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Supernatural Confessions

Supernatural Confessions

By True Ghost Stories
The premier Supernatural podcast from Singapore featuring True Ghost Stories, Myths and Superstitions from the Lion City and the rest of South East Asia. Real encounters from real people aired and discussed each week.
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Thank You and Farewell from Tim and E.T
Hi everyone. After much deliberation Tim and E.T have made the hard decision to step away from Supernatural Confessions. They want to thank you for all the support you've shown over the last 64 episodes of this podcast and for making this passion project one of the coolest things they've ever had the honor of doing. So what's next? We'll all find out together!  
February 21, 2021
Happy Lunar New Year from Supernatural Confessions
We welcome the Lunar New Year of the Ox but why isn't Tim willing to do a show this week? Supernatural Confessions returns after the festivities. Gong Xi Fa Cai from your SC team  
February 11, 2021
#72 - A Monk tries to survive the night
In this episode, a monk recounts the night he had to fend off the forces of darkness alone. Also we hear more tales from National Service and across the causeway. Plus in a very historical installment of Supernatural Confessions, even the usually cynical E.T concedes "It must be the Hantu". This podcast is hosted and produced by SPH Radio Personality Tim Oh from Singapore  
February 10, 2021
#71 - The Teacher who wouldn't believe
In this episode we hear more confessions of "things" following us home. Sandra uncovers evidence of a dead relative returning to visit. And Lester's teacher learns the hard way never to dismiss the existence of spirits. Plus we explore more superstitions and examine the myth of the Jenglot. This episode is hosted and produced by SPH Radio Personality Tim Oh from Singapore.   
February 2, 2021
#70 - Grandpa comes back to visit while his funeral is taking place
In this episode, we examine why you should not clip your nails at night. Xavier gives us another creepy story from National Service and Jeremy recounts the time he thought he was alone in his school lab. Plus young Bella gets a visit from dear Grandpa, while her folks are attending his funeral. This podcast is hosted and produced by SPH Radio Personality Tim Oh from Singapore.        
January 28, 2021
#69 - The Hand in My Belly
Supernatural Confessions returns for season 2 with more creepy encounters and exciting new segments. Find out why you should never relieve yourself in public. Explore the mystery of the infamous Dybukk Box. A student spots something in the mirror that wants her soul. A buddy trip to the bathroom reveals something about the "buddy".  And a young lady trapped in sleep paralysis watches something trying to reach into her. This episode is hosted and produced by SPH Radio Personality Tim Oh from Singapore.   
January 20, 2021
Supernatural Confessions on Season Break
Hi everyone! Thanks for supporting us at Supernatural Confessions. We're very touched by all your messages of concern asking what happened to the podcast. Sorry for the alarm. We're just taking a short season break and will be back with more episodes in 2021. In the meantime, catch us on Facebook or at Here's wishing you and yours Happy (and Haunted) Holidays from all of us!
December 5, 2020
#68 - The Caldecott Chronicles Continue - Another DJ comes forward to confess
In this episode, DJ Yaz steps forward to contribute her own personal supernatural encounters to our ever growing list of haunted confessions from the old Caldecott Broadcast Centre. This podcast is hosted and produced by SPH Radio Personality Tim Oh from Singapore.
November 10, 2020
#67 - The Curious Case of a Crying Corpse and more Confessions from Caldecott
In this episode, more confessions roll in concerning the former Caldecott Broadcast Centre. An ex-journalist recounts one terrifying night in the newsroom. DJ Simon Lim finally reveals what went on in the studios numerous times while he was on radio. A group of employees stationed at a former school come forward with their shared supernatural experiences, and the Supernatural Confessions team try to find reasons behind a Crying Corpse. This podcast is hosted and edited by SPH Radio Personality Tim Oh from Singapore.   
October 28, 2020
#66 - Can a Ghost dislocate your shoulder?
In this episode, Petrina shares how she talks to dogs, and how they talk back. Adeline gets a Laughing Buddha and something other than good fortune. Plus Chloe's Dad becomes the victim of a "Lethal Weapon" type encounter. This podcast is hosted and produced by SPH Radio Personality Tim Oh from Singapore. 
