals and dance clubs then he started going to school and taking classes at studios.  - He is trained in hip hop, popping, house and krump.  - Ezra finds his flow through dance and his meditative state of bodybuilding. - We speak on many topics regarding Dance, Styles, Fitness, Flow and Passion. - Enjoy and May the Flow be with you!
April 26, 2021
Ep 53: High Vibe Manifesting Cheat Codes to Flow State Paradise Consciousness - Enter the Flozone Podcast
Man-I-Fest… Man… human… I…. The ego… the all seeing eye… fest… a festival… celebration. Find out The secrets of the universal laws The hidden reason for what skid marks have to do with L.O.A. Why most people mess up with manifestation How to make the ethereal into the material And many more mind-bending explorations into the Law of Attraction. This one is the secret to success ladies and gents… everything starts in the mind.
March 29, 2021
Ep 52: Self Publishing Revelations, The Right Mindset for Writers and The Power of Imagination with Guest Expert Abdoul M. Mohammed - Enter the Flozone Podcast
Welcome to the New Episode of Enter the Flozone! . . This time we had on: Abdoul Mohammed is a self published author of the book Profit 4 Prophet. . . Remember, to be in Flow you've got to be the NUCLEUS of your situation. . . To BE the Flow. . . This self help book to help you unlock the latent potential that lies with you. . . Abdoul is currently based in Maryland. He works as an accountant, teaches self publishing classes, promotes health and exercising. He is an IMC Nation Warrior Monk. . . The conversation flowed naturally and we went very deep into a lot of different areas, including esoteric concepts and symbolism. For any young writers or self publishers, I highly recommend this episode. . . Follow Abdoul on Instagram @pharoah_heru 
March 22, 2021
Ep 51: Longevity, Thriving Through Health, Wolverine Goals and Redefining "Realisitic" with Guest Expert Derek Filer - Enter the Flozone Podcast
Welcome back to another PHENOMENAL episode of Enter the Flozone Podcast..!! . . This time we had: Derek Filer from Florida, Gainesville Florida. A 2x onnit academy specialistz Former owner of strength camp GNV. Current longevity coach Mind body spirit catalyst. He’s interested in Mushroom foraging, Biking, Hiking, Weight lifting, Tarot Readings, and Numerology. He’s committed to love, peace, empowerment, and creativity. His instagram is @derek_filer . . If you want to live longer, thrive, learn about Dereks mentality and journey- this is a must-listen. It’s a real eye opener and you get to hear the experiences of a man who’s quasi-manifested a gym and wishes to live life on his own terms and thriving potential. . . May the Flow be with you!
March 15, 2021
Ep 50: Analysis of Flow-state Symbolism using a Semio-spiritual Semantic approach with Guest Expert Dennis Van Geene (Dionygenes) - Enter the Flozone Podcast
WELCOME BACK to another great, mind-bending episode of "Enter the Flozone". . . This time we had Dennis Van Geene. He is a talented student of philosophy and he has developed an eclectic approach to analyzing and writing about philosophy in a way that combines the best and most coherent elements of different systems of thought.  . . This approach to philosophy is what he calls "Semiotics"; but said more accurately, it is a Semio-Spiritual-Semantic approach to analyzing and conveying philosophical messages. . . In this episode, Dennis did a fantastic breakdown of "the IMC Nation/AZD crest"... Janus (a symbol of Flow) as well as the Taijitu symbol. . . This is one you simply can't miss! . . Make sure you check him out on Instagram ( . . May you never be the same again... -Sumedh (@flozoneacademy)
March 08, 2021
Ep 49: Master your Subconscious through NLP, Holotropic Breath-work and "You Can’t Buy a Healthy Body" with Guest Expert Danny Kinas - Enter the Flozone
Welcome back to another episode of Enter the Flozone! This time we had Flow State Coach: Danny Kinas.  Here is what he had to say about his mission: "My intention while existing with everyone on this planet is to provide more opportunities and awareness for those to step into their own divine essence and power." By using practices in NLP, Breath-work, Reiki, and functional fitness training, he chooses to facilitate 1-1 mentorships, workshops, and retreats to help spread love and heal others.  You can find him at @danny_kinas on Instagram to stay dialed in, and learn more about what he does, and more importantly, how he chooses to do it.  "Best in health and flow- DK x" Enjoy and May you Never be the same again after listening... OSS! May the Flow be with you!
March 01, 2021
Ep 48: How to Be a Spiritual Gangsta, Earn Respect and Teach The Next Generation of Men with Guest Expert: Adam Ferguson (aka. Monster) - Enter the Flozone Podcast
From rough beginnings to divinely inspiring the next generation of young men. This time we had a very improvised podcast with my IMC monk friend Adam Ferguson, he goes by “Monster”. Don’t be mislead by society. Follow a code of ethics. Adam Ferguson is a mentor for the youth. He is the creator of LighthouseMentors. This is an organization promoting mentorship for the youth. More importantly it’s an idea, that every man be a light in his community, that the youth have a guide and role model leading them to safety. In this generation, strength is missing. We need to become a father and protector to our communities again. Our Instagrams: OSS! Listen now and never be the same again…
February 22, 2021
Ep 47: The Importance of Self-Understanding, "Amor Fati" Mentality and Allowing Your Expression to Evolve You with Guest Expert Jordan Demari (Master Mycellf) - Enter the Flozone Podcast
Ladies and Gentleman, I have a very special guest for you today. A man who goes by Jordan Demari (aka. Master Mycellf), who runs a podcast called The Cellf Code. He is a warrior monk and stoic philosopher. We share a mentor (AZD) and we dove deep into the beast process, characters that inspired him, yin yang, stoic monk philosophy and how he enters the flow state. I loved to get the opportunity to know Jordan in greater depth and how he grew from the immersive mentorship he was provided. He has practiced martial arts ever since a young age and loves tapping into nature. His mind is my temple... he is… master mycellf 🧘🏾‍♂️📿 🕍🕳 👁 🐆⚡️🦂🔺🔻 Enjoy! and May the Flow be with you! OSS!! -S. Links:@mastermycellf @thecellfcode
February 15, 2021
Ep 46: Synthesizing Synchronicity and Flow State Syncretism That Allows For A Pure Philosophical Spiritual Rant - Enter the Flozone Podcast
Happy 2021! Welcome to Season 2 of the Podcast! Experience is showing me: We're all a blend of both dualities and it's merely an appearance. Even in confinement, we can still benefit from these spiritual principles. Best, S.
