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Train Your Brain, Claim Your Power

Train Your Brain, Claim Your Power

By Susan Sherayko
This program is about training your brain to claim your power so you can optimize your life. Why? Because everything begins with a thought and how you think determines your results. You create what you want, starting with the thoughts you have and the words you speak. You have within you the power to handle whatever life throws your way, achieve the lifestyle of your dreams, and enjoy everyday life in the process. Start by recognizing the pillars that sustain a well lived life -- our mindset, health, finances, resilience, preparedness, relationships and community involvement.
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Lloyd Gross Introduces "Fried Oyster Sandwich: An Alternative History of the Confederacy"
"Fried Oyster Sandwich" is a work of fiction set in the historical south, based on a question.  What if the Confederacy had won the civil war? The answer:  World War II would never have happened if the Confederacy had won the war.  
May 23, 2022
Betty Hanks' Infant and Early Childhood Curriculum
Betty Hanks has run an early childcare center for years.  She found that the parents and teachers would benefit from a guide that is quick and easy to use.  The result?  She created two, one for infants and the other for children who are 1-5 years old. 
May 22, 2022
LaVetta Hankins-Price Transformed "Emotional Dependency"
As written in the foreword, LaVetta Hankins-Price's book "Emotional Dependency" is about layers of emotional baggage that women carry around with them.  Many stay silent, reluctant to expose their hurt and pain associated with mental and verbal abuse.  LaVetta had a similar story until this "tell-all must-read book was written."  She had reached a point in her life when she never went out and felt really bad about herself.  Now, the silence has stopped.  She is available to speak on this topic and can be reached at  A second book is scheduled to be published by the end of 2022: "I Wanted the Wedding, But Not the Marriage."  
May 19, 2022
Beverley Buckley Knows Hidden Truths About the "Final Days of Judgment"
For thousands of years, man has anticipated the earth ending in chaos, a situation where the entire infrastructure of earthly life is demolished.  However, Beverley Buckley gets glimpses of new processes being put in place.  People are waking up and learning that there is a structure of rules that, if we will learn them, will allow life to be extraordinary.  
May 04, 2022
Henry Dyson's Franklin Meyers Series Stretches Children's Imaginations
Henry Dyson has written several books in which he shares experiences of growing up in South Carolina in the late 1940s and 1950s.  He shares games they played, creative use of materials that were on hand, and historical events that tied to the nation's story of segregation.  
May 04, 2022
Roxanne Chapman Shares "Poems From Behind the Wall"
Years after the events of this story, Roxanne Chapman shares the poems written by her deceased husband while he was in prison.  She also shares the story behind the story of abuse, threats and ultimately a suicide.  She was able to find support through these experiences with groups like Circle of Violence and Survivors of Suicide.  Unfortunately, these organizations are no longer active, leaving a void in the support structure for victims like Roxanne  
May 02, 2022
Lilly Violet Tells Cinnia's Story of War Torn Childhood and Abuse
What is it like to grow up in war torn countries?  What does it do to the psyches of our youngest who have no other options?  What does it to their relationships later in life?  This is Cinnia's Story.  And what emerges?  Love.
May 02, 2022
Mary Turkington Helps Us Navigate The ABCs of Proverbs
If you have ever read the Book of Proverbs, you know that it is filled with wisdom in what seems to be no discernable order.  Mary Turkington spend a few years organizing a concordance for Proverbs.  It was over 500 pages and no one wanted to publish it.  So she condensed the information into topics, cross referencing verses.  The result is a user friendly book, complete with devotionals on topics we all can use.  
May 01, 2022
Joanne Lynam was Blessed by "An Angel at My Door"
When she was 6 weeks pregnant, Joanne Lynam knew that the child she was carrying would have Down's Syndrome.  At her daughter's birth, the doctors wanted her to walk away and let them deal with the infant.  Yet Joanne was firm in her decision to be mother to that baby.  Today, her daughter is grown and has a business of her own, thanks in large part to the support that Australia gives to disabled children.  Learn more about what Joanne was able to do to provide her daughter with a full life.  
May 01, 2022
Don Loftis was "Born to Preach"
Don Loftis began preaching when he was 14 years old when he felt called to do so.  In the Pentecostal tradition, it is not the norm, but not unheard of either.  Over the years, Don found that certain aspects of the church were troubling.  There was a stratification that caused competition and subsequent attempts to destroy church leaders with whom leaders disagreed.  Don's book is one voice calling for change based on his understanding of the Bible.  
April 25, 2022
In "The Gravel Road," David Handelman has Written a Thriller Set in the International World of Auctioneers
Are you looking for global intrigue and adventures set in new places?  David Handelman has created such a world in his thriller "The Gravel Road."  Starting in the dust bowl in 1943, Jonah Knight is thrust into this new environment when his family loses everything during an auction, including their will to live.  In the process, it gives Jonah an instant purpose in life and strong determination.  "The Gravel Road" is the first in a series of books about Jonah Knight's adventures.
April 24, 2022
Sandra Swain Teaches Children How to Believe in Themselves in "How Willie the Wombat Won the Race"
Sandra Swain loves to write children's books as an opportunity for children to learn life lessons.  The lesson she offers in "How Willie the Wombat Won the Race" is that if you believe you can, you can.  She modeled the situation after the story of Roger Bannister's 4 minute mile.  No one believed it could be done until Roger Bannister did it, then one by one others achieved the same mile marker.   This and other books are available at Amazon, Target, and Walmart online.  She's also very active in social media with 2,000,000 Facebook users.  U.S reviews of her books have been good and she was a finalist in the Eric Hoffer Book Awards.  She has just started a Good Reads campaign.  This is a good book for schools to use in group discussions.  
April 24, 2022
To Create The Fantasy Series "Cobble City I and Cobble City II," Todd Monger Thought About What He Would Write as He Worked and Watched Star Wars and Lord of the Rings
Writing and publishing a book is not always easy.  Todd Monger wrote for years as he worked to raise his daughter.  Finally, an inheritance provided the funds to finish the project and a dream became a reality.  Watching Star Wars and Lord of the Rings at night, he would think about what he would do.  Then during the day, going through the routine of his position, he had plenty of time to come up with ideas.  His daughter is one of his biggest supporters.  
April 24, 2022
David Butler was "Walking in Darkness, Then the Light"
What would you do if you learned your child's teacher did drugs?  David Butler was such a teacher.  He got involved with drugs while in college and continued as he started his teaching career.  Twenty years later, his drug use had intensified.  Living on very little sleep, he was probably near death, yet he still able to function in this 8th grade classroom.  Finally, he was arrested, put into rehab and on probation.  That was the beginning of the turning point in his life.  As they say it, "he got religion."  Now he gets the message out any way he can: Drugs are bad.  Hell, no, let's go.  Get away from them as fast as you can.  
April 24, 2022
Laura Brunetti Supports Art Therapy in "ArtCare: Bridge to Hope" and Caring Canvas Pallette of Hope
Laura Brunetti is an art therapist.  She helps individuals with a wide range of conditions:  Alzheimers, seniors, brain trauma, vets, PTSD, depression, at risk kids and alcoholics among them.  For her, it is like magic to see the improvements people make through art.  She makes herself available through and will send free copies of her book to those who reach out to her.  These are books people use.  She speaks at universities, nursing homes, and wherever there is a need.  
April 23, 2022
C. J. Teahan Writes About the Impact of Traumatic Brain Injury
C. J. Teahan has been her children' best support system after each of them experienced traumatic brain injuries on separate occasions.  Her daughter Caron was in an accident that took one year to learn to talk again.  Returning to school posed a monumental problem, but, with the help of her teachers, Caron surmounted those issues and graduated summa cum laude.   Years later, C. J.'s son Todd was trapped in a back seat and in a coma for 5-6 months.  Her first book, "Caron: Awakening" tells Caron's story.  The second book, "The ABCs of TBI" came much later.   The books are available on Amazon and the author's website: 
April 23, 2022
Jeff Loefer Creates The Last Crusader to Defeat the Goblins
There is something wonderful about a story written for a high school assignment takes on a life of its own to become a book.  That's what happened with The Last Crusader.  All the time he was in college, Jeff Loefer was working to bring this book to reality.  He is currently writing his second book and would enjoy continuing.  You can keep track of his writing endeavors at  
April 23, 2022
Eric Redic Shares "It is All About Love"
Rev. Eric Redic has spent a lifetime of travelling the world through the ministry.  Before he became a minister, Rev. Redic had a TV ministry in Las Vegas.  Now retired, he shares his observations that the image of God and the covenant did not match.  The Old Testament is all about Jesus.  God knows the end from the beginning. All of our problems come humanity trying to be their own God.  The new earth that is prophesied is God getting back to original state: love for God and for one another.  
April 20, 2022
Our Children are Watching Us is Don Walker's Theme throughout His Books
When Don Walker's wife passed away, he was left the single dad of a 4 week old daughter.  His journal became his therapy, and ultimately the source for his first book, "Notes from a Black Child's Father."  Writing remains an outlet for him.  Other titles include:  "Consumed by One Another," "Just Us," "The Locust," "Hearing Voices," "Get Up God's Child, Don't Beg," "White Flight, Black Butterfly," "Why Can't You Mind Your Own Business," and "What Are You Looking For?" In the midst of world situations and racial issues, Don learned to "sweep around your back door before the front door."  Yes, racism is real.  Jim Crow was real, but stop focusing on the outside.  Be the best we can be - spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally.  Look for the opportunities that come your way and remember, our children are always watching us.  It's important to look around and see who is following you.  
April 20, 2022
Finding Self-Worth was Erika Rhodes Journey to Freedom
Erika Rhodes tucked years of abuse out of mind, but there was an emotional price to pay.  She never learned to trust anyone, always assuming the worst, and being sarcastic.  But by the grace of God, she became aware and began to grow.  Her book is her journey to freedom.  
April 20, 2022
"Latent Heat" is David Fredette's Personal Phase Change Expressed Through Poetry
David Fredette went through a personal phase change over a one year period.  He expressed this through poetry.  Today, you may find him performing some of these poems at coffee shops, bars, restaurants and other open mic events.  He appears regularly in a variety of locales. 
April 19, 2022
Dan Toogood Created Delta U to Teach Young Adolescents How to "Adult"
There is a path between teenager and young adult that is not always clearly defined in the education system.  Dan Toogood is correcting that gap in his new book and course "Delta U: The Changes Starts with You."
April 18, 2022
Melinda Summers Fights for Transgender Rights "Until It Ends"
Melinda Summers is an example of someone who was aware of not being comfortable in her body when only 5 years old.  She has been going through the very physical process of gender change in a 10 year program.  The topic is highly controversial, yet she will keep on talking about it until the social stigma ends.  
April 13, 2022
Abimbola Essien-Nelson Shares "Oluwashola the Story of Us"
Known as Salt, Abimbola Essien-Nelson wrote her book "Oluwashola the Story of Us" as a tribute to her younger sister who unfortunately died at 36 under mysterious circumstances.  Also, growing out of her feelings for her sister, Salt founded Sholly's Serenity Place, a ten bed facility for abused women under the auspices of the Shola Adefolalu Gaska Foundation.   The Ladies of Africa named Salt in their 100 Most Inspiring Women 2022 in Nigeria.  The foundation feeds the poor, provides some financial support, and works to prevent sugar diabetes.  Nigeria has no government programs and fewer than 30 shelters in the whole country, so Salt has had to self-fund through grants.  Salt speaks publicly and maintains a strong presence on social media.  
April 12, 2022
Maria Mansfield Knows Life is Worth Getting Better
Maria Mansfield suffered for years from depression, anxiety and bipolar II disorder.  Her book "Life is Worth Getting Better" is her inspirational journey to health and well-being.  Now a life coach, Maria talks about the various therapies that helped her medical team wean her off drugs and medications to enjoy a restored life.  She now volunteers at the hospital and is active in NAMI as a recovery coach.  Since her first book, Maria has also written "Honoring Your Recovery" which is a workbook and also available in Spanish.  Her message:  People do get better.  When you find purpose, you get a second chance.  Check out where there are free resources to help you get started on your own journey or help someone else get started on theirs.  
April 11, 2022
Fern Jackson Mourned For Her Son Until She Accepted "Awe-some-tism"
Fern Jackson went through all the stages of grief when she learned her son had a pervasive development disorder that we commonly call autism.  She was in total disbelief, denial, bargaining with God, and all the other negative emotions.  Then one day, she realized that other children have problems.  Why not her son?  And in that moment, she accepted the situation.  It's an awesome and inspirational story. 
March 24, 2022
Vernessa Fountains Suggests You Let God Rub You the Wrong Way
Human beings come with a number of irritants that God doesn't like.  God can rub those out while he's rubbing in more joy and peace.  He can do both.  
March 24, 2022
Maxine Allen Rifenburgh was "Awakened by My Angels"
Abuse is an ongoing problem throughout the world.  Part of the reason it continues in spite of the light we cast upon it is the code of silence that prevents victims from speaking up.  Maxine Rifenburgh was a victim of abuse, however, she was awakened by her angels so that she could learn to heal.  
March 24, 2022
J. Peter Hall Brings His Travels to Light in "A Narrative Tale of Morocco"
Peter Hall wrote his comments about his trip to Morocco on the back of a pocket notebook, then compiled his photos and those he researched to create an historical story of Morocco, centered on the places he visited.  The book has been translated into Arabic. 
