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SUX - The Sustainable UX Podcast

SUX - The Sustainable UX Podcast

By SUX - The Sustainable UX Network

Hello and welcome to SUX - The Sustainable UX Podcast, the podcast for designers, UX people and digital product builders who want to make an impact for a sustainable future. We are Bavo and Thorsten and we are two of the founding members of “SUX - The Sustainable UX Network”, a non-profit initiative and community, that drives sustainable and responsible UX based on the UN SDGs in various ways.
With the SUX Podcast we invite you to meet wonderful people from around the world and to get inspired by their way of trying to save the world through and within UX, Design and Tech.
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SUX EP 01: “Back to the beginning” with Tim Frick
SUX EP 01: “Back to the beginning” with Tim Frick
Together with Tim Frick, one of the icons of digital design sustainability, we talk about the beginnings of Sustainable UX, where we are today and where the future could take us. Tim tells us where his passion for sustainable design comes from. We discuss the importance of impact measurement and what he would change if he could write his book "Designing for Sustainability" again today. He also shares his years of experience with his BCorp certified agency, Mighty Bites, on how to win over clients and how YOU can make a difference, whether you are a junior or a senior. Feel free to subscribe, follow and like our podcast. And if you haven't already done so, we invite you to join the SUX network. Connect with our guest or us: Tim's LinkedIn Bavo's Linkedin Thorsten's LinkedIn Isabel's LinkedIn SUX Slack Community SUX LinkedIn SUX Website Email us at to share your feedback or suggest future guests. Sources from the episode: W3C Community Group for Sustainable Web Design “sustyweb” Tim's book "Designing for Sustainability" Tim's agency Mightybites Mightybites Blog The 2022 Web Almanac’s chapter on Sustainability by HTTP Archive Leah Thomas’ book “the Intersectional Environmentalist”
November 06, 2022
SUX - Teaser
SUX - Teaser
Welcome to the SUX podcast!  Strap in for a wild ride of insights and mind-blown experiences as we hear from people passionate about sustainable UX and how they make impact. We’ll dive in with experts and discover along with people just breaking into the field.  Thank you for being here with us as we make this a podcast by and for the sustainable UX community. Bavo & Thorsten
November 02, 2022