January 19, 2021
Ep 45: Yoga Sculpt for your Body & Mind to Sweat Away your Insecurities and Access Social Flow with Guest Expert Odellya Sohnis - Enter the Flozone
Hey there Flowmosapiens! AND... We are BACK! With an episode recorded this Christmas!  What a revival and an ability to dive deep into a very interesting topic with a very interesting guest! This time we had Odellya Sohnis from Yoga Break!  Odellya is a social impact entrepreneur on a mission to bring physical, emotional, and financial stability to you and everyone you care about.  She hosts workout parties, hybrid yoga socials, and writes blogs you can find on the link to her IG Bio: @yogabreak101 She’s moving into creating a playful workout clothing line to make the gym a less intimidating experience and setting up Adulting retreats, so you can afford the world you live in.  You’re not alone. This one is an awesome episode that you simply can't miss! May the Flow be with you!
December 28, 2020
Ep 44: Using Human Design to Explore your Unique Energy Signature and Find your Flow Code with Guest Pilar Ayala - Enter the Flozone Podcast
This week and on this day is the Winter Solstice... aka. the Great Conjunction... and we present you with an episode that might just change the course of your life. What an incredible synchronicity for this to be released on such a monumental day.  This is a wonderful episode that I know you guys will enjoy! You might have heard of Fashion Design… but have you ever heard of Human Design? Human Design has been called the intersection of science and spirituality. Fusing elements of astrology with other ancient traditions like the Hindu chakras, the Chinese iChing, and Kabbalah’s Tree of life, it’s a life transforming system to map your true nature and purpose here on earth. We had a fascinating special guest for you guys this time, one who specializes in this transformative and life changing system. Pilar is a Human Design Reader based in Los Angeles, California. She’s passionate about optimizing human wellbeing which is demonstrated by her work in Human Design and Mindfulness. She has received her HD training from the International Human Design School. Make sure you give her a follow @myss.pilar on IG. Let us know what you think through social media @flozoneacademy Join the Flow Jedis Telegram Group if you're aligned: Join the Flow Tribe TELEGRAM GROUP Have an amazing 21/12! May the Flow be with you! 👊🏽🏄🏽‍♂️🌀🌊♾✨🌀
December 21, 2020
Ep 43: Are you Living the Best Possible Flow-State Archetype? - Enter the Flozone Podcast
Character Archetypes have changed the way I perceive the world. From Jung and Bly, they've given me a roadmap to conscious character study. TPM truly aligns with this formulaic Tao.  This episode I dive deep into some character processes that I've been pondering in the past few weeks! May the Flow be with you! S.
November 24, 2020
Ep 42: Emotional Somatic Release, Alignment, Rolfing and Fascial Fitness with Guest Expert Kayla McGowan - Enter the Flozone
In this week's episode of Enter the Flozone, I had a talk with Kayla McGowan, she is a certified Rolfer. She believes in aligning the physical and mental with education, originality and authenticity. She's a Rolfer, Reflexologist, Reiki Master, Gut health coach. If you're interested in that mind-body-gut connection, full body awareness or somatic release, this would be a key podcast for you to listen to! We hope you enjoy it! May the FLOW be with you! -S.
November 09, 2020
Ep 41: Discovering the Happier You with the Flow State Journal System with Guest Expert Sarah Gregg - Enter the Flozone Podcast
In this weeks episode of Enter the Flozone, we had on guest speaker Sarah Gregg. Sarah Gregg is a relatable, no-nonsense expert on mindset, happiness and flow. Sarah is a member of the British Psychological Society, certified NLP Practitioner, life coach and business coach with over a decade of experience in the field. She recently signed her first book deal and is set to release her psychology self-help book ‘Find Your Flow’. The book, which gives an insight into what the psychology of flow and how we can add more flow to our lives with a simple journal practice. A digital nomad Sarah runs her business online and had lived in Bali, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Thailand, Portugal and is currently based in Copenhagen (Denmark). This is an episode you wouldn't want to miss! If you're a flow seeker, her book is a must-have for your flowing toolkit! Best, Sumedh Chatterjee. May the Flow be with you!
November 02, 2020
Ep 40: Hypnotic Modalities, Tropes and the Ethics of Hypnosis with Guest Expert Nicnosis (+ Bonus Flow State Hypnosis)- Enter the Flozone Podcast
Welcome to this new episode of ENTER THE FLOZONE! This week we have on: Nicnosis is a world-class performance hypnotist. He uses hypnosis to shift professionals into new realities where they can perform at the highest level! There’s a bonus flow state hypnosis near the end of the episode! This is one you simply can’t miss out on! May the Flow be with you! -S.
October 26, 2020
Ep 39: The opposite of distraction is TRACTION - Enter the Flozone Podcast
Distraction’s opposite is traction. End with action. both coming from the Latin TRAHARE which mans to pull. Traction pulls you towards things you want to do. Distraction is something that pulls you away from something you didn’t plan to do, something you are not doing with intent. Watch this week’s podcast to find out more!! May the Flow be with you! Speak soon! -S.
