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Sustainably Influenced

Sustainably Influenced

By Bianca Foley & Charlotte Williams
Sustainably Influenced is a platform guiding people through the minefield of sustainability. Hosts Bianca Foley & Charlotte Williams interview a series of experts in sustainability and ethical living to shed a little light on the many terms used across industries, discussing the different aspects of living a conscious lifestyle and how we can do our bit to make a difference.
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S02E07: Ashleigh Bishop: Making Money for the Greater Good

Sustainably Influenced

S04EP12: Christmas Special - Making Sustainable Christmas Swaps 🎄
In today's episode we discuss how you can make swaps this Christmas in favour of more conscious or sustainable items, from giftware, to tree decorations to a purely plant based Christmas dinner, listen to Bianca & Charlotte chat through the changes that you can make in time for the big day!   We wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your continued support over the past 2 years.  We love creating this podcast and cannot wait to be back in the New Year 💕 Products/Services mentioned in today's show (please note no products mentioned are endorsed by the brands): Dissolvable Wrapping Paper: Treedom Trees: The Week Junior:
December 15, 2021
S04EP11: Season Finale with Bianca Foley & Charlotte Williams
We wanted to close of this incredible fashion season by saying thank you to all of our guests and to say we will see you in 2022! In the meantime, you can find us on Instagram @sustainablyinfluenced and Thank you all for your support and please remember to rate and review us on Apple podcasts!
November 15, 2021
S04EP10: Live from the Voicebox stage at the Cheltenham Literature Festival
Todays episode is another live one! Listen to Bianca & Charlotte discuss how Sustainably Influenced came to be.  Thank to The Cheltenham Literature Festival and Voicebox for the incredible opportunity. Watch the live episode here:
November 15, 2021
S04EP09: Is Rental Finally Becoming Acceptable in Mainstream Fashion? With CEO and co-founder of HURR, Victoria Prew
There are many ways that eco-conscious fashion lovers keep their closets low-impact and fashion rental is just one of them.  In today’s episode, we will be discussing how fashion rental is a positive way to consume and how mainstream retailers can pivot into non-traditional routes to market with Victoria Prew, the co-founder and CEO of HURR, the fashion marketplace changing the way we wear.  HURR aims to address an underserved market of women who want access to the latest trends, without the commitment of purchase. Prew is the first to tap into the growing market, spearheading rental fashion and shifts in millennial behaviour. Headquartered in London, HURR aims to address an underserved market of women who want access to the latest trends, without the commitment of purchase. Prew is the first to tap into the growing market, spearheading rental fashion and shifts in millennial behaviour. Prew studied Real Estate, launching her own technology product before training as a Chartered Surveyor. The entrepreneur identified an opportunity born from two complementary movements: the rise of sustainable fashion and the rental revolution. The website showcases an unlimited ‘virtual wardrobe’ for luxury rentals, including curated edits, the latest trend pieces and celebrity wardrobes. HURR carries over £10 million+ of inventory and is showing no signs of slowing down. Partnerships with Depop and Selfridges are putting HURR on the map as a pioneer of the fashion tech sector. Rent today:
November 08, 2021
S04EP08: What is Ethical Photography? With Eunice Pais, founder of Pais Agency
As influencers are no strangers to photography and photoshoots, but what impact does what we do and the wider fashion industry have on the environment? Can photography be carbon neutral as well as environmentally and socially impactful?  We are speaking with Eunice Pais, founder of Pais Agency to find out just that… Eunice Pais is a photographer and co-founder of PAIS.  PAIS is a photography production agency specialized in carbon neutral and socially impactful fashion photo productions.  The agency focuses on addressing systemic imbalances in fashion photography by supporting people and celebrating a diversity of voices through deep engagement in the ethical fashion community. As an artist, Eunice creates bodies of work that explore, aesthetically, all things related to human-nature interactions.
