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Sustainability Explored

Sustainability Explored

By Sustainability Explored
This is a podcast on sustainability and innovations in business and economy, a great place to learn more about sustainability across industries.
We invite professionals working on the implementation of innovative sustainable solutions for the future - to explore circularity and resilience, corporate social responsibility, leadership and culture, impact investment and so on, and give some guidance on how to actually implement sustainability in business.
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Fashion for Change! Interview with Justina Lizikevičiūtė and Roman Lobas
Justina Lizikevičiūtė and Roman Lobas, experts in innovation and sustainability from Katalista Ventures join this episode to discuss the sustainable development in fashion industry and present a promising initiative Fashion for Change. The project is led by the international organizations engaged striving to make an impact, Estonian Academy of Arts, CIVITTA, and Katalista Ventures.  Tune in to learn more about it and get involved in the hackathon next year, 2022. Enjoy Let's get connected: LinkedIn: &  Facebook: Instagram:  Apple: Google: Leave a review:
November 04, 2021
Sustainability Explored is back with new season #9 and few important updates.
After extended vacations, Sustainability Explored is back! The podcast enters a new season, #9, with important updates. The founder of the podcast, Anna Bellatig, embarks on a new adventure in sustainability and management . By means of this news, Anna passes the role of a podcast host to one of her interviewees, a circular designer, Aya Ulan (deardesign studio) and an aspiring nurse, Tamila Ulan (Universitat de Barcelona).  Both new co-hosts, Aya and Tamila are loyal listeners of the podcast and actively engaged in resolving challenges of sustainability in different fields, built environment and healthcare.  And that's not all. From now on the episodes release frequency will be once a month. Along with this new changes, Sustainability Explored expands its digital presence to a new social network, Instagram, and will broadcast via IG Live interactive sessions where everyone can ask questions and share thoughts to the guests of Sustainability Explored.  More information will be announced soon. Stay up-to-date, follow Sustainability Explored on Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook and subscribe to the podcast on your favorite platform for new episodes.  Feel free to share with us your suggestions, thoughts or just say hi. You can reach us through our social accounts or by email: Thank you for the support. Stay sustainable! Anna, Aya and Tamila
October 01, 2021
Solar Simplified: Revolution in Renewable Energy Distribution, with Aviv Shalgi
Today we have Aviv Shalgi, a Co-Founder and CEO of Solar Simplified where he is Revolutionizing the way solar energy is distributed, bringing it to the masses... Stay with us to learn a ton about green/ alternative energy production, distribution, and pricing. Enjoy the episode! Aviv's LinkedIn: Solar Simplified website: Anna's LinkedIn:
June 02, 2021
Sustainable sidekicks for environmental behavior change, with Livvy Drake
Today we have Livvy Drake, the driver of environmental behavior change in organizations across the UK. We will discuss practical steps of bringing more environmental awareness to the masses, and dealing with tricky cases. Livvy works with businesses, events, and green champions to achieve their sustainability goals whilst demonstrating how campaigners, communicators, and businesses can achieve greater behavior change outside of the green echo chamber. Enjoy the episode! Livvy's LinkedIn: Sustainable Sidekicks website: Anna's LinkedIn:
May 26, 2021
Lifecycle Revive: Medical Textile Recycling, with Andy Straisfeld
Masks, gloves, and other sorts of medical waste created in unprecedented amounts since early 2020 and throughout the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic create a massive environmental and social burden globally. What's the solution? Andy Straisfeld from Lifecycle Revive has an answer and a perfectly working business model. Located in Brantford, Ontario, Lifecycle Revive will be Canada’s first polypropylene waste recycler, diverting tons of medical waste from landfills. Tune in to learn more and see what you can do in your country. Enjoy the episode! Andy's LinkedIn: Lifecycle Revive website: Anna's LinkedIn:
May 19, 2021
SwagCycle: Upcycling of Branded Merchandise, with Ben Grossman
When companies rebrand or get acquired, branded merchandise with outdated logos and mottos often end up in a landfill before their actual material life is over. This is a very concerning and sad issue for the environment. Ben Grossman mobilized the resources of the 4th generation family business in marketing and created the platform of givers and takers that helps redistribute branded merchandise and keep it away from landfills for as long as possible. Tune in to the episode to learn how Ben and SwagCycle do it and hear inspiring and creative success stories. Enjoy it! Ben's LinkedIn:   Ben's personal website site SwagCycle website:  Anna's LinkedIn: 
May 12, 2021
The Infinite Recyclability of Metals, with Jenny Wassenaar from Trivium Packaging
Today, we are discussing metal packaging, how the work of VP Sustainability at a big company like Trivium Packaging looks like, the systemic collaboration of infrastructures in different industries such as packaging and recycling, Trivium's long-term Climate Change Commitment and many more. Enjoy the episode! Additional resources Jenny's LinkedIn profile: Trivium Packaging website: Trivium Packaging 2021 Global Buying Green Report: More on
May 05, 2021
How Norway leads the Race to Electrify, with Hege Barnes from Innovation Norway
In this episode with Hege Barnes, Regional Director Americas at Innovation Norway, we are talking about the Race to Electrify, how Norway innovates the world daring to dream, successful EV use cases like the first fully electric container ship, Green Shipping Program, and tips to achieve business success in electrifying the regions at a good pace. Enjoy the listen! Hege's LinkedIn: Innovation Norway: The Explorer Norway: Anna's website:
April 28, 2021
The Corona Chronicles: Envisioning a New Normal for Regeneration and Thriving with Ralph Thurm
In this special episode, we discuss with Ralph Thurm, a Co-Founder r3.0 Redesign for Resilience and Regeneration, Managing Director OnCommons gGmbH, Founder & Managing Director of A|HEAD|ahead, and the author of the 'The Corona Chronicles - Envisioning a New Normal for Regeneration and Thriving' - how the COVID-19 crisis triggered the understanding of the regenerative and distributive economy as the ’New Normal’ we need to all work towards; - COVID-19 as a posterchild example for #flattenthecurve of everything; - what is missing from the mosaic of the current understanding of the economic systems; - what would be the way forwards for all of us to turn COVID-19 from crisis into an opportunity of a lifetime. The book of hope, 'The Corona Chronicles - Envisioning a New Normal for Regeneration and Thriving', is released on April 30, 2021 - don't miss your chance to prepare for the world and the economy of tomorrow, to play your part in the "New Normal". More on: Ralph's LinkedIn Page Ralph's website Ralph's Twitter @aheadahead1 Anna's website
April 25, 2021
Earth Day Special with Prof. Maurie Cohen
On this special day, Earth Day of 2021, we are looking 30 years back at what has been achieved in terms of sustainable development since Rio-1992, how sustainable consumption developed over the years and what lead to the relatively recent shift towards minimalism and zero-waste movement. We speak with Prof. Maurie Cohen about what environmental policy means, who has the power to change the world, and what was first - life or the instruction how to live it. Enjoy this episode & let us know what you think! Protect the Earth today and always.