October 20, 2020
#65 - "If you sleep, someone dies" and Jade Seah shares the Caldecott Creeps
In this episode we cover more haunted tales from the workplace. A voice threatens to kill someone if you sleep, and celebrity Jade Seah spills the supernatural beans about the former Caldecott Broadcast Centre. This podcast is hosted and produced by Singapore Radio Personality Tim Oh  
October 13, 2020
#64 - Don't mess with the Ouija Board and tales from the Suicide Tower
In this episode we learn the dangers of using a Ouija board to communicate with spirits. The team looks back on some notorious conmen who used the supernatural to exploit their victims, and one confessor starts seeing ghosts at the Pasir Ris Suicide Tower.....while the interview is taking place. This podcast is hosted and produced by Singapore radio personality Tim Oh   
October 11, 2020
#63 - A fortunate haunting and someone spots a Pontianak
In this episode, we speak to someone who experiences a surge in good luck and fortune after moving into a flat. One confessor claims to have captured a photo of a Pontianak, and we chat with fellow paranormal investigator MC Zee. This podcast is hosted and produced by Singapore Radio Personality Tim Oh 
October 4, 2020
#62 - Tales from the Ghost Month
What do you do when the way home suddenly disappears? In this episode, we hear from Maisha and her incredible encounters over the years during the Lunar 7th Month aka the Chinese Ghost Month. Mel and Yuki describe their weirdest holiday ever and one confessor recounts the time something followed him home. This podcast is hosted and produced by Singapore Radio Personality Tim Oh.
September 24, 2020
#61 - The Lady in Red
In this episode we invite Roger AKA Su Hao from the mandarin paranormal show 00:01 to share his own personal encounters with us. We get another series of Army ghost stories From Pasir Labar Camp and a former resident of Farrer Court apartments recounts her nightmares of the Lady in Red. This podcast is hosted and produced by Singapore Radio Personality Tim Oh 
September 17, 2020
#60 - The Ghost Whisperer
Helping one another is human nature. But what happens when the one asking for help isn't "human"? In this episode we speak with Rama whose ability to help comes at a price. Also featured in this episode, a hotel room party attracts an uninvited guest, and a tale of warning for our fishermen. This podcast is hosted and produced by Singapore Radio Personality Tim Oh
September 10, 2020
#59 - Possessed and the Phantom Colleague
In this episode we talk to a Taoist priest on what the Chinese 7th Month is really all about. Confessor Rose shares her experiences of being "possessed" and park ranger Desmond recounts the time he got a late night visitor at the office. This podcast is hosted and produced by Singapore Radio Personality Tim Oh 
September 2, 2020
#58 - The Night Nurse and Changi Airport Hauntings
With the 7th Month upon us, Tim, Eugene and E.T discuss the origins and superstitions of the Chinese Ghost Month. A nurse returns to the show with more terrifying encounters from the hospital. An Airbnb client gets more than she bargains for and we've got some ghoulish ghost stories on Singapore's Changi Airport. This Podcast is hosted and produced by Singapore Radio Personality Tim Oh.  
August 26, 2020
#57 - The Haunted Pokemon Game
In this episode, Tim, Eugene and E.T discuss - a mother placing a curse on her daughter, an intriguing out of body experience and a Pokemon video game that just won't accept it's "Game Over". This podcast is hosted and produced by Singapore Radio Personality Tim Oh
August 22, 2020
#56 - The Midnight Jogger
In this episode, Supernatural Confessions speaks with Naqiah whose reenactment of her own terrifying experience recently went viral on instagram @qryxtiianaqiah . What happens when that person you saw jogging, isn't a person at all? Plus the lady in white pays a visit to a juvenile detention center. This podcast is hosted and produced by Singapore Radio Personality Tim Oh 
August 13, 2020
#55 - Cursed over a Broken Promise
In this episode, “Lashes” lets it all out.  From her time as a nurse in a hospital, to a deadly curse unleashed for a promise broken. From Cedar Primary school, we hear a chilling tale of ice cream and losing your head over it. Plus some extraordinary confessions from a funeral home. This Podcast is hosted and produced by Singapore Radio Personality Tim Oh.