March 14, 2022
Percy Brown Shares the Value of Martial Arts in His Book "Gang Member"
Percy Brown grew up in some tough neighborhoods.  He also determined he had to be able to defend himself so his mom enrolled him in Tai Kwan Do.  He never stopped training.  Now a 5th degree working on his 6th, Percy teaches martial arts in Alabama.  He shares his thought that he has learned there is value in trying to be a good person.  His Korean grandmaster put it a different way.  Life is more than being a good and better fighter.  It was to be a great man.  Tai Kwan Do has kept him to that path.  
March 14, 2022
Ollie Marshall Created the ABC Character Builder to Teach Phonics, Culture and History
Being a student in Ollie Marshall's class must be fun.  Using phonic play, characters and symbols, she created an ABC character builder.   She has gone on to write other books, most recently "Scatter Changes, Step Ladder Changes."  This book is receiving global attention.  
March 14, 2022
Welcome to Thumar and a Time Paradox
Timothy Murray has created a new world Thumar where the central characters touch the wrong button in a time machine and find themselves in a time loop.  There are treacherous, simple, interesting curves and turns, including meeting themselves.  There are magical other worldly creatures and adventures, all of which make for a engaging story.  
March 14, 2022
Joseph Valencia remembers Fire Storm 1977, one of the worst California fire season in history.
Joseph Valencia will never forget the summer of 1977 when four separate fire storms swept through California -- Honda Canyon Fire, Sycamore Canyon, Vandenberg and Bakersfield.  He captured the events in his book, "Beyond Tranquillon Ridge." Years later, he and two others brought their memories together to create a documentary The Fire Storm 1977.  The fire department studies these fires in the classroom and at stands in the field and Valencia's book contributes to the safety of the community.  
March 14, 2022
Vernon Lucas is "Standing in the Shadows of Street Legends"
Vernon Lucas grew up in the music world during the 1970s.  That put him right in the middle of the mix of musicians and drug dealers at that time, made more complicated by a diagnosis of a bipolar disorder.  It took a great deal of work, but he is doing well.  He has a talent acquisition business in New York City and a non-profit to promote mental wellness.  
March 12, 2022
Robert Wilson's Books Explore a New Take on Hypnosis - Hypnoaccuity
When Robert Wilson left his hard working lifestyle, he turned to the study of hypnosis.  Now a certified hypnotherapist, Robert uses a variety of literary approaches to draw individuals into internal explorations, opening up to positive changes.  
March 12, 2022
Tanya Tiedje's "The Lantern" is a Bridge from Dogmatic Creed
Tanya Tiedje was inspired to write this book as she was struggling with what she had been traditionally taught.  The church was punishing -- 99% dogma, 1% divine.  Then she found a book about eternal Universal truths that changed her life.  The message is about love.  Once we have that in place, all the rest falls in place.  
March 12, 2022
Julie Richard's Book "The Last Dance" is a True Story of Overdose
"The Last Dance" is a story from the 1960s, although it could happen today just as easily.  A 16 year old girl goes to a dance and overdoses in the parking lot.  The dealer dumps her at the hospital entrance where she dies.  It didn't have to happen.  Julie Richard dug into the story that her grandmother would tell and shares it to warn others.  The area schools made it mandatory reading.  
March 12, 2022
Alexander Joyeux Paid a Price for "Diabetic Denial"
Diabetes can cause major damage to your body if left untreated.  Alexander Joyeux knows this story all too well.  After being diagnosed, he ignored some symptoms and wound up needing a partial amputation.  What Alexander has to share can help save lives by raising awareness about this disease.  
March 12, 2022
Skip Flanagan Believes "Your Only Choice is to Become Rich"
Entrepreneur Skip Flanagan thinks that America is broken now.  But not in the way you may think.  Even though he was once on probation, he fixed his mistakes in spite of a great many restrictions and limitations on what he could and could not do in his community.  By sharing his experiences, he wants to give you hope to trust in God and believe in the American dream.  You can make your dreams come true and he's an example of it.  
March 12, 2022
Mary-Virginia Pittman Teaches Through "Four Legged Heroes"
Mary-Virginia PIttman share a few special stories about hero dogs ranging from the bravery of sled dogs during the 1925 diptheria epidemic of 1925, the intelligence and communication skills of these dogs.  Mary-Virginia believes parents should never tell their children that they are too young to pursue their dreams.  There are ways we can support dreams by answering questions, supporting their dreams, talents and capabilities.  
March 12, 2022
Reginald Philpott Introduces Us to "April Darling"
Retired before his time, Reginald Philpott was searching for an idea for what he could do with his life.  An idea flew past him.  You can use a computer.  Write a movie.  But what?  Then a small blurb in the newspaper set off his imagination:  Man goes missing and returns as a woman.  The result is a novel with the feel of a James Bond thriller, although in this case it's a Jane Bond thriller.  
March 11, 2022
Charley Swords Dares You to be a Revolutionary Leader
Charley Swords became aware of a solutions management style that could improve the situation of all employees and it ignited the Irish revolutionary in her.  Leaders need to step back and take a look at themselves.  What are their values?  What is their vision?  Once you have that, apply it to the employees too.  Change the corporate culture.  You can do it! 
March 04, 2022
Jeremiah Miller's Celestial Symphony of a Soul Skipper
This program begins with the Celestial Symphony itself.  Jeremiah has expanded beyond what he call orthodox Christianity to discuss experiences he has had that the church could not explain for him.  He asked God what is true, what is not.  He investigated the lost books of the Bible found in the Nag Hamadi.  There he found expressions of ancient people's personal experience of the Divine - emotional, feelings, thoughts they were trying to understand.  These were messages of the heart that we all have the ability to hear, if we listen.  There is so much more that we are just beginning to understand.  Start with the 7 minutes of the Celestial Symphony and go beyond from there. 
February 21, 2022
Leroy Hubbert on "An Inspirational Explosion from Deep Within
To most people, Leroy Hubbert could be taken as a regular person, working in the military and caring for his family.  Yet Leroy has been given a great gift.  The Holy Spirit talks to him.  Leroy has shared these messages on social media, in his book, his website and also talks via Zoom and in libraries.  The messages are inspirational in nature.  His suggestion:  Let the inspiration carry you. 
February 20, 2022
Donna Bethea Children's Book is Fiction Around "The Science Project"
Children's books are a fabulous way to convey ways to make the world a better place.  In "The Science Project: A Children's Book" a group of 8th graders come together to work cohesively in spite of diverse backgrounds and their sense of being outcasts.  
February 12, 2022
Calvin Kerr's Life Reflected in "Hard Head City"
Calvin Kerr has woven 8 short stories together around the theme of his life from growing up in Memphis through his career in the military.  If there is a theme connecting them, it is that he has had the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others.  
February 12, 2022
Jacquie Jordan Trains TVGuestperts
Jacquie has created a full-service promotion, marketing, business strategy and media services company for people she trains to be TV Guestperts.  She has her own podcast "Front & Center" and has been nominated for 2 Emmys.  If you are an expert, influencer or simply want to get your message out, you'll want to listen to what Jacquie has to say and put it into practice.  
February 10, 2022
Paul Scrase Shares the Underbelly of Bristol in Sticks and Stones
The story of Paul Scrase's life is on the dark side.  It's an unsavory environment for someone raised in polite society - which he was.  It started innocently enough: smoking, setting fires, that kind of thing but continues to get worse throughout his life.  It's a hard life for the family.  
February 10, 2022
Mystery, Romance Combine in One Love in Oklahoma by Jennifer Black
Jennifer Black loves writing historical novels, romances, and mysteries.  In "One Love in Oklahoma," she adds a meddling old man, a professional ball player, and repressed memories of a murder.  
February 07, 2022
For a Schizophrenic, Communication is Key
Patricia Abaya has had 3 mental breakdowns over the past 40 years.  She works in the health community and is active in mental health committees.  Her purpose was to raise awareness about mental disorders and let people know that clear communication is the goal when working with people who have mental challenges.  
February 06, 2022
Rose Fancy Talks Nutrition in "An Issue of Blood"
Rose Fancy was in chronic pain.  She tried all manner of solutions that did not work.  The pain got even worse.  Then she tried a vegetarian diet and the pain went away.  Rose began to study nutrition and became aware of the nutrition spectrum.  It could make a difference in your health.  
February 04, 2022
The Invisible Women in Scripture and Church Law
Sister Sandra Makowski was one of the women permitted to study Canon Law under revisions made by Pope John 23rd in the late 1970s.  As she studied, she began to observe what women could and could not do by the Roman Catholic Church as a way to have a perfect society.  It was, in part, a third wave of feminism: first during the Civil War, next around 1917 over the right to vote and yet again in the 1970s for additional women's rights such as the right to own their own property.  Sister Sandra continues to study and work in this area. It is still a controversial topic.  Her next work is autobiographical.  Working title: Searching for God & Finding a Treasure
February 03, 2022
"Letter to My Dad" by Chucky Quartarola Raises Awareness of Huntington's Disease
Chucky Quartarola's wife suffers from Huntington's Disease.   A debilitating disease similar to ALS, there is no cure and few people know much about it.  His hope is that this book will raise awareness and increase donations to the Huntington's Disease Society of America for research.  He is available to speak at organizations and community groups as part of his personal campaign to make a difference.  
February 02, 2022
Amanda Nairn Speaks Her Truth in Amandas Tale
Amanda Nairn went through an experience that is rarely discussed.  It was a journey in pursuit of suicide that began with cutting.  She drafted the book while she was in psychiatric care, utilizing the drawings and journal entries she created during that healing process.
February 01, 2022
Optimum Vizhen Honors His Dad in "Hell and Back"
"Hell and Back" is only one of the books written by Optimum Vizhen, including "The President's Apocalypse" and "The New Friendship Bible."  The majority of these books have a Biblical or spiritual connection, but don't expect your garden variety of ideas.  O.V. likes to stretch his mind beyond the traditional training of his youth.  Imagine a world in which God is lonely and looking for friendship.  What will it be like to heal past, present and future and walk into eternity together now? 
January 24, 2022
Robert Margetic Tells Us How to Survive the Coming Retirement Storm
Robert Margetic is a financial advisor and founder of WealthNet.  He has developed a 5-step process for wholistic success in volatile times.   Robert wants to make sure that we are not only thinking about our finances, but the elements of living that keep us healthy and happy.  
January 22, 2022
The Start of a New Fantasy Series: Brian Cox' "Magpie's Ruin"
Races are vanishing in Kai's home country.  She sets off to find out why.  20 years later, she still has not found them, however, she returns at a critical moment to inform those in power of a great danger at their doorstep.  We have to stop an invasion of the undead.  
January 20, 2022
Carie Campbell's book "The Princess and Her Dream" teaches the principles in "Think and Grow Rich" to children.
Carie Campbell's book teaches the principles in "Think and Grow Rich" to children.  It is meant to help children understand the concepts of the law of attraction so they can make their very big dreams a reality at any age.  The princess learns these principles from a very wise cat, Dazzle.
January 18, 2022
Chucky Quartarola's book "Letter to My Dad" Raises Awareness about Huntington's Disease
Chucky Quartarola's book "Letter to My Dad" is not written to put money in his pocket but to raise awareness of Huntington's Disease.  His wife suffers from this disease which is akin to Parkinston's, Turets, and Alzheimer's.  Few people understand the consequences so Chucky has set out to change that.  In this somewhat lighthearted approach to this condition, Chucky hope that developing an emotional connection with the characters, readers may be motivated to find a cure or reduce symptoms for those who suffer from this disease.  
January 17, 2022
Jason Sissung authors a story of transformation to "Nekora"
Dungeons and Dragons fans will understand that it is not permissible to use necromancers as evil.  However, he wanted to explore how necromancers came to be.  The resulting novel, "Nekora" tells that story in a series of novels.  How does one go from being a happy, loving, joyous wood elf to a being of evil?  Jason provides our understanding. 
January 16, 2022
Janet Morreale's Quest for True Self
Janet Morreale began receiving epiphanies from God as a child.  She thought she would be a nun, but that didn't work out.  She would have to search to find her inner understanding of true self - from the world of Catholicism to quantum physics.  
January 14, 2022
Alan Hall's The Naked Queen Adds a New Tangent to Arthurian Tales
Alan Hall enjoys Arthurian legends and jousting matches.  In this new story, he explores the history of a neighboring kingdom and a perverse group of knights, in sharp contrast to the knights of the round table. 
January 13, 2022
If My Heart Had an Eye, Would It Cry
Tierra Cox won an award for a poem of this title when she was in grammar school.  It became an enduring theme in her life.  So much so that she had the phrase tattooed on her back at age 15.  She's had a tough life, filled with violence and abuse in the city of Chicago, yet somehow she has risen above it all.  She has overcome the circumstances.  
January 11, 2022
Susan Withrow talks about "Faith's Genesis"
Faith's Genesis is a fictional series concerning two young people raised in the U.S. but charged with resolving issues in their home country.  
January 11, 2022
Keith Iholts' Poems Help Him Heal in "The Mind's Metamorphosis"
Keith Iholts struggles with a number of mind disorders.  The symptoms appeared when he was 7 to 10 years old, however, he was not diagnosed until was 30.  He continues to struggle, writing poetry and seeing a therapist to work toward self-improvement.  He shares his short story about Emily with us.  "The Mind's Metamorphosis" is a collection of long and short short stories and an epic poem.  
