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Support Our #creatives®

Support Our #creatives®

By Alan Greenstein
This is all about entertainment, concentrating on my experiences!
I am inspired by creatives because they are able to express and exhibit their views on the world. It is my passion to help a filmmaker bring their project to life – they must be seen and heard. Support Our #creatives is my passion “project.” My blog and this podcast has interviews I conduct with creatives; documents my experiences and those of my colleagues in the entertainment industry; and provides information on various aspects of film, TV, and new media production. Check out my website at
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Support Our #creatives® Meets Shawn Cornelius, A.K.A The Romantic Funnyman, #coWriter and #coDirector of “Whatever It Takes The Movie: When Blood Runs Cold”
Shawn Cornelius, The Romantic Funnyman, is involved in so many disciplines of entertainment. He added these disciplines to his repertoire in a deliberate manner and has achieved expertise with them over the years. Learn all about Shawn in my interview. This episode is also available as a blog post: Note:  The voice you hear is computer-generated text-to-speech derived from the blog post.
March 05, 2021