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Suno Aisha

Suno Aisha

By Aisha Singh
It is often said that what doesn't kill you will make you stronger. Life is a roller coaster, sprinkled with salt and pepper. In this adventure, we also have jolts of free advice and insights on how to take it ahead but when it all comes down to it, story line has its own twists and tales. I have always done what I felt was right. Always followed my heart, and most importantly I don’t have any regrets. Every decision has a story, people judge others with their actions without knowing grassroot story. But nothing could me hold back, I didn't wait for a miracle I believed in being a miracle!
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8 Steps to get out of Impostor Syndrome
Impostor Syndrome is something that I personally used to struggled with. In fact, I never felt like I’m capable of anything , and I was just doing my best to try to keep up every minute. That self-doubt was always with me and fact is the moments of Impostor Syndrome were fleeting, sometimes where I could sway them out of my mind in a few seconds. Other times, they loomed over me for hours or say days.
May 10, 2020