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Superhero Academy Podcast

Superhero Academy Podcast

By Marc Angelo Coppola
Hosted by Marc Angelo Coppola, the Superhero Academy Podcast is designed as a no filter real life conversation hosting passionate guests and comedic relief to the hero’s journey many of us are on. This podcast dives deep into segments and interviews with well known experts with a focus on self health, wealth and storytelling to uncover the unconventional advice & stories behind powerful movements, businesses, and people also dedicated to the other ROI, - Ripple of Impact. Superhero Academy is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs, influencers & creatives to align their income and impact.
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Why I'm Retiring From Marketing & 5 Reasons I Invested In A Farm Instead - What is Valhalla Farms?
It's time for a change of the old guard. What use to work no longer is serving us and the old normal... well I don't think it's coming back. Personally many aspects of it weren't great to begin with. We were divided. Consuming endlessly and mindlessly. We had everything at our finger tips and yes life was easy. However is easy what I want? I mean yes in some ways ease and grace is something I love to embrace but there's a part of me that enjoys a challenge. A new dynamic. Something that makes my heart rate rise and challenges my leadership skills as well as my skills of the natural world. Skills not just found out in the fields and forests but even in the soft skills of building community and relationships. I am retiring more and more from marketing into my own version of sovereignty and freedom because now is the time for us to return to the OLD OLD normal. To recognize that perhaps our consumeristic lifestyle and the algorithms designed to sell us them via "marketing" are plaguing us with mental health issues and a reality where it is never enough. That's how I feel anyways. Like I never could have enough in that game. There was always more to do. More to optimize or chase. More likes to get, more conversions in a funnel or more people "being impacted" by what I was selling them. Yes hear my confessions of a professional storyteller who worked running marketing agency and you will recognize that I was a professional experience designer. Through web development and graphics, UI and UX and yes stories in the form of social media posts and ads - I spent years learning what sways and moves people. What fundamental principles make people tic. Today - I am tired of using my powers and knowledge of storytelling to build funnels. I want to build community. I want to sit around a camp fire and learn and witness the arts of others but I also don't want to just live "sustainably" either. I want to thrive. Thrive in what really matters most to me. Smiles. Curious minds. Thoughtful gatherings and mindful thought experiments. Ways I can disrupt myself to be a better man than I was yesterday. This is my calling. To tell stories and well this episode talks about Valhalla in a very up to date fashion. It combines the 9 years of experience I have building this farm and community and lets you know where I plan on going next with it... Enjoy. *Timecodes* 00:00 Intro 00:39 Overview 03:49 Running A Giant Experiment 34:45 Why I”m Retiring From Marketing & 5 Reasons I Invested In A Farm Instead 1:01:40 Membership Model + Scaling Generosity Valhalla Coop Farms Website Connect with Marc Angelo Coppola ------------------------------------------- ]]]] WEBSITE [[[[  ]]]] FACEBOOK [[[[ ]]]] INSTAGRAM [[[[ ]]]] LINKEDIN [[[[  === TEXT MARC ANGELO ===  ==== OUR FILM & PODCAST GEAR ====  (+) FREE CLASS & MINI COURSE (+)  3 Proven Step Journey To Turn Your Passions Into Profits  How To Start A Successful Video Podcast
May 12, 2021
Joe Rogan Vaccine Outrage + How To Trade Earnings Season & Real Life Clubhouse
So I am still getting my feet wet with this new format but there is  something to be said about the outrage people are having against those  speaking about choice when it comes to vaccines.  Joe Rogan got in some hot water and the internet and even the white  house blew up about some of his views when it came to young healthy  people not necessarily needing the vaccines.  No matter where you stand on the issue I think the topic is quite hilarious and what is outrageous is who is taking health advice from Joe  Rogan anyways? Is he not allowed to just share his opinion? Does he need be "right" about everything and in truth I can't say he was wrong  either.  I think he made quite the point.  Anyways I dive into so much in this episode including how I'm looking to  trade earnings season going forward and what I think the real life  version of clubhouse might look like... Timecodes ------------------ 00:00 - Intro 01:05 - Overview 03:43 - Joe Rogan / Vaccine Controversy   22:04 - Earnings Season & Trading 40:13 - The Real-Life Clubhouse 52:55 - Summary / Ending    === TEXT MARC ANGELO ===
May 6, 2021
Seaspiracy - My Clubhouse Predictions and Should You Buy DOGE Coin?
Same show and host - new format. Season 7 of the Superhero Academy Podcast is coming at you with a huge twist where I am starting to integrate a whole lot more segments and changes to the show that I'm proud of. I've got a new team member Kyler behind the scenes helping me look good and also chiming in on the episodes and well in this episode we dive deep into 3 segments. Deep Dive: So You Watched Seaspiracy - now what? My thoughts on the future of Clubhouse & whether or not you should be looking to invest time and energy into it Should you buy DOGE coin and how to know if you're invested in sh!+coins or not? There is so much more to come with this podcast and I am just getting my legs under me but you can expect a lot more relevant topics being covered and a lot more "solocast" style podcasts and clips hitting platform near you! Enjoy and please subscribe and leave a rating if you're loving it! For full Video Version of Episode:
April 28, 2021
The Real Time Thoughts Behind Upgrading The Superhero Academy Podcast
When it comes to making content online - one of the most humbling but  powerful tools for making more engaging content is about being  reflective of your own process, character, systems and the reaction the  market itself is giving you.   There are a few things I've noticed over the years about my podcast as well as some of the more recent episodes that let me know that their -  "okay" - that's not being self defeating but knowing that my process of  releasing and promoting the podcast isn't as dialed as it needs to be as  well as part of my hosting of the podcast isn't either.   So yeah it's time for me to dial it in a bit further and on this episode  I share the real experience of what I am thinking next + introduce a  new face to the team that is behind the scenes making this possible for me. Full Podcast Video:
April 19, 2021
The Art of Photography, Being Zen, and Loving Life with Steve Walsh
Being a professional photographer is no easy task, but being fueled by passion and loving your life makes it all worth it.   . Being zen, taking the perfect shot, travelling across the country, and improving your mindset have all found themselves in this week's episode. Filled with valuable bits of wisdom, we hope that this episode will inspire you to wake up tomorrow and follow your own passions.   . Listen to Steve and Marc as they take you on a journey, discussing what it takes to be a creator, the patience and mindset required, their love of photography, and even touching on topics such as Wim Hof practices and Ayahuasca.
February 17, 2021
Discipline Is Timing & Montreal Photography with Brent Calis
At the crossroads of patience we can find money management, photography & true wisdom.   It seems like investing and photography have meshed themselves together in this week's episode as we cover the importance, and our opinions, of both these subjects.   Throughout a photographer's career they tend to miss a few first kisses and "essential" moments but all in all the lessons are larger and more important  than the photos.  Brent and Marc go head to head discussing and laughing about the ins and outs of some hot topics like Taxes, Bitcoin, Photography, Growth & Knowledge transfer.
February 3, 2021
Love & Chocolate, Flying The Freak Flag with Mid-Day Squares
No success story is as beautiful, extravagant and sporadic as the tale these guests have for us today.  Lezlie and Nick join us today, without their 3rd partner, but they don't fail to drop serious wisdom and keep us laughing throughout the podcast.   ompletely demolishing the competition with these plant-based, real chocolate, crunchy but soft energy bars - this company is taking the market by a storm. Their story starts slow but truly escalates from a small, overworked kitchen with personal deliveries to a large scale factory shipping this product to anyone who needs a healthy pickup.   This podcast shows how persistence, investing & believing in yourself can truly lead to a success story, no matter how slow the start. All that being said, they've never ceased to move forward, documenting and having tons of fun along the way despite all the hardships and hurdles that are incessantly thrown at them.
January 27, 2021
Big Booty, Big Dreams (Protein Optional) with Erin Killen
Erin is that bundle of joy that brings humor into every day situations to lighten them up, but that doesn't take away from her huge success and hunger for growth.. and cupcakes.  Going from an advocate of all that is bacon to a fitness & empowerment coach.  Join us in today's discussion of how Erin Killen went through a multitude of stages ranging from a doctor's diagnosis, to her first instagram sponsors to where she is today, Killen it (with) fitness.  Erin takes the podcast to the next level, showing us that lightheartedness and serious conversation can stroll along the beach, hand in hand, without a sliver of awkwardness.    Going through stories of experiences, growth and overall lifelong changes, this episode is a rollercoaster for those who want to laugh and learn simultaneously.
January 20, 2021
Living Magic & Channeling Blissipline with David Lion
What happens when you mix 2 parts magic and 1 part human?   David Lion, a mystic who gives more than he is even able to conceive by "simply" channelling that which is asked of him.  It's not easy to explain how he does what he does, but we definitely give it a shot on today's episode.  We go through, as usual, his story.   However we don't stop at that, we continue onto topics as profound - and when you hear his response you'll agree - as what is the meaning of love?    This conversation was so much more than a podcast, but the only way to find out it's value is by watching the whole thing.
January 13, 2021
Escaping To Be Found with Emily Hamilton
Becoming a travel creator is a lot of hard work, so today we have Emily Hamilton in studio to talk to us about the process of becoming, being and finally growing the travel page.    Where do we draw the line between traveling to be found, to escape or purely for pleasure and cultural enlightenment?  Motivations may vary but the end result is often the same, we're looking to broaden our minds, humble ourselves and understand a little slice of the world a little bit more.   In this episode we also talk about fundamental moments in careers, the foreignness of talking about gear and of course, the ultimate advice for an aspiring travel creator.
January 6, 2021
Confessions & Banter With My Personal Trainer, Charo Ciampini
Today we bring you guys Charo, the legendary fitness coach/trainer who has beaten Marc-Angelo's fat to a pulp.   However, fitness wasn't a huge topic, today's episode deep dives into the aspect of being human, what we define as work and what steps we take to constantly grow.   The ultimate question was a question we constantly ask ourselves regardless where we are in life... how does one feel satisfied?