January 10, 2022
El Dorado City of Gold Fascinates Author Les Shurtiff
Les Shurtiff fell in love with Latin American culture while serving in mission work.  He has turned this passion into a series of novels that touch your heart and share history.  
January 08, 2022
Grace Walker commemorates her son in "Now I Can Think Myself to Mars"
Grace Walker and her family are people of faith.  On a travel trip, she and her son had a very meaningful conversation, especially for a child under 10.  Within a short time, Nathan was gone and their conversation reverberated within her, inviting her to share the insights gained.  
January 08, 2022
Yvette Hampton penned "Schoolhouse Rocked: The Home School Revolution"
Yvette Hampton and her husband not only became parents who homeschool, they also became advocates for the movement.  Their documentary of the same name has recently been released.  Given current events, you may consider this a viable choice for your family as well.  
January 08, 2022
Catherine Cooper Breaks Her Silence in Time Out From HIding
Catherine Cooper offers a memoir with a purpose.  As someone who suffered from abuse, she found herself going into a shell.  She never talked about it.  Then an event triggered her feelings and she is determined to help others who are suffering in silence  
January 08, 2022
Link Thompson Talks About Honoring Our Creator
Link Thompson's discussion about honoring our creator is not tied to any specific religion, but the result of his personal work in this area.  
January 08, 2022
James Koury's "Soul Journey"
James Koury was well known in his community.  He worked in the local municipal government for 22 years, but then local politics began to deteriorate into the gotcha, cancel culture.  Free thought went out the window.  He left it all behind and began to explore what he wanted to do.  
January 04, 2022
Fred Nelson's Log of the Thlewiaza-Seal River Challenge of the Ice
Fred Nelson loves challenging canoe trips.  In this book, Fred captures the drama of a canoe trip gone wrong when the canoes find the Thlewiaza River is frozen solid.  The original plan was to reach the Arctic Circle, but that was not to be and they must travel over land to the Seal River to come home.  Fred's wife read the log and couldn't put it down.  However, she further commented that if she had known what it would be like, she would never have let him go.  
December 20, 2021
Carolyn Nield's "Whimsical Thoughts" Echoes the Silent Voice Familiar to Those Who Experience Generational Abuse
Silent, strong, but suffering deep within themselves, many children live for years as a result of a much more common problem than we realize.  Carolyn was one of those children.  Therapy, support and good friends helped her get through these feelings, as well as a growing interest in writing.  Writing afforded Carolyn healing and as she has grown, she is taking stands.  She is an advocate for women's rights.  
December 20, 2021
Prue McDonnell's "Stargazer" Inspires Us to Be What We Imagine
Prue McDonnell's book "Stargazer" is about fairies. It is a children's picture book.  What's so wonderful is the opportunity to become a child again, to think like one, but with adult values added in.  Stargazer was born in an enchanted garden, fascinated by sparkling flowers.  She feels confined, wants to be something, a reflection of what's in her mind where she is not limited by her environment.  That's her message: Have dreams...and let them manifest.   
December 20, 2021
Eric Gribble Wants Australia on a Fast Elevator to the Future
Eric Gribble shares his opinions about the role of government in society.  In his opinion, the big problem we are facing is bad ideas.  Notably, the problems he addresses are not limited to Australia.  He hopes the book "Putting Australia on a Fast Elevator to the Future: Reform from the Top Down" will make people think, become more flexible and inspire a grass roots movement to explore solutions.  
December 20, 2021
In Angel Academy, John Reynolds and Darlene Cozart show us how angels get their wings
In Angel Academy, John Reynolds and Darlene Cozart show us exactly what training angels go through to earn their wings.  The story is told with a "tongue in cheek" quality you'd expect from the teenagers who are the target market.  The kids have a great deal of fun as they learn how to use angelic powers against evil.  You don't have to become an angel.  You have to be an angel.  When you master that skill, you've got it!  2
December 14, 2021
Vincent Perry loved his wife with "Blind Passion"
Vincent Perry had lost his sight by the age of 11.  There is a sense of isolation that comes from being blind in a sighted world, yet Vincent found an incredible love.  He's here to share that story with us.  
December 11, 2021
Sam Sorbo Lives Her Faith Every Day through Home Schooling and Other Topics on Religion and Polities
Sam Sorbo is a modern day warrior.  Married with 3 children, Sam's concern about education began to be documented in her book "They're Your Kids."  She became an advocate for home schooling and helped educate parents on how to successfully home school in her series "School's Out" and it's a frequent topic of discussion on her podcast, "The Sam Sorbo Show."  The podcast is a forum for controversial topics on religion and politics.  In addition, Sam has co-written  "True Faith" and "True Strength" with her husband, Kevin Sorbo, a book "Words for Warriors," and faith based films through their family company Sobo Family Film Studios.  She inspires others to live their faith too.       
December 08, 2021
Vincent Hyde created a new world in "A Message from the Neighbors"
Take an electrical engineer with a penchant for science and religion, mix them with the mindset of a writer and what do you get?  Vincent Hyde, author of a trilogy of books about relationships with beings from another galaxy.  Let's check out the world that Vincent created in "A Message from the Neighbors," "Earth's Reply" and "Alien World."  
December 04, 2021
Author Joan Green Shares the Story of Losing Her Husband "Twenty Years On"
Joan Green lost her husband 20 years ago under tragic circumstances.  It was a very difficult period for her.  What she learned was that people didn't - and still don't - know what to do or say.  So they left her alone to deal with her grief and the accompanying feelings of abandonment.  It grew into a life work. 
December 01, 2021
Blessings and Curses of The Ultimate Gift and The Aftermath
Elsie Frederick was married to her husband for over 20 years, much of it spent caring for him as health failed.  They suffered the concerns of a heart that needed replacement, the bitter sweet joy when a donor was identified to give "The Ultimate Gift", and the sorrow when his health took a different turn for the worse.  But no one was prepared to discover the curse found in The Aftermath as their blended family was torn apart.   Elsie now speaks to groups about these family challenges in the hope that she can help prevent some of the tragic developments and help others navigate the health systems.  
November 30, 2021
Thelma Cunningham is "Poetically Speaking: Artistically"
Thelma Cunningham has written a total of 8 books so far, all of which were published in one volume.  She has many spiritual gifts as an artist, minister, prayer warrior, gospel singer, composer and writer.  One of the books in her collection is "Momma's Memories" where she shares her memories of a multi-talented mother whose ministry included fixing meals and Sky High Cakes to share with others in her community.  To learn more about Thelma's many gifts check our her website:  
November 16, 2021
Hilary Smith's dystopia "Disconception" will make you stop and think
Hilary Smith is a pediatrician.  She has written a novel called "Disconception" that raises some very interesting questions about conception in a futuristic world - and the intentional and unintentional consequences.  
November 15, 2021
Zehline Davis Shares Basic Life Lessons in "Daddy Said"
"Daddy Said" is a tribute to Zehline Davis' dad who had a life lesson for almost every subject.  Throughout her life, Zehline has had a habit of saing "Daddy said" as she reminded someone of his guidance.  It's full of wisdom in bite size sayings.  
November 08, 2021
Richard Welch Creates a New Superhero in "Revelation"
"Revelation" is the first book in his new Prism series.  This new superhero has mental health issues which he must control when his powers kick into action.  Richard Welch realized this was an untapped space that he could fill.  The book is a highly creative way to help people understand what it's like to experience mental illness from the inside.  Richard feels the more we understand, the better we relate with others.  
November 08, 2021
Alexandra Mathers' Asks "What If"
Being born into a household still run with Victorian values, Alexandra Mathers lived a very controlled, seemingly abusive, childhood.  It affected her relationships with men and any chance of achieving the dreams she had.  No matter she asks what if things had been different?  The book is available on Amazon and in bookshops.  She also has a Facebook page - Alexandra Mather.  
November 08, 2021
Ballywah Sample introduces us to his novel "Before the Flood: The Awakening"
"Before the Flood: The Awakening" is not a science fiction book.  It reflects the author's fascination with outer space, ancient aliens and the earliest times in earth's history.  It's a love story with elements of "Game of Thrones, both teenage and adult.  The book is available at and on Facebook/stewartj82.  
November 07, 2021
Camren Burton Reveals Pangaea, a Science Fiction Fantasy World
Camren Burton has written a PG-13 science fiction fantasy "coming of age" series based on an earth colony that is no longer habitable.  Mark, aged 12, escapes a boys' prison and is pursued by genetically engineered dogs led by a head inspector who is somewhat like Darth Vadar.  There are 6 episodes.  
November 07, 2021
How Do We Move From Ordinary People to Great Leaders?
Everette Howell and Dr. Siegfried E. Howell teamed up to write "From Ordinary People to Great Leaders: An Application of Biblical Models to Contemporary Leadership Issues."  Leadership is front and center in business education demonstrating the movement from simple leaders to servant leaders.  Looking into Biblical writings, they have looked to Jesus as example and teacher on this subject:  Respect the rights of others, train others to build organizations, work in teams of workers and leaders, make the shift from "I am in charge" to work together to accomplish all things.  If you are a parent or a business leader, you can find value in these principles, even if you are off course.  From the Biblical point of view, God teaches us even when we fall.  It is part of leadership training.  The book is available on and at IUniverse.  
November 07, 2021
Are You Pondering the End Times of Revelations?
Phillip Mark Ames has written "Jesus Christ Revealed: An Understanding of the Apocalypse" to convey the message that has been communicated to him.  Most importantly, God loves us more than we realize.  The prophesies in Revelations can be terrifying, however, if we believe in Jesus and repent of our sins, we have nothing to fear.   However, in these times, there are multiple voices in our heads.  There are the teachings of the Church; there are other religions; there is the voice of the enemy, the Devil, also speaking.  And it is very difficult to discern the truth if you are not close to the Bible.   Phillip Mark Ames has been a serious student on this subject.  He asks each of us to believe, repent and recognize the Holy Spirit at work in our lives.  He believes he has the timeline that centers on the return of Christ.  Others say that no one knows the date or time when this event will take place.  Phillip Mark Ames feels we are in the middle of the 7 year Great Tribulation period.  If there was ever a time to consider what he has to say, now would be the time.  
November 05, 2021
"One Gray Autumn Afternoon" is a funny, sad love story by Fernanda Castillo
Fernanda Castillo started her novel "One Gray Autumn Afternoon" in Spanish so it is available in both English and Spanish.  She wrote both versions which is her special gift.  Fernanda has been a dubbing translator for the film industry since 1996.  A touch of humor, drama, with erotic and sensual moments, the book is more mature than a Young Adult classification.  
November 03, 2021
Ugly Can Be a Power Word
Children don't like to be called "ugly."  Takia Teke's book RU the UGly GIRL/BOY capitalizes on this in raising awareness of how to treat one another.  
November 03, 2021
"Twenty Years On," Joan Green Opens Up About the Loss of her Husband
Joan Green lost her husband under tragic circumstances 20 years ago.  He was missing for 6 days before they found him.  It was all very public, out on TV as people mobilized to find him.  It was a very difficult period.  People didn't know what to say and still don't. Her books explore the bereavement process and suicide prevention from a very personal perspective.
November 01, 2021
David Lythberg Talks About the Glamorous Life of Emily's Failure
David Lythberg may be Emily's failure, but he's also God's prodigal son.  Actively living with Emily on the streets of Mobile, Alabama for a few years, David's life took a different turn after her sudden and tragic death.  He walked home to Chicago.  He let himself be guided to his mom who was a missionary in Ghana, just knocked on a strange door and she answered.  He prays that you will be kind when you see a gutter punk on the side of the road.  
November 01, 2021
Elsie Frederick's "The Ultimate Gift" and "The Aftermath" share the impact on families of organ donation
The ultimate gift is donating an organ to someone in need, yet it does not solve all the problems in anyone's lifr.  For Elsie Frederick the gift of life carried another seed, the affect on the family in its aftermath. 
October 31, 2021
25 Days to Living Your Happiness
Zayd Abdul-Karim has written "25 Days to Living Your Happiness" began to learn a universal system when he was in college that completely turned his life around.  On the brink of failing out of school, he began to live that system and 18 months later, was on the honor roll and graduating.  He went on to get his doctorate writing his dissertation on Transformational Learning.  In essence, we clean out the old programming that is causing us to fail and replace it with new statements.  We get rid of limiting beliefs.  We access an inner essence within us.  His books and trainings are available on Amazon and also on his website
October 30, 2021
A Message from Our Intergalactic Neighbors
Vincent Hyde has written a trilogy of books about relationships between beings from another galaxy and humans.  Vincent is an electrical engineer whose background in science and religion led to his creation of the universe in his books.  From his perspective, this is scientifically plausible, not using animate beings, but robots.  His books are available at  
October 30, 2021
I Drove a Red Car to a Better Me
Dean Skewes had an automobile accident and spent 7 years recovering.  Sometimes we feel blessed by disaster as Dean does.  The experience changed him in a multitude of ways - all making him a better person.  On this interview, Dean speaks about various events that all worked together for the good.  His book is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and his website,  
October 30, 2021
Dean Matthews on his fantasy "The Dark Taal"
Can you imagine starting out to write an autobiography and ending up with a post-apocalyptic fantasy world?  That's what happened to Dean Matthews.  His father and grandfather morphed from head gardeners into the world of a school of magic, complete with dragons. I love fantasies.  There is something wonderful about a fantasy world in which we do battle and overcome enemies.   If you're a big fan of fantasies, this book can be ordered at  
October 30, 2021
Triumph Over Trauma: The Power of Forgiveness
Judy Seymour experienced a traumatic childhood that left her with physical, emotional and mental problems for a time.  Then she turned her life over to God and everything changed.  Judy now helps others through Women Who Wait Ministry serving a largely street population that includes victims of sex trafficking, male and female.  If you are dealing with issues from your childhood, you may find a path to healing through her book.  