November 01, 2021
S04EP07: What goes into getting a B Corps Certification with Kristi Soomer, founder of Encircled
Have you ever heard of the phrase “B Corps Certified?”  In the UK there are only 16 certified B Corporation fashion brands Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. B Corps are accelerating a global culture shift to redefine success in business and build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. Encircled is a slow fashion brand that does it all. Founded by Kristi Soomer, Encircled is one of the few apparel brands that is a Certified B. Corp, which puts the planet and people before profits. To give you some perspective, there are only 9 apparel brands in Canada that are Certified. B Corps, and only 4 of these are female-founded/majority female owned B.Corps. Find out more about Encircled here:
October 25, 2021
S04EP06: THE LIVE EPISODE with Circular Block Party
Welcome to the first live episode of Sustainably Influenced!  Our Panel: Harriet from - responsible sourcing and ethical manufacture. Small quantity stock model. Teresa from @this_is_Revive - vintage sourcing and revival through embroidery and painting - small collection drop model. Tabby @Re_considered - Repurposing and remaking - small collections and bespoke service. Sara @Simastylistlondon - sustainable fashion influencer and conscious shopper. The Circular Block Party is a new initiative bringing together a collective of small brands and start-ups to celebrate their sustainable and circular approach to creation and showcase their brands. A unique shopping experience, the Circular Block Party provides a creative atmosphere for audiences to interact, create and learn from the brands and industry experts through workshops and events.  Today's episode was recorded back at the end of August 2020 in front of a live audience so you may hear a few other voices!
October 17, 2021
S04EP05: Colonialism, climate change & consumerism...How can me make changes? With Aja Barber
Aja is writer, stylist and consultant whose work deals with the intersections of sustainability and the fashion landscape. Her Instagram video 'Why Performative Allyship is Triggering', which called out brands and influencers for monetising the Black Lives Matter movement, has accumulated over one million views. The video also put a spotlight on the disparity between fast fashion brand billionaires and their unpaid factory workers during the Covid-19 economic downturn. Aja’s upcoming book, Consumed, continues this important work by exploring the endemic injustices in our consumer industries and confronting the uncomfortable truth behind why we consume the way we do. Get your copy of “Consumed” here:
October 11, 2021
S04EP04: What does it take to create a sustainable fashion brand? With Steven Wright, Prof at USW
In this episode we wanted to discuss what it takes to create a sustainable fashion brand. A lot of our audience are entrepreneurs and we thought it would be good to really do a deep dive. First, let’s get into what “sustainable fashion” actually is and what it isn’t to make sure that we’re on the same page. Sustainable isn’t exactly the same as ethical, although a brand can be both. When it comes to sustainability, we are talking about how a brand impacts the environment. Ethical fashion, on the other hand, concerns moral issues such as working conditions and the welfare of animals, which is super important, too! You can contact Steven Wright on Instagram via these handles: @uswfashiondesign @usw_fashion_marketing @usw_fashion_promotion @dress.wright
October 04, 2021
S04EP03 What is Regenerative Agriculture? Special Guest Hilmond Hui, Vice president of PFG
Today we are going to discuss the steps after sustainability. To be sustainable is great and it is something we strive for here on Sustainably Influenced, however the term “sustainability” itself is unclear.  What exactly are we trying to sustain? What can we do to rebuild after the mass devastation to the planet? We need to look forward and look towards the future. Vice President of PFG and head of their BOMBYX Silk division, Hilmond Hui leads a team in defining consciously-made silk for the industry. A second generation of his family’s international business, Hilmond has been immersed in the world of garment manufacturing all his life. From this family legacy and experience, he’s witnessed the challenges with conscious production methods in silk. In Hilmond’s mind, things like quality and construction have always gone hand in hand with social responsibility and sustainability to create a garment. It starts from the source of the raw materials, leading him to create the world’s cleanest silk at the very same point of origin of this ancient textile.  Hilmond has always followed a path that marries ancient and modern thinking. Having studied Communications at Ryerson University in Toronto, Hilmond brings a global perspective to operations. Currently, Hilmond works closely with numerous departments including raw material development and sourcing, product and development, merchandising, corporate social responsibility and sustainability, production, and marketing.