August 3, 2020
#54 - That's not the Deity you invited
A touching story about a child refusing to leave his mother even after his abortion; two ghosts haunting an office in Aljunied; an SCDF national serviceman has to endure strange disturbances during his weekend confinement; and a chilling story about what happens when a deity you trust to protect you turns evil. This podcast is hosted and produced by Singapore Radio Personality Tim Oh
July 28, 2020
#53 - Haunted Socks and the Ghost in my Bed
In this episode we hear from Terry who spent 2 years falling out of bed every night.  And for the first time ever we hear about a paranormal encounter involving socks! Amy shares tales from the Zoo, Night Safari and Bird Park you don't hear on the tour. Plus we've got another confession from Bukit Brown with why you should always check your pockets after leaving a cemetery. This podcast is produced and hosted by Singapore Radio Personality Tim Oh
July 20, 2020
#52 - Cycling with Pontianak
In this episode, we have a warning for cyclists - "If you're into night cycling, you'd better pedal fast when you see that lady in white". In another story we hear about a patient in a hospital, so extraordinary she even scares the nurses. More lessons and confessions like - "Don't look for birds at night in case something follows you home". Plus Tim and Eugene try playing E.T. This podcast is produced and hosted by Singapore Radio Personality Tim Oh     
July 7, 2020
#51 - Luke's Little House of Horrors - The most WTF episode ever!
For years Luke Maow Bear (of was almost too shy to share his personal encounter because people would think he’s crazy. In this episode he opens up about the weirdest haunted house we’ve ever come across. Plus we hear more creepy tales of other apartments and the voices within. This podcast is produced and hosted by Singapore Radio Personality Tim Oh
June 29, 2020
#50 - The Ghost that just wont shut up
It’s our 50th episode and in the show, Tim,Eugene and E.T talk more hotel horror stories, facing off with a Pocong and a why motion light switches may be more creepy than convenient. This podcast is produced and hosted by Singapore Radio Personality Tim Oh
June 22, 2020
#49 - Missing Meatballs and Mischievous Child Spirits
"Where are my meatballs?" sounds like the last thing you would expect to hear when it comes to supernatural encounters. In this episode, Tim and Eugene cover a confession from Lee of how a house sitting stay over party turned out very memorable for all the wrong reasons. Joining us to discuss child spirits including the Thai Kumanthong the Malay Toyol are spiritual practitioner Ajhan Jo and veteran paranormal investigator E.T. Plus we hear a about a very "dirty" bathtub experience. This podcast is produced and hosted by Singapore Radio Personality Tim Oh   
June 15, 2020
#48 - Can't Move Can't Scream Can't Pray (Our Scariest Episode so far)
A casual work trip turns into a Supernatural struggle to survive. From across the causeway, William shares a bone chilling encounter that left him unable to move, unable to scream and unable to even pray for help.  Tim and Eugene pull out all the stops for this one with E.T joining through the show and Pastor Leon returns to weigh in on our scariest confession to date. Plus more of your supernatural submissions to make this our longest episode so far. This podcast is produced and hosted by Singapore Radio Personality Tim Oh
June 7, 2020
#47 - Leave it in the Forest
When 2 filmmakers visit the Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve, they capture evidence of the paranormal. But things quickly take a suicidal twist.  We share a few skin crawling encounters from Old Airport Road, Pasir Ris and Seletar Camp, and veteran paranormal investigator E.T returns to analyse a case in Sengkang involving Samurai and strange bedroom visits. This podcast is produced and hosted by Singapore Radio Personality Tim Oh
May 30, 2020
#46 - 2 Girls 5 Nights and a Roomful of Ghosts
What do you do when your hotel room is haunted? Most people change rooms. Joey is not "most people" and she shares her story in this episode. We also hear more stories from Singapore's most haunted hospital and learn why we should never stay at the Mandai Zoo after 6pm. Plus a special look at what some are calling a cursed HDB block. This podcast is produced and hosted by Singapore Radio Personality Tim Oh
May 24, 2020
#45 - "I have a Demon in my house"
