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By Sunday Night DM
Talomire is an island kingdom in the north of the world. Isolated from its neighbours by both its geography and its philosophies, it is unique in its religion and practices. It is into this world you are setting foot; a world where magic is rare, dangerous and outlawed, where the wrong religious belief can spell a terrible end, or the chance of one's birth can be the difference between a life of means, and a life of terrible slavery. Fare well, adventurer. The wilds are terrible and dangerous, outmatched only by the machinations of the civilised and the powerful...
Part 2: The Hammer of Hommlet
The party make their way to Hommlet, a small farming town in the Northwilds of Talomire. Here to seek food, and maybe a job or two, they feel the brunt of the residents inherited hatred of dwarves, elves and foreigners...
December 30, 2017
Setting the Stage - Episode 0
Setting The Stage - The Talomire Podcast: Episode 1 • Setting The Stage - The Talomire Podcast: Episode 1
December 9, 2017
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