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Eat Sleep Suplex Retweet

Eat Sleep Suplex Retweet

By Suplex Retweet
Welcome to the home of Eat Sleep Suplex Retweet, a wrestling podcast based out of Scotland and the U.K. Through our team of knowledgeable fans of the industry, we bring you the best of all things wrestling, from the heights of WWE and AEW to the best of the Japanese and European scene. Some wrestling pods may just do previews and reviews, but here, we aim to produce analysis of a number of topics, whilst also providing a whole bunch of laughs and banter. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @SuplexRetweet.
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ESSR Feature #080 - ICW Square Go 2019 Preview Show

Eat Sleep Suplex Retweet

Saturday Draft Live #145
Dave and Ryan take a look at the top scorers of the week and predict who will be in the WarGames matches for Survivor Series
September 24, 2022
ESSR Central #093 - PAIGE HERE, AEW Grand Slam Fallout and WARGAMES!!
Ross returns from his excursions to Turkey as he's joined by Chris Anthony Lopez to look back at the first half of AEW's biggest week of TV of the year, plus the latest developments from a refreshed WWE.
September 23, 2022
Saturday Draft Live #144
Dave & Scott look at the leader board at the half way point of the season
September 17, 2022
ESSR Central #092 - NXT 2.0 Anniversary, PWI 500 & AEW Grand Slam tournament
Scott & John Isherwood look at two year anniversary of NXT 2.0, the PWI 500 and the continued fallout of AEW titles being vacated 
September 15, 2022
Saturday Draft Live #143
Ryan takes over hosting duties as he is joined by Jack to talk about his dominance so far in the season and picks his listeners league team to beat
September 10, 2022
ESSR Central #091 - Clash at the Castle, Worlds Collide & All Out Fallout
Scott & Dave look at the results of the big weekend of wrestling and the controversy around the AEW World Title
September 08, 2022
ESSR Feature #252 - The Wrestling MixTape
Steven is joined by Scott & Dave to look at a selection of matches chosen by each panellist
September 06, 2022
Saturday Draft Live #142
Scott & Ryan look ahead to how Clash at the Castle, Worlds Collide and All Out will impact the leaderboard
September 03, 2022
ESSR Central #090 - Clash at the Castle, Worlds Collide & All Out Preview
Scott & Dave look ahead to three major shows this weekend as well as all the latest news
September 01, 2022
East Meets West #035 - G1 Climax 2022
Scott & Grant look at the stacked field and complicated format of this year's G1 Tournament. They also look at some recent announcements from New Japan
August 28, 2022
Saturday Draft Live #141
With all the other co hosts unavailable Scott brings in Andy Mitchell to talk about the latest scores and how Andy is feeling about his return to the draft
August 27, 2022
ESSR Central #089 - NXT Europe, CM Punk Heat & Bound for Glory Main Event
Ross & Scott look at the biggest news stories including the announcement of NXT Europe, backstage heat between CM Punk & Hangman Page & the main event of Bound for Glory being made official 
August 23, 2022
Saturday Draft Live #140
Jack & Dave look at a close leaderboard and Dave picks his Listeners League team to beat 
August 20, 2022
ESSR Feature #251 - Quiz Showdown 20 The Great British Quiz Off
The quizzes are back as we bring Quiz Showdown to audio! Daniel hosts Kwaku, Andy, Scott and Chris Lopez on a quiz themed around WWE's history in the UK ahead of the historic Clash at the Castle!
August 19, 2022
ESSR Central #088 - Talent Returning to WWE, Mania Ticket sales & Impact Emergence
Ross & John Isherwood look at some of the recent developments in WWE since HHH has taken over, record WrestleMania ticket sales and the results of Impact Wrestling's Emergence 
August 18, 2022
Saturday Draft Live #139 - Season 14 Kickoff
Scott, Dave & Ryan look at the early scores and examine each team of the new season following the selection show
August 13, 2022
ESSR Feature #250 - Mount Rushmore of Heels
Allan hosts and tries to keep a lid on the discussions as the panel try to create their Ultimate 4 Heels in wrestling!
