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Cross Section from the Summit View Church of Christ

Cross Section from the Summit View Church of Christ

By Kevin Jensen
For the Summit View Church of Christ community, Cross Section offers a mix of faith-based stories about experiences that have shaped our lives as followers of Jesus, brief and inspiring messages from the Scriptures, dives into topics related to Christian living, and each week’s sermon (in case you missed it).
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Faithful Flexibility

Cross Section from the Summit View Church of Christ

Sunday Sermon — May 9, 2021: The Tragedy of Ananias and Sapphira
Sunday sermon by Kevin Jensen — A tragedy in the young church became the best bad news it could have heard and a source of strange hope: God loves his church enough to discipline us so that we may receive eternal life. Text: Acts 4:32 to 5:16.
May 9, 2021
Sunday Sermon, May 2, 2021 — The Believers' Prayer
Sunday sermon by Kevin Jensen — When the first great persecution hit the young church, it must have discouraged the believers. But they responded in the best possible way: they prayed. And so they became a model for us whenever we face discouragement in our faith. Text: Acts 4:23-37.
May 2, 2021
The In-Between — Section 6B: On Consulting the Spirits of the Dead
This episode covers the second segment of Section 6 (The Spiritual Realm in Judah after the Fall of Israel). This class looks especially at occurrences of, and warnings against, attempts to communicate with the dead. We delve deeply into why people might seek to speak with spirits of the departed and how we might minister to them. We also examine the story of an angel saving Judah from an enemy army and a prophecy foretelling that God will one day punish "the powers in the heavens above."
May 1, 2021
Sunday Sermon — April 25, 2021: The Good News in a Nutshell, Part 3: Fellowship
Sunday sermon by Kevin Jensen — What is the good news (the "gospel" of Jesus? In this third of three lessons on the good news, we look at the glorious fellowship shared in the very early church. Through our rich fellowship with one another, we live out the good news of Jesus. Text: Acts 2:36-47.
April 25, 2021
The In-Between, Section 5D & 6A: Seraphim and Lucifer
This episode covers the fourth segment of Section 5 (The Spiritual Realm During Israel's Divided Kingdom) and the first segment of Section 6 (The Spiritual Realm in Judah after the Fall of Israel). In three passages from the book of the prophet Isaiah, we examine the Bible's sole text describing seraphim, another warning against consulting mediums and spiritists, and the text that spawned our culture's identification of Lucifer as Satan.
April 25, 2021
Sunday Sermon — April 18, 2021: The Good News in a Nutshell, Part 2: Forgiveness
Sunday sermon by Kevin Jensen — What is the good news (the "gospel" of Jesus? In this second of three lessons on the good news, we focus on forgiveness—what it means, how it works, and how it blesses our relationship with God. Text: Acts 2:22-41
April 18, 2021
Sunday Sermon — April 11, 2021: The Good News in a Nutshell, Part 1: The Messiah
Sunday sermon by Kevin Jensen — What is the good news—the gospel—of Jesus? The book of Acts describes this good news in a few ways, beginning with the good news of the Messiah, Jesus, whom God sent to address the mess that the world is in, including the messes that we ourselves have caused. Through Jesus, God brings us forgiveness and hope in this broken world, and fills us with joy. This lesson launches a new sermon series, Filled with Joy, from the book of Acts. Text: selections from Acts 1-2
April 11, 2021
Sunday Sermon — April 4, 2021: Suffering and Glory
Sunday sermon by Kevin Jensen — In this Easter Sunday sermon, we consider how Jesus' suffering and resurrection remind us of a great truth in life and, more importantly, in God's purposes in our lives: First comes suffering, then comes glory. Text: Luke 24
April 4, 2021
The In-Between — Section 5C: Chariots and Horses of Fire
This episode covers the third segment of Section 5 (The Spiritual Realm During Israel's Divided Kingdom), focusing on two stories from 2 Kings involving the appearance of chariots and horses of fire to the prophet Elisha as symbols of angelic power from God to accomplish his will in Israel.
April 4, 2021
Sunday Sermon — March 28, 2021: Into Your Hands
Sunday sermon by Kevin Jensen — Even on the cross, at the end of his life, Jesus trusted God. Because he trusted God, he forgave, he showed mercy, and he entrusted his spirit to God. In his death, Jesus showed us how we should live. Text: Luke 23:32-56
March 28, 2021
The In-Between — Section 5B: Micaiah's Vision of God's Throne Room
This episode covers the second segment of Section 5 (The Spiritual Realm During Israel's Divided Kingdom). We look at glimpses of the in-between realm in three stories from 1 & 2 Kings during the time of the prophet Elijah: an angel provides sustenance to Elijah, the prophet Micaiah recounts his vision of God's heavenly throne room and the conversation he witnessed there, and the angel of the Lord gives instructions to Elijah.
