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An inside look at today's tech and business news, brought to you by Silicon Valley journalist Annie Gaus | This podcast was created in Anchor. To make your own podcast for free, visit
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A New CEO for Apple?
Could Apple Have A New CEO soon? If you want 500k/year, be an AI specialist. Google Pixel users report a terrible noise.
October 25, 2017
Walmart Wants to Deliver, Put Away Your Groceries
Music Streaming Up 48% This Year, Revenues Spiking: Report • Walmart Wants to Deliver, Put Away Your Groceries For You
October 17, 2017
How Bad Do You Need a $350 Smart Jean Jacket?
Apple's Siri Dumps Bing Search for Google • Do You Need a $350 Smart Jean Jacket? • Facebook + Microsoft Complete Massive Undersea Cables
October 17, 2017
Equifax CEO 'Retires', Gets $90 Million After Hacking Disgrace
Twitter Freaks Out Over New 280-Character Limits • Equifax CEO 'Retires', Gets $90 Million • Bill Gates Reveals He's an Android Guy
October 17, 2017
Amazon Shows off New Alexa Devices, Uber Shuts Down Controversial Auto Leasing Exchange
Amazon Shows Off New Echos, Alexa Devices • Uber Shuts Down Controversial Auto Leasing Program
October 17, 2017
Ex-Uber CEO Shocks Board by Naming Board Members By Surprise
Google is Building an Echo Show Competitor, Codenamed 'Manhattan' • Ex-Uber CEO Shocks Board by Naming Two New Directors
October 17, 2017
Better Go Check Your Mac's Firmware: Security Experts
Go Check Your Mac's Firmware, Security Researchers Warn
October 17, 2017
IKEA Buys On-Demand App Taskrabbit
IKEA Buys On-Demand App Taskrabbit
October 17, 2017
Mattel Cancels 'AI BabySitter' After Spying Fears, Google Intros Pixel Buds
Google Says 'Pixel Buds' Translates 40 Languages in Real Time • Mattel Cancels 'AI BabySitter', Aristotle, After Privacy Outcry
October 17, 2017
Amazon May Sell You Drugs Someday
T-Mobile + Sprint Merger Could Happen Very Soon: REPORT • Hulu Bets on Original eSports Video • Amazon Might Sell You Drugs Someday
October 17, 2017
Zuckerberg Apologies After Awkward VR Demo, Lebron James Reps Self-Driving Cars
Oops: Security Flaw in Google Home Mini Could Listen to You 24/7 • Scared of Self-Driving Cars? Lebron James Says Don't Be • Mark Zuckerberg Apologizes After Super Awkward VR Demo
October 17, 2017
Google Yanks Home Mini Feature After Embarrassing Bug; Teens Love iPhone X
Teens are Way Excited for the iPhone X • Google Pulls Home Mini Feature After Embarrassing Bug
October 17, 2017
For $36K, Amazon Wants to Sell You a House
For $36K, You Can Buy an Entire House on Amazon • Alphabet's 'Project Loon' Wants to Beam Internet Around the World • Twitter Promises 'Aggressive' Stance on Hate, Bullying
October 17, 2017
Tesla Fires 100s Of Workers
Tesla fires hundreds, blaming poor performance, Facebook buys teen app TBH
October 17, 2017
Instagram Bug Targets Celebs
PayPal has a new cash back credit card, smartwatches are on the rise, and a bug targets "high profile" Instagram users
September 1, 2017
Alexa + Cortana = New BFFs
Alexa and Cortana are new besties, UBER CEO's IPO plans, and a massive email screwup by Essential
August 31, 2017
Fitbit's New $300 Smartwatch
Fitbit reveals $300 watch, Amazon pushes Echoes at Whole Foods, and Facebook's fake news fight
August 29, 2017
Uber Picks A New CEO
Uber has a new CEO, and why people aren't downloading apps anymore
August 29, 2017
Apple to Blow $1B On Video
Apple plans to spend $1B on original shows, Color Genomics raises $80M, and Google's pollen play
August 17, 2017
Study: 67% Of You Are Sexters
Uber agrees to 20 years of FTC privacy audits, study reveals that 67% of you sext
August 16, 2017
Dota 2 Champion Defeated By AI
Google may buy a digital health startup Senosis, and a Dota 2 champ falls to an AI
August 15, 2017
Coinbase Scores $100M
Coinbase gets $100M to bring crypto to the masses, ousted Uber CEO sued for fraud, and how Instagram posts might reveal depression.
