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Train Your Brain, Claim Your Power

Train Your Brain, Claim Your Power

By Susan Sherayko
This program is about training your brain to claim your power so you can optimize your life. Why? Because everything begins with a thought and how you think determines your results. You create what you want, starting with the thoughts you have and the words you speak. You have within you the power to handle whatever life throws your way, achieve the lifestyle of your dreams, and enjoy everyday life in the process. Start by recognizing the pillars that sustain a well lived life -- our mindset, health, finances, resilience, preparedness, relationships and community involvement.
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Susanne Kessaris' "Checkerboard Quilt" brings back comforting memories of childhood in a simpler time

Train Your Brain, Claim Your Power

Do you "speed talk" the Lord's Prayer?
Daniel Thompson, author of "The Lord's Prayer," used to rapidly recite the words of the prayer he commonly used.  He didn't pause to reflect upon their meaning.  One day, he realized this and was inspired to write his book.  Drawing on over half of the 900 Biblical verses that relate to the prayer, Thompson provides a legacy book with spaces to study, write prayers and engage in community challenges.  Since publication, over 1,000,000 people have reached out to him on Facebook.   
September 14, 2020
Are you ready for America's Armageddon?
Dennis Bray served with the U.S. Army and Department of Defense for 37 years.  Simultaneously, he was studying the end times in the Bible.  To do this work, he had to study a different way of using language that is found in the Bible and its symbols.  For him, it is like studying mathematics.  In this case, he is showing how America fits into the Book of Revelations and other passages throughout the Bible.   In 1997, he was told to write this down, that these things will happen and people need to get ready.  There are eerie parallels to events happening today: people leaving big cities, a lack of security, high taxes, no representation, riots and fear.  In the Woe to America chapter, people are seen being driven off the coasts to the area between the Appalachians and the Rockies.  Good or bad, there will be a harvest of the vineyard.   Then the positive truth of Isaiah 18 - I will rest with them.  This is not meant to frighten.  It demonstrates that the end is positive.  You can get prepared.  
September 13, 2020
Andrew Choi spreads "Hope from the Garden of Eden to the End of Patmos Island"
Several years after a traumatic experience, the Lord placed in it on Andrew Choi's heart to spread a message of hope.  He has done this as a minister in local churches, and as an Army and hospital chaplain.    He studied how hope is a major theme in the Bible from the Garden of Eden in Genesis through the the final pages in John's Revelations over several years before being inspired to write the book.  He has ministered to many who felt hopeless in life's circumstances.  He has been there himself.  Now he works to change them from the inside out  as the Bible inspires them and changes people's minds with positive messages.    
September 13, 2020
Daniel Fulton supports Living in Faith Ministries as part of "God's Will in Cuba"
Have you taken part in mission trips to different parts of the world?  Daniel Fulton has been actively involved in such work for over 15 years.  He shares his experiences as a mission contractor building in Honduras and Cuba in "God's Will in Cuba."  Traveling to Latin America since 2003, he has had the opportunity to witness the lifestyle and needs of the communities there.  The people live in the kind of poverty where the cost of a Bible is equivalent to a month's salary.  It's been a journey back in time to see automobiles from the 1950s still in active use and to see people improvise ways to get from one town to another.   Although there is ample water, it is polluted.  That is the work of the mission contractors there - to build water filtration systems. 
September 13, 2020
Michele Synegal mastered new ways to provide "Inspiration in Small Doses" during the pandemic
What do you do when the world situation shuts down your normal avenues to reach others?  You pivot.  Michele Synegal has done just that over the past few months and extended her reach in the process.  She is teaching others to utilize Zoom to inspire, minister and fill the community's need for church services, funerals and even book launches.  
September 13, 2020
Jodi Zeitler introduces us to the world of "Warriors Embrace," Best Paranormal Book of the Year
Are you into historical fantasy?  Mythology?  Epic series?  Then take a journey to the world of Nyx in Jodi Foster's book, "Warriors Embrace."  Now that Game of Thrones has faded into history, the fans are looking for the next epic series to capture their imaginations.  Is this it?  Let's hear what Jodi Zeitler has to say. 