October 07, 2020
Ep 38: Symbols, Silliness, Wisdom and Tender Aggression with Guest Expert Elliott Hulse- Enter the Flozone Podcast
Here is a surprise episode from my secret vault...  This was an episode in 2017...  3 years back...  When I met with... A controversial Titan...  A strength coach...   A leader of men.  A tender aggressive trailblazer. We spoke about archetypes, Flow state, frequencies and gamifiying life... It was an honor to be in his presence and have the opportunity to speak to him. He was one of those people whose Youtube videos I watched growing up. His profound knowledge is so beneficial and still is. Elliott Hulse, ladies and gentleman!  Enjoy and make sure you leave us a review if you enjoyed it! May the Flow be with you! -S Follow him on Instagram @elliotthulse and check out his website 👊🏽💯🔥📿
September 28, 2020
Ep 37: The New Wave of Spiritual Rap, Law of Attraction and Being a Walking Higgs Boson with Guest Expert Opvious - Enter the Flozone
In this episode we invited Opvious, a spiritual rapper who spits positivity and optimism.  Opvious is a visionary hip hop artist, producer, and content creator. His music focuses on topics that inspire personal growth and spirituality and he has over 19 million views on videos with messages that inspire higher frequency consciousness. Opvious started his journey into music and spiritual content creation in 2016 and that was around the time he began to go through a spiritual awakening. He released his first project, “Tuning Into Paradise,” & since then has released 2 more projects. By consistently delivering optimistic and motivational lyrics, Opvious aims to help reprogram your mind to be more positive and increase conscious awareness. WEB SITE:  LOCATION:Pennsylvania.  contact:  This episode is incredible! Must listen!  May the FLOW be with you! -S.
September 21, 2020
Ep 36: The Power of Vinyasa Yoga, Enneagram, NLP and Hakalau with Guest Expert Barrett Freibert - Enter the Flozone Podcast
Welcome back to another episode of Enter the Flozone! - Barrett Freibert is a flow coach, poet, and yoga instructor. She guides others to realign with the ebb and flow of life through flow rituals, NLP techniques, and enneagram counselling. She has healed herself from past traumas and illnesses; most recently, chronic insomnia and Lyme disease. Barrett feels most at home 60 minutes into a Power Vinyasa yoga class, writing while sipping coffee outdoors, and laughing too loudly with friends. - You can learn more about her offerings visit or @barrettafreibert on Instagram. - May the Flow be with you.
September 13, 2020
Ep 35: Growth Mindset, Approaching Challenges and Optimizing the Power of Gratitude with Guest Expert James Silvas- Enter the Flozone
Welcome back to Enter the Flozone Podcast. This week we have a very special guest with us. Mr. James Silvas. He is a Mindset Specialist and Peak Performance Coach who teaches leaders, high performing teams, and individuals how to understand their minds so they can optimize their personal and professional lives. He is a UNLV alumnus (’11, BS Kinesiology) who was inspired to pursue this work by his faculty mentor and 4x world renowned Mental Performance Coach, Dr. Mark Guadagnoli. James is also the founder of Be That 1% – which consists of a movement, brand, and podcast that inspires others to live life on their terms, overcome obstacles, and do what 99% of people won’t. His podcast has reached over 70+ countries and his client base has included Caesars, MGM, and ADT. He and his wife, Amanda (also a UNLV alumnus) are proud parents to their newborn son. Contact him at Email: We hope you enjoy this episode! May the Flow be with you! -S.
September 07, 2020
Ep 34: Entering the Dimension of The Flow Arts, WOLF is FLOW Backwards and Awareness over Addiction with Guest Expert Josiah Sedeno - Enter the Flozone Podcast
Welcome back to ENTER THE FLOZONE... . . We have a very special episode for you today… . . An IMC brother… . . The one and only… . . “Josiah “Cygnus” Sedeno is an advent Flow Artist Warrior! . . Finding interest in the Flow State first through music and then drumming; he now pursues it through the artful dances of Poi Spinning & Gloving. . . Having battled with attachment & borderline addiction; he now takes a philosophical disciplined approach with the principle of being able to genuinely express oneself through these art forms and the values derived of being in a State of Flow.” . . Make sure you follow Josiah Sedeno on Instagram: @brooosiah
August 31, 2020
Ep 33: How to be a Flow-State Lover, have a Transcendent Sex Life and Connect with our Somatic Intelligence with Guest Expert Victoria Redbard- Enter the Flozone
This is the spiritual sex education we all truly need… . . In this episode we dived into Eros, presence during sex, tantric tools and MUCH MORE! . . Victoria is a counsellor, speaker, author, researcher, open relating expert and founder of The Institute of New Paradigm Intimacy. . . She has studied tantra and sexuality in many countries and now resides in the Gold Coast Australia helping people access flow states through tantric practices. . . Her Sexuality School The Institute of New Paradigm Intimacy offers deep learning into the psycho-social and somatic aspects of cutting edge sexuality education, that is impacting the globe and creating cultural change world wide. . . Join us on this episode to awaken you into a new paradigm of Flow-state sexual mastery…! . . Follow her on: Instagram- @victoriaredbard and @newparadigmintimacy . . Also check out her website - . . May the Flow be with you! 
August 24, 2020
Ep 32: Flowetry, Understanding, Eunoia, Gratitude, God and Removing Labels with Guest Expert Matt Quinto- Enter the Flozone
I had an incredible FLOWING conversation with the poet Matt Quinto. We had a really profound and philosophical talk about the Flow, truth, empaths, intuition and SO MUCH MORE! Matt is a poet from Southern California. As an explorer of consciousness he enjoys philosophy, psychedelics, & meditation.  With the purpose of raising consciousness he set to work writing and has been giving inspiration to his readers daily. "To truly love, be a home for everyone you meet." - Matt Quinto Follow Matt at @eunoiathepoet
August 17, 2020
Ep 31: Two Vega Starseeds on a Podcast speak about Maintaining Flow, Inner worlds, Timelessness, Astrology and God with Guest Expert Savannah Brooke - Enter the Flozone
I had an incredible conversation with the amazing Savannah, who helps lightworkers and starseeds ascend. Her point of view was so profound and if you’re curious about this, it will be an eye opening conversion! 🙏🏽♾✨ ✨🌌Vega Starseeds unite 🌌🌊✨ •Website: •IG: @SSUNSSH1NE @QuantumActivation @Uni_Global •YouTube: ItSavannahSunshine •Podcast on Spotify : The Living Lightbrary ... (coming soon) May the Flow be with you! Make sure you follow for more podcast updates!