August 09, 2022
ESSR Central #087 - SummerSlam, Flair's Last Match & Karrion Kross
Scott & Ross look at the fallout of SummerSlam with WWE now under HHH's creative direction, Flair's last match and ahead of last night's Smackdown the return of Karrion Kross
August 06, 2022
Saturday Draft Live #138 - Season 13 Finale
Scott, Jack & Ryan look ahead to SummerSlam and discuss some rule changes for next season
July 30, 2022
ESSR Feature #249 - Randy Orton (Legacy to RKBRO)
Dave is joined by Daniel and Scott to continue their look at the decorated career of Randy Orton 
July 26, 2022
Saturday Draft Live #137
Jack and Ryan are hungover but that's not going to stop them from bringing you the top scorers and discussing some potential changes around non wrestler picks going forward.
July 23, 2022
ESSR Central #086 - Emergency Vincecast
John Isherwood and Ross McLeod react to news around Vince McMahon that no one thought they'd be talking about
July 23, 2022
ESSR Feature #248 - Best & Worst Money in the Bank Winners
Dave leads Ryan, Daniel and Chris Lopez in a debate of which Money in the Bank briefcase holders were the best and who was the worst
July 19, 2022
East Meets West #034 - G1 Preview
Scott & Grant look at Forbidden Door fallout before previewing the 4 Blocks of this year's G1 Climax Tournament
July 10, 2022
Saturday Draft Live #136
Scott & Dave look at the leaderboard post Money in the Bank and ask if Roman should be drafted next season with his limited appearances.
July 09, 2022
ESSR Central #085 - Money in the Bank, Logan Paul & WES
Ross & Dave look at the fallout of Money in the Bank, the controversy around WES and Logan Paul competing at SummerSlam
July 08, 2022
Saturday Draft Live #135
Scott & Ryan look at the fallout of Forbidden Door on the Draft and look at who will benefit from Money in the Bank & NXT Great American Bash
July 02, 2022
ESSR Central #084 - Forbidden Door, Against All Odds & Money in the Bank
Ross & Dave look at the fallout from Forbidden Door before looking ahead to Against All Odds and Money in the Bank
July 01, 2022
Saturday Draft Live #134
Dave & Ryan look at the limited draft representation on Forbidden Door and who might benefit most
June 25, 2022
ESSR Central #083 - Forbidden Door, Bruce Prichard & Slammiversary
Ross is joined by Dave to look ahead to Forbidden Door, Bruce Prichard taking over for Johnny Ace and discuss the fallout from Slammiversary  
June 25, 2022
ESSR Feature #247 - King of the Ring 2002
In our latest PPV lookback Scott is joined by Gary & Andy to look at the final King of the Ring PPV which sees the rise of the Next Big Thing
June 21, 2022
East Meets West #033 - Best of the Super Jrs 29
Scott & Grant look at very competitive Best of the Super Jrs tournament and a Dominion Card filled with big title matches
June 19, 2022
Saturday Draft Live #133
Ryan hosts for the first time alongside Jack to look at how he can keep his lead as the end of the season draws closer 
June 18, 2022
ESSR Central #082 - Vince McMahon Steps Down
Ross is joined by John Isherwood for a special episode of Central looking at the ever developing story regarding Vince McMahon. This was recorded before Vince's appearance on SmackDown
June 18, 2022
ESSR Central #081 - Interim AEW Champion, Cody's Injury & 20 Years of Impact
Ross is joined by Scott to go over the big stories of the last few weeks including new champions, injuries and previewing Slammiversary 
June 16, 2022
Saturday Draft Live #132 - Transfer Window Special
As scoring temporarily stops Scott & Jack examine which picks got transferred and who made the smart choices.