September 12, 2020
Paul Payten explores how we identify in his book, "LIving With a Vagina: You Show Me Yours, I'll Show You Mine"
Paul Payten is a socially conscious artist whose book "Living with A Vagina: You Show Me Yours, I'll Show You Mine" raises the questions - what could be different?  If we were to approach life from the more loving, caring and inclusive Aquarian energy, how would we treat one another?  What would change?  How would it affect people's lives?
September 9, 2020
Sherry Longshore visits Rebuilding Your Life Radio to talk about her book "Extricate"
In "Extricate" Sherry Longshore shares recurring dreams and short stories.  Some people live in the world of daydreams.  As they write their stories, they find a way to connect to other people.  In the process of writing and publishing, they find themselves and begin to focus on fulfilling activities.  The experience is transformative.  
September 9, 2020
Don Bennett pays tribute to his wife in "Say Goodnight Elizabeth"
Don Bennett wrote "Say Goodnight Elizabeth" as a tribute to his wife of almost 35 years.  Over the 4 years of her illness with Lou Gehrig's disease, Don was her constant companion and caregiver.  Through it all, they both maintained their sense of humor about their circumstances.  Don continues to write works of fiction.  All are available on Amazon.  
August 22, 2020
Susanne Kessaris' "Checkerboard Quilt" brings back comforting memories of childhood in a simpler time
Susanne Kessaris celebrates her memories of spending time on her grandparents' farm as a child.  There was so much to discover in the environment.  There was time and space to explore the outdoors, taking walks in the woods, finding materials like acorn caps along the way to craft into a new creation.  Susanne offers ideas to step away from our technologically packed lives and enjoy the simpler things.  Autobiographical by nature, these books capture the "bumps in the road" and the faith that supported her through them.   
August 19, 2020
Who's the best cardiologist for your marriage? Jeff Mathews knows.
Jeff Mathews is a minister.  In prayer and meditation, he became aware that communication and companionship in the marriage relationship is critical to its health, literally and figuratively.  During this time of 24/7 relationships, the suggestions he offers can help to save marriages, reduce physical abuse and promote overall well being for the entire family.  If you are feeling the strain of too much togetherness, you will find value in what he has to offer in his book, "Marriage Cardiology 101: Knowing the Symptoms of Marriage Heart Trouble.  
August 18, 2020
Be guided on your "Journey to Health" with Kate Blecher
Kate Blecher didn't start out as an energetic healer.  In fact, she spent 20 years as a Wall Street analyst.  It was a high stress position that required a great deal of flying.  Kate was afraid to fly and sought out a hypnotherapist to help her and the therapy removed her fears.  She began to study hypnotherapy, at first for a book she was writing, later as a patient needing healing for multiple serious illnesses.  Her Journey to Health introduced her to her spirit guides who instructed her in how to heal her body, what to do with her life and how to teach others.   Kate talks about these experiences and  takes us through an explanation of a body scan and a meditation.   
August 18, 2020
Mark Phillips talks about "Salvage Humanity," his new graphic novel
Life as we know it on earth has been destroyed.  One man Myles has survived.  If he has survived, there may be others.  That begins a journey to find them.  Perhaps he can salvage humanity.   What will he find?  Mark Phillips encourages your participation in future issues to help Myles salvage humanity.
August 18, 2020
Raj Lowenstein talks romantic thrillers and diverse character development
Raj Lowenstein is an accomplished author.  She has written the O'Connor Sisters Triglogy, as well as "Through the Fire."  What's different is that her characters are diverse, not only ethnically.  She presents real scenarios from the world of the deaf.  Why?  Because she too is deaf.  Join us as we discuss how that has colored her writing.  
August 6, 2020
George Lee McGowan shares her rigorous journey to express her true self in "Dear Mom & Dad: You Don't Know Me But."
Being true to your self may require courage to embrace who you are and live in that reality.  George Lee McGowan has spent her life discovering her true self, making peace with it, and facing family and society with the reality.  Little can be more personal than how we identify ourselves.   At the lowest point in her struggles with this, she listened to the small voice within, asked for God's help and peace descended upon her.  
August 5, 2020
Joseph Lessard helps us navigate the coming of age world of "Echoes of Fairborn HIgh"
Joseph Lessard grew up in the 1950s.  Although this is an entertaining, fictional work, Lessard colors it with the life and times of that era.  It's filled with memories in this imaginery state between Indiana and Ohio filled with football championships, tragedy, romance, nostalgia, mystery, fast dances, teenage hangouts, rivalries, bullies, cliques and haunted spaces.   