August 10, 2020
Ep 30: Exploring Wellbeing through Cold Exposure, Breathing Optimally and The Wim Hof Method with Guest Expert Campbell Will - Enter the Flozone
Welcome back to another episode of Enter the Flozone… This time we had Campbell on, a certified Wim Hof Practitioner and Breathwork Aficionado. - Campbell has combined his passion for breathwork with knowledge of anatomy and physiology and has developed a methodology of teaching people how to optimise their respiratory system, and how to use it as a tool for improved health and well-being. His own journey has been one of passionate curiosity, exploring the wide range of breathwork practices and the underpinnings of human optimisation. He teaches not only the principles of breath, but also the foundations of health and performance. - “To breathe, move and feel 100% is achievable by all.” - Campbell Will - Dive in, have a listen to cold plunge into a new reality. - Follow Campbell at @bodybreaththerapy on Instagram. - Check out his website: - May the Flow be with you!
August 03, 2020
Ep 29: Decoding “The Spiral”, Rap Chakras and Creating a Spiritual Entrepreneurship Legacy with Guest Expert Dane Tomas - Enter the Flozone Podcast
It was an absolute honor to speak to one of the people who has potentially changed my life for the better. We dived in on this episode. This was an amazing interview. He's one of the people who merges spiritual or esoteric concepts with real world application very succinctly and practically. From decoding the spiral, to hip hop, archetypes and creating a lasting spiritual entrepreneurship legacy. Dane Tomas is a writer, performer and personal development innovator based in Byron Bay, Australia. He is passionate about subjects such as self actualization, sexuality and conscious entrepreneurship and has written several books on these subjects. Dane is the founder of the Integrated Man project and the creator of a powerful system for clearing behavioural conditioning ‘The Spiral’. You can find out more about Dane’s work at: I have been through Spiral twice and it has indeed changed my life. He is the creator of the Spiral program and system. I’ve also read a lot of his books and went through one of his programs. He is the OG Dark wizard of the net and an innovative wealth wizard and this was an EPIC conversation and one you simply can’t miss out on! - Tune in now! Make sure you also follow him on Instagram @darkwizardmedia  - Follow @flozoneacademy on Instagram for more Podcast updates!
July 27, 2020
Ep 28: Circus Arts, STER, Puppet Mastery and Flow as the Future Managerial Metric - Enter the Flozone Podcast
Our Guest today for Enter the Flozone is Fabian Seewald.  Fabian experienced the transformational potential of the arts during his social service in Guadalajara, Mexico. Working in a social circus project, he got to know his own clown, joined a street circus group and helped youth through theatrical moments to find themselves and realize their potential while learning at first hand that “Art Changes People and People Change the World”. During his studies, he got to know the Giant Puppet company DUNDU in Stuttgart which was already created 2006 by puppeteer Tobias Husemann and musician Stefan Charisius. Fabian bridged the artistic idea with a global vision under the theme of Sharing the Light. Putting forces together, DUNDU has become an internationally renowned masterpiece with a social mission. Together with the diverse team of artists and makers, Fabian has co-created artistic experiences from Chile to Taiwan and loves to transform public space into theatrical stages - juggling between art disciplines and new immersive technologies and shaping imaginative fusions As creative dynamo his driving force is the power of flow that permits him to connect the dots looking forward and become exponentially human(e) and he sets his current focus of bringing workshop experience to diverse audiences to dive into this transformational journey on a more profound level Recently, Fabian has started the SeeArts podcast where we builds the co-creative bridge between Arts and Business and interviews a diverse mix from Artists over Change Makers and Entrepreneurs. As Juggling Philosopher Falabares he ignites the stages on earth with an intriguing mix of performing arts  & visionary speaking about the future, the need for flow and the power of community. With HackingCorona, he created an optimistic masterpiece of storytelling and visual poetry that inspires digital conferences and he consults companies on the creative pivot to the next level of events and gatherings. Social Handles--  @Falabares @SeeArtsNow @dundugiantsoflight Links Event Creation Company Giant Puppet Company Workshop Offerings Links: Why I Flow and why we need to Flow Becoming exponentially human HackingCorona Podcast Link:
July 20, 2020
Ep 27: Setting Intentions, A Disciplined Mind and Making People Smile with Guest Expert Joshua Bloomfield from AllFlo - Enter the Flozone Podcast
Joshua Bloomfield is a Founder of , which is an online store dedicated to Yoga, fitness and muscle recovery.  He’s a Veteran, an EDM DJ, Biohacker, Model and Actor living in L.A.  He had extremely great vibes and has an incredibly inspiring story!  In this podcast and shared some amazing techniques and mindset tweaks for our audience. You don’t want to miss this one! Tune in, deep work, Let’s get it! Follow Joshua’s Instagram - Be sure to subscribe to this podcast if you haven’t done so already! May the FLOW be with you! -S.