October 23, 2021
Dr. Herbert Schuck's wake up call about lifestyle choices: "Solutions to the Root Cause of Stress "
Dr. Herbert Schuck believes there are solutions to the problems of stress, but questions whether a world so focused on making money will have the will to do what it takes to use them.  His book, "Solutions to the Root Cause of Stress" is a wakeup call about our lifestyle choices on all levels of society and a reminder that if we want to save ourselves, we can choose to develop the passion and will to make these changes. 
October 21, 2021
A Sojourn in Switzerland on Rebuilding Your Life Radio with Susan Sherayko
Sharon Jansson loves to write, to share stories of family history and to travel.  In "A Sojourn in Switzerland" she's been able to combine all three.  She carried the experiences in the Alps with her grandchildren and family pets within her for ten years before she captured them in  a manuscript.  
October 21, 2021
Sandy Jarvis introduces us to The Golden Kite on Train Your Brain, Claim Your Power with Susan Sherayko
Sandy Jarvis loves animals and children so she writes about them in children's books.  Her latest release is "The Golden Kite" which deals with competition, jealousy and forgiveness.  Her goal is to help children learn how to deal with these feelings through animal characters like Benjamin the rabbit, Mr. Goose, Stanley the Slolaur and Pig Albert.    
October 19, 2021
Dia's Devotional Diary is a 40 day Biblical fast
Dia Jackson is a motivational speaker when she is not working in the medical field.  Working around young people, she discovered they do not know how to deal with their emotions from within.  She works with them to give their emotions a break and provide encouragement.   Dia's Devotional Diary is available on Amazon or at her website:  There is information about her, her speaking engagements, the diary and a t-shirt.  
October 14, 2021
Superhero in Revelation draws attention to mental health
Richard Welch has written a first person novel about a young man diagnosed as bi-polar with anxiety awakens from a lightning strike hit as a superhero.  He can see energy and manipulate it, but there are repercussions when he uses that ability.  Richard came up with this idea when he realized that DC/Marvel don't have superheroes with mental health issues so he created one.  
October 09, 2021
Chris Zuschlag Teaches Children to Believe Anything is Possible
Chris Zuschlag made up stories for his children as they went to bed.  He uses a technique working with a few symbols to jumpstart the story ideas.  He wrote down the first story for his daughter which became his book, "The Star Fairy."  Of course, his son wanted a story of his own which became "Smoke the Dragon."  Chris continues to make up stories through the Spellbinder Program in Colorado where he teaches his technique to other children.  
October 08, 2021
Stewart Jones on Living with Traumatic Brain Injuries
Stewart Jones suffered a traumatic brain injury when hit by a car.  For a child who wanted to be a neurosurgeon, his life circumstances have taken him on a different path.  He has written "Strengthn the Mind" as a means to advocate for what he needs and the needs of others who cope with traumatic brain injury.  He has founded a non-profit for those who have traumatic brain injuries.  
October 07, 2021
Airington, a Thriller Set as the 6th Trumpet Sounds
Mark Roberts is student of the book of Revelations.  He has incorporated his knowledge of the prophetic messages to write a novel set in the United States on the Airngton Farm.  The events pick up just prior to the sounding of the 6th trumpet,  In a scene harkening back to the start of World War II, ambassadors visit the president of the United States on the eve of the start of World War III when Russia, China and Iran attack the coasts of North America and Europe with nuclear weapons, killing 1/3 of the world's population.  It's a thriller with an historical prophetic punch.      
October 07, 2021
In "On Trial for Freedom" by Jake Townsend a U.S. president risks his political life when he supports a man on trial for murder
Inspired by the impeachment of Donald Trump, Jake Townsend tells the story of a Latino president who becomes enemy of the Congress when he supports term limits.  He risks his political life when he supports a hero on trial for murder. 
October 01, 2021
Bob Perrill's Son of Light, Son of Darkness
Bob Perrill has written a enjoyable fantasy in the spirit of Dungeons and Dragons.  
October 01, 2021
Live a healthy, happy, long life and prosper without stress
Jose Baltazar has written a book about life transformation using a coaching model with 7 core components:  Finding Peace within and without.  Self-Care, Self-Belief and Faith, Vision, Awareness, Body, MInd & Spirit, Optimize, Total Responsibility.  It's more than organizational.  It's spiritual while growing in the program.  It draws on a compilation of the thoughts of several experts the work of Dr. George Lausinof in Yugoslavia on Accelerated Learning.  It's an approach that can contribute to helping people heal from the past and then create and live a life they love.  
October 01, 2021
Anthony Rubino Gets His Book Ideas While Driving His Truck
Anthony Rubino was a professional truck driver.  He was on the road so much, he'd write in his head, then when he got back home, he'd put it through his heart to create the outline and write the book.  The system must work well for he's written several books:  Barnyard Games, Sails in the Wake, Who Ate the Brownies and the ideas keep coming.  He's been known to peddle his books store by store, as well as online.  Up until now, his target audiences are children and young adults.  But watch, an adult book, Blue Bonnet Seed is coming soon.  
October 01, 2021
G.J. Violette's poem "The Last Days of Heaven"
G. J. Violette is a poet who began writing during the hippy era, practicing his craft while listening to the folk songs of the coffee shops of the day.  Gathering his creations together, he published "Time Standing Still at a Furious Pace" and "The Last Days of Heaven."  He asks significant questions such as are we losing heaven in many little ways in our culture.  Gaetan is a post-modernist.  His poems invite you to think out the box.  
September 29, 2021
John Wallace Introduces farm animals Blue and Turkey who help others
In The Adventures of Blue and Turkey children's series, the animals have special powers and talents.  The family where they live is having facing financial difficulties and the animals decide to help them in their own way.  In each chapter they do something to help.  These books are available through   
September 15, 2021
How Blessed You Are In God's Promises
Barney Reese was raised in the South.  He had a challenging upbringing, then lost his wife and daughter within 5 years of each other.  For him, life is about overcoming.  God is about overcoming, however, you must make the actions.  Barney's way through the tragedies was to focus on the 59 promises of God that he was given.  He rebuilt himself from the ground up, step by step.  The mind is a battlefield where you can prevail when you focus on the good.  
September 12, 2021
An apartment complex friendship led to Ted Youngblood's first book, "Love to a Friend"
"Love to a Friend" is a collection of poems, Ted Youngblood wrote to a friend.  She encouraged him to have them published and the rest is history.  Since working out the details of his first publishing expeirence, Ted is now developing new products such as wall plaques and photo essays.  
August 28, 2021
KIrsten Micklewait reveals her Ghost Marriage
Kirsten MIcklewait has found she can communicate with her soul partner who has moved beyond.  In the process she learned about soul contracts and near death experiences.  Her deceased husband has been involved in getting her book out into the world.  From his perspective, they have learned the lessons they set out to learn.  
August 28, 2021
Rev. Jacquelyn McCoy celebrates claiming her victory
"Claiming Your Victory" shares Jacquelyn McCoy's experience of the Lord bringing her back.  After much depression and running from God, she finally was willing to let go so he could lead.  Things began to focus to the positive.  She is a minister focused on healing negative emotions and works with prisons, recovery, rehabs, churcehes, and helping women with self-identity. Starting from the inside out  Rev. McCoy, addresses generational behaviors that we have the ability to replace with more positive ones.  
August 28, 2021
Lisa Sterling offers photos, story, scripture and poems to start the day in "Good Morning, God."
Do you enjoy reading an inspirational book over morning coffee or tea?  Lisa Sterling has created such a book in "Good Morning, God."  She took the photographs, stories and poems that weave around Biblical scriptures to provide moments of reflection for each reader.  
August 20, 2021
Inspirational Speaker Allan Roberts challenges you to "Wake Up: Don't Let the World Pass You By"
Allan Roberts is an inspirational speaker, as well as an author.  Bank insurance scams left him homeless and he came back and wrote "The Great Bank Heist Mystery.    A student of positive thinking, his book "Wake Up: Don't Let the World Pass You By" has been a bestseller.  Diabetes took his sight, yet Allan doesn't let it get him down.  As he puts it, "losing sight is just a change in direction, bringing new things to learn."  And is someone who is always looking for something new to learn.  Allan is an example of someone who has overcome common thinking to achieve what he wants regardless of age, physical disability and financial hardship.  We all need a good role model.  Check him out.  
August 16, 2021
Jeff Bardeau's "A Dream Quest to Lucidobe" is at the cutting edge between real and fantasy
There is a whole universe of heroes and villains mixing our culture with mythological indigenous creatures in "A Dream Quest to Lucidobe."  The book is intimately involved with the dream world.  This is a place that can be real through astral projection, dreamcatchers, lucid dreams, out of body experiences, ESP and the paranormal in general.  You can enjoy their adventures if you are willing to let your inner child out to play.  
August 16, 2021
Shelby Wagner is still "Learning to Dance in the Rain"
Shelby Wagner began learning to dance in the rain when her husband passed away in 2016.  At times, it was a nightmarish experience.  She began to date on Internet dating services and was scammed.  As a result, she set out to create a book that would help others avoid the same situation by sharing her story as well as examples of the language used to draw you into these dangerous connections.  If you didn't know, in 2019, romance scams became the costliest scams, racking up $1 billion lost to these criminals because people want to be charitable to those in need.  Shelby says dating services are good services.  You just have to know how to do it the right way.  
August 01, 2021
Dominique Brandt has created a fantasy based on ancient prophecies
Ancient prophecies are filled with devastation events, continuous wars, disease and corruption.  The basic premise of the Gospel of Chaos series revolves around Apparitions created to replace humans to prevent the ancient prophecies from happening.  The Apparitions infiltrated and reconstructed civilization with their own class structure.  The result is a dark fantasy where humans are believed to be extinct and a new form of domination exists to create a peaceful era.  
August 01, 2021
Donald Uttenmacher's thriller "S.M.I.T.E." is an enjoyable read
For fans of thrillers, this novel S.M.I.T.E. is set in the U.S. as a group of private individuals take on an action packed assignment to exterminate terrorism.  
July 31, 2021
Priscilla Bradley asks challenging questions in her books "Breaking the Code: S.O.S." and "Something Must Be Broken"
Sometimes we suffer in pain without a way to deal with it.  Priscilla asks questions designed to address this problem in two key areas of her personal and professional life as Christian Counsellor.  In "Breaking the Code" she looks at the pain of abuse, amplified by those who turn a blind eye to such situations.  In "Something Must Be Broken," Priscilla looks at the relationship between religion and spirituality.  
July 31, 2021
Betty Ann Hoehn learned to "Smell The Raindrops" and overcome setbacks
Like most of us, Betty Ann Hoehn's life has not always run smoothly.  The key to overcoming challenges is to learn to stop and smell the raindrops.  It is a success story to reach those who need help to overcome their own circumstances.  If you are currently in pain, please take a moment to stop to smell the raindrops.  There are some important healing messages in it.  
July 31, 2021
Chloe and Josh learn to use S.N.A.P. with the help of Ken Kohutek
Education is one of the most important gifts we can provide our children.  It's more than just reading, writing and arithmetic.  It's also problem solving strategies that help them achieve their dreams and goals.  In "Chloe and Josh Learn Resilience with Grit Gal," Ken Kohotek teaches the basics of a system that helps children bounce back and design a plan to achieve.  These tools are S.N.A.P.  See your self as the finished product you desire.  Now what skills do you already have, strengths and weaknesses.  Actions I want to take to acquire new skills plugged into a planner.  Progress recorded so I can look back and assess my progress toward my goal.  
July 31, 2021
John Bednar introduces us to The People's President who offers a refreshing look at presidential politics.
As presidential politics continues to leave no one satisfied, John Bodnar's novel "The People's President" offers a fresh look at how campaigns could be run.  George Franklin, the candidate, is a professor and bases his campaign on asking for no money to run it.  At first, no one takes him seriously, however, the national student organization supports his candidacy that has a snowball effect.  The book is thought provoking and a fun read.  
July 31, 2021
Pura Regalado discusses her mission with Susan Sherayko on Rebuilding Your Life Radio
Pura Regalado was raised a Christian in the Philippines.  Later in life while traveling at the Aztec temple in Mexico, Pura received a vision that has profoundly affected her mission in life.  Her book Pure Gift 2 lays out what she saw and was told in her vision.  She was told to carry that message to everyone who fails to honor the commandment Thou Shalt Not Kill.  If you watch the news at night, you realize that there are many who no longer value human life.  Pura has been asked to reach these people and spread the word - stop the killing or face eternal death yourself.
July 31, 2021
Renae Gott on inspiring children through books
Renae Gott loves to write for children.  Books are the doorway to learning to dream and realizing that you can grow up to be anything you want to be.  Her first book is "Mommy, What is God Doing Up There?"  It is available through Amazon. 
