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Super Tight

Super Tight

By Woody
Conversations that inspire and educate the creative community.
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🎶Music Licensing w/ Jonathan Christiansen
Jonathan operates behind the scenes- literally.  An expert in music sync and licensing, he selects the music that plays in your favorite TV shows and movies.  Also a DJ and music producer, we super-nerd out on all things music.  Follow Jonathan @mixmason and 🙌
October 03, 2019
✨ Astrology Can Guide You w/ Yazamïn
Yazamïn is a astrologist also specializing in tarot, yoga and sound.  Mystic AF.  In this episode, we discuss the history of astrology, how we can use planetary energy to guide our lives and more. Hit up Yazamïn on IG @yazanadis and book a reading to change yo lifeeeeee ✨ Follow Super Tight on IG @supertightco 
August 20, 2019
Festival Photography w/ Jesse Lee Fulton
Ask forgiveness, not permission.  Jesse got his break in music festival photography by sneaking his camera gear into shows.  We talk about how he got into being a main photographer for Coachella, his new found passion for music making and more.   Follow Jesse: @jesse_lee_fulton Follow Super Tight: @supertightco
July 23, 2019
How Merch is Made - James Allen
James has been merchandise manager at Coachella for nearly a decade and has been in the streetwear game forever. We discuss his process for designing and producing merch, how clothing manufacturing affects the environment and more. Follow James: @pradajames Follow Woody: @supertightco
June 26, 2019
🥳 Touring Shenanigans w/ Robert Ortiz
We chat about touring with huge acts No Doubt and Blink 182, how sobriety has affected his creative output and Robert's new found love for making music coupled with high quality coffee. Follow Robert: Follow Super Tight:
June 11, 2019
Finding A Balance - Thurz
In this episode, Los Angeles native Thurz talks about balancing his family life with being a rapper, why quality music videos still matter and how he linked up with the legendary Dr. Dre and Anderson .Paak.  Check out Thurz @KingThurz
May 29, 2019
The Creative Journey
I've known Ross since pre-school.  We have been making music and art together for 30+ years and in this episode, run through a history of our journey.  From our 5th grade talent show to playing Coachella- we chat about the things we've done and how we got here.  Rossco: @rosscosoletrain Woody: @supertightco
May 15, 2019
Behind The Scenes of Music Festivals - Karlo Arenas
Karlo is an event production guru.  Starting with concerts and working his way up to large-scale festivals, Karlo has worked with Coachella, EDC, Fader Fort @ SXSW, Amazon, Google and more.  We chat about the behind the scenes of production, the now infamous Fyre Festival, how to deal with stress and more.   Connect with Karlo:, @thekarloian.tna,  @thenoiseacademy.prdctn  @supertightco
April 02, 2019
Consumer Valued Content - Kevin Herrera
How can brands impact culture?  Kevin quit his job as a talent agent at one of the biggest agencies in the world to start his company: TheMachine.  Him and his business partner are now focused on the future of branded content- helping brands create media that their consumers love.  We chat about the power of influencers, why Super Bowl ads aren't worth it and how brands can succeed in today's crazy digital landscape.  Check out Kevin and TheMachine @ @supertightco 
March 19, 2019
Super Tight is OFFICIAL! + The Solange App?
In this solo episode, I'm excited to finally announce my company: Super Tight.  We are a creative content agency specializing in audio/video/design.  I detail what Super Tight is and also give advice to Solange: make your own app and take over the world.   Check out for all info!  Thank you for listening!
March 14, 2019
Jack of All Trades in 2019- Mitchel Dumlao
It's OK to be a "Jack of All Trades" in today's creative climate.  Mitchel is a DJ, videographer and entrepreneur working with some of today's biggest brands and companies (Redbull, Lego, Champion, Braun +)  We discuss growing up Asian-American in the Hip Hop community,  becoming a DJ, how he got started making videos + more.  
March 05, 2019
Nom Yourself- Mary Mattern
Celebrity vegan chef and founder of Nom Yourself- Mary Mattern talks about the stigma attached to the vegan lifestyle, how she published a cookbook and where "Nom Yourself" came from.  Check out Mary Mattern: @nomyourself
February 19, 2019
Draw, Draw, Draw Everyday - Rey Paez
Rey Paez is an Illustrator and graphic artist who is know for his works with Star Wars and Stranger Things through his Tops trading card original works. We discuss people stealing his artwork, how music affects his drawing and habits for creative success. Check out Rey online @reypaezart // Follow Super Tight @supertightco // Thank you for listening! 
February 05, 2019
Return To Sound - Shiva
Meditation music, how social media affects the creative process and dream collabs- in this episode Woody gets "woke" with musician, DJ and wellness expert, @_shivamusic  Follow Super Tight @supertightco
January 23, 2019
What the F**k is Creativity? - Woody
Woody kicks off the Super Tight Show with a brief explanation on what creativity is, who he is and also dives into New Years resolutions.   Connect with us:  @supertightco
January 08, 2019