December 30, 2020
The Air Is Lava & The Great Reset with Germ Dee
You'll own nothing and you'll be happy.  The slogan for the World Economic Forum's "Great Reset" is a promise of a utopic world. This troublesome news is a main topic that we revert to and diverge from regularly in this fast paced podcast with Germ Dee.   Germ, a social media banned Canadian artist, dabbles in the art of opening the public's eyes when he's not whipping up a masterpiece on canvas.   The main thing to take away from this week's whirlwind of emotions is that we should question the information and "dreams" that are provided to us through the media. Where the government says black, think white, and vice versa. There will always be more to the story than meets the eye. Full Video:
December 23, 2020
Discerning Truth In Our Collective Evolution with Joe Martino
Joe Martino, the founder of Collective Evolution, joins us in studio to speak about the status of alternative media and the co-creation of our reality.  We cover some controversial topics such as censorship on social media, ranging from the purge of shadowbanning, fact checking and buying search results.  On a lighter note we bring forth the idea of using comedy as a method of delivering messages and expressing our thoughts. Full video/audio:
December 16, 2020
Espresso, Characters & Overcooked Brussel Sprouts with Matthew Giuffrida
Matthew Giuffrida, a growing face in the Montreal content creation scene joins us in the Story Tory to talk about his journey. The stories and characters that he has developed as a solo producer, videographer, writer and editor are truly remarkable.    Being based in comedy and acting, Matthew brings a nice lighter and more jovial atmosphere to the studio as many topics and jokes are tossed around. The ultimate question is eventually asked though..   The content creation game is strong but where can he go from here? That's where Marc drops some wisdom and provides Matthew, as well as all our listeners, some high quality tips ON AIR about how to continue growing. Full Video:
December 9, 2020
The Real Life Of A Content Creator with WhatTheChic aka Katy Esquivel
FULL VIDEO: The truth is that YouTube, Instagram and any other platform asks a lot of their creators. Trying to find a balance between working hard and constantly creating material for the audience is key.    What The Chic aka Katy Esquivel joins us in studio to discuss some of the beginning steps as well as her motivation, goals and behind the scenes actions that all must play out in order for her to release he content.   We jump into topics such as (not) feeling good enough, taking control of your content as it evolves, as well as taking yourself less seriously and not focusing too much on the analytics.
December 2, 2020
The Truth Behind Being A Professional Travel Creator with Mark Harrison
VIDEO: Many people buy into the story that being a professional travel photographer means that you live the dream life. Mark Harrison, a well known and traveled creator came in studio to talk about his ongoing experience in the industry. Breezing through some topics such as not reaching your audience, having a one hit wonder video/photo as well as the awful truths behind the scenes of this notoriously desirable lifestyle.    All that to say, there is still so much to be shared in this Marc vs Mark discussion, insights on camera gear as well as a hidden hack to get more views.
November 25, 2020
What Can('t) I Say? with Marc Angelo Coppola // Superhero Academy Podcast Season 6 Episode 2
Full Video: This week's episode is a solocast where I dive deep in the presence of mind that has been shifting all around me. I also jump straight into the facts of our current world, both the beauty and the ugly that we can see with open eyes.   Social media sites are engaging in an activity called shadowbanning, the act of removing people from others' feeds without so much as a warning.   This isn't something we can easily protest, speak out about nor explicitly display as the accounts that are shadowbanned are still findable if you search for them.
November 18, 2020
Insert MTLBlog Clickbait Title Here with Alex Melki
Full Video: How does someone become the face of a company without being the CEO?  Being the relatable public image of one of Montreal's biggest websites & platforms, Alex Melki joins us in studio to talk about the past, present and future growth of himself and MTL Blog.  Why are clickbait titles so alluring? Does MTLBlog count as a reliable news source? Which restaurant has the best Taco Tuesday?  These are but some of the questions you can expect answered in Superhero Academy's first episode and launch of season 6!
November 11, 2020
Superhero Academy Podcast Season 6 Is Finally Here!
Full Video: This year, there's no limit. From face-to face interviews with some of the world's leading creators & entrepreneurs to the new Call-in feature that will allow you, the audience, to interact with the guest as the podcasts happen LIVE.   Introducing yet another season of podcasts, Marc Angelo Coppola brings a small teaser of the big things to come.
November 8, 2020
Uplifting your Life by Helping Yourself ft. Kosta Stoyanoff
Full video: External influences and comparisons make us look in every direction to discover happiness, Kosta Stoyanoff joins us to drop some insight as to how we can fix that. Deep diving with ourselves and looking in the mirror, changing our states and noticing what we do and don't have control over - these are some tips that make the world of difference. Having created Uplifted Life and spent many years coaching everything from athletes to corporate elites and everything in between, Kosta shows us the answer has always lied within.
March 8, 2020
The Breath of One and Brotherhood ft. Gregorio Avanzini
Community isn't limited by physical space, whether permanent or temporary. Joining the SHA studio today is Gregorio Avanzini, a former architect but current healer, life coach, meditation facilitator and many more titles that could never come close to describing him well enough.  We bounce through a multitude of topics like the Skeleton sport that he tried in Western Canada and the Breath of One, a meditative trance that he has developed and continues to improve and perform for the betterment of lives.   Listen to the podcast to see how we see the world of pop up events, festivals and communities will grow in the coming years. Full video:
February 23, 2020
Risks & Strategies of going from Busboy to Franchiser ft. Jean Michel Paquet
Jean Michel Paquet realized early on that his passion was in the restaurant industry. He joins Seb Assaf and Marc in studio to discuss how he built upon his dream, opened a restaurant and eventually franchised to the current number of 20. As the founder of Küto, a tartar restaurant and now franchise with locations all around Montreal, his insight brings us a new way of looking at how entrepreneurship is evolving. We pick at each others' brains to see what lessons can be learned and taught by joining 3 great minds. 
February 12, 2020
China, Trees & Outrage Culture ft. Garrett Adkins
Garrett Adkins joins us in the SHA studio to talk about PR and the digital age. We mourn losses like Kobe Bryant as a collective, we can lock down cities in a matter of seconds and yet the things that we're drawn to most are people outrageously tipping houses to a delivery man. We dive deep into some of the lesser known nuances as well as brushing over Marc's plan to plant a million trees.
February 3, 2020
Is Everything "Wrestling" and Therefore Fake? Ft. Germ Dee
Montreal's finest, Germ Dee, joins me in the studio to discuss what it means to play a character. An expert at character creation and storytelling himself, Germ makes us question how repetitive roles are in our everyday lives, media and brings it right down to the wire.. what patterns are prevalent?  Do we need a Queen? Are all royalty, politicians and even athletes just playing assigned roles?
January 28, 2020
The Art Of Choosing Love And Impact For Yourself ft. Adam Roa
Adam Roa joins the podcast with insight on how putting love at the forefront of every decision changed his life. Revealing his biggest vulnerabilities to the world he learned a lot about how vulnerable we all are and how vulnerability appeals to us on a personal level. We discuss many things such as the growth of spirituality and it's duality with religion, how to increase and measure your impact, plant medecine and what it means to spend time on yourself.
January 19, 2020
Does Sustainability Need to be this Extreme ft. Rob Greenfield
Rob Greenfield, a well known humanist and activist faced a self-imposed challenge to go an entire year without consuming any food that he didn't personally harvest or forage.    Marc and Rob cover some common problems, topics and solutions to them on this week's episode. From Greta Thunberg and Mr. Beast to the possibility of making remarkable urban farms with very little effort. The discourse is an eye opening experience to anyone who wants to make their life a little greener.  What do you do to make a change? Full video:
December 17, 2019
Short and Long Term Strategizing within Life, Games and Business, ft. Jordan Coppola
Marc Angelo invites his brother to the stage of Superhero Academy to talk about future plans and strategies as they kick off another journey of working side by side. They tackle challenges faced growing up together and having a strong sense of competition, different forms of strategies and of course, Elon Musk.   Jordan, a world traveler has decided to stay in Montreal to work on his own legacy project, TOAST, a podcast compilation of his best travel stories. Marc decided to take Jordan under his wing to run a series of other podcasts, including his own, in order to empower him to follow a profession that he loves, storytelling.
December 15, 2019
Being a Maestro and a Student of Life at the Same Time ft. Adam Johnson
Conducting for the Montreal Symphony Orchestra is no easy task. Listen to Marc-Angelo and Adam Johnson, the Maestro of Canada's biggest orchestra, skim the surface of what it takes to be a conductor, prep, state change, ambitions and more.
December 9, 2019
How To Stop The Video Industry From Destroying Your Business
Videographer Nik Koyama joins Marc-Angelo in the studio to discuss how video can transform and evolve a company faster and better than ever before.
December 6, 2019
The Journey To Ayahuasca (Pre-Ceremony) ft Ryan Schwartz
In this episode of the podcast we've got a bit of a throwback to right before my journey to Peru. A journey that some might label a vision or spiritual quest to dive deep into the power of plant medicines with an emphasis on Ayahuasca. Ryan Schwartz and I jam on all things related to our nerves, excitements and thoughts on this journey before diving into the sacred valley of Peru where the gracious hosts at El Camino Sagrado were kind enough to host us in such a powerful way. We cover a lot of ground here and rather than spoil it I would prefer to allow you to listen to our thoughts hours before our flight took off and will follow up with stories of my ceremonies including video and photos on my Instagram.
November 20, 2019
Productivity & Decision Making // Family Cast Featuring Sebastian Assaf, Jara Dekker & Garrett Adkins // Season 5 Ep. 2
The Superhero Academy Family Cast Featuring Sebastian Assaf, Jara Dekker & Garrett Adkins is one that begins without any specific topic but dives into the world of productivity, decision making and laughter all round! We have a good time hanging out as a group here and it's always appreciated when we can get 4 of us on the mic as we slowly get this season into gear :)
August 5, 2019
Area 51 Aliens & The Art of Geeking Out // Talking Shop With The Superhero Academy Squad
There are very few people who can cover such a range of topics as we did in this hour long video podcast but hey leave it to the Superhero Academy Squad.  From aliens in Area 51 to us geeking out on just about everything Garrett, Jara and Marc Angelo dive deep into the world of conspiracies and creating content online with a bit of a twist. Want to watch the video version of this podcast? Check it out here and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more! === OUR PODCAST GEAR LIST ===
July 23, 2019
Art, Culture & Long Term Friendship ft. Germ Dee // Superhero Academy Podcast Season 5 Episode 4
VIDEO PODCAST AVAILABLE HERE: There are very few people in the world that know me as well as Germ Dee does. A passionate artist with an eye for bootlegs & culture Germ is a long time friend who integrates his comedic character into his passions throughout. Well read and incredibly thoughtful his dedication to a creating a counter culture is truly inspiring to me and well our conversation together goes down many rabbit holes all of which lead to laughs and a few of which lead to some deep reflections of the world around us...
September 11, 2018
Hacking Your Mindset ft Kevin Visser // Superhero Academy Podcast Season 5 Ep 3
Over the last little while Kevin & I have grown to be great buddies! Having started our relationship together with Marc Angelo being Kevin's mentor in his first steps as an entrepreneur and coach the tables truly have turned as Kevin is now very much a powerful leader who is helps Marc see some of the limiting beliefs that shroud his path. Through his time as a partnership director and sales manager at Goalcast to his deep dive working to now become an official high level coach in the Tony Robbins system (One of the 10 who made it through the program with 400 at the beginning) Kevin is definitely on a path to greatness and someone who will have a huge impact on many lives to come. Keep your eyes open for this man - he's going to hit the stage by storm!
