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By Sunrise Bay Area
Welcome to Sunrise Bay Radio – broadcasting the decade of the Green New Deal from the occupied territory of the Ohlone people in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We are a team of climate activists from Sunrise Movement's Bay Area hub – talking about the intersections of the climate crisis with every part of our society and how you can get involved in averting climate catastrophe.

Every month, join our hosts Maritte and Richard and our team of correspondents, as we speak with experts, tell stories of real people affected by climate change, and fight for a livable future.
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Racial Justice and Electoral Politics – Part One
2020 has been a pivotal year for youth organizers who have been making their demands heard on the streets and at the ballot box. In part one of our episode on Racial Justice and Electoral Politics, our hosts, Maritte and Richard, speak with Tiana Day (, the youth activist who organized the Black Lives Matter protest at the Golden Gate Bridge earlier this summer. We learn about how she jumped into activism, the story behind the bridge shutdown, her feelings on this election, and what it’s going to take for the movement to win going forward. Shout out to Tiana’s new non-profit Youth Advocates for Change where she continues the work of amplifying youth voices for social justice. With just a couple weeks until the election, it’s for all of us to mobilize like crazy! Check out our 2020 Election Organizing Guide to find all the ways you can get involved in this election and help win key races and ballot measures in California and across the country. And finally, look out for part two, where we interview an incredible community organizer running for Oakland City Council District 3, Carroll Fife! TW: @sunrisebayarea IG: @bayareasunrise FB: Sunrise Movement Bay Area
October 20, 2020
A Just, Green Recovery
In Sunrise Bay Radio’s second episode, A Just, Green Recovery, we explore how the current economic crisis compares to previous recessions. Furthermore, we discuss how a green stimulus can simultaneously lift us out of this economic downturn, transform our economy to run on clean, renewable energy and address systemic inequality for people of color. In our first interview, our correspondent Mukta speaks with UC Berkeley Professor, Dr. Ellora Derenoncourt about the history of previous recessions and recovery efforts by the U.S. government. Next, Mukta discusses the Green Stimulus with one of its’ coauthors, Dr. Mijin Cha.  Dr. Cha lays out the diverse ways in which a green stimulus would impact the U.S. economy, the environment, and racial justice. Finally, our correspondent Noah speaks with a labor historian, Fred Glass, about how labor organizing can help build power to demand a just recovery at both a local and federal level. Our hosts, Maritte and Richard, introduce the THRIVE Agenda, which was introduced last week in congress and would stimulate the economy by creating green jobs and simultaneously address systemic inequality. Call your congressional representatives and encourage them to support the THRIVE Agenda For more information about this episode please contact us at Our producers for this episode were Isaac, Noah, Mukta, Ashlyn, Julia, and Elisabeth. Special thanks to Echo Marine for our theme music. TW: @sunrisebayarea IG: @bayareasunrise FB: Sunrise Movement Bay Area
September 14, 2020
Climate Change, Coronavirus, and a Green New Deal for Public Health
Introducing Sunrise Bay Radio, a new podcast series produced by the Sunrise Movement’s Bay Area hub. Each episode, our hosts Maritte and Richard, take a deep dive into how climate change intersects with different aspects of our society. In this episode, we discuss how both climate change and the coronavirus pandemic are undermining public health and exacerbating health inequality. We are joined by our correspondent Adam, speaking with Dr. Linda Rudolph, the Director of Climate Change & Health at the Public Health Institute, about the ways in which climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic threaten health justice. We also hear from our correspondent Mukta, speaking with the founders of Climate Health Now, Dr. Ashley McClure and Sarah Schear, about how medical professionals have begun organizing to stop climate change and protect the wellbeing of their patients. Tune in to find out about how our guests envision a Green New Deal for public health that could bolster public health for ALL Americans. Check out the call to action on climate health and equity: Help bring the Alameda Health System back into public hands! Sign the petition: For more information about this episode please contact us at TW: @sunrisebayarea IG: @bayareasunrise FB: Sunrise Movement Bay Area Background reading:,that%20most%20impact%20disadvantaged%20communities.
August 12, 2020