August 11, 2017
Tech Hiring In The Trump Era
Silicon Valley is Spooked on Hiring Foreign Tech Workers: Study • Hired CEO Mehul Patel on Tech Hiring in the Trump Era
August 10, 2017
Facebook Kills App For Teens
Google CEO's Vacation Ruined by Viral Manifesto • CALL IN: Google's Free Speech Policies • Facebook Kills Teen App, 'Lifestage' • CALL IN: Snap Drones a Good Move? • Snap: Is the hardware play a good idea?? 💭 💭 💭
August 9, 2017
Googler Fired For Viral Screed
Netflix Makes First-Ever Acquisition – of Comic Book Maker • Hackers Demand $6M Ransom for HBO 'Game of Thrones' Leaks • Google Engineer Fired for Strange, Viral Manifesto
August 8, 2017
Yelp Sells Eat24 For $287M
Yelp is Selling Off Delivery Service Eat24 for $287M • Google Offered $30 Billion To Buy Snap in 2016: Report • Trackr Raises $50 Million for 'Personal Organization'
August 4, 2017
$1200 'Red Phone' All Hype?
Is the $1200 'Red Phone' Worth the Hype? • Fitbit is Launching an 'App Gallery' + Smartwatch for Fall • PSA: Glittery iPhone Cases are Giving People Chemical Burns
August 3, 2017
Bitcoin 'Forks' Into Two
Snap Is Looking to Buy 'Selfie Drone' Maker: Report • Facebook is Building a 'Video Chat' Device for Your Living Room • Bitcoin Feud, 'Hard Fork' Splits the Currency into Two • CALL IN: Google a Monopoly? • Reply to Google Monopoly
August 2, 2017
RIP, Microsoft Paint 🙏
WebMD Sells For $2.8 Billion • Surprise: Alphabet is Still Making Mega Bucks • Microsoft Paint is Going Away...Or is it?
July 25, 2017
Go To Space With Google Earth
Delta Lets You Board Flights with Your Fingerprints • Google Earth Now Takes You to Space • any advice for others trying to document the startup scene in other cities? • CALL IN: Advice on Covering Tech?
July 25, 2017
YouTube Has A New King
Alphabet Launches New AI-Focused Venture Fund • Twitter Gets a New CFO (Finally) • Logitech Buys Astro Gaming for $85M, Aiming at Consoles • 'Gangnam Style' is No Longer the Most-Watched Youtube Video
July 12, 2017
$35K Tesla Debuts, Snap Sinks
Tesla's New $35K Model 3 Makes its Debut • Twitter Releases New Anti-Troll Blocking Tools • Snap's Shares Sink Below IPO Price, Worrying Investors • CALL IN: Can Snap Survive Long-Term?
July 11, 2017
2 Layoffs and a Liquidation: Soundcloud Cuts 40%, Jawbone Dies, and Microsoft Confirms Job C
SoundCloud Lays Off 40% of Staff, Shuts Offices • How does pandora even think they have a viable biz model? • Jawbone is Going out of Business, Liquidating Assets • Microsoft Confirms Layoffs of 10% of Sales Force • Really great content!
July 7, 2017
Uber Fires 20 After Harassment Probe, Apple's Reality Show, and Do Entrepreneurs Need to Be in Silic
Uber Fires 20 People After Harassment Allegations • So Yeah, Apple Has a Reality Show Now • Homepod - Can they may a truly iHome • Do Tech Entrepreneurs Need to be in Silicon Valley? • Do SV investors care where the startup is? • Nope, Entrepreneurs Don't Need to be in Silicon Valley
July 6, 2017
New Report Explains Why Siri is So Dumb
Why is Siri Still So Dumb? New Report Explains • Sounds similar to Google Home
July 6, 2017
Amazon Offers 45% Discount to Low-Income Consumers, Apple Vendors Caught Selling User Data on Black
Amazon To Give 45% Discount to Lower-Income Consumers • Chinese Apple Vendors Caught Selling User Data for $7 Million on Black Market • More Than 2,000 Layoffs Expected in Yahoo/AOL Merger (Here Comes Oath)! • Uber to Buy Engineering Team at Struggling On-Demand Valet, Luxe
July 6, 2017
Netflix Still Dominates Streaming Market, Texting + Walking Makes You Walk Weird (Says Science)
Study: Texting While Walking Makes You Walk Funny • Screentime Addiction • Netflix is #1 Among Streamers by a Huge Margin: Comscore • Youtube tv vs netflix -The Peoples Paradise • Can Netflix + YouTube TV Coexist?