September 2, 2018
Jokes & Next Steps For Our Content Game Ft. Garrett Adkins // Season 5 Ep 2
Over the last 2 years Garrett has and I have been on a serious journey together. Starting as my apprentice alongside a few others at the same time he rose the ranks to now be the Chief Marketing Officer of the very company he was mentored by and well he deserves every bit of the job. Over the last 2 or so years the roles have reversed. As I continue to grow further and further as an entrepreneur I also forget the storylines that got me here to begin with... I forget what it's like to be at the start line and to be crippled by the fear of living your own version of freedom and empowerment! To be rewarded to chase after your dreams and discover and polish off your unique talents and gifts is not an easy journey and so Garrett and I shoot the shit - talk about the importance of getting back to the creation of more raw content and so much more... I'm telling you this guy is going to be very well known for how much wisdom he holds - but it's his drive to continue being better than the person he was yesterday that makes him great... Truly a superhero - Hopefully this podcast makes you laugh
August 20, 2018
Revival of the Superhero Academy Podcast // Season 5 Episode 1
It's time to get back on the bandwagon to the content that started it all... the podcast. You see Superhero Academy actually started as a podcast that over the years I had done 49 episodes of. Honestly It was always my intention to run a powerful show to the likes of Joe Rogan's and well finally I legit have all the equipment I need to run the studio in a way I am 100% proud of... Okay well 90% haha... No but seriously as I enter into a new chapter and decade of my life that is my 30s I decided I would give you a little peak into my state of mind as I get this podcast back up and running! So look out for it on the Podcast app if your in iOS or on YouTube if you want to see the clips or full length versions as well as here on Soundcloud :)
August 14, 2018
Kris J. Simpson: Design Your Body Through Lifestyle
What we eat is who we are... Kris is an expert in helping individuals sculpt their ideal body through diet, exercise and habits. Let’s dive into some of these gems Kris is willing to share on this episode of Superhero Academy Want to learn more about Kris’s book:
November 28, 2016
Peter Diamandis: Being Bold
Are you looking to impact the world? Leave behind a legacy and really do big things? Ya I thought I was too until I came across Peter Diamandis' work and more importantly frame of mind. Having now read his books and met the man behind an enormously impressive carrera I must say it really made my small challenges in business and in life seem trivial and made me look to step things up in a huge way. For some background incase you are unfamiliar with Peter's work, he is the founder or co-founder of 17 remarkably huge businesses throughout su carrera so far including: X Prize Foundation - $10 million prizes and challenges for teams who solves some of worlds biggest problems Planetary Resources - Preparing to mine asteroids in space Human Longevity - a company mapping the human genome and making it affordable and accessible to do in hopes of extender average human life by at least 30 or 40 years Singularity University - "educate, inspire and empower leaders to apply exponential technologies to address humanity’s grand challenges." ...just to name a few... Oh and if that wasn't enough he is also a New York Times Best Selling co-author of Abundance: The Future is Better Than You Think and now its prequel BOLD: How To Go Big, Create Wealth and Impact the World both of which are absolutely incredible books which will surely change your psyche on the state of the world and you're ability to affect it. Get BOLD for FREE with an FREE trial Bold really is a how to guide on thinking big and actually putting your big vision dreams out there and making them happen. I was personally pleasantly surprised at how much he truly gives away and dives into the specifics of everything from crowdfunding to the idea that to become a billionaire, solve a billion person problem. I honestly have not met someone ever in my life who thinks bigger and bolder than Peter and I have to say - he is a genius. I don't say this to ass kiss or the same time what he has done all boils down to a few key elements none of which are just good fortune. Being bold is not easy but for years I had a hunch ese en dato if we got over our fears of failure or of exclaiming the "ridiculous" and actually striving for it that we would actually have more people join us and make it happen than if we were just operating in our comfort zone or not too far outside of it. I believe and am now beginning to experience how the more bold of a mission I embark on the more likely I am to succeed despite seemingly all rational logic. Peter is the shining example of such and in this episode we discuss everything from his childhood aspirations and superheroes - to what he means by being bold and some advice on how you can do it too. I highly recommend you read the book or listen to it on audible and visit his website for more info: Get BOLD for FREE with an FREE trial
November 23, 2016
Andrea Shillington: A Brand Is A Movement
Branding and your message is way more than colors and a logo. A brand has a purpose, a heart, and brings true meaning to the world. Andrea is a master at branding that creates positive change in the world. This episode is perfect for anyone building his or her story. Enjoy! To learn more about Andrea visit:
November 21, 2016
Joel Salatin: Knowing Your Food
Joel Salatin is a self-proclaimed christian libertarian environmentalist capitalist lunatic farmer who runs Polyface Farms in the state of Virginia. You may have seen him on a number of environmental documentaries where he wants individuals to become more connected to the food they consume everyday. In this day in age where food is produced behind a curtain and loaded with chemicals, it is people like Joel who are bringing change to the dinner table.
November 15, 2016
Neil Patel: The Art Of Being Seen
With little money, Neil Patel took it upon himself to master the art of marketing. After achieving some success in the industry he saw how he could provide real value to other companies looking to get their brand’s in front of millions. Learn some of Neil’s marketing secrets and what he would do if he had to start all over again. What were your biggest takeaways from this conversation? Tell us on our Facebook page
November 8, 2016
Jennifer Sodini: Exploring The Occult And The World Unseen
In this episode of Superhero Academy podcast, Marc sits down with Evolve and Ascend founder Jennifer Sodini. As a young kid Jennifer was curious about spirituality and lead her down a path to study Buddhism, Judaism, Occult and more. After years of research she reveals some of this wisdom and knowledge to you. To learn more about her work please visit
November 1, 2016
Seth Blaustein: Maximizing Human Flourishing
"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” Buckminster Fuller Seth Blaustein is creating a new system of learning and living that truly let's you maximize your human flourishing. Like many of us, Seth was dissatisfied with the education system growing up and never truly enjoyed learning until he began to explore concepts and writers on his own. Seth is know spreading this valuable knowledge with the help of other amazing influences at Want to join Marc, Seth, and many more at Voice and Exit? Visit:
October 17, 2016
Bryan Franklin: The Last Safe Investment
Bryan Franklin: The Last Safe Investment by Marc Angelo
August 8, 2016
Preston Smiles: Speaking Love
Preston Smiles: Speaking Love by Marc Angelo
August 1, 2016
Joel Brown: Addicted To Success
Joel Brown: Addicted To Success by Marc Angelo
July 24, 2016
Rob Greenfield: Live Happier With Less
Rob Greenfield went from living an ordinary life, to being renowned for the extraordinary changes he’s made to that life. After becoming more aware of the affect his livelihood had on the Earth around him, he challenged himself to live without money, without bills, without possessions, and has found a radical degree of peace within that. Watch as he and Marc Angelo discuss steps, both big and small, that can be taken to live a more intentional life, and to really live in harmony with the world around you.
July 17, 2016
Shannon Graham: Building a Legacy
What does it take to become a leading name as a life-coach and motivational speaker? For Shannon Graham, it was a little bit of luck, and a whole lot of determined will-power. Making the most out of any bad situation, Shannon decided that he was going to help improve people’s lives, and do so well enough to make a living from it, and in so doing, learned how to create a legacy. This is the story of how he accomplished his dreams, and how you can too.
July 11, 2016
Nathan Chan: Create Your Own Opportunity
Nathan Chan doesn’t consider himself a high-achiever, but nonetheless he’s found an incredible audience sharing the successes of entrepreneurs around the world. Much of his success came from an innovative strategy for his Instagram campaign, but the hustle and grind behind his dedication proves that he earned every bit of his magazine’s success.
June 29, 2016
Sydney Woodward: Overgrow The System
Marc Angelo and Sydney discuss what it takes to overgrow the system, to create systems that really get people out of their ordinary mindsets and connected to the systems that produce their goods and food. They explore the strengths and weaknesses of social outreach in both large and small scales, and what it would take to really turn the tides of society to use crowd-sourcing and global solutions to nurture the planet.
June 25, 2016
James Clear: Work Habits You Never Knew You Needed
Chances are, what’s really holding you back your personal productivity is yourself- your focus, your energy levels, your time. James Clear is an expert on habits and how to not just master your skill set but master your mind. Superhero Academy founder, Marc Angelo took advantage of the conversation to get a list of practices that have helped James Clear get more done on his journey to developing a five hundred thousand person following, and maintain the rhythm to keep up that following week after week. All without losing the inspiration that helped him get started in the first place.
June 17, 2016
Sean Suddes: Work With The Mind You've Got And Expand Your Consciousness
If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to expand your mind, understand the flow of your thoughts, or learn to truly know yourself, Sean’s insight into how to do so is invaluable. Marc Angelo and Sean Suddes discuss Expanded Consciousness, a media platform dedicated to teaching people the mental skills necessary for expanding your mind and going beyond the mundane.
June 9, 2016
John Lee Dumas: What Following Your Gut Really Looks Like
For this edition of the Superhero Academy podcast, Marc Angelo chats with John Lee Dumas, voice of Entrepreneur on Fire. Currently hosting a powerhouse educational podcast with over one million listens a month, he releases smart and informative podcasts every day of the week, and he did it with absolutely zero broadcasting experience.