July 14, 2021
Eleanor McGuigan brings our awareness to the Last Chapter of a World War I Australian soldier in France
In a moving historical novel about an Australian soldier lost on a French battlefield during World War I, we have the opportunity to solve the mystery of what happens to those whose whereabouts are unknown after battles.  In this case, the battle was over 100 years ago and his family never knew until a recent discovery made new information available.  
July 10, 2021
Veronnah Willis wonders Are You Free Enough To Be Your True Self
After being tossed in the air by automobile, Veronnah had no visible signs of injury.  However, she quickly realized that she no longer knew who she was.   She began her journey to rediscover herself as she discovered who she was to other people - mother, employee, single.  She no longer had to live up to other people's definition of her and that has made all the difference as she re-emerged.  Veronnah has her own podcast for single women, and is the author of two books, "Are Your Free Enough?" and "Are You Free Enough 2".  
July 07, 2021
Valerie Baker Clayton's work is led by God
Valerie Baker Clayton is a missionary.  One night she heard a message that she was not using her gifts.  She said she'd do something.  And the message came back: NOW.  Six days later, her book "Baby Rafi" was done.  
July 01, 2021
Violet Grayson is pretty happy with her "Life Not Expected"
Violet Grayson was born in the 1930's.  It was a time when women didn't expect to do more than graduate from high school, take an office job until they married and had children.  No careers.  No adventures.  However, Violet's life has given her so much more, none of it expected. 
May 23, 2021
Alycia Wright creates children's books to help them learn coping skills
Alycia Wright is a nurse and a writer.  Her life experiences taught her that writing is a coping skill and now she writes books that help children cope.  Combined with a love of rhyme and poetry, as well as a sense of humor, these books are a real service to children who don't understand what is going on around them.  They are both educational and fun.  Whey you share her books with children, you make a difference in their lives.  
May 22, 2021
Patricia Davis speaks on "Gifts from the Spirit"
In Patricia Davis' book, "Gifts from the Spirit," she explains what the 9 gifts are, how they function, why we need them and how we can acquire them.  As you study, it helps you see where you may have a gift.  
May 16, 2021
The Power of a Working Song: Baba the Farmer
Karen Johnson comes from a long line of storytellers,  It is a verbal tradition that harkens back to a time without computers, pen and paper.  It takes us back to the oral traditions that precede written history.  In her book, Baba the Farmer, we see an example of a working song.  Baba uses his working song to teach his boys how to live.  He sings it to the boys every day as he works through his day while they listened and watched.  There were no instructions.  Baba sang and worked.  When they needed to step in for Baba, the boys were able to do it by just remembering what Baba did.  The boys had learned the tasks and the routine by listening to Baba.  
May 15, 2021
Stephen Peterson on Rebuilding Your LIfe Radio with Susan Sherayko
Stephen Peterson is a student of military history, the Bible, and an author.  He studied 8 languages while in the service and is an officer. It's fun to spend time with Stephen as he has such a diverse background.  
May 14, 2021
Denise Harvey writes story books to help children cope with life's problems
"Growing Up Sassafras", Hurting Little Hearts" and other titles help children deal with separation and loss through stories.  Denise draws from her training in psychology as well as life experience to craft each tale. 
May 11, 2021
Madlyn Harwell Tells One Hippy's Life Story
There is a touch of nostalgia for those who look back on the life of a hippy.  That was the life of sex, love, drugs, rock and roll in the 60s.  Take off in a van, live in a hippy ghost town in Arizona, make enough money to travel on and see the world -- Mexico, Morocco, Europe.  But it isn't all an adventure.  At some point, even hippies have to face the real world and it isn't necessarily a pretty picture.  Madlyn Harwell faced her dark night of the soul and it changed her whole life.  
May 09, 2021
Kiana Hamilton sings poems when she talks to God
Kiana Hamilton's book "Soul Inspiration - A Journey for the Divine" is a collection of poems written down when problems came.  They kept her strong as a spiritual person.  They were lessons, instructions from God to guide her on her journey.  She had to hurry and write them down, and put problems in God's hands.  God gives it all to her.  As a matter of routine, Kiana finds a moment or two to reflect and talk to God each day, often singing poems when she talks to him.  With God in her corner, she is stronger than the things that try to break her.  She is filled with faith and confidence.  
May 08, 2021
If I Die Before I Wake: A Caregiver's Journey
Robert Kershaw knew he wanted to help from the time he was a young boy and witnessed a young boy with Downs Syndrome being bullied.  He didn't know what that was, but he felt it was wrong.  He built his desire into his activities in high school, in community activities and his work.  He became a caregiver and after many years has captured what he learned about caregiving into his book: If I Die Before I Wake: A Caregiver's Journey.  
May 08, 2021
James Lauderdale is Special in a Good Way
More and more, young people are stepping out of the shadows of mental illness to increase the conversation about it.  They want to remove the stigma that is often associated with schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder.  James Lauderdale uses poetry and essays to help improve the health system in this area.  It ranges from recognizing symptoms at an earlier age to ideations and lack of control, being unable sleep or taking medications that put him to sleep so he couldn't study or attend classes.   He is active in programs to improve his community and in support groups.  James is full of ideas, including creating a television series on mental health.  It takes courage to step out of the shadows to share your experiences and courage he has, one step at a time. 
May 08, 2021
The Gemini Reign by Laeba Mujeeb is filled with kidnapping, dragons and royal intrigue
Imagine yourself parentless, surrounded by untrustworthy people, trying to survive as your enemies send dragons to kidnap you.   That's the start of The Gemini Reign, a science fiction fantasy.  
May 08, 2021
Can you help Save the Oaks Camp and Retreat Center?
Oasis Ministry Ventures is working to Save the Oaks Camp  and Retreat Center.  I fell in love with the camp and conference center when I toured it over 10 years ago.  I placed a picture of the conference building on my vision board in the office as the prototype for a retreat center that I would like to build.  That voice in my head told me it was way too expensive, it wasn't possible.  However, I've been doing dream building this past year -- and I asked myself what could I do to move forward on my dream.  The answer came to me during meditation.  Call the camp.  I went to contact them only to discover that the camp is closed and being sold!  So I did some detective work and reconnected to the people I knew there.  They are in the midst of a campaign to Save the Oaks!  So I jumped on board.  This call is part of pulling together the people and organizations who know the value of the Camp to help get more people involved.  The Oaks has a long history of providing retreat experiences for inner city youth who have never had the opportunity to do this.  It has over 800 acres of land to explore on walks, zip lines, music buildings, conference center, cafeteria, child care center, and the list goes on.  It has been fiscally sound, but the corporation that owned them shifted gears and wants to spin the Oaks off.  We have the chance to make a difference, to get the word out and find people who are passionate about sacred spaces and the value of retreats.  Join us to Save the Oaks! 
May 06, 2021
David Pitman guides us on how to build healthy and happy marriages in "Expectations of Honor"
In the midst of turmoil, what can we do to improve the situation.  David Pitman has turned his desire to make a difference into the book "Expectations of Honor" where he discusses ways to get back to bringing up children as respectful, functioning adults.  Found in Biblical sources such as Proverbs 31, a simple summation is to provide love and honor for women and respect for men. 
May 02, 2021
Elizabeth Roberts shares "Glimpses: Now I Can See"
This book is a memoir.  There is a journey in our lives, gleaning insights and glimpses that give us clarity on how the past, present and future evolve in our lives.  The selections are not chronological, but stand alone.  For her, there is something wonderful about being able to put the various circumstances in our lives into perspective.  
April 30, 2021
Dale Hansen leads a journey through the Word "One Week at a Time"
Dale Hansen felt that people often heard the Bible verses, but never discovered their true power to comfort and bring you through difficult situations.  The Word helps us achieve 4 things:  more prayer, more time with the Word, Bible verses that you can carry around within you, and a deepening relationshp with God and with others.  In "One Week at a Time", Dale focuses in depth on one verse per week, using personal stories and understanding.  It is available on Kindle, in paperback and in a new walk through the pandemic.  
April 30, 2021
Bevan Knight shares the fantasy world of "The Wishing Tree"
What if you were trapped inside the Wishing Tree?  Who would come to rescue you?  
April 28, 2021
Steven Venton's "Year of the Wolf" is an intense thriller
Diabolical politicians need a way to cover up crimes they have committed.  They concoct a plan to overpopulate the Adirondacks with wolves and inject their food supply with chemicals to make them extremely aggressive.  The result: Wolves who turn on everything that lives and moves in the mountains, including people.  What will it take for people to figure out what is going on and then do something that will stop the mayhem before too many lives are lost?  Can they do it alone or do they need all the faith they can muster?
April 27, 2021
Andrew Bode thrived Against All Odds
Andrew Bode was born in 1945, in Australia at the end of World War II.  Foreign armies came to the country to help save it from the Japanese war machine with unintentional consequences -- the birth of children to soldiers who had long since died or returned to their home nations.  Andrew was one of those children.  He grew up in an orphanage with little hope for a successful life.  Fortunately, he had an inquisitive mind that motivated him to ask questions and find the answers.  The chapter on Motivation provides useful direction to the ways that we can pursue our goals and thrive Against All Odds. 
April 25, 2021
What is Success for The Business Woman?
Aqualite Muraglia is a feminist through and through.  She's also an artist and an author.  Her novel, The Business Woman, is the epitome of Aqualite's vision of success.  But women in the real world still have battles to fight.  There are so many oppressed people.  Women can fix the world.  They are more responsible, listen and support one another.  They want to solve problems.  Women like Aqualite want to change the world for the better. 
April 24, 2021
Harvey Warren is The Optimized Patient
Screenwriter, producer and financial services professional Harvey Warren discovered a new calling writing about healing.  As he recovered from major back surgery, he realized that there was no guide book to support healing.  People want to get better, they just don't know how.  He began researching, speaking with medical professionals, nutritionists, chefs, physical therapists and other patient.  Along the way, he discovered four key components to successful healing.  Teaming up with others, they created Optimal Outcome Solutions, a healing program that uses motivational videos, positive recovery messages, education, activity and diet suggestions coupled with regular coaching.  The resulting program takes a  book and turns it into a movement.  
March 28, 2021
Poetry and Classic Mythology work together in "Lives of the Virgins" by Stephen Sweigart
Stephen Sweigart has loved writing since his first publication of a newspaper at 11 years old.  HIs work was influenced by professors at Temple University where he discovered the stylistic technique of concrete poems.  But his favorite poems evolve from his travels to Greece and study of classical mythology.  He especially enjoys the Greek gods and Prometheus.  
March 21, 2021
Susan Savion raises awareness of a forgotten suffragist in "Quoting Matilda"
Born in Upstate New York to an abolitionist family, Matilda Joslyn Gage was one of the three most famous suffragists in America.  Yet her story is all but forgotten in the annals of time because she was considered too radical.  Today many of the ideas she championed are taken for granted.  Women have been voting for decades and we have much more control over our finances, however, there are still plenty of issues Matilda championed that have never been realized.  And here's a little tidbit, Matilda was the inspiration for L. Frank Baum's character, Glenda the Good Witch in the Oz books.  Many of her ideas are woven into the series.  
March 17, 2021
Oh, What Dreams Have Come for Stephen Simon
Often, when we look back across our lives, we can see them laid out like a roadmap.  If we notice, we can see how to connect the dots in the past.  We may not be able to see the dots ahead, but we can aim for what we'd like to see.  Producer, director and distributor Stephen Simon is a great example.  From his first film, he's been exploring love between earthly beings and those in the after life through "Somewhere in Time" and "What Dreams May Come."  After writing "The Force is With You" on mystical movies, he co-founded the Spiritual Cinema Circle which brought approximately 800 films to the attention of their 27,000 subscribers.  Now, add one more work to the list, his new book "What Dreams Have Come," which he wrote with his wife after she transitioned to the afterlife.  
March 14, 2021
William Pardue's Lessons in Leadership in "Wolf Creek"
After graduating from university, William Pardue was a counsellor of a wilderness camp where the worst of the worst teenage boys were sent from Chicago.  For 15 months he lived with them as they built everything they needed from scratch.  In the process, they came to understand the value of working together as a tribe.  "Wolf Creek" tells the story.  
March 02, 2021
Donna Ritch's enlightened poetry provides words of encouragement in challenging times
Donna Ritch has an inner source that gives her the poems contained in "Universal Secrets: A Collection of Enlightened Poetry."  Their messages convey deep messages of unconditional love and guidance to prepare to take a stand for coming changes. She shares a few of the poems with us.  
February 26, 2021
Gaileen Crowell helps children learn life lessons through her children's series
Gaileen Crowell has always like to help people heal.  When she retired from nursing, she turned that desire toward another passion, writing combined with her love of crafting.  The result?  The first in a series of children's books with pony characters set in the Old West of the 1860s that help children learn how to handle disappointments and caring for others.  
February 25, 2021
Jeanne Schaeberle's book "Mom, Let's Talk" captures her son's cries for God's help in his poetry.
Robert Mark Schaeberle was tormented by demons while he slept for most of his life.  A schizophrenic, he would battle them by grabbing pen and paper to write poetry.  Jeanne found them after his death and shares them in this book to open a dialogue on the topic of mental illness. 