March 27, 2021
Sunday Sermon, March 21, 2021 — Body and Blood
Sunday sermon by Kevin Jensen — When he shared the sacred bread and cup at the Last Supper and linked them to his body and blood, Jesus taught and modeled three ways in which sharing in the Lord's Supper should transform our relationships with one another. Text: Luke 22:1-30
March 21, 2021
The In-Between — Section 4E-5A: A Prophet Lies about an Angel
This episode covers the final segment of Section 4 (The Spiritual Realm During Israel's United Kingdom) and opening segment of Section 5 (The Spiritual Realm During Israel's Divided Kingdom). From Section 4, we cover two references to angels in Psalm 78 and two brief explorations of the state of the human spirit after death in Ecclesiastes. Beginning Section 5, we consider the story of a prophet in Israel who lied about a supposed appearance of an angel.
March 20, 2021
Sunday Sermon, March 14, 2021 — The Parable of the Tenants
Jesus’ Parable of the Tenants called the ancient Jews to consider whether they were giving God what he was due as the rightful Lord of Israel. In the same way, it calls us today to consider whether we are giving God the fruit due him as Lord of our lives—and especially whether we are showing proper honor to Jesus, the Son whom God sent to reconcile us to himself. Text: Luke 19:45 to 20:19
March 14, 2021
The In-Between, Section 4D: The Angel of the Lord Appears to David
In this fourth segment of Section 4 (The Spiritual Realm During Israel's United Kingdom), David faces the angel of the Lord, who brings punishment on Israel for David's sin. Also, we consider what some of David's psalms say about angels, including cherubim.
March 12, 2021
Sunday Sermon, March 7, 2021 — The Odd Shapes of Faith
Sunday sermon by Kevin Jensen — Faith in different people can express itself very differently: as people bringing babies to Jesus, as a rich ruler wanting to be saved, as a blind man begging for sight, as a tax collector ready to turn his life back to God. But in all its odd shapes, faith in God always involves pursuit of Jesus. Then it faces a question: When we come to Jesus, will we follow him? Text: Luke 18:15 to 19:10
March 7, 2021
The In-Between, Section 4C: More about Angels and the Realm of the Dead, from the Time of David
In this third segment of Section 4 (The Spiritual Realm During Israel's United Kingdom), we examine three recurring themes that arise in the stories and psalms of David and continue elsewhere in Scripture: (a) similarity to angels used to describe character or power; (b) angels praise and exalt God; and (c) not much goes on in the realm of the dead (or does it?). Download worksheets for "The In-Between" at
March 5, 2021
Sunday Sermon, February 28, 2021 — The Father's Joy
Sunday sermon by Kevin Jensen — With three parables, Jesus explained how God feels about sinners who turn to God and are saved. How does God feel about them? He is filled with joy! Jesus calls us to share in that same joy, and to come to him trusting that he will rejoice over us, too. Text: Luke 15
February 28, 2021
The In-Between, Section 4B: Saul Consults a Medium
In this second segment of Section 4 (The Spiritual Realm During Israel's United Kingdom), Israel's King Saul does what God has forbidden: he consults a medium in order to speak to the spirit of a deceased person. And it works! Can human beings really speak to the dead? Why does God prohibit such an act? What does this tell us about the situation of people who have passed from this life? Find the Section 4 worksheet at
February 26, 2021
Sunday Sermon, February 21, 2021 — Jesus on the Quest for Security
Sunday sermon by Kevin Jensen — Responding to a dispute over an inheritance, Jesus warned his listeners to be on guard against greed, and to seek what makes one rich toward God. Then we will not be selfish or scared, but—trusting in God our good Father—we will be generous to use what God gives us to bless others. Text: Luke 12:13-34
February 21, 2021
The In-Between, Section 4A: An Evil Spirit Comes upon Saul
In this first segment of Section 4 (The Spiritual Realm During Israel's United Kingdom), an evil spirit from God comes upon King Saul. Does God have evil spirits? Does he send evil spirits upon people to punish them? What does this tell us about the spiritual realm? And what warnings and encouragement does this story offer us today? Download the Section 4 worksheet at
February 19, 2021
Sunday Sermon, February 14, 2021 — The Good Samaritan
Sunday sermon by Kevin Jensen — In explaining who we should consider our neighbor, Jesus told the shocking story of the most unexpected person modeling godly behavior for us by not choosing who his neighbor should be, but by choosing to be a neighbor to a person in need. (This lesson was shared over Zoom because in-person services were closed due to weather.) Text: Luke 10:25-37