May 29, 2016
Killing The Disposable Cup with Drew Beal || Superhero Academy Podcast Ep. 32
Superhero Academy Podcast Drew Beal - Kill The Cup For full notes and key points, please visit LINKSOON Summary In this podcast, Marc Coppola interviews Drew Beal who is part of, a nationwide movement on campuses and universities to stop using non-recyclable cups. It is a social media inspired game that rewards people for uploading photos of themselves with reusable cups. By having a fun idea, killing the cup is a movement that is taking the world by storm. They talk about expanding Kill The Cup to several target markets such as independent coffee shops and even the corporate world. They talk about how we can all be part of the movement for people to kill the cup and advocate using reusable cups for everyone sexy, fun, and interesting ways. Main Questions Asked • How and why did Kill The Cup start? [04:13] • What inspired you to particularly take action and establish Kill The Cup? [05:43] • How many people are using reusable cups at the moment? [13:56] • How many people have been participating in Kill The Cup? [17:04] • Why did you start Kill The Cup at universities? [18:40] • How much of Kill The Cup have you envisioned and how much of it just worked out itself? How did this fun idea come to life? [24:48] • How can people be a part of Kill The Cup? [29:16] • What is next for Kill The Cup? [39:29] • What is the one thing you can ask Obama to do? What would you tell him about what you're doing? [52:50] Powerful Quotes • "The millenial generation, as they become the next consumer powerhouse, it is truly their daily habits and their behavior that can really have an impact on our planet's natural environment." - Drew Beal [20:24] • "What we need to do is make sustainability not only mainstream... we have to make it sexy, we have to make it fun, we have to make it interesting." - Marc Coppola [24:12] • "If we are going to change the shape and face of sustainability, we're going to have to change the culture." [43:10] • "There are lots of things consumer can do to reduce our impact on the environment." [54:00] Links Mentioned Valhalla Agency Contact Information for the Guest, Drew Beal‎ Kill The Cup Come check out more of what we do on
March 30, 2015
The Influence of Eco-Fluence with Adam Hammes || Superhero Academy Podcast Ep. 31
Superhero Academy Podcast Adam Hammes - Eco-Fluence Superhero Academy Podcast Ep # 31 For full notes and key points, please visit LINKSOON Summary In this podcast, Marc Coppola interviews Adam Hammes, author of 'Stress-Free Sustainability: Leverage Your Emotions, Avoid Burnout and Influence Anyone', a key figure in corporate sustainability programs. Sustainability programs such as 'Garden for Every School' seeks to expand sustainability not just to the schools but to the entire state. They talk about how sustainability can be achieved. People need physical manifestations of the change people want to see in order for the movement to push through. If we don't work on having physical changes through the movement we are trying to pursue, people won't support it. They also talk about how we need both killer bees and sea otters in order to truly see and achieve the sustainability that eco-propagandas want to achieve. Main Questions Asked • How did you become the man that you are now? [04:38] • Can you tell us more about 'Garden for Every School'? [06:10] • What triggered you to care about sustainability? Why are you working in this field? [12:23] • What are you consulting on? What do you do on a day-to-day basis? [21:22] Powerful Quotes • "We have the personal responsibility to changing the world, and creating the world we wish to live in." - Marc Coppola [10:42] • "Every initiative like that needs a Sea Otter. They need someone who's going to organize the group, get really clear on the message, and then just get a shitload of people behind it." - Adam Hammes [43:37] • "It's not through anger, or being a Killer Bee that we're going to create more bees, or sea otters, or all of them. I think we need all of them." - Marc Coppola [44:48] • "If we can do tangible, physical things and we can see the actual change manifests itself even in the smallest ways, that can be symbolic enough that it can ripple into changing the culture, changing the tides, and providing that hope that we need to make that change." - Marc Coppola [51:54] • "Even the smallest things that you're going to do is going to change other people." - Marc Coppola [57:02] Links Mentioned Greenseed Stress-Free Sustainability: Leverage Your Emotions, Avoid Burnout and Influence Anyone Garden for Every School Contact Information for the Guest, Adam Hammes‎ Come check out more of what we do on
March 30, 2015
Community Building & Paradigm Shifting with Jae Sabol || Superhero Academy Podcast Ep. 30
Superhero Academy Podcast Jae Sabol - One Community Global Superhero Academy Podcast Ep # 30 For full notes and key points, please visit LINKSOON Summary In this podcast, Marc Coppola interviews Jae Sabol from One Community Global, a movement that seeks to create eco-villages where people can not only experience living in these sustainable homes, but also can replicate it and build the villages themselves with the guides that will be provided by the organization. They talk about how important marketing or telling the story is in order to encourage more people to be part of the movement towards sustainability. They also talk about what organizations or sustainability movements can do to engage more people, run their organizations more effectively and achieve more as they help people shift their mindsets toward sustainability. Main Questions Asked • What is One Community Global? [03:20] • What do you want to promote? [03:23] • Where did it come from? How did it start? [03:27] • How much time and how much of a team did it take to build One Community Global? [08:50] • Is open-sourcing creating problems for One Community Global? What are the shortcomings that you've been noticing so far? [08:55] • How is open-sourcing helping with One Community Global? [10:00] • What is your timeline regarding your projects in One Community Global? [14:42] • Do cities restrict One Community? How are you navigating that? [21:49] • How much of your success do you attribute to story telling, or marketing? [28:19] • Where is your ideal location to set up an eco-village? [38:14] • How has Community Global dealt with the challenge of scale? How is the number of people who engage in this decided? [44:00] • Are you posting minutes of your meetings online so that people can keep track of them? [53:00] Links Mentioned Valhalla Agency Greenseed BuyCott BuyPartisan Free Conference USA Free Conference Calling Contact Information for the Guest, Jae Sabol Come check out more of what we do on
March 30, 2015
Perspective Shifting Media & Films For Action with Tim Hjersted || Superhero Academy Podcast Ep. 29
Superhero Academy Podcast Tim Hjersted - Films For Action Superhero Academy Ep # 29 For full notes and key points, please visit LINKSOON Summary In this podcast, Marc Coppola interviews Tim Hjersted of Films For Action, an online library, which serves as a tool for anyone who wants to change the world and pushing forward a different society. It allows people to go on the site and watch documentaries, short films, videos, and action articles covering activism and different advocacies such as permaculture, politics, sustainability, energy, elections, war and peace, police state, and many more. They talk about managing content in social media and the difficulties of managing traffic especially on Facebook, which asks you for payment just to get your content seen. They also talk about how through collaboration of different sites, your original content can reach more people and that through collaboration and transcending competition, we can create a new, and better world. Main Questions Asked • What is Films For Action? [02:54] • What inspired Films For Action? [02:58] • How long has Films For Action been online? [03:02] • Have you always seen yourself being involved with film? [10:20] • How do you see yourself and Films For Action to being part of the shaping culture? What have been the changes since you started Films For Action in 2006? [15:12] • Are there particular documentaries, especially the most recent ones that you think people must see? [18:30] • Have you started seeing shifts as to how films are created, such as grassroots approaches, and what is the people's response to it? [22:23] • Is there something you're planning to contribute more to your advocacy? Do you consider making your own documentaries? [25:09] • Assuming more and more chapters develop, what are other interests that you are likely to pursue? [30:44] • Are more of the people around you seeing things the way you do as well? Have you influenced them to change their perspective? [31:44] • How has Films For Action changed your social life? [32:15] • In the future, what is the best way that we can collaborate online? [44:14] • How can people contribute to help Films For Action? [48:08] Powerful Quotes • "It's never necessarily black or white. It's always kind of gray." - Marc Coppola [13:05] • "The whole paying for getting your content seen is a total rip-off." - Tim Hjersted [35:51] • "We all grow if we're attracting people to that new content." Marc Coppola [46:08] • "Part of what we need to do is consider playing a particular role in creating our own content to contribute back to the ether of content." - Marc Coppola [46:32] • "We just give and take and hopefully everyone can benefit from that." - Tim Hjersted [50:18] • "Collaboration is the way that we're going to create this new world. We have to transcend the competition model. " Marc Coppola [53:15] Links Mentioned Greenseed Common Dreams Contact Information for the Guest, Tim Hjersted Come check out more of what we do on
March 30, 2015
Food is Free with John VanDeusen || Superhero Academy Podcast Ep. 28
Superhero Academy Podcast John VanDeusen Edwards - Food Is Free Project || Valhalla Movement Network For full notes and key points, please visit LINKSOON Summary In this podcast, Marc Coppola interviews John VanDeusen Edwards, the founder of Food is Free Project, a movement that inspired many people to have community gardens and share the produce to other people for free, thus the name Food is Free. They talk about how by connecting others, one does not feel alone and can really make things happen and make a difference. From around the world, they also talk about how this movement is getting more attention and support where everyone is connecting with another and join the cause of having urban gardens around the world. Together with like-minded people, we can truly take action and see the change that we want to see. Main Questions Asked • What is Food is Free? How did it start? [03:33] • When did Food is Free start? [06:25] • What inspired you to start this project? [07:41] • What is the organization of Food is Free? How has it grown since it started? [11:08] • What were you doing before starting Food is Free? [13:38] • What is changing around you? Do you think more people will do gardening? [21:02] • Can you tell us the story of you being kicked out? What are you doing to address it? [26:05] • Would you consider selling food if people were willing to buy them? [35:08] • What is next for Food is Free? Where are you taking this next? What is the model that allows you not only to continue this, but allows you to be funded as well? [38:53] • Is there something that you're working on before that you're excited to announce or talk about? [46:06] Powerful Quotes • "We can't obviously grow everything we need to eat from that little rick-raised bed garden but is starts to open up more collaborations, and connections, and conversations, and it totally started shifting the dynamic on our street." - John VanDeusen Edwards • "It starts with that first garden. Don't worry. It will grow and you will meet people and everything will evolve." [12:26] • "We're creating this kind of network of people who are taking action in their communities, who are inspiring those around them and inviting others to join that cause." - John VanDeusen Edwards [12:53] • "If we can eliminate the reasons why people aren't gardening, then it makes it that much easier to start." - John VanDeusen Edwards [17:03] • "If you do what you love, you're going to end up making money and you're going to be able to give these things for free." - Marc Coppola [18:13] • "Food is Free Project is becoming a vision that can exist anywhere." - John VanDeusen Edwards [28:39] Links Mentioned Greenseed Urban Patchwork Farms Contact Information for the Guest, John VanDeusen Edwards Come check out more of what we do on
March 30, 2015
Market Gardening & Organic Gardening with Jean-Martin Fortier || Superhero Academy Podcast Ep. 27