In our latest episode we cover one of the most traumatic confessions ever submitted. Nil moves into a new home with his girlfriend only to find something already there. What happens next not only leaves them terrified and desperate, but also with lasting emotional and psychological scarring long after they move out. Joining Tim and Eugene for analysis is veteran paranormal investigator E.T, along with a special guest spiritual practitioner. Plus Eugene looks back on an earlier investigation involving a "Blood Debt" which must be paid. This podcast is produced and hosted by Singapore Radio Personality Tim Oh
May 17, 2020
#44 - Resist those urges ... or else
In our latest episode, we learn why we must resist our urges - the urge to pick flowers, the urge to stay out late at playgrounds and the other kind of urges some soldiers get in National Service. Plus why you should never insist on a room if a hotel claims to be fully booked. This podcast is produced and hosted by Singapore Radio Personality Tim Oh
May 9, 2020
#43 - The Infamous (and very Haunted) Istana Woodneuk and more
Built in the 1800's the Istana Woodneuk was once a stunning palatial residence for Sultans. Over the years it's been plagued by fires, war bombings and hundreds of deaths. Currently dilapidated and left to ruin, it's become a favorite "haunt" of Supernatural thrill seekers and Paranormal Investigators. In this episode we hear from a few who dared venture into the eerie estate only to learn that the abandoned Istana Woodneuk isn't all that "abandoned" after all. This podcast is produced and hosted by Singapore Radio Personality Tim Oh
May 2, 2020
#42 - Haunted Dolls, Black Magic and a Pontianak
In our latest FB Live Show, Tim and Eugene discuss Haunted Dolls with plenty of stories to share including an actual first hand investigation years ago. Serena reveals what her grandfather taught her about summoning a Pontianak and Shu describes a giggly nightmare in Thailand. Plus E.T returns to weigh in on a strange story involving black magic.  This podcast is produced and hosted by Singapore Radio Personality Tim Oh
April 25, 2020
#41 - The Voice of God and more true stories
In our latest Facebook Live edition of Supernatural Confessions, Tim and Eugene speak to Pastor Leon; once a wayward youth, who turned turned his life around after hearing the Voice of God in his ear. Paranormal Investigator E.T also examines a story of a young nurse who was given the gift of the third eye by a strange patient in a mental hospital. Plus have you heard of the Haunted Nintendo system? This podcast is produced and hosted by Singapore Radio Personality Tim Oh
April 19, 2020
#40 - "Haunted Dreams" - Confessions of a Supernatural Survivor
What happens when the monsters from your dreams, are still there when you open your eyes? One Supernatural Confessions follower almost loses her life to more than one nightmare that continues haunting her even when she wakes up. This podcast is produced and hosted by Singapore Radio Personality Tim Oh
April 12, 2020
#39 - "3:33 a.m and more true ghost stories" FB live edition
In our latest Facebook live edition of Supernatural Confessions, Tim and Eugene invite you to share your personal encounters. G.T talks horror in a hostel, a Grab driver recounts his paranormal adventure while on a date, and Jeff visits an antique shop filled with more than meets the eye. We discuss more urban legends and reply to your comments on our featured tales. This is a condensed audio extract of the FB live stream. To watch the video in it's entirety, visit Supernatural Confessions on Facebook. This podcast is produced and hosted by Singapore Radio Personality Tim Oh
April 7, 2020
#38 - "Living with Ghosts" featuring Amazing Race Asia Winner Sam Wu (Part 2)
In Part 2 of our chat with Sam Wu, we talk more on sharing a home with a Ghost and his encounters with not one, but two spirits in his friend's apartment in Shanghai. Plus find out how his "special" senses almost cost him his victory in the Amazing Race Asia competition. Hosted by Tim Oh
March 19, 2020
#37 - "Living with Ghosts" featuring Amazing Race Asia Winner Sam Wu (Part 1)
In our latest episode we catch up with Amazing Race Asia Winner Sam Wu who from a young age has been very sensitive to the supernatural. He shares his experiences and lessons, from sharing an apartment with a ghost to why you should never insist on free room upgrades when going on holiday. Hosted by Tim Oh 
March 13, 2020
#36 - Interview with an Ajahn "The Exciting and Dangerous Life of a Spiritual Practitioner"
In the world of spiritual warfare, Masters are few. Even fewer are those willing to open up about what they do and why they do it. In our latest episode we talk to Ajahn Jo as he shares his stories on exorcisms and battles with curses and dark magic.