April 22, 2021
Digital Fashion 101 with Krista Jantti
In this episode, we are talking with Krista Jantti, a design consultant focused on XR, AI, IoT, and blockchain technologies, about the future and the present of digital fashion and how it could help save natural resources when digital clothes could fulfill the needs of getting something new and show status on social media. Global B2C eCommerce fashion market size in 2020 was $525.1B. The hypothesis is, that 10% of this will be sold in digital-only form. By some estimates, digital fashion can reduce emissions by a whopping 95%! We are discussing the energy implications, risks, and opportunities, lifespan of digital fashion items, and their potential impact on sustainability and our lives. The future is here - enjoy it! Krista's LinkedIn: Krista's company EventuallyXR: Some of the stores where you can purchase digital items for your own unique wardrobe: - The Fabricant - Replicant Fashion - DressX - Digitalax - XR Couture More on
April 19, 2021
The Role Non-Profits Play in Advancing Sustainability with Gaëlle Mogli @ConnectAID
In today's episode, we are talking with Gaëlle Mogli, the founder of ConnectAID - the platform helping NGOs become visible and plant the 'seeds of sustainability' around the world. We are talking about passion for humanitarian work and how to unite a massive community of helpers and givers globally, how to start a powerful platform to connect individuals, businesses, NGOs - with NGOs for SDGs advancement. Gaelle walks us through the platform and makes it really easy and appealing to become a driving force for sustainable change.  To connect with Gaelle - To connect with Giovanna - To check the platform - More information on
April 09, 2021
News ⚡: Sustainability Career course is live 💫💫💫
This is a bonus news-sharing episode - my audio course called How to Build Your Career in Sustainability is finally live on Listenable! Enjoy it :) To listen to the course: To book a 1-on-1 career consultation: To talk to me on LinkedIn:  More information:
April 03, 2021
How to Prepare for Natural Disasters, with George Siegal, the author of The Last House Standing movie
In this episode, we are talking to George Siegal, the director of The Last House Standing movie, about documentary filmmaking, natural disasters, the role of insurance companies, legislation and regulatory requirements for housing, the ways to protect oneself from natural disasters, climate refugees, and things alike. Enjoy the episode and let us know what you think! To watch The Last House Standing movie: To follow George on LinkedIn: To find show notes & more information on the podcast:
March 31, 2021
Interior Design Done Sustainably, with Marcy Garcia from MG Design Lab
In this episode, we are talking to Marcy Garcia, creative director and owner of The MG Design Lab, about interior design that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also toxins and chemicals-free, healthy, comfortable, and sustainable to the highest possible extent. Marcy shares her personal story that leads her to develop her passion for healthy built-in environments into a full-time profession. She merges creativity with the purely scientific approach by assessing indoor air quality, using natural and organic materials, as well as natural lighting - all for the health and well-being of the residents. Enjoy the episode and check Marcia's work here: Website: Instagram: More on
March 24, 2021
The Role of Data and Futurism in Sustainability, with Tim Panagos from
In today's episode, we learn what empowering opportunities data, AI, the Internet-of-Things, and the future itself has in store for us. Anna talks to Tim Panagos, the CTO of, about the vast opportunities the data provides to solve real-life problems, including the risks associated with the spread of the global pandemic. Enjoy the episode! Tim's LinkedIn profile: website: Shownotes and more info at 
March 17, 2021
How to Make a Company Climate Positive with Jack Kennedy from Dodo
What's the difference between climate positivity and climate neutrality? How the company's carbon footprint is calculated and how accurate the algorithm is? What are the ways of carbon offsetting beyond tree planting? All of these (and other) questions are answered by Jack Kennedy, co-founder of @dodo_eco, a company on a mission to reduce 400m tonnes or 1% of the world’s CO2 emissions by 2025.  The company's website: Jack's LinkedIn: Show notes and more information at
March 11, 2021
Growth Reinvented: Turn Your Data and Artificial Intelligence Into Money' by Mika Ruokonen_book review February
For my February self-imposed reading challenge, I chose "Growth Reinvented: Turn Your Data and Artificial Intelligence Into Money" by Mika Ruokonen. Drawing on dozens of real-life case studies and existing company examples, it provides a practical step-by-step guide for companies looking to realize the value of and monetize their data and AI offerings. 'Growth Reinvented' shows how new technology can be designed as a standalone opportunity to drive forward systemic change. My personal views are inside, enjoy the episode :) The book 'Growth Reinvented. Turn your data and artificial intelligence into money' by Mika Ruokonen: Mika Ruokonen LinkedIn profile: Invitation to the book presentation event that I will be moderating: 10 March 18.00 hrs CET via ZOOM Come :) More details on
March 10, 2021
Environmental Communication with Andjela Djuraskovic
In this episode, we are talking with Andjela Djuraskovic, "a versatile eco enthusiast with a background in social sciences", an Environmental Activist and Environmental Communication Specialist, also she is the Founder of "Eko Korijen" publishing & consulting in Montenegro. Andjela created the first environmental online course in the Balkans language area - "Guide through online environmental communication", available at  We talk about the working strategies to install the right environmental behavior in our societies, and how to use online platforms as teaching tools for raising the ecological awareness of people of various backgrounds. Enjoy the episode! Her LinkedIn profile: Andjela's website: Andjela's Instagram: Show notes and more information at
March 04, 2021
Zero-waste Lifestyle: Start Where You Are, with Callee Ackland
Callee Ackland, the owner of two zero-waste businesses, shares tips & tricks on how to start living a zero-waste lifestyle stress-free.  Learn more at
February 25, 2021
Climate-positive Bamboo Building, with Troy Carter from RIZOME
From this episode you will learn how RIZOME is scaling engineered bamboo lumber into primary global construction material, planting one of the largest carbon sequestration projects on the planet, and building the first climate-positive cities and buildings. Find the show notes at By the way, if you're a podcast host looking for new ways to promote your show, check out Podcast Bloggers. They transform podcast episodes into SEO-optimized blog posts to grow your audience. Publish your podcast on every marketing channel, including your website to help Google discover your show and reach new listeners outside of your network. Make it easy for readers to find, learn, and share your podcast with others. Visit their website following this link CDCC8GEE to get started. Full disclosure: This is an affiliate link, which means I will get a small commission from referring you. It will help me support this podcast.