Superhero Academy Podcast Jean-Martin Fortier - The Market Gardener For full notes and key points, please visit LINKSOON Summary In this podcast, Marc Coppola interviews Jean-Martin Fortier, the author of 'The Market Gardener', a successful grower's handbook for small scale organic farming. He wrote the book to give people the right tools and information on market gardening so that they too can start their own gardens. They talk about how focusing on the solution, and not on the problem, one can truly make a difference. Through permaculture, they are able to design their farm well in order to multi-function and although it is management and labor-intensive, their production is a lot more. They also talk about how people cannot do away with the economy, and focusing on small businesses and organic ways of development is their way of achieving sustainability. Jean-Martin talks about how they, as people in organic market farming, are both making money and making a difference. If we truly want to make a change and make a difference, we just have to do it and get our hands dirty. Main Questions Asked • What are you doing? [03:30] • Where exactly is your farm? [05:28] • What inspired you to start your farm and your book? Is this something you grew up doing? What made you get into market gardening? [07:42] • What are your thoughts on permaculture? [15:40] • What are the lifestyle changes somebody should adopt to begin organic farming? [28:46] • Do you have volunteers? What are they like? [34:14] • More so than your book, do you educate people personally at your site? [36:14] • Has there been any dramatic change that you've seen in food and faming over the last couple of years? [41:50] • Why are there changes on people's views in food and organic farming? [43:31] • Do you think the Internet and technology are helping you? How does it affect your practice? [44:19] • How can start farming at home? What are your thoughts about how you can make suburbia to become more sustainable? [48:10] • What role does automation play in gardening? [50:26] Powerful Quotes • "We've just basically been focusing on trying to grow better instead of growing bigger." - Jean-Martin Fortier [04:15] • "The crop that we grow comes from seed; everything we've grown from scratch. All the tools we used come from small companies and none of the fundamental inputs that we use on the farm are from an industrialized process." - Jean-Martin Fortier [12:40] • "We're making both; we're making money and we're making a difference." - Jean-Martin Fortier [13:45] • "You can expect to have a decent income and a right livelihood in farming if you know what you are doing." - Marc Coppola [30:32] • "Just clicking is not enough to really create change." - Jean-Martin Fortier [45:39] • "If we're going to change agriculture, it's going to be one farm at a time." - Jean-Martin Fortier [48:45] • "We have to get our hands dirty if we're going to change anything." - Marc Coppola [51:51] Links Mentioned Greenseed Contact Information for Jean-Martin Fortier Come check out more of what we do on
March 30, 2015
Moneyless Society & The Ubuntu Movement with Michael Tellinger || Superhero Academy Podcast Ep. 26
Superhero Academy Podcast Michael Tellinger - Ubuntu Party For full notes and key points, please visit LINKSOON Summary In this podcast, Marc Coppola interviews Michael Tellinger who is part of the Ubuntu Party, a movement that stems from finding evidences of an ancient, advanced civilization from South Africa. This inspired a movement that aims to move towards a world without money, working towards unity and Ubuntu contributionism. They talk about the importance of building people's banks and the removal of private owned reserve banks in order to create money that is tax and interest-free. They also talk about how the mantras of contributionism will help people escape from the slavery that we have put in ever since the Annuka gods picked a royal bloodline that created money and made us all the slaves of money. Through unity and following Ubuntu contributionism, we can all move towards a new world of unity, connection, abundance and wealth, which we can set an example to the world to inspire more and more people to participate in this shift as well. With a higher awakening and global consciousness, newer and more advanced technologies will be developed and all we need to do is join in, be a part of the contributionism, contribute, and take control of our society to give rise to the new world. Main Questions Asked • What is Ubuntu Party? What inspired it and how did it come to be? [02:50] • What does 'contribution' mean to you? What are you proposing? Why is it important that we shift in this direction? [07:00] • What is contributionism? How do we step into the new world? [17:38] • Do you believe that there is a need to build a space and allow people to make the other spaces from that? [48:35] Powerful Quotes • "It's only when we start moving away from the control of money that we start realizing how free we should really be." - Michael Tellinger [04:33] • "We don't need to protest; what we really need to do is be part of the solution." - Michael Tellinger [17:24] • "The further we move away from money, the more abundance we create." - Michael Tellinger [29:27] • " We are moving into a new era of human consciousness." [43:05] Links Mentioned Greenseed Contact Information for the Guest, Michael Tellinger and Ubuntu Party‎ Come check out more of what we do on
March 30, 2015
Live Big Be EPIC with Alexi Panos || Superhero Academy Podcast Ep. 25
Superhero Academy Podcast Alexi Panos - E.P.I.C. For full notes and key points, please visit LINKSOON Summary In this podcast, Marc Coppola interviews Alexi Panos from E.P.I.C. or Everyday People Initiating Change, a movement that aims to change the world one step at a time. They talk about what she experienced being a music artist, a model, to now becoming a leader in workshops to inspiring and bringing out the best in people. They also talk about Burning Man, a weeklong celebration of love and expression. Burning Man is a place where people can become their truest selves, which is so beautiful. It is a place for freedom culture. It is a place to shatter all limitations and rules that we set for ourselves, and step into which we really are as human beings. If we change our mindset and become more open and expanding our space, we can inspire others to do the same and create a more connected, open, and accepting world. Main Questions Asked • What is your story? What is your catalyst moment? What is inspiring you to become a change maker? [09:36] • How was your experience of Burning Man? [30:15] Powerful Quotes • "I had this life that everyone would kill for but it just did not go right." - Alexi Panos [16:53] • "All the change that you're going to create in the world is going to first have to happen in you. - Marc Coppola [19:26] • "I had a taste of fame and it sucks. It's the worst." - Alexi Panos [24:53] • "There is nothing brilliant about dimming your light." - Alexi Panos [25:22] • "The one thing I love about Burning Man is the first thing that you hear is: 'Welcome home.'" - Alexi Panos [36:20] • 'Your space is as big as you allow it to be." - Marc Coppola [39:52] • "It is our duty as human beings to have radical self acceptance." - Alexi Panos [51:05] • "You're not going to be for everyone and that's cool." - Alexi Panos [55:45] Links Mentioned Greenseed Contact Information for the Guest, Alexi Panos Come check out more of what we do on
March 30, 2015
Jack of All Trades Universe - JOATU with Jamie Klinger || Superhero Academy Podcast Ep. 24
Superhero Academy Podcast Jamie Klinger - || Valhalla Movement Network For full notes and key points, please visit LINKSOON Summary In this podcast, Marc Coppola interviews Jamie Klinger of JoatU, a marketplace for goods and services that encourages bartering. It encourages users to list their talents and goods to sell, trade, rent or lend. It is a means of sharing information, skills, and resources for a community and encourages community action. They also talk about how crowd sourcing enables people around the world to work collaboratively to find solutions to the world's problems. Joatu is a platform for value generation. Not only does it allow local communities to change what they invest in and evolve their ides regularly, they also allow people to reward these new ideas continuously as well. In the near future, this might be the platform that would remove money as the middleman when it comes to trade so sometime, in the future, we might just be able to live comfortably without really buying anything with money. Main Questions Asked • What is JoatU? What is it trying to serve? What does it and its name mean? [02:19] • Where are you planning on launching JoatU? What's the scope of JoatU when it goes online? [07:20] • What inspired you to establish JoatU? [08:56] • What is your strategy to getting people to use JoatU more? [16:20] • What challenges have you been facing since you started JoatU? [16:32] • How do you think JoatU could have helped Occupy? [22:16] • What do you think about how Occupy was run? [31:12] • What has been your experience with crowd sourcing? [36:15] • Will JoatU be launched to the P2P world that would enable us to quickly exchange goods and services? Will it make goods and services more affordable? [40:42] Powerful Quotes • "It's really about building community and trying to insert the village mentality back into the city." - Jamie Klinger [06:08] • "Not only are we a platform for local communities to change what they want to invest towards on a regular basis, continuously evolve their thoughts and ideas but they can actually actively reward these new ideas so we're a platform for value generation." - Jamie Klinger [38:15] Links Mentioned Ruby on Rails Greenseed Occupy Loomio Contact Information for the Guest, Jamie Klinger and JoatU‎ Come check out more of what we do on
March 30, 2015
Love & Sustainability with Marina Love - Love Movement || Superhero Academy Podcast Ep. 22
Superhero Academy Podcast Marina Love - Love Movement For full notes and key points, please visit LINKSOON Summary In this podcast, Marc Coppola interviews Marina Love, a spiritual psychotherapist who uses cellular restructuring program to instill the mindset of sustainability to people, and also an advocate of holistic health. She studied several fields in her journey to holistic health including holistic nutrition, meta-physical sciences, and quantum theory. They talk about how sustainability could be achieved by making small changes in our lives that last a lifetime and that sustainability can only be achieved slowly but surely. They also talk about how we live in a portal of possibilities where we can continuously learn, grow, and expand. Our higher purpose can be known by focusing on the 'why' and by learning from other people and the hints that the universe tells us. Our intentions also play a role in how we can achieve things; we should trust it, feel it, and believe it in order to achieve it. Main Questions Asked • What is your story? What was the catalyst moment that shifted you to where you are right now, what you believe in and what you do now? [03:12] • Where are you doing now in terms of holistic health? [07:25] • How long was your transition to holistic health? What was your timeline? [08:41] • What is your advice to people who want to start his/her journey to holistic health? [11:38] • Is there a trick to knowing your higher purpose? [17:12] • Where do you go to learn? [40:14] • Who's your favorite superhero and why? Who is someone who's been a hero to you and who you really look up to? [49:35] Powerful Quotes • "...Someone seeing me on a picture, it doesn't necessarily change lives; what does change lives is someone who can teach people sustainability." - Marina Love [04:29] • "Trust it, feel it, believe it, achieve it." -Marina Love [23:14] • "We live in a land of portals of possibilities." - Marine Love [31:12] • "When the student is ready, the teacher appears." - Marine Love [40:36] Links Mentioned Greenseed GuyMTV Love Mob Contact Information for the Guest, Marina Love‎ Come check out more of what we do on
March 27, 2015
Nathaniel Solace From Creator Course || Superhero Academy Podcast Ep. 22
Superhero Academy Podcast Nathaniel Solace - Creator Course For full notes and key points, please visit LINKSOON Summary In this podcast, Marc Coppola interviews Nathaniel Solace, one of the creators of Creator Course, an online course that aims to teach people that you are the creator and manifestor in your life to help you to decide what you believe in and follow your passion. Its goal is to help people be in touch with their emotions, which serve as people's guiding systems that tells people what to do. More than knowing what you are passionate about, Creator Course wants to help people to be actively involved in what you are passionate about. They talk about stress and how it's important to note that stress is inevitable, even in a perfect world. Stress enables our body to handle the situation. They also talk about how we, as people, are moving towards being a community again. Although we've isolated ourselves before, it's evident that we are moving towards connection and collaboration, creating a new and improved community of connected individuals pursuing harmony and true sustainability. If we are looking for answers, we can find it them within ourselves; and if we need help, Creator Course is there to help us. Main Questions Asked • How do you track your stress? [22:10] Powerful Quotes • "We're in this world where you can do anything." - Nathaniel Solace [13:05] • "Follow your bliss." - Jospeh Campbell [16:05] • "Stop thinking about the dream all the time and just that dream. Think about the steps that it takes to get to that dream." - Marc Coppola [18:31] • "Stress itself is giving your body what it needs to handle the situation." - Nathaniel Solace [25:57] Links Mentioned Greenseed Khan Academy Contact Information for the Guest, Nathaniel Solace Come check out more of what we do on
March 27, 2015
Sacha Stone From New Earth Nation || Superhero Academy Podcast Ep. 21