June 11, 2022
ESSR Feature #246 - John Cena Part 1
Dave is joined by Scott and Chris Lopez to look at the first 10 years if John Cena in WWE from Thuganomics to the multi time world champion 
June 07, 2022
Saturday Draft Live #131
Jack & Dave look at how Double or Nothing has impacted the scores before looking ahead to NXT In Your House & Hell in a Cell
June 04, 2022
Saturday Draft Live #130
Scott & Dave look at the top scorers heading into Double or Nothing and talk to Chris Lopez about his first solo season
May 28, 2022
ESSR Central #080 - Talent Walkouts, Dumb Spots & Double or Nothing
Ross is joined by John Isherwood to look at the Sasha and Naomi situation, Joey Janela's fire spot and look ahead to AEW Double or Nothing this weekend
May 25, 2022
ESSR Feature #245 - Extreme Rules 2011
Steven leads Scott & Dave through a lookback 11 years ago to a show from when WWE actually use to go Extreme at Extreme Rules
May 24, 2022
Saturday Draft Live #129
Jack & Ryan look at an interesting week for points and oversee a big title clash
May 21, 2022
Drew McIntyre Clash at the Castle Interview
Jack Graham got the chance to chat with Drew McIntyre ahead of tickets going on sale for WWE's first stadium UK PPV in 30 years to discuss what it means to him to be one of the faces of the show, his thoughts on Tyson Fury and how he feels about his favourite football team's chances in the Europa League final
May 18, 2022
ESSR Feature #244 - NXT TakeOver Chicago Look Back
Billy hosts as he takes Gary and Chris Anthony Lopez down memory lane to look back at one of the TakeOvers from the Black & Gold days of NXT.
May 17, 2022
Saturday Draft Live #128
Jack & Scott look at how the WrestleMania Backlash fallout impacted the table and look at the top 5 newcomer picks
May 14, 2022
East Meets West #032 - Wrestling Dontaku
Scott & Grant are back to look at some big developments with Ne Japan in the USA, a strong Wrestling Dontaku card and look at the announced line up for Best of the Super Jrs  
May 13, 2022
ESSR Central #079 - WrestleMania Backlash Fallout, Impact Under Siege and MITB
Ross is joined by Dave to look at Wrestlemania Backlash, Impact Under Siege and confusion about the MITB stipulation
May 12, 2022
ESSR Feature #243 - Funniest Wrestlers
Kwaku is back in the hosting chair with Daniel, David and Scott to discuss some of the funniest moments in Wrestling as well a who would be the FOAT (funniest of all time)
May 10, 2022
Saturday Draft Live #127
Dave & Ryan look a leader board that's getting close and who will benefit from Backlash
May 07, 2022
ESSR Central #078 - NXT Releases, WrestleMania Backlash & Forbidden Door
Scott & Chris look at the biggest stories from the last couple of weeks from more releases, to the NJPW & AEW crossover show announcement and previewing Backlash
May 05, 2022
ESSR Feature #242 - Cody Rhodes Profile
The Westend Nightmare Dave hosts a feature show on Cody discussing his career to date, ups downs and becoming undeniable. 
May 03, 2022
Saturday Draft Live #126
Scott is joined by Ryan Dalgleish to look at the scores from the last 2 weeks
April 30, 2022
ESSR Feature #241 - In Your House: Revenge of the Taker
Chris is joined by Scott & Gary to look back 25 years at a show that features the end of the Undertaker Mankind rivalry
April 19, 2022
Saturday Draft Live #125
Jack and Dave are here to look at who scored big in the first week of season 13
April 16, 2022
ESSR Central #077 - UK PPV, New NXT Tag Champions & AEW Bots
Ross is joined by John Isherwood to look at the main stories of the last 2 weeks
April 15, 2022
ESSR Feature #240 - Debating Chamber WrestleMania 38
Should WrestleMania remain a 2 night event? Will Bianca Bel Air become Mrs WrestleMania? Both of these get debated inside of our famous Debating Chamber!
April 12, 2022
Saturday Draft Live #124 - Season 13 Kickoff
It's a new season and that means all 4 hosts are together to break down the teams
April 09, 2022
East Meets West #031 - New Japan Cup 2022
Scott & Grant look at the 2022 New Japan cup featuring the biggest field in the tournament's history and look at big cards in both Japan and the USA
April 08, 2022
ESSR Central #076 - WrestleMania 38 Fallout
Ross is joined by Scott & Gary to look at both nights of the most stupendous WrestleMania ever
April 07, 2022
ESSR Feature #239 - Raw After Mania
Steven is joined by Allan, Dave and John as they discuss some of the iconic moments at Raw After Mania.
April 05, 2022
Saturday Draft Live #123
Jack & David Campbell are here to look at the top 3 teams, discuss the downfall of the GOATTones and say goodbye to the GOAT (For real this time)
April 02, 2022
ESSR Central #075 - A Stupendous Stand & Deliver & WrestleMania 38 Preview
Dave joins Ross to preview a big weekend of wrestling and answer the final GOAT's question
March 31, 2022
ESSR Feature #238 - Samoa Joe
Allan and Steven team up to look back at the illustrous career of Samoa Joe, through the indies to his long tenure in TNA before finally having a go - not once, but twice, in the land of WWE.