March 7, 2020
#35 - "Yours Truly" - True accounts by Supernatural Confessions listeners
This week on Supernatural Confessions - An Instagram selfie exposes a paranormal photo-bomber. A trip to the antique shop uncovers something more than rare treasure. And one Singaporean might just be a supernatural super magnet. It’s an episode dedicated to all your submissions. True encounters by real Singaporeans. Plus Eugene finally test drives his Love Amulet. Hosted by Tim Oh
February 28, 2020
#34 – “The Magic of Love” - Charms, Spells and Tattoos (Valentine’s Special)
Love is in the air. Or could it be a little magic at work? In our Valentine’s Day episode, we talk about casting spells, using amulets and how one of Eugene’s investigations into the supernatural involved someone taking off his pants. This podcast is hosted by Tim Oh
February 13, 2020
#33 - "Till Death Do Us Part" - Ghost Brides and Marriages
In our latest episode, we delve into Ghost Brides and learn of how the practice of marrying the dead, is still very much alive. This podcast is hosted by Tim Oh
February 5, 2020
#32 - "Monsters, Demons and Ang Baos" - The Dark Side of Chinese New Year.
What does Chinese New Year have to do with Monsters, Demons and Ghosts? Does your Ang Bao protect you from Paranormal Sleep Paralysis? In our latest episode we examine the Dark Side of the Lunar New Year and share some of the season's creepiest encounters. This podcast is hosted by Tim Oh
January 28, 2020
#31 - Tales After Twilight (Chinese New Year Edition)
The Tales of Terror continue amidst a brand new year in the Chinese or Lunar Calendar. A family holiday in Taiwan takes a twisted turn. A nurse recounts the first haunted hospital encounter of the year. And a familiar festive tune turns into an anthem of horror. Best enjoyed in bed with the lights off. 
January 23, 2020
#30 - "I See Dead People"
We've heard stories of people with "The Sight" . They don't just believe in Ghosts. They can actually see them. In this episode, Eugene Tay interviews one such Singaporean who has the 3rd Eye. What does she see? And more importantly how does she live with this "Gift"?
January 18, 2020
#29 - Residual Energy, Recaps and Your Confessions
Tonight we discuss residual energy with Eugene Tay, recap the paranormal highlights of 2019 in Singapore and read out our listener responses and their confessions. Plus Supernatural Confessions invites you take part in a very special experiment. This podcast is hosted by Tim Oh
December 20, 2019
#28 - Tales After Twilight
A threesome of terror awaits in this episode. Submitted by fans of Supernatural Confessions, our first story features a girl learning that dabbling with witchcraft can be less than magical. In another, how moving house is hard enough without having something else move with you. And in the third tale, a dream proposal no girl could possibly want. Narrated by Tim Oh, welcome to Tales After Twilight 
December 15, 2019
#27 - Tales After Twilight
A mother's love quickly leads to a long night of horror, a girl at a piano ends up playing with more than just keys, and a night watchman finds something watching him. The terror continues in the latest installment of Tales After Twilight with Tim Oh
December 13, 2019
#26 - Tales After Twilight
In tonight's installment of Tales After Twilight, we learn sometimes new flats come with a few surprises. A group of students go camping and experience an unexpected history lesson, and how would you feel finding out, "home sweet home" doesn't necessarily mean "home safe home"? Join narrator Tim Oh for some of the scariest stories gathered from the darkest corners of the web.