February 18, 2021
How to create nourishing spaces using sustainable design? With Susan Inglis from Sustainable Furnishings Council
Tune in to learn the story behind Sustainable Furnishings Council and its #JustOne campaign aimed at creating more sustainable, nourishing spaces. Today with us we have Susan Inglis, the Executive Director of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, an organization that promotes and secures a sustainable future through responsible design choices. Susan has led Sustainable Furnishings Council to work with industry leaders to establish criteria to gauge the sustainability of furniture products and practices, develop programs for educating all sectors of the industry. Drawing on years of professional experience and passion for sustainability, Susan is a leader in today's ecological movement - she serves on the Board of the American Sustainable Business Council and was awarded a 2017 Visionary Leadership award by the North Carolina Business Council. Let's learn what sustainable furnishings are all about? Find the show notes at
February 11, 2021
Crawly Composters: Worm Away Your Organic Waste, with Cathy Nesbitt
Join us for an exciting interview on indoor organic waste composting and the special role worms play in it! Cathy Nesbitt, our guest today, is a Worm Advocate and Founder of Cathy's Crawly Composters (established in 2002!). She is on a mission to put worms in every living space. She believes worms are going to play an ever-increasing role in waste management, soil production, and therefore food security. I think it is essential that we all learn how! Tune in and get inspired! Show notes and more information at
February 04, 2021
The Personal MBA. Master the Art of Business_book review January
For my January self-imposed reading challenge, I chose 'The Personal MBA. Master the Art of Business' by Josh Kaufman. Here is what the author says: The Personal MBA is designed to help learn the art of business on your own terms. Instead of mortgaging your life to go to business school, it’s possible to dramatically increase your knowledge of business on your own time and with little cost – without setting foot inside a classroom. With a little time and effort, you can easily learn these skills on your own, without eye-popping tuition and student loans. Understanding the fundamental principles of business will give you essential tools you can rely on to make good decisions. My personal views are inside, enjoy the episode :) *** Josh Kaufman website: The first 20 hours -- how to learn anything | Josh Kaufman | TEDxCSU: The book: The book I am going to read in February, 'Growth Reinvented. Turn your data and artificial intelligence into money' by Mika Ruokonen: More details on
January 31, 2021
Healthy & sustainable built-in environments, with April Elaine Powell
Tune in to learn today about sustainable interior and identity design, furniture design, sourcing, idea generation, and business strategy for the wellness, retail, and hospitality industries. Listen to April Powell, the founder & creative director of ID.+Collective, speak about the innovative and collaborative experience, accessibility, and design, from your brilliant dream conception all the way to that highly anticipated front door opening sigh of awe. Your dream doesn’t need to be just a concept anymore! Shownotes & more details at
January 28, 2021
Andeana Hats - Local Peruvian Sustainable Hats Brand, with Laura Grier
Dive into this episode to hear the vibe of the Peruvian artisanal art of hats & weavings creation. The authentic and very inspiring approach of the Andeana Hats' co-founder, Laura Grier, will not leave you indifferent and will make you wonder about indigenous cultures, women empowerment, local tourism, and the local economy.  Laura will share the secrets of the hats production, from sourcing of raw materials to the distribution model, and most importantly, the positive social impact the creation of the hats drops on the local Peruvian households. Immerse yourself into the wonderful audio-journey through Peruvian Andes in search of a sustainable hat! Shownotes and more resources at
January 21, 2021
Declutter Your Way to Peace of Mind, with Julie Coraccio
As an eco-organizer and professional declutterer, Julia teaches people to be sustainable when decluttering and when organizing. This episode is full of VERY applicable advice on how to lift the weight off your life via just focusing on the one first step you can do today to get organized and remove the noise of meaningless stuff from your life. Listen to this episode to get yourself started on the decluttering journey and make yourself the gift of peace of mind.  What you'll learn: Distinguish keeping to garbage vs keeping to history; How to deal with hoarders; Successful decluttering stories; How decluttering improves health and relationships; Where to even start decluttering and what to avoid; How to declutter your digital space? FOMO vs JOMO (fear vs. joy (of missing out); organizing the end of life.  Books & Resources: "Clear Your Clutter Inside and Out: Action Steps for Freedom from Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Clutter" by Julie Coraccio: Julie's LinkedIn profile:  ***Our social media profiles*** CAREER IN SUSTAINABILITY CONSULTATION? Book a call here: LinkedIn: & Medium: Apple: Youtube: Leave a review:
January 13, 2021
Sustainable Cultures & Awakened Capitalism, with Catherine Bell from The Awakened Company
Today, we’re joined by Catherine Bell to discuss the relentless pursuit of more and healthy sustainable corporate cultures and awakened capitalism as a way to alter, quantify, and improve sustainability efforts. We’ll see how culture empowers anything from the individual self to organizations and societies. At the same time, we explore hidden truths behind Maslow's hierarchy, the philosophy of Giorgi Gurdjieff and the notion of the enneagram, and of course, the pillars of The Awakened Company.  Tune in and enjoy this forward-looking episode! What you will learn: - what is really the purpose of business; - how to create a more sustainable way of being and doing; - how to be disruptive; - the Awakened book theses; - 3 pillars of The Awakened Company (business research, practical knowledge, wisdom traditions); - enneagram as a roadmap for leaders; - the perks of the growth mindset; - feminine vs. masculine perspectives on culture; - who defines culture in the organization; - what's wrong with capitalism?; - circularity vs. hierarchy. Books and other resources mentioned: Awakened Company The Awakened Company Book:  Enneagram training: Giorgi Gurdjiev Society: Viktor Frankl 'Man's Search for Meaning' Catherine on Twitter: @AwakenedCompany Catherine on LinkedIn: ***Our social media profiles*** CAREER IN SUSTAINABILITY CONSULTATION? Book a call here: LinkedIn: & Medium: Apple: Youtube: Leave a review:
January 06, 2021
Bonus_Plans & Ideas for 2021 💫💫💫
2020 was a blast - through this podcast it taught me consistency and discipline, opened my eyes to the diversity of this world via interviews with guests and chats with our listeners, it taught me to delegate - we grew the team at first and then reduced it again to only 2 people. This podcast became my family in 2020 and this is why I will never say a word against this complicated, uneasy, but nevertheless, great year. Inside I share plans, ideas, aspirations for the upcoming 2021, in a nutshell: more cool interviews, more coaching, more studying and reading good books, and finally, more sustainability! ***Our social media profiles***  CAREER IN SUSTAINABILITY CONSULTATION? Book a call here:  LinkedIn: &  Medium:  Apple:  Youtube:  Leave a review:
January 04, 2021
Sustainability Predictions for 2021, with Gro Dyrnes from Innovation Norway
In today’s episode, Gro Dyrnes, Regional Director Americas at Innovation Norway, offers us a sneak peek at the ideas, predictions, and expectations about the upcoming 2021. This is the last episode of 2020 - and we tried to make it special and truly worth listening to.  What you'll learn: - the progress humanity achieved in 2020 on the sustainability/ circular economy fronts; - sustainability predictions for 2021; - the sectors of the economy that are expected to undergo major change and more 'greening' - business and study opportunities Innovation Norway offers - don't miss those out! Resources mentioned: Innovation Norway is the Norwegian Government's most important instrument for innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises and industry, which aims to assist Norwegian businesses to grow and find new markets. The websites to look for news, opportunities, and contacts: Tinder for sustainable solutions: Home - The Explorer - Visit Norway | Official travel guide to Norway - The Official Investment Promotion Agency of Norway ( - Invest in Norway: Overview | LinkedIn - ***Our social media profiles*** CAREER IN SUSTAINABILITY CONSULTATION? Book a call here: LinkedIn: & Medium: Apple: Youtube: Leave a review:
December 31, 2020
Digital Branding for Sustainable Businesses, with Eric Ressler from Cosmic, A Social Impact Creative Agency
In today’s episode, Eric Ressler shares the secrets of digital branding for sustainability. As the founder and creative director at Cosmic, A social Impact Creative Agency, Eric helps truly eco-friendly businesses to enhance their positive social impact and spark real-world change using storytelling and effective engagement with the audience. Whether you run a non-profit organization, a social enterprise, or a for-profit business, if you wish your sustainable brand to stand out, don’t miss out on this eye-opening episode! What you'll learn: ● Why creative digital branding vision is key for your business’ social impact; ● What’s the best digital branding strategy to connect with your audience and drive revolutionary change; ● How to effectively brand your company for sustainability. Books & other resources mentioned: Company website: ***Our social media profiles***  CAREER IN SUSTAINABILITY CONSULTATION? Book a call here:   LinkedIn: &   Medium:   Apple:   Youtube:   Leave a review:
December 26, 2020
Sustainability Certification for SMEs, with David Goodman from Edenark Group