February 14, 2021
The In-Between, Section 3B: Angelic Appearances to Gideon and to Samson's Parents
The angel of the Lord appears to Gideon and then to the soon-to-be parents of Samson. In both cases, he brings prophecies of God's work to rescue Israel from its enemies. And in both cases, the recipients of the message seem not to understand at first who it is that is speaking to them. Their responses remind us to diligently and wisely seek God's will, testing the messages we receive to find what is true and what God really does desire of us. Download worksheets for The In-Between at
February 11, 2021
Sunday Sermon, February 7, 2021 — A Cross-Centered Attitude
Sunday sermon by Kevin Jensen — Following Jesus requires a cross-centered attitude, an attitude of selflessness. This attitude sets the self aside, rejects pride and practices humility, and gives full devotion to Jesus as Messiah and King. Texts: Luke 9:18-26 & 9:43-62
February 7, 2021
The In-Between, Section 3A: Angelic Appearances & References in Joshua-Judges
The commander of the army of the Lord appeared to Joshua. Who was this being—God, Jesus, or an angel? What do his words mean for us today in politics, war, and any kind of conflict? Also, the angel of the Lord speaks to Israel, and Deborah refers to the angel of the Lord in her song. Download the Section 3 worksheet at
February 5, 2021
Sunday Sermon, January 31, 2021 — Obedience and the Sermon on the Level Place
Sunday sermon by Kevin Jensen — In this lesson, we examine three teachings of Jesus from his Sermon on the Level Place and consider how obedience to the teaching of Jesus builds a solid foundation for our lives, so that we can withstand every storm of life. Text: Luke 6:17-49
January 31, 2021
The In-Between, Section 2D: The Angel Who Confronted Balaam
In this week's class on the spiritual realm between God and human beings, our focus is the fascinating story of Balaam, the angel who confronted him, and (of course) Balaam's donkey. Can animals see angels? Do angels need swords? And why does God send angels in the first place? Download the Section 2 worksheet at
January 30, 2021
Sunday Sermon, January 24, 2021 — What Is Lawful on the Sabbath?
Sunday sermon by Kevin Jensen — Three times in Luke's gospel, Jesus heals someone on the Sabbath, knowing that doing so would arouse criticism. Yet he did so intentionally, to show his love for people and to help us learn how to prioritize the commands of God. Texts: Luke 6:6-11, 13:10-17, 14:1-6
January 24, 2021
The In-Between—Section 2C: Prohibition Against Involvement with the Dead and Dark Powers
In this week's class on the spiritual realm between God and human beings, we study prohibitions in the Law of Moses against attempts to communicate with spirits of the dead and against involvement in sorcery and divination. Download the Section 2 worksheet at
January 22, 2021
Sunday Sermon, January 17, 2021 — How Did Jesus Think about Sinners?
Sunday sermon by Kevin Jensen — In three consecutive stories in Luke's Gospel, Jesus commits an offense against the Jewish religious establishment. Who did he think he was, doing such things? He thought he was a doctor sent to heal the spiritually sick—and he thought of them as people God loves and wants to help. Text: Luke 5:12-32
January 17, 2021
The In-Between, Section 2B: Angels in Israel's Exodus, Part 2: Cherubim at the Throne of God
In this week's class on the spiritual realm between God and human beings, we consider the representation and significance of cherubim in Israel's decoration of the ark of the covenant, the tabernacle, and the temple. Download the worksheet for Section 2 at Images used in this lesson are found at (images 3 & 12) and (images 8 & 11).
January 16, 2021
Sunday Sermon, January 10, 2021 — Why They Tried to Throw Jesus Off a Cliff
Sunday sermon by Kevin Jensen — Why would the people of Jesus’ own hometown try to throw him off a cliff? At first, they seemed delighted by him and his teaching. But when his teaching became too demanding—when he called them to turn their hearts to God—his townspeople turned against him instead. Text: Luke 4:14-44
January 10, 2021
The In-Between—Section 2A: Angels in Israel's Exodus, Part 1
This week's class on the spiritual realm between God and human beings examines the appearance of an angel in the burning bush, the "destroyer" sent by God at the first Passover, and the angel who led Israel from Egypt to the promised land. Worksheet available at
January 8, 2021
Sunday Sermon, January 1, 2021 — Reasoning from Scripture?