October 30, 2019
#25 - Halloween Episode "Top 5 places to get your spook on"
Halloween is almost here and for most people, the scariest thing encountered that night is how much we spend on drinks. This year, bring back a little Horror to "All Hallows' Eve" with our list of truly terrifying places to get your spook on. 5 places. All Creepy. And all still accessible to the public. Explore them this Halloween, and while clubs and pubs across the island are filled with screams of laughter, you might hear screams of a different kind. This podcast is hosted by Tim Oh
October 27, 2019
#24 - Tales After Twilight
The chilling tales continue in our latest installment of Tales After Twilight. Was your school as scary as this one in Bukit Panjang? What happens when a man is killed in his car? And for those who have served with the Armed Forces, were you as lucky or unlucky as these 2 NS Boys. Join Tim Oh as he narrates some of the scariest stories gathered from the creepiest corners of the web.
October 23, 2019
#23 - Haunted Hotels in Singapore Part 2
The second part of our series on most haunted hotels takes us not just around the island of Singapore but also around the region too. Eugene Tay recounts his nightmarish episode in the Maldives and explains why you should switch room if you see 3 iron nails in your door frame. We reveal what some have said about Raffles Hotel and share some of the most grisly acts committed in hotels. This podcast is hosted by Tim Oh
October 20, 2019
#22 - Tales After Twilight (Debut)
A new supplement to our Supernatural Confessions series. Join Tim Oh as he narrates a short collection of chilling and disturbing stories gathered from various sources. Follow the accounts of ordinary people with extraordinary encounters. One explores the Old Changi Hospital. Another has an unusual experience in an overseas hotel. Plus a cautionary tale about telling ghost stories out in the open.
October 16, 2019
#21 - Haunted Hotels in Singapore Part 1
The first part of our series on some of Singapore's most haunted hotels. Why are hotels in Changi particularly notorious for supernatural activity? Why do entities tie themselves to certain rooms? Eugene Tay recounts his night alone in the much talked about Raintr33 hotel. We also talk about "sleep paralysis" and learn about the former Mitre Hotel and its dark past. This podcast is hosted by Tim Oh
October 13, 2019
#20 - Are Superstitions just a tool for policing Social Behavior?
Asian horror stories are arguably one of the scariest in the world. What makes it so scary and how did all these folklore get passed down to us? In this interview, Jonathan Lim (Author of Between Gods and Ghosts, and writer-director of H is for Hantu) shares his philosophy on Asian beliefs and the origin story for the Pontianak.
October 6, 2019
#19 - Confessions of a Tangki (Taoist Medium)
People view Taoist mediums with both fear and reverence. Taoist rituals involving underworld gods can be shocking for the modern folks whose idea of religious practices are peaceful and subdued.   When the deities take over the medium's body, they usually converse in ancient dialect and can appear to be rather hostile in their mannerism. In Chinese mythology, Hei Bai Wu Chang 黑白無常 are two deities who dress in black and white respectively and in charge of escorting the spirits of the dead to the ruler of Underworld. Depending on the person it encounters, the Hei Bai Wu Chang can appear as either a benevolent deity who rewards the person for doing good deeds or a malevolent deity who punishes the person for committing evil. Locally, they are also referred to as Tua Li Ya Pek or Dua Di Ah Pek, which means "Big and Second Brother".  Ken (not his real name) talks openly about how being a Tangki has affected his relationships and how he tried to reject the calling but there was simply no escaping heaven's will.   Ken have requested to remain anonymous for this interview.
October 1, 2019
#18 - Interviews and Intuition - The other side of Paranormal Investigation
Do scientific gadgets really work in proving the existence of the paranormal? A follow up to our last episode on paranormal investigations with E.T and his scientific and gadget based approach, this week Eugene shares his very different approach to casework with Tim. For more podcast episodes, visit our website.
September 23, 2019
#17 - Paranormal Investigation 101 with ET
As one of the pioneering names in the local paranormal scene, ET (a.k.a Eugene Toh) has been featured on television on numerous occasions investigating the paranormal with the his team at SPI back during the 2000s.. Armed with gadgets, Eugene attempts to use Science to find evidence of the supernatural. After almost two decades of "seeing all he has to see", Eugene Toh shares his perspective of fear and things that go bump in the night. This podcast is hosted by Tim Oh and co-hosted by ET. Find more information on our webpage. 