March 30, 2022
Saturday Draft Live #122
In the penultimate episode of the season Scott & Dave announce some captaincy changes and which team has the best advantage going into mania weekend next week 
March 26, 2022
ESSR Central #074 - Stand & Deliver Preview, Cody Signs & VEER IS COMING!!!
Ross is joined by Scott & John to preview NXT Stand & Deliver, Cody finally signing with WWE & the important news of when Veer is coming
March 24, 2022
ESSR Feature #237 - WrestleMania 22 Lookback
It really is the end of an era as The Goat David Campbell hosts his last feature show before retiring (not just tired). this time he assembles some Big Time losers to lookback at WrestleMania 22!
March 22, 2022
Saturday Draft Live #121
David Campbell & David Haughney look at the top scorers of the week and which picks are to be avoided next season
March 19, 2022
ESSR Central #073 - Scott Hall, Big E injury and BUTCH!
Scott steps into the hosting chair along with Dave to look at the big stories of the week and pay tribute to Scott Hall
March 17, 2022
Saturday Draft Live #120
Jack and Scott look at how AEW Revolution impacted the leaderboard, announce some captaincy changes and Jack has to admit some blame
March 12, 2022
ESSR Central #72 - AEW Revolution, Austin at Mania & New NXT Champion!
Ross is joined by Chris Anthony Lopez to look at Revolution, Austin responding to Kevin Owens and a new NXT Champion
March 11, 2022
ESSR Feature #236 - What If?.. WrestleMania Edition
David hosts as the panel discuss big mania moments over the years and discuss what might've happened with a different outcome.
March 08, 2022
Saturday Draft Live #119
Scott & a very sad David Campbell are joined by Chris Anthony Lopez to talk about his debut season and his partnership with Scott
March 05, 2022
ESSR Feature #235 - NXT Greatest Rivalries
Dave hosts as he takes Tom and Kwaku through memory lane to discuss some of the best rivalries in NXT!
March 01, 2022
East Meets West #030
Scott & Grant look at the big moments from the New Year's Golden Series Tour & preview the upcoming New Japan Cup
February 28, 2022
ESSR Central #071- Cesaro leaves WWE, Elimination Chamber & No Surrender Fallout
Ross is joined by John Isherwood to break down some of the big news stories and look at the fallout of some major PPV's
February 26, 2022
Saturday Draft Live #118
Jack hosts this one solo as he welcomes guest Billy to look at some of the good and questionable choices made by him and Stacey for their team
February 26, 2022
ESSR Feature #234 - Greatest Villains
Daniel hosts some deplorable people to discuss some of the greatest wrestling villains throughout history
February 22, 2022
Saturday Draft Live #117
Scott & Dave are joined by Ross to talk about his team and look at the top 3 ahead of the Elimination Chamber
February 19, 2022
ESSR Central #070- Cody Leaves AEW, Stone Cold Return & NWA Champ
Ross is joined by Scott to talk major stories like Cody leaving AEW & Stone Cold competing at WrestleMania 
February 16, 2022
ESSR Feature #233 – St. Valentine's Day Massacre 1999
Since this week’s show falls the day after Valentine’s Day, we're rewinding back 23 years to St. Valentine's Day Massacre, 1999. Andy Mitchell and Scott McLeod join Chris Murray to look back on the WWF's final In Your House Event - and the culmination of a 10 month feud between "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Vince McMahon, inside a steel cage (62:08). Plus, we revisit Mankind's WWF Championship defense against The Rock in the Federation's first-ever Last Man Standing match (48:53). In the final PPV stop before Wrestlemania 15, the WWF Intercontinental Championship is on the line, as Ken Shamrock defends against Val Venis (36:29) - while D'Lo Brown and Mark Henry challenge Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart for the WWF Tag Team Championship (30:04). We also have the first ever WWF Hardcore Championship match on pay-per-view, as Bob Holly takes on Al Snow to crown a new champion (16:50). Elsewhere, Goldust opens the show against Bluedust (12:07), Big Boss Man faces Mideon (24:01), and D-Generation X's Triple H and X-Pac take on The Corporation's Chyna and Kane (42:11). What are your memories of St. Valentine's Day Massacre? Let us know on Twitter or Instagram - just search "Eat Sleep Suplex Retweet".