Guest Sermon by Jim Mendenhall. In Thessalonica, the apostle Paul reasoned with the Jews from the Scriptures, explaining and proving that Jesus was the Christ. What might Paul have shown them from Scripture? Scripture continues to persuade us of the truth about Jesus today, and it strengthens us as we continue in faith through a difficult time. Text: Acts 17:1-4
January 3, 2021
SVCC Sunday Sermon, December 27, 2020 — Unexpected
Sunday Sermon by Kevin Jensen — Mary wasn't expecting to be expecting. Joseph wasn't expecting to be a father so soon. The shepherds of Bethlehem weren't expecting to encounter angels. But our God does the unexpected—in the life of Jesus, and often (more subtly) in our lives today. Text: Luke 1-2
December 27, 2020
The In-Between — Section 1D: Satan in the Book of Job
In this week's class, we study an important appearance of Satan in the opening of the book of Job and what that appearance tells us about this evil, enigmatic person. We also examine a few references to angels and to the realm of the dead in Job. Bible texts in this episode come from the book of Job. Find a link to the class worksheet in the episode notes at
December 24, 2020
Sunday Sermon, December 20, 2020 — Gabriel and the Purpose of Doubt
Sunday Sermon by Kevin Jensen — When the angel Gabriel delivered wonderful messages to Zechariah and to Mary, both individuals questioned him; both had doubts. Gabriel responded to them very differently, striking one mute but explaining God's plan to the other. Why the difference? Zechariah and Mary demonstrated different types of doubt. And from Gabriel's responses to them we learn not to be afraid of doubt, but to let it prompt us to pursue the truth. Text: Luke 1
December 20, 2020
The In-Between, Section 1C: Angels in the Story of Abraham's Family
In this week's class, we study angelic appearances to members of the family of Abraham, guiding that family and communicating God's deep concern for them as God works to fulfill his promises to Abraham. This episode is a recording of our Senior Adults & Friends Bible Study via Zoom in their study of "The In-Between," an exploration of the Bible's teaching about angels, demons, the devil, heavenly and dark spiritual powers, and the state of the dead between death and resurrection. Bible texts in this episode come from Genesis 21-48. Download the worksheet at
December 18, 2020
Sunday Sermon, December 13, 2020 - Do Not Be Anxious
Sunday Sermon by Kevin Jensen — What does God teach us to do when we're anxious? This strange year, 2020, has been a year filled with anxiety. But God helps us, in part by teaching us how to navigate anxious times. This lesson takes us through seven bits of instruction from the apostle Paul—five commands and two promises of God—to help us live godly lives without being anxious. Text: Philippians 4:4-9
December 13, 2020
The In-Between — Section 1B: Abraham Meets Three Heavenly Beings
In this week's class, we examine the story of a lengthy angelic visit to Abraham and his nephew, Lot. Abraham met two angels and a third, mysterious being. These heavenly beings bring prophecy for Abraham's wife Sarah, foretell God's intentions concerning Sodom and Gomorrah, and then carry out God's judgment on Sodom. This episode is a recording of our Senior Adults & Friends Bible Study via Zoom in their new study of "The In-Between," an exploration of the Bible's teaching about angels, demons, the devil, heavenly and dark spiritual powers, and the state of the dead between death and resurrection. Bible text in this episode comes from Genesis 18:1 to 19:29. Worksheets are available at
December 12, 2020
Sunday Sermon, December 6, 2020 - God's Purposes Behind Our Suffering
Sunday Sermon by Kevin Jensen — God is at work in us when we suffer. From Peter's first letter, this lesson draws out three purposes of God behind our suffering and three responses Peter calls us to have to our suffering.  Texts: selections from 1 Peter
December 6, 2020
The In-Between — Section 1A: First Encounters with Heavenly Beings
This episode is a recording of our Senior Adults & Friends Bible Study in their new study of "The In-Between," an exploration of the Bible's teaching about angels, demons, the devil, heavenly and dark spiritual powers, and the state of the dead between death and resurrection. This episode delves into the first appearance of the devil in Scripture, the first appearance of cherubim, and the first appearance of the "angel of the Lord" to a human being. This lesson was recorded on December 2, 2020. Texts include selections from Genesis 3-16. Worksheets are available with the episode notes at
December 4, 2020
Sunday Sermon, November 29, 2020 - And Be Thankful
Sunday Sermon by Kevin Jensen — The Jews who rebuilt the temple in the 500s BC pressed on in spite of troubles and did not lose heart because they believed God was with them. When the church faces troubles, we do not lose heart, but cultivate an attitude of thanksgiving, which reminds us that the God who has helped us in the past will help us again. In every difficulty—even today—we look to God to help us, and we are thankful. Texts: Colossians 3:15-17 and selections from Ezra 4-6 & Colossians
November 29, 2020
Sunday Sermon, November 22, 2020 - Thanksgiving and Tears
Sunday Sermon by Kevin Jensen — Like the Jews who watched as the foundation of the second temple was laid—some of whom rejoiced while others wept—we too sometimes experience both joy and sorrow at the same time. This is appropriate before God, and the ability to express both joy and sorrow simultaneously will help us navigate this pandemic-plagued Thanksgiving holiday. Text: Ezra 3
November 22, 2020
Sunday Sermon, November 15, 2020 - The Shunammite's Pursuit
Sunday Sermon by Kevin Jensen — Touched with sudden grief, the Shunammite woman neither gave up on God nor ran away from God. Instead, she pursued God. In her pursuit of God in the midst of her anguish, she is a model for us when we pray. Text: 2 Kings 4:8-37
November 15, 2020
Sunday Sermon, November 8, 2020 — How to Lament Before God
Sunday Sermon by Kevin Jensen — Lament gives us language out of which to cry out to God during our times of grief and pain. This lesson describes the typical structure of a lament psalm and takes us through three examples. Texts: Psalms 13, 12, and 6.