September 27, 2021
S04EP02 The Evolution of fashion and why sustainability is so important - Special Guest Amelia Twine, Founder of Sustainable Fashion Week
In the nearly 80 years since Fashion Week began, we wanted to talk about its evolution and more specifically, how the event as well as the fashion industry has changed over the past 30 years - since the start of the fast fashion era.  There are so many huge question marks around sustainability and fashion and whether the 2 can really co-exist.  But with online searches for sustainable fashion tripling between 2016 & 2019 it just goes to show that consumers are beginning to ask more of designers and brands. Sustainable Fashion began this year with a focus on up-skilling, inspiring and empowering the community rather than showcasing next season’s trends. SFW is the passion project of Amelia Twine. She’s spent over a decade working in sustainability in different industries. Between 2018-2020 she ran the online retail platform GIVE WEAR LOVE, stocking established and emerging sustainable fashion brands with the aim of providing a style-focused alternative to standard online fast fashion stores. Becoming more aware of potential barriers to participation in sustainable fashion she founded SFW to try and help make it more relevant, accessible and inclusive, promoting community-led action at a grass-roots level. Learn More: IG: @sustainablefashionweek_uk Message
September 20, 2021
S04EP01: The Fashion Season
Introduction to the new season with Bianca Foley & Charlotte Williams. In this episode, we discuss the upcoming season, why we chose to make a whole season dedicated to fashion in the sustainability space and what it’s like for us as influencers to juggle sustainability and our live of fashion…
September 20, 2021
S03EP08: How Econyl Is Making Waste Useful With Guilio Bonazzi
Today we are speaking to the CEO of Textile manufacturer Aquafil, Giulio Bonazzi, who is doing his part to help clean up the ocean plastics pandemic through recovering waste and turning it into a regenerated nylon for use in carpets and clothing. Giulio wants to bring the circular economy model further into the mainstream and help brands and consumers make responsible choices about clothing.   Today, Aquafil is recognized as a sustainability leader company, and an innovator within the synthetic textile industry. Bonazzi was honoured with Ernst & Young’s 2011 Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the industrial products category for his entrepreneurial excellence and leadership ability in expanding Aquafil SpA globally. ECONYL® was launched and in 2014 the company won the most prestigious award in Germany dedicated to sustainability- specifically for the development of a regeneration system that allows Aquafil to transform waste into regenerated ECONYL® fibre. 
July 08, 2021
S03EP07: Consciousness in the Kitchen with Zoe Adjonyoh
In a whole new episode of Sustainably Influenced, we chat with Chef, Author, founder of Zoe's Ghana Kitchen & Black Book Global  and host of ‘Cooking Up Consciousness’ podcast, Zoe Adjonyoh! #ghanabetasty @ghanakitchen Shop Zoe's Ghana Kitchen Here
June 30, 2021
S03EP06: Environmental Activism and Renewable Energy with Juliet Davenport
In this week's episode we speak with Founder of the UK’s first 100% renewable electricity supplier, Good Energy, Juliet Davenport. An environmental activist with the emphasis on ‘action’, she has dedicated her life to the practical solutions to the climate crisis. Known as an innovator, she has been developing technologies and empowering people to fight climate change and transform the energy sector for more than 20 years. Juliet currently sits on the board of the Renewable Energy Association, Innovate UK and the Crown Estate — the latter a position to advise on how the organization's substantial land can be used for climate solutions. She is Vice President of the Energy Institute, and is a member of the advisory boards of leading UK think tanks, including Energy Systems Catapult, Aurora, Oxford Energy, and LSE’s Grantham Institute. Juliet is also the host of Great Green Questions podcast, a lighthearted and witty exploration of some of the big questions that come up when trying to 'walk the green line' -
June 23, 2021
S03EP05: Discussing the rise of Fashion Rental with Eshita Kabra-Davies, founder & CEO of ByRotation
Today we are getting into the nitty gritty of Fashion Rental! Our guest this is week is Eshita is the Founder and CEO of the award-winning app By Rotation, the social fashion rental platform. Inspired by a love for fashion that doesn’t weigh on her conscience and with an approach grounded in practicality over indulgence, Eshita founded By Rotation as a side hustle in April 2019. An investment professional with over 6 years of experience, she combines her commercial experience with her passions for fashion and graphic design. A Forbes 30 under 30 for Technology, Eshita is especially focused on creating a conscious and inclusive global community that democratises fashion. Download the app and start renting here:
June 16, 2021