February 15, 2022
ESSR Feature #232 - NXT 2.0
Steven is joined by David and John Isherwood as they look back at the first few months of NXT 2.0. As discuss how the rebrand came out to begin with, their thoughts on the newer wrestlers to appear on the brand, and what they'd like to see going forward.
February 14, 2022
Saturday Draft Live #116
David Campbell and a hungover Jack are joined by Ryan Gallacher who has a "Big Announcement"
February 12, 2022
ESSR Central #069 - Elimination Chamber, AEW Surprise & Bitter Ronda
Ross is joined by Dave to talk about the card for the Elimination Chamber, NXT Vengeance Day and who could be the surprise teased for Dynamite 
February 10, 2022
Jonathan Gresham Interview
John Isherwood sat down with ROH World Champion Jonathan Gresham after his recent Progress appearance to talk about his title reign and his approach to wrestling.
February 08, 2022
ESSR Central #068 - Royal Rumble Fallout
Ross is joined by Chris to examine the fallout from the Royal Rumble, Shane McMahon and the road to the Elimination Chamber
February 06, 2022
Saturday Draft Live #115 - Season 12 Kickoff
New season means the all 4 hosts get together to examine this seasons picks and some new pairings in the tag team season. The boys don't hold back in their opinions
February 05, 2022
ESSR Feature #231 - Ronda Rousey Career Profile
Before the Royal Rumble, Stevie hosted Gary and Tom to discuss the career and future of Ronda Rousey. This show was recorded before her Rumble win so hey here it goes...
February 01, 2022
Saturday Draft Live #114
It's the last week of the season and the two David's are ready to rumble! They give their thoughts on who is going to win, and are also joined by newcomer Billy Strachan to preview the tag season! Check it out!
January 29, 2022
ESSR Central #067 - Rumble Surprises, Beach Break & #FreeAli
Ross is joined by Scott to look at some potential surprise entrants for the Rumble matches, AEW Beach Break and several superstars contract status.
January 28, 2022
ESSR Feature #230 - Roman Reigns
ESSR's Big Dog Allan leads the panel in looking back over the career of the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns 
January 25, 2022
East Meets West #029 - Wrestle Kingdom 16 Review
Scott & Grant have 3 packed nights of New Japan's biggest show of the year to discuss. They look at early match of the year candidates, questionable booking decisions and everything in between. 
January 23, 2022
Saturday Draft Live #113
Scott & Jack are joined by current season leader Allan to talk about his chances of winning the season and who he'd like to team with next season 
January 22, 2022
ESSR Central #066 - Free Agent Cody, Ali Release & GUNTHER!!
Ross is joined by John Isherwood to look at a week full of contract news and bizarre name changes.
January 20, 2022
ESSR Feature #229 - Royal Rumble 1992 30 Years On
Steven hosts with Gary and Chris M joining the fray to discuss the event.
January 18, 2022
ESSR Central #065 - Saudi Chamber Match, PWI Awards & Battle of the Belts
Ross is joined by Dave to talk about a possible chamber match in Saudi Arabia, Battle of the Belts and Hard to Kill
January 16, 2022
Saturday Draft Live #112
David and Scott are joined by Tom to talk about the ups and downs of his debut season and who he'd want to be paired with in the upcoming tag team season
January 15, 2022
ESSR Feature #228 - 4 Pillars of AEW
Sarah assembles the ''4 Toothpicks'' of ESSR to discuss the 4 future stars of AEW!
January 11, 2022
ESSR Feature #227 - The Mount Rushmore of New Japan Pro Wrestling
Allan hosts another in the series this time looking at the 4 pioneers of NJPW
January 10, 2022
Saturday Draft Live #111
Jack and Dave kick off the new year looking at how the leaderboard  has changed over the festive period. They're joined by Grant McRobbie who offers an outsiders perspective of the season.
January 08, 2022
ESSR Central #064 - Tony Khan Tweet, Day 1 & New Year's Evil Fallout
Ross is back with Chris Anthony Lopez to talk controversy around a Tony Khan tweet, more releases and some big show fallout in WWE and AEW