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Super Politics

Super Politics

By Steve Daly and Decatur
A lawyer and a hip hop producer break down today’s major political questions, discuss what people disagree about and why, and give you all the correct answers. It’s leftist politics and comedy. Full episodes released bi-weekly, usually, hopefully.

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Cover art: Laura Medina McCarthy

Nothing in this podcast should be taken as legal advice or solicitation of an attorney-client relationship. “Steve Daly” is a pseudonym and he is not your lawyer. For real-life legal issues, please consult with independent counsel.
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Making democratic socialism actually happen, feat. Micah Uetricht
Bernie Sanders shared with so many of us a vision of a better society. But now his campaign is over and the two leading options for president are horrible. So what do we do now, and how do we make democratic socialism a reality? Is voting relevant? What good are political groups? The truth is Bernie's presidential campaigns were just the spark for the fire needed to make democratic socialism a reality: before anything is going to happen for us politically, we need to build a mass movement. We need numbers and we need to organize those numbers into a politically powerful force that will continue to grow until it is dominant. We talk strategy with Micah Uetricht, the deputy editor of Jacobin magazine and author of the fantastic book Bigger Than Bernie, to figure out how the democratic socialism movement can build power and eventually run this place. (spoiler: we need to build mass political organizations and unionize workplaces everywhere).  Check out Micah's book Bigger Than Bernie here, available in both print ( and audiobook (  Also mentioned this episode is Micah's book about the Chicago Teacher's Union, which you can check out here (  To get involved in political organizing for the democratic socialist movement, the best place to start is joining the Democratic Socialists of America (the DSA), which you can do right now by clicking here (  And if you're interested in finding out how to organize a union at your workplace, one place to turn is contacting the Industrial Workers of the World (the IWW, also known as the Wobblies) by clicking here (  Mentioned in the episode: Noam Chomsky, Bad Faith podcast episode (  FOLLOW US ON TWITTER @steveanddecatur ( and BECOME A PATRON (
October 29, 2020
Marxism isn't scary, it's cool. Featuring Ben Burgis.
We interview philosophy instructor and author Ben Burgis about Marxism and why it's not the boogeyman your republican aunt told you it is. It's a critique of why capitalism sucks and set of democratic principles for the working class to fight for going forward. This episode was recorded on October 4, 2020.  Consider becoming a patron to unlock bonus episodes and support the show: Please pick up a copy of Ben's book, Give Them An Argument: Logic For the Left ( and subscribe to his podcast by the same name ( Check out and join the DSA:
October 15, 2020
Criminally Insane: Punishing Mental Illness and Disability
(Please note this episode was recorded on 9/12/20, before the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Also, please forgive the audio issues on this episode). With a clinical psychologist as today's guest host, we discuss the criminal punishment of mental illness and disability and our society's complete failure to meet the needs of the most vulnerable among us. Our leaders choose to arrest, imprison, and forget about mental illness and disability - out of sight, out of mind - leaving the rest of us to pick up the pieces and the tab.  The clinical psychologist in today's episode, it just so happens, is also our very own show producer, known on this show as "Dr. Peter Pantz." He also explains how socialism would be a great solution to the problems discussed in today's episode. How? You'll see. Or hear, actually. Please consider supporting the show on Patreon ( Please check out Current Affairs' great podcast episode on the social model of disability, mentioned in this episode ( Cover photo by Alina Grubnyak on Unsplash. Note: this audio file was updated to correct audio quality issues in the original file.
October 7, 2020
Democratic Socialism! with Nathan Robinson
We break down democratic socialism with Nathan Robinson, editor of leftist magazine "Current Affairs" and author of the book "Why You Should be a Socialist." We talk about what it is, why we're down for it, and why - if you want to build a better world - we think you should be down for it too. For more, pick up a copy of the book "Why You Should Be A Socialist" by  Nathan Robinson ( An audiobook version is available too ( To get involved in the democratic socialist movement, check out the Democratic Socialists of America ( Check out Current Affairs magazine's website ( Here is the documentary about the St. Louis projects that Decatur mentioned, called "The Pruitt-Igoe Myth" ( Episode cover photo by Doug Kelley on Unsplash
September 27, 2020
Free Speech is Dead with author Ellis Cose
Our hosts interview with author and former columnist, editor, and  correspondent Ellis Cose to discuss the myth of "free speech" in  America, how the right is co-opting the term to justify untruthful and  hateful political speech, and how - under the guise of "free speech" -  corporations, the rich, and the powerful have managed to dominate our political discourse and the outcome of elections at the expense of the rest of us. We learn why "free speech," for the common person, is dead.    Ellis Cose's most recent book: Our email: Cover photo by Zachary Keimig on Unsplash
September 17, 2020
Is this fascism?
We break down the hallmarks of fascist governments to look at whether the United States is going down that dark road. In a special bonus game-show segment, we ask several innocent citizens: "Who said it? Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, or Donald Trump?"  Featuring: Decatur Brent, Steve Daly, and our new producer, Dr. Peter Pantz.  Episode cover photo by Chris Boese on Unsplash. Intro music: Tangled by Emmit Fenn.  Ben Shapiro WAP Remix by DJ iMarkKeyz.  Outro music: A fascist montage by Decatur Brent Our podcast made the cut for this blog's list of top 15 leftist political podcasts. Check it out. Support our show on Patreon.
