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Super Sheroes

Super Sheroes

By Kailynn Gospel
Super Sheroes is a show about women empowerment and women empowering women of future generations.

Your host, Kailynn, will be interviewing women in the workplace, women in tech, women in philanthropy, women who code, women on the rise, women on the move, and women leaders and women of worth from all walks of life.

We hope to amplify girl power and expose young women to amazing women role models. Hopefully these Super Sheroes will inspire the girl genius in you and ignite your girl power no matter what age you are.
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Happy Mother's Day and Season 1 Wrap

Super Sheroes

Happy Mother's Day and Season 1 Wrap
This is the end of Season 1 of Super Sheroes. We look forward to coming back even stronger in Season 2.  Feel free to binge listen to the episodes, re-listen to episodes that you enjoyed, and PLEASE share this show with another current or future Super Shero. Happy Mother's Day :)
May 9, 2021
Entertainment industry consulting with Alex More
In this episode we speak with our Super Shero, Alex More. She speaks about her journey from being a self-proclaimed science geek to becoming a marketing consultant and working in the entertainment industry with brands such as WWE, Billboard, Amazon, Disney, etc.  She also touches on lessons learned from playing Division 1 volleyball in college as well as from her work in the music industry with artists like P. Diddy, Kelly Rowland, Justin Bieber, and Kanye West.  She is currently the VP of a subscription based social media platform startup called Weiv. Be sure to check it out at
May 1, 2021
From working in corporate law to gardening with Leslie Bennett of Pine House Edible Gardens
Our Super Shero, Leslie Bennett, on her journey from law to gardening, helping people reconnect to the land, and how she uses her equity pricing to prioritize black women in the gardening landscape with her Black Sanctuary Gardens Project. Links: Pine House Edible Gardens Black Sanctuary Gardens Pine House on Instagram
April 15, 2021
Diversity, motherhood, and digital design for Wells Fargo with Robin Beers
In this episode our Super Shero, Robin Beers, speaks about her career at Wells Fargo, becoming a mom at an older age, as well as equity, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace.
April 1, 2021
Fitness, Health, and Art Deco dancing with Kristi Major
In this episode we speak with our Super Shero Kristi Major, a personal trainer and member of the Decobelles (a historical, Art Deco dance troupe). She gives tons of knowledge on fitness, her love of celery juice, and overall health in general. Definitely a must listen. Hope you enjoy. Links mentioned: Kristi's Website The Decobelles Medical Medium
March 15, 2021
Becoming a Doctor at 50 with Dr. Jacks
Our Super Shero, Dr. Stephanie M. Jackson, also known as “Dr. Jacks,” is a Creative Chiropractor, a Master Educator and a Health and Wellness Coach. She drops some great insight on her life and what it is like to change your career in your 40s, while being a single mother, and graduating with her doctorate degree during a pandemic at 50 years old. Her story is truly inspiring!!! Age ain't nothin but a number. If you're looking for a Chiropractor in Atlanta, Georgia be sure to check her out. Dr. Jacks got your back ;) Website: Instagram: @DrStephanieJacks
March 1, 2021
From TV and film production to basketball coaching with Zahrah Farmer
In this episode we speak with our Super Shero, Zahrah Farmer. She is a writer, producer, teacher, director, journalist, and basketball coach.  Links: Days with Zarah Oakland Fire Teen Summit
February 15, 2021
A woman with many titles and tips, Loraine Binion
Our Super Shero, Miss Loraine Binion, drops some seriously amazing insight and tips in this episode. She is the Executive Director of Finance and Administration for the University Development and Alumni Relations Division at the University of California, Berkeley.  Loraine also serves as Treasurer of the UC Berkeley Foundation and Treasurer of the Berkeley Endowment Investment Management Company. Her accomplishments are abundant just like her advice and insight.
February 1, 2021
Tribute to a Super Shero
This episode of Super Sheroes is dedicated to one of my favorite Super Sheroes, Thuy Nguyen.  She would have definitely been a guest on this show for the amazing things she's done and the amazing person she was, but she sadly lost her battle with cancer before we could make it happen. I wanted to post this episode as a tribute to her memory and the light that shined so brightly through her and blessed the lives of many others.  Links mentioned in this episode:  SF Skate Club (be sure to check out the website)  SF Chronicle article about Thuy Nguyen (must read)  I am a Warrior video (must watch)
January 1, 2021
Rozie Kennedy of Brave Sis Project
Our Super Shero in this episode is Rozie Kennedy of the Brave Sis Project. We discuss her love for dance, her new day job, her amazing Brave Sis journal and her own personal journey. Be sure to check out the amazing Brave Sis Journal available now.  Bravery is not a choice. It's a force. Links: Brave Sis
January 1, 2021
Molly Bloom of Brains On and Smash Boom Best
In this pilot episode our Super Shero is Molly Bloom, the producer and host of Brains On! A science podcast for kids and curious adults. Molly loves finding out about the way things work, she plays the piano, and sings in a choir.  Learn more about Molly, her journey, and the things she's currently creating. Links mentioned: Brains On Smash Boom Best 
January 1, 2021
Super Sheroes Origin Story
Welcome to Super Sheroes, thank you so much for being here. I am your host Kailynn and this our origin story. Every super hero has one. In short, Super Sheroes is a show where I interview women with cool or inspiring jobs to find out how they go there, what it takes to be there, and where their powers will take them next. I hope the show is meaningful to you so that you can understand how hard people worked to get to where they are and what experiences they went through to choose the career path they did. And in the hope that others will understand the ups and downs of their career. Thanks for coming on this journey with me. This is Super Sheroes...
December 31, 2020