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TEL:US a podcast all about the world of Technology Enhanced Learning. Brought to you by the TEL team at the University of Sussex.
TEL:US Podcast with Daniel Hajas
Daniel is a PHD Student at the University of Sussex, working on tangible interfaces amongst other things in the Sussex Computer Human Interaction lab. As part of our Digital Accessibility series I caught up with Daniel about his experience of losing his sight at age 17. A crucial time in education and just as he was planning his university journey. Daniel talks about his experience of this, the challenges and how he was supported, along with some tools he uses. Daniel finishes by giving some great advice. A transcript will be available on the Technology Enhanced Learning website. Links: People Dan Axson Daniel Hajas Kathy Romer Organisations / Teams Grapheel  Sussex Computer Human Interaction - SCHI LAB Technology Enhanced Learning Tools LaTeX Math ML Grapheel Iris Apple iOS VoiceOver Unmentioned resources that may be of interest TechAbility Diversity and Ability  Ability Net ‘Making Your Computer Talk’ (Sussex) Sussex Regional Access Centre (University of Sussex) Student Support Unit
May 16, 2019
TEL:US Podcast: Dawn Green from the Karten Network
On this show I had the opportunity to chat to Dawn Green, Development Co-ordinator at the Karten Network. Dawn also chairs the technology steering group, which meets to support the work of Natspec and the TechAbility service. More details of which can be found below.  I didn't have long with Dawn, so this provides a brief overview of the work of the Karten Network. I strongly encourage you to find out more about the network, the trust and the great work that results in their investments.  Note: This was during a lunch break, so there is some background noise, apologies for that. Until next time, thanks for listening. Show links: Twitter: Dawn Green Karten Network Dan Axson Sussex TEL Websites: The Karten Network TechAbility Natspec Technology Enhanced Learning, University of Sussex
March 19, 2019
TEL:US Podcast - Digital accessibility with Dr. David Sloan of The Paciello Group
Dr. David Sloan has been working in the field of digital accessibility and inclusive design for nearly 20 years. In February he visited the University  of Sussex to talk to staff about how we as an organisation and as individuals can build our own capability in this space.  After his seminar I caught up with David to ask about how he got in to this field, how the landscape has changed over the last 20 years and how it might change over the next 20 and of course asked him for his favourite shortcut. Link to seminar video, seminar slides and transcript of this podcast The following are all links to various things mentioned throughout the show, People and Sussex TEL information David Sloan on Twitter The Paciello Group Website (TPG) Dan Axson on Twitter Sussex TEL on Twitter Technology Enhanced Learning workshops Tools mentioned Iris by Grapheel Euan's Guide Seeing AI by Microsoft Strava Nike Run Club Further accessibility resources and other mentions Guidance from UK Gov on making your app or website more accessible Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Overview iOS accessibility Android accessibility National Star College in the news
March 1, 2019
TEL:US Podcast: Online Distance Learning; building communities.
In this episode of the TEL:US podcast, Kitty Horne and I chat to René Moolenaar about his experiences of teaching one of the universities first online distant learning modules. We talk about the ways in which he builds community, promotes peer interaction and how simple tool available in Canvas help him to do this.  I also introduce two new features of the podcast; Shortcut of the Show and App of the Show. I'm a big fan of little wins that keyboard shortcuts can give. They are not the most exciting thing to talk about, so I've added reverb...  Please let us know if you have any feedback about the podcast, likewise if you want to get involved or have a contender for Shortcut of the Show.  Thanks for listening. Links: @danaxson @kittyrhorne @r_moolenaar More information about our 100% online masters modules Technology Enhanced Learning Website The Campus is dead, long live the campus. Blog post.
February 5, 2019
Daily Digest of Digital Discovery Week - Friday
A wrap up of Wednesday’s activities for Digital Discovery Week. Find out more here: and join the conversation on Twitter with #SussexDDW
November 9, 2018
Daily Digest of Digital Discovery Week - Thursday
A wrap up of Wednesday’s activities for Digital Discovery Week. Find out more here: and conversation on Twitter with #SussexDDW
November 8, 2018
Daily Digest of Digital Discovery Week - Wednesday
A wrap up of Wednesday’s activities for Digital Discovery Week. Find out more here: and follow the conversation on Twitter with #SussexDDW
November 7, 2018
Daily Digital Digest of Digital Discovery Week - Tuesday
A warp up of Tuesday’s activities for Digital Discovery Week. Find out more here:
November 6, 2018
Daily Digest of Digital Discovery Week - Monday
A wrap up of Monday’s activities for Digital Discovery Week. Find out more here:
November 5, 2018
TEL:US Podcast: Digital Discovery Week Special Preview
In this episode I chat to Head of Library Content Delivery & Digital Strategy Joanna Ball, Learning Technologist Kitty Horne and DPVC Professor Rorden Wilkinson about Digital Discovery Week at the University of Sussex. #SussexDDW Find out more info here: Dan Axson: Kitty Horne: Joanna Ball: Rorden Wilkinson: SussexTEL:
November 2, 2018
TEL US. Anchor update special
Our first TEL US podcast using the new creation tools in Tab and Dan talk Canvas, Anchor and 360 cameras.
March 2, 2018
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