July 09, 2020
Ep 26: The Genius Zone, Connected Purpose and Branding with Guest Expert Chris King from Status Flow - Enter the Flozone Podcast
It was awesome to have High Performance Executive Coach and Motivational Speaker - Chris King with us in this episode of Enter the Flozone “My mission is to co-create a world of authentic empowerment through leadership and by connecting with and uplifting others. I strive to motivate audiences and clients to achieve authentic success by making the unconscious conscious and making the impossible (or even unimaginable) a reality. I don’t show clients THE way; I guide them in finding THEIR way and partnering with them in their quests.” – Chris M. King, CEO (Consultant for Executive Optimization) Status FlowTM Check him out at Make sure you follow his instagram @chrismikeking !
July 06, 2020
Ep 25: Creativity Hacks- Destructive Artist to Empowered Creator - Enter the Flozone Podcast
Creativity has been a topic that’s meant a lot to me growing up. It’s also a Flow State Trigger in a league of it’s own. In this episode I speak about rap, the creative process and little tweaks we can make to make our creativity much more of a sacred act rather than an escape from reality. I hope this gives you new insight and it helps you create during a tough phase we’re all currently going through. Make sure you follow me on Instagram @flozoneacademy for Flow State Memes, Content, Videos and Value! Also be sure to check out my new Youtube Channel- Flow State Activation! Much love, Sumedh
June 22, 2020
Ep 24: The Flow Funnel, Beyond Intention and Infinity Possibilities with Guest Expert Dan Mangena - Enter the Flozone Podcast
- After receiving a late diagnosis of Asperger’s and experiencing what can only be described as life-shattering trauma at the age of just 20, Daniel spent the next seven years struggling to keep these revelations and events from spilling into every area of his life. As a result of his struggles, Daniel built a simple, four-step system called the Beyond Intention Paradigm. - Initially built as a lifeline grappling with suicidal thoughts, Beyond Intention was born, transforming Daniel’s life from misery to celebration. Through his own struggles, Daniel found a path to lasting joy and purpose and he wants nothing more than to share the tools that saved his life. To that end, he lives by this mission statement: - “Spearhead an evolutionary uplift in universal consciousness by awakening people to the importance of their unique role. This that is already encoded in them by way of a deep and often ignored or undervalued passion defined as their Dream.” - Through motivational speech, Daniel shares his vision of empowerment and joy, as well as via books he has authored, his “Do it With Dan” podcast series (which is available on all major platforms), frequent blogging, articles, and a series of worldwide workshops. Daniel also offers coaching and consultations in groups and in one-on-one sessions. Each of these sessions honors his mission and helps his clients find meaning and joy in their lives. - Daniel is also a voracious reader, publicly documenting his challenge to read a book every week. He loves to travel, write and perform as a singer-songwriter, and practice Kundalini yoga, meditation, and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. He is also an outspoken promoter of entrepreneurial philanthropy, as well as an ambassador for the Mangena Foundation (in addition to working with several charities across the globe). - To contact Daniel, go to He can also be found on most major social media platforms with the handle @dreamerCEO.
June 15, 2020
Ep 23: From the Friend zone to the Flozone with Guest Expert Chris Bale (Awakened Intent) - Enter the Flozone Podcast
This is an old rare interview I had with Chris Bale, Founder of Awakened Intent (earlier Masculine Intent in this old interview). - He's an awareness coach, energy healer, acupuncture therapist and brings clarity to a mishandled human condition. He brings a very different approach. He's not into guys learning routines but instead interested in redefining 21st century masculinity by reconnecting men to their sexual, charismatic, loving, & authentic power. I really appreciated his warm gratitude, authenticity, sense of humor and his approach to being fully committed and passionate to self-discovery, which is a long, self-loving process. We bring up self-relation, acceptance and living unapologetically and gracefully. We also discuss energy work such as Qigong! This is an AMAZING interview with lots of value! - May the Flow with you! -Sumedh Chatterjee
June 08, 2020
Ep 22: Checklists, Maintaining Productivity and Money Being like Water with Guest Expert Melissa Krivachek - Enter the Flozone Podcast
Melissa Krivachek has been blessed with a passion for training individuals, teams and companies across the globe who find themselves lacking energy, losing money and feeling lost in the day to day cycles they’ve created for themselves, their businesses and families. Beyond the ability to create systems, scale and develop teams as well as increase bottom lines and help people find peace of mind Melissa has been given numerous accolades, landing her on the front cover of Evolution Magazine as their Top Power Player Under 40. Melissa has also been nominated for Forbes and Inc. Magazines prestigious list of “30 Under 30” and has been named the “Top 1% of US Executives” two years in a row by The American Council of Executives. In addition she’s made hundreds of media appearances and has been given multiple awards from the states of Iowa where she grew up and Minnesota. Productivity, Efficiency, Peace of Mind and Bigger Bottom Lines is Melissa’s forte and she’s happy to help teach you how to build a better life because no one wants to wake up miserable! Tune into this week’s episode of Enter the Flozone to listen to Melissa and I discuss the various things that will truly help you when deciding to be a business owner, trainer and consultant. Check out her page on Instgram - @melissakrivachek or go to May the Flow be with you! Best, S.
June 01, 2020
Ep 21: Using Candle Gazing and Meditation to Cure ADHD with Guest Expert Aaron Doughty - Enter the Flozone Podcast
Old but GOLD! This rare interview is all the way from 2017!! This is where, I had the privilege to interview High Vibrational Youtuber and Awareness Leader Aaron Doughty before he blew up on Youtube! He spoke about presence, Flow, Meditation and many other interesting topics! Aaron had an awakening from 2012 which made him question everything he “thought”.  That propelled him into a journey of self-discovery of reading 100’s of books, listening to seminars and going within to look for the answers. Through that journey, through meditation, he also stopped taking prescribed adderall for his ADHD and started to see it as his strength. From that point on, his mission like mine was to empower other people to know that they are high vibrational beings that can become FREE of the past pain and past negative experiences. Hope you enjoy this interview! Be sure to follow Aaron Doughty And follow along with my journey on May the Flow be with you!