September 16, 2019
#16 - Haunted Schools in Singapore
There's just something about schools that ghosts love to haunt. In this episode we explore famous ghost stories that have emerged from colleges in Singapore. These stories have evolved over the years with each retelling no doubt but we wanted to find out if there is any myth or logic that can support these claims. Hosted by Tim Oh with co-hosts Eugene Tay and Eugene Toh (ET). You can find out more about us via the Supernatural Confessions website.
September 10, 2019
#15 - Malaysian Office Ghost Stories - Hantu or not Hantu?
Office ghost stories shared by Malaysians. This week Host Tim Oh have both Eugene Tay and Eugene Toh in the hot seat exploring if there's any truth to these reported hauntings. If you like what you hear or want to send us your story, visit us at Supernatural Confessions website.
September 2, 2019
#14 - Ghostly Portals and Other Stories
Why are some areas more haunted than others? This week we explore the concept of portals and share some stories that support them. This week we have guest host, ET, who shares his views on the science behind some of these hauntings. Supernatural Confessions podcast is hosted by Tim Oh, Eugene Tay, Eugene Toh. This video is also available on YouTube Channel:
September 2, 2019
#13 - 7th Month and the Hungry Ghost Festival 2019 Part 2
We continue the second part of our topic on the 7th Month Hungry Ghost Festival and share even more stories from industry veterans. This podcast is hosted by Tim Oh and Eugene Tay
August 18, 2019
#12 - 7th Month and the Hungry Ghost Festival 2019: What are the Superstitions and How Can You Protect Yourself? Part 1
The hungry ghost month is a Taoist festival but in Asia, even non-practitioners would take some form of precaution to avoid offending the spirits. Where do these believes originate from and are there any truths to them? In this Podcast, we share stories sent to us by people who had gotten attacked by spirits for not observing some protocols. We talk about some popular superstitions and explain the rationale behind them. For more of such stories, visit us at This podcast is hosted by Tim Oh and Eugene Tay
August 5, 2019
#11 - Most Haunted Roads in Singapore
Cab drivers doing the night shift usually have lots of ghostly experiences to share. Some roads are so famous that cabbies refuse to take calls to these areas no matter how much you pay them. The stories we talk about in this episode are urban legends compiled over the years mostly passed down by word of mouth or shared in online forums. Those of us who grew up reading True Singapore Ghost Stories might find some of these spooky tales familiar. Are there any basis to these stories? What is the history behind these haunted places? Why are the ghosts by the road always the lady in white with a long hair? Fact or fiction, one thing we can be sure is - a good ghost story never gets old.   This podcast is hosted by Tim Oh and Eugene Tay.
July 31, 2019
#10 - Eye Transplant Gone Wrong, Ghosts Caught in Photos, and a Warning From the Other Side.
A lady who had an eye transplant is suddenly haunted by the voice of the eye's previous owner. We also talk about two photos that were submitted to us on Facebook. Did we really catch a face of a ghost in the pic or is it just a stack of folded towels. According to one reader, he was able to sense that the face in the pic is indeed that of a water ghost. We also share a chilling but touching story of a confessor who narrowly escapes disaster because she heard the voice of her late mother telling her to leave. This podcast is hosted by Tim Oh and Eugene Tay.
July 19, 2019
#9 - About Underworld Gods and Taoist Mediums a.k.a Tangki
With grotesque looking idols and the worshipping of underworld deities, it is not surprising that there have been many misconceptions shrouding the Taoist faith. To the uninformed, Taoist mediumship a.k.a Tangki is akin to devil worshipping but in this episode Host Tim Oh chats with author and paranormal investigator Eugene Tay about his first hand experience at a trance session with hell's most famous generals - Dua Di Ah Pek.