August 5, 2020
Calvin Cassady talks about the Big Event in his life and "Bridging the Gap"
You're 19 years old, preparing to pursue your goals and life purpose, only to meet with extraordinary circumstances that change your life forever.  You get to meet with God.  Does it make a big shift in your life?  Does it change the way you relate to people?  And does it remove all fear and doubt?  Check out Calvin's experience on the other side. 
August 5, 2020
Douglas Grady communicates guidance for humanity share with him through dialogues with Apostle John
Did you know that you have a choice?  You can prepare for the upcoming era of Love and Light and prosper in the coming 1000 years of peace.  You can embrace the photon energies coming to planet Earth now, forgive and love one another, and enjoy all that emanates a positive vibration.  You can love your God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself.  Your first step is to find God within.   Or you can prepare for the end times and stick with dark forces that have been in power for the past 5000 years, live in fear,anger, doubt and worry.   staying behind or being sent to a different universe.   Douglas Grady wants you to grow into heaven on earth on the arms of those we help.  
August 5, 2020
April Wise reveals her mother's journey through Alzheimer's as "The Haunting of Lois"
Imagine yourself in this situation:  You think you're in control.  You're surrounded by too much work, the daily clutter and family members going in all directions. unexpected phone call disrupts your life, destroys your balance and forever changes your world.  Your mother has had a stroke.  Than an insidious, stealth and silent foe follows - Alzheimer's.  April Wise provides us with a deeply personal look into the physical, emotional and mental challenges of the experience she shared with her mother as her sole caregiver.  
August 5, 2020
Kristen Walton helps lift your day with "Light in the Enchanted Forest"
Kristen Walton's  award winning children's book, "Light in the Enchanted Forest," helps children (and adults) become aware that when they make conscious, positive choices they can improve their days.  The community of bugs that populates this book are upgrading their forest through trust, love, forgiveness and gratitude.  
August 5, 2020
For Janalee Beck, Life is Sextastic!
In Sextastic!, Janalee Beck shows how couples can improve their sex lives in 7 weeks as they work through her workbook together.  
August 4, 2020
George Martin's "Faithwalking in Our Time" is a call to action for Restorative Justice
Imagine being sent to prison for a 20 year sentence for a crime you did not commit.  Imagine the joy when 5 years later, the State Supreme Court overturns the conviction.  But also acknowledge that the things you saw and experienced while incarcerated make you aware that there can be a better way.  That's George Martin's story as he discusses the possibility of utilizing restorative justice to resolve perceived problems in our justic system.  George worked with both the Presbyterian Church and the Lutheran Church to develop such mediation programs and is well versed in the academic studies on the topic.  To learn more, check out the National center for Restorative Justice / Vermont Law School,, and RestorativeJustice.Org.  #restorative justice #justice system #forgiveness #faithwalking #mediation
July 29, 2020
How do you escape psychological manipulation and rebuild your life?
 If you are a fan of films like "Gaslight," you will enjoy this tale of mental manipulation: "There Was a Crooked Man: A Psychological Thriller."  Inspired by the stories of women in a battered women's shelter, Katrina Morgan has crafted an intriguing thriller where you gain insights into why women stay in abusive relationships and then root for her successful escape. 
July 29, 2020
For author Nina Kelley, Grace Has a Silent Voice
Nina Kelly lives a rich life.  She shares what she's taken away from her experiences in the collection of letters that make up "Grace Has a Silent Voice." In this call, we'll learn how:  * She's witnessed the thin blue line between life and death in her position with an organ donor program  * She's paid attention to the homeless and watched them emerge from the constrictions of those lives to build anew  * A philanthropist, she's raised money for non-profits through her books. * She directed the Children's Bureau in New Orleans and has a soft spot for "Saving Wednesday's Child," the story of the  Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. * She's written best selling books with the likes of Jack Canfield and Larry King, and executive produced "A New Leash on Life: The K9s for Warriors Story."    