May 25, 2020
Ep 20: Eradicating Stress, Ginseng Tea and Metaphysics with Guest Expert Justin F. Clark - Enter the Flozone Podcast
I had a great chat with Justin F. Clark, a Holistic Thinker at Visionary Status, LLC.  He claims "Consciousness is not taught, it is experienced." ( Sorry for the audio quality as this was recorded over a FB Live! ) Hope you get some new insight from this epic conversation. Let's ascend, flow family! Join us in this in depth conversation where we both give value, like we know best. Follow him on Instagram- @justinconsciousness or @justinf.clark If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to check out all the other episodes as well! I also have a new Youtube Channel called - Flow State Activation where I'm posting daily- check it out as well! - All the best and MAY THE FLOW BE WITH YOU! -Sume
May 18, 2020
Ep 19: How to Stop Depending on Your State and Start Expanding Your Seductive Realm of Awareness with Guest Expert Vince “Hollywood” Kelvin - Enter the Flozone Podcast
In this new episode of Enter the Flozone Podcast, I had the privilege to speak with Vince “Hollywood” Kelvin. We spoke about past conditioning, Flow state, state dependence, the internal shifts it takes for people to be successful in the social Venusian art form and many more topics!  Join us on this adventure by tuning into this new episode of Enter the Flozone! Formerly a corporate coach and hypnotherapist, Vince was Awarded best Hypnotist of the Year in 1997 and received the prestigious Leadership Award from Tony Robbins in 1998. He went on to pioneer in the social art field and became notorious for his seduction Rampages. In 2007 he started to produce mega events with the PUA World Summit, and has fine-tuned the formula ever since with such events as THE GSLR, EC2, and now the Cosmic Code. His extensive 25 years plus of coaching globally have him well versed in all majors of life when it comes to true success and fulfillment. He’s has been featured on CNN, KTLA 5, The BBC, UK Chanel 4 in The Rules of Seduction, Sky TV with Comedian Karl Kisperson, NBC Steve Harvey, Canadian Broadcast, Washington Post, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Playboy Radio, Penthouse Magazine, The Sun, DailyMail, SF Weekly, to name just a few. He’s also been featured in motion picture and recently awarded for the Sci-fi thriller Light Vision. Make sure you guys check out - May the Flow be with you! -Sumedh
May 11, 2020
Ep 18: Fasted Flowstates, Conscious Relating and Living in Alignment with Guest Expert Jared Grantham - Enter the Flozone Podcast
Jared Grantham is a co-founder of Limitless Love & the TogetherWeRise movement. He is obsessed with conscious business & serviced based entrepreneurship. Jared is well experienced in Human Potentiality, Somatic Healing, Breathwork, Embodiment & Leadership Coaching, Sacred Sexuality, Community Building and Innovative Business Development. This episode is a must listen! Tune in now! =) The Covid Code Replay - Book a Call with Jared- Check out his FB group - May the Flow be with you, tribe!
May 04, 2020
Ep 17: Creating a Multidimensional Approach to FLOW in the Human Potential Movement with Guest Expert Cody McAuliffe - Enter the Flozone Podcast
Cody McAuliffe is a speaker who specializes in taking leaders and teams from force to flow.  He does this by using “The Flow Formula” modality he created, which is based on testing people’s epigenetic expression.  This means that leaders can understand how their brains work differently to others to ultimately get into flow and become superhuman. Cody says: “I see a world where everyone can become Superhuman by unlocking their latent superhuman potential, through flow. This is passion, my purpose and my mission in life.” Over the last 10 years Cody has coached 2 federal members of parliament, and 3 world champion athletes in multiple sports, as well as hundreds of 6-9 figure business owners. Connect
April 27, 2020
Ep 16: Managing the Monkey Mind During Pandemic Panic with Guest Expert Philip Attar - Enter the Flozone Podcast
Philip Attar is a Mindset Coach & Heart Meditation Guide. His practice is centered around a transformative 10-week online mentorship program to help you overcome the blockages, overwhelm, and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from a life of impact and purpose. He holistically combines heart-connecting meditation and breathwork, with the action-oriented approach of mindset coaching to rewire your subconscious behaviors and empower you to transform your life. A former NYC Creative Director (Vogue, Apple, Hugo Boss, Coach, Swarovski, among others), Philip now has created a program that systematically helps ambitious, conscious entrepreneurs shift the old paradigms that no longer serves them and humanity so they can help build the New Earth. His methods have transformed his own life from 'dis-ease into ease', holistically overcoming his own Graves' autoimmune disease that left him with permanently crossed-eyes. Now 100% committed to helping heart-centered entrepreneurs activate their purpose so they can better serve themselves AND the world with their unique gifts. Instagram: @philipattar Website: This is your wake up call 👁⚡️ Topics covered: ✳️ Managing the Monkey Mind during Pandemic Panic  ✳️ The Matrix and it’s impact on our lives and consciousness  ✳️ Philip’s inspiring story and how he overcame his Graves’ disease  ✳️ Anxiety relief tools This is a MUST Listen. Enjoy and don't forget to leave us a review on iTunes or Apple Podcasts!
