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SurfSaaS Radio

SurfSaaS Radio

By Shehraj Singh
Welcome to the Surf Saas Podcast. The Podcast that helps entrepreneurs to grow their business with actionable strategies + Save up some money with hot SaaS Deals.
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Examples of Referral Marketing Campaigns

SurfSaaS Radio

AI Copywriting Tools
GPT-3 is hot in the market! In this episode, I talked about few AI content generator tools which are able to grab my attention. Show notes:
August 07, 2021
How Dawood Khan Turned his Troubles Into 5 Figure Business (Pixelied)
In this podcast interview, We've discussed How Dawood got an Idea about Pixelied. How he is marketing this tool in the market.  Get Pixelied (Affiliate): Time Stamps: 0:24 - How Dawood Started With Pixelied 3:30 - Pixelied Development + Hurdles 5:52 - Pixelied Expenditure (Development + Marketing) 10:39 - Traffic Strategy For Pixelied 13:29 - Content Marketing Strategy of Pixelied 17:00 - Performance behind Facebook Ads 20:15 - What After this Appsumo Launch 🚀 21:40 - Knowing Pixelied Audience  23:55 - Pixelied First Step After Launch (Little Surprise from me) 25:25 - Appsumo Launch Stats 28:00 - Pixelied Roadmap 29:20 - How they managed Customer Support That's All for this interview
January 15, 2021
What is Content Marketing? How to Execute 4 Pieces of Content
Today, I have talked about what is content marketing and how you can leverage the four pieces of content for the maximum effectiveness for your marketing campaigns
November 15, 2020
Workflow talk on Solopreneur Vs An Entrepreneur
I've talked about the one workflow difference between SOLOPRENEUR AND ENTREPRENEUR
November 14, 2020
The Art of Reinvesting
In this podcast, I've talked about Why The Art of Reinvesting Is crucial for your business. SurfSaaS Newsletter:
November 13, 2020
Podcast Updates: Black Friday Deals, 2 episodes per days etc...
In this episode, I've given some updates around the SurfSaaS show. Highlights are: We're updating two episodes per day + Crazy Black Friday deals on our blog. Checkout:
November 10, 2020
✅ Nimbus Note Review: Is this Next Evernote or Loom?
Recently, Appsumo launched NimbusNote. A tool for a workspace management tool that is having 300+ reviews on appsumo. They are marketing them as loom and Evernote alternative. So, Let's find everything out in this Nimbusnote review. Video Link: Links to check out: Checkout Lifetime deal: (Affiliate link)
November 06, 2020
100+ Podcast Downloads + Free Consulting Call
The SurfSaaS Podcast recently completed 100 Downloads. Thank you so much for your ❤. I also giving away free private consulting call. Want to have that: email me
November 05, 2020
Online Reputation Management
November 04, 2020
Appsumo Black Friday 2020
Hey Somuling, Warm welcome to the coming appsumo black Friday deals. Honestly, I can't wait for Black Friday.  That's what I've talked about in this podcast episode Blog Post + Community: Your Money Saver, Shehraj Singh
November 03, 2020
The Law of 100 | Find Your Passion
Hey everyone, In this episode I have talked about something called the law of 100.  Join the community:
November 02, 2020
Why You Need to Leverage Remarketing Ads in your business.
Are you still losing out hot customers by not retargeting them with ads. Then, This is must checkout for you
October 31, 2020
Examples of Referral Marketing Campaigns
Want to learn how companies like Facebook, Hotmail grown their customer base just because of referral marketing. Then this podcast is for you.
October 30, 2020
GeniusLink Vs Switchy, Rebrandly, ClickMagick
In this video, I've compared geniuslink with other URL Clockers. Checkout and signup to newsletter  Links Mentioned Direct Link: Checkout Switchy Review->
October 29, 2020
Best Practices For Image Optimization For Non-techie Entrepreneurs
Are you struggling to do image optimization for your website? In this podcast, I covered the best image optimization practices based on Speed + SEO optimization.  Links Mentioned:  My ShortPixel Review:   + Lifetime Deal Link:  Google's Guidelines For Image SEO:
October 28, 2020
ShortPixel Review: Ultimate Plugin For Image Compression [LTD Alert]
In this video, I've talked about the short pixel review. Given you some reasons why you need to have their lifetime deals. Claim Short Pixel Lifetime deal: (Affiliate Link) Review Video Here:
October 27, 2020
Amazon Vs Elon Musk: Personal Brand Vs Centralized Brand
What is the difference between Amazon and Elon Musk? Simple,  Amazon is a Centralized Brand  Elon Musk is an personal brand. This what I've discussed in this podcast episode. Community Panel:
October 26, 2020
Why You Need To Focus on Serving the Existing Customers Rather Than Acquiring New Ones
I've shared the idea of the 80:20 rule to focus on  Serving the Existing Customers Rather Than Acquiring New Ones. This simple practice will help in: Increasing Customer Value Increasing Customer Trust (Relationship) Increasing Word of Mouth. BYW, You can drop your questions on this blog post: Regards, Shehraj Singh (Founder of SurfSaaS)
October 25, 2020
Why You Need Branded Short Domains For Your Business
Why you need to have a Branded short domain for your business. Why companies like Facebook and Amazon are using it.  Checkout Switchy Review->
October 24, 2020
My Top 7 Tools Without I Can't Do Effective Marketing
Looking for my top treasure. Here you go with the list of my top tools I use on daily basis.  Links Mentioned:  Resources -> Contact Form -> Signup for newsletter -> I hope you liked this. Signing off, Shehraj Singh Founder of Shehraj Singh
October 23, 2020
AppSumo Alternatives: Grow The Craze of LTD
Want to know some useful appsumo alternatives that will help you to find some useful lifetime deals. Then, This episode is for you :)
October 22, 2020
AppSumo Review: What i Feel About Thier Business Model.
I've reviewed Appsumo that is a very Popular market pace for SaaS deals. Want to stay updated with our podcast ? Checkout Newsletter:
October 21, 2020
Why Some SaaS Founders Are Playing Short Term Game ?
Why some SaaS Founders start to be disappearing after one year of their software launch.  Signup for newsletter -> Few Resources ->
October 21, 2020
Intro of SurfSaas Podcast
This episode is the intro of the SurfSaaS podcast. Podcast will be broadcasted soon on the web.
October 20, 2020