November 8, 2020
Sunday Sermon, November 1, 2020 — Short Time or Long
Sunday Sermon by Kevin Jensen — The apostle Paul prayed that, short time or long, those hearing him speak about Jesus would become a follower of Jesus, as he himself was. This is our perspective as Christians, whether we're dealing with a pandemic or working to share our faith: short time or long, like Paul and Jesus and God himself, we will endure, praying and keeping our eyes on our long-term goal. Text: Acts 26:12-32
November 1, 2020
Sunday Sermon, October 25, 2020 — She Has Done What She Could
Sunday Sermon by Jim Mendenhall, Summit View Church of Christ — A certain woman performed an act of great kindness for Jesus at great cost to herself. Others objected, but Jesus commended her, saying, "She has done what she could." We cannot do everything, but we can do what we're able. And like this woman, we honor the Lord when we show kindness or serve at some cost to ourselves. Text: Mark 14:1-9
October 25, 2020
Sunday Sermon, October 18, 2020 — Faithful Flexibility
Sunday Sermon by Kevin Jensen, Summit View Church of Christ — We've learned, over the past several months, that we need to keep our plans flexible, because life can change quickly. The Bible's book of James reminds us that we don't know what will happen tomorrow—so we need to submit our plans to God. We practice Faithful Flexibility when we say, as James teaches us, "If it is the Lord's will, we will live and do this or that." Text: James 4:13-17
October 18, 2020
Sunday Sermon — October 11, 2020: Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Sunday Sermon by Kevin Jensen, Summit View Church of Christ — This pandemic has reminded us that just because all is well with us does not mean that all is well with everyone else. Followers of Jesus are called to see and to notice the difficult situations others are experiencing, and to respond with compassion. And when we help others in need, we help Jesus himself. Text: Matthew 25:31-46
October 11, 2020
Sunday Sermon, October 4, 2020 — The Eye Needs the Hand
Sunday Sermon by Kevin Jensen, Summit View Church of Christ — We are one body, the body of Christ, and each person is a part of it just as every member of the body is a part of the body. God himself has put the members of the body together as he intended, granting honor to each part, so that each part may care for every other part. Even during the pandemic, we are one body, caring for one another, and working together for the kingdom of God. Text: 1 Corinthians 12:12-27
October 4, 2020
Thoughts from an Open Bible: Is the Bible Worth Opening?
There's a word from God for us in the Bible today, if only we'll take a look. Thoughts presented by Jim Mendenhall.
October 2, 2020
Sunday Sermon, September 27, 2020 — Everything Goes On as It Has...
This new sermon series, "Lessons from a Virus," examines lessons we can learn from the current pandemic and apply to the Christian life. To begin with, we learn to never say something will never happen: We may have thought a pandemic would never strike us, but here it is! Similarly, Peter warns the church not to say the Lord's judgment will never come. We need instead to remember that God has judged the earth before and has promised to judge it again. Then, taking God's warning seriously, we can live holy and godly lives as we look forward to the Lord's coming. Text: 1 Peter 3:1-14
September 27, 2020
Thoughts from an Open Bible: Help for a Bitter Heart
When we're feeling bitter, it's helpful to know God is near. Thoughts from Jim Mendenhall.