S03EP04: Impact Investing with Tom McGillyCuddy, Co-Founder of tickr
This week we're joined by Tom McGillycuddy, co-founder of tickr, to learn more about Impact Investing and using our money for good. tickr are a London & Liverpool based impact investing startup, designed to empower a previously excluded generation to invest for the first time using the feel good factor of positive impact. Prior to tickr Tom spent 8 years in investment management & investment banking, most recently as part of the founding team of Wellington Management's $1B Global Impact Fund. He is a CFA charterholder. Learn more about tickr here:
May 10, 2021
S03EP03: Fixing Fashion with Josephine Phillips, founder of Sojo
This week we speak to Josephine Philips, a 23-year-old recent graduate turned Fashion Tech entrepreneur working to make the fashion industry circular with her App, Sojo. Sojo makes clothing alterations and repairs an easy and hassle-free process. She created it after realising she was continuously falling in love with second-hand clothes that weren't her size and did not have a convenient way to get them altered. Sojo was made to simplify the process, and by promoting a circular model, Josephine hopes that it will aid others in their quest for a more sustainable wardrobe. You can find them here:
April 28, 2021
S03E02: Green Cleaning with Kyle Grant, founder of Oxwash
This week we speak with Kyle Grant, Founder of Oxwash. After a career at NASA, Kyle founded Oxwash during his Synthetic Biology PhD at Oxford University. Armed with just a bike and a backpack, Kyle started collecting and washing clothes for fellow students, this quickly snowballed into a growing on-demand laundry business as interest grew. Kyle’s passion for sustainability and tenacious entrepreneurial attitude continue to propel Oxwash to lofty heights. You can find Oxwash here:
April 22, 2021
S03E01: Happy Earth Day
Sustainably Influenced is back! Your favourite sustainability podcast hosts, Bianca Foley & Charlotte Williams, are back to interview a new season of sustainability experts. Today we talk Earth Day, its importance and what's to come for Sustainably Influenced.
April 21, 2021
S02E09: Andrea Cheong - Conscious Influencing & Building a Business
This week we speak to Andrea Cheong, influencer, content consultant and founder of sustainable mask brand @fleuroselondon.
January 13, 2021
S02E08: Edzard van der Wyck: Carbon-Negative Fashion
Today we’re joined by Edzard van der Wyck, co-founder of Heist Studios and Sheep Inc. The company launched in October 2019 and is the world’s first carbon-negative fashion brand, leading the way in being a restorative brand with a net positive impact. Alongside this, they are also the first brand to provide a fully traceable and transparent account of the supply chain and carbon footprint. Accessible with the tap of a phone against an NFC tag on the sweater hem.
December 07, 2020
S02E08: Keshia Hannam: #climatejustice
This week we speak with our friend Keshia Hannam, global speaker, writer, and activist, who works to heighten individuals’ and groups' understanding of their own biases, the actions they can take, and how the climate crisis impacts brown and black communities most. Known as a global community builder and orator, she has spoken for The New York Times, Fortune 500 companies like Marriott and Macy’s, and at The United Nations. This is the second time we've had Keshia on the podcast and we could listen to her speak about climate justice forever. You can find Keshia on Instagram here:
December 07, 2020
S02E07: Ashleigh Bishop: Making Money for the Greater Good
Today’s episode we speak to Ashleigh Bishop, cofounder of Bagboard, the sustainable reward scheme that brings conscious brands and people together to drive sustainable environmental and social change. Ashleigh joined her long time schoolmate Ben Ayres, to found the company after he easily convinced her that disrupting the advertising industry and saving the world (at the same time) was possible. Ashleigh has a background in advertising and most recently was at McCann London, with experience in creating fully-integrated advertising campaigns for global brands such as Pandora, Nestlé and Nespresso.
November 12, 2020
S02E06: Sophie Slater: Building a Slow Fashion brand
This week we talk to Sophie Slater, the co-founder and CEO of ethical, sustainable, locally made fashion brand Birdsong. Together her and designer Susanna create ethical wardrobe staples, paying living wages to talented Londoners facing barriers to work to bring their designs to life. Sophie also freelances for social enterprises and occasionally writes and lectures in sustainable fashion.
November 04, 2020
S02E05: Harriet Saywood-Bellisario: Why sustainable fashion can't be cheap
This week we're joined by Harriet Saywood-Bellisario and we ask the question on everybody’s lips… Why is sustainable fashion so expensive? Harriet is a womenswear designer and creative director of the new Contemporary London womenswear label Saywood. She is a London College of Fashion Alumni who has worked with the likes of Christopher Kane, Jonathan Saunders, Richard Nicoll & Paul Smith.