Superhero Academy Podcast Sacha Stone - New Earth Nation || Valhalla Movement Network For full notes and key points, please visit LINKSOON Summary In this podcast, Marc Coppola interviews Sacha Stone of the New Earth Nation, an initiative that is making waves around the world and altering the possibilities for a new world that is unified under a set of very possible ideals. There is a current system in place that they are working to break down and it seems like some of the strengths of the New Earth Nation is the education and information they are providing on how we can escape the current legal paradigm we are operating in. They talk about Zero Point Economic System, a project of New Earth that will enable a global banking experience that will free humanity from fraud that our current reserve banking system under. If we are able to form a community together with like-minded people, we can be free from the system and achieve true sustainability. Main Questions Asked • What is new with New Earth Project since our last interview? [02:25] • What are you working on? [06:00] • What in New Earth enabling people to do? [06:04] • What is New Earth proposing for people to do? [06:07] • Are you worried about the system shutting New Earth down? [27:56] • What is Zero-Point Economics? [34:38] • Is there a critical mass in your mind? [40:22] Powerful Quotes • "The judges sitting in the United States are all operating in Treason and in Fraud. They are working for the system." - Sacha Stone [09:44] • "Government is mafia." - Sacha Stone [15:35] • "There's many creative ways of stopping the system that's eating you alive but you've got to be interested in law." – Sacha Stone [24:31] • "We can live without mortgages. We can live self-empowered. We can grow our own food. We can do all things within ourselves as a community if we are able to form that community." – Marc Coppola [40:48] Links Mentioned Greenseed New Earth Oracle (NEO) Contact Information for the Guest, Sacha Stone and New Earth Nation Come check out more of what we do on
March 27, 2015
Eric James - DaVinci Time || Superhero Academy Podcast Ep. 20
Superhero Academy Podcast Eric James - TimeVana For full notes and key points, please visit LINKSOON Summary In this podcast, Marc Coppola interviews Eric James, the creator of TimeVana, a mobile app meant to help mage your time and life better. Eric is a hedge fund manager, philanthropist, photographer, and serial entrepreneur behind projects like Kronos Project and They also talk about how he was able to team up with Virgin Galactic and will be able to go to space and take pictures of our world as Utopia and open a gallery to inspire people to protect our planet. They also talk about how important it is to manage our time wisely. Through Mindful Marbles, we are reminded that every time we live should be used to the fullest, and working towards contributing to true sustainability. It only takes little actions of reducing our impact, being mindful of the things we do, and joining in with the sustainability mindset that we can slowly but surely create a truly sustainable world. Main Questions Asked • What are you working on? What are some of your big ideas? Tell us about seasteads. [05:11] • Where do you want the seasteads to be? How are you going to fund it? [08:35] • Tell us the story of how and why you're going to space. [12:24] • What is Life Balls or Mindful Marbles? [36:24] Powerful Quotes • "The bigger the goal, the easier it is to achieve." - Eric James [12:44] • "Once you have this goal, you got to be as resourceful as possible." - Eric James [18:20] • "You only have a limited amount of time in your life so you might as well try things." - Marc Coppola [35:46] • "We're going to have to make sustainability mainstream via the fact that we're going to make it cool." - Marc Coppola [48:26] Links Mentioned Greenseed Kronos Project Poster Brain Virgin SpaceX Room to Read Contact Information for the Guest, Eric James and TimeVana Come check out more of what we do on
March 27, 2015
Searching for Trees With Christian Kroll From || Superhero Academy Podcast Ep. 19
Superhero Academy Podcast Christian Kroll - For full notes and key points, please visit LINKSOON For full notes and key points, please visit LINKSOON Summary In this podcast, Marc Coppla interviews Christian Kroll, the CEO and Founder of, a search engine for a cause that plants trees according to the searches you make through the site. The whole climate crisis is a global crisis and with only a few clicks on your browser, you can help plant trees and help in Ecosia's cause of Rainforest protection and reforestation. They talk about how most of the company's revenue goes to tree planting and how they would need us to spread the word about Ecosia so that it could gain more following. In the long run, Ecosia aims to expand and have more projects in other regions of the world aside from Argentina. Ecosia is continuously improving the browser experience for its users and hope to gain more support through the Ecosia Embassy. With Ecosia, 'slacktivism' is possible. With just a few clicks, we can help contribute to save the Rainforest and in turn, save the planet Earth as a whole. Main Questions Asked • Where did Ecosia come from? How long ago was it created? What led to why Ecosia exists today? [02:38] • Where did you learn the technical skills or who taught you the skills to get Ecosia online? [08:10] • Why did you partner with Nature Conservancy? [10:18] • What particular area specifically are they trying to restore and planting the trees in? [13:47] • What is the dream for Ecosia? [14:53] • What can people do to help Ecosia? [19:20] • What are your strategies to get more people to support Ecosia? [19:26] • More than traffic, what is Ecosia working on? [31:17] • How much freedom is Microsoft giving you to changing or customizing ads on Ecosia as people use them? [33:00] • Do you have plans of planting trees in other parts of the world other than Argentina? [43:05] • Where is Ecosia's biggest following? [46:08] Powerful Quotes • "The whole climate crisis is a global issue." [06:59] Links Mentioned Follow The Frog Sustainable Man Collective Evolution High Existence Ecosia Embassy Contact Information for the Guest, Christian Kroll and Ecosia Come check out more of what we do on
March 27, 2015
Collective Evolution with Joe Martino || Superhero Academy Podcast Ep. 18
Superhero Academy Podcast Joe Martino - Collective Evolution For full notes and key points, please visit LINKSOON Summary In this podcast, Marc Coppola interviews Joe Martino of Collective Evolution, a site that gives impartial perspective on the world's problems and its possible solutions. It creates content that engages us all to begin thinking consciously about what it means to be a human on the planet and encourage us to live in harmonious ways. This might mean living sustainably, eating and being healthy, creating a relationship with self and creating a better world together. Its main goal is to raise awareness towards how our world truly functions and encourages conscious change that moves beyond it. They talk about Collective Evolutions projects both in the online and offline platforms and the projects that they are planning for the future. They also talk about by starting today and not thinking not the task of helping contribute change the world is difficult, we can inspire others so that in all of our little ways and efforts as a whole, we can truly save the world. Main Questions Asked • What inspired Collective Evolution? [05:21] • Talk to us about the shift of Collective Evolution from online to offline involvement. [11:36] • Who comprises the team of Collective Evolution? How is it growing? [17:38] • How can people help and be a part of Collective Evolution? [17:42] • What do you plan on your online platform? [22:40] Powerful Quotes • "There's no changing the world without changing yourself." - Marc Coppola [27:26] • "Everything you do is a leading example." - Joe Martino [50:35] • "Never see the whatever project, whatever task, or whatever thing you're doing as a mountain because you can do anything." - Joe Martino [53:40] Links Mentioned High Existence Greenseed Thunderclap Contact Information for the Guest, Joe Martino and Collective Evolution Come check out more of what we do on
March 27, 2015
Being Social with Cameron Adair From Kingpin Social || Superhero Academy Podcast Ep. 10
SUBSCRIBE \ COMMENT // RATE So Cam and I met at The Higher Purpose Project (as he is part of the amazing team that makes it possible) in Colorado in May 2014 and we seem to gravitate and have a very strong mutual respect for one another. We are both up and coming motivational speakers and really getting our grips on the world of networking, relationship management and being a speaker. Cam does some very interesting talks on some very serious but often overlooked issues which surround one of the world's favorite distractions: video games. Now many might feel this is might seem irrelevant to Valhalla - but how many of you play games on your phones? How many of you procrastinate on your dreams and instead choose distraction? The same issues apply to any kind of distraction based addiction and this is a VERY important issue we need to address in our world. Today, millions of people around the world from all ages struggle with video game addiction. This issue affects all of life including school grades, job retention, career aspirations and even marriages yet too often the conversation focuses on whether we should play games instead of helping those who want to stop but cannot. A video game addict for more than ten years, Cam joins us to share his story on overcoming and how he changed his life. Cam's TEDx Boulder Talk: Cam's Website To describe Cam in one word: passionate. Perceptive of human behavior at a young age, he felt destined for a role in counseling. After entering a journey of rigorous self-improvement, he found that his true calling was teaching others. Cam has been featured at TEDxBoulder, CW and Fox News.
March 26, 2015
Becoming A Sustainable Human With Chris Agnos || Superhero Academy Podcast Ep. 17
Superhero Academy Podcast Chris Agnos - Sustainable Man For full notes and key points, please visit LINKSOON Summary In this podcast, Marc Coppola interviews Chris Agnos, the founder of Sustainable Man, a Facebook page and website that is making waves in the world of sustainability. Chris created Sustainable Man to discuss issues on sustainability, to find out the root reasons why we aren't sustainable as a civilization and a culture. People already know the solutions to problems on connection and environment, and if we do something about it, we know we can change the situation. We feel trapped in our patterns of living and in our story. We live in a dynamic world. We can do something, no matter how little, to contribute to the environment. We are connected to the world and every action we make has an impact on it. We have to change our lifestyle today to be part of the solution and collaborate with like-minded people who value sustainability in order to create a new and better world for all of us to share in the New Story. Main Questions Asked • What is the story of Sustainable Man? How did you get to this point? [22:55] • Why are you doing Sustainable Man? What is your goal in doing it? [23:00] • What is Sustainable Man working on next? [23:04] Powerful Quotes • "When we become aware that we live in stories it's important for us to choose a story that's aligned with how we want to be in the world and who we want to be in the world." - Chris Agnos [09:00] • "It's as important to take action as it is to tell the story." - Marc Coppola [13:25] • "You are nothing but the sum total of your relationships." - Chris Agnos [20:20] • "That's why we're here in this planet is to have as many great experiences as we can." - Chris Agnos [38:35] Links Mentioned Zeitgeist Contact Information for the Guest, Chris Agnos and Sustainable Man Come check out more of what we do on
March 25, 2015
Taking Collaborative Action on Climate with Kartik Madiraju || Superhero Academy Podcast Ep. 16
Superhero Academy Podcast Kartik Madiraju - Insight Collaborative For full notes and key points, please visit LINKSOON Summary In this podcast, Marc Coppola interviews Kartik Madiraju, an expert in conflict resolution. He is working with Insight Collaborative, a conflict management, non-profit organization based in Boston. It was founded on the idea that the best outcome in any interaction is where people can create value for each other, while strengthening the relationship that matters to them the most. It allows people to pursue personal development and humanitarian contributions. It wants people to have the skills on conflict resolution without having to worry about the cost. They also talk about how climate change is a big issue in conflict resolution. Although climate change is a global problem, it would be difficult for every nation to agree on something altogether to come up with one single solution that all nations agree upon. As environmentalists, our goal should be making sustainability mainstream, making it cool and fun, for more people to support it. Our goal is to excite people, not to make them feel bad. If we focus on the benefits of the actions we want people to make, we can truly make a change and see the difference. Main Questions Asked • What is conflict resolution? How is it applied? [13:02] • What is happening with conflict resolution regarding climate change? [19:36] • Tell us more about the training that Insight Collaborative conducts and how people can be a part of it. [43:46] Powerful Quotes • "The power of knowledge and knowing about environmental issues gives you the responsibility to pursue a way, it challenges you to pursue a way to solve those problems even if it means you have to be outside your comfort zone." [06:52] Links Mentioned Greenpeace Contact Information for the Guest, Kartik Madiraju and Insight Collaborative Come check out more of what we do on