September 25, 2020
Sunday Sermon — September 20, 2020: Such a Great Cloud of Witnesses
So many great heroes of faith have gone before us—so many more than Hebrews 11 could list! They witness to what we cannot see with our eyes, that God is faithful. Jesus, most of all, witnesses to the faithfulness of God and models how we can run the race of faith. With our eyes on Jesus, who endured through suffering and opposition, we can run our race well until we, like him, receive a glorious reward from God. Text: Hebrews 12:1-3
September 20, 2020
Thoughts from an Open Bible: Nobody Cares about Me
From Jim Mendenhall, a reminder that we have a God who cares deeply for us.
September 18, 2020
Making Sense of Revelation, Part 2: Why Was Revelation Written to the 7 Churches of Asia?
Kevin Jensen explains why Revelation was written to seven churches in the Roman province of Asia and how their situation calls us to stay away from every "god" that might compete for our devotion to Christ today. Text: Revelation 1-3
September 16, 2020
Sunday Sermon, 9 a.m. Service, September 13, 2020 — I Do Not Have Time to Tell... (Jack Campbell)
Sunday Sermon by Jack Campbell, 9:00 a.m. service at the Summit View Church of Christ • To Christians tempted to go back on their faith in Jesus, Hebrews 11 speaks a message urging them forward in the faith that many before them have kept, doing what seemed impossible and accomplishing it by the power of God. Texts: Hebrews 11:32-40, Judges 6:14-16
September 13, 2020
Sunday Sermon, 11 a.m., September 13, 2020 — I Do Not Have Time to Tell... (Kevin Jensen)
Sunday Sermon by Kevin Jensen, Summit View Church of Christ • So many people of faith have gone before us that if we tried to remember them all, we would run out of time. Some were strong and accomplished great things; others suffered greatly, yet left us a great testimony to the faithfulness of God. Text: Hebrews 11:32-40
September 13, 2020
Thoughts from an Open Bible: What Was Jesus Really Like?
Jim Mendenhall shares thoughts on the tremendous compassion of Jesus.
September 12, 2020
Sunday Sermon, September 6, 2020 — The Faith of Rahab
Sunday Sermon by Kevin Jensen, Summit View Church of Christ • Rahab became a model of faith when she, a Caananite prostitute, put her faith in God and helped the Israelites. As a result, God transformed her life—and he does the same for us when we put our faith in him. Texts: Hebrews 11:31, Joshua 2:1-16 & 6:20-25
September 6, 2020
Sunday Sermon, August 30, 2020: The Faith of Israel
Sunday Sermon by Kevin Jensen, Summit View Church of Christ • Anything is possible for God, and everything is possible for those who believe. Israel believed in the power of God, and by faith the new nation crossed the Red Sea on dry land and conquered Jericho. Texts: Hebrews 11:29-30, Exodus 14:5-31, Joshua 6:1-20
August 30, 2020
Sunday Sermon, August 23, 2020 - The Faith of Moses
Sunday Sermon by Kevin Jensen, Summit View Church of Christ • Moses, like his parents, braved danger and refused to be deterred by distraction or fear as he pursued the will of God. Considering disgrace for Christ’s sake greater than anything Egypt had to offer, he focused his vision on his future reward, served God boldly, and, by faith, saved the people of Israel. Texts: Hebrews 11:23-28 and selections from Exodus 1-12
August 23, 2020
Thoughts from an Open Bible: Does the Bible Upset You?
The Bible's morals teachings sometimes upset us—but we need them! A perspective from one of our shepherds, Jim Mendenhall.
August 21, 2020
Sunday Sermon, August 16, 2020 - The Faith of Isaac, Jacob, & Joseph
Sunday Sermon by Kevin Jensen. Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph, patriarchs of Israel and heroes of faith, each demonstrated their faith by leaving one last blessing to the next generation when they died. What blessing did they leave? Assurance and instruction in the faith, so that those who followed after them might carry on the faith and be blessed by God. (Texts: Hebrews 11:20-22, selections from Genesis)
August 16, 2020
Thoughts from an Open Bible: When Will We Ever Learn?
Jim Mendenhall challenges us to consider how we too often push God away even as God yearns to have us turn to him for help. When will we ever learn?
August 14, 2020
Sunday Sermon, August 9, 2020: The Faith of Abraham: The Sacrifice
Sunday Sermon by Kevin Jensen. How did Abraham pass the impossible test of faith? He passed it by faith—faith that reasoned that God can even raise the dead. Faith in God’s power to raise the dead is faith that can overcome every obstacle and pass every test. (Texts: Hebrews 11:17-19, Genesis 22:1-19)
August 9, 2020
Thoughts from an Open Bible: Must God Accept Us as We Are?
