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SunBloom Yoga

SunBloom Yoga

By Hanna Rodriguez
We talk about mama life and yoga! Holistic wellness for mamas and families.
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Helping Mamas Develop Self-Confidence
In this episode, I talk about issues that can lead to self-confidence and negative self-talk, and how we can use coping skills to improve our thought patterns as Moms. I also discussed how children learn from our example with our coping skills nad self care. Also, I talk about body image and society pressures towards postnatal women. 
December 04, 2021
Body Positive & Anti-Diet Health Coaching
Body Positivity is about valuing and respecting diversity in size. We are all different, and you can be healthy even if you live in a bigger body! Let go of trying to force your body to be different than it is, and allow yourself to embrace your life as it is. You can eat healthy and be active even if you’re not what society deems as “thin or skinny.” You can define what healthy means to you without over control. Individual health coaching enrollment is open! Message me at for more details.
November 27, 2021
Balanced & Efficient Meal Planning for my Family
Hey guys, in this episode I talk about how I do my meal plan each week. I also talk about how the mentality of balancing effort and ease in yoga relates to having a balanced diet and a balanced meal plan.
November 12, 2021
The Yoga of Patience + Mother to Adult Daughter Relationships
In this episode, I share my journey with how yoga helps me cultivate patience in several areas of my life. 
October 25, 2021
Becoming a Mom During COVID-19
How yoga is helping me with Trauma, anxiety, and uncertainty.
September 11, 2021
An open palm of hope
Hey friends! In this episode, I share my personal experiences and my current challenges regarding life as it is right now. I’ve had some shifts in my career that were unexpected, so I talk about how I am coping with my feelings and the flexible, open mindset I am trying to cultivate in my life to help me easily accept change as it comes. As the sutras of Patanjali Describe, suffering happens when we attach and cling To some thing that the universe needs us to let go of. However when we practice acceptance and letting go consciously, we are more able to flow with life as it comes and goes. So this is my take on my personal experiences with my current job change.
August 20, 2021
Yoga helps mamas and kids cope with life!
In this episode, I talk about how yoga teaches self-regulation and co- regulation skills. I offer an explanation of how yoga practices are generally set up, and a few techniques to use with your kids at home. At the end there is also an explanation of how I can provide yoga services to you and your family.
August 12, 2021
Welcome to the SunBloom Yoga podcast! I talk about how yoga can help busy mamas and families to be calm, grounded, and live life from the heart center. Join me!
August 12, 2021