March 25, 2015
Maison de Pneus with Benoit Deschamps || Superhero Academy Podcast Ep. #13
Superhero Academy Podcast Benoit Deschamps - Maison de Pneus Mauricie For full notes and key points, please visit LINKSOON Summary In this podcast, Marc Coppola interviews Benoit Deschamps who not only designed and built his own Earth-ship greenhouse but also is now gearing up to build his personal home for him and his family beginning in Spring 2014. He has been able to put together a wealth of information worth it's weight in gold and then some about making an Earth-ship build come together but also all the considerations, scientific data and info you need to make this a reality for you. He also has an eBook that gives a detailed Earth-ship Biotecture in many ways. There's a whole level of innovation that came out of this idea of building out of tires, and bottle, and cans. Earth-ships are one of many ways to achieving self-sustainability and advocating the sustainability movement as a whole. Main Questions Asked • How did you start working on earth-ships? What inspired you to do this? [01:42] • Are there things that you would've done differently in the construction of your earth-ship? [07:10] • What is the next step to building an earth-ship after finding a suitable land for it? [16:30] • What are you doing? Are you scavenging for used materials? What's your game plan? [24:30] • Who is building your earth-ship? [29:50] • What do you do for a living? [33:47] • What are your thoughts on radical energy sources such as Tesla towers? [35:51] • Will you be using concrete? [37:40] • What do you think is the biggest criticism, other than the concrete, of earth-ships? What are you worried about? [42:18] • How are you dealing with the ventilation and humidity in Quebec? [44:31] • What heating sources will you put in the greenhouse? [49:20] Links Mentioned Mike Reynolds Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) Earthship-Style House Planning Guide by Benoit Deschamps Contact Information for the Guest, Benoit Deschamps Come check out more of what we do on
March 24, 2015
Daniel Vitalis - Surthrival || Superhero Academy Podcast Ep. 15
Superhero Academy Podcast Daniel Vitalis - Surthrival For full notes and key points, please visit LINKSOON Summary In this podcast, Marc Coppola interviews Daniel Vitalis about his shop Surthrival, an online store of products that are geared to becoming more sustainable. They talk about Daniels' idea of rewilding and how we need to shift from living in a farm to that of a zoo in order to achieve true freedom. We live in a world that's very controlled. The more that we try to control things it becomes harder to maintain. We also live in constant competition with one another, rather than working together. We are always stressing ourselves to keep up with one another. We should create a habitat where we could really live in, not bound by what society dictates and the labor we are forced to make just to make a living. To change our habitats, we need to alter four elements in our habitats, earth, water, air and fire. Rather than presenting people with the problems and issues, we should focus on presenting solutions and we should just do the solutions others are presenting. When we transition from a farm to a zoo, we can truly achieve freedom and move towards true self-sustainability. Main Questions Asked • What are you working on? [01:51] • What do you attribute the growth of your idea of rewilding to? What has helped you spread about this idea?[02:50] • What are some of the solutions people can do? [1:10:00] Powerful Quotes • "Civilization's a zoo for people." - Daniel Vitalis [25:26] • "We're living in a factory farm." - Daniel Vitalis [27:50] • "It's insane, the amount of work we're expected to do on this farm to sustain a food creation system that is so horribly inefficient, that not only does it barely supply our own needs nutritionally, but eventually collapses on itself." - Daniel Vitalis [59:49] • "Think more ape, less angel." Daniel Vitalis [1:18:30] Links Mentioned Find A Spring Contact Information for the Guest, Daniel Vitalis and Surthrival Come check out more of what we do on
May 1, 2014
Dave Cascino || Superhero Academy Podcast Ep. 14
Superhero Academy Podcast Dave Cascino - For full notes and key points, please visit LINKSOON Summary In this podcast, Marc Coppola interviews Dave Cascino of Thunderclap, an online tool that enables people to share their content and with a band of people together, their campaign and their message is intensified. It is born from the fact that as an individual, it's hard to get heard and get your content mainstream. Information is the new age gold. The more attention you can bring to your information, the more power you seem to have. They also talk about Voting Block. Voting block is negotiating with lawmakers to vote a certain way in exchange of thousands of people voting the same way. If you have a cool idea, people would want to support it and you should provide a variety of ways by which people can help you out. Ultimately, the change starts with you and if you start today, chances are, more people will be inspired to do the same. Main Questions Asked • What is Thundeclap? How did it start? [03:16] • How does Thunderclap work? [17:10] • What changes have you seen in Thunderclap since you started it? [23:39] • What is Voting Block? [35:30] • How are these voting blocks organized? [41:15] Powerful Quotes • "If we make sustainability sexy, then we'll make sustainability mainstream." - Marc Coppola [02:31] • "Information is the new age gold." - Marc Coppola [23:13] Links Mentioned Kickstarter Greenseed Reddit Voting Blocks Contact Information for the Guest, Dave Cascino and Thunderclap Come check out more of what we do on
April 20, 2014
Simon Sinek || Superhero Academy Podcast Ep. 12
Superhero Academy Podcast Simon Sinek - Start With Why For full notes and key points, please visit LINKSOON Summary In this podcast, Marc Coppola interviews Simon Sinek, the author of two books, 'Start With Why' and 'Leaders Eat Last'. His new book 'Start With Why' sheds more light into a world of profit versus a world based on relationships with people. Every single organization in the planet, even our own careers, always functions on the same three levels: what we do, how we do it, and why we do it. All those leaders in organizations with the capacity to inspire, every single one of them starts with 'why'. Leadership is about creating the right environment and prioritizing the people rather than the numbers. Simon says that in order to be good and effective leaders, we should start with the 'why', and stand up and be the leader we wish we had. Main Questions Asked • What is the Golden Circle? [00:43] • Tell us about yourself. [00:44] • What is this concept of 'starting with why'? [00:48] • Can you tell us the story of Captain Marquet? [02:46] • What is the right environment? [07:32] • Most organizations are not starting with the ‘why’; do you think this is going to change? [15:20] • How do you make people more conscious of what they're doing when they're feeding that addiction? [17:47] • What do you think about the community as a whole? [22:23] • How can a business manage to be socially responsible? [22:25] • What is the best way to create that circle of safety and group mentality? [23:24] • Is there a responsibility to be a follower? [24:24] Powerful Quotes • "You can't lead a company. You can only run a company; you have to lead people." - Simon Sinek [12:10] • "We are designed to look after each other. By ourself, we are junk." - Simon Sinek [19:23] Links Mentioned Leaders Eat Last Contact Information for the Guest, Simon Sinek Come check out more of what we do on
March 30, 2014
Sacha Stone || Superhero Academy Podcast Ep. 11
Superhero Academy Podcast Sacha Stone - New Earth Project For full notes and key points, please visit LINKSOON Summary In this podcast, Marc Coppola interviews Sacha Stone, one of the founding members of the New Earth Project, movement with the aim of awakening the human heart. It aims to establish communities and bio-architectural projects that are self-sustainable, where people can live comfortably, away from the clutches of the corrupt system that is controlling society at present. Zero-point economics, a system of exchange without the use of money, but a trade of services between people, might be the solution to our world's collapsing economic system. He proposes that we stop paying taxes and shift our attention to the solutions. They also talk about how the flow of knowledge is shifting and that we are the defining factor in bringing about change. We, even as individuals, can absolutely change the entire world and Sacha calls upon us to do so. Main Questions Asked • What is the New Earth Project? [03:00] • What are the main intentions of the New Earth Project? [03:10] • What is Free Point Economics? [07:33] • What are you building in New Earth Project and how would those structures be governed? [22:30] • What is New Earth Project doing in terms of energy? [49:50] Powerful Quotes • "Under our own common sense, we declare ourselves to be sovereign." - Sacha Stone [04:25] • "You, as a singularity, can absolutely change the world, the entire world." - Sacha Stone [57:30] Links Mentioned New Earth Oracle Magazine Humanitad Contact Information for the Guest, Sacha Stone and New Earth Project Come check out more of what we do on
March 29, 2014
Amateo Ra || Superhero Academy Podcast Ep. 9
Superhero Academy Podcast Amateo Ra - Creator Course For full notes and key points, please visit LINKSOON Summary In this podcast, Marc Coppola interviews Amateo Ra, one of the co-founders of Creator Course, an online magazine and TV show of content where they put out conscious media. They share with everybody the cool things that are working in the world. They find ways to make it clearer to people how they can be the change that they want to see in the world. It helps people get their message into the world and build their movements. It helps people be empowered to be the change. They also offer online educational programs and their community for people to network, share resources, support, build community and engagement, education, and transformation. Everybody needs to realize that we all have permission to change our life. If we work together and use our creative thinking to create our own movement, we can be the next set of change-makers and see the change that we want to see in the world. Main Questions Asked • Where did your name 'Amateo Ra' come from? [01:27] • Aside from you, who else is involved in Creator Course? [06:04] • Can you talk more in-depth about what you are doing in Creator Course? [06:20] • How do you deal with people who approach you to become part of your community and their ability to integrate within it? [18:30] • What do you suggest so people can stay focused on one thing, of how they want to create change? What do you do to remain calm and figure out what to prioritize? [25:05] Links Mentioned Ascension Academy Elevate Studios iCreate 2014 Greenseed Contact Information for the Guest, Amateo Ra and Creator Course Come check out more of what we do on
March 28, 2014
Boysen Hodgson || Superhero Academy Podcast Ep. 8
Superhero Academy Podcast Boysen Hodgson - The Mankind Project For full notes and key points, please visit LINKSOON Summary In this podcast, Marc Coppola interviews Boysen Hodgson, the Marketing Director of The Mankind Project USA, a 501c3 nonprofit in the US, and a nonprofit organization around the world. It believes that the world could use more self-aware male leaders and role models in the world, building communities, working with others to create a more sustainable, and connected world. It created New Warrior Training Adventure, an emotional boot camp for men. The Mankind Project and the New Warrior Training are men's groups that address a man's personal sense of purpose. Mankind Project USA will also be having a summit called the Power of Purpose Summit, which is open to everyone. It focuses on creating purpose and helping people to know their passion and creating a sustainable life. Sustainability is not a thing you can buy and is not a weekend workshop; it's a lifestyle. Everyday, you have to make decisions to become more sustainable and take actions to save more time tomorrow. It takes time to progress towards sustainability and it's a continuous journey that we all should be a part of. Main Questions Asked • What is The Mankind Project? [00:55] • How did Mankind Project start? [00:59] • How do you unlock so many people's minds? What is your secret? [17:14] • When did you become a New Warrior? [45:59] Powerful Quotes • "A man's personal sense of purpose is one of the things that we specifically address on the New Warrior Training Adventure Weekend." - Boysen Hodgson [11:42] • "We evolve when our circumstances forces us to." - Boysen Hodgson [24:01] • "Sustainability is not a thing you can buy and is not a weekend workshop; it's a lifestyle." - Marc Coppola [35:23] Links Mentioned Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely Charles Eisenstein Power of Purpose Summit Contact Information for the Guest, Boysen Hodgson and The Mankind Project Come check out more of what we do on
March 13, 2014
Albert Bates || Superhero Academy Podcast Ep. 7