Does God have to accept us just the way we are, or does he have a higher purpose for our lives? Jim Mendenhall brings us a brief thought from the Bible.
August 7, 2020
Sunday Sermon, August 2, 2020: The Faith of Sarah
Sunday Sermon by Kevin Jensen — Why do the men always get all the credit? Sarah, too, was a person of great faith, just like her husband, Abraham. True, she laughed when she first heard God’s promise—but we don’t always start off strong in faith. Her faith grew and held, though, and she became a model of the faithful person who remains faithful even when they do not receive all of God's blessings this side of eternal life. (Texts: Hebrews 11:11-16, selections from Genesis 11-21)
August 2, 2020
Thoughts from an Open Bible: The Need to Focus for the Race of Life
Jim Mendenhall reminds us to keep our focus on Jesus as our goal while we run the race of life.
August 1, 2020
Making Sense of Revelation, Part 1: Jesus Versus the Emperor
Kevin Jensen presents a key to understanding the book of Revelation: noticing how Jesus' identity and appearance challenge the authority of the Roman emperor, calling Christians enduring social pressure and sometimes persecution to choose between the emperor and Jesus himself as the object of their ultimate allegiance. (Text: Revelation 1)
July 29, 2020
Sunday Sermon, July 26, 2020 - The Faith of Abraham: The Promised Land
Sunday Sermon by Kevin Jensen — When God calls us to follow his leading into strange, new paths in our lives, we recall the faith of Abraham, who obeyed God’s command to go to the promised land, though Abraham did not know where he was going. There he served God faithfully, and his children and grandchildren—and even we today—were blessed because of his faith. (Texts: Hebrews 11:8-10, Genesis 12:1-9)
July 26, 2020
Thoughts from an Open Bible: Is Authority a Bad Word?
Jim Mendenhall brings us a thought from Matthew 7. "Authority" seems like a bad word to many people, but for us who listen for the word of Jesus, the authority of Jesus a blessing.
July 24, 2020
Sunday Sermon, July 19, 2020 - The Faith of Noah
Sunday Sermon by Kevin Jensen — Noah demonstrated his faith by taking seriously God's warnings of things not yet seen, and in doing so he saved his family from the great flood. He is a model of faith for us who, like him, have received warnings from God concerning judgment to come and are called to act in faith to save ourselves and many others. Texts: Hebrews 11:7, Genesis 6:9 to 7:12
July 19, 2020
Thoughts from an Open Bible: Afraid of Self-Control
Jim Mendenhall brings us a thought from the book of Acts, where a man named Felix is frightened by Paul's teaching on self-control. Is self-control something you're afraid of today?
July 17, 2020
Sunday Sermon, July 12, 2020 - Our Hope, Joy, and Crown
As we resume in-person worship services for the first time in four months, we remember Paul's concern for the young church in Thessalonica when he was separated from it suddenly—and his prayer for their well-being until he and they could be together again. Lesson by Kevin Jensen, from 1 Thessalonians 2:17 to 3:13.
July 12, 2020
Thoughts from an Open Bible: Better Even Than Being Fair
Fairness is so important to us today, but another virtue is even better: mercy. We are eternally grateful whenever God and other people show us mercy. Thoughts shared by Jim Mendenhall.
July 10, 2020
Sunday Sermon - July 5, 2020: The Faith of Enoch
Sunday sermon by Kevin Jensen - We know very little about Enoch. Yet what we do know inspires us to grow in faith, to walk with God, and to look ahead to God's rewards for those who seek him. From Hebrews 11:5-6 and Genesis 5:1-24.
July 5, 2020
Thoughts from an Open Bible: What Circumstances Can Do to You
The Israelites heard that God would help them, and they were encouraged. Then circumstances got tough, and they despaired. Don't let circumstances keep you from listening to God. A devotional thought for today from Jim Mendenhall.
July 3, 2020
Faithful Flexibility
It's hard to make plans right now. The COVID-19 virus throws all schedules and agendas awry. So this is a great time to practice the spiritual discipline of "faithful flexibility": being flexible because we acknowledge God as sovereign over our schedules and plans. Thoughts by Kevin Jensen from James 4:13-17, Proverbs 16:3, and Psalms 20:4 and 33:10.
July 1, 2020
Sunday Sermon - June 28, 2020: The Faith of Abel
Sunday Sermon by Kevin Jensen, Summit View Church of Christ — Faith is not blind. It is built on the evidence of God’s great actions in the past, evidence so convincing that it persuades us to imagine that God will be faithful again, as he has always been. Abel was a model of faith for us, even though he was killed by his brother. His faith still speaks to us today, for he resisted sin and gave his very best to God. From Hebrews 11:1-4 and Genesis 4:1-16.