April 20, 2020
Ep 15: Discover your Sports Mental Edge for Competitive High Pressure Situations with Guest Expert Dr. Alex Diaz - Enter the Flozone Podcast
Dr. Diaz provides sports mental skill strategies for the purpose of managing competitive pressure situations and prepare athletes to achieve their desired peak performance.  Dr. Diaz is a licensed psychotherapist and a doctor in clinical and somatic psychology, trained in developing valued inner skills that will guide individuals to succeed in life. In this episode we dive deep into some neuroscience, sports and somatic psychology and how the mind and body are linked. This is a must-listen for athletes or even those who want an edge in their peak performance! Check out more of his work on and follow him on Instagram - 
April 13, 2020
Ep 14: How to Become Youtube Royalty and Brand Yourself Consciously with Guest Expert Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters) - Enter the Flozone Podcast
Ralph Okrafo-Smart (aka. Infinite Waters) is a British vlogger, author and Youtuber. Smart is known for his video content that he produces by himself, mainly revolving around the area of Spiritual concepts such as Alchemy and his group of Youtube fans call themselves "Deep Divers" His Youtube Channel has almost 2 million subscribers which includes all the topics based on his research and interest. We spoke about ways to become viral, the hermetic principles as well as how people can avoid getting into a downwards spiral. This interview is a must-listen! He explains to us how to have a powerful message at a time where we can learn from others such as prank videos. Tune in deep divers and let's all learn from a man who is truly raising the vibration of the planet through his videos! Check out Ralph on Youtube- Follow Ralph on Instagram May the Flow be with you and Peeeeeaaaaceeeeeeeee
April 06, 2020
Ep 13: Leadership at the Time of Turmoil with Guest Expert Soma Miller - Enter the Flozone Podcast
Soma Miller is a men's coach and transformational leader in the modern men's movement.  His aim is to catalyze community, bringing men together to support one another in actualizing their full potential and stepping into a heart-centered, embodied connection to their sacred masculine power and conscious leadership. Join us on this new episode of Enter the Flozone Podcast as we break down Tribe, Leadership, Intuition and Dealing with Pandemic Panic.  The foundations need to be set in order for us to transform. Otherwise we’ll be creating a wobbly building. Let's go from Panic to Pranic! Low to Flow! May the Flow be with you! Follow me @flozoneacademy on Instagram for more content and updates for the podcast. Be sure to follow Soma- on and connect with him- 
March 30, 2020
Ep 12: Discover Workplace Joy with Positive Organizational Psychology with Guest Expert Milija Šimleša - Enter the Flozone Podcast
Positive Psychology is the Science of Happiness. It has great evidence-based advice to inspire hope, optimism and tools to generate strength and resilience.😁👊🏽 . . Our next guest is Milija Šimleša, Ph.D. ( Instagram - @mickeysaintalex) we talk about her work, how positive psychology plays a role in the workplace as well as many other interesting topics! This is a MUST listen. . . Milija is a researcher, Positive Psychologist and an international Flow expert - BY DAY. ☀️ ✍🏻 . . Blogger, headbanger and a wild millenial - BY NIGHT. 🌑🤩🤘🏽 . . Tune into this episode, as we unravel the state of Flow and reveal tips for rapid transformation and positive growth 🔥🀄️ . . May the Flow be with you! ⚡️🌊🤙🏽 For more consciousness-altering episodes follow @flozoneacademy on Instagram for updates! . . Connect with Milija on Linked In-
March 23, 2020
Ep 11: Flow is our Natural State with Guest Expert Joshua Mesnik - Enter the Flozone Podcast
YOUR FLOW QUEST BEGINS TODAY. Joshua Mesnik is a holistic educator, Flow state practitioner and Actor who acts on his highest excitement. In this episode of Enter the Flozone, we spoke about Dolphins 🐬 (The Ambassadors of Flow), Homo-Galacticus (The next phase of evolution) and Flow and how it’s our most natural state of being. An exciting and riveting conversation. Find out much more in this enthralling episode! We hope you get a lot of value! 👽🙏🏽🐬⚡️ ----- Connect with Joshua on his platforms -
March 16, 2020
Ep 10: The Heart Coherence Code into Embodied FLOW with Guest Expert Anna Brown - Enter The Flozone Podcast
Welcome home to the Divine!⚡🙏 This week we had on guest expert Anna Brown as we crack open the 'Heart Coherence Code' for you. ❤️️🧬 With Anna's unique heart-centered Quantum teachings we dive into the Flow-state, daily practice, our physical AVATARS and 5D. This episode may just help you enter a different reality and spark your individual ascension.  Make sure you are following for more podcast updates! Where attention goes, energy flows.  Let's FLOW. 🌊 ----- Connect with Anna on her channels:
March 09, 2020
Ep 9: Trance States, Hypnosis and the Power of the Mind with Guest Expert Dr.Steve G. Jones - Enter the Flozone Podcast
“You are getting veeeerrrryy sleeepyyy” 😴 😴😴 Stop right there.🚫 😂 Now that I got your attention. ✅ I’d like to share with you an announcement😉 . . We have an incredible guest on this coming week’s podcast episode...🌐‼️ . . ⚜️Dr. Steve G. Jones is a world-renowned, leading clinical hypnotherapist. ⚜️ . . He has appeared on Forbes, worked with A-List Celebrities and appeared on Millionaire Matchmaker. 🤯 . . What interested me about Steve is, he not only spoke of Hypnosis but he brought up quite new age concepts such as Astral Projection and Law of Attraction. 🤔 . . In this week’s episode of Enter the Flozone, he is going to break down the myths surrounding Hypnosis and help you to crack the code into your subconscious mind. ⚡️ 🧠 . . This ones a must-listen. 🎧 Who’s excited? 🙏🏽🔥🧬🤫⚠️
March 02, 2020
Ep 8: How to Get into the Flow with your Cash Flow with Guest Expert Joe Nicassio - Enter the Flozone Podcast