July 28, 2020
The Color of Grace author Jennifer Delaney talks adventure, intrigue and the importance of family on Rebuilding Your LIfe Radio
One of the pillars of the Train Your Brain, Claim Your Power program is the importance of of social relationships - family, friends and community.  On this call, Jennifer Delaney talks about the core relationships within her book, "The Color of Grace. "  Family and community are the very cornerstone of her books, Jannifer Delaney has crafted family adventures filled with intrigue.  Peppered with homespun humor, the characters are in pursuit of the good life as each person defines it.  Regardless of circumstances and disagreements, the important thing is that the family supports one another.  
July 19, 2020
Thomas Barrett is grateful in "Angels Always with Me: A Memoir of Faith, Love and Great Courage on Rebuilding Your LIfe Radio
Thom Barrett and his wife Lynda lived every day by faith, love and courage.  They adopted a son Ty who was born with Addison's Disases.  Their second child, born prematurely, died within a week.  Their next child, Andy was born with hydroencephalitis and cerebral palsy.  Raising two seriously disabled children. As they strove to provide the most normal lives possible for their two boys, the overall challenges could have been overwhelming, however, Thom and Lynda faced it all with faith, their love for one another plus real and human angels providing support to them.  
July 19, 2020
Toni Page shares the wisdom of "Speak Only Kindnesses: Directing the New Energies"
Toni Page shares the thoughts she was given on directing new energies to reconstruct the world.  According to the source, the earth has entered a new energy field in space which will facilitate earth's development well into the future.  We can each participate by connecting to the flow of love that is the very fabric of the universe as well as recognizing the presence of the divine within each of us.   Over a 2 year period, Toni was given four books to record and share with others.  The first is "Speak Only Kindnesses: Directing the New Energies," available on Amazon.  
July 14, 2020
Rebuilding Your Life Radio shares how to train your brain, learn life lessons in picture book "Ellie the Hen Afraid of Worms" by Kira Brettschneider with Host Susan Sherayko
Australian author Kira Brettschneider writes children's picture books with positive messages.  In her third book, "Ellie the Hen Afraid of Worms," Kira shares the message that one can get over one's fears using good friends to support you, plus a few helpful hints to help us get along better with those around us.  The colorful characters are all poultry living in the town. 
July 13, 2020
Pamela Bradley, author of "It's Like Magic, But Even Better," uses the eyes of nature to brighten up the day
Children's book author, Pamela Bradley (It's LIke Magic, But Even Better) has found a message that helps children learn the magic of positive thinking.  Margaret Ann finds examples in nature to help her friends brighten up their day.  In the process, she trains our brains to reframe situations we find around us in a more positive way.  
July 7, 2020
Brett Nelson speaks about channeling and the presence of God on Rebuildig Your Life Radio with Susan Sherayko
Training your brain and claiming your power to rebuild your life comes from a variety of sources, not always mainstream.  To the average person, the concept of channeling may bring out our Inner Skeptic.  That was certainly the case for author Brett Nelson.  To him, the idea was a bunch of malarkey.  That is, until during a long flight from the Mediterranean to British Columbia, he experienced it for himself.  During our conversation, Brett discusses what it was like to "be the pen" for "In Spiritus Theos: A Collection of Divinely Inspired and Channeled Poems."  Brett has been on his own spiritual journey blending the philosophies of his First Nations tribe, the writings of Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, and Sufi mystic Rumi.  The result is a man who seeks to enjoy the presence of God in all things.  
June 26, 2020
Robert Alan Krum shares his "Feathers from Heaven on Rebuilding Your Life Radio with Susan Sherayko
Alan Krum didn't start out to write a book of poems.  He set out to write letters to God to help him get through difficult emotional times.  The result is "Feathers from Heaven: A Collection of Christian and inspirational poems" to uplift the spirit and strenthen the weary.  Short and simple, and understandable, this is a volume to touch the every man in each of us.  Underneath it all is a profound faith in God and an awareness that God will get you through the challenges.  Some people will enjoy using "Freathers from Heaven" as a devotional for Alan has placed scripture with many of the poems for that purpose.  
June 26, 2020
Alvin Epp looks "Through the Eyes of Guilt" on Rebuilding Your LIfe Radio with Susan Sherayko
Alvin Epp, author of "Through the Eyes of Guilt" has always wondered whether our lives are motivated through guilt.  As he researched the subject he learned much more about the value of becoming present in the moments of your life and appreciating the miracle that each person contributes to our own.  In Alvin's book, he asks people to consider looking at life differently.  On our call, Alvin posed more of these questions.  What do you take with you when you take your last breath?  Does your moral code shift when you feel guilty or the closer you get to your mortality date?  And offered an interesting exercise to help you honor the relationships we treasure.  