In this episode, David Goodman, CEO and President of the Edenark Group, talks about the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of adjusting environmental management systems within small, and mid-sized companies. By doing what is best for the world and its people, it’s very likely for sales to improve as well. Today, more and more customers are demanding certifications of sustainability. The ISO 14001 standards were designed to increase sustainability within the largest companies. Now, those standards have been formatted for application in medium -, and smaller companies, which leads to a more competitive edge with lower costs, higher revenues, increased sales, and increased market share. David Goodman talks about the relevance of this certificate and how it benefits both the customer as well as the business owner. More and more consumers demand sustainable certifications from the companies they’re buying from - David invites business owners to take the customers' demands seriously. David also explains how COVID-19 caused consumers to be even more demanding of certified sustainability. Most people see at the pandemic as a symptom of a larger problem: the Earth's environment not being alined. There’s a great focus on sustainability, as more people are waking up to the reality of where we are standing and where we are heading. This is the time where we have to make up our minds and take the right actions, by focussing on the future. What you'll learn: How smaller companies can achieve the sustainability goals of their bigger peers; The difference between ISO 14001 and what the Edenark Group offers; Why COVID-19 made consumers more demanding of purchasing their products from sustainable certified companies; How to get certified and how this will affect the worlds’ environment positively - as well as your business’ sales; The global impact of certified companies. Resources mentioned: Company website: ***Our social media profiles*** CAREER IN SUSTAINABILITY CONSULTATION? Book a call here:  LinkedIn: &  Medium:  Apple:  Youtube:  Leave a review:
December 24, 2020
Digital Carbon Footprint & How to Measure It. Interview with Frank Meehan from Equilibrium World
Today, we're joined by Frank Meehan to discuss the importance of using digital measuring tools and reporting as ways to quantify and share the results of economic activities and sustainability efforts. We’ll see how data empowers anything from climate change mitigation to food security, and supply chain transformations. At the same time, we explore hidden truths behind our ever-growing digital footprint, placing data centers, and blockchain systems under scrutiny. Frank answers our listeners’ most arduous questions and further brings light into how tech companies and users can reduce the collective carbon footprint. Tune in and enjoy this forward-looking episode!  What you'll learn: - Why sustainability and climate reporting are increasingly important; - What carbon footprint is generated through our use of digital technologies; -How quantifiable solutions can help companies drive efficiency and positive planet impact. Books & other resources mentioned: Equilibrium: SparkLabs: ***Our social media profiles*** NEED A CAREER IN SUSTAINABILITY CONSULTATION? Book a call here: LinkedIn: & Medium: Apple: Youtube: Leave a review:
December 17, 2020
Vertical farming for food sustainability: the case of Eden Green Technology, with Eddy Badrina
Eddy Badrina joins us today for an exciting conversation on the role played by vertical farming to food sustainability. With advanced greenhouse technologies and a resilience-focused mindset, we can produce local and nutritious products, such as greens and herbs, that will feed the world as demand increases. Eddy will guide us through the exciting world of vertical hydroponic greenhouses, from what it actually means, to the patented technologies of his firm, their business model, and the advantages of producing food at a local level. To his view, this type of food production represents the future and has already proved adaptable to disruptions such as the recent pandemic. If you are as curious about the topic as I was, tune in to the full episode. Enjoy!  What you'll learn:   - What is vertical hydroponic greenhouse farming;  - Why vertical greenhouses can be used for sustainable food production;  - How vertical farming generates accessible, consistent, and safe food.  Books & other resources mentioned:  Company website:  *** Our social media profiles*** CAREER IN SUSTAINABILITY CONSULTATION? Book a call here:  LinkedIn: &  Medium: Apple:  Youtube:  Leave a review:
December 10, 2020
The future of packaging? (K)NOT Plastic! with Ry Russell
Today, we're joined by Ry Russell from Knot Plastic™ to learn about how we can replace plastics in our current lifestyle with innovative materials that are safer for our families and the planet. Did you know that with the technology innovations and resources available today we can effectively remove plastic pollution from the packaging industry? Together with Ry, we'll show you a vision of a plastic-free, plant-based future where hemp takes center stage. Ry will shed more light on the processes behind finding alternative materials for petroleum-based plastics, the many advantages of hemp for resource management, and climate impact, as well as how to overcome challenges such as greenwashing. Curious to learn more about a plastic-free packaging future? Tune in to the full episode! You'll thank us later. What you'll learn:  ●      How companies research and develop alternatives to petroleum-based packaging; ●      How we can advance the transition to plant-based, low-resource packaging; ●      What key challenges arise in removing plastic from the packaging industry. Books & other resources mentioned: Company website: Podcast: *** Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Youtube: Leave a review:
December 03, 2020
From recycled furniture to a better planetary footprint: the case of Van de Sant, with Robert Milder
In today's short and snappy episode, we talk to Robert Milder, designer and environmentalist, about the transition to a circular design, recycled materials, and sustainable processes in the furniture industry. At a time when the appetite for eco-friendly products is rising, furniture has been largely ignored, yet it has an intense impact on deforestation and pollution. Every year, two billion trees are cut to make furniture products. Robert will share key insights into the processes behind using recycled waste materials to make furniture, the prospect of using “interior as a service”, as well as how to mitigate entrepreneurship obstacles and transform challenges such as COVID-19 into opportunities to change the world for the better. Join us on this journey & enjoy it! What you'll learn:  ●      Why circular design and sustainable furniture are better for the planet; ●      What key processes and materials are used to create sustainable furniture; ●      How to turn around entrepreneurship obstacles and drive positive change. Books & other resources mentioned: Company website: *** Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Youtube: Leave a review:
November 26, 2020
Sustainability through the economic & political lens, with Noel Bagwell from The Honest Lawyer Podcast
Join us on a new-style episode with Noel Bagwell as we peel the onion around the economics and politics of sustainability. In just about an hour and a half, we scan through a lot of difficult questions on our grandest sustainability and development challenges, such as “Should we regulate pandemics?”, “Should we ban conquest?” and “What political regime is best for sustainability?”. Noel deep dives into the role of the government to provide public goods, freedom, and property, as well as its limitations in solving our issues. In the end, sustainability requires a systemic perspective and the involvement of all socio-economic actors. Tune in to listen to an interesting conversation & send us any questions you may have afterward! What you'll learn:  ●      What new perspectives economics and politics can bring to sustainability; ●      How to look differently at our grandest humanity challenges; ●      What the role of the government and legislation is in enabling sustainable development. Books & other resources mentioned:  Podcast: The Honest Lawyer by Noel Bagwell Website: Game: Civilisation, by Sid Meier Books: ·      The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements, by Eric Hoffer ·      Common Sense Economics, by James Gwartney ·      Against empathy: The case for rational compassion, by Paul Bloom *** Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Youtube: Leave a review:
November 19, 2020
Innovative ways circular asset management drives sustainability, with Noreen Kam from LUP Global
Today, we're joined by Noreen Kam to discuss the intricacies of circular asset management and its importance in driving sustainability. We start by learning how Noreen found a unique opportunity to drive the circular economy within logistics: prolonging the life cycle of assets. The “disposable mindset”, as well as unhealthy competition with each other, need to stay in the past if we are to build a sustainable future in which everyone thrives. We'll further share insights into how companies can manage capital equipment more strategically, collaborations with nonprofits that can raise donations while reducing spare capacity, and the role of original equipment manufacturers in driving a circular lifecycle. Ready to learn new things? Jump in & enjoy! What you'll learn:  ●      Why circular asset management improves companies' footprints and profitability; ●      How the circular model for assets can work across industries; ●      What further individual and collective changes will drive the circular economy. Books & other resources mentioned: Company website: Community Center website: NGO website: *** Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Youtube: Leave a review:
November 12, 2020
Environment as a victim of war & armed conflicts, with Nikolai Denisov, Zoï Environment Network, consultant to the OSCE, the UN & other organizations