Superhero Academy Podcast Albert Bates - Sustainability Tech For full notes and key points, please visit LINKSOON Summary In this podcast, Marc Coppola, Lawrence and Nick interviews Albert Bates, a legend in terms of sustainability, or resilience, as he prefers to put it. He has had an experience in Tennessee as his post-graduate education on sustainability. What he learned in living in the farm was how to be creatively adaptable. You learn to adapt creatively to fill the needs from the minimum that you can use. We're going to have to be really creative really fast to be able to sustain 21st century technologies using less energy. We have to act now if we really want to become more sustainable or resilient. We need to cut back on consumer goods. We need to save more money in order to balance out the costs for more sustainable products. We've become so detached with the world that supports us. People are going to do what's easy and people are going to do what's most pleasurable. We need to advertise and educate people to make sustainability cool and sexy so they would support it and take action. Main Questions Asked • How did you start being involved in sustainability? [01:11] • Would you say that sustainability and adaptability are synonymous? [08:35] • What do you think should the average person be more sustainable or resilient with? [10:58] • What is your definition of sustainability or resilience? [11:39] • Do you think solar energy is the answer? Or wind? Or a combination? [19:48] • What are the things that we can do today energy-wise that will make us shift in the best possible way? [19:52] • Why isn't the technology of turning garbage into electricity, which can be seen in Copenhagen, replicated across the world? [23:22] • Can we change our economic system to motivate people to be more energy-efficient? [28:22] • What are your thoughts on the education side of things? How can we shift our education to make the change to sustainability happen? [38:43] • What are your thoughts on branding, such as making sustainability sexy? [39:30] Powerful Quotes • "You start to learn to adapt creatively to fill the needs from the very minimum you can use." - Albert Bates [10:40] Links Mentioned Sirius Ecovillage Contact Information for the Guest, Albert Bates Come check out more of what we do on
November 24, 2013
Daniel Greenberg || Superhero Academy Podcast Ep. 6
Superhero Academy Podcast Daniel Greenberg For full notes and key points, please visit LINKSOON Summary In this podcast, Marc Coppola and Nick Joyce interview Daniel Greenberg, who had dedicated his whole life to sustainability and trying to find ways to help people live well with each other and with the Earth. Living Routes, which is one of his projects tied with Academia, helped students to study abroad in an intentional community or Eco-Villages. He also has one new project called Earth Deeds, which tries to measure the environmental impacts and carbon footprints of people and price that to use the money to be collected to fund other sustainability projects. They talk about how we are operating under the tragedy of the commons. We're all doing things for ourselves and causing environmental problems. We need to step up, understand our environmental impacts better, and do small things, in which if we do collectively, we can make bigger impacts to changing the world. Main Questions Asked • What got you into sustainability? [01:03] • How would you define 'community'? [05:38] • What does living in a community mean to you? [05:41] • How do you get people to remember community? How do you move them away from the tragedy of the commons? [11:20] • Where should we start the change to catalyze other changes? [24:30] • What do you see is the biggest hurdle in making the change to sustainability? [25:51] • How is technology going to be part of the solution? [31:57] • How can someone start to change or save the world? [35:11] • How did you step up and changed the world? [39:05] • What are you doing today? [39:11] • What are the resources someone needs to have to measure their carbon footprint? [54:14] Powerful Quotes • "That's what I feel like we have lost substantially, at least in Western cultures, I see it all over the US, this sense of community, this sense of belonging." - Daniel Greenberg [06:12] • "Community is a state of mind." - Daniel Greenberg [17:45] Links Mentioned Living Routes Earth Deeds Contact Information for the Guest, Daniel Greenberg Come check out more of what we do on
October 22, 2013
Ross Jackson || Superhero Academy Podcast Ep. 5
Superhero Academy Podcast Ross Jackson For full notes and key points, please visit LINKSOON Summary In this podcast, Nick Joyce and Marc Coppola interviews Ross Jackson, one of the pioneers of GEN (Global Ecovillage Network), a network of sustainable communities that can be alternative development models for developing countries. GEN is functioning well even though it gets very little financial support. A lot has changed in Africa and that's where we can really see a shift. Africa is trying to convert a number of their traditional villages to ecovillages. Gaia Education has courses on ecovillages and intentional communities. Everyone can play a role in sustainability. After a collapse or adversity, we need to band together and unite, in order to survive and become more sustainable. Main Questions Asked • What was your motivation to begin the establishment of Ecovillages and intentional communities? [01:22] • What have you achieved in the 26 years of GEN (Global Ecovillage Network)? [08:25] • What is GEN's present state and projects? [08:30] • What are the challenges to GEN is going forward? [08:34] • Where do you want GEN to be positioned in 10 years? [17:38] Powerful Quotes • "Everyone can play a role in sustainability." - Marc Coppola [15:27] Links Mentioned Global Ecovillage Network Gaia Education Occupy World Street Contact Information for the Guest, Ross Jackson Come check out more of what we do on
October 14, 2013
Diana Leafe Christian || Superhero Academy Podcast Ep. 4
Superhero Academy Podcast Diana Leaf Christian For full notes and key points, please visit LINKSOON Summary In this podcast, Nick Joyce and Marc Coppola interviews Diana Leafe Christian, author of the books 'Creating a Life Together' and 'Finding Community'. She lives in a sustainable community in the North Haven Ecovillage in Carolina where they constantly have activities concerning physical, social, and economic sustainability. Human beings in groups and community behave the same way and have the same kinds of challenges. The same kinds of resolutions tend to help those challenges. Regarding governance and decision-making, Diana encourages sociocracy rather than consensus. Sociocracy has 3 big values: equivalence, transparency and effectiveness. She ends by saying Governance is in the heart of the community and that the 3 aspects of a healthy, thriving, successful community are Oxytocin, Good Process and Communication Skills, and Effective Project Management. Main Questions Asked • What is your current living situation? [02:17] • What interested you in intentional communities? [05:47] • What's the first step to building a community? Is it acquiring land? [13:29] • What is your vision? [15:34] • What role do you think technology plays in governance? [51:30] Powerful Quotes • "Human beings in groups and community pretty much behave the same ways, the same kinds of challenges. The same kinds of resolutions tend to help those challenges." - Diana Leaf Christian [10:58] Links Mentioned Ecovillage Newsletter Contact Information for the Guest, Diana Leafe Christian Come check out more of what we do on
October 9, 2013
Sylvia Bernstein || Superhero Academy Podcast Ep. 1
Superhero Academy Podcast Sylvia Bernstein- “The Aquaponic Source” For full notes and key points, please visit LINKSOON In this podcast, Marc Coppola from the Valhalla Movement interviews the creator of The Aquaponic Source, Sylvia Bernstein. They debunk lots of misconceptions concerning aquaponics as well as other details and questions that people want to know about aquaponics. Main Questions Asked: • What is aquaponics, specifically? • What is aquaponics used for? • What is the difference between aquaponics and hydroponics? • What needs to come together in an aquaponic system? • What kinds of plants are growing in an aquaponic system? • Who can set this up? Is this something we can do in our backyards? • Do you think it's feasible to grow enough food for a family, to be able to survive if they were to set up their own aquaponics system? • What kinds of fish can I grown in an aquaponics system? • What are you feeding these fish? • Can they save money, growing their own food in an aquaponics system? • What are the challenges to using aquaponics? • Is this viable for the world? • How big of a solution is aquaponics, in your mind? Contact Information for the Guest, Sylvia Bernstein Come check out more of what we do on
October 2, 2013
Daniel Vitalis || Superhero Academy Podcast Ep. 2
Superhero Academy Podcast Daniel Vitalis For full notes and key points, please visit LINKSOON Summary In this podcast, Marc Coppola interviews Daniel Vitalis who discusses how as species, we have become fragile, domesticated organisms. We need to rewild in order to become healthier, more robust, and more adapting like our Aboriginal ancestors. He discusses that we need 4 elements in order to survive, namely: Earth (food that we eat), Water (fluids that we drink), Air (gases that we breathe), and Fire (energy we absorb from the sun). If we eat the right, organic food, we would need fewer portions to consume. It's not about how much you're eating; it's about how rich are you eating. They also talk about how processed water, like processed food, is not good for us. Spring water is the right water that we should drink. We also need to make sure that we have air and gas exchange in our environment. Having plants, ion generators and HEPA filters may be helpful. Lastly, we need to go outside and have adequate exposure to the sun and temperature fluctuations. The idea of rewilding will help us move towards this new sub-species of new Aboriginals, who combined everything we learned from technology with everything we learned as wild species and we become the union of the two things. Daniel believes that this is the future, that we will create the path to becoming new Aboriginals. Main Questions Asked • What does 'rewild' mean? [01:22] • How do we start getting towards the solution? [12:10] • How do we blend what we know now versus what we knew then and should probably still know today? [12:24] • Where can somebody get clean water? [45:36] • Are there negative effects of drinking spring water? [54:46] • What can we do to breathe better air? [1:02:09] • How can people breathe better? [1:02:23] • What problems are you seeing with people in relation to the energy we get from the sun? [1:13:49] • Why are you still in the city, versus being out in the wild? [1:27:52] Powerful Quotes • "We think we're evolving so fast right now but our bodies are devolving, they're degenerating." - Daniel Vitalis [05:03] • "It's not about how much you're eating, it's about how rich are you eating." - Marc Coppola [25:18] • "People are being overfed but starving to death at the same time." - Daniel Vitalis [26:05] • "Processed water is not that great for us just like processed food isn't." - Daniel Vitalis [59:20] Links Mentioned Find A Spring F.lux Contact Information for the Guest, Daniel Vitalis Come check out more of what we do on
October 1, 2013
David Wolfe || Superhero Academy Podcast Ep. 3
Superhero Academy Podcast David Wolfe For full notes and key points, please visit LINKSOON Summary In this podcast, Marc Coppola interviews David Wolfe, a front-runner in terms of being healthier. They talk about spring water, which is the blood of the earth. He's found that the bacteria content on those springs is extremely low to none. The 'Ion Affect' tells us that the atmosphere, like one end of a battery, is positively charged, and the earth itself is negatively charged. We should always associate ourselves with the earth and that negative charge. Lastly, they talk about strategies to become healthier. We should eat fresh foods, in the colors of the rainbow. We should drink at least 2 liters of water everyday. He also recommends going as long as possible without any food or just by drinking tea, and doing quick, burst fitness exercises. Main Questions Asked • Why is spring water the best option for people? [03:14] • How do you store and manage your spring water? [07:20] • What are positive and negative ions? How are they affecting us? [11:32] • What is dirty electricity and what can people do to avoid it? [17:05] • What can people do to protect them from exposure to dirty electricity? [21:04] • How much has positive ions and being grounded changed your life and how you're feeling? Have you been better? [26:30] • What can people do to improve their life? [31:45] • Where do we start with improving our diet? [35:13] • How can people know if they are deficient in some nutrients? [38:32] • How do an alkaline body, pH, and toxicity affect our body? [47:40] • What are the things that people can eat to maintain the optimal body? [49:36] • Why should we eat later? [53:30] Powerful Quotes • "It [springwater] is the blood of the earth." - David Wolfe [03:20] • "The subtle energy of your food becomes your mind." -David Wolfe [33:06] Links Mentioned Find A Spring Can Alt Labs Contact Information for the Guest, David Wolfe Come check out more of what we do on
October 1, 2013