February 17, 2021
Ann Phillips shares about "Friends Are Everywhere" and more
Born on a South Carolina plantation, Ann Phillips use her personal experiences in those rural settings to populate her books with romance, mystery, thrills and even something for the children.  They are fun for her to write and for us to read and enjoy. Her favorite part?  Developing the characters.  
February 10, 2021
Doctors Elena Pezzini and Debora Ferrari discuss the art of good communication skills in "Dogs Lovers"
There are three professionals who can contribute to the best relationships with your dog: the veterinarian, the trainer and your coach.  Dr. Pezzini and Dr. Ferrari discuss considerations to make when choosing a breed, evaluating your environment and learning to communicate with your beloved dog.   Dogs are different from humans. Ask for professionals for help. For more information, check out: Dog’s Lovers: with practical exercises and workbook. Group coaching with a private facebook group, social media channels & private coaching.
February 06, 2021
Frank Gaertner and narrator Rebekah Nemethy discuss their audible book "Sally's Magical River" with Susan Sherayko
"Sally's Magical River" is just being released on Audible.  Author Frank Gaertner talks about the story, as well as the process involved in bringing the book out as an audible book.  Narrator Rebekah Nemethy adds to the conversation and contributes a clip from the finished book to give you a feeling for the magical, "quantum field" feeling that emerges.  
February 02, 2021
What is your cosmic and human love story as conveyed by Dr. Marj Britt in "Your Soul's Invisible Code"
Dr. Marj Britt was senior pastor at Unity Tustin Church for 19 years, and after retiring founded and participates in the Called By Love Institute.  She is a mystic and master teacher emphasizing consciousness and love.  As we centered in and breathed in the energy of love, we set out on a journey that begins with our daily physical being and moves higher toward higher 5th dimensional experiences.  Part of our journey - our earthly purpose - is to know God and emulate his energies -- love, consciousness and generosity so that we bring an aspect of heaven to earth.  
January 28, 2021
Where do you go for inner peace when bad things happen?
When we experience disasters and personal loss, we long to regain our inner peace and serenity.  When we had our landslide, I began a spiritual journey that resulted in my book "Rainbows Over Ruins" and a small booklet "Your Survival Guide: 12 Tips to Gain Inner Peace."  Lewis Tagliaferre suffered a painful loss that sent him on his own journey to find a basis for living in bad circumstances - what many people call the dark night of the soul.  His search resulted in a new belief system, "Theofatalism."  He writes that you can face the joys, challenges, struggles and death in life with five steps through new Reality Accommodation Therapy:  Accept what is.  Detach from the desire for things to be different.  Transcend the need for control.  Let go and let God.  Assume all decisions are given as learning experiences.   You can find most of his books on Amazon and his website  The book we are discussing today is "When Bad Things Happen..Finding Peace and Serenity in Theofatalism."
January 07, 2021
Are you ready for The 12 Steps to Joy and Happiness?
Author David Peters worked as an engineer on Flight Simulators and was recently named to the Simulator Hall of Fame.  It's been a tough year though.  He lost his wife and brother this year.  Yet he was sustained through it all because he knows the joy of finding the kingdom of God that lies within.  David has always taken a diverse spiritual path, but the one that inspired his book came about when he was struggling with clinical depression.   Finding an opportunity to study with a group who had been involved with the 12 Step Program from its inception, David discovered spirit and joy through the experience of working the 12 steps.   
January 05, 2021
Sandy Elaine Black loves old barns, old churches and old one room schoolhouses
Sandy Elaine Black worked for Intel Corporation for over 25 years as a public affairs officer.  In that role, she was able to help a multitude of community needs.  Now retired, she has been pursuing writing about historical structures that intrigue her.   The buildings have stories.  She travels, meets historians in old town and digs out their secrets.  It's lots of fun.  As part of promoting her books, she travels to the towns she wrote about in her books and affords those towns to raise money for pet projects by donating a portion of her proceeds to them.  Sandy may have retired from community service, but it's still in her blood and she enjoys fundraising.  
January 04, 2021
Rebuilding Your Life Radio host Susan Sherayko talks about the Power of Vision
This is a special time of year - when we dream of what we want in the coming months, when we traditionally make resolutions.  It is the perfect time for me to share my passion with you: The Power of Vision along with a proven system that enable us to do what it takes to fulfill our dreams.  That's how the Train Your Brain, Claim Your Power calls came into being.  That's why Rebuilding Your Life resonates with our content.  Today, I'll be talking about three tools that help us describe our visions, choose which we will pursue and take the actions that move us from that which is invisible to probable and even predictable.  You can begin to set aside failures and disasters to Rebuild Your Life to one you would love living.  These 3 tools are the beginning.  Remember, taking even the smallest step toward your dream will make a difference.  The key is to do what you can, with what you have and where you are.  Are you a doubter?  Do you have limiting beliefs that get in the way?  Then think this - what if you can overcome your circumstances, what if you can recover and rebuild your life, not by tossing aside your experiences, but by embracing a new way of thinking?  Wouldn't you be willing to give it a try?  Follow up with your host at  
December 23, 2020
Rene'e Hilton Taylor helps us get "In the MIdst: Praying Through Poetry."
In her childhood, Rene'e Hilton Taylor's parents were alchoholics.  Today she counsels others to cope with their backgrounds.  Rene'e shares how to find God in everyday life through poetry.  
December 22, 2020
How do we deal with P.T.S.D.? Saundra Russell offers a solution in her book, PTSD: Putting the Story Down.
Closed in?  Not willing to talk about your traumas?  Whether for yourself or someon in your family, Saundra Russell has created a workbook that enables a safe avenue to express the pain that traumatizes us internally.  
December 22, 2020
DW Duke, author of "Not Without A Fight" on Rebuilding Your Life Radio with Susan Sherayko
Cas Bieberstein stood ready to die, but not without a fight.  Forced out of his home and into the Warsaw ghettos at the start of World War II, Cas Bieberstein became a resistance fighter by the age of 10.  What is particularly striking is the mindset he developed in the raw world.  He expected that he would die, but not without a fight.   He worked building weapons and explosives for the enemy, but intentionally made most of them inoperable.  He worked as a sharpshooter, was sent to concentration camps and managed to escape to the U.S.  He lived his life quietly for many years, only opening up to tell of his past in his most senior years.  The story came to light when two distant cousins realized their genealogical connection and began to talk.  The story is documented in their book "Not Without a Fight" and an award winning documentary short.  More documentaries are planned in their series, and we may see more of this story as a feature film. 
December 15, 2020
In "Why Did Jesus Have to Die?", Chris Conrad explains the greatest moral controversy of the universe.
Are you concerned about the War in Heaven?  And thoughts of the End Times?  What did Satan do that caused all the trouble and how does it impact us?  Why did Jesus have to die?  Is a fiery end inevitable or can we choose a right relationship with God?  These questions are all part of the conversation in the Great Controversy depicted in "Why Did Jesus Have to Die?: It Isn't What You Think.  To carry the conversation forward, reach out to Chris Conrad at 
December 10, 2020
Valerie Katz' light-hearted stories in "The News from Arkansas" capture the humor we find in everyday life experiences.
Culled from hundreds of emails sent while adjusting adjusting to life in Arkansas,  Californian Valerie Katz shares her insights with a sense of humor that captivates the reader.  This book lefts your spirits as she describes  tales of being locked in a petting zoo and getting rid of a bat in the house, among many other stories.  This is a delightful read.  
November 26, 2020
How do you find a good companion?
Michael Lewis has been successfully married to his wife Brenda for 34 years.  He was also married before that. Drawing on his personal experience and his strong personal faith, Michael shows "How to Find a Good Companion Even Among Those Who Have Been Picked Over, Culled Out, Damaged, Dumped and Left for Dead." Love in your heart is critical to finding a good companion.  By God's grace, love is put in our hearts.  Love in our hearts determines how we feel, how we act, how we do things, how we treat our friends, and mostly how we treat our spouse. 
November 26, 2020
Get "Lost in Las Vegas" with John Smith, hero of the book series by Ian Jones
If you like crime thrillers or know someone else who does, you'll want to check out the John Smith series by Ian Jones.  The first book in the series "Lost in Las Vegas" starts Smith's adventures when he's asked to find a friend's missing daughter in that city.  Join Smith as he flies under the crime world's radar on the strip.  
November 21, 2020
It's time to live "Life on Your Terms: Create the Life You Want"
Rex Sikes, radio host of "Rex Sikes' Movie Beat" stops by to share another side of his life.  As author of "Life on Your Terms: Create the Life You Want," Rex has taught thousands of people how to transform their lives.  His workshops, seminars and talks center on Mind Design, Directed Questions, the Attitude Activator,  Whole Brain and Accelerated Learning, the Law of Attraction, and NLP.  He blogs, is on You-tube and offers a second podcast on daily Inspirations and gratitude.  Join us as we talk shop about the elements that help us create the life we want on our own terms. 
November 18, 2020
Check out Michelle Wilson's "Eye of the Warrior," a fantasy read for tweens
We are not always handed ideal circumstances in life.  It's up to us to learn how to overcome the imperfect and move forward into something better.  That's Michelle Wilson's  message.  She took up writing as a healthy mental outlet for what was happening around her.  With the help of God, she turned lemons into lemonade, saying 'you can be whoever you want to be when you have a dream.'  She wants her grandchildren and everyone who discovers her writing to know this as she continues to pursue her own dreams.  
November 18, 2020
Kenneth Smith shares what you should know to reach the American Dream
Kenneth Smith provides insights into what young people should consider as they progress through life.  He covers a broad range of topics - health, education, goal setting, landing a job, managing money, buying a home, debt management, and preparing to take on more responsibility with a family and children.   The book stands alone, or can be used in conjunction with a course of the same name.  
November 11, 2020
Why would I want to chase ghosts, Peter Worth?
Peter Worth is the author of "The Seeker: Chasing Ghosts," as well as several other books and articles including "Theology Reconsidered" and "Snowcone Diaries."  A student of ancient studies and business economics, Peter lives a full outer life with his family, working as a software systems engineer and pursuing peak performance in sports,   However, Peter also lives a vibrant inner life that has grown out of his ancient studies, involving yoga, monks and mysticism.  He was drawn to write about the dichotomy between religion and science, idealism and materialism.  As he studied, Peter kept revisiting certain themes and patterns he'd discover along the way.  He observed a single thread of cosmology and myth shared among different societies who appeared to have no contact with one another. One question led to another.  Why are we here?  Is there something bigger than us as individuals?  Is God real?  Is what you experience in the pursuit of answers applicable in your own life?  Why do so many people feel something is missing in life?  Peter Worth  believes he has found the answer.  With an understanding of karma yoga, he sees the world as part mundane day to day activities, part peak meditative experiences, and a conscious choice to do the work that no one wants to do, helping others, feeding the poor.  In the process, your have a greater impact on the world and have a greater sense of our interconnection with the one Uni-verse.  
November 03, 2020
Marios Skarvellis tells us to use the True Power of You to focus your attention on the mind, body and spirit connection
Marios Skarvellis is a healer using a variety of modalities to show us out to pay attention to what is going on in and around us in order to achieve an inner symmetry that heals.  It is a blend of classical personal training, life success coaching, massage and energy work.  Homework between sessions centers on meditation, focus, paying attention, noticing and establishing a new routine that supports positive energy rather than negative self-talk.  Like a Jedi warrior, we are encouraged to be ever vigilant to watch where energy is flowing.   His book "The True Power of You" is a foundational explanation of his synchronization methods.  
November 02, 2020
You'll look at flying in a new way after reading "Boarding Pass" by Betty Gossell and Karen Perkins
Betty Gossell and her daughter Karen Perkins are the authors of three books: "Boarding Pass," "Future Flights," and "Wheels Down."  Betty was inspired to write the first in the series after she found a boarding pass left in the pocket of the seat she occupied.  Ideas started to percolate and she soon invited her daughter to join her in a writing collaboration exploring 1 day, 1 plane, 1 seat and a series of flights.  
November 01, 2020
Les Tripp is clear that God has given us a task to do. Explore if we're listening on Rebuilding Your Life Radio with Susan Sherayko
Les Tripp leads Bible studies and his writings are explorations along Biblical themes.  His first book "Strong and Courageous: A Devotional for Men has been followed this summer by "Walls and Gates. "  He is actively completing a third book that he has been thinking about for 25 years about how we use the gifts we have been given to make a difference.  God has a task for us.  He tells us what He wants us to.  Do you have your ears on?  Do we listen?  Pay attention.  Notice what you are noticing.  What do you see?  What comes from within in a still small voice?  What resonates in the words of others?  We sense it in our determination.  Are you aware of it?  And once aware, what's next?  
October 20, 2020
Martha Butler's gift is to understand the pain of others and express it in "Poetic Heart-to-Heart Messages"
It can be very comforting when you read someone else's words describing your situation.  In that moment, you feel understood.  You realize that you are not alone.  That is Martha Butler's gift - to capture those feelings of frustration, fear, sorrow, and discouragement and carry the message that you have what you need.  You can manage obstacles.  You can get through this.  Quietly walk with God and you can do anything.  
October 20, 2020
Use James Mark's "Divine Mercy Chaplet: A Deep Meditation" to comfort departing souls, known and unknown
James Mark is one of those people who quietly serves others.  From the Peace Corps to special needs educator, James has worked for others.  When a friend gave him a copy of the Diary of St. Faustina, his life was changed.  James began to study the Divine Mercy Chaplet and pray for others.  He recognized an opportunity to help others keep the Chaplet fresh in their minds, rather than said by rote, by writing thoughts inspired during prayers.  The Divine Mercy Chaplet comforts those in distress.  To hear others doing the Chaplet, EWTN broadcasts the Divine Mercy Chaplet in song every afternoon.  