Join us today for an unusual, yet exciting episode on a multidimensional topic: the intersection of environmental protection and conflict mitigation. Together with expert Nikolai Denisov, we explore the hidden impact of war and conflict on the environment to raise awareness about the importance of preventing issues at the roots, instead of mitigating the consequences “when the conflict is already burning”. Nikolai will further walk us through what it means to include social impact and relations when conducting environmental assessments, as well as how different actors of society can participate in preventing environmental degradation during the conflict. We'll particularly dive into the role of intergovernmental institutions and programs, such as the UNEP and OSCE. Tune in and let us know your thoughts! What you'll learn: How wars and conflicts lead to environmental degradation; How to prevent environmental exploitation during times of conflict; Examples of different socio-political contexts and their influence on the relationship between conflict and environmental rights. Books & other resources mentioned: Key institutions websites: Zoï Environment Network: UNEP: OSCE: Movie: Scarred Lands and Wounded Lives *** Our social media presence: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Youtube: Leave a review:
November 05, 2020
Hop in on the Slow Fashion Bus, with Olesya Lane
Join today's conversation with Olesya Lane, one of the most joyful creatives we've met, who will introduce you to the world of sowing, mending, and upcycling clothes for a better planetary footprint. Fast fashion finds its nemesis in the conscious movement of slow fashion, an alternative that mitigates excessive consumption, poor quality clothes, waste, pollution, and CO2 emissions. Olesya guides us through top tips and tricks for reducing the impact of our fashion choices on the planet, as well as improve our relationship with clothes through better caring and creative reuse. Instead of acting as a panacea for unrelated personal issues (maybe stress or burnout), clothes can become a channel of expression and love for colors, seasons, nature, people, and ourselves. Tune in to get inspired! What you'll learn: ● What happens with clothes after they are collected in recycling bins; ● How to reuse and upcycle pre-loved clothes; ● How to reduce the planetary impact of your fashion choices; ● And much more! Books & other resources mentioned: Company website: Documentary movie: The true cost *** Our social media profiles Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Youtube: Leave a review:
October 29, 2020
Fueling sustainable change one fuel at a time, with Twyla Dell
Today, Twyla Dell delights us with a conversation about the history and future of sustainability based on the clean energy transition. Fuel is a core driver of not only human progress, but also of our planet's resilience. As it turns out, the way we used fuel in the past threatens to burn our world, when there are much brighter options on the horizon. Twyla shares key insights from her book, Fuelling Change, and we talk about the opportunities to collectively enable a Solar Age, where renewable energy feeds the world's needs. We also turn to the single most impactful thing each individual can make: switching to electric vehicles and clean energy in their homes. If you want to learn more about what “true sustainability” entails and the energy revolution that fuels it, tune in! We promise you'll enjoy it.  What you'll learn: ● Why switching to clean energy drives the sustainability goals; ● What key historical decisions have marked the energy transition; ● How to improve our individual and collective environmental footprint; ● And much more! Books & other resources mentioned: Book: Fuelling change: How We Created Climate Change One Fuel At A Time by Twyla Dell Twyla's website: *** Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Youtube: Leave a review:
October 21, 2020
Humans & nature: what do we gain from connecting with nature? With Elliot Connor from Human Nature Project
Join us today for an eye-opening conversation on the human-nature connection together with young ecologist Elliot Connor. As we begin to break the barriers that we built between ourselves and nature, we learn to appreciate the accumulated wisdom of the creatures around us and the many similarities that unite us. Elliot shares this fresh view along with key insights into how we can better connect with wildlife in urban spaces, as well as how the Human Nature community works to raise the appreciation and protection of nature. It is true that our modern lives have hidden the impact we have on the environment but through compassion and positive reinforcement, we can positively transform our relationship with nature. Tune in the episode for many more insights & enjoy! What you'll learn: ● Why humans and animals are deeply similar and connected; ● What you can do to find nature in our urban spaces; ● How the Human Nature community can help you appreciate and protect nature. Books & other resources mentioned: Organization website: *** Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Youtube: Leave a review:
October 14, 2020
How to Lead Sustainably? With Trista Bridges
Join us today for an exclusive episode with Trista Bridges, author of  “Leading Sustainably” on the importance and challenges of driving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) across sectors. Sustainability takes a team effort: governments need to guide policy systems; businesses must take responsibility for their operations, and society can encourage actors that lead the transition. Trista shares critical insights on how companies are changing their operations to assess their planetary impact and include sustainability considerations, as well as the many barriers that remain against achieving the global SDGs, such as the conflicting needs of companies with low levels of development. Tune in the full episode & share your impressions with us afterwards! What you'll learn: ● What the role of different economic and social actors is in driving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); ● Why we may not achieve the SDGs but, also, what improvements can be seen across different sectors; ● Why and how companies can use sustainability certifications to their benefit; ● And much more! Books & other resources mentioned: Company website: Book: Leading sustainably: The path to sustainable business and how the SDGs' changed everything, by Trista Bridges and Donald Eubank *** Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Youtube: Leave a review:
October 07, 2020
Resource Efficiency for Business - How to Reduce Costs & Environmental Footprints with Patricio Gonzalez Morel
In today's episode, we turn the belief that sustainability is costly on its head as we discuss with Patricio Gonzalez Morel about the enormous potential for profitability of resource efficiency. Transforming energy use and reducing input materials can help businesses recover their investments up to 10,000 times. Can you believe it? The figures are true and Patricio shares with great detail how businesses in the hotel industry built impressive returns on investment (ROIs) and outperformed competitors by finding opportunities to cut waste and improve the efficiency of resource use. We'll also discuss barriers such as the preconception that sustainability only pays off in the long term and ways to ease in practices that can save the company money at the same time as saving the planet. Now relax, play the full episode, and prepare to be amazed! What you'll learn: ● What resource efficiency is and how it can save money; ● How businesses around the world have implemented cost-saving measures; ● How companies can better manage the transition to sustainability; ● And much more! Books & other resources mentioned: Book: We Are the Weather: Saving the Planet Begins at Breakfast by Jonathan Safran Foer *** Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Youtube: Leave a review:
September 30, 2020
Indigenous rights, identity, and spirituality vs. mining activities in Guinea. Interview with Bintou Camara
Our discussion today with Bintou Camara is filled with precious insights about the urgent sustainability issues faced by indigenous communities in Guinea, West Africa. Every day, these vulnerable groups confront the dangers posed to their social, economical, and spiritual lives by the mining activities in the territories they occupy. As animists, indigenous communities are deeply connected to and dependent on the natural environment, but the intense exploitation of bauxite leads to deforestation, water blockages, and land occupation. Bintou sheds light on the NGO activities she leads in the area that aim to preserve indigenous languages and spirituality. Also, we will reflect on the need for leaders and mediators who can include indigenous people at roundtable discussions about the future of their country. Learn all about these issues and many more in the full episode. Enjoy! What you'll learn: How indigenous languages and spirituality in Guinea are threatened by natural resource exploitation; What types of projects are developed in endangered areas to communicate and protect indigenous communities rights; How we can involve indigenous communities in economic activities in a way that benefits them; And much more! Books & other resources mentioned: NGO Evolution: International Finance Cooperation activity in Guinea: Native American saying: When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned, only then will we realize that one cannot eat money. *** Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Youtube: Leave a review:
September 23, 2020
The Cradle to Cradle Certification Explained, with Aglaia Gomez from EcoIntelligentGrowth
Today we debunk the most interesting aspects of the Cradle to Cradle Certification™ for more sustainable products together with Aglaia Gomez from EcointelligentGrowth. To prepare for the radical uncertainty ahead, as well as comply with regulation, companies can truly benefit from getting their products’ Cradle to Cradle Certified. Our society and planet will also thrive, as we move towards a healthier and safer consumption of goods. Aglaia shares lots of insights into the steps to certification, including how communications with the supply chain help close the information gap; what is the social fairness component; and why recycling plays an important part in the product’s lifecycle. Tune in and enjoy the episode! What you'll learn: What key principles are behind the Cradle to Cradle (C2C) certification; What main issues surround waste management and the C2C certification; How companies can benefit the most from getting C2C certified. *** Resources: Website: Book: Our social media profiles Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Youtube: Leave a review:
September 16, 2020
How to Communicate Sustainability Effectively with Erica Larson from Pixel Power