August 29, 2020
Trailer: SEASON 2
Little did you know, the first 8 episodes were “season 1” (we just decided this). We give you a little sneak peak of what is coming up for season 2 and beg for your money.
July 30, 2020
War on DRUGS
The "war on drugs" is an intentionally racist government program that has disrupted Black, underrepresented communities throughout the nation for over 30 years. It is a huge reason for the over-policing of predominantly Black neighborhoods, the state of mass incarceration, and why experts discuss our criminal legal system as being structurally, systematically racist. Steve and Decatur discuss the history of this domestic "war" on our own communities, drug policy, and why our government tells us drugs are bad when all the "cool" kids in school told you otherwise. Decatur put together an apple music playlist with songs about the war on drugs here: You can check out Michelle Alexander's full speech about the war on drugs, excerpted in the episode, here: Michelle Alexander's full book, The New Jim Crow, can be purchased here: Check out the official music video for Killer Mike's song, Reagan, here: Cover photo by Roberto Valdivia on Unsplash
June 17, 2020
Cop Out: Ending Systemically Racist Policing
Steve and Decatur talk about the recent protests, the racist history of policing in the United States, killer cops, police brutality, lack of police accountability, and proposals to rebuild American institutions to achieve true justice and equality for Black Americans. Photo by Koshu Kunii on Unsplash.
June 9, 2020
"I Can't Breathe"
Rest in peace, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery. Please see the links below to get involved.  Black Lives Matter website.  NAACP website.  ACLU website. website.  Justice Democrats website.  Link to full Big Floyd song sampled in episode.  Link to Killer Mike's speech, played in episode.  Link to Kevin Hart's message, played in episode. Music in this episode: Outro (White Smoke) by Endless Love
June 1, 2020
"Intellectual" Dark Web
Our hosts discuss the so-called "intellectual" dark web, other internet personalities, and how YouTube's algorithm has contributed to the rise of far-right nationalism. Please see the links below for further recommended reading/listening from some enlightened thinkers online, for free. Trust us, the links are legit ;) just click them, you'll see. Episode cover photo by Ludovic Toinel on Unsplash. Dr. Cornel West - a democratic intellectual. He is Professor of the Practice of Public Philosophy at Harvard University and holds the title of Professor Emeritus at Princeton University. He has also taught at Union Theological Seminary, Yale, Harvard, and the University of Paris. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard in three years and obtained his M.A. and Ph.D. in Philosophy at Princeton. Recommended introductory listening is his speech at a Bernie Sanders rally in Flint, MI, and his argument on Occupy Wall Street in Oxford, England. ContraPoints - Natalie Wynn is a social commentator, entertainer, and video essayist with over 850 thousand subcribers to her channel ContraPoints. Her videos on internet culture and online hate movements have become an online cultural phenomenon, gaining over 48 million views and earning her position as one of the most influential figures in online progressive activism. Kyle Kulinski - a left-wing radio host, social democratic political commentator, and the  co-founder of the political organization Justice Democrats. He is the host and producer of the YouTube show Secular Talk, an affiliate of The  Young Turks network. Secular Talk has over half a million subscribers  and nearly half a billion views. Ben Burgis - Ben Burgis is a philosophy professor and the author of of Give Them An Argument: Logic for the Left. He does a segment called "The Debunk" every week on The Michael Brooks Show. Here are his writings for the progressive Jacobin magazine.
May 16, 2020
Lacking Trust in a Secretive Government: UFOs and Conspiracies
What do Ronald Reagan, Harry Reid, and Tom DeLonge of Blink 182 have in common? UFOs. With special guest host The Quiet Giant, our hosts talk about the need for government transparency in a democracy and why people don't trust power. We talk about the recent "Plandemic" video, look at the Navy's recently released UFO videos, former Senator Harry Reid's $22 million UFO-investigation program, Tom DeLonge of Blink 182's UFO-research company, and why the Reagans believed in aliens.
May 9, 2020
Joe Biden: Alleged Assault and Lies
Our hosts discuss the ridiculous viral CNN interview with Las Vegas mayor Carolyn Goodman and continue their discussion of Joe Biden's candidacy, looking into his voting record, bizarre history of lying and plagiarism, and allegations of inappropriate behavior towards women. In the end, what do you do as a resident of the United States when you are faced with two options for president who do not represent you? (Voice acting: Victoria Spelman)
May 1, 2020
Joe Biden: Oil and War
Steve and Decatur talk about Joe Biden's interest in the oil world and his love of the Iraq war.
April 19, 2020
Coronavirus and the socialist Republicans
Our hosts discuss how the coronavirus caused the Republicans to pass a very socialist, bipartisan bill that literally hands out money to every documented person living in America, how the coronavirus is highlighting our inadequate social safety net in the United States and the weaknesses in a deregulated, capitalism-first society, how Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees might have the cure to coronavirus, and why New York City’s government telling us to do things they normally wouldn't bring up. Guest starring  Ruth Bader Ginsburg (no relation)
April 10, 2020
Trailer - Super Politics!
Has the coronavirus turned the Republicans into socialists? Which alleged sexual predator would make a better president? Is Trump tapping A-Rod for VP? Does the world need more podcasts? Find out this and more on Super Politics! The progressive political comedy podcast of your dreams.
April 9, 2020