October 20, 2020
Galina Messmer shares a message of hope in "Galina's Hope: Beyond the Fire" on Rebuilding Your Life Radio with Susan Sherayko
"Galina's Hope: Beyond the Fire" tells a personal story of tragedy.  The loss of her children in a brutal murder left her with little will to live.  However, Galina was raised as a child of faith.  Although she didn't want to go on, she allowed God to lead her forward.  By his grace, she discovered hope, found loving relationships to sustain her, and rebuilt her life surrounded by a new family.  Her life is a testimony to the power of God to move in our lives, regardless of the circumstances in which we find ourselves.  
October 20, 2020
What you don't know can hurt you in Wendy Soria's novel Starlight
As we trick or treat during Halloween, it's a great time to pick up Wendy Soria's intriguing romance novel, "Starlight."  Beware, she shares a compelling warning about how what you don't know can hurt you.   Interwoven in the intrigue is a message to stay alert to potential dangers so that you may have the opportunity to save a life.   Not ready for a fright? Wendy's other books, "Legacy:Expressions of Wisdom and Advice" offer you an opportunity to share your wisdom and advice for those you love for posterity.  For 'tweens, young adults, older adults and missionaries.    
October 20, 2020
TJ Johnson shares The Genesis Men Bible Studies with Susan Sherayko
Mother of the Church T.J. Johnson has taught Bible studies for years.  She takes her knowledge of the Book of Genesis into four books through The Genesis Men series:  Adam and Sons, Noah and Sons, Abraham and Sons, and Jacob and Sons - Twelve Tribes.  And to top that off, T.J. lets us have some fun with the Bible with her three crossword puzzle books, Chapter and Verse.  We welcome T.J. Johnson to Rebuilding Your LIfe Radio.  
October 09, 2020
HIlary Sinclair's "Yearning Heart" speaks to a life long spiritual quest.
Hilary Sinclair has had an on again, off again relationship with spirit, but has always returned, finding higher levels of consciousness along the way.  The journey is recorded in poems in her book "The Yearning Heart".  
September 29, 2020
Do you "speed talk" the Lord's Prayer?
Daniel Thompson, author of "The Lord's Prayer," used to rapidly recite the words of the prayer he commonly used.  He didn't pause to reflect upon their meaning.  One day, he realized this and was inspired to write his book.  Drawing on over half of the 900 Biblical verses that relate to the prayer, Thompson provides a legacy book with spaces to study, write prayers and engage in community challenges.  Since publication, over 1,000,000 people have reached out to him on Facebook.   
September 14, 2020
Are you ready for America's Armageddon?
Dennis Bray served with the U.S. Army and Department of Defense for 37 years.  Simultaneously, he was studying the end times in the Bible.  To do this work, he had to study a different way of using language that is found in the Bible and its symbols.  For him, it is like studying mathematics.  In this case, he is showing how America fits into the Book of Revelations and other passages throughout the Bible.   In 1997, he was told to write this down, that these things will happen and people need to get ready.  There are eerie parallels to events happening today: people leaving big cities, a lack of security, high taxes, no representation, riots and fear.  In the Woe to America chapter, people are seen being driven off the coasts to the area between the Appalachians and the Rockies.  Good or bad, there will be a harvest of the vineyard.   Then the positive truth of Isaiah 18 - I will rest with them.  This is not meant to frighten.  It demonstrates that the end is positive.  You can get prepared.  
September 13, 2020
Andrew Choi spreads "Hope from the Garden of Eden to the End of Patmos Island"
Several years after a traumatic experience, the Lord placed in it on Andrew Choi's heart to spread a message of hope.  He has done this as a minister in local churches, and as an Army and hospital chaplain.    He studied how hope is a major theme in the Bible from the Garden of Eden in Genesis through the the final pages in John's Revelations over several years before being inspired to write the book.  He has ministered to many who felt hopeless in life's circumstances.  He has been there himself.  Now he works to change them from the inside out  as the Bible inspires them and changes people's minds with positive messages.    
September 13, 2020
Daniel Fulton supports Living in Faith Ministries as part of "God's Will in Cuba"
Have you taken part in mission trips to different parts of the world?  Daniel Fulton has been actively involved in such work for over 15 years.  He shares his experiences as a mission contractor building in Honduras and Cuba in "God's Will in Cuba."  Traveling to Latin America since 2003, he has had the opportunity to witness the lifestyle and needs of the communities there.  The people live in the kind of poverty where the cost of a Bible is equivalent to a month's salary.  It's been a journey back in time to see automobiles from the 1950s still in active use and to see people improvise ways to get from one town to another.   Although there is ample water, it is polluted.  That is the work of the mission contractors there - to build water filtration systems. 
September 13, 2020
Michele Synegal mastered new ways to provide "Inspiration in Small Doses" during the pandemic
What do you do when the world situation shuts down your normal avenues to reach others?  You pivot.  Michele Synegal has done just that over the past few months and extended her reach in the process.  She is teaching others to utilize Zoom to inspire, minister and fill the community's need for church services, funerals and even book launches.  
September 13, 2020
Jodi Zeitler introduces us to the world of "Warriors Embrace," Best Paranormal Book of the Year
Are you into historical fantasy?  Mythology?  Epic series?  Then take a journey to the world of Nyx in Jodi Foster's book, "Warriors Embrace."  Now that Game of Thrones has faded into history, the fans are looking for the next epic series to capture their imaginations.  Is this it?  Let's hear what Jodi Zeitler has to say. 
September 12, 2020
Paul Payten explores how we identify in his book, "LIving With a Vagina: You Show Me Yours, I'll Show You Mine"
Paul Payten is a socially conscious artist whose book "Living with A Vagina: You Show Me Yours, I'll Show You Mine" raises the questions - what could be different?  If we were to approach life from the more loving, caring and inclusive Aquarian energy, how would we treat one another?  What would change?  How would it affect people's lives?
September 09, 2020
Sherry Longshore visits Rebuilding Your Life Radio to talk about her book "Extricate"
In "Extricate" Sherry Longshore shares recurring dreams and short stories.  Some people live in the world of daydreams.  As they write their stories, they find a way to connect to other people.  In the process of writing and publishing, they find themselves and begin to focus on fulfilling activities.  The experience is transformative.  
September 09, 2020
Don Bennett pays tribute to his wife in "Say Goodnight Elizabeth"
Don Bennett wrote "Say Goodnight Elizabeth" as a tribute to his wife of almost 35 years.  Over the 4 years of her illness with Lou Gehrig's disease, Don was her constant companion and caregiver.  Through it all, they both maintained their sense of humor about their circumstances.  Don continues to write works of fiction.  All are available on Amazon.  
August 22, 2020
Susanne Kessaris' "Checkerboard Quilt" brings back comforting memories of childhood in a simpler time
Susanne Kessaris celebrates her memories of spending time on her grandparents' farm as a child.  There was so much to discover in the environment.  There was time and space to explore the outdoors, taking walks in the woods, finding materials like acorn caps along the way to craft into a new creation.  Susanne offers ideas to step away from our technologically packed lives and enjoy the simpler things.  Autobiographical by nature, these books capture the "bumps in the road" and the faith that supported her through them.   
August 19, 2020
Who's the best cardiologist for your marriage? Jeff Mathews knows.
Jeff Mathews is a minister.  In prayer and meditation, he became aware that communication and companionship in the marriage relationship is critical to its health, literally and figuratively.  During this time of 24/7 relationships, the suggestions he offers can help to save marriages, reduce physical abuse and promote overall well being for the entire family.  If you are feeling the strain of too much togetherness, you will find value in what he has to offer in his book, "Marriage Cardiology 101: Knowing the Symptoms of Marriage Heart Trouble.  
August 18, 2020
Be guided on your "Journey to Health" with Kate Blecher
Kate Blecher didn't start out as an energetic healer.  In fact, she spent 20 years as a Wall Street analyst.  It was a high stress position that required a great deal of flying.  Kate was afraid to fly and sought out a hypnotherapist to help her and the therapy removed her fears.  She began to study hypnotherapy, at first for a book she was writing, later as a patient needing healing for multiple serious illnesses.  Her Journey to Health introduced her to her spirit guides who instructed her in how to heal her body, what to do with her life and how to teach others.   Kate talks about these experiences and  takes us through an explanation of a body scan and a meditation.   
August 18, 2020
Mark Phillips talks about "Salvage Humanity," his new graphic novel
Life as we know it on earth has been destroyed.  One man Myles has survived.  If he has survived, there may be others.  That begins a journey to find them.  Perhaps he can salvage humanity.   What will he find?  Mark Phillips encourages your participation in future issues to help Myles salvage humanity.
August 18, 2020
Raj Lowenstein talks romantic thrillers and diverse character development
Raj Lowenstein is an accomplished author.  She has written the O'Connor Sisters Triglogy, as well as "Through the Fire."  What's different is that her characters are diverse, not only ethnically.  She presents real scenarios from the world of the deaf.  Why?  Because she too is deaf.  Join us as we discuss how that has colored her writing.  
August 06, 2020
George Lee McGowan shares her rigorous journey to express her true self in "Dear Mom & Dad: You Don't Know Me But."
Being true to your self may require courage to embrace who you are and live in that reality.  George Lee McGowan has spent her life discovering her true self, making peace with it, and facing family and society with the reality.  Little can be more personal than how we identify ourselves.   At the lowest point in her struggles with this, she listened to the small voice within, asked for God's help and peace descended upon her.  
August 05, 2020
Joseph Lessard helps us navigate the coming of age world of "Echoes of Fairborn HIgh"
Joseph Lessard grew up in the 1950s.  Although this is an entertaining, fictional work, Lessard colors it with the life and times of that era.  It's filled with memories in this imaginery state between Indiana and Ohio filled with football championships, tragedy, romance, nostalgia, mystery, fast dances, teenage hangouts, rivalries, bullies, cliques and haunted spaces.   
August 05, 2020
Calvin Cassady talks about the Big Event in his life and "Bridging the Gap"
You're 19 years old, preparing to pursue your goals and life purpose, only to meet with extraordinary circumstances that change your life forever.  You get to meet with God.  Does it make a big shift in your life?  Does it change the way you relate to people?  And does it remove all fear and doubt?  Check out Calvin's experience on the other side. 
August 05, 2020
Douglas Grady communicates guidance for humanity share with him through dialogues with Apostle John
Did you know that you have a choice?  You can prepare for the upcoming era of Love and Light and prosper in the coming 1000 years of peace.  You can embrace the photon energies coming to planet Earth now, forgive and love one another, and enjoy all that emanates a positive vibration.  You can love your God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself.  Your first step is to find God within.   Or you can prepare for the end times and stick with dark forces that have been in power for the past 5000 years, live in fear,anger, doubt and worry.   staying behind or being sent to a different universe.   Douglas Grady wants you to grow into heaven on earth on the arms of those we help.  
August 05, 2020
April Wise reveals her mother's journey through Alzheimer's as "The Haunting of Lois"
Imagine yourself in this situation:  You think you're in control.  You're surrounded by too much work, the daily clutter and family members going in all directions. unexpected phone call disrupts your life, destroys your balance and forever changes your world.  Your mother has had a stroke.  Than an insidious, stealth and silent foe follows - Alzheimer's.  April Wise provides us with a deeply personal look into the physical, emotional and mental challenges of the experience she shared with her mother as her sole caregiver.  
August 05, 2020
Kristen Walton helps lift your day with "Light in the Enchanted Forest"
Kristen Walton's  award winning children's book, "Light in the Enchanted Forest," helps children (and adults) become aware that when they make conscious, positive choices they can improve their days.  The community of bugs that populates this book are upgrading their forest through trust, love, forgiveness and gratitude.  
August 05, 2020
For Janalee Beck, Life is Sextastic!
In Sextastic!, Janalee Beck shows how couples can improve their sex lives in 7 weeks as they work through her workbook together.  
August 04, 2020
George Martin's "Faithwalking in Our Time" is a call to action for Restorative Justice
Imagine being sent to prison for a 20 year sentence for a crime you did not commit.  Imagine the joy when 5 years later, the State Supreme Court overturns the conviction.  But also acknowledge that the things you saw and experienced while incarcerated make you aware that there can be a better way.  That's George Martin's story as he discusses the possibility of utilizing restorative justice to resolve perceived problems in our justic system.  George worked with both the Presbyterian Church and the Lutheran Church to develop such mediation programs and is well versed in the academic studies on the topic.  To learn more, check out the National center for Restorative Justice / Vermont Law School,, and RestorativeJustice.Org.  #restorative justice #justice system #forgiveness #faithwalking #mediation
July 29, 2020
How do you escape psychological manipulation and rebuild your life?
 If you are a fan of films like "Gaslight," you will enjoy this tale of mental manipulation: "There Was a Crooked Man: A Psychological Thriller."  Inspired by the stories of women in a battered women's shelter, Katrina Morgan has crafted an intriguing thriller where you gain insights into why women stay in abusive relationships and then root for her successful escape. 