July 8, 2019
#8 - Don't Go Swimming During Hungry Ghost Month
 “Don’t step on joss paper”, “come home early”, “don’t go swimming”, “say excuse me”. My grandparents and parents would remind me of this every time hungry ghost festival comes round.  I have no recollection of this, but apparently this tale I’m about to tell made me quite the legend amongst my neighbors. I was 12 years old and living at Blk 627 Bedok Reservoir Road.  Back in those days, the kampong spirit was strong with the community. Different families would take turns to organize an outing for the neighbourhood kids. One of these outing was a BBQ at East Coast Park, and as you might as guessed, this took place around the 7 month hungry ghost festival. It was around 5pm, I remember. While the adults were setting up the pit, the children were on the beach, being children. Being the gung ho one of the lot, I always had to have a one up on the rest of the kids. So when someone kicked the cheapo plastic ball into the sea, I was the first to swim out to get it.  The more I swam, the further the ball went, until my feet were no longer touching the sand, and you could feel the difference in water temperature. That’s when I felt the cold wrapped around my ankle and tugged me downwards. Gently at first, as if my foot got trapped in a floating plastic bag. I started to get a little uneasy and wanted to swim back. But then the grip tightened and started pulling me downwards. I had the chance to take one full breath before my head went under. I reached down to untangle whatever it is that was pulling me and I felt fingers around my ankle. Close your eyes now and run your fingers over the back of your other hand, and observe how it feels. Distinct knuckles and fingers.  That’s what it felt like. Except it was slimy. I screamed on instinct but water only filled my lungs even faster. I didn’t know how long I was in the water or which way was the surface anymore. The salt water stung my eyes. I just thrashed around blindly.  
April 9, 2019
#7 - Jane's Rival in Love is the Spirit of a Dead Woman
 Jane Franklin, co-host of Supernatural Confession shares a story she hasn't told anyone before. You're hearing this for the first time. The experience from this story still haunts her and you can hear her mood change in this podcast recording.  
April 9, 2019
#6 - A Man Spent 10 Years Living in a Haunted Toa Payoh Flat
Remember the old Iluma shopping centre at Bugis? You might have heard of rumours that the toilet there is haunted. Guest Edgar Saradetch had a first hand experience.   Also in this episode, Edgar shares how his family was too poor to move out, so they lived with the haunting in their old Toa Payoh flat for 10 years.  This recording was done in his car while we were driving around.   
April 9, 2019
#5 - Firefighter Shawn Khan in the Case of the Bodysnatcher
We all have our fair share of ghost stories during our national service days, but most of these were tales past down by oral tradition. Very few of us can actually lay claim to having had a first hand encounter with the paranormal. [note: If you did, we want to talk to you!]  Shawn Khan was a firefighter in the Civil Defence Force and for his graduation test, he had to go into a building called the Furnace to simulate a rescue mission. Instead of people, he had to rescue lifelike mannequins that were designed to look as realistically human as possible. At around 4am, something strange happened to him. He went missing and no one could locate him. His partner, who was the only with him in that room, claimed that Shaun was dragged away and simply...disappeared. 
April 9, 2019
#4 - Actor Chris Bucko and the Floating Spirit in Clementi
 The very talented actor Chris Buckon shares two supernatural experiences in his life. One in which he was saved from a near fatal accident and the other was a ghostly encounter in a rented HDB room in Clementi.  We sat on a stone curb at the top of Pearl's Hill,  in the dark lit only by the glow of old fashioned park lamps. I sensed a few spiritual entities crowding around us, curious. I broke into cold sweat, and Bucko's hair stood on ends. The sound of distant mid town traffic provided some form of comfort.  
April 9, 2019
#3 - Celebrity Chef Bob and the Possessed KTV Hostess
Some scars remain long after the incident has passed. All it takes is driving by the location where the supernatural experience took place to bring back memories long forgotten. Celebrity Chef Bob takes time off from the kitchen to share an experience that has affected him since his teenage years.
April 4, 2019
#2 - Danisha's Imaginary Friend Claims Her Unborn Child
In this episode, we caught up with Denisha who shared a personal story about a ghostly childhood friend who returned many years later to claim her unborn child. During the interview, we could see that Denisha was visibly disturbed by the memories.    For more, visit: 
April 4, 2019
#1 - Interview with Retired Paranormal Investigator Jane Franklin Had an Unexpected Twist
In this episode,  we catch up with another local paranormal investigator to find out what happened to her old team. We heard rumours that she almost died from a mysterious illness after her last investigation. Midway though the interview, Jane thought she saw a disembodied hand behind my right shoulder. We should have known that recording this interview in a well known haunted location wouldn't be smooth sailing. 
April 4, 2019