June 28, 2020
Thoughts from an Open Bible — He Is Genuine
Timothy was a man the church could respect as genuine in his faith and love—and he is a model for us to follow. Jim Mendenhall brings us another instructive devotional thought in this continuing series.
June 26, 2020
Parenting and Teaching During a Pandemic
Conversation with Johnny Gallegos, teacher, student, husband, and father of three young children on the challenges of teaching, studying, and parenting during the pandemic. Includes thoughts on the message of Ecclesiastes for helping us keep our focus on God during this difficult time.
June 24, 2020
Sunday Sermon, June 21, 2020: The River of Life
Sermon by Kevin Jensen, Summit View Church of Christ — God's presence and rule in our lives is like a mighty river that brings life wherever it flows. God offered humanity this river in the beginning, will restore it to his people at the end, and offers to let us drink deeply of it today. Texts: Genesis 2:8-15, Ezekiel 47:1-12, Revelation 22:1-5 & 22:17
June 21, 2020
Thoughts from an Open Bible — Will Your Anchor Hold?
Jim Mendenhall offers another brief word of instruction, this time from Hebrews 6:19-20 on the anchor that keeps our souls firm and secure.
June 19, 2020
A Teacher and a Professor on Education During the Pandemic
Third-grade teacher Caralee Thomason and college professor Bill Wayenberg join Kevin Jensen for an in-depth conversation on their experiences as educators during the COVID-19 pandemic. Topics range from teachers' learning curve in online communication technologies to how the pandemic has highlighted the gap between the haves and have-nots in the public school system, and from there to the latest expectations for what education might look like next fall. Recorded June 11, 2020.
June 17, 2020
Sunday Sermon, June 14, 2020: Breath for Dry Bones
Sunday Sermon by Kevin Jensen, June 14, 2020 — As God's breath (his Spirit) renewed the life of Israel after the nation's destruction by the Babylonians, and as God breathed new life into Jesus to raise him from the dead, so God also breathes new life into us by his Spirit. Text: Ezekiel 37:1-14
June 14, 2020
Thoughts from an Open Bible — A 200-Year-Old Bible
Jim Mendenhall continues this series of short messages from the Bible with the story of a family's 200-year-old Bible. But it's not a Bible's age that makes it valuable.
June 12, 2020
Three Preachers on Ministry During a Pandemic
Two ministers from our neighborhood—Curt Still from the Church of Christ in Grandview, Washington, and Derrick Allen from the Church of Christ in Ellensburg, Washington—join Kevin Jensen for a discussion on what it's been like to minister to churches during the COVID-19 pandemic. Conversation ranges from how they're doing personally to how their churches are handling social-distancing requirements to what we can do to keep one another encouraged. Recorded on June 8, 2020.
June 10, 2020
Sunday Sermon, June 7, 2020 "Faith in Hiding"
Sunday Sermon by Kevin Jensen, June 7, 2020 — Many of us must worship alone in our homes for now. But we are not alone. We stand in a long heritage of people who have worshiped God alone or in small groups, because of isolation or perhaps because of persecution. Even today, many believers can only display their faith in hiding, lest they be discovered. Through the Holy Spirit, we are linked to them—and not only to them, but also to our ancestors in the faith and to one another.
June 7, 2020
Thoughts from an Open Bible: Should the Squeaky Wheel Get the Grease?
A brief message from Jim Mendenhall on the fairness of God as he treats us all equally, and how we should do the same. The first message in a new series, "Thoughts from an Open Bible."
June 5, 2020
Interview with Health Care Workers on the Pandemic's Front Line
Kevin Jensen interviews two members of our church, Beth Luke and Onyi Amanari. Both are Family Nurse Practitioners and Doctors of Nursing Practice, and both are on the front lines of caring for the sick in the Yakima community during the COVID-19 pandemic. We discuss what it's like to be a medical worker during this time, what we can and shouldn't do to fight the spread of the virus, and the people who they see are being impacted the most by the virus.
June 3, 2020
Sunday Sermon, May 31, 2020 "Faith in Poverty"
Sunday Sermon by Kevin Jensen, May 31, 2020 — As we encounter uncertain economic times, and as the threat of a loss of income and even bankruptcy looms for many, how should we who follow Jesus think about wealth and poverty?
June 2, 2020
Cross Section Trailer
Welcome to Cross Section! Listen to hear our plans for this brand new podcast from the Summit View Church of Christ in Yakima, Washington, USA.
May 21, 2020