October 28, 2020
S02E04: Elena Polisano: Deforestation in the Amazon & Greenpeace's Monster
Today we’re joined by forests campaigner at Greenpeace, Elena Polisano to discuss Deforestation in the Amazon and their new campaign Monster. With her job as a forest campaigner, Elena calls on the UK’s biggest food retailers to stop buying industrially produced meat and dairy from companies linked to destruction of the Amazon rainforest, and to reduce meat sales by half by 2025. Her recent work includes confronting Tesco bosses with a personal appeal from the heart of the Amazon from Brazilian Indigenous leader Sonia Guajajara. Elena previously led the campaign calling on UK supermarkets to reduce their plastic footprint and has been at the forefront of Greenpeace’s creative interventions aimed at some of the world’s biggest companies including Coca-Cola and Shell. Prior to Greenpeace, Elena was an advertising creative.
October 22, 2020
S02E03: Zinnia Kumar: Performative Sustainability
Today we’re joined by Published Scientist, Ecologist and model, Zinnia Kumar. We talk about performative sustainability & how sustainable fashion & ecosystems are linked.
October 19, 2020
S02E02: Monica Vinader: Moving to 100% Recycled Silver in 2020
Today’s episode we spoke to cult jewellery brand owner Monica Vinader about the launch of her new collection made from 100% recycled silver. Founded in 2002, the Monica Vinader brand has created collection after collection of beautifully designed jewellery, a lot inspired by Monica’s travels and vintage pieces she has collected over the years through friends and family. Roll on 2020 and we see  Monica Vinader’s first-ever collection made from 100% recycled Sterling Silver, in collaboration with leading sustainable fashion influencer, Doina Ciobanu. A collaboration that heralds in the brand's commitment to moving completely away from mined materials, with all collections moving to recycled Sterling Silver by the end of 2020.
October 19, 2020
S02E01: Introduction to the new season
Welcome back to Sustainably Influenced! We took a bit of a break over the summer and now we're back with 11 brand new episodes and a fancy new website! Check out to learn more about who we are and what we do! 
October 19, 2020
S01E22: We Talk Plant Based News with Robbie Lockie
This week we’re joined by Robbie Lockie, oo-founder of Plant Based News, the multi-award-winning resource for the latest up-to-the-minute plant-based-interest & vegan content.
August 19, 2020
S01E21: We Talk Clean Curl Care with Bouclème Founder Michele Scott-Lynch
This week on Sustainably Influenced we talk clean curl care with Michele Scott-Lynch founder of haircare brand Bouclème. Michele tells us about her journey, how the business got started and about her biopolymer product bottles made from sugarcane. 
July 10, 2020
S01E20: We Talk Ethical Jewellery with Mamater
This week we speak with Marilyne Kekeli, founder of ethical jewellery brand, MAMATER. Marilyne began her journey to fulfil her needs and those of women with similar desires.  Named after a play on the French words for Mother Earth, MAMATER makes ethical...
June 27, 2020
S01E19: We Talk Environmental Racism with Keshia Hannam
This week's guest recently spoke at the Conscious Festival and if that sounds familiar it should do! We interviewed the co-Founder Paula Miquelis last week and after listening to Keshia speak at the event we knew we had to have her speak on our...
June 20, 2020
S01E18: We talk to Green Is The New Black & The Virtual Conscious Festival co-founder, Paula Miquelis
This week we speak to Paula Miquelis, Co-Founder of lifestyle and media platform, Green Is The New Black and subsequently the Conscious Festival... Paula together with her co-founder Stephanie Dickson seek to inspire people to live more consciously and...
June 11, 2020
S01E17: We Talk Environmentally-Friendly Periods with Ella Daish
After a week off WE ARE BACK. We're joined by Ella Daish, an environmental activist, who started a petition in 2018 to remove plastic from menstrual products. Her award-winning campaign is leading to significant changes in the period industry and has so...
May 29, 2020
S01E16: It's a Check In Episode!
This week Bianca and Charlotte talk through their last 5 episodes. They also touch on Fashion Revolution and their thoughts on the sustainability movement - good and bad.