June 25, 2020
Bonya Matthews helps new moms rebuild their lives after bringing baby home in 20 Checklists Feed Your Infant for Free and Lose Weight
Women's Health and Lactation Educator, Bonya Matthews, has worked in this field for years.  Often she watched as the technical information shared in conferences and community groups overwhelmed already stressed out moms.  She decided to do something about it and wrote her book "20 Checklists: Feed Your Infant for Free and Lose Weight" to provide simpler trainings in the new life and organizational skills a new mom has to learn on the job.  The checklists cover a range of topics for infant and toddler care such as bonding with baby, how to set up a lunch milk station, weaning your baby, 20 baby dates and dealing with staying at home.   She also discusses groups that help support new moms, new product ideas, along with the other topics.  Bonya presents this information in a fun, up-beat manner.  She calls the book her business card for the private lactation counselling, adulla information, and community appearances she makes throughout the community. 
June 25, 2020
Find Your Life Mission with a Little Help from Roots and Rocks Author Wendy Irwin on Rebuilding Your Life Radio with Host Susan Sherayko
Wendy Irwin, author of "Roots & Rocks" and "Wendy's Whimsical Recipes",  is a guide to help us find our life mission.  Clairvoyant at birth, an entrepreneur at 6, Wendy offers several products and services online ranging from her books, singing bowls, gemstones and herbs, recommended fresh fruits and vegetables that align with your personal gemstones and 21 Days of Prayer.   Everything she offers is designed to tap into the life force that helps you find your true self while enjoying a little fun along the way.  Need a little help for that big job interview?  Wendy offers a tuneup that puts you in the perfect frame of mind.  
June 17, 2020
Has the 7th Trumpet Sounded? Connie Anderson shares her thoughts on the Book of Revelations, End Times and Biblical Prophecy
Connie Anderson is the author of two books, "The Red Horse War Against God's Government" and "The Seven Thunders."  A student of prophetic books in the Bible like Ezekiel and Daniel, and other more contemporary prophets like Ellen White, Mervyn Maxwell and Jonathan Cahn, Connie focuses on the meanings of signs and symbols.  She wants to raise awareness that current events are pointing to the end times when God allows Lucifer the opportunity to prove they can create and manage our planet without moral boundaries.  Revelations pains a dark picture of doom and gloom for most of humanity.  Are the results inevitable?  Is there something we can do?  Rebuilding Your Life Radio in conjunction with Train Your Brain, Claim Your Power now provides more opportunities to explore the stories of profound spiritual journeys, sudden great loss, what others do to heal and rebuild, and what they take away from their experiences.  #prophecies #end times #Revelations #9/11 #The Harbinger #symbols #signs #Lucifer #New Jerusalem
June 16, 2020
Jeanne Trantel reveals that even the worst situations contain "Disguised Blessings" when you work your way through them.
When Jeanne Trantel's stock broker husband turned into a bank robber, her life was devastated in full public view of national television.  In her book, Jeanne reveals that even the worst situation can contain "Disguised Blessings."   She raised her two boys on her own, developed income streams that permitted her to be part of her boys' lives, and made peace within her soul.  We are happy that Rebuilding Your LIfe Radio in conjunction with Train Your Brain, Claim Your Power now provides more opportunities for us to explore the stories of profound spiritual journeys, sudden and great loss, what others do to heal and rebuild, and what they take away from their experiences.  
June 15, 2020
John L. Givens, motivational speaker, youth specialist and author, "Poetry in the Spirit: Inspiration at Your Point of Need, shares thoughts on motivating today's rudderless youth.
John L. Givens is a motivational speaker, youth specialist and author, "Poetry in the Spirit: Inspiration at Your Point of Need."  He has devoted his entire life to finding ways to motivate young men to achieve greatness.  Starting as a student leader, John went on to become a Marine Drill Instructor, served in Desert Storm, returned to graduate from L.A. Police Academy, was part of a bootcamp style program that reduced recidivism from a rate of 70% to 22%.   John recently started Motivational Youth Seminars, Inc. to keep teaching the 8 Keys to Making and Keeping Successful Goals.  Rebuilding Your LIfe Radio in conjunction with Train Your Brain, Claim Your Power now provides more opportunities for us to explore the stories of profound spiritual journeys, sudden and great loss what others do to heal and rebuild and what they take away from their experiences.  