Join us today, as we discuss with Erica Larson about the art & science of branding and marketing sustainability. It's new, yet it's a hot topic that will only get more traction as brands expand their role in society and need to communicate their global footprint. Erica shares insights from her unique journey into communicating sustainability in engineering and the built environment. Things such as how her web design and marketing services agency helps companies communicate their sustainability narratives; why technical and scientific teams need to pair with the creative brains of marketing professionals; and how companies can measure marketing efforts effectively. Lots of exciting things to dive in. But don't take our word for it: tune in the episode and enjoy! **** Our social media profiles: Erica's company website: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
September 09, 2020
Eco-feminism: How Human and Environmental Rights Are Interconnected. Interview with Mirishahe Syla from Kosovo Center for Counseling, Social Services, and Research
In today's episode, together with Mirishahe Syla, we take the concepts of feminism, gender equality, and environmental justice and discuss their numerous facets and inevitable interconnection. Born out the same faulty system, social and environmental injustice are causing toxic hierarchization, inequality, and unjustified superiority, whether in our relationship with each other or with nature. Mirishahe sheds light on the way that a patriarchal Kosovo shaped her interest in gender inequality and her contributions to raising awareness of these issues in a young and changing country. We further discuss the interesting lens of ecofeminism, how it's perceived by society at large, and what strategies we can use to help people see the world through a more sustainable perspective. Tune in the full episode for many more interesting insights! Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
September 02, 2020
Design with Sustainability in Mind. Interview with Aya Ulan
Today, we're excited to be joined by Aya Ulan in a conversation about sustainable design. Step by step, we dive into the principles of the circular design, including product durability and reparability, as well as how these fit our current needs to reduce waste and pollution. Circular design constitutes a key driver of the system transformation we seek through the sustainability approach. It teaches us to treat waste as a valuable material. Aya will share more from her experience with eco-friendly furniture based on recycled and upcycled materials, the challenges with recycling infrastructure, and the need for cross-sector collaboration and systems thinking. Join us in the episode for more insights & enjoy! Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
August 26, 2020
How to Become a Strong Sustainability Professional or SustainAble: From vision to results. Interview with Virginia Cinquemani
In this episode, we're joined by Virginia Cinquemani, author, entrepreneur, and consultant in the sustainability field, to discuss what is needed to achieve success as a sustainability professional, a topic that has been the center of her recent book. Virginia will shed more light on the key characteristics needed by strong professionals in the sustainability arena, including communication and selling.  Thus, we also review the main challenges trumping people throughout their journeys, such as not feeling heard or impactful, which affects 90% of professionals. We share key recommendations on improving sustainability communication, time management to achieve goals and finding the motivation to act according to beliefs. Tune in the episode & we hope you enjoy its many lessons! Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
August 19, 2020
ISO Certification: What You Need to Know as a Business. Interview with Pierre Servan from Factor Quality
Join us today as Pierre Servan from Factor Quality sheds more light on the main issues and steps involved in helping businesses implement environmental management systems and get ISO 14001 & ISO 9001 certifications. We'll explain in simple, yet detailed terms the journey undergone by businesses to comply with environmental, as well as quality standards, in order to get certified by accredited bodies. Misconceptions and grey areas in the field will also be addressed, such as where accredited bodies come from, how some businesses get certified without external consulting, and why implementing a sound management system doesn't guarantee certification. Finally, we'll dive deeper into how universal standards can be translated and tailored to different industries and businesses. Tune in the full episode to get more insights! *This is the last episode of Season 4! There is more to come in Season 5, so stay tuned, stay sustainable!* Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
August 12, 2020
Sustainable Event Management Debunked! Interview with Serena Pacifico from evntACT
In today's episode, we are joined by Serena Pacifico from evntACT to discuss the intricacies of sustainable event management and its role in the future of event making. Embedding sustainability within the event organization is still new, but promises many benefits such as more effective financial investment through waste reduction, better economic returns in the longer run, and a more satisfied audience, giving the surging interest in sustainability in society. We will review key practices that, when embedded at the event planning stage, lead to a more positive impact. Everything is considered, from investigations of supply chains to understand the social and environmental impact of products associated with an event, to the structure and utilization of the event venue, and to gaining the buy-in of different stakeholders. Tune in & join the conversation! Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
August 05, 2020
The Quadruple Bottom Line in Business Sustainability - What's New? Interview with Kumar Iyer
Join us today, as Kumar Iyer introduces an innovative model - the quadruple bottom line - to design and implement sustainability in modern organizations. What is the triple bottom line, as well as the ESG standards and the UN SDGs, missing to enact real change?  Here's a hint: when people have a difficult time self-regulating, we need principles to drive our actions. Kumar goes on to share real-life examples of the power inherent in a model that includes principles to drive increased transparency, clarity, and accountability in planning and implementing sustainability activities. Finally, we also review the role of the recent pandemic in shifting development strategies towards the local level and thereby contributing to a more sustainable system. Tune in and enjoy it! Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
July 29, 2020
How Private-Public Partnerships Can Save Cities From Oblivion. Interview with Ognyan Georgiev
Today, we discuss with Ognyan Georgiev, investigative journalist and former urban researcher at MIT, about the implications of and solutions for regional migration around the world, and particularly in Central and Eastern Europe. We uncover the causes behind national and local failure to keep people from moving away and share lessons from a comparison study between the US and European cities. Also, we don't neglect the impact of recent global events such as the COVID-19 pandemic, which brings its own challenges for cities facing emigration threats. People have sudden freedom to choose their workspace, so they can move anywhere. On the other hand, people were forced to come home from their jobs abroad, creating an inflow of human capital. What can governments do further to keep people inside? And should they really? You will learn about all this and more by tuning in the episode. Enjoy & let us know your thoughts!  Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
July 22, 2020
Effective Lightning for Individual Well-Being & Sustainability. Interview with Terry John from LifeLight Studio
Join us today, as we discuss with the light consultant, Terry John, about the importance of effective lighting in improving our lives. Light is a key building block of our environments and, therefore, it critically affects our health and well-being, making it an important lifestyle sustainability factor. However, one issue with light is that its effects are subversive: we often don't realize how much it helps in regulating our emotions, controlling our conditions, and keeping our circadian rhythm in check. Terry shares key lessons from his experience, such as the role played by poor office lighting to the sick building syndrome; top ways to design the lightning of our spaces; and many more. Tune in to “get enlightened” and enjoy! Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
July 15, 2020
Saving the Last Rainforests - One Acre at a Time. Interview with Danny Blue from One Million Acres
In today's episode, Danny Blue, the founder of a social enterprise “One Million Acres”, joins us for a thoughtful discussion about the rainforest's central role in maintaining the health of our planet, as well as key actions that are taken to protect this ecosystem and its indigenous communities. Whether we realize it or not right away, we are all connected to the rainforest due to its nurturing role in the environment and, therefore, our lives on this planet. It serves us more than we think of protecting it. Danny sheds light on the work of grassroots and global organizations in the Amazon Rainforest to empower indigenous communities with economic autonomy in order to limit deforestation activities. Making a sustainable impact is not easy and many challenges, such as financial interests, complicate the matter. But building local economic systems sets things in motion for an upcoming positive change. Explore more insights about the rainforest & enjoy the episode! *** OMA/One Million Acres is a conscious lifestyle brand that's committed to the conservation of critically endangered rainforests, some of Earth's most valuable resources. Every item sold funds the protection of an entire acre of endangered rainforest through our Buy One, Save an Acre™ program *** Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
July 08, 2020
How Can Islands Build a Sustainable Future? Interview with James Ellsmoor