July 29, 2020
For author Nina Kelley, Grace Has a Silent Voice
Nina Kelly lives a rich life.  She shares what she's taken away from her experiences in the collection of letters that make up "Grace Has a Silent Voice." In this call, we'll learn how:  * She's witnessed the thin blue line between life and death in her position with an organ donor program  * She's paid attention to the homeless and watched them emerge from the constrictions of those lives to build anew  * A philanthropist, she's raised money for non-profits through her books. * She directed the Children's Bureau in New Orleans and has a soft spot for "Saving Wednesday's Child," the story of the  Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. * She's written best selling books with the likes of Jack Canfield and Larry King, and executive produced "A New Leash on Life: The K9s for Warriors Story."    
July 28, 2020
The Color of Grace author Jennifer Delaney talks adventure, intrigue and the importance of family on Rebuilding Your LIfe Radio
One of the pillars of the Train Your Brain, Claim Your Power program is the importance of of social relationships - family, friends and community.  On this call, Jennifer Delaney talks about the core relationships within her book, "The Color of Grace. "  Family and community are the very cornerstone of her books, Jannifer Delaney has crafted family adventures filled with intrigue.  Peppered with homespun humor, the characters are in pursuit of the good life as each person defines it.  Regardless of circumstances and disagreements, the important thing is that the family supports one another.  
July 19, 2020
Thomas Barrett is grateful in "Angels Always with Me: A Memoir of Faith, Love and Great Courage on Rebuilding Your LIfe Radio
Thom Barrett and his wife Lynda lived every day by faith, love and courage.  They adopted a son Ty who was born with Addison's Disases.  Their second child, born prematurely, died within a week.  Their next child, Andy was born with hydroencephalitis and cerebral palsy.  Raising two seriously disabled children. As they strove to provide the most normal lives possible for their two boys, the overall challenges could have been overwhelming, however, Thom and Lynda faced it all with faith, their love for one another plus real and human angels providing support to them.  
July 19, 2020
Toni Page shares the wisdom of "Speak Only Kindnesses: Directing the New Energies"
Toni Page shares the thoughts she was given on directing new energies to reconstruct the world.  According to the source, the earth has entered a new energy field in space which will facilitate earth's development well into the future.  We can each participate by connecting to the flow of love that is the very fabric of the universe as well as recognizing the presence of the divine within each of us.   Over a 2 year period, Toni was given four books to record and share with others.  The first is "Speak Only Kindnesses: Directing the New Energies," available on Amazon.  
July 14, 2020
Rebuilding Your Life Radio shares how to train your brain, learn life lessons in picture book "Ellie the Hen Afraid of Worms" by Kira Brettschneider with Host Susan Sherayko
Australian author Kira Brettschneider writes children's picture books with positive messages.  In her third book, "Ellie the Hen Afraid of Worms," Kira shares the message that one can get over one's fears using good friends to support you, plus a few helpful hints to help us get along better with those around us.  The colorful characters are all poultry living in the town. 
July 13, 2020
Pamela Bradley, author of "It's Like Magic, But Even Better," uses the eyes of nature to brighten up the day
Children's book author, Pamela Bradley (It's LIke Magic, But Even Better) has found a message that helps children learn the magic of positive thinking.  Margaret Ann finds examples in nature to help her friends brighten up their day.  In the process, she trains our brains to reframe situations we find around us in a more positive way.  
July 07, 2020
Brett Nelson speaks about channeling and the presence of God on Rebuildig Your Life Radio with Susan Sherayko
Training your brain and claiming your power to rebuild your life comes from a variety of sources, not always mainstream.  To the average person, the concept of channeling may bring out our Inner Skeptic.  That was certainly the case for author Brett Nelson.  To him, the idea was a bunch of malarkey.  That is, until during a long flight from the Mediterranean to British Columbia, he experienced it for himself.  During our conversation, Brett discusses what it was like to "be the pen" for "In Spiritus Theos: A Collection of Divinely Inspired and Channeled Poems."  Brett has been on his own spiritual journey blending the philosophies of his First Nations tribe, the writings of Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, and Sufi mystic Rumi.  The result is a man who seeks to enjoy the presence of God in all things.  
June 26, 2020
Robert Alan Krum shares his "Feathers from Heaven on Rebuilding Your Life Radio with Susan Sherayko
Alan Krum didn't start out to write a book of poems.  He set out to write letters to God to help him get through difficult emotional times.  The result is "Feathers from Heaven: A Collection of Christian and inspirational poems" to uplift the spirit and strenthen the weary.  Short and simple, and understandable, this is a volume to touch the every man in each of us.  Underneath it all is a profound faith in God and an awareness that God will get you through the challenges.  Some people will enjoy using "Freathers from Heaven" as a devotional for Alan has placed scripture with many of the poems for that purpose.  
June 26, 2020
Alvin Epp looks "Through the Eyes of Guilt" on Rebuilding Your LIfe Radio with Susan Sherayko
Alvin Epp, author of "Through the Eyes of Guilt" has always wondered whether our lives are motivated through guilt.  As he researched the subject he learned much more about the value of becoming present in the moments of your life and appreciating the miracle that each person contributes to our own.  In Alvin's book, he asks people to consider looking at life differently.  On our call, Alvin posed more of these questions.  What do you take with you when you take your last breath?  Does your moral code shift when you feel guilty or the closer you get to your mortality date?  And offered an interesting exercise to help you honor the relationships we treasure.  
June 25, 2020
Bonya Matthews helps new moms rebuild their lives after bringing baby home in 20 Checklists Feed Your Infant for Free and Lose Weight
Women's Health and Lactation Educator, Bonya Matthews, has worked in this field for years.  Often she watched as the technical information shared in conferences and community groups overwhelmed already stressed out moms.  She decided to do something about it and wrote her book "20 Checklists: Feed Your Infant for Free and Lose Weight" to provide simpler trainings in the new life and organizational skills a new mom has to learn on the job.  The checklists cover a range of topics for infant and toddler care such as bonding with baby, how to set up a lunch milk station, weaning your baby, 20 baby dates and dealing with staying at home.   She also discusses groups that help support new moms, new product ideas, along with the other topics.  Bonya presents this information in a fun, up-beat manner.  She calls the book her business card for the private lactation counselling, adulla information, and community appearances she makes throughout the community. 
June 25, 2020
Find Your Life Mission with a Little Help from Roots and Rocks Author Wendy Irwin on Rebuilding Your Life Radio with Host Susan Sherayko
Wendy Irwin, author of "Roots & Rocks" and "Wendy's Whimsical Recipes",  is a guide to help us find our life mission.  Clairvoyant at birth, an entrepreneur at 6, Wendy offers several products and services online ranging from her books, singing bowls, gemstones and herbs, recommended fresh fruits and vegetables that align with your personal gemstones and 21 Days of Prayer.   Everything she offers is designed to tap into the life force that helps you find your true self while enjoying a little fun along the way.  Need a little help for that big job interview?  Wendy offers a tuneup that puts you in the perfect frame of mind.  
June 17, 2020
Has the 7th Trumpet Sounded? Connie Anderson shares her thoughts on the Book of Revelations, End Times and Biblical Prophecy
Connie Anderson is the author of two books, "The Red Horse War Against God's Government" and "The Seven Thunders."  A student of prophetic books in the Bible like Ezekiel and Daniel, and other more contemporary prophets like Ellen White, Mervyn Maxwell and Jonathan Cahn, Connie focuses on the meanings of signs and symbols.  She wants to raise awareness that current events are pointing to the end times when God allows Lucifer the opportunity to prove they can create and manage our planet without moral boundaries.  Revelations pains a dark picture of doom and gloom for most of humanity.  Are the results inevitable?  Is there something we can do?  Rebuilding Your Life Radio in conjunction with Train Your Brain, Claim Your Power now provides more opportunities to explore the stories of profound spiritual journeys, sudden great loss, what others do to heal and rebuild, and what they take away from their experiences.  #prophecies #end times #Revelations #9/11 #The Harbinger #symbols #signs #Lucifer #New Jerusalem
June 16, 2020
Jeanne Trantel reveals that even the worst situations contain "Disguised Blessings" when you work your way through them.
When Jeanne Trantel's stock broker husband turned into a bank robber, her life was devastated in full public view of national television.  In her book, Jeanne reveals that even the worst situation can contain "Disguised Blessings."   She raised her two boys on her own, developed income streams that permitted her to be part of her boys' lives, and made peace within her soul.  We are happy that Rebuilding Your LIfe Radio in conjunction with Train Your Brain, Claim Your Power now provides more opportunities for us to explore the stories of profound spiritual journeys, sudden and great loss, what others do to heal and rebuild, and what they take away from their experiences.  
June 15, 2020
John L. Givens, motivational speaker, youth specialist and author, "Poetry in the Spirit: Inspiration at Your Point of Need, shares thoughts on motivating today's rudderless youth.
John L. Givens is a motivational speaker, youth specialist and author, "Poetry in the Spirit: Inspiration at Your Point of Need."  He has devoted his entire life to finding ways to motivate young men to achieve greatness.  Starting as a student leader, John went on to become a Marine Drill Instructor, served in Desert Storm, returned to graduate from L.A. Police Academy, was part of a bootcamp style program that reduced recidivism from a rate of 70% to 22%.   John recently started Motivational Youth Seminars, Inc. to keep teaching the 8 Keys to Making and Keeping Successful Goals.  Rebuilding Your LIfe Radio in conjunction with Train Your Brain, Claim Your Power now provides more opportunities for us to explore the stories of profound spiritual journeys, sudden and great loss what others do to heal and rebuild and what they take away from their experiences.  
June 15, 2020
Sir Justus Abramelech, author "The Chosen Journey of LIfe", shares universal laws that create values for others
In "The Chosen Journey of Life: The Heart to Know, Search and Seek Out Wisdom," Sir Justus Abramelech shares wisdom that helps others help themselves, achieve self-fulfillment and fill their need for a sense of direction.  This wisdom focused on five key concepts:  identity, freedom, principles, Universal truths and vitality.  Rebuilding Your Life Radio in conjunction with Train Your Brain, Claim Your Power now provides more opportunities for us to explore the stories of profound spiritual journeys, sudden great loss, what others do to heal and rebuild, and what they take away from their experiences.  #Chosen Journey of LIfe #wisdom #self-fulfillment #sense of direction #identity #freedom, #principles #Universal truths #vitality 
June 15, 2020
Karttikeyan Yoga teacher and practitioner Samyama Flowering Tree shares Eastern Guided Imagery and Creative Visualization and her own spiritual journey.
In this episode, Samyama Flowering Tree, Karttikeyan Yoga teacher and practitioner, shares one of the progressive meditations from her book "Karttikeyan Yoga NIdra: A Course Manual on Eastern Guided Imagery and Creative Visualizations," her impressions of the world impact of the Covid-19 virus and highights from her spiritual journey which began at the age of 2.   Rebuilding Your LIfe Radio in conjunction with Train Your Brain, Claim Your Power now provides more opportunities for us to explore the stories of profound spiritual journeys, sudden and great loss, what others do to heal and rebuild, and what they take away from their experiences.  #yoga #Karttikeyan Yoga NIdra #guided imagery #creative visualization #Himalayan Yogi-Christ 
June 10, 2020
Almost to Heaven Author Jean Nielsen talks about her near death experience
Rebuilding Your Life Radio in conjunction with Train Your Brain, Claim Your Power now provides more opportunities for us to share the journeys of those affected by sudden and great loss, what they did to heal and rebuild, and where they are now.  "Almost to Heaven" author Jean NIelsen had just started her night shift when she began a journey to her near death experience.  Listen in as Jean shares what happened, the events that saved her and how the experience has affected her life.  
June 10, 2020
Insights on How to Thrive in the "New" Economy
Dr. Randall Bell shares insights into how we can get past the deep dive of the recent shutdown, survive the consequences and go on to thrive in the new economy.  Dr. Bell is a sociologist and economist who specializes in disaster recovery projects.  He has been retained by the U.S. and other governments, as well as businesses, to help resolve crises.  He has generated billions of dollars to rebuild damaged lives and communities.  The tragedies on which he has consulted are well known: the World Trade Center, Flight 93, Sandy Hook, BP Oil, Hurricanes Katrina and Harvey, and Bikini Atoll nuclear test site, the Northridge earthquake and countless others.  In each case, Dr. Bell observed the emotional consequences and how some people fared better than others.  He has shared his resulting understanding of the cycle of trauma in his books and media appearances.  His upcoming book Post Traumatic Thriving: The Art, Science  & Stories of Resilience specifically deals with how people thrive after adversity.  Today, he shares some steps we can take to bounce back after a disaster and go on to create something greater in our lives.
May 09, 2020
Train Your Brain, Claim Your Power in Times of Crisis
In challenging times, it's helpful to know how to maintain your positive attitude, ask the right questions and develop the right routines so you can claim your power.  We can get through these times.  In fact, we can turn crisis into opportunity to create something even better than previously imagined.  
April 20, 2020
Preparing to Train Your Brain to Claim Your Power
You have the power within you to handle whatever life throws your way -- including the Covina virus.  We'll be talking about powering up!  Planning, preventing, preparing and building good habits to support you regardless of the circumstances around you now.   
March 14, 2020
Train Your Brain, Claim Your Power with those you love - Program 2
In this program, we invite our significant others to join us as we discuss the dreams closest to our hearts and learn to support one another.  
February 12, 2020