June 15, 2020
Sir Justus Abramelech, author "The Chosen Journey of LIfe", shares universal laws that create values for others
In "The Chosen Journey of Life: The Heart to Know, Search and Seek Out Wisdom," Sir Justus Abramelech shares wisdom that helps others help themselves, achieve self-fulfillment and fill their need for a sense of direction.  This wisdom focused on five key concepts:  identity, freedom, principles, Universal truths and vitality.  Rebuilding Your Life Radio in conjunction with Train Your Brain, Claim Your Power now provides more opportunities for us to explore the stories of profound spiritual journeys, sudden great loss, what others do to heal and rebuild, and what they take away from their experiences.  #Chosen Journey of LIfe #wisdom #self-fulfillment #sense of direction #identity #freedom, #principles #Universal truths #vitality 
June 15, 2020
Karttikeyan Yoga teacher and practitioner Samyama Flowering Tree shares Eastern Guided Imagery and Creative Visualization and her own spiritual journey.
In this episode, Samyama Flowering Tree, Karttikeyan Yoga teacher and practitioner, shares one of the progressive meditations from her book "Karttikeyan Yoga NIdra: A Course Manual on Eastern Guided Imagery and Creative Visualizations," her impressions of the world impact of the Covid-19 virus and highights from her spiritual journey which began at the age of 2.   Rebuilding Your LIfe Radio in conjunction with Train Your Brain, Claim Your Power now provides more opportunities for us to explore the stories of profound spiritual journeys, sudden and great loss, what others do to heal and rebuild, and what they take away from their experiences.  #yoga #Karttikeyan Yoga NIdra #guided imagery #creative visualization #Himalayan Yogi-Christ 
June 10, 2020
Almost to Heaven Author Jean Nielsen talks about her near death experience
Rebuilding Your Life Radio in conjunction with Train Your Brain, Claim Your Power now provides more opportunities for us to share the journeys of those affected by sudden and great loss, what they did to heal and rebuild, and where they are now.  "Almost to Heaven" author Jean NIelsen had just started her night shift when she began a journey to her near death experience.  Listen in as Jean shares what happened, the events that saved her and how the experience has affected her life.  
June 10, 2020
Insights on How to Thrive in the "New" Economy
Dr. Randall Bell shares insights into how we can get past the deep dive of the recent shutdown, survive the consequences and go on to thrive in the new economy.  Dr. Bell is a sociologist and economist who specializes in disaster recovery projects.  He has been retained by the U.S. and other governments, as well as businesses, to help resolve crises.  He has generated billions of dollars to rebuild damaged lives and communities.  The tragedies on which he has consulted are well known: the World Trade Center, Flight 93, Sandy Hook, BP Oil, Hurricanes Katrina and Harvey, and Bikini Atoll nuclear test site, the Northridge earthquake and countless others.  In each case, Dr. Bell observed the emotional consequences and how some people fared better than others.  He has shared his resulting understanding of the cycle of trauma in his books and media appearances.  His upcoming book Post Traumatic Thriving: The Art, Science  & Stories of Resilience specifically deals with how people thrive after adversity.  Today, he shares some steps we can take to bounce back after a disaster and go on to create something greater in our lives.
May 9, 2020
Train Your Brain, Claim Your Power in Times of Crisis
In challenging times, it's helpful to know how to maintain your positive attitude, ask the right questions and develop the right routines so you can claim your power.  We can get through these times.  In fact, we can turn crisis into opportunity to create something even better than previously imagined.  
April 20, 2020
Preparing to Train Your Brain to Claim Your Power
You have the power within you to handle whatever life throws your way -- including the Covina virus.  We'll be talking about powering up!  Planning, preventing, preparing and building good habits to support you regardless of the circumstances around you now.   
March 14, 2020
Train Your Brain, Claim Your Power with those you love - Program 2
In this program, we invite our significant others to join us as we discuss the dreams closest to our hearts and learn to support one another.  
February 12, 2020