Today, together with James Ellsmoor, we shed light on the steps that islands can take to build a sustainable future. Why? Because islands all around the world are faced with endless challenges: climate change affecting weather patterns; poor local environmental practices like deforestation; and an acute economic dependency on tourism, among others. Yet so many people live on islands. James Elsmoor, a rockstar of Island Sustainability, will also share key lessons from his work in connecting islands through virtual communication platforms and bringing renewable energy through solar panels to help islands better mitigate their problems. Tune in to get inspired! Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
July 01, 2020
Biomimicry: Design for Sustainability Inspired by Nature. Interview with Ricardo Contreras Osorio
In this episode, we discuss the concept of biomimicry, design with nature in mind, how biomimicry can help introduce the sustainability aspect in basically everything that surrounds us, with Ricardo Contreras Osorio - biologist, environmentalist, the President of an NGO called 400 ARBOLES ( Ricardo shared his experience with the biomimicry research group and explained why the biomimicry lessons from Asia are radically different from those from Latin America. Tune in & enjoy the episode! Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
June 24, 2020
Sea Turtle Conservation & Eco-Tourism, with Jimena Gutiérrez Lince
Today with Jimena Lince we talk about how the turtle conservation facility positively impacts the economy, life, and tourism in Tortuguero, Costa Rica; how turtles transitioned from "product" to "service" and help to educate people from around the world about the issues of wildlife, biodiversity, oceans, plastic pollution, ecological tourism, sustainability, etc. Please visit to learn more about the facility, Sea Turtle Conservancy. The book author mentioned by Jimena is - Stephen Jay Gould. Enjoy the episode! Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
June 17, 2020
Conscious Capitalism: Culture and Leadership with Johanna Lyman, NextGen Orgs
With Johanna Lyman we discover the concept of Conscious Capitalism, what is it, how is it different from just capitalism, examples of companies living and operating in the spirit of conscious capitalism, its main traits/key differences, the future of the economy and market in the post-pandemic and other crises time. Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
June 10, 2020
What is Green Building and its Benefits? Interview with Julia Craighill, Ensight Consulting
Together with Julia Craighill, BREEAM In-Use Assessor in the US, we talk about the "alphabet soup of certifications" (LEED, BREEAM, WELL, Living Building Challenge certification) and try to get the main differences between them; we speak about how architecture and sustainability marry and why focusing on business operations is the key; why staying connected to nature bears many benefits - here we touch on the concept of biophilia; finally, what about our home offices - how to 'cozify' our little home nests to stay sane, energised, and work efficiently. Enjoy the episode & let us know if you have any questions! Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
June 03, 2020
🤘 The podcast turns 1 year old 🤘
Today I am celebrating Sustainability Explored with you! Sharing my backstage processes, why I started it, how my motivation changed with time, where I find guests, why there are no ads, how I am monetizing it, and a lot more! At the end, I answer listeners' questions 🤓 Tune in to celebrate this podcast's 1st birthday! 🎊🤸‍♀️🤩🤹‍♂️ Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
May 30, 2020
Sustainable bed sheets with Colin McIntosh, Sheets & Giggles
Sustainable bed sheets made of healthy and eco-friendly eucalyptus lyocell fiber, company's CSR efforts, FSC-certified sourced eucalyptus, the health & planet benefits of sustainably produced bed sheets. No sheet! Check the Sheets & Giggles website here: Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
May 28, 2020
Wellbeing, health, and environmental psychology with Lee Chambers, Essentialise
How to stay sane despite all odds is what we are talking about today. Wellbeing, the sustainability of a home-work-office, mental health, nutrition, strength, and resilience are just a few aspects of what we are talking about today. Enjoy the episode! Download Lee's Latest Book Here!: Lee’s Consultancy: Twitter: @essentialise Facebook/Instagram: @essentialisecoach Linkedin: Youtube: Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
May 23, 2020
Sustainable Tourism with Jeff Smith, Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas
What is happening with tourism amidst covid-19 crisis, how will it change in the post-pandemic world, what initiatives did Six Senses introduce to keep the clients and community engaged and interested, what true leadership means for the sustainability of tourism, how to build a high quality long-lasting relationship with a community for everyone's benefit. So, is the future of tourism sustainable? We think YES! Only sustainable and conscious businesses will survive, for greater good. Tune in and learn about the subject with us. Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
May 21, 2020
Sustainable Finance with Lorena Muñoz del Campo
Together with Lorena we discover the fascinating world of environmental finance, figure out where it's best to invest these days, what to look for in a company if you are planning your investments, how to put a price on the environment, how the social component blends in. Overall, it's a great episode - don't miss out! Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
May 14, 2020
Sustainable Flower Industry with John Tabis, The Bouqs
Together with John Tabis, we explore the sustainability of flower industry, John walks us through the process of flowers production and delivery, corporate social responsibility of The Bouqs, innovative technology solutions the flower industry implements already, the challenges of the flower industry today and what it is about to face because of the pandemic. Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
May 07, 2020
How to build a sustainable city: lessons from Singapore, with Estelle Forget
Together with Estelle Forget we are trying to understand what makes a city sustainable and smart, are there any truly sustainable cities in the world, what role does technology has to play in it, how important is governmental long vision and building strong, transparent and long lasting relationships with the community. Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
April 30, 2020
Circular economy challenges and systemic change with Cliona Howie del Rio, Climate-KIC
In this episode with Cliona Howie del Rio, Head of Circular Economy at Climate-KIC, we discuss advantages, disadvantages and challenges of the circular economy, how exactly does Climate-KIC support governments, companies and start-ups on their journey towards sustainability, what does a good low carbon transition strategy consists of, and how the current crisis should highlight the circular economy and alter the economic canvas. Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
April 23, 2020
Sustainable buildings with Tom Abbott
In this episode, we discuss what sustainable and healthy buildings are, why BREEAM and LEED certifications exist, how much an eco-house will cost you in the UK, and how exactly the assessors can tell sustainable buildings from less environmentally-friendly ones. Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
April 16, 2020
Sustainable business models with Anna Itkin
In this episode, we discuss sustainable business management with Anna Itkin, co-founder of the Singapore-based practice The Inceptery. You will learn how sustainable business models are different from the traditional ones, what kind of clients are looking for sustainable solutions, where sustainability strategy starts and ends, how to practice system thinking and what changes to expect in the field of sustainability in the post-corona crisis world. Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
April 09, 2020
The Future of Sustainable Cannabis with Gretchen Schimelpfenig
In this episode we take a look at the cannabis industry from a sustainable angle, exploring the practices and initiatives with Gretchen Schimelpfenig from Resource Innovation Institute. We talk about practices the cannabis industry uses to ensure the sustainability of production, and how it reduces its carbon footprint; we discuss how the industry can demonstrate compliance in the areas of energy efficiency, renewables, electricity demand reduction, and the role Resource Innovation Institute plays in it (check out, Instagram @resourceinnovation, and Twitter @RIInstitute ) Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
April 02, 2020
WokenUp - a social network for sustainability specialists. Interview with Simon Puleston Jones
Where do sustainability specialists connect? How to maximize your impact and purpose in the sphere of sustainability? This episode will guide you through the 1st social network for sustainability professionals, WokenUp. Check it out: Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
March 26, 2020
The culture of impact and purpose. CSR - how to give back meaningfully, with Giovanna Jagger
Today with Giovanna Jagger we are discussing sustainability, organizational culture of impact and purpose, how to give back to society meaningfully, what to expect in Corporate Social Responsibility after the coronavirus disruption, key components of a good corporate sustainability strategy, and how to measure impact. Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
March 19, 2020
Impact investment and circular economy with Ron Gonen, Closed Loop Partners
Together with Ron Gonen, a co-founder of Closed Loop Partners, a New-York based investment firm, we discuss 1) circular economy - a new economic model focused on profitable and sustainable future; 2) how to measure impact; 3) where to invest in times of climate crisis. Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
March 12, 2020
Urban sustainability with Goh Ter Yang
What qualifies as an eco-city? What kind of professionals form a working group of a the city on its path to sustainability? Example of Singapore: policy, governance, initiatives. Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
March 05, 2020
Your clothes can breathe. Interview with Post Carbon Lab on living, algae-containing, fabrics.