Everybody has a money story... and let’s be honest, your relationship with money is probably a tumultuous one. . . Let’s dive into some strategies and mindset shifts in terms of your Cash Flow! . . In this episode we bring up: 1) The concept of Abundance 2) How to charge people what your value is. 3) What does it mean to be a service provider and MUCH MORE! . . This week we had on my business coach, Joe Nicassio who’s helped me go from a scattered closer to a trusted and focused advisor.  . . He’s helped me to fine tune and create my business. . . Joe will help you to crack the money code and help you to transform your already existing business or help you start one that works. . . Tune into the “Enter the Flozone Podcast” today to get your Money Mojo back! 🙏🏽⚡️  💰 2020 rhymes with Money 🙌🏽 . . ⚡️☝🏽🌊 💵 . . Contact Joe at 🙏🏽⚡️
February 24, 2020
Ep 7: The Darkside of Flow - Exploring Shadow work with Guest Expert Chris Orozco - Enter the Flozone Podcast
Why You Should Listen? While many Peak Performance podcasts focus on creating checklists and micromanagement, this Flow-based podcast takes on a more intriguing route.  Enter the Flozone is a strategy and mindset-focused interview show that will teach anyone aspiring towards altered or peak states, the secrets to Flow-state optimization and mind-body-spirit synergy. Sumedh Chatterjee, the host will redefine what it means to be in the zone and inspire individuals to live lives of mastery, creativity and unstoppable momentum. . . This week, we had Chris Orozco (@operation_moksha), a Shadow Integration Specialist and we spoke about the Dangers of Shadow Work and the Dark Side of the Flow-state. . . It was quite an interesting conversation and hopefully you’ll find a lot of value in it! . . Tune in and Enjoy! . . If you’re a fan of this podcast, make sure you leave us a review on iTunes. . . May the Flow be with you! -Sumedh Chatterjee (Your Host of Enter the Flozone)
February 17, 2020
Ep 6: Exploring Equilibrium- Mindfulness, Empowerment and Being a Flow Master with Guest Expert: Zulu Flow Zion - Enter the Flozone Podcast
Welcome back to another episode of Enter the Flozone podcast. In this episode, I will break down different stress relief methods and ways of attaining this equilibrium. We also have a special guest expert and Flow Master- Zulu Flow Zion who will help you crack the Flow Code and enhance your mindfulness using a Qi gong practice inspired by Dragon Ball Z and his taste for music! So if you're willing to tap into your OWN ultra instinct, this is an episode that will enhance your capabilities to do so. Enjoy, review and share! May the Flow be with you! Make sure you follow @flozoneacademy on Instagram for updates on new episodes! Also follow @zuluflowzion for inspiring content and reach out to him there or on 
February 10, 2020
Ep 5: The Power of Playing your Way into Flow - Enter the Flozone Podcast
The game isn’t how to play, the game is... to play. The new podcast episode is all about: “The power of playing your way into Flow.”  Who’s excited?! ⚡️ Taking play into service is the most adult thing we can do Our adult selves are born over our child selves In the new episode I go into: ✅ different kinds of play ✅ how to use play to get into Flow ✅ playing as adults- Favorite body of water? ✅ the ancestral importance of play ✅ lessons from observing animals in play ✅ the benefits of play time. Let's dive deep! 🌊⚡️🤙🏽 Make sure you follow @flozoneacademy on Instagram for updates, content and more information about the Flow-state.
February 02, 2020
Ep 4: Discovering the Pathway Of Power with Guest Expert: Kai Van Bodhi- Enter the Flozone Podcast
It was an absolute honor to invite Guest Expert Kai Van Bodhi with his in this incredibly enthralling and exhilarating episode.  Join us as we dive deep into the rabbit hole of ancient alchemy, qi gong, oriental medicine, modern neuroscience and flow-state bio hacking that will take you to the next level of your self-discovery. May the Flow be with you! Check out for more of Kai's work.
January 27, 2020
Ep 3: Unleash Your Creative Rocket Fuel with Guest Expert Jamie Catto - Enter the Flozone Podcast
“WE ARE EACH OF US A WISE GURU IN CHARGE OF A MENTAL PATIENT” I had an incredible talk with highly-respected creativity catalyst Jamie Catto! It was an absolute honor to speak with him one-on-one! His book: Insanely Gifted is one of my favorites of all time and has changed the way I coach and interact with the world. It taught me many aspects of awareness based creativity and most importantly, gave me insight. He believes in play, creativity, shadow work and intimacy. It really opened my eyes towards the concepts of repression, authenticity and being kind to oneself. He's very blunt and his sense of humor is sly. He speaks the truth and it reverberates loudly. His advice of keeping a trigger journal will help a lot of individuals. I hope you watch this episode and gain extreme value from it! This is the explicit and uncensored episode and so proceed with caution. To contact him reach him at If you would like a Flowakening session contact me at or shoot me a message on Instagram @flozoneacademy
January 20, 2020
Ep 2: F.L.O.W- Future Leaders Of the World - Victim Mentality to Leadership Mentality - Enter the Flozone Podcast
Let's grow exponentially. Upwards spiral gang. This week’s podcast episode for Enter the Flozone is all about: F.L.O.W- Future Leaders Of the World 🌐- ⚜️VICTIM MENTALITY to LEADERSHIP MENTALITY.⚜️ 👊🏽🧬🔱⚡️💯 A powerful and inspiring topic! I hope you guys enjoy ⚠️✅ 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 Follow @flozoneacademy on Instagram for updates!
January 12, 2020
Ep 1: Flow-State Mastery with Guest Expert Kevin Orosz - Enter the Flozone Podcast
Premier episode! Let's dive deep into the Flow-State with Kevin Orosz! May the Flow be with you! Check out and and connect with Kevin on Facebook or Instagram ( Follow @flozoneacademy on Instagram ( and make sure you check out
January 06, 2020
Ep 0: Introduction- Why FLOW is the MISSING PIECE to your TRANSFORMATION - Enter the Flozone Podcast
Welcome to the introduction to the Enter the Flozone Podcast! Here Sumedh Chatterjee will break down the nuances of peak performance and the Flow-state. Enter the Flozone will feature deep meaningful conversations at the cutting edge of consciousness with Flow luminaries exploring the state of optimal performance. Tune In every Monday! Follow @flozoneacademy on Instagram!
January 01, 2020