July 6, 2017
Microsoft Layoffs on the Horizon, Apple Wants to Scan Your Face, and Facebook' Wifi Locator
Microsoft Could Lay Off Thousands To Focus on Cloud Biz: Reports • New iPhone May Have Face Scanning Security Features • Facebook Helps You Find Free Wifi Hotspots
July 3, 2017
Facebook Fake News Crackdown, Apple's New 'Mothership' Is Open for Visitors (Someday)
Facebook Buries Spam Accounts That Post 50+ Times Per Day • Apple Park ! • CALL IN: Visiting Apple's New 'Mothership'
July 2, 2017
The iPhone Turns 10, and Tech Investors Accused of Sexual Misconduct
As the iPhone Turns 10, Its Creators Say We're Too Addicted to Screens • App Economy Will Pass $6 Trillion By 2021, Report Says • Prominent Tech Investors Accused of Sexual Misconduct • CALL IN: Is Blue Apron Worth It? • My Blue Apron Experience
July 1, 2017
Google Sells off Scary Robot Maker to Softbank, Facebook Sharpens Up Political Targeting
Bandwidth Use Will Triple in Next 5 Years, Thanks to Video Streaming (Report) • Google is Selling Terrifying Robot Makers to Japanese Telecom • Facebook Makes it Easier for Politicians to Target Constituents
June 30, 2017
Houzz Raises $400M, SiriusXM Buys 19% of Pandora, and Uber CEO May Go on Leave
SiriusXM Buys 19% of Struggling Pandora • Houzz Raises $400 Million • Uber CEO May Take Leave of Absence
June 30, 2017
Billion-Dollar SF Startup Ditches Office, 'Sleep Tech' Explodes, More Details on 'Essential' Phone f
Android Creator's 'Essential' Phone Will Be Sold Exclusively on Sprint • Sleep Tracker Sense Shuts Down, but Sleep Tech is Exploding • Billion-dollar S.F. Startup Gets Rid of its Office Entirely
June 30, 2017
$4B Verizon + Yahoo Deal Closes, Uber CEO Takes 'Indefinite Leave of Absence'
$4.5B Yahoo + Verizon Deal Finally Closes, Marissa Mayer Gets $186 Million • Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Takes "Indefinite" Leave of Absence • On Instagram, 93% of Celebrity Sponsored Posts Aren't Disclosed
June 30, 2017
Instagram Cracks Down on Celebrity Shills, Facebook is Making Reality TV
Instagram Cracks Down on Paid Celebrity Shills • No Shit: 77% of Consumers Want 'a la Carte' TV, According to TiVo • Now Facebook is Making Reality TV
June 30, 2017
Slack Raises $500M, Facebook's Lying AI, and Snap's Sinking Stock
Slack Raises $500M; Amazon Wants to Buy it, Reportedly • Facebook Built a Lying AI • Snap's Stock is Tanking, Freaking Out Investors
June 30, 2017
Amazon Buys Whole Foods for $14B, Jeff Bezos Asks Twitter for Charity Ideas
$14B Amazon + Whole Foods Deal Could Kill Delivery Startups • Jeff Bezos is Crowdsourcing Charity Ideas
June 30, 2017
Alphabet Drops $30M on Worker Housing, Snap's $100M Content Deal, and Best Tech News Sites
Snap + Time Warner Ink $100M Deal for Original Shows • A la carte tv • Alphabet is Dropping $30M on 'Modular Housing' for Employees • I'm sort of in between... You know? • Wherw are some places I can find great, fast, and accurate news? • Viewer Q: What are the Best Tech News Sites?
June 30, 2017
Uber CEO Resigns, Google Helps You Find Work and New Anti-Aging Tech
Travis Kalanick is Out as Uber CEO • Google Wants to Help You Find a Job • Why yes I do have a thought! • Viewer Q: Silicon Valley Takes on Anti-Aging Tech
June 30, 2017
New Snapchat Feature Freaks out Parents, and Youtube TV Expands to 10 More Markets
Why Snapchat's New SnapMaps Feature is Freaking People Out • Youtube TV Expands to 10 More Markets
June 30, 2017
Ransomware Attacks Spreading, and Teens React to 'Snap Maps' Overshares
New Ransomware Attack Hits Businesses Worldwide • FBI: Do's and Don'ts of Ransomware Attacks • CALL IN: The Kids Don't Love SnapMaps • Snapchat location
June 30, 2017
Exploding Fidget Spinners, Yahoo's New Paid Email, and Blue Apron's Rocky IPO
Warning: Exploding Fidget Spinners on the Loose • Blue Apron IPO is a Big 'Meh' • Yahoo Rolls Out a Paid Email Service, Yahoo Mail Pro
June 30, 2017
Pandora Rumors, Google Scales Back Email Snooping + Is Lyft Going Public or What?
Pandora CEO is Throwing in the Towel: Reports • Google Will Stop Creeping On Your Emails to Serve Ads • Lyft IPO? • CALL IN: Is Lyft About to IPO? | Make your own podcast:
June 30, 2017
Pandora CEO Quits, Google's Sneaky Startup Lab + Tech-Unsavvy Security Tips
Google's 'Area 120' Lab Reveals Experimental Startups • Pandora's CEO Resigns, Along with 2 Other Executives • Correlation Between CEO Stepping Down & Possible Investments? • CALL IN: Is SiriusXM Taking Over Pandora? • New Cyberattack 'a Wiper, Not Ransomware': Security Researchers • How to Educate NON-Tech Savvy People About Ransomware • CALL IN: Security Tips for the Non-Tech Savvy | Make your own podcast:
June 30, 2017