Garments that can turn carbon dioxide into oxygen, using cyanobacteria (algae) integrated in the textile, is in the limelight in this episode. Is it possible to be wearing a stylish piece of clothing and cleaning the air at the same time? Find out the answer in the interview with Dian-Jen Lin, a co-founder of Post Carbon Lab. Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
February 27, 2020
Sustainable fashion: where are we going? Interview with Claudia Szerakowski
Circular fashion - reality or utopia? What does a Circular Fashion Consultant do? Sustainable fashion advice for starters, and the future of sustainable fashion industry. Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
February 20, 2020
Green, inclusive, and open economy or why sustainability is not enough. Interview with Ralph Thurm.
What is green, inclusive and open economy? Why "just sustainability" is no longer enough? What does r3.0 platform do and how to engage in their activities? What is 'thrivability" and how does it help to move the world forward? Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
February 13, 2020
ESG: Measuring Non-Financial Risks. Interview with Andrew Gazal
What is ESG? How does ESG connect corporations and financial markets, and what role does stakeholder pressure play in it? What is a sustainable manner of doing business, and why companies need to measure and report on their non-financial risks? All these questions (and more) are unfolded by Andrew Gazal, the Founder of ESG Tech. Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
February 06, 2020
Where film art and sustainability meet. Interview with Joerg Altekruse
Anyone can be an advocate for sustainability and clean environment. Joerg Altekruse delivers his messages through the art of filmmaking, he also mentors, educates and equips students around the globe with film skills to address climate change and close the gap between The Creator and The Decider. A great example of working towards Sustainable Development Goals #4 Education, #13 Climate Action, #17 Partnership for the Goals. Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
January 30, 2020
Amazon rainforest journey
I spent 3 days in the remote areas of the Amazon rainforest, here's what I saw and heard. Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
January 17, 2020
Where the challenge is, there is an opportunity. Interview with Laura Faye Tenenbaum
How to communicate science? What can each of us do to help climate change? How to deal with climate anxiety and when "climate change" became "climate emergency" - these and other questions covered by science communicator, innovator, public speaker and writer Laura Faye Tanenbaum. Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
December 19, 2019
Nuclear: an old new solution? Interview with Bret Kugelmass
What is nuclear energy? Can nuclear reverse climate change and suggest a sound solution to net negative carbon? What makes nuclear safe and dangerous at the same time? These and other questions are discussed with Bret Kugelmass, a managing director of Energy Impact Center in the US. Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
December 09, 2019
GRI Sustainability Reporting Framework
On why and how to set up a sustainability report using a widely recognized GRI Standard. Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
November 27, 2019
Energy Transition and Climate Change_Discussion with energy and sustainability experts
This episode presents a new format for this podcast - 4 sustainability professionals from Germany, the Netherlands, Estonia and Serbia were brought together to discuss challenges, risks and opportunities of the energy transition and climate change. Brought for you by United Europe, an initiative dedicated to the idea of a strong and competitive Europe. Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
November 23, 2019
Every job is a Sustainability job. Discussion with Lincoln Bleveans
How and when the first sustainability jobs appeared? Are there enough sustainability professionals in the workforce now to tackle global challenges, including climate change? A look into the future of sustainability market, and how to make every job a sustainability job? Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
November 09, 2019
Green Office in Academia. Interview with Tim Strasser
The first interview on this podcast(!), where we explore in deep the process of green office model by rootAbility ( implementation in the universities across Europe, and even outside of it. How rootAbility turned into SOS . For those interested, a map of existing green offices can be found here: . Overview of the GO projects: Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
October 16, 2019
The Future of the Office is Green
Why the sooner you improve your office set up and turn it into an enjoyable and emotionally-friendly energy- and resources- saving milieu, the better for you and everyone around. Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
October 05, 2019
Sustainable Procurement: Ignoring Will Cost More on the Long Run
Today I am speaking about the basic concept of green procurement, triple bottom line, governmental involvement, top-3 most influential organizations in this sphere, and tips for implementation in the company. Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
July 25, 2019
Climate Reporting: Lost in the Right Direction?
How not to get confused in the variety of different frameworks and standards? What do stakeholders expect from companies? Where a company should start if it reports for the first time? Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
July 18, 2019
Corporate Social Responsibility: where is it going?
What events triggered the re-birth of the CSR globally, key aspects and driving forces for successful implementation in the companies and competitive advantages of having a good and sound CSR initiative in a company. Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
July 11, 2019
Sustainability Reporting - transparency is always appreciated
We will learn the main concept of sustainability reporting, available standards in the field, the reasons for necessity for such a reporting. Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
July 04, 2019
Stakeholders: tips and tricks for successful engagement in a 'green' organization
In this episode, we will learn what stakeholder engagement is and how to perform it successfully in the 'green' company, with sustainability in mind.  Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
June 27, 2019
Corporate Environmental and Social Policy
Why a company should outline their commitments to sustainability in their Policy or Code of Conduct? What should a good Policy consist of? Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
June 21, 2019
Corporate Sustainability: a new norm?
The concept, key aspects and principles of corporate sustainability, and success stories of those companies that have started their way towards sustainability. Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
June 15, 2019
Why integrate Environmental and Social Management System?
ESMS in the companies: reasons for implementation need, advantages, the impact created. Is it worth the trouble? Is it costly to set up and follow? What are the components of the good Environmental and Social Management System? All this and even more you will learn from this episode. Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
June 05, 2019
What is a "green" bank?
In this 1st episode, I explore the concept of a green bank and try to answer questions whether it has been efficient in reducing climate change pace, whether any results have been achieved so far, and what's the future the green banks hold for us. Our social media profiles: Website: LinkedIn: & Fb group: Medium: Apple: Google: Leave a review:
May 30, 2019