May 16, 2020
S01E15: We Talk Sustainability & Second Hand Fashion with Emma Slade Edmondson
This week we chat to Emma Slade Edmondson, strategic creative director, consultant and writer with a focus on social change and sustainability. She is the founder of ESE consultancy (which works to elevate brands who have a desire to do some social or...
May 08, 2020
S01E14: We Talk Hand Wash and Football Clubs with Faith in Nature
This week we're talking all about natural hair and skin brand Faith in Nature, with Head of Marketing Hannah Whitaker.  Faith in Nature was founded in 1974 in New York on the belief that natural, ethical, products should be available to everyone, in a...
May 02, 2020
S01E13: We talk through Fashion Revolution Week
This week is Fashion Revolution Week, which happens every year on the anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse, which killed 1,138 people and injured many more in 2013, we encourage millions of people to come together to campaign for systemic...
April 24, 2020
S01E12: We talk face masks with FAACE Founder Jasmine Wicks-Stephens
This week we're joined by Jasmine Wicks-Stephens, founder of Known PR and Faace, the no BS capsule collection of face masks. We discuss the ins and outs of her new beauty brand Faace and what it's like to launch during Lockdown. One not to be missed,...
April 17, 2020
S01E11: Talking Ethical Influencing with Besma, founder of Ethical Influencers
We spoke to Besma, founder of Ethical Influencers and the Curiously Conscious blog. You can find out more about the Ethical Influencer network here:
April 09, 2020
S01E10: A check-In Episode with Bianca and Charlotte
This week we're doing a bit of a recap on our last few episodes. We talk about the Odacité products Charlotte is using at the moment and our reaction to the RSPCA episode. Let us know what you think at
April 03, 2020
S01E09: We Talk Litter with RSPCA
This week we're talking to Holly Barber and Ren Shilcock from the RSPCA. We ask them about their  #EndSkyLitter campaign and the RSPCA's involvement with the Great British Spring Clean. As well as, top tips we can all follow to ensure our litter is...
March 27, 2020
S01E08: We Talk Skincare with Clean Beauty Pioneer & Founder of Odacité, Valerie GRANDURY.
This week we Talk Skincare with Clean Beauty Pioneer & Founder of Odacité, Valerie Grandury. A blend of luxurious French skincare and California green living, Odacité uses the highest quality ingredients, plant extracts and oils to create pure...
March 13, 2020
S01E07: We Talk All Things Sustainability with Shope Delano
Shope Delano is a brand marketer, writer and headshot photographer that specialises in content and comms in consumer-tech and fashion. She's passionate about authenticity in sustainability, new-age consumer brands and re-defining what 'work' means for...
March 05, 2020
S01E06: We talk fashion with Georgie Hyatt, founder of Cult Label Fashion Rental Platform Rotaro
This week we're joined by Georgie Hyatt, founder of fashion rental service, Rotaro. Rotaro is a Cult Label Fashion Rental Platform, that stocks highly curated new season fan favourites from brands such as Ganni, Reformation, Shrimps, The Vampire's Wife,...
February 27, 2020
S01E05: Sarah Hildyard from Shopstyle Collective Talks Sustainability & Influencers
This week we're joined by Sarah Hildyard from Shopstyle Collective to talk about all things influencers and sustainability.  ShopStyle Collective is the leading affiliate network for influencers to monetise their content with thousands of brand...
February 20, 2020
S01E4: The Plastic Challenge Check In
In Episode 3 our friend Noelle challenged us to go a week without using plastic. In this week's episode, we talk through our experience and what we struggled with. You can see more over on our IGTV:
February 12, 2020
S01E3: We're joined by Conscious Lifestyle Blogger Noelle Riemslag
In this week's episode, we are joined by our friend and Lifestyle Blogger Noelle Riemslag.
January 30, 2020
S01E02: We meet The Better Brand Consultant, Eleanor O'Leary
On this week;'s episode, we welcome our first ever guest Eleanor O'Leary - AKA The Better Brand Consultant
January 23, 2020
S01E01: An introduction to Sustainably Influenced by hosts Bianca Foley & Charlotte Williams - In collaboration with RSPCA
An introduction to the Sustainably Influenced podcast hosted by Bianca Foley and Charlotte Williams.
January 16, 2020